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Part two of the story of Debbie and the twins. The first half here is mostly character and story line development, and it's somewhat long. Please read "Babysitting the Twins Again" (which is part 1) for the background story. The setting here is three months later.

Debbie gives two gifts to her sweet sixteen sister. …Jenny is overwhelmed. Babysitting the Twins Again - Part 2 - Sweet Sixteen The marriage and honeymoon are over and Debbie settles into a life of family bliss. She's never been happier, but she realizes that big changes are coming. Debbie is starting to show. It's been great, but she must stop being the receptacle for all that the young twins ejaculate. The summer of strenuous sex must end… Monday morning When the twins start school and Edward is at work, Debbie has free time that she decides to spend with her mother.

"I still can't believe you got married and pregnant so quickly. You've never been the impetuous type. You're only 22," repeats her mother, once again, in a nagging sort of way. "Oh mother, you forget that I've known Edward for a long time, and I had a major crush on him back in high school.

In fact, I've actually loved him for thin teen ride huge dildo long time.

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There was nothing quick or impetuous about that. I also love his boys. Oh, by the way, the twins turn 15 next weekend, and we're planning a small birthday party for them. Why don't you and Dad and Jenny meana wolf taboo just this once brunette related "I'm sorry dear.

We're having a sweet sixteen party at our house on Friday afternoon, and Jenny has invited a few of her friends including some boys. We then need to fly to New York in the evening.

Why don't you take Jenny for the weekend. I also don't trust her party friends. I'm afraid the boys might return after we leave and continue to party into the night. Jenny is so innocent. She'll be much safer there with you and she'll probably enjoy your party, too. Your twins seem rather immature compared to her, but she might grow to like them." I think to myself, "She'll be safer with me???

Sure she'll be… and who's the immature naive one? She might grow to like them??? I think they might 'grow' to like her." A small smile crosses my lips, but my mother does not notice.

Monday afternoon. "Hi Jenny! How's my very cute little sister?"
"Oh. Hi Debbie. Everything's great. How are you doing?" "Just fine. With the twins in school, I'm spending more free time here with Mom and my old stuff." "I'll bet you're glad that they're in school," Jenny says in a somewhat derogatory manner. "Look… If you took the time to get to know them, I'm sure you might like them.

They might even take the time to teach you something." "Like what? How to make large boogers? Oooh. Look who's starting to show! Am I getting a niece or a nephew?" I let the projected insult go. "I hear you're having your sweet sixteen party. Can I come?" "No. You're too old for my friends." "I hear you've invited some boys.

You've got Mom worried. You going for your first kiss or something?" "Oh shut up. And I'm not doing things with those boys anyway." "Don't you have a serious boyfriend yet?" "Look who's talking! You didn't lose your virginity until you got to college." "A little kissing wouldn't kill you." "Annhh. Whatever I amateur lesbian teenies get their wet honey pots licked and banged, they'll blab it all over the school, and I'm just not ready for that.

They're so immature." "You do know you're spending the weekend with me after your party?" "Yea. Yea. Mom told me, but I'd rather be home alone."
"Look, we'll make it fun for you. We'll have a combined sweet sixteen party for you and the twins' birthday. They turn 15 on Saturday. There's nothing that says you can't have two parties. We'll make two cakes and you can all have wishes cum true."
"Maybe." "I've got two really nice presents to give to you.

I think you'll be excited." "Really? What are they"
"It will have to be a surprise." "Yea. OK. I guess it might be fun having a second party." "Oh. I need to buy some things for you. What size are you these days?" "I'm 5'9" and 125 pounds. I don't think I'll ever be as tall as you are, but my tits are larger. Nyah Nyah!" "Oh wow, a C-cup. Let's call the newspapers," I respond sarcastically. The conversation continues and drifts in a sisterly sort of way.

Monday evening "Hi Boys! How was your first day of school?" "It's the same old kids and the same old stuff," complains Bobby. "It seems like we've grown up, and rest are just kids," adds Billy.
"Well, you two have had an amazing summer." "Yea.

Best summer of our lives!" "And we're not the only ones," says Bobby patting me on my swelling belly. "So, we're planning a small birthday party for you on Saturday night.

It will just be family, but I am inviting my sister. I've got to babysit for her." "Isn't she a little old for a babysitter?" "Yea, but she's having her sweet sixteen party, and my parents don't trust her friends, so she's staying here with us." "Oh great.

She hates us." "Just try to be nice to her. I told her your party could also be a joint sweet sixteen party for her." "Oh great! She can ruin pussy piercings rule because they give your masturbation toys too." "I'll make two cakes, and I'll try to think of some fun things you can do together." "Whatever." "I've got a really nice present for you two.

You'll love it." "What is it?" "You'll have to wait and see." Friday morning I go shopping and buy some clothes for Jenny and me. I buy some jeans, some shorts, and a couple of nice blouses. I also get a nice pair of leotards, one for each of us, that matches the boys wrestling outfits, except these have four small snaps at the crotch so they can be put on (or lifted off) over the head.

I buy her a racy bikini that exactly matches my blue one. I buy her a pair of button up pajamas, just like mine, and I also buy black guy girl xxx storys sex stories ful some exceptionally sexy C-cup bras and panties.

Even if she forgets to bring anything, she'll look really nice all weekend long. I hope she likes the clothing, but I'm really hoping that the boys like them… Friday night Mom calls and tells me to come break up the party and pick up Jenny. She has to leave soon. Why do I get stuck with the dirty work? How come I've got to look like the bad guy here? I make my way over before busty blonde woman gets her pussy railed by pawn guy mother has reason to complain.

"Hi Jenny. How is your party going?" Jenny doesn't look too happy. "It's a party. Hey guys! I've got to go now, so the party's over." There's a handful of friends left. Some walk out the door, others call their parents.

It looks like a bad party. Soon there is peace. Jenny has a few tears in her eyes. "What's the matter?"
"Oh nothing… There is one boy that I sort of liked. After talking with you this week, I decided to try to kiss him." "Well?" "Well, he spent 20 minutes in the bathroom hooking up with my best friend, and she knew I liked him.

She knew." "Looks like you need some new best friends." "This was the worst party ever." "We'll make it up you with tomorrow night's party. Let's get going." "Do I really have to go?"
"Yes you do." "What should I bring?" "I've got new clothes for you to wear, so just come as you are." "ok" We head out the door.

Late Friday night "Hello! Who's home?" The twins come running down the stairs. "Hi Mom! Hi Jenny. We were just doing our homework," enthuses Billy. "You call her 'Mom'? That sounds so wrong," Jenny complains. "Hi AUNT Jenny," says Bobby with a mischievous grin. "Oh. That sounds even worse. Stop calling me that! And who the hell studies on Friday night?" "Jenny.

Come on. Be friendly. Jenny just had a trying party." "Don't tell them anything about it." "Why not?" "It's just embarrassing." "You don't want them to know that your best friend was hooking up with a boy she knows you like?" "Debbie!!

Uhh. I can't believe you told them that." The boys are smiling, but not in a mean way. "We're all family here. Don't worry about it," assures Bobby. "Yea. We don't blab about family stuff to anyone," confirms Billy. Jenny is still not happy and looks like she really wants to be somewhere else. "Come on Jenny, let's go upstairs and get settled in." We both go upstairs and the boys follow. "Here we are, this is my room.

You can share it with me. My husband is away for the whole weekend." The boys try to follow us in. "Not now boys. Time for girl talk." The door is shut with the twins on the outside. I guess that they're listening at the door, but Jenny seems to have no clue. There's nothing in this house that is more interesting to those teenage boys than Jenny.

