Naughty lesbians fill up their huge asses with milk and squirt it out

Naughty lesbians fill up their huge asses with milk and squirt it out
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Chapter 15 Batman unzipped and loosened his cowl but didn't remove it. He pulled Barbara close and leaned down to kiss her. The cowl fell as their lips met. Both knew this was a special kiss; it was driven by more than passion or lust.

When he broke the kiss he kept his face close to hers. He kissed and nibbled her earlobe and whispered, "I forgive you." "Huh?" she replied, unsure of what he had spoken.

"I said, 'I accept your apology.'" Barbara lurched back, seeing for the first time the face of her tormenter/lover. "Bruce?!!" She was speechless. "Yep, it's me." "But I don't understand. What happened to your…?" "It's a long story.

It happened when I&hellip." She held her finger to his lips. "I've waited this long. I can wait a little longer--until you've given me more of what I need." She took his hand and led him back to the bench. What was supposed to be the site of her ultimate humiliation would become, instead, the site of her complete joy. She lay back on hot babe gets her pink pussy play by her lesbian buddies bench.

"Restrain me," she commanded him. "Then fuck me silly. Cum all over me. Then we'll talk." Batman shackled her arms and feet. When she was secure he straddled her, forcing his cock down between her breasts.

Holding them together he began a hot titty-fuck. When he lunged forward she licked and sucked on his tip, paying special attention to his pee hole. Bruce was getting hot again but he wanted to take care of his lover. He stood and backed up, lowering his cock over her cunt.

He pushed the shaft along her soaking slit. When his penis was wet he pointed it into her and pushed slightly. She raised her hips to welcome him. As he slid into her, making them one, they both moaned in the pleasure they were giving each other. They moved together, slowly at first, savoring every moment of their joining.

Their pace increased until they were almost at doggie speed.

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Their wild humping had the predictable result—a rumbling from deep within began to control their very being. There was only one thing they cared for—to cum! It was only a matter of time.

Barbara shook uncontrollably; Bruce's balls were afire. Then—THE ERUPTION! They shook violently and screamed in unison until they were, once again, in control of their bodies. Bruce sagged onto her chest, unshackling her arms just before he collapsed. She wrapped her arms around him. He was still in her, still hard, when some minutes later she reached down to rub his balls. They felt hot, as if the fever of their sex was concentrated there. "Undo my legs. I want you in my ass so I need to raise my legs." Bruce gladly complied.

As he raised her legs he fingered her sphincter. It was wet with pussy juice that had leaked from their lovemaking. Barbara grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs up over her head.

By doing so her asshole now pointed straight up, making easy access for the huge cock. He leaned down, pressing against her sphincter, forcing it open. An audible "POP" announced his entry. He proceeded slowly. He no longer wanted to hurt her. He pushed balls deep into her shitter. Looking into her face he saw an expression of euphoria-- of total rapture. He began his rhythm—in deeply, out to his head and then back in again.

He fingered her pussy with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. He brought her to heights she had never before attained—hell, never before even imagined. She bounced all over soaked oral with coarse fucking smalltits and hardcore bench, almost falling onto the floor several times. She came in an unending crescendo of orgasmic release.

Just watching this forced Bruce's orgasm to the surface. It felt like his balls were clenched in a vise, so forcefully was the semen expelled from his body. It hit her cervix with such force that, had she not been pregnant before she most certainly would be when he finished.

Chapter 16 They sat on the floor, his arm around her shoulders his hand caressing her breast, her hand lightly stroking him, keeping him semi-hard. He explained about his penis. "Yes, you were right when you teased me in high school. I had a tiny dick. Even erect it wasn't any bigger than your clit. But that all changed in a week's time. Junior year at Gotham Tech I studied in Europe and Asia. My research took me extreme smoking fetish and mom catches ally playfellow with dirty panties permission to Tibet.

I had lost track of the time one day and couldn't find lodging, if there even was any, in this tiny Tibetan village. I wound up at the local monastery where the Lama took me in, fed me, and gave me a place to sleep. The next morning I went to relieve myself at a slit trench the monks had dug as a toilet. I couldn't help but notice that every monk—every single one had a huge organ. I think the smallest was about eight inches and that was soft. I asked the Lama about it and he told me about the secret process…and about the curse!" "Curse?" she asked.

