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Sultry jasmyne de leon making large penis for pleasure
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Hey guys, here's the next part. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated :) ________________________________________________________ So the characters so far are: Sean - 14 - Foster child of Alec and Mara, twin brother of Kyle.

Discovered masturbation and taught Kyle Kyle - 14 - Foster child of Alec and Mara, twin brother of Sean. Was shown how to masturbate by Sean Alec - 30 - Husband of Mara, foster father of Sean and Kyle. Heard Sean teaching Kyle to masturbate Mara - 28 - Wife of Alec, foster father of Sean and Kyle.

Fostered the boys after trying many times, and failing. ________________________________________________________ Chapter 3 Alec was incredibly turned on. The boys were discovering themselves and he decided he had to get in on the romi rain and tyler nixon somehow…but not yet.

He had to bide his time, for quite a while it seemed. He would wait till they were adopted before he tried. That night when Mara got home from her shift at the hospital, Alec just about pounced on her. "Whoa honey! What's gotten into you?" Mara asked as Alec kissed down her neck "I'm just really hot for you right now babe" Alec started undoing her jacket quickly. Not in the mood for foreplay, he quickly stripped her naked and pushed her down onto the bed.

Quickly shucking his robe, he climbed on top of her, feeling her firm breasts against his own chest. He was wildly making out with her, running his hands along her body, focusing on her breasts. Knowing what Mara liked, Alec lightly lifted himself off of her tight 28 year old body so his hands could have better access to her nipples.

Even though she had rough hours at the hospital, Mara still made time to go to the gym 3 times a week and kept a tight, trim figure.

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Alec slowly started kissing down Mara's neck and made his way to her nipples and started to lightly suck one each in turn, at the same time, he moved his hand down to her pussy and slid a finger inside her moist tunnel.

Feeling that she was moist enough, Alec lined his shaft with her pussy and pushed his 8 inch cock deep into her, straight to the hilt in one stroke. Mara moaned in pleasure, she loved being fucked by her husband, his thick cock always filled her right up.

Alec sat up, began gyrating his hips and fucked Mara while massaging her nipples. Mara was in ecstasy, her moaning was getting louder and louder she was surprised that she did not wake the boys.

Harder and harder Alec fucked until he felt the all too familiar sensation in his groin. "I'm gonna cum" he doxy is a giant fan of dick riding. "Me too" Mara replied before Alec leaned forward and mashed his lips into hers. They moaned into each other's mouths as they both came simultaneously. Alec shot load after load into his wife before collapsing on her as he recovered from the orgasm he'd been denying himself all day.

A while later, the two were lying next to each other and both had recovered from the sex.

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"Mara?" Alec asked "Yes dear?" she replied "I think we should adopt the boys" "Really? You think so?" Mara was exhilarated at the idea "I really do" "Well let's do it then" Alec's heart skipped a beat. It was going to happen, he was going to get to keep the boys, and be able to do what he liked to them. "I love you honey" he said, before rolling onto his side and going to sleep with the largest grin on his face and also the largest boner between his legs And that was it, four months later, Sean and Kyle were adopted and officially Guinnesses.

It had taken them almost fifteen years, but the boys had found a place to call home and a family who loved them. All was perfect until shortly after the boys' fifteenth birthday.

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Chapter 4 Not even six months after the adoption, tragedy struck the Guinness household. Mara had caught pneumonia and passed away. Needless to say, the boys were devastated. Alec held a brave face, but he did love his wife and was shattered when she died in his arms. The funeral was a simple service with a few friends and family, after which, Sean and Kyle sat in their room holding each other for comfort.

Kyle, who had always been the tough one of the two was propped against the bedhead and wall holding Gracie glam shows the curves of her gorgeous body close to him.

Alec walked in to check on the boys shortly after the wake with a tray of biscuits and milk. "Dad?" Kyle asked "Will we have to move again and go to a new family" "Honey, honey, no you won't have to go anywhere. I'm going to look after you from now on" Alec knelt taking Kyle's hand into his own. "Now why don't you two have your biscuits and hop into bed. I'm sure you'll feel a bit better in the morning." Alec left the room, closing the door behind him.

He stayed at the door a few minutes to hear what was happening inside. Sean slowly sat up and moved to the edge of the bed where he put his head in his hands and gently started sobbing.

Kyle saw this and brought Sean back into his embrace. "Why do people keep dying around us?" Sean asked through his tears. "First our birth parents and now Mum." "I think that's just the way that life works. People are born, they live and they die." Kyle said showing an uncharacteristic wisdom. "Kyle…" Sean asked timidly "Yes Sean" "Can I sleep with you tonight?

I don't want to sleep alone. Not tonight." "Of course you can Sean, anytime you want. I'm always here for you." Then Sean did something neither boy was expecting. He turned around bendy fetish babe toys masturbation and pornstars he kissed Kyle fully on the lips. "Umm…Sean…what was that?" Kyle, understandably, was shocked and a little confused.

"I have no idea" Sean replied "I'm sorry Kyle, please don't hate me." "Hate you? I could never hate you. You and I have been through too much together for me to hate you." Kyle then surprised himself by leaning over and kissing his brother back. They looked at each other and blushed, not knowing what to say.

Unfortunately for Alec, who was still listening outside the door, things did not progress much further than it did. The silence was broken by Sean saying that he was tired followed by the shuffling of covers and eventually the boys saying good night to each other.

A short while later, after waiting for the sounds of the boys' gentle snoring, Alec peeked inside and saw that the boys were indeed asleep in the same bed. He smiled, he was going to get what he wanted very soon. He was horny anticipating what he was going to do to them, but for tonight a simple jack off would have to do. Tomorrow, his real fun would begin.