Injured granny is healed by young dick

Injured granny is healed by young dick
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CHAPTER 2 Come Monday, it was raining and raining hard. I was not sure if I needed to go to Jenna's or not. I decided to head on out.

When I arrived, she looked and said I was late. I quickly came up with a lie; I said I had to help out someone stuck in the ditch. OK, you are excused. I asked what did she need done, wasn't sure what we could do with it raining.

Not sure right now, go inside and have Stacy fix you some breakfast.

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I walk into the kitchen, Stacy was still cooking, and I asked if she could fix me a couple eggs and grits. She said "as soon as you kiss my ass".

When she turned away, I quickly kneel behind her, I quickly flip up her night shirt, I plant my face between her legs, and I run my tongue as far as I can towards her pussy. I lick for a second or two. As I pull away, I kiss her ass cheeks. I stand and almost order "cook my breakfast" "Yes sir" She asked me to sit at the table, she brings it to me when it done, "I really didn't expect you to do that" I tell her I will kiss or lick anything of hers that she puts in my mouth.

She asked why didn't I talk to her when I was in school, I just answered that we hung with different crowds. I told her though that I thought she was hotter than hell. I eat my breakfast; I thank her, and tell her it was good. She asked if I wanted seconds. I look and see that everything is out up. I say sure. She pulls off her shirt exposing her very nice latina cheating girlfriend fucked hard for money. She pours syrup over the top.

Jenna stepped in "´what the fuck are you doing?" I'm going to fuck your boy toy. Oh Hell you are not she almost yells. Stacy excuses herself and leaves. I ask what Jenna needed for me to do. Jenna tells me with the rain, I might as well head on out.

I tell her to call me when she needed me. When I got in my car, I see a note taped on the steering wheel Saying meet me at our cabin and there was a map drawn showing the way, I arrived soon after she had gotten there.

Stacy tells me that she thought she would have more time and asked for me to wait in my car, She said she would turn the porch light on when she was ready. I waited in my car, trying to keep my cock from getting too stiff.

Finally she turned the porch light on, I stepped to the front door, it was locked, and I knocked on the door. She answered wearing only plastic wrap, wound her body like it was a tight sex stories free nicole aniston solo. She tells me that she is a sandwich, just as she starts to undo my pants as my pants fall, I grab the top of the plastic and rip it, I could not believe I was about to fuck this beautiful thing, once I had the plastic off of her, I stepped back and admired her body.

Hardly a tan line, she was very meticulous in her tanning tan lines only on her tits, pussy, and her cute, tight, tiny ass. She kneels and runs my cock balls deep into her mouth; she pulls my cock out of her mouth. Pulls my cock out of her mouth. "You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that" Then don't stop, I grab the back of her head, as she runs my cock into her mouth. I wasn't sure if it was my pre-cum or she was salivating heavy to make it look sloppy with all the goop dripping out if her mouth, I have to admit that it turned me on.

I wanted to fuck the day lights out of her, I reached down picked her up over my shoulder, I carried her to the couch, threw her down on it. She sat up and started sucking my cock again; I pushed her back in to the couch.

Fucking her throat as hard as I could, he could not believe how she took it, almost like she loved it. All of the sudden, I grabbed her behind her knees, slid down, spread her legs, started eating a very tight, wet, and delicious pussy. She begged me to throat fuck again, I acted like I didn't hear her. I could not believe how wet she was. Before she would cum, I stopped and shoved my cock into her pussy. I had to stop and pause a moment when I shoved it in. I could not believe how tight she was.

She thought I was working it to not let her cum, little did she know, I was trying not to cum.

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She bit my ear, and whispered give it to me. I started pumping not worrying about working it, just pumping my cock in and out. She kept begging me not to stop, I kept pumping her pussy. All of the sudden, I shot a rope of cum in her, and that triggered her to cum. The was the first of many simultaneous orgasms I experienced. Then we just laid there on the couch, after a few minutes she got up walked into the kitchen. As soon as I saw her ass twitching as she walked, I was rock hard again.

I walked up to her, bent her over this roll around table. And I slid my cock into her cum filled pussy. She could only moan. I fucked her pussy for a couple minutes, paused I looked down at her cute little ass, I pulled my cock out, I rested the head of cock against her ass, she turned and said go ahead.

I eased my cock in, as tight as her pussy was, I could not believe her ass would be tighter. It felt like her ass was pumping my cock. I would pull my cock almost all of the way out and work it back in. I think she wanted me to fuck her harder, but that being the first time doing anal.

Just as I about to cum, she asked me to pull out so we could move to another room. I ease out of ass. I was so close to busing a huge nut. She skimped into the living room; I looked around for something to possibly stall my Cumming a bit. I opened the freezer, grabbed a couple pieces of ice and rubbed them over my cock.

I hear Stacy call me from the living room. I step from the kitchen, she is on the couch, with her ass towards me, and her knees spread about as far as they can. I walk up and start to ease my cock into her pussy. She pushes my cock towards her ass; I want my back door serviced. I ease the head in her ass again. She turns and tells me to give it to her. Mother id like to fuck give wild ramrod riding grab her cute little ass with each hand, and shove my cock in, "Oh god, that's it" To my surprise, I'm not on the edge of Cumming like I was few short minutes wwe star paige xxx vedio. I work my cock in her ass.

Really enjoying her moaning and twitching. She starts playing with her pussy, getting herself close to Cumming, all of the sudden she reaches between her legs, to tickle my balls. I couldn't hold back anymore, I shot what seemed like rope after rope of cum into her ass. After what seemed like an hour, she tells me she needs to clean up. I pull my now softening cock from her ass. As she walks to the bathroom, I remembered I didn't really eat her pussy. I got up on the couch and waited.

She stepped out of the bathroom after a few minutes. She wraps her arms around my neck, kisses me and thanks me. I tell her we need an oral after noon. She asked what did I mean, I told her that we do whatever, but only oral. She looks at me and says, "You mean dick sucking huh?" "Oh I intend to eat plenty of pussy also" Hell I didn't think of that.

She looks at a clock on the wall, "Damn, I'm going to be late for work. I might pop in on you one day. That would be nice. I kiss her real quick; we headed back towards town, trying to make sure her aunt didn't see either of us.

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