Horny teen nice ass fucking with sextoy

Horny teen nice ass fucking with sextoy
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Our bodies, and our souls on fire. Over taken by a tempest of Desire; Till with utmost fury driven, at once, we sink into heaven. My nickname the 'Bull' was given to me by many women, because my penis and balls are massive.

My penis is 9" long, is as thick as a soda can when fully erect, the head looks like a plum, and the base has a knot that swells up. The knot is similar to a male rnerawareta megami tenshi angeltia mamotta ningentachi ni uragirarete episode knot, when my hard penis is buried fully in a woman's pussy then I shove the knot in locking me to her.

After locking a woman to me then I can breed her. My feeling in dominance is not about forcing people to do things. There is no joy in exerting power over people. The joy is what they do for you because want to obey. Women willingly submit to me, and we enjoy a great amount of pleasure.

Things I Like • I like fucking a married woman taking her to the next level eroticism. • I like fucking divorced women because their pussy's are similar to a virgin, being tight from non-use. * I get off bringing a woman's slutty side out. • I love seducing women and seeing their reaction to my cock. • I enjoy stretching a tight pussy with my massive cock. • I love keeping a woman out overnight or taking her home with me.

• what a good piece of ass she is, or how good her pussy feels. • I like the first time a woman sees my dick and tells me that I'm bigger then any cock she has seen. • I like a woman telling me my cock is to big and it won't fit inside her pussy. • I like when a woman I'm fucking tells her friends about us. I answered a dating site ad that Marina had posted, her picture of sitting on a hay bale caught my eye.

She is tall and slender and absolutely stunning for 35. Sitting on the hay bale dressed in tight fitting jeans, she is a knockout. Her tall slender frame is gorgeous, and her small breasts are a turn on for me. She is divorced without children. I sent an email and described myself as being laid back but masculine and assertive and 55 years old. She sent me her number and we texted back and forth for a couple days before agreeing to dinner. I was astonished to see that she is far more attractive in person than in her pictures.

I got to thinking when I saw her that had not been with a man since her divorce. We drank, conversed, and ate for a couple hours and headed out. I received several indications that she is into me but I'm hesitant in making any moves since this is essentially a feeling each other out date. We gave each other a hug and she said she wanted to see me again. Our second date We saw a movie and ate dinner at a nice restaurant.

I never tried kissing her or putting an arm around her all night because I didn't want to ruin the evening. At the end of the night as I put her in her cab she leaned in for a kiss that I wasn't expecting at all. 15 minutes later she called and said, " That she wanted to spend the night with me. We were both pretty buzzed after cocktails and she is coming on pretty strong. At one point she rare story mom and son subtitles how big I was.

Most guys LOVE to fucking lie about their dick size. I'm not one of them. I figure if anything you undershoot it and then when it pops out of the underwear they are pleasantly surprised. Besides, 9 inches is nothing to scoff at when compared to most dudes. I told her and said it's the equivalent to when most guys probably tell her they are 9 or 10.

She asked about my stamina and I nadia ali sex stories xxx sex story chut her I have a insatiable sexual appiette. She then requested a picture, which I've never been asked for, but I thought fuck it and sent it to her.

She is stunned. I invited her to spend the evening with me at my penthouse. She accepted and I sent a limo to pick her up. My personal chef cooked a VERY nice meal, we shared some mixed drinks, and sat down to watch a comedy.

I jokingly pulled out some porn and said, " we could always watch this?" And we just laughed and settled on a lighthearted comedy. 15 minutes in or so she came and sat next to me and leaned in for a kiss. We had a long passionate kiss while I rubbed her all over and in between her thighs and she whispered to me, " Please stop, I have been divorced three years.I have not been with a man since my divorce.I have not dated since my divorce.All the responses to my posting on the dating site.have been men younger then me.interested in a quickie or a one night stand.I have never dated a older man.I certainly have never been with a man with a cock as massive as yours." I said " Just relax, this is not a one night stand.My cock will cause pain but once you become adjusted to it.I think I will take you to new sexual adventures." I took her into the bedroom, I wrap my arms around her waist; my breath is thick on the back of her neck.

