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Being a high school chemistry teacher for latina cheating girlfriend fucked hard for money a decade, I've seen hot students come and go. Some of my female students are, shall we say, confident in their sexuality.

There would be days where I'd have to stop teaching and sit behind my desk just to hide the bulge in my pants from the short skirts and low tops the girls would wear. I'd never done anything about my desires except think about my students during sex with my wife, or while masturbating, until one day… Loraine was one of my worst student. She'd fail every test, never did her homework, and was often late to my class.

I'd let her slide without detention for a while, but finally I couldn't put up with it anymore and gave her a weeks detention helping me clean my test tubes and beakers in the lab. Another thing you should know about Loraine: she's a slut.

She wears see-through tops and short skirts and shorts. She'll bend over and shake her ass every chance she gets. She's always flirting with the extreme bukkake lexa velvet cum target piercing and hardcore in the class, distracting them. Long auburn hair, dark brown eyes, tan skin, and full C cup breast make her a beauty. I could hardly concentrate during my lectures because I couldn't help staring at her chest.

This made me angry, angrier than anything because she knew she was hot and she knew no one could touch her. She loved being a slutty little tease. I hear a lot of gossip between classes whenever I'm patrolling the halls. Most of it is unimportant, but whenever I hear Loraine's name I stop to listen thinking, "what has that little cunt done now?" Sometimes it's about the party she went to last weekend and how she got smashed. Or speculation on what her and her "boyfriend" Mark were doing after school in the janitor's closet.

One day, when I was out making a copy, I heard Loraine talking to some of her friend. "What are you doing after school, Lor? Hooking up with Mark?" One of my other students, Kaylee, asked. "Ugh, no. That fucking chemistry teacher gave me detention all week. He's such a stuck up bastard." Loraine replied.

"Blow it off." Kaylee suggested. "I would, but any more write ups and I'm expelled." Loraine complained. I walked away without making my copies. She'd never noticed I was right behind her. I was pissed. That little whore had the right to mouth off about me, when she's a little slut who never does her work?

No. I was fuming all day until after school, when I was ready to deal with her. Now, I hadn't noticed what she was wearing before, but after school I could see very clearly. Her hair was down around her face in loose curls. She was wearing a white tank top so you could clearly see the dark pink lace bra underneath. She wore a short black pleated skirt with a hint of her dark pink thong hanging out. She had short heals on and some killer lipstick.

As angry as I was, I couldn't help but get slightly stiff at the sight of her. I didn't want to do anything rash best chums fuck first time cam girls, so I quickly gave her the instructions on cleaning the test tubes then slipped into my back office to do some grading. Every once in a while I'd peek out of my office to make sure she was still there working.

A couple times I heard her drop something and glanced out of my office to see her bend over, exposing her thong covered pussy. I pushed it to the back of my mind and kept working. As detention was coming to a close, I saw Loraine out in the room chatting with one of the football players.

I was even more angry, slacking during detention. "Loraine," I said, interrupting their conversation, "Shouldn't you be cleaning?" "Sorry Mr. H, Jake just stopped by to say hi." Jake was one of my students as well, he had a C average, just enough to stay on the football team. "Jake, move along." I commanded. "Ok, practice is about to start anyway" He looked hungrily at Loraine, "See you later." That got me wondering, she and Jake looked like hey had some sort of connection, though I was sure she was dating Mark.

"Loraine, does Mark know you and Jake are hooking up behind his back?" The question just slipped out, but it was honest curiosity at that moment. "Jake and I aren't doing anything, plus, it's none of your business" Loraine said angrily.

Finally, my calm snapped. This little good-for-nothing whore was denying she was a slut. I was ready to scream at her and expel her on the spot, when I had a better idea on how to let out my rage. I walked quickly the door adjoining my room to the hallway and locked it. "Wha-what are you doing?" Loraine sputtered. "Teaching you a much needed lesson, you little whore" I said.

She looked shocked for a half a second, I doubt anybody had called her out before. He shock quickly turned to defiance and rage. "What the hell? I'll tell the principal what you just said, Jack-ass." She said. "I don't think so, you're going to do exactly what I want you to" I said. I almost had to laugh at the confused look on her face. I lunged quickly and half a second later had one hand around her torso and the other covering her mouth.

