Redhead eurstudent fucks doctor in fake hospital

Redhead eurstudent fucks doctor in fake hospital
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Mom's Hot Daughters CHAPTER ONE Brenda Walden was a beautiful red-headed divorcee with a strong penchant for fucking. She'd left her husband a few years ago because one man and one cock simply couldn't satisfy her.

Speeding along the highway magnetizing orall service job sensation blowjob amateur her two daughters in the car, Brenda was getting more and more excited as they approached San Francisco. Living in a rather small community where everyone seemed to know each other's business, Brenda often drove over to San Francisco for a few days of shopping so she could be fucked by a lot of strange new cocks.

For the past three years she'd brought her teenaged daughter, Sharon, along so she could enjoy a variety of cocks herself. It had started at Sharon's birthday party a few years before. The cute blonde youngster had been afraid when her mother found her fucking in the spare bedroom, but Sharon's shame disappeared later when she walked into the kitchen and found her mom giving a blow job to a man who'd come to pick up his little daughter from the party.

Since that night, neither mother nor daughter had had any qualms about fucking in front of each other. They often shared a bed with the same man and Brenda always took Sharon along on her San Francisco shopping sprees. This was the first time she'd ever brought little Kim with her, but after she had caught the mailman fucking the cute youngster last week, Brenda decided to include her in these sex excursions.

It was shortly before noon when they arrived in the city, and they registered at the hotel. Sharon and her mother decided to do some shopping before they went on the prowl that night for men, but little Kim elected to stay at the hotel and relax.

When her mother and sister had gone, Kim decided to take a shower. She'd just come out with a towel wrapped around her naked body when there was a knock on the door. Answering the door, Kim was shocked by the good looks of the young bellboy that entered. "Good afternoon. Is everything all right?" he asked, walking toward the bathroom. "I'm checking to see if you have enough towels." Kim had the same beautiful red hair as her mother and looked extremely cute with her hair falling down over her bare shoulders as she stood with the towel wrapped around her.

As Kim came out of the bathroom, the handsome bellboy couldn't help but notice the youngster's soft bare thighs exposed beneath the towel. He even momentarily contemplated about what a delicious piece of ass she would be when she grew up.

"There seems to be plenty of towels." He nervously smiled, his eyes still on her shapely young legs. Seeing the way he was looking at her, Kim suddenly wondered if she'd be able to seduce this handsome bellboy the way she had the mailman.

Smiling as she looked him straight in the eyes, she momentarily flipped the front of the towel open, giving him a glimpse of her cute little red-fringed pussy. "Did you like it?" she asked, her green eyes gio~ with mischief. "Like what?" he mumbled, embarrassed by the youngster's strange behavior. "My cunt, dummy," she giggled. "Did you like it?" The young man just stared at her, unable to believe a little girl would behave like this.

"Well?" she persisted. "I saw you looking. Did you like it?" "Yeah," he muttered. "I guess so." "Did it give you a hard-on?" she teased. "Don't be silly," he murmured. "Why should I get a boner looking at some little kid's snatch?" "Bet you did." she giggled. "Sorry," he answered, "but I didn't." "Prove it." "What?" he gasped. "Let me feel it," the girl continued, teasing him.

"Hell, no!" "Please?" She laughed, suddenly reaching over and grasping his crotch. "See, it's hard. I knew it was." A wild tremor raced through the young man's body at the feel of her soft little hand pressing against his throbbing cock. "Knock that shit off!" he snapped, pushing her fingers away. "Okay," she giggled, withdrawing her hand. "But this little kid's hot pussy sure got your prick hard." Without saying another word, the horny youngster dropped the towel to the floor, completely exposing her delicious naked body.

"Wanta touch my pussy?" she giggled, lewdly parting her juicy cuntlips with her fingers. Now wildly aroused, the young man just stared excitedly at the juicy flesh of her naked little cunt.

"Go ahead," she urged when he didn't answer. "Most guys love to touch my hot pussy." When he still didn't make a move, Kim reached down and took his unresisting hand and guided his finger into her steamy little juice-drenched cunt. As he began excitedly fucking his finger in and out of her slippery young cunthole, she wantonly screwed her pussy up tighter around his embedded finger. "See," she giggled. "My little cunt's ready for fuckin'." Now feverishly aroused, the young man stared excitedly at her firm young tits, crowned with big cherry-hard nipples.

