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Alice Marchant was delighted.

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The much-needed funds had now started to flow in and she wasted no time putting into operation the ambitious re-building plans agreed upon by the board of governors. Lord Holmes was generous with his time and helped out when needed. Alice never let it show, but she was grateful to him for suggesting ideas that reduced the disruption that this work made to the children's daily routines. Although she would have denied it a bond was growing between them as they worked closely to re-build the once prosperous St Saviour's.

Alice brought the governors together on a regular basis to discuss important matters such as the purchase of new equipment and apparatus, ongoing building work and the pressing recruitment of reliable staff. Both Lord Holmes and Miss Foulds suggested the names of like-minded individuals and very soon Alice had a list of people to interview.

Rebecca Bolton would continue as matron.

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Alice had worked along side Miss Bolton for as long as she could remember and delighted in her sadistic nature. A very stern and muscular woman with a vast knowledge and experience of both medical matters and hygiene, she would lead the team.

The thickness of her arms spoke of the many whippings and rough massages she had given the children and she also pioneered many different drugs to control the children's sexual and physical responses.

It was left to Rebecca to hire girls to look after the children's day-to-day routines such as; dressing, diet, sexual development, hygiene and punishment. No doubt Rebecca would hire girls who were also willing to take care of her own sexual needs, but Alice felt that this was between the girls and Rebecca and no concern of hers.

Anne Bishop was appointed as head nurse. Anne had already worked in a number of good houses looking after children of the rich and famous, both as a governess and a nurse. Delighting in both these roles, she would help the children to get to sleep by the clever use of her hands and mouth and calm the most awkward of children with a hand between their legs before they fully understood the reason for it.

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The children were soon lost in the pleasures she gave them, but they would suffer the consequences of any disobedience, by the prolonged abuse of their genitals and bottoms under the guise of punishments. However, there was a dark side to Miss Bishop that had never been explored or explained. It would seem that during the many treatments and punishments she administered, her passion was to force the siblings to experiment sexually with each other as she watched.

Not just content with just brother and sister couplings, she also forced them into same sex copulation rewarding their good performances with further sexual pleasures and any bad performances with severe whippings. Soon rumours started to circulate amongst the local gentry and this led to it becoming more and more difficult for her to find work.

Alice had assured her that she would have no difficulty fulfilling her passions at St Saviour's and left her to discuss arrangements with Miss Bolton and Doctor Stevens. Returning later she found them deep in conversation discussing the many new treatments and abuses they would use on the children and the benefits of the latest stainless steel equipment that had recently come onto the market. Rachel Jones, a life-long friend of Alice's was appointed as cook and was left to hire the staff she needed to operate the new kitchens.

Also hired was James Jones, Rachel's son who is an experienced chemist. His role would be to experiment with new and more powerful drugs for Miss Bolton to dispense. Alice assured him that he would have a ready supply of children to experiment on and she showed him the plans for the new dispensary and treatment rooms. Elizabeth Sedgwick would continue as the schoolmistress and was left to hire other assistants to help her. Academic subjects would be of little use to these children now or later and what they needed to learn was deportment and obedience in order to please their masters and mistresses and get them through their day-to-day routines with as little pain as possible.

Miss Sedgwick understood this.

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She had been hired before coming to St Saviour's to teach academic subjects in debtor's prisons, workhouses and other orphanages with the idea of helping the children to gain a better life. But she found that they didn't need these skills. What the girls needed to be taught was how to open their legs and look excited and the boys how to relax their anuses to the buggery of the wardens. She also taught them that being stoic and accepting the many painful whippings would curry favour with their masters and mistresses.

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At her interview, Elizabeth suggested that gymnastics as well as naval drill be taught, making the children more supple and able to spread themselves really wide for them. Elizabeth also suggested, that the children be made to wear special chastity belts and gathered two examples from a box, holding them up for them to view. Made of blackened leather cord, they would mould nicely around their genitals preventing even the smallest of fingers from gaining entry.

Both examples had hard rubber protrusions at the rear and were designed to fit deeply into their anuses, ensuring that they remained in place until removed. "This one will deprive the child of any pleasurable sensations," she told the governor's, "whilst this one," holding up the other, "will provide unending sensations." She said.

It was these teaching methods that Elizabeth Sedgwick currently operated at St Saviour's and even Alice had to agree that the children's sexual and physical abilities had improved enormously as the children desperately strived to please the staff. Alice had already recruited Patricia Appleyard who was a distant relative of hers to become the seamstress at St Saviour's.

The little white sailor suits were just one of her many creations, as was the idea of wearing coloured sashes around their waists that would determine the children's level of ability. Miss Appleyard also set about recruiting girls to help her create more elaborate costumes for the many public performances the children would now ebony beauty copulates her bf interracial hardcore expected to give.

Surrounding herself with a very experienced and ruthless staff, Alice decided it was now time to trade for new stock, in order to provide the numbers of children that St Saviour's would now need, to satisfy the passions of its governors and patrons.

A number of establishments around London and the Home Counties had already been contacted and arrangements made for the governors to visit them today, to trade for suitable children and bring them back to St Saviour's, their new home.