"Do try to get along with the twins. They mean well and want you to have a good time."
"Yea. OK. I just don't like them knowing about my personal life." "I hope you like the room. The bed is big enough for both of us." "It's really nice. Is there a lock on the door?" "You won't need a lock. Just relax. Hey. I got some stuff for you to wear this weekend." I hand her a bag full of stuff.

"Are these my presents?" "No. I'll give you your real presents tomorrow." She starts to look at the clothing. "This stuff is really nice. I hope it wasn't too expensive." She looks at the bras and panties, and gives me a dirty look. "You're an attractive girl.

You should have nice lingerie. It will make you feel sexy." "Mom wouldn't like it." "Just wear it around here if you're worried.

She'll never know." "What's this for?" holding up the leotard. "That's your wrestling outfit. The boys and I have been wrestling every weekend, and I thought you might like to join us."

You wrestle with them?" "Sure. It helps keep me in shape, but I've got to give it up soon." as I pat my abdomen. "I guess I can do that. Do you think I can beat them?"
"Only one way to find out." "And what's this bikini?

Where's the rest of it?"
"It's just like mine. We'll swim and sunbath tomorrow." "Cool. But I don't want the twins to see me in it." "Don't worry about it. They've seen me in mine many times." "Don't they stare at your body? How can you let them?" "I got used to it. You will too." "I'm not so sure…" "Here you go.

Why don't you take a shower and put on these pj's and a bathrobe and come on down. I'll sexy lady horny and cumblasted jerking jacking on a movie before we go to bed." I go downstairs for a bit, and when I come back, I become suspicious. Where are the twins? I catch them watching Jenny in the shower.

"You boys up to your old tricks?" They grin at me.
"She IS rather nice," exclaims Bobby. "I never realized she was so real wife drugged and used says Billy. Both boys are sporting long erections. "Yea. She's a cutie, but very innocent. Let's go watch a move." I make popcorn as the boys select 'The Abyss' with glow in the dark creatures.

We all squeeze onto the couch with Jenny and I in the middle in our pajamas and bathrobes, and the boys in theirs. I'm hugging Billy on my right and Bobby is rather close to Jenny to her left.

This time I'm not drinking any wine, and we all settle for popcorn and soda. After about 20 minutes, I notice that Jenny puts her arm around Bobby's shoulder. Bobby has been very good and has left Jenny alone, but then I feel Bobby's hand at my horny feel horny masturbate with big toys. He's got his arm around Jenny's waist.

They watch the movie for a bit like this and then I see Jenny look earnestly into Bobby's eyes. Bobby leans in ever so slowly and places a small kiss brief on Jenny's lips. They spend a minute or so just looking at each other with their lips only inches apart. Bobby is waiting for Jenny. Jenny hesitates, starts to move, hesitates again, and then finally leans toward Bobby and they have the most exquisite lingering kiss.

It's Jenny first real kiss. "Ohh," exclaims Jenny. "Happy sweet sixteen Jenny," whispers Bobby. "Thank you, Bobby," she whispers back. We all go back to watching the movie. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Jenny finally smiling, and notice that Bobby and Jenny continue to embrace each other with one arm each. I can see Bobby's left hand go to Jenny's knee and then caresses her leg, but he is very gentle and not at all aggressive.

He seems to understand that it would be rather easy to scare Jenny off. Jenny does nothing in response to Bobby's wandering hand, but I see it as hidden progress. Yesterday, such a move would have been wholly rejected and there would have been shouting. Of course, on my side of the couch Billy is discretely playing with my tits, and then slipping his fingers between my legs. My hand is also playing with something of his… The movie is long, so we pause in the middle to go to the bathroom and get more snacks.

We return to our seats, but this time Billy goes and sits to the left of Jenny and Bobby settles in to the right of me. Jenny looks confused and casts a hard look at Bobby that says something like "What's the matter, aren't I good enough for you?" Bobby ignores her.

The movie is restarted, and Bobby picks up where Billy left off with his hands wandering all over me. Jenny doesn't notice, but she also does not look so happy. After another 20 minutes or so, Billy puts an arm around Jenny's shoulder.

Jenny looks at him and says in a not so nice manner, "I suppose you expect a kiss too?" Billy quietly replies, "I want you to like me, with or without kisses," and he removes his arm from her shoulder. I'm so proud of Billy's response. I think that Jenny liked it to. After a few more minutes, Jenny puts her arm around Billy. In another minute or two, Billy has his arm around Jenny's waist.

Meanwhile on my side of the couch, I'm fighting off an orgasm and I'm trying to get Bobby to stop manipulating me, but the devil is in him. It's no good. I come hard on Bobby's well practiced fingers. I am quiet as I can be, but I am making unintended jerking motions at the peak of my climax.

Jenny notices something and looks at me. I stare at the screen, and since it's an exciting part of the movie, she seems to convince herself that I'm just excited about the movie. It never occurs to Jenny that after Bobby kissed her so sweetly and so nicely, that his two hands have invaded my bathrobe and my pajamas and that his fingers are now all slimy and wet.

Bobby wants me to get him off too, but I just give his dick a little spanking. He knows we almost got caught. After another 15 minutes, I notice that Billy is making a move on Jenny. He leans in to gently kiss her earlobes, and then rubs his free fingers along her neck. She turns to face him. He doesn't know what she's thinking. She seems to be waiting for him to continue. He caresses her cheek and pushes her golden hair out of her face and puts it behind her ear. He continues to touch her hair.

She suddenly lurches forward and places her lips on his. They are kissing, and this kiss is far more aggressive than her kiss with Bobby. I'm wondering if tongues are involved, but I cannot tell from my angle. Now they start a second kiss. Then a third kiss commences. This is very erotic. Jenny suddenly tries to escape. She yanks off the comforter from us all, and tries to jump up. She struggles to get up, and in the process, she leaves her bathrobe behind with Billy as she runs off in just her cute pajamas.

I can see that she is blushing and that she is somewhat flustered. Billy, Bobby and I all look at each other with smiles, and then refocus our attention to the movie.

There are now four hands under my pajamas playing with my body parts. Billy's hand is hitting my clitoris in just the right way and I start breathing hard. Bobby is kissing my lips and unknown hands are making my nipples as erect as possible. I can't control myself, and I have another orgasm further wetting the hand at my vagina.

The boys now want to fuck me, but I tell them they must be patient, and I'll sneak into their rooms later. About a half hour later the movie ends and I head off to find Jenny. She's in my bed trying to go to sleep. "Debbie? Are the twins really nice?" she enquires.

It seems that something is on her mind. "I think so. I love them very much," I reply. "Did you enjoy kissing them?"
She blushes. "It was very nice. I didn't know it would be like that. I didn't think I would become excited." "Why did you run off? Did Billy do something that he shouldn't have?" "No. No. Billy was nice. Bobby was nice too. It was all me.

I was afraid of what I might do. It was just too much for me. Billy was nice." "You know, if you want more, I'm sure that they would oblige." "I really don't think I'm ready for more. No." That's what she said, but I'm thinking the exact opposite. I climb into bed, and Jenny quickly scoots over to me and hugs me firmly in a spooning position. "Thanks for everything today." It seems that she's worked up about something. I had planned on sneaking out and fucking each of the twins after Jenny fell asleep, but Jenny has me firmly in her grasp.

The twins will just have to let their sexual energy build up instead. Tomorrow promises to be interesting… Early Saturday morning I am up early and I want to go fuck the twins, but Jenny wakes up just as I am about to sneak out. It looks like that will just have to wait. "Hi Debbie. I slept really well. This bed is comfortable." "Yes. I've spent a lot of time on this bed." I say with some hidden meaning. "I'm hungry." "Why don't you wake the twins while I go and make breakfast." I head downstairs, but as I get to the bottom, I think that maybe watching Debbie wake the boys might be more interesting than cooking bacon.

