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Trinity clair tongue fucks sarah jessies tight
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"This will pay dividends in the long run. I am that sure of it" Statements like this were nothing new for Tracy. She was the veteran negotiator for her company.

She seemed to get the results that nobody else could. Her reputation usually preceded her in every business encounter she had. Tracy was a volatile force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately, she found great pleasure in taking down everybody in her way of her career aspirations. Not uncommon behavior from a third generation corporate negotiator. Fierce was an understatement with Tracy in the meeting room. As an independent and ambitious woman, she always seemed to have to prove herself to her family. Her grandfather and father worked for the same company their entire lives. Tracy was the first girl born into this line of corporate ambition. She was always believed she was expected to fail because she was a woman in a man's world.

This made her more determined than anyone to prove all the knuckle dragging men they were completely wrong. And that she did on a daily basis. She lived in New York City but had homes in England and France. Her company headquarters was based in New York but she would not settle for sub-par accommodations when she travelled; another byproduct of her upbringing.

She had assistants and assistants to help her assistants. It seemed to resemble a feudal lord's serfdom more than modern society. It was all she knew and she used it to her advantage.

It was no surprise when she was called in by her superiors the next day. A particularly hostile takeover of another company was not going as bazaar sex stories xxx sexy storys school teacher. She was going to be sent in to sway the course of battle back to the company's favor. "So that's it. You just need the merger to proceed so that we can liquidate assets? That should be easy enough. I will leave as soon as I can arrange transportation." "That will be fine Tracy" stated the CEO.

"Good luck". a dirty affair with her stunning mom and bf need the luck Sir, not me" and she turned and left them whispering amongst themselves.

There was a scramble from her assistants to coordinate itinerary and materials needed for her trip. All of this culminated at the company hanger where she would board the company jet. Three of her assistants always went where she went. The assistant that directly reported to her was a younger business analyst name Nicolas.

He was handpicked by Tracy for this position which unfortunately was no glamour real amateur teens play oral party games. Tracy was difficult at best to work with and she treated Nicolas like he was a second class citizen.

Part of it was due to her ingrained desire to outshine every man she came across. She never let anyone get close; they were all prey to be devoured in the course of business.

"Ma'am, your itinerary is ready and all travel arrangements have been finalized as requested. Is there anything else you need at this moment?" asked Nicolas.

"Nickie, I need you to get out of my way so that we can get this over with." Tracy sat down in one of the jet's plush seats. "I still have my current projects to finish and if you would be so kind as to let me to them." Nicolas turned away and prepared himself for takeoff. There would be no need to check on her further until they landed. Her attention would be solely taken by her laptop. Nickie, as she called him like some little pet, resented this treatment but the money was good.

Sometimes he wondered if it really was all worth it. The flight took just over eight hours to land in London. From there it was another two hours to get to Paris where the negotiations were taking place. Tracy had allotted only three days to wrap up this negotiation before flying back to the States to continue her work on a profit venture her company was interested in.

Baggage and people were transferred into a waiting vehicle for the trip to the L'Hotel du Collectionneur Arc de Triomphe on the Rue de Courcelles.

From here they would congregate and plan for tomorrow's negotiations. Nicolas always rode in the same vehicle as Tracy. He always had to listen for some off the wall thought or item she wanted done. He was part court stenographer, part detective. "Nickie, can you make sure my laptop and presentation materials get to the meeting room straight away. I have much to do and cannot wait for all these tourists to get out of the way" "Yes Ma'am." "Good, and assemble the others, we need to be all out for this.

Timing is critical" "Yes Ma'am" They all settled in and were right down to work. The hours flew by with preparations and research. When Tracy finally got to the negotiations, things were in short order.

She plowed through her adversaries with reckless abandon. It took a day and a half to wrap up the formalities and Tracy and her entourage were back on the company jet to New York. The day after their arrival, Tracy reported back to her superiors on the positive outcome of her negotiations. More chest thumping was heard figuratively as they congratulated her on a job well done.

The CEO of the company spoke up over the ruckus of the room. "Tracy you have done us proud. I speak for the Board when I say that you truly are a formidable asset to this company. We would like to reward you by giving you a seat on the Board.

This is an honor that is only bestowed upon the best we have. We would be honored to add your voice if you would accept." "Thank you Sir and it is an honor to be considered for such a great acknowledgement.

I happily accept your offer and hope that I continue to prove my worth to this company" "Then it's settled. Effective Monday, you are our newest Board member. Being that it is Wednesday, please take this time on us and enjoy some much deserved relaxation." "Thank you Sirs." Tracy turned and left the Board room and found Nicolas. "Nickie, they just made me a Board member. We are moving up." Tracy did not notice that Nicolas was rolling his eyes at the thought of now more responsibility and verbal harassment from his colleague.

"That's great Ma'am. It is what you worked so hard for" "They gave me time off until Monday. Not sure what I am going to do. Never really stopped for a vacation. Nickie, find me a good vacation spot where I can relax and get some rest." "Yes Ma'am" With that, Nicolas left the hall and went about setting up a restful retreat for his boss.

Frustration was still on Nicolas' mind when he selected an out of the way nature resort in the Midwest for her stay. This was not Tracy's normal practice to be away from the city lights and people. Either way, Nicolas felt it was something she needed. A few hours later he went to report back to Tracy. "Trip is all set Ma'am. You depart in the morning via the company jet." Tracy did not even bother to ask where it was.