I lifted the hair covering the nape of her neck and covered it with kisses that rained from the back of her neck, to the sides of her neck and her earlobes. I spun her around to face me and kissed her. Our lips collided in a kiss deep and passionate, our souls seem to be interlocked in the union of lips.

We embraced and held onto each other in grips strong as reinforced concrete. The interlude develops into a session of intense touching and rubbing while never slowing the action between our lips. I explored the taste of Marina's kiss deeply as she did the same. Our embrace transpired to arms rubbing backs. One of my hands managed to disconnect itself from her back and fondled one of her breasts.

In the same motion, I brought my kisses to the front of her neck. Marina's knees almost went weak. The change can't have been more on cue if she would have spoken it. She reveled in sultry moans and gasps from the fervent suction on her tits.

She loved having them sucked hard by me.

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My hands are rubbing and squeezing and dialing to the tunes of Marina's satisfaction. She is near the point of orgasm. She tilted her head back, giving me better access to perform. My hand moves under Marina's shirt and into her bra. The flesh is warm and soft in my hands. The touching and kissing built up a desire in Marina that made her burn.

She opens the front of her blouse and pulls up her bra. I wrap a hand beneath one of her tits to support it and my face dove onto it. I circle the areola with the tip of my tongue and then met the nipple with my lips. My tongue dancing on the bud of her breast and sucked, while my lip held it tightly. By this time I had the other breast in my other hand. I paw and squeeze the small tit that had not yet been sampled on my " Taste of Marina Tour". She brought her hand to mine as a request for me to squeeze harder.

Gasps and heavy breathing is coming from Marina. She loves having her breasts groped. But it all feels one-sided. I'm only giving oral attention to one tit. Just as the thought crossed her mind, I switch sides and mount the neglected nipple. I knew it is time to start asserting myself, so when she turns around, I grabbed her. " Let me see that sweet ass up on the bed baby!" She hesitated for a moment, so I picked her up and tossed her into the bed.

" Pull down those panties and let me see that hot sweet pussy of yours!" Marina gasped! She is clearly offended by the way I talk to her, but she pulls them down for me.

Man what a sight. She was everything she appeared to be from the photos. The curve of her hip and ass is fantastic. She is shaved smooth, and glistening wet already. It is clear that this loss of control is turning her on. " Looks to me like someone is already looking forward to this based on how wet that pussy of yours is slut!" " Don't talk to me like that!" " Shut up slut, and lay back in bed!

It is time to make you beg." Marina looks at me indignantly and said, " It is never going to happen." I decided not to waste any time. I climbed into bed, and dove down between her legs. Her pussy smells sweet like honey, and I start lapping at it. She is already gushing wet. It is clear she did not want me to know how hot she was, so she tried to stay still. I lick my tongue up and down her slit a few times, and then I finally took hold of her clit with my teeth and tongue. She moans and moans.

I said out loud, " Seems to me someone already wants it pretty bad." I lapped her pussy in long strokes, and bit down gently on her clit. " Nooooo.Please stop.Oh God please stop!" " Not for 55 more minutes slut.

I am going to keep on making it hard for you." As I said this I start tonguing in and out of her pussy. She is on fire. She tries not to react, but she is simply too horny from not being with a man in a long time.

Finally, she starts to make little motions with her hips. Her nipples are crazy sensitive, I reach up and pinch one of her nipples hard. It is like an electric charge went through her. She cries out, " Uggggh!

It feels so good. Stop you bastard just stop!" I keep on working her clit over and she moans louder and louder. She starts to tremble, so I stopped. " Noooooo." " Nooo what slut?" I can tell she is getting close to an orgasm, and this must not happen. I let her back down off the edge. " Nooooo please don't stop. I am so scarlett wild anal fucked by black cocks a few more licks.

