Frankie asked amy if he could eat her ass for a few minutes

Frankie asked amy if he could eat her ass for a few minutes
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I didn't have to come out, everyone since 5th grade all new I liked it both ways. But I always made people think that I did it all. Now in 8th grade, all I've ever really done is kiss a few people, finger my old girlfriend and even got to jack my cousin off once. Since I grew up with everyone I didn't get that teased for liking what I liked, just called a slut once in awhile which I didn't mind because I'm in the top 5% of our class. Instead of playing sports, I'm on the student body and chorus.

I've got emo length hair and stand at only 5'7, 120lbs dripping wet(which my dick is all the time), but I also take judo with my buddies and they seemed to like a "queer" friend. It also helped that my best friend, Marc, is the big time soccer guy. Already a ripped 5'10 dude at 13 (and still growing) Marc has his pick of the girls at our school. Funny though as he liked to date them, he says he can't fuck them. When the guys talk about chicks, they always somehow come to me and ask how I do what I do.

So I make magical brunett sharee in gang do amazing on polish with gang the dirtiest stories I can think of to outdo their experiences. I like the attention and the eagerness in their eyes.

In my head, I imagine them gang banging me so hard and coming all over my face. But it never really gets there… On Halloween, no one was surprised when I went to school as one of my favorite female final fantasy characters.

The guys walk to school together and to my surprise they kept sneaking in little ass spanks while we walked. They had dressed up as home made transformer characters so they acted like they were attacking my ass. I had to hide my love for it and kept telling them to "quit it" all the while trying to keep my boner from growing in the short skirt. Math first period, usually puts me to sleep, but everyone kept staring at me. I noticed a note being passed throughout class and when it got to me it was a drawing of me sucking dick and people adding little comments.

I shrugged and made a fake motion of fellatio that made everyone laugh. 2nd period was Spanish and Mr. Gonzales wrote out a sentence saying "El vestido de Christina es muy bonito!" and being the only Chris/Christina, everyone pointed and laughed.

I gave everyone the finger and was told to stay after class instead of going off to nutrition. Being Marc's soccer coach, I knew Mr. Gonzales pretty well.

I used to consider joining soccer just to see him in his coach/soccer outfit since he's got the most muscular legs I've ever seen not to mention a fat ass! He told me to sit down and asked if I realized that my outfit would attract negative attention.

I said I thought I looked great and loved the attention. He stood directly in front of me with his crotch at eye level and asked "attention from who?" Without taking my eyes off of his basket, I immediately blurted megan rain fighting and porn by step brother "you".

I looked up to see him smile while he came closer.

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He brushed my hair out of my eyes and with the touch my dick seemed to instantly get rock hard. Straight in front of me I saw a thick bulge develop in his slacks. Instinctively, I reached to unbutton his pants.

Mr. Gonzales chuckled and said "muy bueno". After unzipping him and lowering his pants, I smelt the wonderful musk of his manhood.

Adorable girl receives hardcore slit plowing russian and blowjob reached into the slit of his boxers and was amazed by his fat half-hard uncut cock. Licking the tip, I pulled his foreskin back and started to work him into my mouth.

My own prick was straining in the nylons I had under my dress. As he guided my head and slowly pulled in and out of my mouth, he grew to what I'm sure was about 9 inches. I could tell because the classroom desk table/chair I was sitting in no longer was an issue between us.

I was having a fun time massaging his huge hairy balls while blowing his fat dick when he stopped me told me to get up onto his front desk. As I sat up on it, he said "que bonita you are" and positioned me laying on my back with my head hanging off the side. Before I realized it, he slapped me in the face with that thick cock and gave me an eyeful off ballsack. I savored in the musk as he worked his shaft down my throat.

He nearly had his whole member in me when I came in my skirt. I hadn't even been touched yet but the nylon had been making me feel good the whole time. I let out a deep moan as he face fucked me.

He caught wind of my ecstasy and erupted in sexy nicole alone whole day masturbating webcam masturbation beautiful back of my mouth, pumping a thick wad into my throat.

I couldn't get enough and swallowed the last drop as I milked him thoroughly. "Ahh gracias" he said while pulling out of my now sore mouth and jaw. I responded "anytime Mr. Gonzales" with a smile. The bell rang to end nutrition and he propped up his pants as I made my way to the door. Marc almost ran into coming into Spanish. We laughed and he gave me a lil spank on the way out. All day, they kept up the spanks and each time my cock would twitch with pleasure.

It was strange to feel so normally accepted by everyone, even on Halloween. During a bathroom break, I felt compelled to try the girls' bath room. I took more time getting in and out of my outfite than the actual urine release. Suzy, a friend from chorus, came in as I came out the stall.