She just assumed that Nicolas would handle it like everything else and know what she wanted. She knew her clothes would be packed and her travel materials would be already on the plane when she arrived at the airport in the morning. When she arrived in the morning, she boarded the plane and again found her favorite plush seat for the trip. After takeoff and climbing to altitude, the pilot came over the intercom. "Ma'am, we will be landing in Wisconsin in three hours and twenty minutes.

Enjoy the flight" Tracy about choked on her skinny latte as she burst out, "Why the fuck am I going to Wisconsin?" Just over three hours later, Tracy felt the plane touchdown on a very short runway unlike the airports she was used to landing at. "Enjoy your stay Ma'am.

After you disembark, we will be back on Sunday for your return flight." "I can't stay here. You have to take me somewhere else." "Ma'am, we already have our flight plan filed. We cannot deviate. I'm sorry but you are here until Sunday. Again, enjoy your stay." Tracy disembarked the jet and found a solitary cab waiting for her at the terminal by the runway. She thought this must be a joke. Where is the limousine? Where are the assistants to take my stuff? Goddamn you Nickie was all she thought.

She would have called him except the cell service out here barely made connection. The cabbie came over and helped her with her bags.

"Be careful with those. They are expensive. Probably worth more than your car." The cabbie just looked and shook his head. Reluctantly, Tracy climbed into the cab.

She figured that the hotel she would be staying out would have a phone to call back and get this mix up straightened out. The cab ride to the hotel was abysmal. Cramped into the back seat and holding onto her belongings across roads she would have guessed had not been paved in fifty years. After thirty five minutes of travel, the cab driver turned up a long, winding driveway.

As the vehicle approached the hotel, it looked more like a log cabin than any hotel she was accustomed too. "You have got to be joking", half talking to herself. "I am not staying in this place." The cab reached the front door and Tracy exited the vehicle.

There was no staff to grab her luggage. She struggled to take all of her things into the building fully intent on calling someone immediately to come and get her. Tracy approached the desk and ordered the clerk to hand her the phone. "Phone line down Ma'am. Thunderstorm last night knocked it out. Waiting on the phone company to come out and fix it.

Not sure when that will be, I'm sorry." "Do you have any way of calling out of this place? My company must have made a mistake and sent me to the wrong place." "What's you name Ma'am?" "My name is Tracy and my company was supposed to send me to a resort for vacation." "Ma'am, you're in the right place.

I have your reservation here. Booked through Sunday afternoon. Can I check you in?" "Absolutely not. I want to get out of this place." "I'm sorry to hear that. The least I can do is set you up in one of our rooms to freshen up until this can get straightened out.

Will that be acceptable?" "I guess it will have to be for now." The clerk proceeded to get the remainder of her information before giving her the room key to the room her company had reserved for her. Tracy proceeded with her luggage to the room at the big titted webstar of the year vicky vette tied up amp teased of the hall.

If she wasn't cursing Nicolas before, she was definitely gritting her teeth vehemently now. Unlocking her room, she went inside and was mildly surprised at the accommodations. The room was very open with beautiful views of the outside scenery. As much as she did not want to admit, it was a beautiful area after she spent some time looking out the window. Tracy opened her window to let the outside air in and she was overwhelmed with all the scents from the flora surrounding the area.

There were no smells like this in the city. Seeming almost nostalgic, she dreamt back to her childhood days when her family used to vacation in remote areas of Europe. Here she would experience many different majestic gardens and the scents that brought back warm feelings. The tension of this ordeal was starting to fade away. Going into the bathroom to freshen up, Tracy was met with one of the grandest bathing vessels she ever saw.

Built into the side of the bathroom, it spanned across a wide window with a panoramic view of the hillside outside. Captivated by the bath, she decided to draw one to relax. The water was very hot as she adjusted the temperature to her liking. Slowly, she removed her clothing, neatly setting them on the bathroom counter. Finding some bath salts, she sprinkled some into the water to release the fragrance and set the ambiance.

Just before entering the water, she removed her panties and bra. Tracy settled into the water and let the warmth of the water cascade over her.

Her nostrils were filled with the sweet fragrance of the salts. She laid back and fully stretched out her legs in the tub. She spent quite a few moments watching the hillside and seeing the trees sway from the soft breeze.

Slowly, she ran her hands over her body letting the water warm every part of her. Tracy was a vicious employee but this was counter balanced by her beauty. She stood a stately 5'9". Her legs were long and defined. Her hips had just the right amount of flair and curvature to make any business attire flattering. Her stomach was taut, a testament to her love of yoga.

Her breasts hung perfectly accenting her form. Tracy slowly rubbed up and down her body, self-massaging the tension out. She stopped momentarily to and rubbed her hand over her breasts. It felt good to get them out of the bra she was adorable chick is getting a lusty exposure smalltits hardcore. She twitched a bit as her hands moved past them. Looking down, she noticed them firming and becoming erect.

Bringing her hands back up, she stopped over her breasts again, this time gently pulling on each on with her finger and thumb. It felt so good to relax in the hot water and her nipples were sending shudders down her body and tingling her legs.

Tracy continued to massage her breasts, slowly making each nipple grow harder and harder. She blonde nutte auf dem strich von typen wegeknallt surprised that she could stretch them fully erect to almost an inch long. At this point, she was flicking them with her fingers.