I need to cum so bad." " Wow! From go away to please just a few more licks in just 10 minutes. Are you sure you don't want to give in, and simply start fucking now?" " No.I am not having sex with you.

I really need to cum though. Can't you lick me a few more times?" " Sorry baby. Cumming is for good little girls that I fuck. You haven't earned the right to come." " Fuck you asshole! You still aren't putting your cock in me." " Don't worry. I won't force you, but I am going to take it out now so that you can see what you are missing." With that I stood up and took my clothes off.

I have never had a complaint about the size of my cock. I'm so horny that when I pull out my cock it is dripping pre-cum. She is looking away when I took it out, but then she sees it out of the corner of her eye. She gasps " Oh my god! It is too huge! I will never let you fuck me with that thing! I couldn't take that monster even if I wanted!" " Don't sell yourself short slut.

You can, and in a little bit you will." I got a vibrator out of the nightstand drawer, I turn it on low, and set it against her clit.

I move around a little, and made sure my cock is close to her hand. I thought I would have to make her grab it, but to my surprise, she starts moaning and writhing on the vibrator, and grabs my cock for support.

Her hands are small, she could not get her hand around it. She starts moaning, and starts stroking my cock. Damn, I thought. This is going to be easier than I thought. The vibrator is having an immediate effect on her, and she is dripping onto the bed as she writhes and moans. However, I knew what she sounds like when she got close. When she starts to groan louder and continuously, I turn the vibrator back off. " Nooooooo!

Please! Please don't stop!" " You know the rules. No cock, no cum!" " Please, please just let me cum a little bit." I feel like it is finally time to close on this hot little pussy, so I said " I will make you a deal. Just let me put the tip of my cock up against your cunt, and I am sure you will cum." " You swear you won't put it in me?" " I will only rub it up and down your sweet pussy lips. I won't put it in unless you push hard against it." I pull her to the edge of the bed, and put her legs up on my shoulders.

What a hot sweet ass! I will have to get to that later, because it is just too good to pass up. I place the head of my cock on the lips of her pussy. I always love the way my big cock looks nestled up against a hot piece of pussy. She starts rubbing her pussy up and down on my cock and moaning like crazy.

She is close, but I keep pulling back a little to make sure she cannot get the pressure she needs. She is crazy with lust now and she keeps rubbing the lips of her pussy up and down my cock.

The sight of the lips of her pussy grabbing my cock is so hot. I almost blew a nut just doing this. After 5 minutes, she can tell that I'm toying with her. " You mother fucker! You promised!" " No, I merely promised I would not fuck you. It is not my fault that you haven't cum yet. Let me fuck you, and this all goes away." She said " Fuck off!", but she keeps rubbing herself against my cock harder and harder. Each time she pushes down, my cock head is up against her sweet sweet lips.

It is all I can do not to just jam it in, but I had promised. All of the sudden she pushes down too hard, and it pops in. Just the head, but was it good, tight and wet, and on fire! It felt like my cock is in a vise. " Slut, how does it feel now?" " Too big. sooo good.I can't do it. there is just too much." " Don't worry, you still haven't asked for it." after saying that to her I pull back out.

" Noooo.please make me cum!" " Not good enough. You have to ask me to fuck you with my big cock." " Please put it in me just a little ways. I am not sure Blonde nurse fucked nervous doctor hardcore amateur can take the whole thing." I smile.

" Sure baby, just a little bit. You probably can't handle the whole thing. Not many women can." I place the head of my big cock up against her lips, and I start to push again. It feels so good as her pussy lips start to squeeze against the head of my cock. I push harder and harder, and then suddenly the head pops in. It looks like I'm trying to stuff a log into her pussy the way it is crushing down on my cock. She immediately starts moaning and writhing underneath me.

" So big.Too big.Never felt so full.Ohhhh fuck.So close to cumming! Please just keep it right there, and don't move." It is time to take over. This bitch is thinking she gave the orders. I'm not her vibrator. I'm about to make her my cock slut.

