Fuck goddess flashes ass upskirt and then strips naked

Fuck goddess flashes ass upskirt and then strips naked
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Michael and I are the best of friends. I could always talk to him about everything, he always listened to me. I'm gonna start by introducing myself.

I'm John Peterson, I never liked my name much, so Michael - My best friend - started calling me JP and the nickname stook. Since most people like a solid physical description, here goes: I'm 14 years old, I have long blond hair, green eyes, I'm a bit short for my age, with a regular boyish body. Michael, on the other hand, has long dark hair, around my size and age, and unlike me, his body's just magnificent.

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His nice tanned and muscular body is just amazing. So are college babe giving head in the bathroom dazzling brown eyes and adorable smile. Whenever he smiled, I couldn't help but smile back at him. It's usually how he cheers me up when I'm down. Weird, isn't it? But it works with me. Michael and I spend most of our time together, even for studying.

Let's just say we're like twin brothers, except we don't look alike and we have different homes and different families. Also, we have some differences in personality, but that didn't stop us from becoming best friends. I recently discovered my preference on boys over girls. I don't know why, but boys seem to be more interesting in every way rather than girls.

That's what I think, at least. I used to look at Michael like a brother, like someone I trusted, but lately, I've been looking at him in a rather sexual manner. Watching him move, looking at his body, touching it in any way possible, it all excited me.

Just shaking his hand or punching his shoulder in a friendly way, it all felt better than it used to. Anyway, back to the story: Ever since I found out I was gay, I felt myself being more "inferior" in basically everything. Suddenly, when my friends tell some gay jokes, I feel like I'm being insulted. Specially when they say how disgusting gay people are. I kept feeling like a freak at school, and at home was no different.

My mom's a perfect enemy! ( Well, in other words, she has a problem with anybody who's different from her. Gay people, black people, chinese people, you name it! She hates 'em all. ) I used to think she just thought they were different from us.

Now I understand what she meant.

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Nothing like being insulted by your mom, huh? One day, Michael whispered to me during biology class: "Hey, are you kirsten price nylon tease jbstory he asked.

"Huh, yeah. Why?" "I dunno. You seem different lately." "Huh." - of course I had to pretend. I couldn't just tell him I found out I'm gay! - "I haven't been sleeping well lately, that's it." "Something's bothering you." he answered in a serious tone. "Wha.? Why do you say that?" "I know you long enough to tell when you're hiding somethin'. So, what's up?" "Nothing's up! Just forget about it!" I shouted, getting everyone's attention, including Michael, who looked at me with that worried look on his face.

I looked around, and saw the class looking at me, including the teacher. Good thing class ended a couple of seconds later. I picked up my stuff, and left, with Michael following me as soon as he had his stuff all packed up. We talked about other stuff on our way to my house.

When we got there, we went straight to my room and play xbox360. He beat me up in almost every game, which, in his opinion, is a sign that something IS bothering me. We were sitting on the floor, in front of the TV set, with my bed behind us. He suddenly paused the game: "What? I was about to win this time!" I complained.

"What's going on, JP?" he asked with a serious tone. "What's going on is that I'm about to win, and you're a sore loser!" I kept complaining.

He clicked on the xbox menu button and turned off the console, then he dropped the controller on the floor, and sit right in front of me. "Look, I know something's wrong with you. I just don't know if you're upset or if you have swine flu!" he shouted with a serious tone, and a worried look on his face. "I don't have swine flu, man!

Where did you get that from?" "JP. Are we friends?" "Yeah. Best friends." "Then why don't you trust me? Just tell me what's wrong." It was no use to keep pretending.

"You'll hate me if I tell you." I whispered, while I started looking down. "I'll never hate you! Why would I?" "If you won't hate me, everybody else will." I continued. Michael sighed, and after a moment of silence, he sat right next to me, placed his left arm around me, and spoke up: "Look, I promise I won't hate you.

Just say what's on your mind." I knew that arm wasn't gonna stay there for too long, and since he already figured out something bad was coming, I just threw it all out: "Ok.

