Nicoletta shea sex xxx fucking storys

Nicoletta shea sex xxx fucking storys
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My latest meeting with my niece Angie Last week I get a phone call from my niece Angie. She's telling me she wants to get together with me. Which is funny because about a month ago she got mad at me and wouldn't talk to me. I tell her she's welcome at the house anytime and we can talk. She tells me no its gotta be a private meeting. Usually when she says private meeting she's talking about having sex.

Which I don't understand, like I said she's been mad at me for a month. My wife passed away 3 years ago since then we've had regular sex. She and I always kinda had a thing. But our sexual encounters didn't start till about 6 months before my wife passed away.

Her husband has diabetes and can't get it up. Her being in her 30s, she's at the top of her sexual game. She's is a good looking little blonde. Shoulder length hair, C cup breasts, a little heavy set but not real bad. She's one hell of a fuck anyway. I'm 62 but even at my age, I've never had a problem getting it up or keeping it up.

I sure as hell don't need viagra. I'm nothing special about 7" x 1 ½". I've always been able to keep it up for 2 or 3 rounds.

I'm about 5'7 150 pounds. I'm no body builder but in good shape for my age. Anyway, I don't understand why she's calling me. I think she got mad because I started seeing another woman. I don't know if she was jealous or what but once a month is not enough for me. That seemed like all she would try to make work was once a month. So I found blonde teen gets her pussy fucked and creampied by big dick woman my age that likes to fuck.

She and I have sex at least once a week. She's a good looking gal on top of that. She's a couple years younger then me, about 5 ft 2 also has about c-cup tits. But she has long dark brown hair down the middle of her back. She looks like she's probably 10 years younger than what she is. She loves all sex stories ebony audixstory com give head and have her pussy eaten.

I LOVE to eat pussy. (Another thing Angie won't let me do.) Best part is she can keep up with me sexually. The bad part is that's all we have in common.

She's religious and I'm not. She pretty family oriented I'm sort of but not to her extent. She likes to sit around watch TV. I want to go out and do things all the time. So really about the only thing we really have in common is our bedroom antics. When it comes to that were both dead on. Anyway back to Angie. I tried to get out of her what she wanted. She says her husband just showed up has to hang up. So I'm left wondering what is going on that she needs to talk to me alone in person.

I get a call a couple of days later. Angie is asking if we can get together tomorrow.

I say, "You tell me what time, I'll make it work." Her husband works nights and he goes in about 5. "I'll call you when Tom leaves." She says "Okay I'll be waiting for your call." The next day seemed to drag all day long.

Around 4 o'clock I take a shower and clean up. If she has something in mind I definitely want to be clean. Shortly after 5 pm. I get a phone call. It's Angie " Can we get together now." I say, "Yes, I suppose, what's this about?" Angie " I'd rather not talk about it on the phone." "Go ahead and come over to the house we can talk." Angie "Are you sure no one will show up?" "I never get company without a phone call first.

If they show up I just won't answer the door.

They will think I'm just not home." Angie "What about my car? " "We can hide in the garage and lock it up." Angie " Okay I'll be over in a little bit." I go out and open the garage door. The 1st bay is empty so she can pull in.

About 30 minutes later I hear a car pull in the garage and door closing. There's a knock on the back door. I yell come on in. Slutty mama fondled and fucked japanese and hardcore Angie she's wearing a pair of jeans shorts and a tank top.

She sure isn't dressed for sex. To say the least I'm disapointed. She comes on into the dining room. I'm sitting at the dining room table having a cup of coffee. I ask her if she would like a cup. She tells me maybe a small one. I get up and get her a cup of coffee. Sit back down and ask her. " Now, What's this all about?" She starts to cry, " I went to the casino last week and I lost over a thousand dollars." " Ouch, that's a lot of money." Angie " It was our house payment." I look at her, "You gambled away your house payment?" I realize she's always had a gambling problem.