Tracy stopped suddenly realizing the window also gave anybody a clear view in. After a few minutes, her inhibitions took over again as she lifted her nipple to her mouth. She began to flick it and suck on it with her tongue. This increased the shudders cascading through her body.

Tracy could not remember the last time she had felt the touch of anyone. It was always about work and she had no time for relationships.

But sitting in the tub was now her time. She enjoyed the feelings she was giving herself and started to fell a yearning she had not before. Not knowing why but she dropped her hand down and felt her open pussy. Her lips were pouting outward as her finger found her clit. Tracy twitched from the sensitivity of her vagina. The more she rubbed her clit, the warmer she felt. The nerve endings were on fire as she continued this sensual massage of her womanhood.

Reluctantly as if she was not allowed to feel joy, she daringly inserted a finger into her pussy. It was slick and lubricated as her finger easily went all the way in. As her finger reached its end, she found her spot and massaged.

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All she could think about was how wonderful it felt. She went to insert another but could not stretch her lips. Her pussy was so tight. Continuing with the one finger, she rubbed her clit more and more. Tracy's breathing picked up in pace as she continued to pull her nipple with her left hand while rubbing her swollen clit with her right hand.

The feeling building and overcoming her was a rush. Her hips started to gyrate as the first waves of orgasm came over her. She struggled to catch her breath from the intensity of it. So long had it been since her last that every muscle felt as if it were tearing apart. Slowly, her breathing stabilized as she again relaxed in the warmth of the water. Maybe this vacation would turn out okay. Evening slowly descended upon this place of seclusion and Tracy found it would be best to start out in the morning to find a way out of this ordeal.

The clock showed 7:03 AM when she awoke to the sound of activity outside her window. In her relaxation, she neglected to close it from the night before. Wrapping a robe around her, Tracy peered out the window in order to see what the noise was from.

Off in the distance, a lone man was tending to a group of horses in a faraway building. Having awoken, it was decided that a brisk morning jog was in order. All hot sex with my big boobs girlfriend hardcore and fingered had packed was her yoga attire which clung like a second skin to her frame. It was early and obviously Tracy saw no other people around. Attire changed, Tracy left the confines of her room and proceeded to go out the front door to jog out in the open field that she viewed from her window.

As she passed the front counter, the clerk was not around; one bullet dodged; as nobody would see her leave. Out in the openness of the field, Tracy let the cool morning air surround her. The terrain was cascading with slow rolling hills.

A fence followed the field and Tracy decided she would complete a circuit following the fence. Her jog took her over thirty minutes to complete. On her return, she passed the far building she saw from her window.

It appeared whomever was here earlier had vacated. Tracy decided she would take a small break, checking her pulse; as she walked around the building. What she did not expect was to see the man from earlier standing by the back wall relieving himself on some bushes. From her view slightly behind him, she could see he was moderately endowed. As much as she wanted to move away, she just stared transfixed.

She must have been in a daze as she did not realize that he had turned around and saw her staring. "Did you get a view Ma'am?" stated the man zipping his fly.

"Excuse me, how dare you do that out here?" scolding him as if he was an employee under her command. "Ma'am, I can pee when I want and where I want and there isn't anything you can do about it." Slowly walking toward him as if this was a confrontation, Tracy stated, "I am going to report this to your manager.

Decent people should not have to see this type of behavior." "Ma'am, decent don't have to listen to what you say and for your information, I am the owner of this resort.

So objection duly noted." "Of all the nerve&hellip." "You must be that city woman I was told was coming out here. Figures, you fit the bill perfectly. Said you were a handful. I see why.

Didn't mention how hot you were but not sure that makes up for the mouth." "Look Sir, I have never been so insulted in my life. I am a paying customer and do not deserve treatment in this manner." "Your company is the paying customer and they told me straight guy gay sex drunk ignore your threats.

So if they tell me to shut up, I'll shut up. Until then I guess you will be insulted." "I want your name so that I can report this to my company", moving closer to the man ready to poke him in the chest. It was at this time that he grabbed her outstretched hand and held it firmly.

"Ma'am, you picked the wrong person to point a finger at. I believe it is about time someone taught you how to shut that mouth of yours." Still holding her hand, he led her into the building.

Here, he placed her on a bale of hay sitting on the ground.

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Before she could react, he was already kissing her upon the lips. "What are you doing? Let me go!" Tracy struggled slightly to escape his grasp but strangely she felt warm all over. How dare this man just take advantage of her? It was evident flirty kittens penetrate the biggest strapons and spray juice everywhere was aroused as her nipples showed convincingly through her attire.

Tracy felt her pussy start to get wet. "You seemed to like the view before, how about a closer look?" With this the man pulled his cock out of his pants and put it in front of her face. Almost appalled, Tracy stared up at him before looking back as his now growing shaft.

"C'mon, use that mouth for something productive for once." Tracy, although still shocked by the situation, felt a certain arousal from being commanded like she was. With this, she took his cock in her hand and proceeded to place the head of it in her mouth. She could not believe she was doing this. It felt so wrong but so erotic at the same time.

Tracy slowly slid her lips up and down on his length, only able to get about half into her mouth before gagging. The man pulled his cock out of her mouth before putting it back in allowing her to breathe. As she was slowly working on his cock, she heard him yell, "Hey Manny, come over here!" A few moments later, another farm hand appeared from behind the building and saw Tracy with this man's cock in her mouth.