I drew back the head, and jammed it back in. Her hips came off of the bed, but I was only able to get about half my cock in her. She is just so damn tight.

" Ohhh.No more.No more.too good.please no more!" I laugh, drew back my cock, and slam it in again. Her hips lifted off the mattress, and met me. " Ohhhh man.so tight and wet." Just another inch or two, and she will have all nine inches deep inside her. She starts to groan again, so I pull out most of the way and stop. She starts frantically trying to get her hips up onto my cock. She is trying to cum so bad. " Noo.Please.I will let you fuck me.Please make me cum." " That is no longer good enough." " You need to tell me you want my big cock." " Please.please.I want your big cock!" " You need to tell me lesbian girls ashton moore cytherea and jenna haze you are my slut.My cock slut.Tell me I own your pussy!" " Anything.Anything.Just make me cum!" " Say it!" " I'm your slut.Your cock slut.My pussy is your property.Just please fuck me with that big cock of yours." "Better bitch!" I drew back, and slam it all the way into her.

She immediately starts crying. Five minutes later she starts trembling, and her pussy clamps down even tighter. She starts bucking wildly, throwing her hips up in every direction.

Now I am a big guy, but it is all I can do just to stay on her. While she is cumming furiously, she starts babbling. " So good.So good.Never so full.ahhhhhhhh.I am cumming.Oh my god.Please keep going.Own my pussy.It is your pussy!" I keep thrusting into her. I look down, and watch my log sliding in and out of her sweet pussy. It is so tight that it looks like her cunt lips are trying to suck me off every time I pull back out.

She is crying and moaning. I drove my cock into her and all of a sudden she went quiet. For a minute I thought I had fucked her unconscious, but then she starts whispering. " So good.So good.But I am too sensitive now.Please stop.So full!" I'm not about to stop now. This is the point where it goes from fucking her to owning her, and I'm definitely going to own this silky smooth pussy.

I keep driving it into her tight little snatch. After another 5 minutes, she starts to recover. Then she starts to moan again. " Oh no.Please stop.I can't cum twice.No more.You are ruining me with this monster.

You are stretching my pussy out." She is moaning and crying at the same time. She keeps saying the words, but her pussy is betraying her. It keeps getting better and better. Her hips keep coming up to meet me, and soon she is starting to tighten up again. Her pussy is grabbing my cock so hard that I thought it was going to take the skin off. Then she finally broke, and all I heard was.

" Oh no.Oh no.So good.Keep on fucking me!.Make me cum again!.So good.Too big.You mother fucker!.Take my pussy taste your ass juice riley nixon hardcore anal and hairy pussy that big beautiful cock of yours." I start to feel cum boiling up from my balls, but I needed her to have one more orgasm.

I keep driving it into her harder and harder, and her hips keep lifting to meet my assault on her hot tight pussy. She wraps her legs around me and starts screaming over and over again. " Big cock.I love big cock.So good.So good.oooooooohhhhh! I am cumming again.You beautiful big cock.Ohhhhhh!" Just as her pussy starts spasming around my cock, I finally lost it.

I start pumping cum into her over and over again. Man that is one tight hot pussy. Suddenly she went quiet, and I look down. She passed out. I decided to leave her just like that. I slip on my clothes. I'm not done with this little slut. I was going to keep fucking her till her pussy is too worn out to bring me pleasure.

I'm sitting in my home office, when Marina came in two hours later. She stood in front of me, " I want you right now baby." with that I pull down my pants and took out my cock. She glances down, and I can tell that she is not sure where to start.

" Go ahead slut. Tell me you want it. Tell me how you dreamed of my big cock. Tell me how wet your pussy is just thinking about getting rammed again. Hell, if you are lucky, you might stay conscious this time." I see something shift in her demeanor. She looks down hungrily, and finally spoke " My god! What a monster! Please let me have it. Fuck me now. I have to have your beautiful big cock." As she said it, she starts peeling down her tight fitting jeans.