Debbie has gone into Billy's room. I sneak up the stairs and peer into the room and I see Debbie standing over Billy just looking at him and hesitating. Billy just has a sheet covering him. I know that he is naked under the sheet, since he was waiting for me to come last night. Debbie discretely lifts up the cover and jumps back in shock as his very erect dick comes into view.

She probably wasn't expecting him to be naked nor erect. Her initial shock is over and she just stands there staring at his dick. She's never seen anything like it, and she seems transfixed. Suddenly, I hear a noise behind me. It's a naked Bobby. I quickly raise a single finger to my lips and he quickly catches on and quietly joins me at the door watching Jenny and Billy.

He seems amused that Jenny is studying Billy's dick so intently, but he remains quiet, since any noise would suddenly end the show in a bad way. Billy starts to stir, and Jenny quickly drops the sheet, hoping to not get caught by Billy. I expect her to run away, but she stays and looks at Billy's face. Billy opens his sleepy eyes and sees Jenny standing over him. Jenny starts to move away, but Billy quickly grabs her nearest hand and holds it.

"Good morning Pretty blonde bbw nikki wilder gets fucked hard hardcore and plumper says Jenny trying weakly to get away. "What are you doing in my room?" "Debbie told me to wake you for breakfast." "And how were you planning to do that?" ask Billy.

"I was… I was… " Jenny stammers out. Jenny is clearly flustered and confused. Billy pulls her towards him and she continues to try to escape weakly. Now Billy has both her hands and is pulling her body towards his. Jenny is allowing herself to be pulled close to him, but she's firmly refusing to climb onto his bed. Her face is just a few inches away from his. Billy puts an arm around her shoulder and pulls her lips to his and commences a gentle kiss.

"I loved kissing you last night," exclaims Billy between gentle kisses. "Oh." "Did you like kissing me too?" "Yes. Ohhh. Ohhh! Yes." Now she's struggling to get away from him. He pulls her in amateur pregnant blonde fucked on camera for the first time and her breasts are pulled to his chest with only the thin material of her pajama top preventing it from being skin on skin contact.

She then loses her balance and falls onto his bed with her legs flailing upwards and onto the bed. She is now mostly on top of him. The sheet is sliding off of him. His dick is nearly exposed and it is very close to her. She is now quite flustered and attempts to escape more earnestly. I expect her to easily break away and run from the room. "One more kiss, please Jenny, just one more," begs Billy.

Surprisingly, Jenny relents and leans forward to comply with his request. Billy's arms go under her pajama top at the center of her back, and he hugs her bare back hard as they continue to kiss equally hard. When the kiss is over, He starts to kiss her again. "Hey. That was just one more kiss. You've had your wish." "If you think that is my wish, you're pretty dense." "Ha!

Dream on, lover boy." She starts to get up. As she pulls back, Billy's hands are forced move from her back to her sides and then around towards her front. Debbie slows down as I can clearly see Billy's hand go around her sides and then to her breasts and then finally to her nipples. She clearly feels this very intently, and she pauses to savor the moment and lets Billy fondle her for a bit, but then continues to back away slowly and his hands are forced to slide out from under her pajamas.

She's blushing profusely. This is the first time anyone has touched or fondled her breasts. "That was nice. That was very nice," says Billy. "It was. It was… It's too much for me. Wake up on your own." Jenny is walking backwards towards the door keeping an eye on any sudden moves that Billy might make. She expects to be pursued. I take that as the cue to slip back into my room.

Bobby runs back to his room.

I then see Debbie pause in the hallway. She looks and sees Billy go back under his cover and roll over. She then pauses for a minute and slips into Bobby's room. I quickly go to peer into Bobby's room, and sure enough, Bobby looks very tracey sweet just wants to get boned on his bed under his sheet.

I hear Billy behind me, and I motion for him to come and watch quietly. Debbie quietly approaches Bobby's bed and then hesitates. She then lifts his cover very quietly and studies Bobby's very large erection for a bit, just as she did with Billy. It seems she's trying to see if there's any difference in the twins. Bobby does not stir. Jenny seems entranced and then reaches out a hand.

It looks like she's going to hold his penis, but then she changes her mind as she looks at Bobby's 'sleeping' face. Bobby is putting on quite an act. She then leans over Bobby and it looks like she's going to kiss him.

When her lips meet his, he opens his eyes and grabs Jenny's shoulders. She again tries to pull away weakly, but he uses more force and wrestles Jenny onto his bed and pulls himself up and over her with his naked body on top and Jenny underneath.

She isn't quick enough to prevent this. "Oh. Oh! Get off of me! What are you doing!?" "I'm trying to enjoy your kiss. What are you trying to do?" "Get off of me! Let me go!" "OK. OK. You can go, but how about two more kisses first?" She's trying to push him off, but his full weight is on her.

Her struggles have only managed to spread her legs and the two of them fall into a classic fucking position. The only thing needed is a small hole on her pajama bottoms and Bobby would be claiming her virginity. Bobby is pushing into her and she's keenly aware of the pressure at her vagina. This show is also making me very wet. "Oh my God! Get off me now… Unnnh. Unnh." He continues to push and starts to kiss her. I'm guessing that she's very wet.

She continues to make cute noises. She starts to thrash about wildly. We cannot tell if she's trying to get away, or if her body is simply responding to the sexual pressure on her cunt.

Her movement becomes more and more jerked and we all realize that she's approaching a first orgasm. Bobby is working up a good rhythm pressing his dick into her pajamas, and she's gasping for air. "Unh. Unhhh. Oh&hellip. Unhh. What's happening to me!"
"Just kiss me. Now!" demands Bobby. She does. Her eyes are closed. This is too much and Jenny comes hard with her very first orgasm. She lingers there in a blissful state. Bobby starts to push down her pajama bottoms.

She resists. "Oh. No. Please let me up! DEBBIE!" Jenny shouts with abject consternation. I take that as my cue to enter. I know that if I don't Bobby will have her naked in no time and will be sliding his long little dick very far into her virginal cunt. She's all worked up and seems not quite ready for that. "OK. Bobby. Let her up." Bobby relents and Jenny races back to my room and slams the door. Billy is smart enough to be scarce.

I turn to leave and suddenly my pajama bottoms are being pulled down. I instinctively lean forward and a dick is quickly inserted into my very wet vagina and it sluices in and out. I guess this is my 'punishment' for ruining Bobby's fun with Jenny. I can see Billy is watching from the door.

In a few moments Bobby's cum is dripping down my leg. I pull up my pajamas and start to head back to my room, but Billy drags me into his room, and once again pulls down my bottoms. I'm pushed back onto his bed and he's soon entering me with great energy. It seems he's got a lot of pent up sexual energy too.

I take all that he's got as we're both breathing hard and we cum together. There's more stuff dripping from me as I leave the room. I go back to my room to check on Jenny and to get dressed. "Jenny? Are you all right?" She's all worked up and shaking a bit. "Oh Debbie. It was terrible. He tried to rape me." "Nah. No he didn't. In fact, wasn't it you who started all this?" "Me? What do you mean?" "Don't play innocent with me. All you needed to do was to yell at him or shake him skinny teen lola fae sucks off and gets banged by big cock wake him up." "But… I… He… My…" "Oh come on.

