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Handjobs clips massage free cfnm handjob
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My name is Ryan and when I was growing up I would go over to my neighbour's house after school until my parents got home from work. My neighbour Jessica was in her 30's and single which was probably why my parents and her liked to hang out. I loved it there because she would look after me like I was her son and i would play video games and watch TV while i was there.

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As I grew up I saw less and less of her as my parents trusted me more, when I began puberty i started seeing her in a diffrent way instead of her being the loving other - mother of mine i started seeing her as this sexy woman who i fantisized about. Jessica was now in her early 40's with chestnut hair down to her shoulders and 30DD breasts which were firm since she had never had kids of her own.

It was my parents anniversery this following weekend and they were going away for 3days so they left me with Jessica seeing as most of my family lives far away I was 16 at this time It was the morning and my parents had just left and i was just doing a few lenghts of the pool when Jessica nicole aniston has a perfect ass tube porn in.

"Hey, watch were you're diving!" "Sorry, Ryan I was bored round the house so I thought I would come join you, is that Okay?" "Yer, thats fine" She was wearing a red bikini which didnt leave much to the imagination and i was just wearing some swimming shorts I had an athletic body and was keeping fit for a swimming competition later in the summer Jessica was quite fit too in both senses of the word she could keep up with me but gave up and went to the shallow end I joined her, she was catching her breath "Wow.

You're quite the good swimmer" "Well i'm practicing for the competition later this summer" "I'm sure you'll win" She laughed. "Why don't we go into the house and get dry?" "Your place or mine?" I asked jokingly. She blushed "Well you can come over and I'll fix us something up to eat" "Sounds like a plan" We walked into her house through her patio doors.

Jessica's house was the same size as our house but it seemed a lot bigger because there wasn't as much junk in her house she had her living room joined to her kitchen so we sat in there and ate.

"Why don't we put on a DVD till it cools down outside" "Okay" At this point I was in my swimming shorts and she was in her bikini and we were sat at either end of her three seater couch I young hot kamilla screwed well in the kitchen off and turned on her TV and DVD player It started playing a porn film "OH Shit!" She went as red as her bikini and jumped down to turn it off "I'm so so sorry about that, please don't tell your parents" "Don't worry about it, I've seen better" I joked she was still embarresed and quickly put on another film we carried on eating our lunch but i noticed the effect that film had had on me and with me wearing swim shorts it was quite visable.

I must of dozed off because now it was dark outside I walked into the kitchen to see Jessica in pajamas which were just some skipmy pink shorts and a red T shirt she wasn't wearing a bra because i could see her nipples through the fabric "Hey sleepy head".

"Uh Hey, what times is it?" "It's almost 10pm" "Wow I have been asleep for a long time" "Must have been all that swimming you've been doing. I'm just making some supper, why don't you bring over some bedding and we can camp down in the living room and put on some scary films" "That sounds great" I didn't really want to sleep on my own seen as it was my first night alone and the idea of me sleeping in my boxers next to Jessica got my blood pumping in more then one way.

It didn't take us long to set up the bedding in her living room I was wearing boxers and a T shirt. Jessica had brought down a king sized mattress and a sleeping bag which was the same make as teacher and stident xxxx blue film com so they could be attached.

She came in with supper and some films, we settled down and watched the film i laid with my back up against the coush and she laid down, from were i was sat i could see up her top. The film finished, Jessica got up and turned the film off and i took my shirt off "Ooo were you expecting something big boy?" I blushed "Sorry I always sleep with my shirt off, I hope it's not a problem" "No, none at all" We got into bed and fell asleep, I hadn't been really fallen asleep when i started hearing these noises coming from Jessica I looked over and saw her with her eyes tightly shut I looked down to see her fondling her breasts and her other hand between her legs I was shocked.

I had never seen a naked woman before, Well I had seen porn but this was completly diffrent this was the real thing my cock stood to attention. Jessicas eyes opened and by this point I was trying to get as much of a look in as i could I didn't even noticed her eyes were open when she spoke "Do you mind". I was terrified it took it all out of me to speak. "I'm s.sorry" "Please don't tell your parents!" As she came round in full awareness of what she had done, I was still shocked.

"N. no I won't I. p.promise" She gently rubbed my arm "Go back to sleep" I blurted out "Take Your time" "Why, you little pervert" I got back into my bed and went back to sleep but after seeing her beautiful body them big firm tits and that juicy pussy that was almost shaved complete apart from a little bit of hair above all these wonderful fantasys were running through my head.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of muffling noise next to me so I got up leaving Jessica asleep and I went to take a shower, having been in her house as a kid I knew were to go there were two showers one in her ensuite and one at the end of the landing near the guest bedroom but her shower had jets and was more powerful so I chose that one I turned the water on slipped down my boxers and got in.

I was feeling horny after last night so i thought I could jerk off to the sight of her body in my mind, it took me a while to get soaped up and hard I didn't even hear Jessica come in the bathroom.

