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Bd jhalokhati xxx villag storys com
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I remember the first time I wanted a boy sexually. I was 13 at the time, and there were plenty of boys who went to my school, but I had never thought I was bi until I first laid eyes upon a boy in 6th grade.

His name was Sean, and he was the hottest looking boy I had ever seen. I began to masturbate daily over him, and made plenty of messes from all of my orgasms over him. Then I began to look at all boys differently. I liked girls, bu now I had begun to like guys too. A little about me. My name is Justin, I'm pretty tall for my age, but slender (though not too skinny). I have long, brown slightly curled hair, and blue eyes.

I eventually grew a 7 inch cock, and had pubic hair from 13 on. I liked to think I was big for my age, but I soon realized I was pretty average. I was definitely a virgin, and I hadn't even had a girlfriend (and of course no boyfriend since I kept that part of me secret). Heck, I hadn't even kissed anyone yet.

I was pretty desperate, but I really wanted to have sex with a boy, to know what it feels like to be hat close to another boy and his penis. Little did I know that I would find out sooner than I had thought. When I was 14, I had a friend named John, who was a year younger than me, and I went to his house as many weekends I could and sleep over foxy czech kitten opens up her tight cunt to the special his place.

He was definitely straight I learned, after trying several times times to get sexual with him, he always denied me. He also had a brother named Matthew, who was 11, and also definitely straight as well.

That didn't stop me from getting to their treasure though. Many nights when I was super horny I would walk over to my friend John's 13 year old sleeping body and masturbate over him. I would do this to his brother as well. As I kept doing this to them I grew more daring and eventually, after they fell asleep, I would dig into their pants to find their soft cocks, and I would rub them hard.

While they slept I quietly masturbated them, till they stirred or I couldn't take it anymore and just finished myself off and make huge cum puddles next to their sleeping bodies. One night I was horny enough to go as far as to suck John off in their sleep. It was the first time I had a dick in my mouth, and though it was small (neither of them were particularly well endowed) it was still awesome, and the orgasm I gave myself that night was one of the best I had ever had.

I moaned so loud as I was spurting I almost woke John up. However, I was still never able to truly have sex with a boy. Then one weekend, I found out that John's cousin would be visiting from Arizona for a few weeks.

I knew his name was Josh and that he was 11, but that's it. I had recently turned 15 and I wanted to see if this boy would be willing to open up for sex. When Admirable blow from non professional girlfriend and homemade came over I met Josh, he was around 5 feet tall, with short light brown hair and the cutest blue eyes I had ever seen. I was already in love with his body, and even though I knew he probably hot twbig mommy be fuck a small penis and hadn't entered puberty yet I was still hopeful we could do something together.

We played video games till late at night, and then we all went up to bed. John went to sleep in another room while me, Matthew and Josh went to the guest bedroom, which had 3 beds.

Matthew went to sleep on the big bed, I got on the slightly smaller bed next to it, while Josh slept on the mattress on the floor. We began to talk since we weren't tired enough to sleep, and I steered the conversation in a sexual direction. Me and Matthew began making fun of Josh and saying he had no penis. Josh got annoyed and said he did. "Prove it." I said. He had a slightly embarrassed look on his face, and resisted. We kept laughing at him for a bit until he finally agreed to show us his penis.

My heart began to pump really fast as I realized that he was about to willingly show me his penis. I was so excited. He pulled his pants and boxers down and revealed a 3 inch, hairless uncircumcised cock. I thought it was pretty cute, and was practically drooling over it as it was exposed. He pulled his pants back up, but my cock was now rock hard and I was really horny.

All I wanted to do is rub and suck on anita queen anastasia christ remigio zampa and guys iv brunette big tits little dick.

Both Matthew and Josh then got sleepy and started to doze off to sleep. I wanted to keep going with Josh, we had gotten pretty far already and I wanted to see how far we could comfortably go. I was hoping at best was for mutual masturbation, but I was thinking about how I could get there.

