Pornstar sex kitten gets her ass hole banged with hard prick

Pornstar sex kitten gets her ass hole banged with hard prick
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Rainy afternoon with my daddy edited version

Every year my family goes to Cape Cod, Massachusetts for summer vacation. We had been going every year since I was ten-years-old, and as much as I loved it, the older I got the more my sexual appetite grew.

Being away from home, and the girls whom lived there for a week at a time was agonizing and I found myself spending more and more time wishing I had a girl to fool around with each year I went back. The most memorable summer we went, I had just turned 16.

I had a girl at home who I had been talking to for a few weeks, but there was nothing serious between us. With that in mind, I knew that I was free to talk to and look at whomever I wanted. This summer, though, was something special. It was a warm Tuesday morning; I awoke at about 10:00, threw on my board shorts and headed for pashtlocal xxx storys at home story beach with my family. Now, my family isn't like the rest of the families you traditionally see laying out on the beach and digging holes and throwing a football back and forth.

We walked about a mile down from where the stairs were, secluded in our own little area of the beach.

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We set up the umbrellas, chairs, and blankets and chilled there for the day, going in and out of the water as we pleased, enjoying the warm 80 degree weather and cool 60 degree water. Perfect.

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After about 5 hours of doing this, though, I got pretty bored. I could almost make out the sight of people on another beach far away, and so I decided to go for a walk and see what I could see.

I passed a few people whom had walked much further than my family to be secluded, stared at the few girls who were laying on their stomach's topless, avoiding tan lines.

The further I walked, the less people I ran across, but the next beach never seemed to get closer. Right when I was about to turn around and walk back to my family, I saw a glimmer in the distance. Intrigued, I walked down to see what it was. The closer I got, the kinky blond woman dped by throbbing black cocks on sofa clear the picture in front of me appeared.

A woman, probably in her early 20's laid on her side reading a book, with her little white dog asleep in the sand next to her. Nothing out of the ordinary, I thought to myself, but I better get a better look and see if this girl is real hot. The closer look I got proved this girl was hot, one of the hottest I had seen on the beach yet. What wasn't usual about her though, was the fact that she was topless, her bare breasts exposed.

She had walked down far enough so that people wouldn't be passing her, but she didn't account for me. I stopped and started, her perky C cups hanging tightly off her smoking hot tanned body, her little nipples hard from the brisk wind. I stood there for minutes it seemed before she noticed me.

Instead of covering herself up or looking shocked, she just waved at me and smiled. Dumbfounded, I waved back, the whole time never taking my eyes off of her perfect tits.

She then sat up, her boobs bouncing in the movement, and said, "How do they look? Tan enough for you?" "I.I think s-so", was all I was able to get out, my dick jumping to attention like a flag in the wind. "You're welcome to get a closer look," she said angelically, "in case you're not convinced they're tan enough…" I walked up to her and sat down next to her blanket, pet her dog, and stared right at her chest, happy with the idea that she had actually invited me to do so.

She then laid down on her back, her boobs shifting to sit perfectly on top of her chest. "Usually when people come by, I cover up and make sure they don't get a good look. But I've been away from home for so long, any guy attention is welcome", she said with a smile.

"Yeah, well you're probably the hottest girl on the beach. How long have you been here?", I asked, surprised with my sudden smoothness. Something about her struck me, setting me at ease as soon as we started talking.

"Almost 3 weeks. It's nice to look at guys walking on the beach and everything, but satisfying myself is such a chore," she said with a giggle.

My cock nearly jumped out of my pants.

"Ha yeah I know all about that." "So what you packing under there," she said motioning to my shirt, luckily not my pants which weren't doing much to hide my rock hard erection. I smiled knowing that I could impress her now, I had worked out every day since the last day of summer doing upside-down curl ups and push ups up the ass until my stomach and chest were perfectly toned.

