Fakeagentuk orgasms and squirting from hairy pussy latvian babe

Fakeagentuk orgasms and squirting from hairy pussy latvian babe
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It's a long intro Back in 97 I was driving my 18 wheeler coming out of Chicago heading south on I 55 on a Friday afternoon. I got stop by a Illinois state bear who gave me a speeding ticket doing 65 in a 55 zone.

I called my company and told them This was my last ticket and I needed a load going to the house to clean my truck out and give it back to them. I was done with the daily madness out here over the road. Two weeks later I was home starting my roofing and painting company again. I gave it a rest back in 90 when things slowed down.

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I placed an ad in the paper and a week later I got a call. This pleasant sounding woman calls and says she needs an estimate to paint her house.

I got all her info and went and checked it out. Janet was a very good looking 59 your old divorced woman about 5 ' 4 ' tall light gray hair and petite. We were talking for about an hour when she asked do I do other things beside Roofing and Painting. I told her I do just about anything within reason for money, I explained to her that I was trucking all over the USA and Canada for the past five years and wanted to get back to being home and working with my hands again.

Yup I said that to her and she kind of grinned at me.

I told her it was getting bad being a trucker and just wanted a change. I told her I was doing this in 1990 but things were getting slow back then and decided to go trucking. I gave her names of people I'd done work for before and told her to call them and ask them anything you want. I black hottie banged by big white cock doggy style her a price to paint her house and left her after 2 hours of chatting and telling her what had to be done.

Three days later she called and asked me to come over and go over a few things with her. I said how about 7 pm, would that be Okay?

Thats fine she said, then 7 it is i said to her. I had a long day, it was a really hot april in New hampshire this year. I took a shower dressed and ate a quick bite and was ringing her doorbell at 5 to 7 sharp. She answered the door and said I like a person who is on time, it goes a long way on points with me.

Cool I said, It is one of my good things I do. I hate when people are late. She lead me to her 3 season porch and asked me if I'd like a drink or something else, A beer would be fine if you got one.

Ok she said and off she went. She appeared with my beer and a glass of wine for herself and sat next to me. She started by saying she called everyone on the list I gave her and everyone of them spoke very highly of you and your work. They also said your price were a little higher then most but your work was the selling point.

All of them told me you would do extra merry tits are objects of crave pornstar hardcore and not take them to the cleaners. Yes that sounds about right, I told her I enjoy the people I work for. I try and give them a top dollar job, after all money is hard to come by and to make it go along way.

She said you have the job and I will write you a check. When can you start she says? Well today is Friday, how about tuesday morning at 8 am? 8 is fine but you may start at 7 if you like.

Ok I said, all I need is to know where I can get electricy and a water hose. Is it possible to get one side of your garage? You sure can hot pov session with a russian teen said, If you help me make room? Ok deal. Well we talked for awhile and I told her I need to drop stuff off over the weekend and would she be around? I will give you a key to get in and do whatever you need to do.

Great I said and took the check and key and told her I needed to go. I said I will be in and out over the weekend bringing equipment and supplies. Ok she said and off I went. Chapter 2 I arrived at Janets at 9 am saturday morning with a lot of stuff. I was unloading the truck and bringing my ladders in back of her house and came around the corner and she was sunbathing in the buff. I stopped dead in my tracks, frozen not moving a muscle looking at this petite drop dead woman naked as a jay bird sunning herself.

Have you ever seen a naked woman before she said? Hello, You hoo hello. I came out of my stuper and realized I was getting a hardon and there was not one dam thing I could do about it. I said I was not expecting to see a woman with no clothes on out back here. I said I guess you like tanning even Huh? She smiled and said yes, it keeps the men happy. Well I'm happy right now thank you but a little red in the face also. Well Bill I thought I would meet you like this so I could ask you would you like to take care of my other needs I have?

I was having a very hard time trying to find the words to say.

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She had small tits, big nipples, a hairy bush and a body to die for. I said do you have something in mind my dear? Yes I do, when you get done come inside, I have a list of needs to be done. She got up and brushed past me and smelled really sweet. My hardon was pushing out of my shorts and it got brushed too. I had the truck unloaded in 10 minute flat. I went inside and she called from down the hall. I followed her voice into her bedroom where she was on her bed with a big vibrating dildo pushing in and out of her hairy pussy.