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I then had an idea. "Hey Josh, you wanna see mine?" I asked, hoping for a yes answer. His face lit up with curiosity, and he looked at me and said "Sure!". I looked toward Matthew to make sure he was asleep, and he was. So as he watched I undid my zipper and pulled my pants and boxers down, revealing my 7 inch rock hard cock. His face was immediately filled with wonder and he sat up to get a better look at it. He then did something that completely threw me off guard: he grabbed my penis and bent it back in order to look at the other side.

This made me shudder with excitement. Another boy had just willingly touched my boy member. My heart was practically beating out of my chest. He stared at it some more and then I knew I had to make another move. "You can touch it if you want to" I said. I was dying for him to touch it again, even china mother milf sex son uncensored subtitle english. But, again to my surprise, without hesitation, Josh grabbed my penis and began to slowly stroke and explore it.

I was blown away. Another boy was actually stroking my penis. It was the most amazing thing anyone had done to me, and it felt like my cock was in heaven. He continued to stroke it for a while as I was being careful not to moan in fear of waking Matthew up.

He ran his hand around my glans and I jumped from the sudden wave of pleasure going through my body. I was content with what he was doing to me then, and didn't even think of asking him to go any further, I was too distracted by the pleasure.

But little did I know that he wanted to go further. "Hey, I don't want to sound gay, but. can I lick it?" He asked, with the most innocent yet simultaneously lustful look on his face. I was completely speechless. He wanted to give me a blowjob. It took me a minute to articulate the words, then I finally made out a "Sure!". As his head closed in, I had that thought. I knew I was about to have sex with a boy.

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His head grew close, and he hesitated, and then after a second, he stuck out his tongue and licked my glans. A lightning bolt of pleasure jolted through my body, I was in heaven. He licked it a few more times, and then with me watching he put the tip in his mouth. I was now having sex, and it felt better than I ever brunette slut with small tits and big ass pounded in a threesome it would.

His warm, moist mouth slid up and down my giant raging boner, and I couldn't help but moan. It felt amazing. He continued to do this for a minute, and it felt so good and I felt myself getting close to cumming.

I didn't want our sex to end, and he still hadn't received anything from me. I picked his head up from off of my penis and said "My turn." He looked at me and then complied with my request, he laid back down on his floor mattress and I very quietly (as not to wake Matthew) repositioned myself with Josh's cock in my face.

It was still small but now rock hard and sticking up, and as I grew close I grew super excited that I was actually going to pleasure a conscious boy by sucking his cock.

I didn't hesitate as I stuck it in my mouth and bean to bob up and down with him watching. I did this for a while and it seemed like he was enjoying it and then I pulled my secret trick: I swirled my tongue around his glans, which made him jolt from pleasure.

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I continued to suck him for a few minutes until he pulled me off and said "I want to try something. Lay down." I complied with him because I was so horny I didn't care what we did together.

After I was back lying on my back he then got on top of me, face to face. He then positioned himself so that his penis was close to mine, and then we both out of instinct began to thrust.

This was by far my favorite thing we had done simply because this was my wish, to get as close to a boy as physically possible, and this was pretty close. We continued to thrust for a few minutes stunning blonde agnes with firm jugs sucks cock and gets anal I worked hard toward my orgasm. I then grabbed and bean to rub his back and head, and I ran my fingers through his hair.

Soon after this he reached his orgasm, and although it wasn't obvious because he was so young I could still tell, his hips shuddered out of pleasure and he was breathing super hard, and afterwards he stopped and just laid on me for a bit. I continued to thrust to try and reach my orgasm, but then he stood up, pulled his pants up, and said "I like pussy not dick!" as he laid back down on his mattress.

I knew he was feeling guilty after his orgasm with all the sex we had had, and I didn't blame him. I just finished myself off with my hands, and it only took a few strokes and I was cumming all over the bedsheets. It was one of the best orgasms of my life, simply due to how horny I was. I then pulled my pants up and tried to sleep, while hoping that Josh would get past his guilt and that we would be able to have sex together again before he went back to Arizona.

Fortunately, I was right, and we had another huge sexual adventure ahead of us. To be continued.