Comparte su novio con su amiga xgirls

Comparte su novio con su amiga xgirls
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As I watched his muscular black ass moving up and down between my wife's creamy white thighs I thought back, my mind racing through the events that brought her,, him,, ALL of us to this moment in time. It was only two nights earlier that I saw her looking at him walking down the hallway from the bathroom to his bedroom with breasty beauteous cutie wriggles on cock pornstar hardcore but his boxer shorts to cover his 17 year old manhood.

I remembered telling her that I could tell by her longing look that she wanted him and if so, I thought he was old enough if she wanted to 'teach him'. You see, it wasn't just some black man between her legs; it was our son's thick black shaft that was sliding in and out of her hair covered mound.

To be more accurate, he was only her son and I was just known as his father. It really all started when I was 14 and had a bicycle accident that ended up making me sterile. Knowing that when we got married we had already decided, when the time was right, we would try artificial insemination to get pregnant and at least the baby would carry her genes.

She was 28 when she told me she really wanted to become a mother and went to a clinic to begin the process of getting pregnant.

They did some tests and decided she shouldn't have any problems with artificial insemination and she would just need to keep track of her cycles and her temperature every morning for a couple of months and they would be able to tell her when the best day would be to inject the donor sperm in her anxious body. We had looked over hundreds of profiles and had selected the donor based on the traits we would like the baby to have.

They told us we could pick if we wanted a boy or girl but we decided that we wanted that part to be completely random. It was a Friday when she called me at work and said the doctor told her that the next Monday would be the best time in her cycle to receive her insemination. The clinic was in a bigger town about 250 miles from where we lived, so she had reserved a hotel room there and wanted to go and spend the weekend making love before her Monday appointment.

The doctor had told us that having sex before and after the insemination would improve xxx 2019 sex stories story full sex stories chances that she would get pregnant.

We arrived early that evening at the hotel and having already stopped for dinner on the way, we checked in and then went to the small lounge at the hotel for a couple of drinks. We were the only ones there until just after we got our drinks.

That's when the young, muscular black man (hardly more than a boy) came in. Immediately I was aware that my wife couldn't take her eyes off of him and it wasn't long before she asked, almost in a whisper, if I would be upset if she told me she wanted to get pregnant naturally and not by some plastic syringe.

I told her I could understand how she could feel that way and it starla sterling loves a big black cock upset me. I guess I wasn't really all that surprised when the next thing she said was that she wanted the young black man at the bar to make a baby in her.

He was the perfect specimen of fitness and we did have several interracial couples as friends. A little shocked at her sudden change of plans though, I asked if she was really sure about this and besides, how do you walk up and tell some stranger you want him to get you pregnant. She said 'Just tell me if you're OK with it'.

I must have given a slight nod of my head because in an instant she finished her drink and went over to the bar and stood next to him pretending to be there just to order us another drink. I don't know what she said to him but when she came back to the table with our drinks, he followed her and sat down with us. There was some small talk as we sipped our drinks and then, out of the blue, my wife said to him 'We have a mini bar in our room and there's no sense in you being here by yourself so why don't you come up to our room with us'.

Without waiting for an answer, she stood up and headed out of the lounge and he didn't waste any time to follow. In our room having another drink, my wife easily got him to tell us about himself.

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He was 19 and although he had perfect English he was here from Kenya to go to college. No wonder, I thought to myself, that he was not just black but charcoal black. He told us that his parents were religious and very strict, so strict in fact, that he had never been allowed to be alone in a room with a girl. My wife asked if that meant that he was a virgin.

When bashfully he told us he was, I'm sure I saw a smile on my wife's face. It wasn't long before my wife went over and whispered something in his ear before disappearing into the bathroom.

If he wasn't so black, I'm sure I would have seen a blush on his face as she walked past me. Even though he continued to make milf in thong and heels fucked doggy talk with me while my wife took a shower, I could tell he was extremely nervous.

I figured I should try to put him at ease so I came right out and said 'I guess you won't be a virgin much longer'. He started to stammer a little and I assured him not to worry and that it was OK with me. My wife came out of the bathroom completely naked; her dark patch of curly hair drawing his attention directly to her soft mound.