"Yes, I'll never forget his words, 'Whenever a woman sees or touches your organ she will have an uncontrollable urge to mate with you. That may seem a blessing, but many have found it is not. That is the curse.'" "You don't really believe that stuff, do you?" "Yes, I've seen it in action…many times. Even you told me you had an uncontrollable urge to touch and fuck it." "Maybe," she said as she bent to kiss it, "but I think of it as a blessing.

I love it." "That's all part of the curse. I've witnessed it with many women, like my slaves. "What? What do you mean…slaves?" "Stephanie is both my secretary and my sex slave. She will do whatever I ask of her. I usually fuck her somewhere on her body every day.

Also, I just took brooke bliss taken in the back office, a 19-year old named Marianne. She used to be an upstairs maid at stately Wayne Manor. Now that we're together I'll get rid of them." "Don't you dare!" she shouted.

"Don't you think we can still make good use of them?" "We? You mean you'd&hellip." "Sure," she said with a big smile crossing her face. "Didn't I love eating Stephanie's ass? I assume the other one is good looking." "Not good looking—HOT! She's gorgeous and has a great body, too." "I think I'm getting jealous. So what do they do for you?" "They do everything, anything I ask." "Hmmm. Would they do stuff with me?" "If I asked them, of course.

I set up that session in your apartment with Stephanie in advance and both girls knew all about the barn here." "Do you pay them for all this?" Bruce laughed. "Stephanie made 30 as my secretary. As my secretary/slave she makes 150.

Marianne made 15 as a maid; now she makes 100. Does that answer your question?" "Thousand? You pay Stephanie $150,000 to fuck you? That's incredible." "She does more than that, they both do. They're on call 24/7. When you were getting dog and donkey fucked here in the barn I wasn't doing anything but watching.

I got dirty, hot ,and really horny. When I got home they were there in my bedroom naked, kneeling, and all cleaned up—inside as well as out. They undressed me, ran me through the shower, and put me to bed. Of course, they fucked me silly before we all fell asleep.

The agreement I have with them…they can go anytime and I'll give them severance pay of 500 thousand to help them get started elsewhere. But they won't leave. They enjoy their work too much." "Hmmm," Barbara thought as she snuggled into his chest.

Bruce gulped, almost afraid to ask. "Uh, have you been to the doctor?" She looked at him and laughed. "Don't tell me combo video of keegan kade dildoing and riding the sybian brave Batman is afraid of a little baby." "No," he replied, "not afraid but maybe a little nervous." "Yes, I went last week when I was over a month late. You must have poured a gallon of cum into me over the past months so it's hardly surprising.

I'm definitely pregnant although it's too early to tell the sex." She was smiling broadly when she finished, "I can't believe I'm going to be a mommy." "Just call me Batdad," said Bruce, elated at the news.

Chapter 17 They continued to have wild sex every night—sometimes in her apartment, sometimes in the barn which was outfitted with a real bedroom—bed, lights, and a carpet—although they kept the bench for special fun and games. Bruce was busy over the next several weeks managing his vast financial empire when he wasn't fighting crime.

Twice Batgirl was involved in apprehending criminals. Batman chided her for risking the life of their child. Bruce decided there was only one way to dissuade her. He always attended the Gotham City Charity Ball, but at $500 a plate Batgirl couldn't afford it.

She didn't have his financial resources, not yet, anyway. He sent her a ticket, begging her to come. He had taken Stephanie in past years but now he wanted Barbara there. Bruce could never tie the damned bow tie for his tux so he asked Stephanie for help.

She adjusted it just before she said, "What's going to happen to me and Marianne?" "What do you mean?" I know you're really involved with Barbara Gordon. We're both happy for you but what about us?" "You'll be happy to know that Barbara insists you stay.

I think she has some ideas involving all of us. Good thing I have a big bed." Stephanie looked relieved. She loved her Master but she was smart enough to realize she would never advance beyond her status as a slave.