I think I'm gay." Michael didn't say anything, and I didn't dare to even look at him, and continued: "I don't know how or why. And I'm still trying to get used to the idea myself." I looked to my right, and found Michael looking down, thinking about it.

His arm was still around me, which feels like a good sign: "Please don't tell anybody, Mike." I said. "Well. So what if you're gay?" "Huh?!" "Let's be honest here: really handsome guy like you can't possibly be straight!" "W-why do you say that?" "Well, let's see: You don't like sports, you act really feminine sometimes, usually when we're alone.

Actually, I kinda thought you might be gay for a while now." "So. Everything cool?" I asked. "Yeah. It's nice to have a gay friend. That way, I could always ask you for a BJ." "A BJ?" "A blowjob. I always wanted to get one. C'mon, I'm in the mood. Whaddya say?" I was surprised how he took my sexual preferences so well.

I didn't feel any different around him, unlike most of my friends, with grandma isabel with her big breasts rips open her pantyhose homophobic comments. Michael went to my computer and put on some porn videos to watch.

After a while, I could tell his dick was quite hard, and he spoke up: "So, is it ok if I ask you for a BJ?" "Maybe. If you keep this a secret." "I will. I mean, I don't think it'd be a good idea if I went out and tell everyone my best friend JP sucked my dick hard and good tonight." Michael took off his dark blue jeans and underwear and revealed his 5-inch hard dick, and I slowly reached my hand and started rubbing it.

After a while, he spoke: "Hey, it kinda feels good to have someone doing it for me." I didn't say anything, and I slowly get on my knees and touch the head of his dick with my tongue, going in circles around his dick and slowly started sucking his hq porn jav liseli banyoda. I tried swallowing the whole 5 inches, but it was too much for my first time, I took one inch at a time, and enjoyed each second of the moment.

I enjoyed specially Michael's moans as I sucked him harder and massaged his dick with my tongue. I stopped sucking him and started licking his balls. Michael grabbed my hair and started rubbing it and moaning louder. It felt amazing sucking his private parts and listening to him enjoying it. He started getting all worked up, I knew he was about to come, I kept sucking him up and down, up and down, until I felt the sperm coming out.

I swallowed 2 loads of it and couldn't grab the third one, but it still felt great.

Afterwards, I just couldn't resist and stood up and started kissing him on the lips. It lasted for a few seconds, until I broke the kiss and looked at him in the eyes. I went back to my seat: "Sorry." I said. "For what?" "For the kiss." "Oh.

That's ok. I understand why you did it." he said with a smile on his face. I couldn't help but smile back. "In fact, You're one heck of a kisser. If you were a girl, I'd ask you to be my girlfriend!" "I wish." I whispered, and Micahel quickly understood my feelings for him.

"You fancy me, don't you?" he asked me, with a big grin on his face. I started blushing. "It's ok, JP. That's nice. It means I'm hot!" "Yeah, you are. Teenie anal sherly tube stepbrother and stepsister have to do something about that hair, though. Long hair doesn't quite suit you." "You calling me ugly?" he asked with a joking tone. We started laughing for a while.

When it was time to go to bed, I took off my clothes and stayed in my underwear: "Hey Mike?" "Hey Jay?" "Can I sleep with you tonight?" "You mean. Same bed?" "Yeah. If it's ok." "No kissing me. Deal?" "Deal!" I jumped to his bed and we wrestled for a bit, which made me realize what a great friend Michael was.

I layed on the bed with my back turned to him, and he rested his arm around me. After a while, I felt something hard under the covers: "Mike, you still awake?" "I am now." "You still hard thinking of those porn pics?" "Not exactly. I just never slept with my arm around a shirtless body before." "What are you thinking?" I asked.

"I'm thinking about getting some sleep and fuck you up tommorow morning." "Fuck me up? Really?" "In the video games, dumbo! Go to sleep!" "Oh, too bad. Would be nice, though." "Probably." "Good night, Mike.

Sweer dreams." "Shut up, Jay." he replied with a joking tone, which left a smile on my face for the rest of the night.