You loved it, and he didn't hurt you. Just get dressed and let's go have some breakfast." "ok." At breakfast, not much is being said. Jenny looks great in the clothes she is wearing, but she looks like she's still angry with Bobby. "Jenny, I'm sorry if I scared you. I just wanted to kiss you passionately like you were kissing Billy last night. I didn't intend to do more than you wanted." What a little liar! He laid in wait for her and pretended to be asleep. Of course he intended what he did.

"It's OK. It was my fault. I came there to kiss you while you were asleep." Jenny leans over and kisses Bobby on the lips again, so he's certain that he's forgiven. "Oh. And Happy Birthday to you too," as she also quickly kisses Billy.

"What are you guys up to this morning?" "Billy and I will be wrestling.

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Want to join us?" "You know, with my expanding abdomen, this might be a good time to call it quits for season for me. Jenny can take my place if she wants to.

I'll bet she'll be competitive with either of you." The boys look at Jenny. They're not so sure. Jenny doesn't contradict Debbie and says, "I'll wrestle with you two. If I beat either of you, I'll expect a prize." "And what if we win? Do we get a prize?" "You can kiss me for five minutes." "Kiss you where?" She thinks about her wrestling outfit. "On whatever exposed skin you can find." "And what do you want for a prize?" "I get to kiss you two where and when I want for the rest of the weekend, and you guys can't touch me with your hands or arms.

You'll be my slaves." "Deal. Meet you on the mat in 10 minutes." The boys are thinking losing might be fun too. I'm back in my room with Jenny. I decide to wear my wrestling outfit too. I start to put it on. Jenny looks at me and notices that I'm not wearing any panties or bra with it. "Don't you want to wear underwear with that?" "No.

It's two layered and reinforced in all the right places." I reply. She looks at the material and workmanship. "Yea. OK." We put them on. The boys are waiting for us when we arrive.

They're smiling. Then they start to stare at Jenny's body. They really dig her figure, and it's rather obvious. "OK. You guys can stop staring at me. Don't you have any manners?" The boys look a little crushed. Billy is holding his camera. "Can I get a picture of you two?" "No," insists Jenny. "Oh come on. Let them have a picture or two. We look great, and this is a special weekend for all three of you." "OK. Take your pictures." Billy takes a few shots. Jenny is stiff at first, but then relaxes and starts to relax and ham it up a bit.

It seems we're starting to have fun. "OK. Who wants to wrestle first? I suggest that the twins start and the winner get the right to wrestle Jenny first." "OK!" The boys attack each other with great vigor. It seems that the prize of wrestling Jenny is worth fighting over.

Jenny is watching intently realizing that she is the prize. She is also learning about their techniques. Jenny has the camera and takes a few action shots. "Do you give up?" "Never." "Well, save some strength for Jenny.

Do you want her to beat us both?" "I'm not worried." The battle continues and after 5 minutes, I declare a draw based on time expiring. The boys stand, neither suffering the disgrace of defeat.

"Well Jenny, since neither won, you get to choose." "I'll start with Bobby," says Jenny handing me the camera. "Yea. Bobby says you already have experience wrestling with him on a bed," teases Billy. Jenny flashes an icy stare at Billy. She wants to make him pay for that crack. "I changed my mind. I'll start with Billy." She quickly grabs at Billy before he is fully ready, and successfully takes him down. I snap a great picture. Billy seems to have a little trouble with Jenny and she's stronger than he expected, and she's a little pissed too.

He's almost pinned, but he manages to wriggle free when Jenny makes a basic error. She lacks experience to do well at this game. Next time, they both go down and they apply basic holds on each other.

Billy is not afraid to touch her, and she's getting angry at the numerous contacts her breasts are making with his hands and limbs. She's also getting aroused. Billy has a very large erection, and she can't help but notice that too as it digs into her. She becomes flustered and makes more basic errors. Billy takes advantage of her errors and she is soon pinned with Billy's chest fully across hers flattening her tits. She's embarrassed and flustered. She also knows that she has a wet spot that she fears will be noticed.

"Do you want to quit?" asks Bobby. "No. Just give me a minute. With a little more experience, I think I can beat you guys." "I don't know… We're still growing stronger and larger every day." Somehow that image seems to excite Jenny even more. She starts to wrestle Bobby, and it's more of the same. I'm taking pictures. They are fairly evenly matched. I can see that Bobby also has an erection that he presses into her sides and she struggles to get away from it with less and less success.

Bobby is also touching her nipples quite a bit. He's pretending it's accidental, but I know better. After a few minutes, Jenny is on her knees with her legs spread apart a bit, and Bobby is on her shoulders trying to knock out her elbows out so she'll lose her balance. Billy is at her head waiting to do the count when she's pinned. He expects it to be over soon.

I look down and see a growing wet spot on her outfit. The move that Bobby is executing is putting a lot of stress on her material. I decide to play the role of cupid and give it the release it desires. I quietly bend over unseen and unnoticed and with a quick flick of my forefinger, four snaps come undone. Jenny's cunt pops into view. I've never seen it with hair, but there are a few well trimmed golden hairs that give it that oh so perfect look. The mom and dad fucking daughter spyinglongest pornsstorys haven't noticed yet, but Jenny sure knows!

"Hey! Stop! Oh No! No! That's not supposed to happen!!" "What's not supposed to happen?" pants Bobby, still unaware. Jenny looks confused and decides to try to win and just hope they just don't notice. The material rides up onto her waist and everything below her hips is utterly exposed. Neither boy has noticed. Jenny becomes more flustered and tries to get up. That's a mistake. Bobby rolls her onto her back and pins her. Billy marks the count. Jenny is speechless, and I snap a picture of her exposed state, that's busty blonde milf is caught and fucked to be a family classic.

"Let me up! I have to go." "No way. We get to kiss whatever exposed skin we can find for 5 minutes. That was the deal." "No. NO!" She knows she is half naked. She's dreading the discovery of that fact.

Bobby starts to kiss her lips and she tries to protest but her mouth is suddenly full and she feels herself kissing him back. Bobby is slipping his tongue into her mouth and her frantic protests go unmarked.

She is still being pinned and cannot get up. Billy has walked around looking for something that he can kiss and quickly notices something rather interesting. In a flash he is between her legs holding her hips down and starts to kiss her inner thighs. She becomes frantic. She tries to close her legs, but Billy is quite in the way. Billy r old cock big load his kisses closer to the prize and she continues to thrash about helplessly.

Then he kisses the outer lips of her cunt and moves on quickly to her clitoris and then he rubs his tongue all round her opening.

"Help! Ahh. Ahhh! Help! Debbie! Ahh. Unnnh Unnnh Unnh&hellip." she ejaculates between kisses. It seems that Bobby is holding her down and she is unable to escape the ministrations of Billy on her cunt. She's breathing very hard still trying to escape when suddenly she becomes rigid and her body jerks a lot. I see a real mess and Billy's face becomes slimier than it was a minute earlier. I get another perfect photo. Bobby stops kissing and then finally notices what all the excitement was about.

The twins quickly trade places before Jenny can recover. Bobby then starts to give her cunt his undivided attention. The months of practice on her big sister means that Bobby knows exactly how to drive her absolutely crazy in minimal time. Billy is now lying across her top and is kissing her. She can taste her own juices on Billy's face. Billy is also caressing her left breast and nipple again by reaching up under her unsnapped leotard. She is squirming fiercely trying to get away from this wrestling double team on her increasingly naked body.

Bobby now has both hands on her hips and breathtaking petite cutie gets her spread slit and little anus poked lifting them up a bit to give his tongue better access. He notices her hymen still intact and wonders what it would be like to break this virgin. Both boys continue to give it to her and she's making incoherent noises as she continues to make movements, but now the movements are more stochastic and one cannot claim that she's actually trying to escape.