I ripped off my shirt with a newfound confidence. "Oww!", she said with a smile, "damn your really packing under there. Very sexy. How old are you, anyways?" My confidence was now shattered knowing that I was much too young for her. "16 as of two months ago," I said shyly.

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"Oh hey, I turned 17 four months ago. You looked much older than that though, I thought for sure you were in college," she said countering my shy answer. I smiled knowing my body had paid off; my abs and chest were only my best features, I knew that my blue eyes and short blonde hair paid off also, not to mention my 6'1" stature. "Well I should really get going," I said sadly, knowing that my last chance to stare at her boobs was about to end.

"Alright, well have fun!" she said, the enthusiasm in her voice as see through as ever, I could tell there were subtle notes of sadden to her goodbye. "By the way, my names Calley!", she shouted as I walked away. "I'm Matt", I shouted right back. Not that our names really mattered… I walked quickly as I could back to my umbrella so my parents wouldn't be worried about where I was.

When I arrived I had realized that my family's seclusion was in vain; on either side of our umbrella were families that had also braved the long trek to get away from the blanket-to-blanket closeness at the stairs.

I couldn't say I was disappointed, though, because each family had a girl in a bikini. Judging from the fact that neither of them were speaking English, I guessed they were foreign.

To my right was a family with a mother, father, daughter and son. To my left, a mother, father, and two daughters. The family on the right had a girl who hot blonde full sex stories xxx 12 minutes to be about 13, to my left the two girls looked to be twins at about 17. As the family to the left stripped down to their bathing suits, I watched the tanned and sleek bodies of the two girls, perfectly curved and very plump.

To my right, greatly to my enjoyment, I watched as the daughter and the mother were holding their tops in their hands. The daughter took her top and put it around her stomach, and planned to shimmy it up until it covered her small puffy-nippled tits.

However, there was a growing gap between where her top was covering cherokee d ass fucking and sucking a black cock what her shirt was covering.

As her shirt receded, I saw two perfect young tits, perky with pink puffy nipples. Much to my surprise, it turned me on just as much as seeing Calley's tits. Then, to my sudden amazement, the mother turned to her husband who shielded her from the people in the water, she turned her back to the people near the stairs, and was now facing me perfectly. Without noticing me, she whipped off her tee shirt exposing her big tits that bounced as her hands went above her head, her big nipples flat and large taking up a large part of the breast.

Quickly she put her top on, which made her tits bounce even more wildly. I knew right then and there that I was going home and masturbating to the thought of these three sets of boobs, and my dick jumped excitedly at the prospect of this.

When we got back to the cottage, I jumped in the shower first to get all of the sand off me, then ran upstairs to my room and threw on shorts and a tee shirt. I grabbed my Black & Mild cigars, figuring while I took a walk I could have a smoke.

I told my parents I was calling a girl back at home to check in, and that I would be back in a little while. Thinking nothing of it, they let me go without question. I walked down the familiar cart path until I ran across the hiking trail that went into the woods, something I had become familiar with as I had been out to have a smoke the last couple of days I was on my vacation.

I lit my cigar, and enjoyed the sweet smell and taste. Thinking back to the day I just had, meeting Calley and seeing more tits in one day than I had in weeks at home, my dick started to swell and my heat got dizzy from the cigar and blood rushing to my sweet spot.

I glanced around, seeing that no one was around, I dropped my pants and starting to jack off, closing my eyes visualizing the tits I've seen today. The sound of my hand beating my rod drowned out by the noise of the wind left me completely exposed to anyone else coming down the path, but then again I had already checked so I figured there was no need to check again, all I was teenie lucie love cocks gang bang and piercing about was cumming, getting the load out of my balls.

After a few minutes, I felt like I had to check to see if anyone was around. I hadn't heard anything so I opened an eye and looked around. To my horror, I saw a glimmering reflector from a bike sitting behind a tree. The line of my sight followed up the bike to see a blonde haired beauty peeking out from behind the tree, staring at me.

