Young sex parties teen chicks sharing stiff dicks

Young sex parties teen chicks sharing stiff dicks
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Jackson Anderson sat in his game room surrounded by 3 days worth of mountain dew cans and pizza boxes playing his xbox when his door flew open and his sister annie barged in instinctively covering her nose that was being assaulted by the odor that the room put off. "oh my god what's that smell" annie gasped trying not to inhale the stale air.

Jack looked at his sister and smiled at what he saw his sister had just turned 199 and had a figure that a grown woman would kill for. with hair like fire but felt like silk and perky tits that if he had to guess would be a c cup all wrapped up in a 5'4 and a 115 lb package and the best part was she had no clue what she did to guys she hadn't even had a boyfriend before "what are you smiling about freak" said annie playfully "nothing you pain in the ass what do you want?" jack retorted "you said you have to take me to the mall today remember."annie said while opening a window to help remove the smell in the anal forced sex first time. jack squinted his eyes at his sister thinking back remembering something along those lines being said.

but he decided to make his sister work for it with a wicked smile he said "fine but when we get back you have to help me clean my room when we get back." annie looked around the room and turned three shades paler than normal "ff fine i'll help you but we leave the mall when i say deal?"annie reluctantly replied "now get dressed i'll wait downstairs for" annie walked out the door with jack laughing behind her, it was always easy for him to get her to react to something and it never failed to put a smile on his face.

jack slide on a pair of black jeans, a five finger death punch shirt and some black and blue DC's and grabbed his wallet on his way out his door. he walked down stairs to the front door where his sister was waiting. "well what are you waiting for christmas let's move." jack said ushering his sister out the door to his new 2014 silverado that he just bought thanks to his last programing job for the government being only 24 and the top programer in the u.s.

jack didn't hurt for money but he didn't really flaunt it.

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"so tell me why you're dragin me to the mall instead of driven yourself?" jack asked while pulling out of his driveway. " because you promised me thats why and besides since you moved out i haven't really spent time with you because you're always traveling and on top of that i won't get hit on if im with a guy like you." she said " what do you mean a guy like me."jack said sarcastically having been put in karate at the age of three and continued until he was a 3rd dan black belt then switched to several other martial arts his body was nothing but lean muscle wrapped around a six foot three frame he wasn't someone to mess with."in any case i'm just messin with you annie of course im happy to go with you your a happy change of pace from the nerds i'm usually with so i'm pleased to go.

and if a guy hits on you i'll run him off k." annie smiled "ok but you're buyin me plenty of stuff." they talked about this and that until they pulled into the parking lot of the mall they walked around from store to store accumulating bags of clothes,they walked into food court annie head to a table and sat down. "hey annie i'm going to put this stuff in the truck wait here i'll be right back and will eat."jack said leaving annie who was looking at the new bracelet she just bought when two teenage guys walked up to her.

"hey baby you all alone why don't you come with us will show you a good time " the first guy said "sorry but im here with someone so leave me alone." annie replied coldly "come on there's no reason to be like that we could black widow episode hentai raped 2 you a better time than they could." said the second guy said putting his hand on her shoulder.

annie shivered under his touch and smacked him in the face "you little bitch i teach you to hit me he said raising his voice and his hand to strike her when he felt the crushing pain of his wrist in jacks grip. "who the fuck are you and why are you messing with annie." jack said in a low and violent tone "annie are you ok"he asked as the two guys quickly turned to face jack cursing at him until they took a full looked at his size.

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" we're sorry man we didn't know she had a boyfriend." they said in a panic any pushed past the two guys and hot sexy teen toying herself till her pussy got wet her arms and around jack's neck and pulled him into a deep kiss until she was breathless.

"take me back to your place and i'll help you with that promise we made earlier."annie said a breathless voice that made jacks knees weak they got in the truck and drove in silence when they pulled into the driveway jack told her to unlock the house and he would bring the bags in.

annie grabbed the keys and ran inside but jack just sat there his mind sent reeling from her kiss it was the best he ever had but she was his sister for christ sake but the taste of her strawberry lip gloss was still on his lips still dazed he gathered her bags and brought them in he looked at a clock and realized he been sitting in his truck for an hour he sat the bags on the couch and started to look for annie he searched the first floor and couldn't find her so he went to the second the guest rooms were empty so he went to the master bedroom and found her sleeping in a ball on his bed with dried tears on her face jack gently shook her awake.

annie slowly woke up and looked at jack then the memory rushed back and tears poured down her face. "jj jack i i'm so sorry please dont hate me i love you no im in love with i'm so sorry please just forget about this."annie sobbed while clinging onto him but jack was stunned once again he looked down at his sister's face and moved a strand of fiery hair behind her ear and kissed her again softly at first then harder both of them forgetting themselves.

annie grabbed his shirt pulling it over his head and rubbing her hands down his muscular back, jack tore away the tight cotton dress exposing her lacey baby blue thong and her pale breast with pink nipples the size of an eraser. they broke apart looking into each others eyes. "are you sure you want this because if you do you'll be mine and i won't let you go?" jack asked annie looked into his eyes and nodded. jack kicked of his pants and boxers letting his hard 10" cock hang, annie gasped and crawled to where he was at and grasped his hard on slowly stroking it with two hands.

jack moaned looking at his little sister stroke him he put his hand on the back of her head slowly bring it to tons of bitches happy to see dick striptease hardcore cock she opened her mouth and started to lightly suck his head while slowly swirling her tongue around his tip jack moans got louder as she started to lick and suck the sides of his shaft making her way from top to bottom then back to the head she started to suck again take more into her mouth until about halfway when she started gagging pulling her head up only to be stopped by jack's hand she looked up at him only to see him smiling down at her "poor little baby can't get it down here let me help" jack said push her down to the base of his cock .