"Ahhh. Unnh. Unnh." Translated to English, it means 'I'm coming again very soon', and so she does. She has the most intense orgasm of her young life. She lies there in bliss as the boys start to pull off their wrestling outfits. "No boys. We're done for now. You've had your 5 minutes. Put those tools away." "Aww Mom. She's so ready." "Just do as I say!" I demand. "Maybe she'll be more ready later," I whisper to them.

"Awww. OK. But you owe us one." The boys stand back and watch Jenny. Jenny slowly comes to, and covers herself up while blushing profusely. "I… I'm going upstairs to take a shower," Jenny manages to blurt out. "I'll keep you company," I say as we depart and leave a pair of waning dicks behind. Jenny is rather worked up and scared, so I decide to shower together with her.

It's a large shower and there's room for both of us. "I can't believe what happened. I'm so ashamed." "Why? Did you do something wrong."
"I should have beaten both of those boys."
"Yea, you just need more practice." "How could they kiss me down there? It's disgusting. It's a mess. Why didn't you stop them?" "You made your own deals. Why should I intervene?

It's not as if they were trying to rape you." "I feel like I was about to be raped. They really might rape me!" Jenny blurts out and then hugs me. Our wet tits are pressed together. I start to kiss her forehead, which is just right based on our 3-inch height differential.

Our bodies press together. I know my sister is not concentrating on me as a sexual object, but our contact is strangely arousing, especially since Jenny is so worked up sexually. I continue to kiss her forehead and put an arm around her waist to hold her firmly. She is perfect. "Would you like to make love to the twins? Would you like them to rape you?"
"Oh god. I don't know. I like being a virgin. They really scare me.

I don't know…" "Did you like their 5 minutes of kissing on your exposed parts?" "Oh god! It was so intense. I had no idea. I couldn't control myself.

I just felt so good." She wiggles her body against mine as she thinks about the tongues. Our tits are making great contact, and I'm getting horny as hell, but I don't press the issue. "Let's go swimming and get some sunbathing in." "ok. Will the boys be there?" replies Jenny. "What else in this house would they find as interesting as you?" Jenny blushes.

I hold her and kiss her again. We put on our matching bikinis. "I guess I don't mind if the boys stare at me at the pool." "That quite a change from yesterday," I reply. "Yea. I'm going to tease them," She divulges with a mischievous smile.

Late Saturday morning At the pool, we get there first and there are no boys to be seen. We ease into the shallow end start to splash around. Since summer is over, the pool is cooler than one might expect. I notice that all of our nipples are quite erect. Soon the boys show up in their swimming trunks. They also have their cameras and take a few shots of us.

Jenny is no longer complaining about pictures, but I'm sure she has no idea about the ones I took of her wrestling. The boys join us in the water and the rough play commences. Again there's tag and grabbing and throwing. It seems that Jenny is the center of attention and that I am yesterday's news. One of the boys grabs at Jenny shoulder but as she twists away the strap of her bikini top falls off her shoulder and slides down her arm. I expect her to quickly recover but she lets it slide and one of her cute nipple stands forth pertly for all to see.

The boys are dumbfounded. This is their first look at one of her breasts. I now know what she meant when she said she was going to tease them.

This is a very good tease. After a minute, she looks down and exclaims "Oh my! That's not supposed to happen." and she slowly fixes her strap. They boys look at each other. They are nonplussed. Is this the same girl that ran away an hour ago? Rough play in the pool continues. Jenny chases the boys and then they chase her. At one point she standing between them in the shallow and they both simultaneously grab at a different strap on her bikini top.

She stands there as both of her breasts spring free. She looks to me as if she's asking for my approval. I nod my head yes and we both take off our tops. She throws hers at Billy and I throw mine at Bobby. The boys are really digging our new looks. It seems that Jenny is coming out of her shell and starting to take charge. Rough play in the pool continues.

This time the boys are making a concerted effort to make contact with Jenny's breasts and she's trying her best to keep them at bay. She takes it to the deep end. It's a very funny game to watch and she's not afraid to dunk them and to make good use of her superior swimming skills. The boys are outmatched and at one point they seem a bit frustrated. She's making them look bad, and they're not getting much of her tits. They both turn from the game and swim to the shallow end where I'm standing and then they go after my tits.

I'm not up for this game and stand there and let them grope me a bit and then put my nipples in their mouths. Jenny is looking on in shock. "Debbie! Why are you letting them do that!" She says approaching us.

"Don't you know that I love these boys and they love me?" She has a quizzical look on her face as she's trying to figure something out. She comes too close. The boys suddenly turn from me and grab Jenny before she has a chance to escape. They lift her up with four arms and then they bring her down slowly so that one of her nipples ends up in each mouth and her arms are pinned behind her back. This is their chance at revenge for being successfully teased.

They start to kiss her nipples and the surrounding areas of her breasts. She struggles to get free, but they've got her in a great hold. She could kick at them, but chooses to do so in a playful manner. She wiggles about in a most delightful way as she accepts their punishment. This goes on for about 5 minutes. "OK! OK! I can't take this much longer. You guys make me feel so good and so sexy." "We hoped you would like this." "Yes.

I do, but please stop. It's too much for me." "We love your tits. They're the best we've ever seen." I feel a pang of jealousy. The boys let her go and she drops back into the pool. She turns to Billy and kisses him hard, and then turns to Bobby and kisses him hard too.

"You guys aren't so bad either," She winks at them both and says, "I'm going to do a little sunbathing." Jenny and I lay out large blankets at my favorite sunbathing site and we commence to lie topless on our backs close to each other.

We both pull down our bottoms a bit to expose as much as we can without exposing our pussies. The boys come up with something behind their backs. Sure enough, they have their cameras and they snap a few quick pictures. "Debbie! Make them stop." "OK Boys, you've had your fun. No more pictures." "Are they going to share those pictures?

I'd just die if they got about my school." "Boys? Are you going to share any of your pictures?" I ask. "Never!" "Not with anyone?" I continue. "Only with you and Dad." "With Dad? You mean my brother-in-law?" Jenny queries. I can feel her shudder next to me.

"Yea." "No. I… No. I don't want him to see me. No. No." Jenny exclaims. The boys are quiet and slink away. "Debbie? What's going on? And why did you let the boys kiss your nipples? Won't your husband be angry if he finds out?" "Actually, no. I'll explain everything to you later. For now, don't worry and let's enjoy the sun." We sunbath for an hour or so while making small talk. Early Saturday afternoon We put back on our bikini tops and go in to prepare lunch. When lunch is ready I tell Jenny to go get the boys.

She finds them at their computer and starts to yell. "Debbie! What the hell!" I come running and I see the twins' computer with two pictures of Jenny on the large screen; one with her sunbathing topless (with me cut from the picture) and the other with her pinned on the wrestling mat with her cunt wholly exposed.

They are great pictures, but Jenny seems upset. "Who took that picture!" she demands pointing at her writhing on the mat.

It's a rhetorical question, considering you can see Jenny and the two boys in the picture. "Calm down Jenny. It's actually a nice picture. You might treasure it someday." Jenny looks pensive, but remains silent. "It's a special day for all of us," offers Bobby. "Lunch is ready," announces Jenny.

I let the kids eat lunch as I continue to putter around in the kitchen in mom diamond foxxx sucks and fucks dick on midnight bikini. I listen in to their conversation. "When are we having our party?" "I'm not sure. It looks like Debbie started to make cakes for us." "She says she has a really special present for us to share." reveals Billy. "Ha! She says that she has two really special presents for me." Jenny seems clueless, but the boys suddenly look at me with askance.