She boldly walked over and without hesitation ran her fingers up his thigh and across his manhood. With a smile on her face, she told him it was his turn to clean up and sent him off to the bathroom with a gentle swat on his firm ass.

While they were beside each other I realized how strong and virile he looked. My wife is 5'7 and 125#. Her breasts aren't large, just a 'B' but very firm with perky nipples. She has firm muscular thighs and a set of legs that won't quit. He was 6'2 and I guessed a very muscular 190#.

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While he was in the shower I asked her if she was sure about this and if he knew he was going to be a daddy. She told me that he only thinks that she is really hot for a black guy and that I really enjoy watching her having sex with horny young guys. He came out of the bathroom with his boxers still on and my wife quickly told him they had to go. He slowly slid them down as we both anxiously watched and when he stood back up, the first thing that came to my mind was 'HORSE'.

He was not circumcised and even completely limp, he hung a full 8" from his groin. His balls looked like two large chicken eggs in the loose sack that hung at least half the length of his thick black cock. Except for his head and pubic area, there was not a hair on his body; just firm charcoal black skin covering a powerful muscular frame.

Seeing how nervous he was my wife placed her small white hands against his black chest and gently pushed him back on the bed. She quickly climbed on the bed and straddled him; her hair covered mound just above his limp cock. He was so nervous that his whole body was quivering beneath her. As bad as she might have wanted his manhood inside her, she was extremely patient.

She gently ran her fingers up and down his arms and across his firm chest until the quivering subsided before lying down on top of him. His still limp, virgin cock pinned between their bodies.

All I could see was the slightest pink slit where his young cock would penetrate her small body and the large balls beginning to churn in the loose sac of skin that hung between the cheeks of his ass. My wife was grinding her moist pussy against his thickening cock as she kissed his ears and neck, back and forth from one ear to the other until finally kissing him fully on the mouth. I could see how his animal instinct had taken over as the nervousness disappeared.

By now I could hear the low moans coming from deep in his throat and see his balls working double time to make as much seed as possible. It was no longer just a pink slit concealed by her curly bush; her velvety inner lips, slick with their own lubricant were swollen and splayed apart to expose the oozing entrance to her slick tunnel. It was no longer a limp piece of flesh that she was sliding her excited clit up and down; it was a thick solid shaft straining to rise up from between them.

She slowly moved her excited pussy closer and closer to the tip of his now raging cock. I could tell as she kept moving further and further up his body that the thick, solid shaft pinned between them was nearly a foot long and I wondered if her petite body could ever accept it all.

Gradually the grinding motion of her inflamed pussy on his cock became a forceful thrusting as his instincts took over and his ass rose up to meet the pressure against his throbbing cock. His instincts telling him to grab her hips and pull her further up his body, her pussy lips gliding along his black shaft, splayed apart to expose the tight hole, oozing slick fluids as if it were drooling over what it was about to receive.

His strong black hands grasping the creamy white cheeks of her ass, pulling her small body further until her swollen pussy lips enveloped the tip of his excited cock. Just as she felt the head of his shaft press against the tight entrance to her hot tunnel, she suddenly stopped and rolled over on her back pulling him with her desy sext story in up his powerful young body was fully on top of her.

With a slight hissing sound in her now throaty voice, she said 'Yessssss, you know what to do now, your body knows'. Pulling his strong chest tight against her; mashing her firm breasts between them, she kissed his mouth then moved her lips to his ear and began running her tongue in and around it.

At the same time she is tonguing his ear she continues talking to him with a whispery voice. 'I can tell now. You don't have to think about it at all.

Just let your body do what it already knows. I can feel your celina santiago gets a facial while playing video games balls against me and I know they are full of your hot seed. Ohhhhhhhhh, I feel your hot cock throbbing.

It wants to be inside me doesn't it. Your hard cock wants to be buried deep inside me to deliver the seed churning in your balls.

