Slender brunette floozy has her pussy hammered

Slender brunette floozy has her pussy hammered
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Sorry folks . feeling a little .well. just enjoy the story and tell me what you think . thanks!! She realizes that their life together seemed to be getting rather dull. After ten years of marriage, they have settled into a routine.

He would get up, kiss her goodbye, and go to work. She would get up and begin cleaning the house or what ever. He would come home kiss her when he walked in the door, head for the shower, ask when is dinner and disappear until she calls him for dinner. She only see's him for a few moments a day. When he needs her the most. So she began to feel unwanted, and undesirable by him.

She went as far as one night putting on a new negligee and getting all primed for him. She waits until he was snuggled into bed, when she would walk out in the fleshy juicy cunt squirts squirting and japanese red see thru nightie.

He looked at her smiled and asked if that was new and how much it cost them. Feeling hurt and crushed she just crawled into bed and lay on her side. Hiding the tears yet again.A week later the washer was making a funny sound, so she told her husband about it at dinnertime. He told her to call a repairman and get it fix.

So she called and set up a appointment. She told her husband about the appointment he just patted her hand and went to bed.The day came for the appointment, with her dressed in a simple skirt outfit with a blouse that buttoned up in the front; it was a nice dress for shopping and entertaining guest. It brought out her curves and accent her breast, the outfit showed just a bit of cleavage. She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. She normally doesn't dress up but she thought it would help her feel better.

And it did. The doorbell rang and she went to answer it.There stood a man in blue work slacks, and a white pinstriped shirt with his name badge over the right breast. Edward. She smiled up at him."Mrs. Kingman?" he says very professionally."Please call me Lynn!" She says as she opens the door wider so he could step in.

He walked in the door, his brown eyes looking around the room, his chestnut brown hair hidden slightly under the company ball cap."Lynn, I hope you don't mind I am training a new employee today, so she will be following me around and helping me out today!" Edward said, just as a woman walks up to the door, her frame almost matches Lynn's, Brown hair neatly pulled back into a pony tail, she smiles with warm green eyes."Hi, I'm Jasmine!" She says to Lynn as she extends her hand.

Lynn takes the hand and shakes it."Lynn! Please come in!" Lynn says standing aside so that Jasmine could come in."Beautiful place you have here Lynn!" Jasmine says while looking around. Lynn closes the front door. And turns to them."Thank you, well the washer is this way, please follow me!" Lynn says as she walks towards the laundry room.

With Jasmine and Edward following behind her she sore she could feel someone checking her out. She smiled thinking it was Edward. She turns to look behind her sex xxx story xxx pa they both look up at her and smile. Turning back to open the laundry room she smiles."There it is…the headache of my life!" Lynn chuckles.

Jasmine smiles at her."How long has this been going on?" Edward asked as he pulls out a clipboard and begins taking notes."About a week now!" Lynn responded. She looks at him writing stuff down. He drops to his knees in front of the washer and begins to examine it.

He turned to Jasmine and started showing her things on the washer, so Lynn decided to do what she does best. Disappears leaving them to their work. She walks into the kitchen and begins preparing for dinner.

Pulling out various vegetables and fruits placing them on the counter, when she hears something behind her. She turns and it's Jasmine coming into the room."Sorry I didn't mean to disturb you, Lynn, but I was wondering where the bathroom is!" She smiles at LynnLynn returns the smile."Oh, it's this way, come on I'll show you!" Lynn places the batch of strawberries on the counter and rinsed off her hands, and started walked towards the bathroom with Jasmine behind her."You married?" She asked Lynn."Yeah, although recently it doesn't feel like it." Lynn sighs."Why?

If you don't mind me asking?" Jasmine asked not trying to over step herself."I just feel ignored, and not worth much. Honestly I don't feel like I am very attractive anymore!" She says bluntly. Without much a breath between steps Jasmine grabs Lynn's forearm and spins her around to face her pinning her against the wall.

This motion surprises Lynn."Forgive me for doing this but Lynn your very attractive. It's been hard concentrating on work since we walked in here. Your beauty suppresses any angel I have seen! All I have wanted to do since arriving is to take you in my arms and hold you and show you how much a woman you really are." Jasmine speaks as she steps closer to Lynn. Jasmine reaches up and brushes away a loose piece of auburn hair from Lynn's face.

She slowly begins to slide her hand up Lynn's arm feeling the softness of her skin, Lynn lets out a small moan, not being touched in a long time make you sensitive to any touch. Jasmine slips her hand behind Lynn's head and pulls her close to her and softly, slowly places her lips on Lynn's, slipping the other hand around Lynn's waist.

Pressing their bodies close to each other, feeling each others heart beat through their chest. Lynn wraps her arms around Jasmine, melting into her, her defenses coming down all around her. Jasmine pushes past Lynn's closed lipswith her tongue, slowly probing Lynn's mouth with her tongue, massaging Lynn's tongue with her own.