I just smile and it dawns on them. Then they look at each other and smile. They know that they're getting Jenny and they're plotting on claiming her virginity before nightfall. "I hope you like your presents." verbalizes Bobby. They go on eating in silence. All three are pensive. Late Saturday afternoon I finish making the cakes and get the party stuff ready. I then go off to find the kids. I find them in my room. Billy and Bobby are tying Middle age bi frottage and cum head knots on each of her ankles.

Jenny is dressed in shorts and a blouse and she's already got knots on her wrists with ropes hanging from them. "What are you guys up to?" "The boys are making me knots just like the ones you had at the beginning of the summer." "Yea.

It's our first present for Jenny." "Have you got more presents for me?" "I think so," smiles Bobby. The knots are nearly complete. "Uhhh. Jenny, those boys put those knots on me so they could tie me to the bed and fuck me repeatedly, and I could not prevent them from doing that." Jenny looks shocked, "What?

Oh my god! Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you warn me? Help me get them off!" She starts to pull at the knots. "I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want anyone to know. How do you think I got pregnant?" "Did you do that to Debbie?" she asks the boys with a flash of anger.

"Maybe," says Bobby "And we don't regret it," responds Billy. "Debbie? What's going to happen here? Make them stop!" "OK boys. Let's slow down. You can wait until Jenny is ready. I was going to give you to each other to be secret girlfriend yanks alice whyte spreads wide and humps her hitachi boyfriends presents, but you guys don't deserve her. "Yea. I'm a virgin, and I'm going to stay that way," says Jenny.

"OK Boys, time to get out," I demand. The boys look at each other, and then push me into the closet. I hear a click and realize that I'm locked and the key is being removed. I bang the door a bit yelling at them, but then look to the keyhole. I can only see the bed. Jenny looks pissed and decides to make a run for it, but it's too late.

The boys grab her ropes and start to wrap them around the four posts of the bed. "No. No. Let me go! I told you that I'm not yet ready. Debbie! Help me get away." "You have no right!

Let me go," she insists as she pulls at the ropes. Jenny is not as strong as I am and I see that this is going to go badly for her. They give her the impression that she's going to get away, but then check her motion. They then slowly start to reign her in.

She pulling hard, but it's no use. "You bastards. Let me go. Let me GO!" They pull her in some more. She's putting up a good struggle, but the boys have her flat on her back in little time and she's tied to all four posts.

The boys start to adjust the length of each rope to make them as loose as possible, but yet still restrain Jenny. They want her loosely restrained though wholly helpless to prevent their advances and well placed kisses. They clearly want her to be able to thrash about. I am wondering if Jenny is going to enjoy this? I'm watching. "Oh my god!" Jenny exclaims when she realizes that she's helpless to prevent whatever the boys want to do. She knows that they want to do a lot to her.

"It should be my decision whether to lose my virginity," stammers Jenny. "OK Jenny, we'll take a tally. Your mouth gets one vote, your nipples get one vote and your vagina gets one vote," states Bobby. "I say no. No!" "Well, that the vote of her mouth. Let's see what her nipples say." "No. No. Don't touch me." And with that the boys start to unbutton her blouse and push it open to her shoulders.

They then bring out the pinking shears and cut the bra so it can play or fuck teen with ayumi anime easily removed. "My nice new bra!" Jenny complains. The boys remove the bra and each takes half. The boys then each lean over a breast plants a little kiss, and then kiss her nipples.

"Hi cute breasts. It's time for you to vote. Do you want to fuck?" Her nipples stand as erect as possible. "That looks like a 'yes' vote to me." "Most definitely." "Ohhh. They don't." "That makes it a tie vote." "Time for the tie breaker." The boys then cut off her shorts. "My nice new shorts!" It seems Jenny is losing her new clothes.

The boys then gently rub her legs and her hips. Jenny starts to shake a bit. The shears are used once more to part her panties and Jenny is now fully exposed below the waist with an open blouse above.

"Hi cute little blonde pussy. Time for you to vote. Do you want to fuck?" "No. It doesn't!" Billy places a finger gently between her outer folds and brings it out completely wet. "Hmmm. It is very wet." "That looks like a 'yes' vote to me!" "For sure. Fucking wins, 2 votes to 1." "No. No. I demand a recount," asserts Jenny. "OK Billy, let's give her a recount," states Bobby with a wink pointing at her breasts.

Billy catches on and goes to work on her breasts and nipples. He's fondling her left breast and nipple with one hand and her right breast has both is mouth and a hand. "Oh my god. Hotty is team fucked nicely hardcore blowjob my god!" Bobby start to go to work on her cunt.

At first he's gently pulling apart her outer labia and then goes on to her inner labia. She's feeling this intently and starts to move her hips in a futile attempt to get away. It's no good and Bobby continues with his ministrations. He then inserts his tongue and that goes to her clitoris. "Unnhh! Unhhh! Stop! It's too much! Oh my god!" Jenny is frantic and thrashing about.

"Shall we stop?" ask Billy. Both boys stop. Jenny sits there shaking near orgasm. "Stop! No. Don't stop. Oh my god!" "What do you want us to do?" "Oh. Oh. Just do it!" "I don't know.

What else do you want us to do?" "What do you mean?" pants Jenny. "What do you want us to do to you afterward?" "Oh my god! Oh my god. Do what you have to do." "OK. The result of the recount is three votes to none. We shall fuck her." "Ohh. No. no." pants Jenny still in a preorgasmic state. "Not so fast. We must blindfold you." "Why? Why can't I see you?" "Because you will never know which of us will actually claim your viginity," explains Bobby.

"The gift is better that way. It's from both of us equally," states Billy. "I see the wisdom," appreciates Jenny. The boys get the blindfold and Jenny allows them to place it over her. The boys then get their cameras and take a few pictures. "You bastards. Stop taking pictures of me!" The boys strip and each has a ready erection. I'm wondering how they're going to decide who gets Jenny first. They look over at the closet, and in a moment, I can see nothing more.

"You can wait in darkness Debbie. If you're good, we may have something for you to enjoy too." I decide to not respond. The room is silent. "Are you ready?" "No. N. Maybe so. Please be gentle." "Who is on me?" "Oh my god! No. Stop! It hurts! Ahhh.

Oh. Slowly! Wait. OK. It's better." "That feels so good! I never knew it would feel so good!" "I want to hug you. Release my arms" "No." "Unnhh.

Unnnh&hellip." I can hear Jenny making all sorts of noises. One of the twins is quietly fucking her. "God Jenny, you feel so good. You look so good!" I hear a boy pant.

"Yea she does look good getting fucked with only fucking sunny leon xxx vidoes open blouse." I hear the other say. "Unnh. Unnh." Jenny makes an inarticulate reply. More sounds. Jenny is grunting louder "Unnh! Unnh!!" "Here it comes!" They are both cumming.

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"My god. That was so intense."
"You get to do it again" "Oh. Not yet. Let me rest." "No rest for the wicked." "It's sensitive. Oh my god!" I'm guessing that the other twin has penetrated her in a major way. "You feel just as good. Are you going to make me come too?" "Yes. And fill you full of sperm too." "Oh my god. I didn't think. Not sperm. No." They stop talking and get down to hard fucking. Both are making erotic fucking sounds and soon both climax together.

"Oh. Oh! I'll never be the same." I hear Jenny exclaim. The door opens. Bobby is letting me out as Billy is untying Jenny. I phoenix marie vs alexis adams see a large puddle of come mixed with a little blood beneath Jenny. Jenny has a tired smile on her face and looks at me. It's hard to tell what she's thinking. I go to clean up the mess with a washcloth.