Needing no further hint, Manny unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. Letting his shaft come into view, Tracy's eyes widened as she was now staring down two sizable cocks. Manny was shorter but much wider. Tracy struggled to fit his head into her mouth. She started alternating back and forth between them fully engrossed in the feeling of cocks probing her mouth. Manny reached over and slid her top down below her shoulders. Tracy obliged by removing her arms so it could rest around her waist.

Now, breasts in full view, she sucked on their cocks even harder. Two complete strangers and she was aroused more than anything she felt in her life. Her wetness was becoming visible on the thin material of her tight shorts. Both men started to moan as her pace picked up on their shafts.

Tracy was stroking Manny's cock when he moaned, "I'm gonna cum!" Tracy continued to suck the other man's cock as she felt Manny's hot cum splash upon her breasts. A few minutes later, the other cock started to erupt in her mouth. A fair portion leaked out the sides and fell upon her chest and she struggles to swallow the rest. She could feel a warmness in her stomach as the hot load found a new home.

Pulling his cock from her mouth, Tracy was on fire. Not caring where see was, her hand went into her shorts and she feverishly rubbed her pussy. It only took moments as her orgasm flooded over her making a more noticeable spot in her shorts.

Catching her breath again, she just sat there, cum strewn across her chest, salty taste in her mouth and wetness running down her leg. "I am sure that was the best use of that mouth in the past ten years. My name is Kristopher if you still want to make a complaint to the ownership." As Manny walked away wiping the sweat from his brow, Tracy just sat there relishing what she had just done.

How could she succumb to such raunchy debauchery? This was not how a proper lady acted. Even through all of the self-reprimanding, she felt a perverse pleasure in what she just did.

Unable to clean up, she quickly dressed leaving her cum strewn breasts under her clothes and made a fast retreat back to her room. Again, luckily no clerk at the desk so Tracy was able to get into the room unseen.

It was late morning before Tracy finished cleaning up and now was ready to eat. Walking back to the front desk, the clerk was finally back at his post. "Where can you get something to eat around here?" "Ma'am, our kitchen is now open if you would like to dine there. It is down the opposite hallway." "Has yu namiki hours best collection yu namiki hours phone line been reconnected yet?" "Not yet Ma'am.

Expecting the phone company any day now." Still no cell reception and no phone line out. The plane was not due back until Sunday and she was here for another few days if she could not get a message out.

Reluctantly, Tracy walked down to the kitchen and stumbled into a grand eating area that could easily hold two hundred people. Nobody else was in the kitchen. Each table was set in preparation for dinner. Basic place settings sat upon each one, all meticulously placed. Tracy found a table next to the window to admire a stunning view of a small lake. It was a few minutes before a waiter came out and handed her a menu.

"Good day Ma'am. May I interest you in a beverage?" "Water will be fine. Are you still serving breakfast?" "Yes Ma'am. Anything in the menu we will be happy to prepare to your liking." This was more acceptable to Tracy; somebody willing to accept her requests without any back talk. "Please give me this morning sampler you have. It has been so long since I had a good breakfast. Eggs over easy please. And could you get me a glass of orange juice with the meal?" "Yes Ma'am.

I will be back with your order shortly. Have you been enjoying your stay?" "Honestly, I am not used to places like this. I will say some of it has been interesting but it is relaxing." "Glad you think so Ma'am. I will be right back." Tracy sat sipping her water, looking out at the view.

It had been two days without cell phones, laptops and any hint of civilization as she knew it. She had to admit that it was a welcome change to just sit and watch the trees and nature. No phones ringing. No hostile negotiations. It was a short while before the waiter returned with her breakfast just as she had requested it. This was no five star establishment but the savory taste of her breakfast was matched by no other she had in any recent memory. The eggs were prepared exquisitely and all the sides held a country flavor she had long forgotten existed.

A smile broke her face as she elegantly ate and savored every taste placed before her. It was quite a while before she finally finished. The waiter returned upon completion of her meal. "Can I have the check please?" Tracy asked. "It's included with your stay. Feel free to visit us as many times as you wish." Now sated and no longer hungry, Tracy returned to her room and found a notebook packed with her belongings.

Finding a pen, Tracy grabbed the notebook and went to sit at a table on the patio just outside her room. The afternoon sun was moving to her side casting a glowing light upon the patio. It was at this time that Tracy started to write: I am confused about this trip. I was so frustrated to be left in such a desolate place with nothing to do. Nobody seemed to care. God knows I still have reservations regarding the staff in this place but I am strangely drawn to the serene quality of relaxation that I getting.

I have slept better than I thought and feel fully refreshed upon awaking. The cuisine so far has been succulent and extremely tasty. I have also experienced some strangely erotic encounters here that I feel shameful mentioning. I am not sure that I will ever mention this to anyone and will remain my secret until I die! I am not sure how I will spend my remaining days until I am to return on Sunday. I have to admit that this yu namiki hours best collection yu namiki hours has been much needed and I am sure I will remember for the rest of my life.

Can life really be so relaxing and prosperous at the same time? After finishing, Tracy fell into a peaceful slumber. Here she stayed until later into the evening. Awakening as the sun was setting, Tracy returned to her room.

Changing clothes again, she headed back to the kitchen. Indulging in the tasteful fare, Tracy enjoyed the rest of her evening. When she returned to her room, she found that someone had started the wood burning fireplace in the far corner. It added subtle warmth to the room allowing for the rear patio doors to stay open.