Every muscle in your body knows exactly what to do to take me. In your mind I'm a woman but to your body I'm just a receptacle for your manhood. I was a little surprised at how she was talking to him but it was evident that it was having the effect she wanted.

All the while she is whispering these things in his ear, she has grasped his hips and guided them upward. Her feet spread wide and drawn toward her ass; planted firmly on the bed with her knees up and spread wide so her firm thighs formed a V that guides my eyes directly to her splayed pussy lips. Her hands pushing his hips higher until he is almost on his knees and I can fully see his hard black shaft aimed perfectly at her anxious hairy mound; his sperm laden balls dangling from the base swinging slightly back and forth.

I can see that even when fully erect his foreskin still covers the pretty stickam teens stickam omegle vichatter etc head of his foot long cock to form a fleshy tip where beads of his precum ooze out. Her hands still on his hips, she guides him downward as she moves her own body into the perfect position for the tip of his cock to glide between her swollen pussy lips.

For what I believe seemed an eternity to him, she continued guiding him with the firm grasp on his hips as their bodies moved in perfect unison to slide the end of his rigid shaft up and down her slick inviting slit.

They moved just far enough for his cockhead to slide across her tender clit and then back down between the swollen lips that would guide his throbbing cock to it's intended target. Each time his cock slid downward her pussy lips would cling to the foreskin, pulling it back to expose the bulging head of his shaft until it pressed against her tight entrance.

Each time his cock slid back up to her clit, the foreskin would roll back down as though it was protecting the sensitive guide of his throbbing shaft. These movements seemed slow and tender at first but with her tonguing his ear and telling him that there was no way for him to stop now because his body was in total control was pushing him further away from whatever inhibitions his brain might have been trying to enforce.

I could see his muscles ripple each time his cockhead slid downward and that each time his bulging cock pressed against her tight entrance his thrust was more and more demanding. 'You can't stop now can you' she whispered in his ear. 'I know you've masturbated before; you know how good it feels to shoot your cum across the room but now you know that's no good.

You know there's only one place for your precious seed. You know you can't amateur indian girl fucked by her white boyfriend yourself now and I can tell that your body has already sensed that I'm not strong enough to stop you. I had been so engrossed in watching his black cock sliding up and down her pussy that until she said that I hadn't noticed that even though she still had a tight grasp on his hips she was no longer in control.

It was then that he started doing the talking. I could hardly believe it when I heard him say 'That's right you white bitch.

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Nobody can stop this now' I knew then that his brain really did stop and the only thing in control was his natural breeding instinct.

I saw my wife's hands slip under his hips and push against him as though she could push him off. The last words she whispered in his ear were 'You'll have to take me you black bastard'. 'And that I will you white cunt' he growled.

His thrusting was more demanding now but I could tell this was all part of her game plan because she was lifting her ass in perfect unison with each downward thrust he gave. Each time his bulging head pressed against her s babe returns the favour john fantasy entrance now he would pause and I could tell he was pushing harder and harder each time.

'If you think your white pussy is tight enough to keep me out you're wrong bitch. Yea that's right you white cunt, I bet I've got almost twice as much cock as your hubby back there watching us has. You're right; my balls are talking straight to my cock now and they're saying to plant their seed as deep inside you as it can go.

Again and again he pushed his bulging cockhead harder and harder against her. I could tell that she was squeezing her muscles as tight as she could. I knew she wanted him to have to force himself on her. And force himself he did. His chest pressed tight against her breasts, his strong hands gripping her shoulders, he was pulling her small body down against his demanding thrusts.

Slowly the grip she had on his hips weakened and her cunt muscles gave way to the spongy cockhead driven by his overpowering body penetrated her hot entrance. 'Yea' he groaned and then pulled his cockhead back out, holding it just outside the opening he had just made, her pussy lips clinging to the tip, keeping it perfectly aimed to penetrate her again. 'Your little white cunt is gonna learn to take my black cock isn't it bitch' he said. Her answer was a small moan as he pushed in again just to pull back out.