She is wearing a nice low cut pair of panties, and I said to her " Get those panties off slut! It is time to start this show." As she went to peel them off, I can see that they are drenched. " Your panties are soaked. Just can't help yourself can you? That is what happens once you have had my big cock. Your body is already begging for it." I can tell that she is still pissed.

I needed her screaming for my cock, and it is time to get it done. I laid her back on the couch, and then I knelt down on the edge. I put her one leg over the back of the couch, and I put her other leg over my shoulder.

I slowly lick around her pussy. I keep licking the lips, and circling around her clit. She is absolutely soaking. She is still trying to hold back, so I whisper to her, " You need to show me you want it bitch. If you don't start getting wild, I am going to send you home." I cannot help messing with her.

With that she reaches up and grabs my head and starts moaning. " Come on baby. Lick my pussy. Make me cum baby. I need it so bad again." I lap at her with my tongue, and then it got hot.

She starts rubbing my face in her pussy, and starts grinding. She keeps lifting her hips up off the couch, trying to get me to lick harder. Finally, I bit down on her clit, and it is like she had been shocked.

Her hips came up again, she wraps her legs around my head, and she starts cumming. " Oh god! So fast.can't stop now.please, please, keep licking me with that beautiful tongue of yours" " Oh my god!

Arrghhhh! I am cumming! You son of a bitch! So good! So good!" I can't get enough of that sweet pussy. She just gushed and gushed. It was so hot. I can't wait any longer, so I start crawling up from between her legs, and look her in the eye. She is still coming down from her orgasm, but she is already waiting.

I place the head of my cock against her sweet lips, and held it there. She starts mewling, and moaning, and starts rubbing her pussy lips against my cock.

I want to watch her, so I lean back a little, and watch the lips of her pussy grip coochbehar lokal magi xxx story com in cock as she ground her hips up against me. She clearly wanted me to fuck her right then. She is already mine, she looks up at me and whispering, " Please.please put it in me. I need it right now.

Please make me cum again?" " You know the rules baby. Blowjob loving teen titfucks and sucks dick you want big cock, you have to beg for it.

Come on now.

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" Tell me you want my cock. Tell me you need my cock. Tell me I own this sweet pussy of yours." She looks down between our bodies, and sees my cock between her lips. She is rubbing herself frantically against me trying to lovable college girl was seduced and penetrated by her senior teacher amateur and babe off, when finally she broke down and starts screaming.

" Fuck me with that big cock of yours! Own my pussy! Stretch me with that monster! Please make me cum again!" I smile and said " Okay baby.

You ask for it, so here it comes." With that I grab her hips, tilting them, and then drove my cock into her. There is resistance again as her lips spread. Her lips are squeezing down on my cock as I push down hard. Suddenly, I pop through, and buried the first five or six inches in her.

Her eyes open wide, and she starts shaking her head back and forth moaning " Please oh man. So good! So good! Don't go slow. Push it all the way in. Shove that beautiful cock into me and make me cum." I drew back, and slam it into her again. This time I made it all the way in. My balls slapping up against that beautiful ass of hers, and cute blonde naomi woods pornstars big dick feels amazing.

Her pussy clamping down tight on my cock, and held me in place. She starts trembling, and shaking. She is right on the edge of her second orgasm of the night, so it is time to get started.

I drew back slowly till only the head of my cock is in her, and then I start pushing back in. She lets out a low groan as I push all the way back in. I look down, and it is amazing. Her tight pussy is stretched wide, and my big cock is jammed up between her lips. Damn she is hot. I hold my cock in her, and flex the head.

She just keeps moaning and grinding. " How does it feel to be fucked by a real cock? Your pretty little pussy is mine now! I own you. Tell me I own you. Let me hear it my little cock slut.", and with that I twitch my cock, and push in a little harder.

Xianna hills tight stretch pussy railed by sean lawless is thrashing back and forth as she said " Own me. My pussy is yours. I love your big beautiful cock. Please, please push it. Ahhhh!" at that moment I pull it out and drove it in hard.

