Riding on a biggest penis hardcore and blowjob

Riding on a biggest penis hardcore and blowjob
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Chapter 6: Girl's New Toy Bianca rested her head on army lesbians and commander had anal sex bump of Daniela's crotch, cuddling it a bit before getting Daniela to place her legs over her shoulders. This served as support for Daniela to lift her butt and have Bianca remove her thong.

Bianca then opened Daniela's legs and drooled some saliva onto Daniela's clit. With her right hand she lathered Daniela's pussy with her spit, but it wasn't wet enough for her own liking so she let some more saliva drip from her mouth and lathered it again, this time inserting her middle finger in her vagina. Daniela reacted as Bianca gently swirled her finger inside her, feeling the front wall of her vagina.

It almost felt like the roof of a mouth, but smoother and much less rigid. And then, she introduced her ring finger in there as well, continuing her swirling motions as she applied some pressure on the walls of Daniela's vagina.

With her two fingers in, Bianca pushed them further into Daniela, observing her face for her reactions. She knew she was as deep as she could go when her finger tips felt the small donut shape of Daniela's cervix.

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She knew this annoyed Daniela a bit but it helped Bianca gauge herself in there. So she pulled her fingers away from it and continued to massage Daniela's vagina. "Bianca." Daniela gasped. Bianca looked up as she kept her rhythm, but didn't reply.

"Bianca. k-kiss me." she requested, extending a hand to Bianca's face. Without missing a beat nor letting go of Daniela's vagina, Bianca positioned herself over Daniela to kiss her.

As they made out Daniela began to moan in Bianca's mouth. Bianca had changed her finger movements from circles to plain in-and-out motions allowing her for a faster rhythm. Not only were her fingers pleasuring Daniela inside but the palm of her hand stimulated her clit every time it hit it.

Bianca kept the same rhythm after a while and Daniela's squirming and moaning increased. She had to be careful not to be too loud so she moved her face away from Bianca's to cover her mouth with her left hand, turning her moans sexy chick ziggy star craving for large massive dick muffled cries.

Waiting for Daniela to climax soon, Bianca began sucking on Daniela's hard nipple. Enjoying this, Daniela place a hand on Daniela's head, caressing it.

"Oh, baby, faster! Do me faster!" Daniela begged. With her mouth still on Daniela's nipple, Bianca took a glance at Daniela's face as she increase her speed. "Ohh, ohh, oh, yes, keep going!" Daniela arched her back and Bianca had to let go of her nipple.

Her hand was even getting sore and it was hard to stay steady, but she could feel Daniela's vagina contracting and then - "Ahh! Ohh! Stop! Stop!" Daniela gasped.

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She had climaxed. Bianca tried to pull her hand away but Daniela stopped her with her hand. "Just." Daniela was out of breath. "Just stay there. for a little while." she said, turning her head on the pillow to close her eyes and rest. As Daniela breathed Bianca could feel her crotch and her legs begin to shiver tremendously. Bianca then rested her forehead on Daniela's chest and also closed her eyes. What a satisfying feeling it gave her to pleasure Daniela like this.

She felt truly blessed. A few minutes later she felt Daniela's grip on her hand loosen up and Daniela's shaking legs relax. After taking her hand back from Daniela's vagina, Bianca stared at her middle and ring fingers.

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They were pruny and coated in Daniela's white, gunky juices. Shy at first she took a little lick at them. It had a very sour and dry kind of taste. But this was Daniela's cum and she wanted it inside her, so she shoved her fingers in her mouth and licked them clean.

She took another look at them, wiped them dry on her thighs and love handles, and then laid next to Daniela to cuddle and wait for her to finish resting. This was heaven for Daniela. If this moment lasted forever she would swear she had died. But she was alive, and her body was burning hot with pleasure. She turned to face Bianca and then got on all fours.

She swung her left leg over Bianca's body and stood over her. After looking her in the eyes for a moment with a naughty grin on her face she looked down to her dangling breasts as she lowered them time and again on Bianca's.

After lowering them one last time she slid them back and forth on Bianca's whole torso. Finally, she slid them forward all the way up to Bianca's face where she stopped and started jiggling them as she giggled.