She liked Barbara, too. Maybe it would be OK, after all. Bruce left for the ball in his Bentley limo with his faithful butler Alfred at the wheel. Bruce preferred to drive himself so he never hired a chauffeur.

On those occasions when he needed a driver Alfred was more than adequate. "We may have company on the way back, Alfred, at least I hope so." "Miss Barbara, eh, sir?" It was impossible to fool Alfred.

Bruce had arranged the seating, much to the annoyance of the Ball's coordinator, but a $50,000 contribution had overcome his objections. All he really wanted was to be seated with Barbara Gordon and her father, Commissioner Gordon.

He was at his seat when they arrived. He rose to greet them, Commissioner Gordon mistakenly thinking the salute was for him. Batman seated Barbara at his right with the Commissioner on her other side. He made nervous small talk until virtually everyone was seated. The orchestra struck up their first number; Bruce took her hand and pulled her to the dance floor over her strenuous objections. "I'm not a good 9 months pregnant girl xxxx story she complained.

"That's OK, I'm not planning to dance either." They were the only ones on the floor when Bruce went to one knee, kissed her hand and asked her, "Will you marry me?" Barbara turned red. She didn't know whether she should kiss him or kill him.

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Her mind raced; her head reeled. She couldn't believe that he actually wanted to marry—HER!—a policeman's daughter.

"Well?" his words brought ebony ladkki xxx sex stories 2019 15 back to reality. "Everyone's watching and waiting for your answer." She looked around noticing that everyone was standing silently. Even the orchestra had stopped playing. She looked around some more, then at Bruce. He was smiling and holding the biggest diamond ring she had ever seen. "YES!" she yelled. "YES! YES! YES!" Bruce rose, held her as he placed the ring on her finger, and looked into her eyes before entering into the best kiss either of them had ever experienced.

The bystanders broke into applause. It wasn't every day that the world's most eligible bachelor decided to tie the knot. Friends rushed up to congratulate Commissioner Gordon. "I didn't even know they were seeing each other," displaying his usual keen sense of awareness.

Barbara did indeed accompany Bruce in the limo. "I'm very pleased Mr. Bruce decided to do right by you, especially after the brutal treatment he gave you for so long." Barbara looked at Bruce but he just shrugged his shoulders. He hadn't said a single word to the canny old butler. They drove to Barbara's apartment where Bruce dismissed his faithful servant. "Tell the girls to go to bed. I'll see you in the morning." "Oh, sure," Barbara chided him.

"Get engaged to me and ruin my reputation all in a single night!" She was laughing so hard she could hardly stand. "I'm surprised my neighbors are even talking to me after all the noise we've made." When they arrived at her door Bruce asked hesitatingly, "I want you to move into stately Wayne Manor where I know you'll be safe. Will you…please?" "I will," she whispered as she initiated a long kiss, "but I have one condition." "What?" "I'm not telling you, but you'll find out soon enough.

Now let's go in and celebrate." Bruce was shaking his head as they walked in, realizing at last that he would never fully understand any woman, let alone his future wife. They celebrated all night despite the frequent banging on the wall from Barbara's neighbors.

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But when they read the news in the morning paper even they were elated for the young couple. Although…they were overjoyed to learn that Barbara would be leaving the building. Maybe now they could get a decent night's sleep. Bruce had his men pack up Barbara's clothing; her furniture, other than a few family heirlooms, was donated to charity. Barbara gave notice. No one blamed her. She had gone from a being a nobody to the future wife of one of the world's richest men.

In a few weeks she was safely ensconced in stately Wayne Manor. Still Bruce had no idea what her condition might be. One night, after some particularly hard crime fighting he returned home and he was beat.

He rose from the Reverse Bat Pole and then he knew. Kneeling before him naked were the three women in his life. "May we serve…I mean, service you, Master," asked Barbara while the other two just smiled. Bruce nodded and pulled them up. Barbara leaned into him and whispered into his ear," Do you think we could have a dog?" force momsson xxx sex vidioes THE END