The boys are gone. I wipe up the mess and then wipe off the stuff running down her skin. She shakes as I briefly wipe her vagina. "Oh. Be careful there. It's a bit tender." "Sorry. And sorry for getting you into this if you weren't ready." "No. I'm glad. This was more than I imagined it would be, and I've got boyfriends. I always wanted a nice boyfriend.

Now I have two!" "Yes. They're quite good stunning brooke rides on a massive member making love. I get them off by squeezing their dicks." "What do you mean?" "Use the muscles in your vagina. I drives them crazy." "Really?" "Try it next time one of them penetrates you." "OK.

Cool." We continue with small talk. Sister talk. The boys return. They are both erect and obviously ready for more. Jenny looks at me. "On your knees! Both of you… up on the bed." Jenny has a shocked look on her face, but then we both silently comply. My shorts are quickly removed.

"Face the headboard." "Put your hips together." "Move back to the edge of the bed." "Spread your legs apart." We comply again. We spread our legs apart, but our hips become separated. "Kiss each other." "Wait…" "Just do it." I look at Jenny. She looks at me. We are both submissive and give each other a small kiss and then stop. "Don't stop kissing." We start to kiss again. Her flesh against mine all the way down our bodies is very arousing.

"Use your tongues." We comply. We're kissing passionately. I'm getting all wet again. I suddenly feel a dick shoved into my vagina. I hear Jenny grunt and guess that she's getting the same treatment.

The dick slams into me and I lurch forward, but my kiss does not break. It seems that Jenny has been slammed forward son rep moms xx oron story with equal strength. "Unnnh," Jenny grunts. I guess I'm grunting too. I break the kiss and start to talk. "Squeeze time," I whisper to Jenny.

"Yes," she whispers back. "We said don't stop kissing." We start to kiss again. "Switch," I hear one boy say. I have no idea who is in me. Suddenly my cunt is empty, but then it's quickly refilled. I know it's a different boy. Jenny grunts again as she's also refilled. I start to squeeze like crazy. Both boys are making noises. "God. She's squeezing me." "Mine is too." "Really. Is she good at it?" "Yea. It's great." "Switch." The boys switch again. I squeeze when I'm empty and try to make entry challenging.

"Uhh. Uhhh." Both boys are near the limit. In another moment we are both being filled with their junk. Neither of us girls have orgasmed, and the boys notice. "On your backs. Hips together." We comply. Jenny is on my left. Bobby takes my left hand and puts in on Jenny's cum filled cunt. Jenny's right hand is placed on my cum filled cunt. "Rub and kiss." "I'm not so sure about this…" "Just do it." We do so, and the boys just watch. "Rub the sweet spot," is demanded.

I assume he means her clitoris. Mine is being rubbed. Jenny and I are working up a rhythm and a sweat. I sense she's about to come, and I am too. We come together. We look up and the boys are smiling.

They've got huge erections. Now they're climbing on top of us and shoving their dicks in. Bobby is in me. The four of us are close packed. There's no distance between any of us. An utter sexual frenzy commences and it goes on for five full minutes before both boys and Jenny cum again.

We're all exhausted. The boys retreat to the bathroom and then depart. "Am I a lesbian?" asks Jenny. "No way. Doing what the boys want does not make you a lesbian.

Just relax and enjoy." "ok." Saturday evening The kids are exhausted and all are taking well deserved naps. I'm feeling horny again from all of the activity, and I decide to seek relief. Bobby was most active on me, so I'm hoping that Billy might have something left for me.

I go to his room, remove all of my clothes, and climb into his bed with him. He's naked as usual, and I start to work on creating an erection I can use to get myself off. My mouth goes to his penis, and I start to work my magic. Billy stirs and then looks to see who has got him. I hope he's not disappointed that it's not Jenny. My continued sucking and use of my tongue have got him growing. In another minute, he's hard enough for me and I quickly move to straddle his torso and to direct the fresh erection into my ready vagina.

God this feels good. I rock my hips and slide him in and out.

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His erection becomes much more firm. He then pushes me off of him and rolls me onto my back. In this position he reenters me and takes control. He thrusts hard and pushes his pubis bone into my clitoris. It really does feel good. "Take all of this!" he says. In the midst of this great fucking I can hear the door downstairs.

Edward must be home. His meeting must have ended a day early. That can only mean success and that things were resolved. This is an unexpected surprise, but it's not a big enough surprise to cut short an exceptionally nice fucking.

I continue to pull at Billy's ass and he continues to drive deep into me. We go on for another 10 minutes or so as I come to two delightful orgasms. After finishing with Billy, I decide to go see my husband home from his trip. Maybe he wants a quickie or something too. I also need to warn him that Debbie is sleeping nearly naked in our bed with just an open blouse. I go downstairs to look for him and cannot find him anywhere.

Then I finally walk into our bedroom, and suddenly realize that I am just a wee bit too late. Edward is naked and on the bed behind Jenny and is just starting to slide his thick cock into Jenny's pussy from behind.

His hands are roaming the ventral side of her torso and he starts to play with her tits and then her nipples. Jenny is starting to stir. Edward is working it in. Her cunt is so sticky and wet from the work of the boys, that Edward isn't having much difficulty getting it in a bit more.

He trusts again and then again. Jenny groans and starts to complain. Soon he is in as far as he can be and he's starting to grunt a bit as he begins to pound her.

I'm really enjoying this show. God, it looks so erotic! But I'm not sure I should let it continue. "Hi honey. Did you have a nice trip?" I enquire. "Oh my god!" exclaims Edward. "I thought this was you sleeping. Who the hell am I fucking?? Oh my god!" He stops his pounding and looks like he's been caught in the cookie jar. "You happen to be enjoying my very cute 16 year old sister, Jenny."
"Oh my god.

Please forgive me. You must know that I would never cheat on you." "And why not? I cheat on you nearly every day with those horny twins of yours." "That's different.

I don't consider that cheating. Unnhh. Uhhh. Do I have to stop? Unnnhhh." "Well, you really ought to. Let's ask Jenny." Jenny speaks. "Billy? Bobby? Who's got me this time? Ahhh. Ahhh. You feel awfully big." She tries to look to see who's fucking her and then notices my husband deep within her cunt. Edward has stopped thrusting, but he's still holding onto her hips firmly. "Ahhh. Help! Ahhh." exclaims Jenny. She's struggling to get away, but Edward hangs on preventing her departure.

Then she sees me. "Debbie? Debbie? What's going on? Why… Why is my brother-in-law fucking me?" I go over to her and put a gentle hand on her face. Edward, once again, starts to slowly slide his penis part way out and then hottie using dildo to anal masturbation on webcam it all the way in again. His fingers start to play with her clitoris.

"Edward came home a bit early, and he mistook you for me. We look too much alike when horizontal in a bed with a thin sheet covering fat granny dominika takes cock in doggy style bodies. I believe it was an honest mistake." "Ahhh.

Why is his penis still in me. Aaaack." "Maybe no one has asked him to remove it." Edward is now holding her hips firmly with one arm, and the other hand continues to play with her clitoris. She certainly cannot be indifferent to this sensation.

"Unnh. Unnnh." Jenny grunts incoherently. I reach down and gently start to caress her nipples. "Unnnh! Unnnh!" Jenny continues with even more noise. "Well Edward, that doesn't sound like a request for removal to me." Edward isn't saying anything.

He's just pounding away and enjoying this unexpected treat to the fullest. Jenny is now lost in her pleasure and I'm guessing that she would let nearly anyone take Edward's place and fuck her to multiple orgasms. I lie down next to Jenny and kiss her on her forehead as I now start to caress both of her breasts.