It's not the first time she's gamble away a lot of money. Angie says, "Actually this is the second month." "What?! You owe 2 months house payments?" Angie "Yes and I'm behind on the car payment too." "What the fuck is wrong with you girl?" Angie " I don't know, I get the urge to gamble and nothing else matters.

I was hoping I'd win big so I could win it all back and not let Tom know." " Tom has no clue that you're that far behind on everything?" Angie "No, And he has warned me about my gambling habit many times." Angie says, "He tells me if it happens again he's going licking pussy deepthroat and hard fuck with nasty milf divorce me.

Take the kids away and not let me see them again." She's crying like a baby. I say " I would think that would be enough of a deterrent to keep you from gambleing." Angie " I know but it doesn't seem to matter when the desire to gamble hits me. Last month I bought over $500 in scratch tickets. I ended up losing most all of them.

That's where the car payment went." I tell her "How many times have we gone gambling together and not told anybody? I have told you anytime you want to go I will take you. That at least put limits on what you lose." She says "Yes I know but you want sex too." I don't understand I'm thinking, " Yeah I wondered about that. Funny you never complained about having sex with me before. Hell it was your idea from the start." Angie "I know." "Then what are you talking about." Angie " I'm jelouse of your girlfriend.

I was always the first one you went to for sex. Now you have her and I don't get it when I want it." I say " That's fucking crazy. You know I am willimg have sex you anytime. You're the one that only wants to have sex once a month. I've told you I'd fuck you everyday if I could.

I realize you have a husband who can't get it up. I'm sorry for that, but its not my problem. My problem was May couldn't have sex.

After losing her you were my only outlet for it. My problem is I like to fuck very day if possible. But you're not willing or able to do that, so I had find something else. It appears more normal that way too." I say " Besides that you're the one who got mad because I found blonde babe turns her rage circuit on instead of coming and talking to me about our relationship.

I would love to have sex with you on a regular basis. Hell I would never look for another woman if you'd fuck me once a week. You wouldn't so I have to have her." Angie " I know I'm sorry but you're my uncle, I'm finding it hard to deal with that." " I realize I'm your uncle, but it sure never seem to bother you while your aunt was alive." Angie " That's because I knew aunt may couldn't have sex with you either because of her health, just like Tom." I ask her, " Okay so what are you wanting?" Angie " I really need to borrow 1500 dollars." I say "Borrow $1500 dollars you still owe me almost $700 now.

Angie, I can't do it under the terms we have now. I have been giving you credit for sex but, I'm not going to accept sex for money any more. Sex is only going to be the interest. You will pay me back in cash. I'm going to put it in writing so if you fail to pay I will show Tom. If you're not willing to sign it, I'm not giving you a penny." " I'll do anything I need to have the money is all." "The deal will be I get any kind of sex anytime I want until I get completely paid back." " Any kind of sex what do you mean?" " If I want a blowjob you give me a blowjob." "But I've never had to do that before!" " I know you've always told me you can't do that college sluts get their holes drilled during sex party pornstars group sex me.

But you sure have told me about all the other guys whose cocks you have sucked and ate their cum. Telling me how much you enjoyed it and love the taste of it." " I don't think I can do that." " Your decision fine by me.

Sounds like you better find another piggy bank." " Mom and her teen sons No!

I'll do it." I get a pen and paper. Put all the conditions out on paper. She reads the paper blubbering about how its not fair. " Those are my conditions take them or leave them." She takes the paper and pen signed her name and dates it.

I go to my room and dig up the cash and bring it back. I lay the cash on the table. She starts to reach for it.

I grabbed her hand. " I get my first interest starting right now. You can have the cash when we're done." "But I need to get home, mom's watching the boys. I told her I had errands to run. I'd be back soon as I can." I keep her hand and lead her to my bedroom. "Just tell her you got caught up." Angie says, "You're not expecting any company are you?" Just to fuck with her I say "Well if my girlfriend shows up we can have a threesome." "WHAT!

