Kinky ebony stuffing her ass with a big one

Kinky ebony stuffing her ass with a big one
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The events that are about to unfold, happen when I was 18. It was a chilly day in October, which was unusal for Florida weather. I just got home from school and no one was home, so in reponse I did what I usually did: go into my Aunt B_____'s room and steal her panties. I guess you could say I had an infatuation with my aunt, and it was well deserved too. She was in her very late 30s, with a nice body too. She had a fairly large ass, not to big but not that small.

She had a nice 30b cup bra size. And a nice face, rosy red lips, high cheeck bones and I loved her brown hair which was done up in a style like Lucille Ball. Well any way I was in her room, searching for some of her used panties when I found them. They were pink with yellow strips,and they smellt good, God did they smell good.

So I took off my shorts and and boxers, and I sat on her bed. I started to masturbate with her panties.I was doing this tiny german teen swallows european and amateur about 15 minutes, I was so wraped up in what I was doing I didn't noticed that my aunt had got home from work early.

She walk into he room and caught me red-handed. I froze on spot knowing that there was no way to get out of this.

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She stood there, what seem like for ever, thinking about what to do. Finally she acted, she slowly closed the door and walked over to her bed and set down beside me. I started to put my boxers back on, but she stoped me saying, "So why are you doing this?" I sat there embarrassed not saying a word.

So she stood up and walked over to her night stand and took out a small bottle of astro glide, then she bent down and searched under her bed for something. When she found what she kissable czech nymphos gape their fannys with anal plug and huge vibros was looking for, she stood up and set down a small box on the bed.

"What is that", I asked. She told me to wait, that I'd learn. She opened the box and took out a small vibrator and turned it on. "So you want to have some fun" she asked. I replied, "Sure what do you have in mind?" She took action right away, she pulled down her pants, surprisingly she didn't have panties on, showing her very hairy pussy and asshole.

She saw the surpirse look about her panites, and said, " You think I only have one? This moring I had an urge." She bent herself over so that she was on all fours and with one hand she grabed the vibrator and started to rub around her ass teasing her anus, then she jamed it in, moaning loudly from a mixture of pain and pleasure. She started to go slowly in and out working up speed.

After about 5 minutes she motioned me over and told me to start fucking her, I was more then willing. I shoved my throbing eight inch penis in her pussy hard and she gave out a small grunt. Slowly I was working her over while she was busy pushing the vibrator in and out of her ass.

Slowly she started to bulid a climax, I could feel her pussy tighten as time went on. Then she started to scream with pleasure, " Come on W____ work harder, I really need this!" "Its been so long since I had a nice young cock in me. YES, YES. OH.GOD.YES!!!!" She finally came shaking for the recent orgasim collapsed with pleasure on the bed. Breathing heavily she sat up and reached for her purse on the bedside table and took out her cigarettes and lit one up.

As she took a long drag she took out the vibrator and turned it off. She turned to me and said, "So what do you want to do now?" I responed, lesbo lookers spread their deep anuses and bang huge dildos, anything you want to do,but I haven't finished yet so it is up to you." As she finished her cigarette she got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom and stoped to say, "So are you going to follow me or not?" I jumped up and ran after her into the bathroom where she was already running some bath water.

After the bath water was finished she gently steped in as I got a beautiful site of her ass.

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Each cheek as beautiful as the other. She lowered her self in to the water and motioned me to get in with her. I stepped in and asked her what she wanted me to do and she said " Can you hold your breath?

I want you to eat my pussy, its been a while." So I started to kiss her neck and worked my way down her body not missing an inch. When I finally got to her pussy I took a deep breath and plunged myself below the water and started to lick around her lips while a finger was in her ass pushing in and out.

I could feel her ass muscles tighten around my finger as I would push my finger deeper inside her. B_____ let out a small moan and pushed my head down into her wet bush, to let me know no more fooling around get to work. So I obliged her, I cameup for a breath and dove back don to get to work. I spread her lips and lick her open pink pussy. I licked and laped and laped and licked. I could feel her squirm. I started to thrust my tounge in and out of her as I was still fingering her ass.

Slowly she worked her way up to her second climax of the afternoon. She started to sway her hips back and forth through the water, pushing her mound up to my mouth, I started to sunk on her clit to increase her pleasure. She arched her back and let out a scream as her released her sexual pressure.

She grabed my back and started to claw it. Suddenly she stopped her orgasism over. I finally came up and kissed her trinity clair tongue fucks sarah jessies tight the lips and said, "So are you ready for this?" As I said that I shoved my throbing cock in her over worked pussy. I started to thrust harder and harder causeing water to splash over the side of the tub.

As I worked my dick inside of her. She moaned loader and loader, screaming at the top of her lungs with the pleasure I was giving her. I could feel my balls tighten as I blew my load inside of her, falling on her chest. After I recovered from my orgasim Igot out of the tub and dried off and got dressed.

I started uptomy room when my aunt called me back down. "We need to do this again real soon, baby. Real soon" she said. I replied, "When ever you like B_____. I will be more then willing to help you."