"Well, look what we have here! The whore of the school!" she exclaimed with a wicked laugh. She seemed to get off calling me a whore when she's the bitch who's got the biggest knockers in school so I replied: "Whatever D cups" *SLAP* "Fuck you, you wish you had these" Saying this as she lifted her princess top and flashed me her melons.

Without hesitation, I pinched her left nipple. Suzy smiled and tried to swat my hand away only to reach my free hand and place it on her other breast. My boner sprung to life in my soiled nylons while fondling her titties. "Ah, I forgot I need to pee!" she said hurriedly and shuffled into a stall. With the stall door open, she lifted her princess skirt, sat, and began to pee.

I kept my eyes on her large erect nipples while I fished for my dick underneath my skirt and nylons. I approached her dick in hand and heard the sound of her tinkle. "I feel like a lesbian" she joked as she grabbed the head of my cock to draw me closer. "You do look pretty" she proclaimed before she licked my shaft to the tip. I played with her nipples and noticed she played herself while blowing me. Reaching down, I grabbed her hooters and pulled them around my hardon. Centering her nipples around me, I started fantastic bombshell flaunts big bum and gets anal pounded glide between her globs and still be able to catch the end of her tongue.

The sensation too much for me, I gave a few more thrusts titty fucking her and blew a load onto her chin and neck. I hadn't noticed she closed her eyes and was fingering herself furiously. UGHHAAHHH she exhaled wide-eyed. Right on queue, the bell rang for lunch and with a gleam in her eye she said "let's eat" A bustle of activity is always expected in the cafeteria but today was colorful with Halloween costumes.

Our annual costume contest was beginning and there was a buzz around me. The pinches and slaps on my ass hadn't slowed any and I had started to get a little sore. Unfortunately, Vice Principal Johnson noticed all the attention I was getting and stopped me on my way to the stage. "Chris, I'm surprised you haven't been sent to me already but I need you in my office immediately." The crowd booed but the old bald man heaved heavily behind me as my heels I borrowed from my whore sister clicked down the hallways.

With the administration at lunch, the offices were empty. Locking his door after me, he stated how inappropriate my costume was and thought to send me home. "Please Mr. Johnson, the day is almost over and I have a test next period!" I pleaded.

Sitting in front of him, I realized I was hurting from practically smashing my balls in so I tried to adjust them. He must've been staring at my crotch b/c he nearly shouted "And your wearing no underwear underneath that skirt?" I had thought that the nylons held me in pretty good, so what the fuck did I need panties for?

He reached for me and yanked my skirt up while forcing me to stand. "Mr. Johnson!" I exclaimed. "Do you have any idea, how much trouble you could get in if one of the girls complained about this?" he said rather muffled. It was then that I noticed him drooling. I hadn't even been able to take the situation hq porn jav liseli banyoda before realizing that he also had pulled my nylons down and began to jerk me.

Unable to react, I let him plant the wettest kiss on me. Curiosity getting the best of me I reached for his chub. Through his slacks I felt one of the thickest most fattest cocks ever. Far thicker than Mr. Gonzales', Principal Johnson's old prick stained his grey pants with heavy precum. He flipped me over aggressively over the leather chair and stuck his tongue right on my asshole. Of all things I've wanted to try, its was getting my salad tossed and my 13 year old five inch dick sprung to life instantly reacting to his rough old tongue.

"Yes Principal Johnson, eat me good!" He lapped down to my balls and back up to my pucker. My hole wet and comfortable he quickly slipped two fingers inside me. My ass was no stranger to my own fingers (I can practically fist myself on a good day) his long chubby digits filled me good.

After some shuffling, I felt his fat cock slide through my cheeks. Grinding and humping me; he hissed "I'm going to teach you what happens to little sluts who walk around teasing everyone like that." Now, I've fingered and fisted, tried to stuff anything phallic up me, but my cherry hadn't truly been popped.

Some fear trickled into me as the realization that this thick 6 ½ inch old man penis was going to tear me apart. He must have been oozing so much precum that the knob of his cock slid right into me. Resting just beyond his fat mushroom crown, my body seemed to be eager to swallow it whole. With slow thrusts, he eased fully in me in minutes.

"Yours is the sweetest and tightest ass I've had the pleasure of fucking," he stated. I didn't really care about whatever he said as I was in sweet oblivion and furiously jacking off. Vice Principal Johnson then started pounding me hard. His huge belly crushed me from behind and my sweat kept me stuck on the leather amazing blonde plunges herself with a dildo masturbate homemade. Pinned, my hole was in ecstasy and I shuddered with complete sensation because as he fucked me I was able to hump into the leather.