Then in and back out again. Then he started pumping his bulging cockhead against her opening but not penetrating. I could see her pussy lips clinging to his foreskin, working it back and forth over the purplish spongy bulb and I realized that at the same time his foreskin was caressing the tip of her clit. After pumping away at her pussy like that for awhile, he would suddenly give a hard thrust and penetrate her cunt with just the head of his cock and pull right back out to resume fucking just between her clinging pussy lips.

This sex balk sex stories xxxx com on for at least 20 minutes. Sometimes he would penetrate her every 5 or 6 thrusts and sometimes he would go almost a minute before he would suddenly ram his cockhead inside, but never keeping it inside her for more than a moment.

I knew how great that initial penetration felt to my own cock and every penetration was also signaled by a quick moan from my wife. I could tell she wanted more of him because she started thrusting upward against his pumping shaft. He moved with her though and she never got him inside unless he wanted it. 'Yea, now your white pussy is begging for my cum isn't it.

Don't worry, when my balls tell my cock that it's time you'll get every last drop so deep inside you'll think my sperm is swimming in your belly'. 'That's when you'll be my little white bitch' he growled 'Yea, once I shoot a load of my cum in your tight pussy, you'll be my little white bitch and my balls are already telling me that I'm gonna have to keep your pussy full of my seed until there's a black baby growing in your belly.

Your hubby back there is gonna have to watch my black cock going in you until we know my seed is stuck in your womb'. I know I smiled when I heard him say that because I knew that's exactly what was going to happen.

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Just as I smiled he said 'Yea, you're gonna be my little white BIIIIIIIIIITCH'. As he said bitch, I saw entire young body devote itself to one powerful thrust, driving the full length of his rigid black shaft inside her and then holding himself there as his body began to quiver and then suddenly as he let out a deep groan as I saw the muscles in his ass begin to spasm and the base of his thick shaft surge again and again as he pumped his seed laden cum deep in his little white bitch.

Wow I thought. She just turned a nice young man into an animal. It was at least five minutes before their heavy breathing subsided and their bodies completely relaxed. I knew the cock buried in her pussy was limp now and she had squeezed every drop of cum out of it when he started to lift himself up.

Almost instantly she grabbed the cheeks of his ass and holding him tight against her hairy mound said 'I want you to stay inside me, lets just roll over'.

With her naked body resting on top of him; just before dozing off his said 'You really are my little white bitch'. I wasn't sure how long I slept but I woke up to see my wife moving her ass around as she still lay on top of him, her pussy still clamped around the limp black cock buried inside, tugging and pulling on it. It didn't take long for it to swell up and stretch her oozing pussy again. They rolled back over and this time he slid his long hard cock free chat room lovely brunette teen teasing and out of her already cum filled cunt.

Having gone through everything about insemination, I knew that her cervix is just a few inches inside her vagina and a man's penis does not penetrate it or go into her womb.

I knew that as he fucked her this time his thrusting cock was reaching into the pool of cum he deposited earlier. The mushroom shaped head of his rigid shaft perfectly shaped to dip into that pool and pull millions of his tiny seed back out to be smeared across her swollen cervix. Over the next few days, millions upon millions of his black seed would find their way through her waiting womb and one of them would find its way to the fertile egg that lay deep inside her.

My wife called the clinic on Monday morning and explained that we were having second thoughts about what we were about to do and that we wanted to wait for at least a little while. She and I were both pretty sure she would be pregnant after just a few loads of the young mans cum but wanting to be really sure of her chances, we ended up staying at that hotel for a full week.

All she and her sperm donor did was shower, breed and eat. Once he had buried his long cock in her, he would usually end up pumping at least 3 loads of his sticky cum deep inside her hungry cunt before she let his limp cock finally slip out. When she got up to shower a steady stream of her juices mixed with his cum would trickle down her thighs and there would be a pool of it on the sheet where her ass had been.

My son's soft groan snapped my mind back to the present and I saw his body shudder as he emptied himself inside his mother. I often wondered if that young black man really was a virgin or if my wife already knew him before that evening in the lounge.

Now I was wondering if this was the first time she had our son between her legs.