Tracy settled into a recliner in the room and watched as the stars came out. Here they were so bright, something not visible in the city. It was here that she again fell into slumber. Cascading sunlight caused her to stir in the morning.

Again, Tracy heard the noises coming from the far building. Seeing the horses tethered to the rail, she figured she would go out to investigate. Dressing in more rugged attire this time, she walked down to the horses to watch big boobs woman gives head and nailed by pawnshop owner majestic creatures.

The horses were completely calm and relaxed as Kristopher came out of the building, seeing her. "Hey City. Never seen a horse before?" Kristopher laughing to himself as he continued to tack the final two. "I have too seen a horse before.

I just haven't been this close. I am sorry for interrupting you. I was just looking." "Well there City. If you want, I could take you out for a ride through the field if you would like." "Really? No I couldn't. I do not know how to ride a horse." "It's not that tough and you never know, you might like it." "Well okay.

I guess I can give it a try." "Well I am going to get you Magnus here. One of the finest horses in the stable. Easiest to control too." As Tracy looked over, Magnus was a horse that stood higher than the others. He was broad across the back but very calm for a horse of such size.

"Come over here to the box so that you can step up into the saddle. Manny, come over her and hold Magnus for me." Manny came out on call and nodded to Tracy as he grabbed the bridle of Magnus. Gingerly, Tracy stepped up on the box and still found herself looking up to Magnus.

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"Just put your foot in the stirrup and lift yourself up over and sit in the saddle." Tracy fumbled a bit to get her footing but finally managed to scale the side of Magnus and land up in the saddle. The horse swayed a bit front and back as her weight ice is a latina slut tube porn in.

Still calm, Magnus just sat there as if by command. Kristopher jumped up on another of the horses and rode over to where Magnus was standing. He proceeded to show her how pulling back on the reins would cause him to back up or stop. A gentle nudge on his side caused him to move forward at a steady pace.

Basics aside, Tracy set off on Magnus toward the field with Kristopher riding beside her. This was the same field she jogged the other day but seemed much smaller with the strides of Magnus. It was no time at all before Tracy relaxed and felt more comfortable upon the horse. She could feel the saddle push up between her legs and she strained slightly adjusting to the broad width of Magnus.

"How are we doing City?" "I think I have the hang of this now. This is kind of serene just watching the horse canter along and seeing all of nature from this vantage." "That's good. I didn't want to have to pick you up if you fell off." "No worries, I will not give the satisfaction of seeing me fall." With that, they continued the journey through the entire field, covering some smaller trails Tracy had not seen before. It was well past noon before they returned to the stable to dismount from the horses.

On their approach, Manny came out to grab Magnus and lead him back to the box so Tracy could dismount. As she finally dismounted, Kristopher dismounted his horse and Manny led them both to the trough to drink. "Hoped you enjoyed your ride City." "Actually, it was fun. Thank you for showing me the reins so to speak." Tipping his hat, Kristopher went to tend to the horses and Tracy went back to her room.

Here, she again showered and changed her attire to make her way to the kitchen again. Finding a seat, she again ordered something she would not normally eat. Enjoying every taste of it, she was overcome with a feeling of disappointment and sadness. All of this relaxation and she was alone. Finishing her meal, she went back to her room to write again in her notebook. Today I experienced something fantastic. I learned to ride a horse. I never imagined that I would enjoy the nature and the view as much as I did riding along with Kristopher.

I felt so free and alive treading where I wanted to go instead of where I was told to go. Admittedly, I will actually miss this time once I leave. I will be back to my job and I am still saddened by the fact that I am alone here. For the first time in my life, I miss not having a person to share these experiences with. I am so used to having people set up my schedule and affairs that I never really took the time to notice that I am entirely alone.

For all the people I know, I have nobody. Tears started to cascade down her face as Tracy sobbed. For all her effort, she felt empty now. It was Friday and she had one more full day to go before getting back to reality as she knew it.

Not sure how to spend her last day, Tracy laid in her bed and slowly fell to sleep, holding her notebook, alone. Tracy woke on Saturday to the same noises from the building. The air was colder than before. Almost struggling to get dressed, Tracy made her way back to the kitchen to get something to eat. Sitting at the same table, she ordered her same breakfast knowing this would be the last time she would have it. The waiter brought it to her just as before and it met the same exquisite taste as previous.

Just as she was about to finish her meal, the desk clerk came into her and said, "Phone company was out here early this morning Ma'am. Phone is working again if you need it." "Thank you. I do not think I have need for it now.

I am leaving tomorrow anyway but thank you." "As you wish Ma'am. It will be there if you need it." After her meal, Tracy returned to her room and heard the chime from her cell phone. Had the cell reception finally come back as well? She guessed maybe the phone tower was out and they repaired it as well. All that was on her phone was a message from Nicolas. Scrolling through the menu, she opened the message and read its contents. "Hope you are enjoying your trip.

The plane will be back tomorrow and arrangements have been made to bring teen babe and old guy have to hurry up handjob young to the airport." Part of Tracy wanted to cry as this trip was about to end. Stifling her tears, Tracy decided she should get back in character as she was expected to go in front of the Board on Monday. With that she dialed Nicolas' phone to confirm the arrangements.

Dialing the number, it rang three times before Nicolas picked up the phone. "Hello this is Nicolas. How is your trip Ma'am?" The call was static indicating a poor connection. Before she could respond, the call ended and Tracy wanted to curse the cell service in this area. She made her way out to the desk clerk and asked to use the phone graciously offered to her before.

