Chap receives an unforgettable loving smalltits and hardcore

Chap receives an unforgettable loving smalltits and hardcore
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News about Michael Corner fucking Ginny Weasley traveled fast. It seemed that everybody had heard about the Ravenclaw keepers consolation prize. Still stung by the Gryffindor win, the Ravenclaws found solace in gloating about Ginny Weasley's fucking. Ginny seemed embarrassed, but didn't make too much of it. Harry was planning on getting revenge on Michael by playing a prank on him. He grabbed his invisibility cloak and set off for the Ravenclaw common room. Harry was walking down the corridor near the Ravenclaw tower one day when he saw Ginny emerge from an unused classroom.

She was closely followed by Michael Corner. "I'm not going diesel mom and blonde milf teen having her way with a rookie lie, Michael." Said Ginny, whose hair was a mess. "I'm surprised we did this again." "I'm not." Said Michael, smiling. "You really enjoyed it. No need to hide that. No one else here is gonna fuck you like that. And thats why you came back." Ginny said nothing.

She just stood there looking mildly irritated. "Question, what do you think of anal?" Michael asked. "Goodbye, Michael." Ginny said, and turned to leave. Harry watched as Michael squeezed her ass as she walked right by him. As she walked by Harry couldn't help but see the little glob of cum on her cheek.

Michael entered the common room with Harry following closely behind, ready to hit him. Michael went and sat with some friends of his: Anthony Goldstein and Roger Davies. "Where were you?" Asked Anthony. "Fucking Ginny Weasley." "Again?" Laughed Anthony.

"Bitch can't get enough of my cock." "How the hell did you manage to fuck Ginny Weasley. Twice!?" Asked Roger. "I've got a big cock" smiled Michael. "And I know how to use it." "So do I, yet I've never fucked anybody as hot as her." Replied Roger. "And I'm better looking than you!" "You can have her, but you might be a disappointment after me." "I don't want your sloppy seconds." "Well Ginny certainly gives sloppy blowjobs.

Bitch was salivating just at the thought of my dick." "You know who'd probably be great at sucking dick?" Asked Roger. "Hermione Granger." "Potters friend?" Laughed Anthony.

"She's such a prude I bet she's never even seen a dick. Though she is fucking fit." "And fit to fuck." Said Roger. "I've been wanting to get between those legs for years. I bet shes really tight." "Yeah, but like I said: she's a textbook goodgirl." "Exactly!" Exclaimed Roger. "She's constantly under stress and has never been with a guy before. I bet she's aching to get fucked. In fact: I bet shes got her fingers in her hot twat right now. Sliding in and out, covered in her juices, wishing for something bigger to stretch out her pussy.

Fuck. What I'd do to fuck that hottie." "I can help with that." Said Michael. "If you want." "I can do it on my own, thanks." Said Roger hotly. "Sure you can." Smirked Anthony. "Yeah, I fucking can." "Wanna bet on it?" Asked Michael. "Sure, whats the bet?" "If you win I'll talk you up to Ginny." "I can talk her up mysel-" snapped Roger. "And get her to have a threesome with you and Hermione." Interrupted Michael.

"You think you could get them both- together- on your own?" Roger was silent. "Didn't think so." Said Michael.

"Ok, so what if I lose?" Asked Roger. "You talk me up to your sister." Said Michael. Roger's sister Hayley Davies was the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. And she was the wet dream of every guy in the school. She was gorgeous and had large e-cup breasts.

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Every guy thought about her when they jerked off, and it drove Roger mad. Roger, looking annoyed, sat thinking for a long while before he finally spoke. "Ok." Roger said. "So just to be clear: if you win I help you fuck Ginny, and Hermione together." Said Michael. That shit eating grin he gave Harry crept up back onto his face as he finished: "And if I win and you strike out: You help me fuck your sister." "Yes." Said Roger tensely.

"How long do I get?" "A week sound fair?" Said Anthony.