Absolutely not we're done now if that's the case." I'm laughing I tell her "No this is between you and me. The only person who will find out will be your old man if you ever back out on anything.

I don't think the money would be the problem then. I'm pretty sure it would be that you're having sex with your uncle." I tell her, " Now get your ass naked and on the bed girl." She pulls her tank top over her head. Revealing a blue sports bra underneath. She unhooked her bra and releases her breasts. God she's got beautiful tits. C cup with just a hair bit of sag. I have never got to tit fucked them before but there's a first time for that too. She slides off her shorts to show a pair of blue panties that almost match her bra.

She slips her panties off exposes that thin blonde bush or hers. I can almost taste that pussy of hers already. She crawls on the bed lays on her back. I strip my clothes off and almost have a hard on already. I stick my cock in her face and tell her to suck me while I eat your pussy.

I throw my leg over her head and turn so I can get at that tasty pussy of hers. She begins to feebly suck my cock. I bury my face in her blonde snatch. I find her clit and began sucking on it. I reached around her leg and get a finger on her cunt. Slowly working into her love tunnel. The juices are hottie cassidy banks seduces her brother in law to flow out of her pussy. My fingers are getting wet and slippery.

I'm licking and sucking up as much of it as I can. I can tell she is getting turned on by this because she's sucking my dick a lot harder. I pull my finger out of her pussy and start working juices towards her asshole.

Then I do something I've never done before. I slip my finger in up to the knuckle into her ass. I think she wanted to protest but didn't. While I'm sucking on her pussy, I'm working my finger deeper and deeper in her ass. This turns me on big time. Within a couple of minutes I shoot my load into her mouth. She takes it all no problem.

She even licks the head to get the last couple drops as I pull out of her mouth. Her sucking me has turned me on so much I don't even get soft. I turn around line my cock up to her pussy and slide the head of it in. She grunts a little bit, But starts moving her hips trying to get me deeper into her. I meet her rhythm until my balls slap her ass. We fuck missionary style for about 10 minutes.

Then I pull my cock out, tell her to get on her hands and knees. She does so with out a word. I get behind her and RAM my cock in. She lets out a loud grunt, then "Fuck yes." I reach around and grab her titties then start squeezing them and twisting her nipples. She moans with delight. Then I feel her cunt contracting on my dick. She is starting to orgasm.

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I work harder but I can't get myself to cum. I pull the head of my cock out till hot muscle guy fucks xxx assslave yoga is right at the entrance.

Then start working it in and out of the entrance right next to her clit. She clenches down on the opening of her pussy squeezing the head. This pushes me over the edge and I shoot my wad. I shove my cock as deep as I can to finish. When I pull my cock out of her pussy, cum flows out like a river, running down her legs. She groans and falls forward face first onto the bed. I looked down at her laying on the bed her ass in the air.

I really wanted toto fuck her in the ass but I knew that have to wait for another day. I crawl off the bed go to the bathroom and get a towel and wet wash cloth. She has rolled over on her back. I proceed to clean the cum off her legs and pussy.

Once I get her clean I kissed her on the belly.

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Then kiss each nipple and on the lips. " That wasn't so bad was it?" She actually smiles at me and says "No, I actually enjoyed it." We get dressed and go into the dining room. She takes the cash from the table and puts it in her purse. I tell her, "If you want I'll give up my friend." "No that would look too suspicious." I say, "When I call you wanting something. I'll make sure that its has a good cover story. So you'll be able to get away." She says, " You know you can always come over after dark the boys are in bed, he's at work." "Maybe we'll just have to see.

But that bothers me being at your house with the boys there. That and the fact Tom could come home anytime. We can talk about that a later time.""Ok. Thank you for doing this even though you're being an asshole about it." I busty angel sucks big dick pornstar hardcore, " If I have to be an asshole to teach you a lesson albeit.

But you better get home for now." " Ok I'll call you in the next couple of days." She is me a quick kiss and leaves. Next story - Angie pays on her debt.