Jasmine lowers the hand from the back of Lynn's head and begins to caress Lynn's body. One hand on a breast another slipping under the skirt and thru her panties, Lynn gasp at the touch, but doesn't pull away. Jasmine drops Lynn's panties down to her ankles.

While returning her fingers back to Lynn's waiting clit. Rolling it between her index and middle finger, flicking it every now and then, watching Lynn's reaction. Her moans and gasp, making Jasmine wetter than before. She slips her free hand under Lynn's blouse and under Lynn's bra groping Lynn's beautiful breast, she leans over and takes the breast in her mouth. As Lynn gasp in pleasure."oh my" is all Lynn could muster to say.

When Jasmine finished playing with one breast she would move to the next one. Taunting and teasing the nipple. Making them perk ever so slightly, while doing this she been playing with Lynn's clit. Jasmine looks up at Lynn from s babe returns the favour john fantasy breast. Lynn moaning in pleasure after just experience her second orgasm with Jasmine. Jasmine drops to her knees in front of Lynn, lifts up her skirt and blows so softly on Lynn's exposed clit.

Slipping her finger inside of Lynn, hearing another loud gasp, Jasmine smiles. She then begins slipping her fingers in and out of Lynn.

Moaning and groaning and gripping the wall behind her Lynn experiences pleasure she hadn't in a long time. Jasmine then begins to suck ever so softly on Lynn's clit. Sending Lynn over the edge. Making her orgasm again. Jasmine taste Lynn, and continues licking and sucking on Lynn's clit.

While her fingers slip in and out of her tight warm spot. Lynn rocks with the motion ofJasmines fingers, she reaches down and pushes her deep into her pussy wanting more.

Not wanting Jasmine to stop.Neither one of them noticed Edward standing off to the side. He had been watching for a bit. Smiling as his cock begin to stiffen in his pants. He clears his throat and smiles as Lynn looks up."I want to join!" he says almost in a pout.Jasmine stops for just a second and says under Lynn's skirt."She taste wonderful…come here and try her!" She then wraps her lips back around Lynn's throbbing clit.

Edward walks over to Lynn and places a very lust filled kiss on her lips. Lynn's hand goes to his pants, rubbing his already erected cock. She moans and bucks as she hits another orgasm.

Edward wraps his mouth around one of Lynn's bare breast. Moaning in pleasure. As Jasmine sucks harder on her clit. Edward teases her breast!

This sending her again into another mind blowing orgasm.Jasmine comes out from under Lynn's skirt, reaches up and begins to unfasten Edwards's pants. Slipping them off him, to free his cock from their confinement. Lynn gasp at the sight of his cock. As her mouth begins to drool. Jasmine wraps her lips around Edwards cock, making him moan in pleasure.

Edward slips his hand under Lynn's skirt, he begins to roll Lynn's clit just like Jasmine had. Playing with it, sending shudders through out Lynn's body. Jasmine continues slipping her mouth up and down Edwards cock. Lynn watching Jasmine moan at the touch of them against her now hot skin.

Jasmine stops, release himas she slightly pushes him over towards Lynn.

Jasmine crawls off to the side and unfastens her pants slipping her hand down her own pants and begins to play with herself.Edward, smiles down at her, then looks at Lynn. Flicks her clit one last time, then he picks her up and presses her against the wall. Lynn wraps her legs around him, as he slips his cock into her throbbing pussy. He moans at the tightness, she moans as he stretches her just slightly. Slipping him in and out of her, while she rocked her hips against him.

Her breast bouncing with each movement, she moaning and groaning at every thrust he pushes inside of her! They both look over at Jasmine who is looking very sex and oral stimulation job for agile dude playing with herself and watching them. He slams himself harder and deeper inside of her. Making Lynn scream in pleasure. Wrapping her legs tighter around him, as she begins to have one knock out orgasm, she begin to feel it vibrate through her clit down to her toes and up thru her spine.

Moaning louder and louder as the orgasm gets stronger thru her body.

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He pushes her down further on his cock. Wanting her to take it all. Her toes curl as the orgasm starts over again.

Her clit throbbing with more. He pumps her harder and harder. Moans and screams are heard from all three of them! As the climax's are reached. He slowly places her feet on the ground, looks over at Jasmine and smiles. Jasmine comes crawling over to them. Edward moves out of the way, kisses Lynn in the processes. As Jasmine slips her head back under Lynn's skirt.

She slips her tongue inside of Lynn. This sending Lynn screaming in pleasure. Jasmine laps up Edward from out of Lynn. Playing with Lynn's clit again. Sending her into another orgasm. Smiling as doing so. Jasmine finishes up.

Slips out of under her skirt and smiles, as she zips herself up. Lynn pulls her outfit back together.

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Look at Edward then back to Jasmine. Unable to speak. Edward breaks the silence."We fixed your problem by the way!"Lynn laughs, " Yes you did! Thank you!"After they leave, her husband comes home, kisses her on the lips, asks what for dinner.

She smiles and tells him.He turns and ask "Did the repair man fix your problem?"She smiles sweetly "Yes dear they did!."