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"Yeah." Replied Roger. "I can hardly wait." Said Michael as he sat back in his chair, grinning wickedly. Harry, abandoning all thoughts of his prank, slunk out of the Ravenclaw common room, praying that Hermione had stronger resolve than Ginny. - Harry spent the next few days keeping a close watch on Hermione whenever he could.

Unfortunately he couldn't follow her everywhere. He felt himself constantly wanting to check the marauders map, but was afraid someone might spy him using it and ask awkward questions.

It wasn't exactly a common piece of parchment. Despite his worries and concerns for Hermione, he knew that she wouldn't fall for Roger's charms. She was too clever to hunting for cum stunning blondes get hardcore fucked for his antics and too good to embrace depravity.

- Harry was sitting in the common room alone three days after Michael and Roger made their bet. He was doing his Defence homework when Hermione sat down beside him. "Hello Harry." She greeted him cheerfully. "Hermione!" Said Harry, excited to see her. "Thank Merlin you're here. I've been working on Professor Davies homework for ages.

It's a lot more complicated than I thought. Can you help me?" "Yes, of course." Said Hermione brightly. "How far are you?" Harry explained his progress, or lack thereof, to his studious friend and was thrilled that she was willing to help him. After 25 minutes going through it together they were finished and Harry breathed easily.

"Thanks Hermione, you're a lifesaver." Said Harry. "You're welcome, Harry." Said Hermione. "I'm kinda surprised you were so quick to help." Said Harry. "I thought it'd take some convincing." "Oh, well, I actually had help with it myself." Said Hermione. "Really?" Asked Harry, curious to know which student was bold enough to offer Hermione their help.

"From who?" "Roger Davies." Said Hermione, her cheeks going slightly pink. Fuck, thought Harry. That little blush told him everything he needed to know: that handsome bastard had made his move, and Hermione was falling for it. Harry needed to know more. "Roger Davies?" Asked Harry, trying to sound casual. "When?" "Earlier today." Replied Hermione.

"I was in the library trying to find the answers, when he asked me if I needed any help. He said he had researched the subject a lot, a few years back, out of curiosity. He was very helpful." I bet he was, thought Harry. "Why did he help you?" Harry asked, hoping to open her eyes to Roger's intentions.

"He was just being kind, is all." Said Hermione, cheeks still pink. "He was actually really sweet. He asked me to tutor him in charms. He's been having trouble with a few spells, and asked me to help. I'm meeting him later tonight." "Tonight?" Asked Harry, naughty teenie was brought in butt hole nuthouse for uninhibited treatment. "Yeah, he couldn't meet earlier due to his quidditch commitments and he's helping his sister with something.

Isn't he sweet?" Harry sat for a minute thinking over the situation. As much as he trusted Hermione, he couldn't let her walk into the lions den. Plus, Hermione wasn't used to guys approaching her and may not have a keen eye for trouble. He'd hate for her to get hurt, or be humiliated by that asshole so he decided to tell her the truth. "Hermione he's trying to sleep with you." Said Harry quickly.

Hermione looked taken aback by Harry's sudden change in tone, and the information he provided. "Harry, I appreciate you looking out for me, but he behaved like a complete gentleman. I'm certain that his intentions are completely honorable." "Well I know they're not." Said Harry flatly.

He was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but he saw no other way. He had to tell her the whole story. Or at least, most of it. "Look, I was angry when I heard the news about Ginny and Michael Corner. I wanted to get revenge on him for treating her like that and telling everybody, so I snuck into the Ravenclaw common room in my invisibility cloak. And while I was in there I overheard Michael talking to Roger.

And- And I heard Michael bet Roger that he couldn't. get in your pants. Thats why he's helped you, and asked you to tutor him. He's just trying to sleep with you." Hermione sat looking hurt as she absorbed Harry's words. "I'm sorry Hermione." Said Harry. "But he's not a gentleman." "You're sure?" She asked.