Much like while in the nylons, my cock exploded as the friction. The clench of my ass sent Mr. Johnson over and I could feel the hot jet of cum four eyed college slut flirting with her friend out of the old mans fat member.

Collapsing on me for a moment, I began to feel this thickness deflate and he plopped out of me. With complete disregard, he told me to get to class.

I stopped by a restroom to pamper and thankfully it was empty. Already late, I hurried to science where I had hoped not to me too late for the lab test I had with my partner Marc. I entered the lab w/o too much interference and made it before our teacher handed out the instructions for our test.

When I came next to Marc, he gave me a wink and said "Hey sexy" while patting my ass. We began our test but I couldn't concentrate as he kept smiling and talking me differently.

In his transformer outfit (which was just and half put together football uniform with card-board cut out drawings attached), he had a lot of skin bare and for every motion there was body contact. Where it was brushing against my hand & forearm to look at our instructions, our elbows and hips touching side by side, and in reaching over me to get supplies I felt his package against my bum. By the end of the test, I had to make sure my nylons held my woody back.

"Hope we passed" I said meekly to which he responded "I'm sure we're good. Hey, you wanna hang after my soccer practice? It'll be fun like old times!" All I could say was "for sure, I'm there" and we departed to our next periods. I had to run to the private bathroom for the special needs kids and cry. Once, long ago, he used to ask me to come to his soccer practices. After I came out officially as "bi" he the invitations stopped and I noticed he only asked girls he was interested in to go.

P.E. is my last class of the day. I was late to the locker room because of my pathetic breakdown. When I entered to the locker room the guys started clapping and cheering "STRIP, STRIP, STRIP!" it was the sexiest sight I could've imagine as almost everyone was in the middle of undressing themselves.

I couldn't help but smile and as I made my way to my locker all the dudes were groping me on my ass, my water bra, and some even reached for my crotch! The guys taunted me with come on's and two of my buds picked me up and put me on a bench in between a wide locker corridor.

With them all in their briefs, they chanted "STRIP, STRIP, STRIP!" So, I began to gyrate my hips and shimmy my shoulders provocatively.

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Layer by layer I stripped and each time I took an article off, I threw it in the face of a boy I thought was cute. Soon, I was down to my nylons and bra. It was no secret in my excitement but to my surprise some of the guys had taken out their boners and were whacking it. The ones who weren't already rubbing one out I danced to and grinded my ass on their growing pricks.

Making my way around each boy started really smacking my bottom. Forcefully laid upon the bench face down, they spanked me hard and by the time I was flipped over I was soon encircled by dicks! The glorious sounds of horny teens and the stench of testosterone filled my nostrils lured me to begin devouring one cock at a time.

Double fisting and mouth full, I made my way around the circle. In no time, strings of cum hit me all over my body and I tried to lick each head to further more spasms. I reveled in the moment only to hear the whistle of our lesbian P.E. teacher meaning to get out of the lockers. The guys took off and left me covered in jizz, which was fine by me. I took off my bra and left my nylons on as I showered for a moment.

By the time I joined the class they were already on their second lap around the field. I was exhausted by the time we got back to the lockers. The boys were all smiles whenever I passed by or made eye contact. Some even made suggestions as to how I should fix my outfit to be a little sexier. I took my with my make up and I eventually looked better than I had in the morning! By the time I was ready to leave, the locker room teen girl big boobs i am a dicksucker for a qb empty.

Feeling fresh, I made my way to the field and saw that soccer practice was already underway. When I got close enough they all gave a sexy whistle my way. I waved and made eye contact with Marc who winked and nodded toward the empty bleachers. Looking at the direction he nodded to, I saw a big orange Halloween pumpkin bucket seated at the top-middle section of the bleachers. I wondered what was inside the pail and cautiously approached it.

To my astonishment, it was simply full of my favorite candy: chocolate. Watching Marc practice, I ate piece by piece of chocolate while cheering his good plays. A layer into the bucket I noticed a note that read: "I. P.S.- some gifts we could use at the bottom of the bucket." Digging into the bucket with delight, I found condoms, lube, and a tiny plush jewelry case with an empty single ring slot. I wondered what this was for a moment that I didn't even notice a shadow above me.

When I looked up, Marc smiled down upon me and in his hand was a dainty silver ring. A quick peck on the cheek and he left me "gotta hit the showers." I sat there in the bleachers with amazed bewilderment as I watched the sunset; anticipating Halloween night.