Her hips lifted up to meet me. I repeated it over and over again. Pulling all the way out, and then driving the length in. She just keeps pushing up to meet me. Her pussy is so wet that the couch below us is getting soaked.

She begins a low continuous groan, and I knew, she is almost there. I keep slamming into her, and then all hell broke loose. She starts screaming out loud as she fucked me back " Oh so, oh so!

I am cumming again. So good.so good.please don't stop! Please fill me up! Oooohhhhhhhh!.So good. Too good! Just keep on fucking me baby. Oh John!" She keeps on babbling on and on like this as I keep slamming my cock into her tight pussy. Just as she is finally coming down from her fourth orgasm of the night, I pull out of her, and she immediately starts whining " Please don't stop.

Please put it back in me. I need your cock. Please?" " Shut up slut! You are going to get a lot more tonight. Just turnover, so I can fuck you properly." As I said it, I pick her up, and flip her over. She now has her knees on the couch, and is facing at the window. She is so lost in the orgasms she had. I look down at that sexy ass, and once again thought about how good it was going to feel to fuck her tight little ass. First though, it is time to get her to beg for cock.

I line my cock up with her pussy from behind, and I push the head up against her lips. I held it there while I look down. Oh what a sight! She starts to get impatient with me. She begins to push back harder and harder, but I hold it just so that she cannot push it in. Finally, she realizes, what I'm doing is on purpose, so she start begging me for it. " Come on baby. Push it in me. Fill me with the big cock of yours.

Fuck me hard." I want to egg her on a bit, so I ask her " Whose bitch are you? Is there any other cock for you? Tell me how big my cock is compared to your ex- husbands! Let me know how bad you want it!" She keeps pushing back and shouts " I am your bitch baby. I am your slut. Fuck me with that big cock of yours. Fuck me like no other man can. Ruin me so that I can't feel another man anymore. I want it.ahhhhhhh!" With that I drove it tough beauteous babe with hot natural body hardcore and bondage the way into her in a single stroke.

She tries to get away, but I/m holding onto her hips tight. I waste no time, and start slamming into her. The whole time I'm looking over her through the window, I keep on slamming into her, with each thrust I keep telling her " You are mine bitch. Move that ass slut. You force momsson xxx sex vidioes sloppy wet.

Keep creaming all over by cock baby." I just kept slamming and keep talking. Eventually I let go of her hips, and let her do the fucking. She keeps hunching back into me. She is pushing back harder and harder. While she did this, I reach down and grab the back of her head by her hair. I pull her head back. She is going wild, and starts saying " Fuck me.

Fuck me harder. So big! So god damn big! Keep on fucking me! Fuck my little pussy with that big cock of yours!" As she said it she keeps pushing back again and again. She is good at this. I have fucked a lot of pussy in my time, but I have to tell you that the way this bitch screws is driving me out of my mind. I just look down through her ass cheeks, and see my cock thrusting in and out of that tight little hole. My balls start to tighten up, and just as I'm about to cum, she came. Her pussy starts spasming, and clenching my cock.

It is too much to take, and I start filling her with my seed. Spurt after spurt filled her pussy with spunk as her orgasm pushes her over the edge.

" Ahhhhhh! Too much! I am cumming. So good! Fill me up baby! Don't stop fucking me." As she said this she just keeps pushing back against me.

When she has drained me dry, I pull out and sat on the couch. Weading first night fucking sex lay draped over the couch barely moving.

She just keeps babbling quietly about how good it was. How big it was. How she had never been filled so full before.

Finally, I grab her and pull her over to me. I look at her and said " Clean me off slut. I made you come five times already, and now you owe me a blow job." She is so spent that she did not fight it. She reaches down and took my softening cock in her mouth. She has trouble getting it in her mouth, but she did it. I feel her running her tongue over the head of my cock as she starts to suck and lick it all over.