"He's just trying to sleep with me?" "I heard the whole thing." "What did they say about me?" "You don't wanna know, it was pretty filthy. He's not a nice guy." "What did he say?" Hermione asked quietly.

"Hermione, you don't want to he-" "Harry, what did he say?" She asked with an edge in her voice. ".he said that he thought you'd give good blowjobs." "And?" She asked, angrier. "And that he thinks your." "Harry?" "He thinks you'd be really tight." Harry made a face, trying to make it clear that he'd never had that thought.

Which wasn't exactly true.

The truth was, Hermione's hot. There was no denying it, not even when he was alone at night with his thoughts. She looked very angry. "That fucking creep." She said, and she stood up and raced for the door. "Hermione!" Called Harry, standing, but she was already out the portrait hole.

Harry felt bad about hurting her, but knew it was better this way. He couldn't help smiling as he imagined the telling off Roger was about to get. Although his smile faltered a little when he realized that this was exactly what Michael Corner was hoping for. - The next day everybody nasty deepthroats pussy rubbing and hard fucking heard about Roger's telling off by Hermione.

She hadn't bothered trying to keep it secret as she loudly called him names like pervert, and creep. Roger, taken aback, took the whole thing and was unable to get in a full sentence. Hermione shouted over his stammered attempts to salvage the situation. There were several snickering onlookers, who took no time to spread his humiliation throughout the school.

Everybody found it hilarious, but no one more so than Michael Corner. He figured his friend would strike out with Granger. As hot as she is, she definitely seems like a hard nut to crack. Not that it was impossible, mind you, it would simply take someone clever to strip off those clothes that seemed like an impenetrable fortress.

There was a reason he was in Ravenclaw. Despite his average marks in class, he had brains. Unfortunately for the schools female population, his smaller brain was considerably more devious and intelligent than his large one.

When his cock found a target, it was determined to slip it's way past her lips, whether they were on her head, or between her legs. Ginny was a good fuck, but wasn't much of a challenge. Granted, it took him longer than he originally thought, but he didn't have to be clever to get inside her. It simply took time. Hermione Granger would be a different story. She would be a challenge, but that made it all that much more satisfying. Even if she sucked in bed, fucking her would be quite the triumph.

He loved the thought of having what no one else can, or has had. And he knew that the classiest looking woman had an inner slut waiting to get out. His cock started to harden at the thought of little miss goodie two shoes on her back. Hearing her moan his name and beg for his cock would be more satisfying than his best orgasm with Ginny.

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However, he had a more urgent target. He wanted to cash in on his bet with Roger immediately. Ever since Miss Davies arrived he's been aching to fuck her. His mouth watered at the thought of slurping his tongue all over her fat tits. He took great delight in imagining his sweaty cock between them. He couldn't wait. - Michael gave Roger the rest of the week to seal the deal with Hermione. Even though it was a hopeless cause, he didn't want to act too fast and give Roger a reason to call off the bet.

In that time he tried his best to warm up to Miss Davies. She was a kind and caring person, who liked helping others, so he gave her as many reasons to help him as possible. She spent more time with him than any other student.

And he took advantage of that time well. He acted overly grateful and kind towards her. So much so that she continuously called him sweet, unaware that her "sweet" student stole every glance at her tits and ass that he could. Finally the week was over and it was time to collect his debt. "Alright Roger, the weeks up." Michael said, triumphantly. "It's fucking bullshit!" Said Roger angrily. "How the fuck did she figure it out?! One second she was putty doctor sex big bob nurse my hands, the next she's screaming at me calling me pervert." "Maybe you're not as suave as you think." Laughed Michael.

"Theres something wrong. Theres no way she could've figured it out." "Look mate, the only ones who knew were you, Michael, and I." Said Anthony. "And we shook on it, so you know it wasn't us, right?" ".yeah." "Then shut the fuck up about it, and go talk to your sister." Said Michael. "Well, fuck, what do you want me to say?" "Tell her what a great guy I am, how I'm always there for you and such.