Bianca grabbed her boobs and held them together. She shoved her face in between them and shook it side to side. Then she inhaled their scent and exhaled. And finally she begun to kiss Daniela's nipples and sucking on them. She was amazed how they just filled her mouth and then some.

As Bianca suckled her breasts, Daniela simply watched and wondered how it was that two girls could perfectly fulfill each other's desires this well. Daniela pulled her breasts away from Bianca to sit up and then lean backwards as she backed up a little and opened Bianca's legs, sliding her own left one under Bianca's right leg. Bianca caught on and got on her elbows to adjust herself to start scissoring Daniela.

Finally their pussies kissed each other and begun rubbing on one another as the girls began to moan and pant. "Ooh, yeah, fuck me, baby! Ohhh! Rub that pussy good, love! Yeah, yeah!" Bianca gasped as they picked up speed. Daniela moaned and panted away as she thrusted her pelvis back and forth, rubbing her pussy on Bianca's.

Suddenly Bianca had stopped moving, leaving Daniela confused. "B? Bianca?" Daniela called. "Dani. Dani! You won't believe this! I just remembered!" said Bianca as she got out of bed to turn on her night desk lamp. Daniela sat on the bed as she watched Bianca pull out a box from under a chair. She opened it and pulled out a colorful looking, pink, plastic package. It was long too. That's when Daniela realized where this was going. After opening the japanese istri selingkuh durasi panjang amateur Bianca pulled out a tan colored dildo with an odd upward shape on one end.

"Check it out. It's a Realdo." Bianca explained. "A Realdo? Like, a 'real alle haze sex in lingerie Is that what that means?" Daniela asked.

"Yeah, it's really crazy. Basically it's a strapless dildo.

See this weird end?" Bianca pointed out as she wiped the toy with a disposable moist towel. "I put it inside my cooch, like this." Bianca squatted a bit as she carefully placed the toy inside her. "Aaaand, ta-dah!

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I now have a dick! See? And no straps!" "Whoa! Such a big cock you have, Bianca." Daniela teased, spreading her legs open with a devious smile on her face and a finger on her lower lip.

"The better to fuck you with, my love." said Bianca, lathering some saliva on her dildo as she walked over to Daniela. Daniela spat on her hand and lathered it on her pussy and inside her vagina.

This wasn't the first time they'd used a strap-on, but this strapless idea was actually clever, she thought, but she still didn't know how it performed under "tough" circumstances so she didn't raise her hopes too high. "Put it in me, you big bad wolf." Daniela demanded with her pussy ready for Bianca. "Let's see what your new toy can do with no straps." "Oh?

Having some doubts, are we?" Bianca asked.

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"Well, let's see how you like this." Bianca penetrated Daniela and she gave a mellow moan. "Ohhhh." Daniela exhaled in pleasure. "Go slow, baby." Bianca slowly thrusted as she held Daniela by her love handles. Then, with her right hand she caressed the side of Daniela's face sliding down to the side of her neck where it finally rested.

Their breathing became heavier and heavier as Bianca thrusted on. After a while she had increased her speed and as she fucked Daniela with her new toy she also was being pleasured by her end of the realdo. This made it harder for her to go faster without it pleasuring herself as well. She also wanted to last a good while before climaxing, well, at least until Daniela climaxed, or both at the same time which would be ideal. Their love-making became more and more intense the more they fucked. Daniela kept tilting her head back as she was hit with orgasm after orgasm, moaning with gusto as her pussy got pounded by Bianca, who was now struggling to hold on a little longer.

Bianca could feel her legs starting to give in, not from being tired or sore but from the energy her own little orgasms were taking from her, each stronger than the next. Her realdo was also starting to give in as well. It seemed to have taken a bit of an odd angle from her thrusting, she felt like it was about to slip out soon.

This was it for her, she couldn't hold it any longer. Why was Daniela even taking so long to climax? Was this toy not doing it for her?

It didn't matter to Bianca anymore, it was doing it for herself and that's all that mattered now. She was going to just let it go, no matter what Daniela thought.

Bianca finally released herself from her own shackles when all of peculiar czech teenie spreads her narrow vagina to the strange sudden Daniela clamped Bianca tight with her legs, pushing Bianca further inside her. Bianca fell forward on top of Daniela who hugged her tight as both of them climaxed at the same time, each giving out a long, sweet moan of pure and heavenly satisfaction.