She tried to bite me and scream as I dragged her back into my office, but she was unsuccessful. As I got her in my office, I reached a drawer I knew had duct tape and quickly applied a piece around her wrists, binding them together. Next, I applied a piece around her mouth. All I could hear now were muted protests, and I loved it. The little bitch was finally getting what she deserved. "Loraine, you aren't a very smart girl, are you? You not only fail all your classes, but you insist on walking around little a little fucking tease, and you think no one is going to do anything about it." I taunted.

I sandwiched her body between mine and the wall. She was squirming and still issuing muted protests from behind the duct tape, which only turned me on more. I grabbed her short skirt and pulled it down her to her ankles and began to rub her little cunt through her thong. She was whimpering and I could feel nicky gives a blowjob before the ramming slight wetness in her teacher with student vixen xxx. I chuckled and ripped those off too.

Next I removed the duct tape from her mouth. Before she could scream, I forced the panties into her mouth, gagging her, and reapplied the duct tape.

She was now squirming more than ever, as I picked her up and threw her over my desk, stomach-down. Her firm, round ass was right there in front of me, and I couldn't help but caress it. Next, I gave it a firm smack. I heard Loraine grunt through her gag, so I hit her ass a few more times. "Uh, ergh, uhhh" I heard Loraine moan. I simply laughed. "You've been a very naughty girl, Loraine. This is your punishment for being such a slutty little tease and for neglecting your schoolwork." After I'd had my fill of spanking her, I flipped her over and moved her to the floor of my office.

She'd stopped fighting so hard, either because she was exhausted, or because she was finally enjoying herself. He pussy was getting wetter, but her cheeks were also flushed with embarrassment every time I rubbed her pussy and noticed how her body was responding. I couldn't go a moment longer without seeing her tits. I grabbed some scissors from the drawer of my desk and cute her tank top off.

Her pink lacy bra was just taunting me. I cut the straps and removed it from her body as well. I now had a gorgeous naked girl underneath my body. I quickly removed the clothing I was wearing as well.

When Loraine's eyes fell on my 9 inch member, they widened with shock. I could see the fear in her eyes, and it made me even hornier. "You like that, slut? You like my big dick? You'll be begging for it by the time we're through." I said.

"Now I'm going to remove the duct tape and your thong, but you're not going to scream are you? If you do, I'll ram those panties back down your throat and then spank you with something much harder than my palm." Loraine nodded meekly. I removed the tape and panties. Loraine gasped for breath then whispered in a hoarse voice. "You fucker. This is illegal. Give me my clothes back, let me go or I'll-" but I cut her off.

"Or you'll what? Tell the principal? Who would believe you? Everyone knows you're a filthy slut who never follows the rules. Who will believe your words against mine, a well-respected school teacher who has never had so much as a parking ticket?" Loraine seemed to comprehend the hopelessness of her situation, as I slowly moved my mouth over hers.

I gave her a long deep kiss, though she seemed mostly unresponsive. I madison ivy big tits model bang blonde cock my hands all over her ass and tits while I continued to stick my tongue deep in her mouth.

I pinched her small pink nipples and then slowly moved my hands down to her cunt, slipping two fingers into her moist slit. I moved my mouth down to her tits and comtined finger fucking her. Loraine was trying so herd not to respond, but her body betrayed her. She slowly started rocking her hips to meet the thrusts of my hand. When I licked and bit her nipples, I could a hear low moans and whimpers escape her lips. I abruptly stopped and stood up. The look of confusion between relief and disappointment on Loraine's face was priceless.

"Time for some attention for my dick. On your knees. Suck on it, cunt." I said as Loraine slowly shook her head. "No way, gross!" She yelped at my request. "COme on slut, don't act like you've never blown someone before" I said "I haven't!" "You liar!" I exclaimed. I reached down and tweaked her left nipple hard, causing her mouth to open as she gasped in pain, then I rammed the first half of my dick into her mouth.

Then, I began to work it harder into her mouth and down her throat until she was gagging and her eyes were watering.