I shoved my cock back into my shorts as quickly as I could, almost zipping my head in the process. "What the fuck Matt, that was so hot! Why are you stopping?", asked a familiar voice from behind the tree. Calley. "Jesus Christ how long have you been there? And why didn't you say anything", I asked mortified. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen, topless nonetheless, had just caught me jerking off in the middle of the woods. "Long enough to see that you're as horny as I am", she replied.

She then stepped out from behind the tree, her bottoms hung loosely around her ankles, fingers massaging her tight fully tanned pussy. She had been masturbating watching me masturbate.

"I was just about to cum too, you stupid loser!", she yelled jokingly, walking over to me punching me in the chest. She only came up to my chin, but I was so embarrassed I felt like an ant with a looming tree standing over me.

"Uh, sorry?", I said meekly. "It's okay. It better still be up though" She dropped to her knees in front of me, and pulled my pants around my ankles as fast as she could. For the hundredth time that day I dick jumped to full attention in front of her, and she smiled and giggled in its presence.

"Now I'm going to give you what I've wanted to since the second I noticed you staring at my tits" "Oh, and what would that be?", I said slyly knowing that she was about so suck my dick.

"Well, you gotta make me cum first!", she yelled running deeper into the wood. I of course chased after her, and when I caught up to her she stopped and jumped on me and kissed me passionately on the lips. I reached down, curling two of my fingers into her cunt, my thumb finding its spot on her clit. I worked vigorously, finding her G-Spot in seconds.

She was wrapped around me now, my hand the only thing in between us. "Oh god I'm going to cum!", she screamed. And she did. Her body shook and she pulled herself closer to me. Her pussy mucels tightened against my fingers and vibrated wildly. I took my other free hand and ripped off her top, and sucked on her right nipple until it was hard and she was moaning in waves of pleasure. "Okay, now it's my turn," I said. I dropped her onto her hands and knees in front of me, knowing full well she was still recovering from a significant orgasm.

"Okay okay just gimme a sec," she said breathlessly. Then she started in on the best blow job I had ever had. She took my whole cock into her little mouth, not even flinching when it reached the back of her throat. She sucked on it as hard as she could, her hands working my balls magically. She then brought her head back, her lips following it to the tip of my dick where she swirled her tounge around it and massaged the underside of it where it met the shaft of my cock. I almost blew it in her mouth right then, but I wanted to wait.

I wanted to see my cum all over her perfectly tanned tits, the ones I had seen in person that day. She continued her oral assault until my head was swimming with pleasure. My balls were tight, and I had been fighting off an orgasm for a while. Then, out of nowhere, she took in my whole cock again, but this time she let my cock head slipped down her throat. It was the tightest thing my cock had ever entered, and it felt absolutely amazing.

She didn't choke, she didn't gag, she didn't even stop. She just shoved it further and further down her throat. "I'm gonna cum!", I said at the last moment before I was about to blow.

She pulled my cock from her throat and left it in her givemepink tight body blonde chick dildo fucks her pussy, obviously wanting me to cum in there.

"No, no," I said, "I'm cumming on those." I pulled out of her mouth and came right on her bare tits. She giggled and played with my cum, wiping it up and sucking her fingers to swallow it.

It was so fucking hot. "Well, I should really be going…", I said completely content.

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"Me too, but hold on." Before I could say or ask anything, she ran to a back pack near her bike. She pulled out a sharpie and grabbed my dick. Pulling it out of the way, she wrote her phone number on the inside of my thigh. "Text me.", she said demandingly. She threw her clothes back on, and mounted her bike. With one last flash of her perfect tits and her white smile, she rode away down the path. I grabbed my phone and added the number, texting her immediately.

'that was so fucking amazing' I said to her. Before my backlight went dark, I got a quick response from her. 'I've never cum that hard in my life.

And your cock is perfect. Same time, same place tomorrow?' 'Yes please', I answered back just as quickly. Maybe this vacation won't be so bad… I thought to myself.

*Stand by for a sequel*