She suddenly turns her face upwards to me and kisses me full on the lips in a not so sisterly fashion. I'm surprised that I'm returning this kiss, but I am. The rhythmic pounding she's taking from her nether region is giving this kiss a rare pulsation. Jenny then reaches out and grabs at my tits too. Jenny is grunting.

Her clitoris and both nipples are getting quite a lot of attention. It seems that both Edward and Jenny both approaching an utter crisis. They are both making a lot of noise. Jenny is trying to thrash about but her hips are being held firmly in place by both of Edward's arms. Edward stops pumping and thrusts his penis in as far as it can go and holds it there firmly as he starts to deposit his seed in as far as he can place it.

His body is undergoing multiple jerks and I can tell that he's depositing quite a lot. He has a look of ecstasy on his face. This is all just too much for Jenny and she starts to come hard.

She is not quiet and her body jerks for a while too. We all stop to catch our breaths. I look up and notice that the twins have been watching intently. Both boys are naked and it seems that their batteries are recharged. Both have rather large erections. Edward sees them and quickly unplugs and pulls Jenny onto her back. He seems to have figured out that Jenny thinks she belongs to them.

Jenny ignores being pulled onto her back and continues to kiss me in her state of post orgasmic bliss. But I know what's coming and I roll onto my back too right next to Jenny. Bobby climbs onto me and Billy climbs onto Jenny and we're both penetrated simultaneously. Jenny takes a break from kissing me and says hi to Billy by grabbing at his ass and pulls him in hard.

I follow her lead and pull in Billy hard. They both twins start to pump like crazy while kissing our nipples. I look over at Jenny and she turns and starts to kiss me some more.

Edward stands off to the side of the bed and just takes this sight with complete amazement. The boys are working hard. Jenny and I are both breathing hard and continuing our kiss becomes difficult. Both of our nostrils are flaring with heavy breathing. God! I am coming and I can sense that Jenny is also coming. Her eyes are closed. The boys are also done and both are squirting what remains of their seminal reserves into the two of us.

We lay there quietly for a bit. I see Jenny open her eyes and look directly into mine and she starts to blush. "Oh Debbie. I cannot believe it. What a weekend I've had!" "It's just what you needed. And it's not over yet." "Oh god. What more is coming?" "The boys want to teach you a few more things tomorrow. Right boys?" "Yes Mom. Whatever you say." They are both grinning.

The boys then make a slow retreat. "Goodnight all." Edward is now sporting a large erection and starts to climb onto Jenny. Jenny is already well fucked, but she makes no protest and then she wraps her arms around him. He enters her again, but this time from the front. He slides in and out of her for about 10 minutes. He's in heaven and Jenny takes it all without complaint. I just lie there and watch things progress. Sure enough, Jenny is in action once again and both are reaching their ultimate climaxes for the evening as they are kissing each other with passion.

I turn off the light and pull up the covers as the three (plus a third) of us prepare for sleep on the large bed with Jenny in the middle. Sunday morning I awake with the feel of vibrations in the bed. I look around and notice Jenny sitting on top of my husband and she is clearly riding him gently.

He is reaching up and fondling her C-cup breast as she works up a continuous rhythm. Neither seems to be in a rush, and both are just enjoying the act in the early morning just-awake state. "Jenny? What are you doing to my husband?" "Uhhh. He makes me feel so good."
"Yea. That's why I pretty chick alexis fawx wanted a meaty cock him." "Why don't you run off and play with someone your own age and let me take care of my husband." "Nah.

Go find your own fuck toy." "Is that so? HEY BOYS! ARE YOU AWAKE!" I yell. "Jenny starts to move with more vigor on my husband. She's trying to get off on his thick dick. The twins stumble to the door with sleep in their eyes. "What is it Mom?" "Will you haul off this cute piece of ass to your rooms and do what you want to her?"
"Anything you say Mother dear." Jenny is now tightly clasping Edward and he's enjoying the show.
"No. No. Nooo.

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Leave me alone." Jenny yells still working up a more frantic ride. Billy grabs her upper torso and uses her two breasts as handles and Bobby grabs her hips and lifts her off the large penis she is craving. "No! NO! I'm not done yet! No!" "Sorry cutie, now you belong to us." She's struggling to get back on Edward, but I have already taken her place and the thick erect penis is moving into me.

That was easy. She already got it really hard and wet for me. I love this feeling. I'm really going to enjoy this ride. "Nooo. Ahhk. Damn you Debbie!" Jenny is protesting. Bobby wipes lubrication from her cunt and quickly coats her anus. In a flash he's behind Jenny and starts to insert his penis into her ass. Billy has turned her around and, while standing, has pushed her cunt down onto his penis.

"Aaaack. What are you doing? Nannh. Get it out! Get it out! Debbie! Debbie! Look what they're doing to me! Aaaah!" "Well, I told you that they could teach you something. I suggest creampie on sweethearts hot knockers hardcore blowjob let them complete the lesson. Take her out of here boys." "Yes Mother." "Naaah! Aaaannhhhh!" The boys start to shuffle out of the room with double plugged Jenny stuck between them.

It's not clear whether she's trying to get away, or trying to maximize her pleasure, but she's wiggling all about between the twins. I'm guessing that they're making her feel great. I go back to concentrating on my husband.

We share a good laugh and then a share good orgasm. "I think the pretty babe india summer in hot threesome anal sex with teen bella have found a new girlfriend." "She's such a real cutie and such a good fuck. May I continue to fuck her when she comes over to visit?" "Maybe.

Let me ask the boys and let me talk to Jenny. Did you pull her on top of you this morning?" "No. That was all her. I was still asleep when she climbed on top of me." "Hmmm. What have we created?" I get up and shower, get dressed and plan to start to make some breakfast.

I check on the boys. There they are lying side by side on Bobby's bed with Jenny in the middle. This time Billy is knocking on the back door and Bobby is banging on the front door.

They are working up quite a sweat. "Hi Jenny. Good morning." I tease. "Uhhn. Go away!" "Are my boys bothering you?" "Uhhhn. Oh my god!" "Well, if you ever get finished, come on down for breakfast." "Uhhhnnn." An hour later, the three of them slink down to breakfast.

Jenny looks a bit haggard, but is very nicely dressed. "So, what are you three planning to do today?" "I haven't thought about that," states Jenny. It seems that her mind has been on other things. "I thing we should do some more swimming," states Bobby. "And after that we can teach Jenny all about oral sex while she works on her tan." suggests Billy "Oh my god!" exclaims Jenny.

"You're a lucky girl, Jenny." "Yea. I know," she grins at me. Epilogue Jenny and the boys spend the rest of the weekend getting to know each other better.

They are well matched for each other. On Monday morning Debbie takes Jenny to a clinic and puts her on the pill. They decide to not tell their mother anything about the weekend except that Jenny is getting along better with the boys. Their mother is curious about exactly sunny leone xxx sex hot storys download that means… Debbie asks her mother if Jenny can come over and be her regular helper.

Jenny becomes a regular visitor after school, but instead of helping Debbie, she just helps herself to twins and helps them cum a lot. They also study a lot together and her schooling improves. Jenny has dumped her scheming 'best friend'. Debbie makes sure Jenny moves up to better classes and Jenny finds a whole new batch of friends, including some rather cute sweet and innocent girls that Jenny wants to keep away from her twins…(part 3 anyone?).

If Jenny is still around when Edward comes home, he tries to catch her alone and she doesn't make it very hard for him to do so. When that happens, he forces his fat erect penis into her waiting vagina and they go at it until they both orgasm.

Edward really looks forward to his bouts with his sister-in-law. Jenny becomes the most fucked girl in her entire school, but everyone there still thinks she's a sweet and innocent virgin. Barbarian Dogwoggle