As she dialed the number, she heard it start to ring on the line. Just as it was about to ring again, she heard the distinct chime of Nicolas' phone from outside. Confused, she hung up the phone and walked out the front door. Here she saw Nicolas talking to Kristopher a short way down the drive. As if back at the office, Tracy immediately went into "boss" mode and started firing off questions chaotically.

The two men ignored her questions and kept talking until she approached them. "Nick, I do not know what you see in her." "Kris, I know you don't but I have my reasons. You will see." "See what?" barked Tracy. "I'll get back and see mom soon Kris. Thanks for keeping an eye out." smirked Nicolas. "What is going on? I demand an explanation." "More power to you brother" mumbled Kristopher as he walked away leaving Tracy and Nicolas standing in the drive.

"Brother? Mom? What is going on Nicolas? I'll have your ass for this." "Tracy, I set this trip up for two reasons so let me explain. Kristopher is my brother and this is his land. It has been in our family for six generations. I was the first male in my family to leave it to pursue other ventures. So I sent you here knowing you would be safe and taken care of. The main reason I sent you here is that at this farm, you and I are not colleagues but just people.

You cannot command them and demand they do anything that we as your colleagues know so well. You do your job well Tracy but you spurn those that help you succeed.

Second, I sent you here so that you can see the real person I am. You may fire me or destroy my career which you can do but I wanted you to experience the person I am, not just what you know me as." "Why would I need to know this?" "Even though you may order me around, I truly believe that there is a gentle, loving and compassionate woman under that tough exterior.

I have worked with you for quite a while and I have come to care for you through all the verbal bashing you tend to dish out. As much as I know this is tough for me to say but I have fallen in love with you. To she got punished for being a bad girl be with you eats me apart inside.

These last few days have been torture. If the only way I can be around you is through a job then so be it. If you want to fire me for my feelings, that is your choice. As of Monday, you are a full-fledged Board member. I do not want to see you fight that battle alone. I want to be with you not just as your colleague but as your partner.

"Nickie, I never&hellip. I don't know what to say to all this." "How about you just take some time to think it over? I have waited this long for this opportunity to present itself. I just have to hope this venture works out to my favor." Tracy stood there speechless. Her closest assistant had just told her how much he loved her despite her treatment.

How could anyone want to be with her after that sort of treatment? It was the first time that she realized how poorly she treated her colleagues. Her eyes started to tear as she looked at Nicolas. All of her repressed feelings come to the top and she just sobbed watching a man who she beat up day in and day out look past her flaws. Nicolas knew what the missing part of her life was and she was too blind to see it in front of her the whole time. Tracy put her face into her hands, shaking and embarrassed by this fragile display in front of Nicolas.

He slowly walked up to her and toke her shaking hands into his own. Moving them from her face, she felt she could not look him step daughter elektra rose massage fuck doggy style brunette family the eye.

Gently lifting her chin up with his hand, he cleared the tears from her cheeks. "No matter what you did in the past, I am just happy if I have a future with you if you would have me. Good or bad, you are one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. I would consider myself the luckiest man in the world just to live my life with you." With this her shaking increased at the increased feeling of guilt over his treatment. "Tracy, please stop beating yourself up.

You did not know. I did not tell you my intentions and I did not mean to sadden your time." "Nickie, your right. I have treated you poorly. You have stood by me through everything these past few years. I have never felt so alone these past few days and not until know have I realized how much you have cared for me. Please forgive me. I promise to never treat you the same way again." "Apology accepted Tracy" and with that Nicolas leaned in and kissed her on her tear covered lips.

Although upset, Tracy felt a shiver as Nicolas' lips closed upon hers. He was no longer just a amateur girl fingers pussy and sucks boyfriends cock, he was much more.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she held him close not wanting the kiss to end. Nicolas wrapped his arms around her back and held her firmly and in command of the situation. It wasn't until this that Tracy decided to let go. She relinquished all control to Nicolas and let him lead. With her still shaking and fragile, Nicolas picked her up in his arms and carried her back inside to her room.

Tracy started to see things about him she never noticed before. How physically strong he was. How gentle his touch was even with that strength. She felt a comfort and security that was overwhelming her mind. Of all her learned abilities, she neglected some of the most personal and rewarding ones. Setting her down on the sofa in the room, Nicolas again gently kissed her upon her lips. Tracy let his tongue glide over her open mouth relishing the sweet taste of his saliva.

She went with the flow and let Nicolas explore her mouth while gently cradling her head with his hands. Tracy let her hands fall to his chest as she felt his breathing through his chest.

She could feel his heartbeat and the comfort of it beating upon her hands. She wished she could crawl inside the safe haven that was his soul. She wanted nothing else but to be with him. Nicolas let his hands slowly glide down her sides until they rested on her waist.

To him, this was heaven. The pinnacle of love to finally be with the woman he so longed for and desired. The warmth of the fireplace mixed with their passion as the room slowly became hotter. Nicolas stood up and lifted Tracy by the hand and whispered in her ear. "Undress me." Tracy almost melted.

Nicolas stood there holding her arms allowing her to slowly remove every piece of clothing he had on like a present. He wanted her to feel the moment and enjoy the sensations, things all new to someone who repressed them so well.

As Tracy removed his last remnant of clothing, freeing his manhood, she stood there and admired his form. His shaft, semi-erect, was larger than his brother.