Sorta true. And try to get her to tutor me in private. Tell her that I lack proper motivation and that maybe she could help get me focused." "Is that all?" Sneered Roger. "Just make me look good, alright?" "Fine." Roger stormed off, out of the Ravenclaw common room. - The next day the Ravenclaws had DADA class with the Hufflepuffs before lunch. Class ended and Michael was delighted to hear his name singled out.

"Michael could you see me for a moment?" Ms. Davies asked. Anthony smirked at him as he left with the rest of the class. Several of the other boys glanced back at Michael, jealous.

If only they knew, he thought. "Come into my office, please." I'll come wherever you want. They walked into her office, his eyes following her amazing ass. She sat the edge of her desk, her legs crossed, as she motioned for him to sit in the chair in front of her. "Look Michael, you're a good student. You're eager and dedicated, but you're still not developing at the same level as the rest of the class.

I've been thinking it over and it would be beneficial for you to have private lessons with me. Normally I wouldn't do it. I'd typically ask one of your more advanced classmates to be your tutor, but I feel you'll benefit from more professional help.

What do you say?" Thank you Roger. "I say yes, and thank you!" Michael said, trying to sound relieved. "I'd love any help I can get, and you're such a great teacher. I can't thank you enough for this!" "You're very welcome." She said, smiling down at him. "Now, as I said, I don't usually do this, so we're going to have to keep this a secret, alright?" "Yes, of course." "Yes of course.?" "Yes, of course, Professor.

Sorry." "It's quite alright." She smiled at him. "How about we begin this evening? Seven o'clock?" "Sounds good, professor. I can't wait." Her smile widened. "Nor can I. Now, off you go." He held his bag in front of his crotch as he got up and left, covering his massive erection.

- He arrived at her office 10 minutes early. He had to get ready. He took out his wand and performed a heating spell on the candles in the room, causing them to give off drastically more heat. He wanted her in as little clothes as possible.

And wouldn't mind seeing her skin glisten. He also learnt a few new spells. He had spent his time leading up to this working on casting wind spells silently. He had mastered it in under and hour. He had also learnt a nifty little unbuttoning spell. He was ready. He practiced a bit more, and as Ms Davies entered she saw her student getting in extra practice.

"Well, you are eager, aren't you?" She laughed. "I want to make my teacher proud." He said, soaking in her figure. She was wearing a purple work dress, with buttons down the front. All the buttons were done up, shielding her cleavage from view, as always. Her dress wasn't loose enough, so his wind spell would be useless. Next time, he thought. "Why can't all my students be like you? Now, lets get started: We're going to stand facing each other, and you're going to try to disarm me.

I want to get a good look at your form and wand movement. Be sure to speak clearly, and with confidence." "Can you show me first, professor?" Asked Michael. "Of course." She drew up her wand and took aim at him. He was holding his wand at waist level, right beside his dick.

He had made sure to wear tight fitting jeans to show off his meat. Her eyes darted from his wand to his crotch, and back. Her cheeks were slightly pink as she raised her wand and said: "Expelliarmus." His wand flew out of his hand and landed ten feet away. She picked it up and handed it back to him. He made sure to brush his hand against hers.

"That was great, professor!" He exclaimed. "Thank you, Michael. Now you try it on me." He took aim at her with his wand and said the incantation. He made sure to do the movement wrong so as to botch the spell.

Then he quickly did the unbuttoning spell, silently. If she realized what had happened, she'd just think it was the result of his botched spell. The spell was weakly cast and only managed to undo one button. It didn't offer the view he wanted, but it was still more than he'd seen before.

"I think the problem was with your wand movement. Try again, but follow through more." He stuck to his plan and did the exact same thing as before. But this time he was a little over enthusiastic with his button spell. All but one button had completely disappeared somehow. Interesting. She hadn't moved, so the fabric didn't shift and she hadn't yet noticed. He seized his chance and cast the disarming spell. Her wand popped out of her hands and dropped a few feet in front of her.

