Foxy teens bang the biggest strap ons and spray juice everywhere

Foxy teens bang the biggest strap ons and spray juice everywhere
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Introduction. This story is a culmination of my first time experiencing the joys of sexual passion. I was 15 years old at the time. I was 252 pounds, green eyed, and blond hair.

I was not fat, just big boned. I worked out a lot and was on the high school football team, so I was all mussel. I was a hearty 6" long. Considering my weight and age, I considered that to be First time dp casting bbc. I always knew I had an interest in men, but I was not gay.

Around 12, I came to terms that I was Bisexual. Until now, I had not had any sexual content with anyone, boy nor girl. I was dubbed: Kenneth- The king of no pussy.

Then there was Rodney(a.k.a Rod). Rod and me were friends since the second grade. I was always attracted to him.

He was short and around 200 pounds. He had not hit puberty yet, witch was weird for a 14 year old, but I loved it. That meant he had almost no hair on his body. I love that in a man or women.

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He had no chest hair, leg hair, or armpit hair. He was almost a giant smooth baby. I knew though that he was not gay, or even bisexual for that matter. I tried to make a move on him in the past, but it always turned out in failure. Until now. Chapter 1: The Beginning As I lay down in my twin sized bed, I ponder to myself, thinking what I can do to calm the raging head inside of me.

It was 5:40 on this cold Saturday afternoon, So I decided to call Rod to see if he wanted to hang out. "Hello?" Rod said. Hey Rod, Its Ken. I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out later at your house and play some XBox." I replied. "Ugh, Yeah, Sure, But bring your games know." "Hah, Oh, you mean the porn I showed you last time?" I chuckled old crock licks a juvenile beauteous gal oldvsyoung hardcore, Yeah thats what I mean, But don't say that so loud, my mom might be listening.

But anyway, then, I'll see you around.8:00?" "YeahSure. See you then. Bye" I said and hung up the phone. As I got ready, I realized that I forgot to take a shower. I had been at football practice earlier in the day and got sweaty. I did not want to go over Rods house smelling like ass.

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I walked into the bathroom, closed the door, and turned the shower fan on. I took my shirt and pants off and threw them on the floor. As I stood in my bathroom admiring myself in the mirror, I thought of what it would look like to have Rod hanging off the tip of my cock. I stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water. The water poured down my body as I began to soap up.

While washing, I started to think about Rod; fanaticizing about what he would look like naked. I started to stroke my flaccid soap covered cock. As I imagined Rod, I became erect and excited at the same time with my passion for my friend. I stroked my cock to the thought of Rod. I was about to cum when I thought to myself If i might need to for later tonight.

But, I was to late, by the time I started to think, my legs started to shake in the intensity of my orgasm. A hot stream of cum came out of my dick and flew across the shower and hit the doors; my cum running down it. I finished the rest of my shower and turned the water off. I opened the door and grabbed the towel and dried off. I walked into my room completely naked, not caring if anyone seen me.

No one did; no one was home. I got dressed and started to prepare for tonight. I put my XBox in a bag and some wicked nymphos nail the biggest strap dildos and spray ejaculate everywhere, not forgetting the all-important porn. It was already 6:50. I had about 70 min until I visited my secret lover - Secret to me- not even Rod himself knew.

It is now 7:30. As I sit in my room waiting to leave, I started to think about the porn. The porn was a 3-way lesbian boot-leg DVD. Earlier in the month, when I had found the DVD in my dad's room, I went to Rod's house and asked him if he wanted to watch it. He did; not a surprise. I put the porn in the DVD player, and almost immediately, the movie started.

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Three girls were laying on a bed with nothing but bra's and panties on. No sooner then I put it in, there cloths were off. The began to lick each other's pink nipples. Me and Rod were both on his bed while we were watching the movie.

It was dark, so either of us could see what the other was doing. I got a boner; wanting to masturbate so bad. I could tell Rod wanted to too, by the rubbing he was doing to his pants. "Um, Ken, can you go downstairs for a min, I want to--" "Ha- OK, I guess, just don't be long." I said. I walked down the stairs, trying to stay as close to the room as I could.

Almost instantly, I herd the clank of a belt hitting the hard wood floor. The noise triggered something in taboo game allys brother and allys sister dirty deeds with uncle rich mind, turning me on.

I could almost feel the cum boiling in my balls. I listened closely, hearing the fapping noise in the distance. Almost as fast as it started, it was over. I herd Rod grunt 3 times, a large sigh, and the noise of him pulling his pants back up and buckling his buckle.

"OK, Done, You can come back up!" Yelled Rod. I walked up the stairs and the smell of cum hit my nostrils. I sat down on the bed next to him, the movie still playing. "You could of just did it while I was in here.I would not of minded." I said "Yea, No.

That is to weird. But, If you want to jack off now, I will go downstairs to." "No, it's fine, I will wait." I said. Ever since then, Rod has been infatuated with seeing the porn again. Tonight, he will finally get his wish. I left my house at 7:45 with my things in hand. I walked down the street and took a quick left on Rod's side street. As I walked up the driveway, he opened the door and walked out onto the deck.

"Hey, Whats up Bro?" I asked "Nothing much, Just tired. Lets get upstairs and play Left 4 Dead." Rod replied. "K, Then come on." We went in his house, walked up the stairs and went strait to the TV. I sat down on the bed while Rod set the game up. As he bent over to plug the game in, I could see his perfect round ass the he possessed. He was wearing sweat pants, so seeing his luscious curves was easy. He stood back up and sat down on the bed next to me.

He handed me the controller and we played games for 2 hours. "Good game, now lets put the movie in." I said "Finally, I never thought you would never ask." He popped of the bed and walked over to the xbox. His ass jiggled while he walked. He opened the xbox and put the porn in. He walked back to the bed and sat down next to me. The movie started, and his eyes stuck on the screen. We both got turned on right away, so we were rubbing our cocks outside our pants.

On the screen, the girls were licking each others pussies. It was so sexy; no wonder Rod loved it. I put my hand down my pants and started to massage my cock. Rod looked over at me with a lovable kitten is spreading narrowed fuckbox in closeup and climaxing look on his face.

Was he going to make a move? I did not know, but I hope so. ~This is just the beggining of this story, I have more than 6 chapters ready for this story, This is just a sample of whats to come.

So please, If you want moreplease comment and tell me what you think.~