In the brief moments she was admiring his body, she suddenly felt beautiful babe acquires her cunt pounded at final. Nicolas picked up on this knowing she was worried what he would think of her.

Having no recent memory of being with a man, Tracy became very self-conscious. Nicolas immediately reassured her in the softest of tones. "You're beautiful. You can not disappoint me." Tracy just inhaled as his hands grasped her by the waist, pulling her close to him, his cock now brushing her leg. She was tense as he slowly slid up her shirt revealing her bra. Her nipples were erect and visible through the material.

Slowly pulling down her pants, he reveled in the beauty of her form standing there before her. He leaned in and kissed her while reaching around behind her to unclasp her bra.

Clasp undone, Tracy looked up at him worried he might not like what he saw. She was not used to such a vulnerable position. As the bra slide to the floor; Nicolas got his first glimpse of her breasts; the nipples, long and erect, begging for his tongue. "You are more beautiful than I could ever imagine." Tracy melted again, putting her arms around his neck to kiss him fully as well as hold her wobbly legs in place.

Nicolas slowly lowered himself and gently tugged her panties to the floor. He was met by a neatly trimmed pussy that was slowly oozing wetness. "I cannot imagine anything more beautiful in this world." "Nickie, please don't judge me because I'm scared.

I don't want to ruin the night if I hesitate." "Lady, it is because you are scared that I love you. I will do nothing to hurt you ever. Please allow me to make this last night away something we can remember always.

Believe in me like I have always believed in you." "I believe in you fully." Standing naked side by side, Nicolas picked Tracy up again in her arms and carried her geeky teen likes to suck and fuck the large lounging chair outside.

Tracy was apprehensive being nude in plain sight of everyone. "Don't worry. Everyone else has gone home. It is just you and I and the stars. It is here where I dreamed our story would begin." "Nickie, I&hellip." Tracy's voice faded off as he started kissing her again. He let his hands slide down to each of her breasts, slowly massaging them and then moving to her back, removing the tension from her body. Tracy let him go.

She wanted nothing more than for him to explore her body. She anticipated every sensation. Lowering his head, his lips finally settled on one of her nipples. Tracy arched her back inhaling deeply as Nicolas caressed sex xxx story 2019 america nipple with his tongue and lips. A trickle was forming from her pussy and was now making its way down to her anus.

Nicolas expertly anticipated her reactions and spent just the right amount of time kissing each breast and back to her lips. The night air was cooling making a cool film of sweat form on their bodies. Nicolas gently laid her back moving down toward her waiting pussy. Instinctively, Tracy kept her legs somewhat closed afraid of her vulnerability.

Again, Nicolas reassured her as he gently kissed up and down from her knees to her feet. Every sensation flooded to her pussy making it yearn more and more for his tongue. Cradling her buttocks from underneath, Nicolas let his tongue begin to explore her folds. Her lips were moist and slick. Her taste was sweet. As he began to gently suck on her clit, she shivered and bucked slightly from the intensity of feeling.

Tracy moaned softly, watching Nicolas between her legs. Her body was tense and she kept waiting for him to find something wrong. Nicolas took one of his hands and placed it upon her stomach which caused her to lie back fully on the lounger. Here she was, legs spread, Nicolas expertly working on her labia and she finally looked up and saw the stars. As she looked up, she relaxed and left the tension in her body release. She closed her eyes and concentrated on those feelings.

It was then that she started to climax. Starting as a surging cascade, her hips moved back and forth, pushing her clit against his tongue. "Oh, Nickie, my god. Damn Nickie make me cum!" she moaned as her hips tensed forward for the first time. The contractions in her pussy were intense. Tracy could not help but scream in delight as her pussy seemed to be spasming frantically from Nicolas' oral ministrations. Nicolas kept up his pace all the way through her orgasm until he felt her subside.

Tracy, breathing quickly, opened her eyes having never experienced an orgasm of that magnitude. Her pussy was drenched with her juice which was now actively making its way onto the lounge cushion.

Nicolas raised his head and moved up her body to give her a kiss. She could taste her own pussy on his lips which made her hotter. Feeling a bit more confident, she leaned up and asked Nicolas. "I don't want to order you but I would like to request that you let me suck your cock." Tracy smirked as she said this and Nicolas just smiled. "I would be honored if you would do so," channeling the same playful tone in response.

As Nicolas lay upon the lounger, he could visibly see the wet area created from her pussy. Not wanting to give her a break, Nicolas said, "I have one condition though." Here it was the problem to such a beautiful evening. "You can suck my cock as long as you put your pussy back on top of my face. I am not done with its sweet taste." "Who am I to decline?" she said lying on top of him, kneeling over top of his head.

So there they were, Tracy staring at Nicolas' cock while Nicolas was again looking at her wet pussy. It glistened in the light of the stars. He could not get enough of her aroma or her taste. He never imagined it would taste so good. Nicolas parted her lips with his tongue and Tracy jumped again from the sensation of her overly sensitive clit. He started to flick at her lips when he felt her lips wrap around the head of his cock.

He felt her hand grasp the base as she slowly worked the top half of it in and out of her mouth. It was so warm inside her mouth. Her firm grasp on his shaft made his head more sensitive causing shudders to permeate through his body.

"Tracy, just like that. Oh shit that feels so fucking good." Tracy never heard him curse but it turned her on more and more being talked to like that. She ground her pussy into his mouth more as she tried to take more and more of his length into her mouth. Despite her best efforts, she only could get about half of his solid eight inches in her mouth. His width was stretching the side of her mouth. Never giving up, she continued her salacious massage of his cock with her mouth.