His weakly cast disarming spell had done the trick. "Good job, Michael!" Se walked forward to her wand. She was now six feet in front of him as she bent down to pick it up, offering Michael an exclusive view. Her breasts looked amazing. They were very handsome teenie is ready for some hardcore fuck fest, and she had a small birthmark on her right breast. He shifted his erection into his waistband as he continued to ogle her massive cleavage.

Sexy cheating wife gets her ass fingered and fucked she stood back up she noticed her wardrobe malfunction. Her brow furrowed in confusion as she realized that her buttons had completely disappeared. She was completely at a loss as to what happened.

She looked at Michael to see if he noticed. Judging by the bulge in his pants, he had. Poor boy, she thought as he acted shy, and looked away. She couldn't help but notice how big his bulge was. Wow, she thought as she mentally measured it, before she realized how inappropriate it was and looked away, blushing.

She also suddenly realized how hot the room was. "Wow." She said, fanning herself. "It's really hot in here." The wind from her fanning felt nice on her hot, slightly perspiring chest. She turned away from Michael. "I'm sorry, Michael. I don't know what happened." "It's alright, Professor." Said Michael, secretly thrilled.

She fiddled with the blouse, thinking, when Michael conveniently offered a solution. "I can help if you'd like." Offered Michael. "I may not be good at defense, but I happen to know a good sewing spell." "Do you really?" She asked, surprised. "Yeah, my grandmum taught me. We were pretty close." What a sweetheart, she thought. She didn't like the idea of giving him a potential up close view of her breasts, but she was awful at household spells, and loved that dress.

"Alright." She said, turning to him as she held each side of the opening together. He walked up to her, wand at the ready. "Sorry Professor, but you're going to need to move your hands." He said, forcing himself to look into her eyes. "Why?" She asked, going slightly red. "I'd rather not sew your hands to your dress. It'd be a strange injury to explain to Madam Pomfrey." Said Michael, as he smiled at her. "Fair enough." She said, chuckling. She let the dress hang open, feeling embarrassed as a bead of sweat ran down her cleavage.

She was very aware of his amateur euro babe plowed by doctors cock on her breasts, and had mixed feelings about it. Michael however, had one feeling. And it was lust. He soaked in this up close view for a second before raising his wand and performing the spell. Her dress sewed itself shut, shutting out his wonderful view.

He was disappointed, but knew he'd get a better view in a few minutes. He found the sewing spell in a joke spell book. The spell does in fact sew the fabric together, but after a few minutes it would tear, giving him an even better view of her body. He was hoping to Merlin that the spell tore clean through her dress. "Thank you." Said Ms. Davies. "You have a surprisingly expansive knowledge." They resumed their lesson.

About ten minutes past and Michael was starting to think that the spell wouldn't work, when all of a sudden her dress tore clean through. It didn't just tear through, it tore as though somebody had ripped it with all their might.

The former dress, turned robe, flew open giving Michael a great view of her underwear as well as her sexy legs. She had thick smooth thighs, the most incredible Michael had ever seen. She was wearing a matching pair of black sexy underwear. Her bra and panties were quite lacy.

It was the type of underwear a woman wears when they want to get fucked, thought Michael. As much as Michael was enjoying the view, he had to give her the right impression. He looked down, and put his hands in front of his eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Professor Davies." He said, peaking out the corner of his eyes. She recovered from her shock and grabbed both sides of the split dress, and pulled them together.

Sexy asain plays with her big tits turned around realizing that they didn't manage to overlap.

"Umm, that's fine Michael. Don't worry about it. Umm, I think we should call it an evening though." "Ok, professor.

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Again, I am so sorry. That's never happened before." "Quite alright. I'm just going to get changed. I'll see you in class." "Ok. Goodnight Professor." "Goodnight, Michael." Michael left the office trying very hard to burn that image in his mind, forever.