Johnnh sinns sex with office secretary chik

Johnnh sinns sex with office secretary chik
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. ED backs his RAM 1500 out of the drive-way waving goodbye to his wife as he leaves for work. Ed drives a tractor-trailer for a living. Today he is off to Minneapolis.three ayus wet nad hairy cunt gets to be toy pleased money. Ed is happy with life.well most of it anyway. JILLIAN waves to her husband as he drives off. Three days this time.not too bad. She hates being alone.

Even after all these years married to a trucker Jill still is nervous. Even more so these past couple of years.on edge allot. Jill turns to walk into her house. She notices Rudy next door working in his yard. She walks over to the fence to chat with Rudy. there is a 30 inch chain-link fence with Catonia Aster hedge along the boundary between properties in this area.; --- Hello Rudy.

--- Hello Jill, how-s things.? --- Pretty good Rudy, and you? --- Same. So where is hubby off to this time Jill? --- Minnesota Rudy.three days.

[Pause] you might have a visitor for coffee a couple of girlsdoporn teen girl riding it like crazy. You know how I hate being alone. --- Ya I do. no problem Jill, anytime.

Jill went inside and put on her work togs.she liked being outside and having her neighbor Rudy outside working in his yard, it gave her companionship. They would stop from time to time and chat.then go back to their respective chores. Jill felt comfortable with Rudy. He was a lot older than she, almost 35 years, and perhaps that added comfort to her feelings. Sort of a father figure she would tell herself. Rudy was a widower and retired.

Jill and her husband were good friends with Rudy and Elaine before she passed. Rudy kept more to himself now saying he felt like a fifth wheel. Still, Jill and Ed kept up the friendship; they liked both Elaine and Rudy and saw no reason to stop the friendship. Jill was happy that the friendship continued after Elaine passed. She had noticed though that Rudy seemed more at ease when Ed was not about. She felt she understood.

Ed could be a drag sometimes she had to admit, husband or not. About two in the afternoon Rudy called out to Jill asking her if she would like a cool drink. ---Yes please. Love one, she replied. Jill went into her house locking all doors, garage and rear entry. Then set the security system before walking down her front sidewalk on her way to Rudy-s house where she found a nice cool beer in a frosted mug and some salted peanuts waiting for her.

---Thank you Rudy. ---Your welcome Jill. Rudy and Jill spent most to the afternoon talking over a couple of beers. Neither one was much of a drinker, but a fun time was had my both.

AS such the yard work suffered., but plants being as they are no complaints were registered. It was decided that Jill would come over for a BBQ steak supper this evening at or near 7PM. Jill was pleased; she would not be alone as much. Rudy was happy to have the company as well plus he loved his BBQ and this gave him a long awaited chance to go all out making a dinner.

Seven-ish came and Jill arrived. Jill had changed into a light summer dress for the occasion. Upon her entrance she spun around asking Rudy if she looked alright for dinner. Both laughed and Rudy said yes of course.

---You look beautiful this evening, but then again you always look beautiful Jill. ---Why thank you Rudy, you don-t look to bad yourself. Rudy had changed into a nice pair of slacks with a short sleeved white shirt just before Jill came over, and after he had supper well under control and showered.

Rudy was looking forward to an evening with his neighbor. His nights got lonely sometimes. Jill for her part wore a brown summer dress with white patterns on it and a white patterned hem.

This dress had a bra built in so Jill did not need to wear one of hot she thought. The dress straps were off shoulder. The bra straps were exposed, a light brown in color, and held the dress up. Jill thought nothing of dressing up for an evening with Rudy.after all Jill and Rudy had been friends for years.

The meal went down fine. Rudy had brought some red wine for just such an occasion. Jill and Rudy sipped on their respective glasses of wine. Their conversation covered a wide range of topics. Finally the talking turned serious.

---You know Ed and I have chatted about you don-t you Jill. ---Yes, I know. ---Then you also know that you can come to me at anytime for anything.just walk right into the house as if sone leyon boor story x where your own.That is an open invitation Jill.

I mean it. My house is your house when Ed is on the road. Even when he is home you are welcome to walk right in. ---Same too you Rudy, our house is your house. ---Thank you Jill but there is a woman living in that house and I respect a woman-s right to privacy. ---Oh, Jill said.but it-s ok for me to walk in on you. ---I am a nearly 70 year old man Jill. If you catch me in my shorts I promise to drive you to the eye doctor. Jill laughed. Rudy liked Jill-s laugh. ---There is nothing pretentious about you Jill.

What you see is what you get. ---Thank you again Rudy. [Jill reached over to touch her friend-s hand, her left breast made an unexpected attempt to escape her dress.] Jill sat back quickly pushing her boob back into its harness. [Jill was blessed or cursed with large breasts.] ---The dinner was free Jill, you did not have to tip me, Rudy said.

Jill laughed again.this time almost uncontrollably.Rudy sat there marveling at her beautiful laugh. Jill stopped laughing. ---My God that was funny. I-ve gotta use the bathroom Rudy, I think I wet myself.

[She laughed again.] ---God your funny sometimes. Jill got up and headed toward the bathroom inside the house.stopping, she said; ---Is there a mark on my dress Rudy? [Jill stretched the dress fabric to help Rudy spot a spot.] ---NO., I don-t see one Jill.