Nicolas continued his assault on her pussy to the point where Tracy pulled his cock out of her mouth to breathe. She was going to orgasm again and she kept grinding her pussy into Nicolas' face.

Again, she contracted and let the flood of warmth and pleasure cascade over her in waves. She could feel her juices drip from her pussy. Nicolas was rock hard and Tracy went to continue on his cock. "Tracy, I cannot believe how great you taste. You have me so hard right now. Right now you are more than any man could ever want. " Nicolas lifted her up and turned her over on her back on the lounge chair again. Tracy again became scared as she quickly remembered how much trouble she had fitting her fingers in her pussy and Nicolas was much larger than her fingers.

But as if he was reading her mind, he leaned down, kissed her lips and said, "I want to go busty babe kiki cyrus cheats for a fat cash pornstars and hardcore because I want this to last forever." Tracy just exhaled as Nicolas positioned himself between her legs. His shaft was swollen and throbbing. "Go ahead" he said letting her guide his cock into her lips. As he rested his swollen head on her lips, she tensed up as her lips strained to open around it.

Nicolas applied slow pressure pushing about an inch of his cock into her wet, sticky pussy. He could feel the resistance of her labia as it stretched around his shaft. Tracy almost looked pained as his wide cock opened her up as she had never been before. Nicolas leaned forward and kissed her exploring her mouth with his tongue. With her concentrating on his kisses, Nicolas slowly started rocking back and forth pushing against the resistance of her pussy.

Tracy moaned with every thrust but her mind was on his kissing. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around him and allowed her legs to relax to the side.

Nicolas kept rocking back and forth slowly lubricating his cock more and sex xxx story 2019 america as he tried to get more of his cock inside her.

Amazing teen twat is nailed well homemade hardcore

She was so tight that he thought he would cum from just the mouth and cunt of a pretty teen banged being in her pussy.

Nicolas kept his cool as he gently rocked back and forth. Every now and then, he would feel a bit more enter and Tracy would moan as her pussy opened and stretched.

He kept kissing her, holding her neck and kissing her neck. Nicolas could tell Tracy was relaxing more and more and each time, it allowed more of his cock to stretch her pussy and open her lips. Her moaning grew louder as she kept saying, "It's too big." Nicolas continued kissing her for a long time as he slowly kept pushing with more pressure.

Again he felt more of it slide into her. He had about half of his cock in her wet pussy when he started to push a bit harder.

She had already taken the widest part. Tracy was in sensation heaven being so open and full at the same time. Nicolas slid his hips slightly allowing her legs to drop a bit further.

This was all that he needed to overcome her tightness. As he continued to thrust, he could feel his entire shaft working into her pussy causing her to scream as his balls finally made contact with her anus. Tracy had now taken his whole length into her pussy. She was panting in quick breathes as Nicolas started to thrust his full length in and out of her pussy.

Any remaining pain she had was replaced by sheer and utter pleasure. The wetness of her pussy caused a loud slurping sound as her pussy adjusted to his shaft every time he thrust. Nicolas began to moan loudly as his continued thrusts into her tight pussy acted like a clamp on cock. Tracy was audibly moaning and seemingly surprised herself as she begged Nicolas to fuck her hard. She could feel another orgasm coming on but this one was more intense.

"Fuck me Nickie. Fuck my tight pussy hard. Make me cum." It took mere moments as Tracy moved suddenly causing Nicolas' cock to fall out of her pussy. She frantically rubbed her clit causing a stream of cum to shoot out of her pussy. The fullness of his cock had caused her to have an intense G-Spot orgasm and she squirted her juice all over the lounge.

Nicolas quickly returned his shaft to her pussy and continued his thrusting in her pussy. Each thrust would squish more pussy juice from Tracy adding to the already soaked cushion. "God Tracy, your pussy feels so good on my cock. Fuck my balls are so tight." "I want you to cum. I want your cock to swell and cum. Bury that big cock in my pussy and put your big fucking load in my tiny little pussy. Own me baby. Make me yours forever." Nicolas could not stand it any longer.

He thrust his cock all the way into her pussy as he felt stream upon stream of his cum shoot into her pussy. He grabbed her around the waist pushing every bit of his cock in as he enjoyed one of the longest orgasms he ever had. Tracy could feel the warmth of his cum as it shot into her.

Nicolas yelled "Fuck" at the top of his voice and heard it echo through the hillside. After the pulsing in his balls ended, he leaned over and kissed Tracy deeply. As he removed his softening cock, the huge load in her pussy started to spill out onto the gorgeous girlie with beautiful hairy pussy h spicygirlcam. Tracy reaches down and stuck her finger into her pussy to get a taste of him.

He tasted just as sweet as her. I guess it was a good match. "I see this merger paying great dividends in the future." Tracy was smirking as she said this. "I am all in too." Nicolas slowly catching his breath. The rest of the weekend was spent in each other arms completely naked. Tracy experienced every sexual sensation she could ask of a man and Nicolas owned her as requested and filled her with his seed every time.

There was nothing the world could throw at them now that they could not conquer. Tracy was the boss at work but Nicolas called the shots in private. When the plane returned on Sunday, the pilot asked, "How was your trip Ma'am?" "It was a good time to stretch my boundaries." She smiled at Nicolas and boarded the plane.