I was thoroughly face-fucking this whore. "Come on baby, suck that dick. You love it. Take it. Mmmmm yeah suck that you little pussy." I began to moan and thrust harder into her mouth. Not wanting to blow too soon, I took my dick out and began to kneel.

While getting into this position, Loraine regained her strength and began to scream. I just couldn't have that. I grabbed her head at slammed it against the side of my desk. She wasn't unconscious, only woozy.

Next, I laid on the floor and lifted her on top of me, positioning my cock at her tiny little hole. Hot rich bitch in uniform seduces her school friend tube porn began to slowly lower her onto my rock hard shaft, but it was difficult, the bitch was tight.

While trying to work her onto my cock, she was coming out of the fog of the head slam. "Please…don't…I'm a virgin" She whispered.

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I stopped right there. "What?

Yeah, right, a whore like you? You've probably mom and son japan fucking a hundred cocks. I hear the stories. You're a cock-hungry whore" "No&hellip.all gossip…please…" She panted.

"Lets see about that." I picked her up and threw her over my desk, getting her into the same position as when I'd spanked her. I began to force my dick into her hot little hole.

She was moaning in either pain or pleasure, I couldn't tell, until I reached a barrier in her cunt. The bitch was a virgin. "I don't know how you got such a reputation. You poser whore. Now you're going to see what all the talk is about. Take my cock!" I said as I rammed my 9 inches into her. She screamed a bit too loudly as I did this, so Sex stories sex videiebony force sex hard pulled out, found her panties, rammed them back into her mouth, and began roughly fucking her again.

The whole time I was talking real dirty, and I could tell it was turning her on, even though she was fighting her hardest not to show it. "Yeah bitch, you like that don't you?

You want that cock in you're little fuck-hole. Mmmmm yeah come on baby." I said as I roughly banged her cunt. My words, her moans, and the sound of wet flesh colliding filled the room. Then I could feel the orgasm begin to build inside her.

She didn't want it, but my cock was making her crazy. Right as she was about to explode, I pulled my dick out. I heard her make a noise of frustration.

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I took the panties out of her mouth. "What do you want, slut?" I asked. "Uhmm, ahh, I don't know…" She said.

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"Don't play dumb, you want my cock, don't you?" She looked extremely defeated and humiliated as she nodded. "Say it" I demanded "I want to cum. Nurse peta jensen fucked rough, I need to." "Be more specific" I demanded wanting to hear the words straight from her slutty mouth.

"Please, fuck me. Fuck me with your big cock, I need to cum. PLEASE" She practically screamed. And with that, I rammed my whole cock back into her tight snatch and went to town. Now she was moaning loudly and lustfully. She was loving it, not fighting her desire anymore.

I felt the orgasm build once again. "Ummmmm yeah. Please, harder. Faster! Please please MMMM yeah! Oh my god! I'm cumming I'M CUMMING!" She screamed as she came all over my cock, spasming and milking my member with her tight little hole. With that I pulled out of her, and stepped back from the table.

"Finish this bitch," I said, "On your knees." This time she obeyed, taking my shaft in her mouth. I'd been holding out for so long, it only took a few trust in her hot, wet mouth to make me cum.

"Uhhh…swallow it whore!" I called out as I shot load after load into her mouth. She swallowed most of it, but a bit ran out of her mouth and got on her face and tits.

I took the duct tape off her wrists and commanded her to rub the excess cum into her chest, which she did. "Is detention over?" She asked while trying to catch her breath. I almost let her leave before having a brilliant stroke of inspiration. "Almost" I answered. I lead her out of my office and then, checking to make sure no one was coming, to the boys locker room. As we approached, she seemed to realize my plan and tried to get away, but I was too quick.

I gagged her again with some tape and dragged her into the boys locker room. I secured her around a pillar in the middle of the room with tape and wrote "FUCK ME" with a permanent marker across her stomach. I'd also grabbed a couple clothespins to clamp on her nipples before walking away, leaving her secured to a pillar in the boys locker room. I know football practice was almost over, and the players would be in a for a real treat.

As I walked away I yelled back "See you tomorrow Loraine!" Only imaging what I could do next… Part two?