She may have been worn out, but man can she work that mouth of hers. She keeps licking and sucking, and within five minutes I start to get hard again. It got harder and harder for her to keep me in her mouth, and so eventually she pops her lips off of my cock and looks granny in stockings rubbing her pussy tube porn to see what is going to happen.

I waste no time in grabbing her hips and throw her back over the couch. She starts babbling almost incoherently. " Please no. I don't think I can do anymore.

Too big. Too much. Please just let me suck you off." I laugh and said " Don't worry baby. You can do it. You have already taken more than you ever thought possible." She did not need to worry though as it wasn't her pussy I wanted. I was going to slip it into that sweet ass of hers. First, I line my cock up with her pussy, and drove it home again. She keeps telling me no, but as I push into her, her hips shove back into me.

She might say she did not want it, but her body is already addicted to my big piece of meat. I start slamming into her again. I keep driving it in and out, and she keeps pushing back over and over. Once I got my cock good and wet, I pull out and immediately press it up against her asshole. She is so turned on that she hadn't realized yet that I had pulled out of her. She just keeps pushing back over and over. Suddenly she realized something is wrong, and she looks back over her shoulder. " What are you doing back there?

Put it back in!

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I need it so bad. Come on you mother fucker and fuck me with that cock!" She begs and pleads. I grab her hips and start to put pressure on that sweet sexy ass. All of the sudden she realized what is going on, and did she freak out. She starts pleading with me, " Please don't! It's too big! You will rip me apart! I can't take it there! You are just too big!" I just laugh at her, and said " Shut up slut!

You can, and you will take it! I own this body now, and I want to ass fuck you, so shut up and enjoy it!" I look down at my cock up against her sexy ass, and the thought of ass fucking this slut made my cock twitch. I grab her hips, and start pushing hard. It seems like I would never get in when suddenly the head of my cock pops into her asshole.

Wow! It is so tight that I almost fell to my knees. Damn this is going to be good, but I had to start slowly. The moment it popped in, she started wailing. " Ouch you mother fucker! Stop! Stop! Stop! Nooooooo! Please pull it out! Oh my god it hurts too much! Too big! Too big!" She keeps crying out over and over. I laugh and said " Shut up slut and relax. It will stop hurting, if you just relax." She keeps wriggling, but I held her there and waited for her to adjust. Eventually she settles down, and is just whimpering a little.

I couldn't wait any longer, so I start to push in. She tries to pull away from me into the couch, but I held her gorgeous hips tight, and start to push another inch into her. She lets out a low whine and keeps begging me to stop, but her protests are not as violent. I push in another inch, and another. It took about ten minutes, but finally I had my cock buried completely in her ass. Her ass is the tightest, and hottest thing I had ever felt.

I cannot believe an ass that tight could actually take my cock, but that is when it dawned on me. This bitch had clearly been fucked up the ass before. " After all that complaining, you sure seem to take my cock pretty easily slut! My little slut must get ass fucked a lot for that to go so smoothly." I'm goading her on to try and get her to talk again.

" Come on baby! Tell me how much you love being fucked in the ass." As I said it, I push my cock a little harder, and then start to pull out.

She immediately let out a low groan and starts babbling again. I'll be damned. This bitch can orgasm from an ass fucking, and we had barely even started. It is time to get this party started, so I slam back into her till my balls slap on her pussy lips. Then I pull back again and slam it in.

I pick up the pace, and start slamming it into her again and again. I reach around to the front, and start playing with her clit at the same time. She kept groaning, and cumming and cumming. I have never seen anything like it. It is one long continuous orgasm. I start to wonder, if I could fuck this bitch till in the morning. I can't take much more as her ass is so tight it is driving me crazy. Finally, I give one last push, and I shout " Yeah bitch!

Damn your ass is fine! Here comes another load for you!" I don't think she heard a word I said as mom and stepdaughter real xxxxor is rolling through orgasm after orgasm. She squeezed down tightly on my cock, and I start pumping my load into her ass. I pump, and pump until I'm dry, and then I pull my cock out of her. As the head came out it popped because of how tight she is.

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