I said I would love to help you with that and grabbed it with my hand and started to give her a real good fucking. She was starting to get off and she said this was going to work just fine I said is this one of your needs? It is but I want you to fuck me now, but I must confess, I have not got a piece of ass for over 11 years. Please be gentile with me? I will and I was. I pulled the vibe out and took it's place with my tongue.

I dropped down and started to lick her thighs getting close to her cunt, but staying away from it, making her go wild and asking me to stop teaseing her. I said in due time doll, You waited over 11 years I'm sure you can take another hour before you rape me. Oh really you prick well You better be good to make me wait like this, I started to really lick her now, getting close to giving her the big one. I stuck my tongue as far up her pussy as I could and she was tasting really good.

I put my lips and tongue on her clit and hammered away on her. She was bucking like a wild woman in heat. Her pussy was dripping her juice now and she was getting stud stuffs his ramrod in babes pussy hard and fast.

My cock was straining to get out of my shorts and she pulled them down and wanted to suck my prick. I turned her around and got her under my cock and lower it to her mouth. This woman knew how to suck cock, I knew right from the start this was going to be a really good job, working making money and getting fucked. She was pulling me down her throat to my balls and sucking as hard as she could. I told her if she does not stop I will drown her real quick. She said go ahead, you will last longer the next time.

It took me over the edge and I blew a large helping of baby batter down her throat.

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It just kept coming out, shot after hot shot. She did not spill or waste a drop. I was at least 2 months since my last good fuck. She sucked my cock rock hard again and told me to stick it in now!!!

Well who am I too not make your wish come true. I turned her around, grabbed her legs put her feet over my shoulders, I pulled her to me and pushed my throbbing cock into her 59 year old hot cunt.

She was tighter then I expected but not getting any cock for 11 years counted for something. We met in mid stroke and got a good rythem going.The faster I fucked her the wetter she was getting.

No lube was needed for this hot fucking bitch. she was keeping up with my pounding her pussy and giving it right back to me. I pushed my finger in her butt hole and she protested saying no that is off limits pal.

I told her shut the fuck up and take it and she could expect more of the same if I was going to fuck her happy. She was dripping juice with every push stroke. It was dripping down to her asshole and making my finger nice and wet.I stuck in two fingers and she told me not to do that, I stuck in 3 fingers and she was cumming to beat the band.

She was looking at me like she wanted to cut my cock off but little did she know I was going to stick this throbbing cock in her ass and show her what she slim and busty stunner ride a shaft been missing.

She was getting off from her 10 th orgasm when I pulled out and pushed my cock in her ass. She screamed don't do that, not thereNo NONooooooo. I had her feet over my shoulders still and hung on to keep her from getting away.

I told her it was going to happen so shut up and go for it. I pounded her ass with the force of a air hammer. She tried to close her ass but it was in her ass before she could say no.

I pushed all of my 7x6 in cock deep into her ass, she protested still but I still kept going.She finally shut up and was going for the ride of her life even if it was her first time getting her ass reamed hard and long. I stuck my fingers in her cunt and was rubbing her G Spot getting it hard as a rock. She was cumming more then before now and moaning and groaning as I kept up a really fast pace. She was getting off 2 to 3 times a minute, dripping juice like no tomorrow. I was getting close again and knew my time was coming soon.

I hammered her pussy with my fingers and rammed my cock harder in her ass. I blew a large hot heavy thick load of cum deep inside her, she was cumming again and screams doing it. She was telling me to ram her ass please faster harder faster harder. I was getting soft and she was trying to keep going.

I pulled out of her ass and she rolled on her side shaking like mad. She called me all kinds of names, swearing at me for doing that to her, I said and do you not like cumming your brains out too? OMG she said pamela miti jessica rizzlick every drops was the best cock fucking I have ever had, No one has ever done that to me before not one man in my life.

I told her that is what she gets for being out back with no clothes on knowing the painter is come by to stock the job up. I may have to take my time painting this house now just so I can fuck your brains out again.

She sat up and kissed me and said are you free for dinner, I said if I'm having you again I can stay. She giggled and said great what would you like to eat, you to start with