I was stood there in her shower completly naked as the day i was born when I felt a cold hand on my shoulder, I imdiatly span round to see Jessica in all her glory but - naked I tried to cover what I was doing but she just laughed and I asked her "Wh.

What are you doing?!" "I thought I'd come and check what you was doing" "Well I'm having a shower, I hope you don't mind" "Not at all, besides I need a shower to we mgiht aswel go together" I was stunned at the words, the shower itself could handle at leasst three people in with room left over so it wasn't a problem but what was a problem is I still had an erection so I offered to stand behind her.

My cock fully erect was about 7" I was about average I was just day dreaming about her when suddenly "Ryan can you soap up my back please" I started rubbing her back till it was done then she turned around to wash it off, I was in awe I didn't even think of trying to hide my erection "Oh dear Ryan what have we here" "err.err" "Well I can't get washed with that in the way now, can I?" I just stood there speechless as she slowly got on her knees and started licking my shaft and my balls.

Jessica took her hand and started pumping up and down my shaft while sucking the end off "Uuuuh god Jessica that feels sooo good" she stopped for a moment before I was about to cum. "Seen as you're enjoying it so much I think I want some" She walked out of the shower through her bedroom into the guest bedroom I followed her she turned around kissed me passionatly and jumped back stretching a taut anal opening hardcore blowjob to the double size guest bed "Come on then" I jumped on my back onto the bed we laid there for a moment in silence until Jessica got up on her knees and pulled we to my side and started kissing me she pulled herself on top of me and slowly pushed the end of my cock into her hot wet pussy, her juices made it glisten she was tight really tight like she was a virgin.

She stayed there in silence with her eyes closed for a moment and slowly started squatting up and down on my shaft picking up speed I helped by thrusting and we got into a rythm. Fuck was this good, I had been dreaming about this for ages I couldn't believe it was happening I didn't want it to end.

Jessica got off me and laid on her back and told me to get on top of her as I did I began thrusting knowing that I was soon going to ejaculate and didn't know if she wanted me to so I carried on thursting "oh my god Ryan! Harder! Faster! Deeper!" She squirting ho facial bbc interracial and big dick out like she was this sex maniac I gave her all I could "Uuuuuuuuuuuh fuck yes. Ryan fuck me fuck me harder Ryan oh god yehhhhhh" Them words pushed me over the edge "I'm cumming!" we laid on our backs next to each other panting like dogs trying to catch our breath.

"That was fucking awesome" Jessica laugh and put her arm around my chest holding me tightly I turned to her and hugged I kissed her forhead and rubbed up against her "Whats going to happen now" I asked worrying a little bit. "Did you enjoy it?" "Are you having a laugh" "Well then theres no reason for beautiful indian and foreign girl lesbian sex to stop is there?" I laid there with a smile on my face.

Jessica got up and finished her shower I soon followed knowing that this weekend was going to be fun. As the weekend was ending I gathered my stuff and took it back to my house I thought how things were going to change. My parents got home later in the afternoon looking a lot happier with themselves they invited Jessica over for dinner they had bought her some expensive wine and this thing in a package. We sat around the table chatting when I brought in her gifts she started to open the package when my mum intervened "Oh no, you won't need to open that now" "It's fine, I can't wait to see it anyway" Jessica opened the package to see a birght pink vibrator she laugh and I burst out laughing to which my dad wasn't amused "Now Ryan shut up".

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It was about 11pm and my parents had gone to bed after a day of travelling they were tired and jet lagged so I snook out of the house and over to Jessicas I knocked on the patio doors she jumped out her skin when she saw me "Jesus Ryan you scared me half to death" "Sorry, have you tried your gift out yet" "Why would I need to try it out when I you?" "Well did you want to use it now?" "Err. Yes of course" She ran upstairs with me behind her we quickly stripped down to our underwear and we got into the 69 position when we heared a knock at the door, Jessica ignored it but they knocked again so she put on her dressing gown straightened her hair and ran downstairs I could hear but I couldn't see who it was "Oh hi Jessica I was wondering if you had seen Ryan" Oh shit it was my mom.

"Yeh he's here" "Oh good as long as he isn't places where he shouldn't be" "Why don't you come in we was going to watch a film" "Well I can't get to sleep with him snoring" I quickly got changed and ran downstairs "Hey mom" I was sat on the chair opposite where my mom and Jessica were sat during the film I saw m mom and Jessica getting close to each other.

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Fuck was this what I think was happening?! I saw Jessicas hand slip out oh her dressing gown arm and on to my moms thigh she slightly jumped and moved her hand on to Jessicas thigh.

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My mom went into her kitchen saying she need to get a glass Jessica followed her, I snook into the kitchen and peaked around the door to see Jessica with her dressing gown ont he floow and on her knees with my moms hands round the back of her head. Fuck me I thought.