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Pause. Jill steps into the patio door; Rudy speaks again; ---If you wet them Jill give them to me and I will wash them for you.washed and dried in less than an hour. Jill laughed; ---This is turning into quite an evening Rudy. Rudy laughed; ---Yes it is. [Brief pause.] ---Rudy-s personalized laundry service at your disposal Jill. Jill smiled; ---The things a man will say to get woman out of her underwear. Rudy laughed followed by Jill. After the laughter subsided Jill went to the wash room.

Jill returned a short time later and stood smiling at Rudy. ---Well, she said, I expect prompt service sir; my panties are in the bathroom sink.washed out mind you. Rudy chuckled out loud as he went to put Jill-s panties in the washer, quick cycle. He took the opportunity to throw in a couple of his dress shirts. Rudy was unable to get the humor of the situation out of his mind and laughed several times. He returned to the patio to find Jill standing looking out over his garden lit up by spaced yard lights.

---Quite lovely wouldn-t you say Jill. ---Yes, I love your yard Rudy. ---I was stalking about you Jill. Rudy could not help but smile at his tease. She turned and looked at her friend. ---Are we having fun tonight.Jill said with a smile. ---Very much so., Rudy replied with a huge grin on his face.

Rudy noticed Jill had put her sweater on; ---Let-s go inside getting a little chilly out here. ---Ok! Jill and Rudy went inside to continue mom and stepdaughter real xxxxor evening together.

They stood in the kitchen for awhile chatting before Rudy went to put the clothes into dryer. Rudy returned in a few minutes and picked up where he had left off with their conversation. They pulled out a couple of stools and sat talking.near empty wine glasses in their hands. ---Jill, there is suppose to be a thunder storm tonight and I know how you are with those so why don-t you sleep over here tonight?

Jill laughed; ---Your smooth Rudy, I wondered how you were going to get me out of my dress. ---The next thing you are going to tell me is I should sleep with you so you can hold me if I get scared. ---You read my mind, your sure smart Jill.

They both laugh. . .It had been nearly five years since Ed-s accident and Rudy knew Jill had not been with anyone. Ed could only give oral to Jill. [Both Jill and Rudy knew Ed would not mind if his wife got laid by Rudy. Nothing had been said but it was understood amongst them.] busty milf boss fucks big geek cockangel wicky 02 story 09 kissed and nuzzled Jill. He spent a few minutes caressing her breasts.they were big and soft, this he already knew.but her nipples were much more sensitive than he would have thought; too sensitive to bite.

He looked up at Jill-s face as he went down on her. Jill-s streaked blond hair fell to each side of her round face.

Her blue-gray eyes looked to the ceiling. That lovely smile replaced by an open mouth and her cheeks already showing signs of passion.

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Rudy sniffed at his lovely neighbor; God she smelled good. He took a moment to ogle her pussy. Fantastic. Rudy tongued Jill; sliding his tongue between her pouting lips. Jill jumped a little at the first touch. Rudy touched her clit briefly and went to her hole. Jill was small there as he expected her to be. Rudy positioned himself to enter Jill and pushed inward.

Jill gasped and Rudy could see he was hurting her so he stopped. Jill looked at Rudy and rolled her eyes; ---Go slow please. Jill lifted her head to see Rudy-s size.

He was a little thicker than her husband when Ed could get hard but he was quite a bit longer. Rudy entered Jill slowly this time.gently easing ahead.watching her face. The head popped in and her face grimaced. Rudy stopped.letting her adjust. Jill looked at Rudy and shrugged her shoulders.rolling her eyes.her mouth told the story though; ---It-s like losing my virginity again. Rudy waited what he thought was the right length of time and began to move deeper into Jill. She stiffened, arching slightly.her eyes showing discomfort.

---I will stay still Jill, you move when you feel it is right. Rudy said. Rudy thought maybe he should pull out and let it be.but he did not want to.Rudy had wanted Jill for a long time.long before Ed was injured in the truck accident.

Jill tried several times to get Rudy in deep but each time it proved jaklin x x x storyr for her.Finally Jill just toughed it out. Wrapping her legs about Rudy and lifting her hips off the bed she moved Rudy deeper inside her.It hurt but not much more than just laying there not doing a damn thing. Very, Very gently Rudy moved inside Jill. Slowly her body adjusted, he could tell she was getting more comfortable.

It took about ten minutes before Rudy was gently fucking Jill.and a dream had come true. He took his time getting deeper and deeper into Jill. He did not want to hurt her.

Rudy was deep in her.Jill-s facial expression showed that, eyes wide from that delightful surprise.aaah! Jill-s head brunette in red lingerie dana dearmond gets ass fucked back on the pillow.eyes close.pelvis grinding., rubbing Rudy-s cock against herself. Jill-s tempo picks up.Jill fucks.

Jill worked herself on that magnificent stick of god it felt so good. Rudy concentrated on Jill.trying for her orgasm.

He wanted her to have a good time.he knew if she did he would be back in the saddle again. Jill-s first orgasm was very energetic. She wanted more and Rudy accommodated her. Numbers two and three were less energetic. Jill quit from exhaustion. Jill slept soundly in Rudy-s arms. Oddly the thunderstorm never appeared.