Pulling his finger out of her slippery cunthole, he drew her delicious naked body into his arms, covering her swollen nipples with his eager mouth. While he sucked frantically on her tits, Kim reached down and opened his fly, gently taking his hard throbbing cock into her soft hands. "Gee, your cock feels good," she whispered, tenderly sliding the foreskin up and down over his rock-hard prickshaft.

"What's your name?" "Chuck," he answered, releasing her tit from his mouth. "What's yours?" "Kim," she whispered. "Now let's get in bed and see how naughty we can be." As the bellboy quickly undressed the horny little redhead threw her naked body' out on the bed. "Hurry," she whispered. "I sure need a fuck!" Chuck was idly stroking his thick hard-on while he stared at her hot moist cunt.

Aware of how much the handsome youth was enjoying the sight, she teasingly spread her thighs even farther apart, giving him a clear view of her open pussy. As the horny youngster unashamedly exposed her tight little cunthole to him, he stared at the sticky film of hot moistness along the slick pink flesh of her open pussylips. The slippery fuck juices that were oozing hotly out of her desire-swollen cunt told him just how ready she was to be fucked.

"Christ, you're cute." he panted, seeing the burning lust glowing in her big green eyes. Saying nothing, she coyly smiled at him, suggestively running the pink tip of her tongue around her moist parted lips.

"Come on, honey," young hot kamilla screwed well in the kitchen whispered, holding her arms out to him. "Fuck it to me!" He threw himself over her lovely naked body.

Their mouths melted softly together, their slippery tongues gliding hotly in and out between their panting lips while Kim passionately ground her steaming pussy against his hard loins. Her soft creamy thighs were clamped enticingly around one of his legs.

Chuck clung to her incredibly hot body. Her firm young tits flattened against his chest. Chuck could feel the beautiful youngster shivering from head to toe as his iron-hard cock throbbed insistently against her writhing belly.

Feeling his hot fuck fluids oozing out onto her stomach, Kim squirmed around beneath him until the underside of his prick was pressed down against her soft bush of pussy hair. Writhing her snatch up against him, she was stirring a wild passion in the youth's loins.

His jism-swollen balls seethed with an aching lust. Chuck pulled his tongue out of her sweet mouth and rested his face next to hers on the pillow. Reaching beneath her, he began fondling the soft orbs of her wiggly asscheeks. "Oooooh, honey," she whimpered, loving what he was doing to her.

As he lovingly squeezed her warm naked ass-meat in his hands, she shivered with excitement, grinding her hot pussy up against him. "Oh, Jesus," she whispered. "I can't stand it any longer. Please fuck me now." Squirming around a bit, the youth worked his hips between her wide-open thighs, the hard head of his cock probing hotly against her open cuntlips. Crushing his mouth passionately against hers, he felt the girl arching her loins up against him.

A squeal of horny joy escaped her lips as she rubbed her hot oozing cunt against the head of his prick. Her tongue swirled around deep in his mouth.

Her tits were tingling as his chest rubbed against her swollen nipples. "Oh, honey," she moaned, feeling his cockhead throbbing hotly against the slippery entrance to her oozing pussy. "Fuck me, baby! Please fuck my hot little cunt!" Wildly aroused, Kim wriggled her cute pussy up against his desire-swollen prick as his cock rested against her overheated pussy-hole.

Unable to stand the suspense any longer, she reached down between their bellies and impatiently grasped his hard prickshaft, guiding his cock up between the hot sucking lips of her insanely aroused cunt. Feeling her hot wet pussyflesh closing softly around his sensitive cockhead, he suddenly thrust his hips forward, fucking his stiff prick into the delicious hotness of her slippery little cunt.

"OOOOOH!", she cried with joy when her tight inner walls closed warmly around the length of his throbbing cock. His hard prick continued fucking into her pussy until his big blood-engorged cockhead slammed against the very end of her feverishly hot fuckhole. Kim shuddered with ecstasy as his swollen balls thudded against the soft flesh of her bare ass.

"Ooooh!" she moaned in ecstasy. "Your cock feels so fuckin' big!" Losing all control of himself, he began fucking into her with a wild ferocity. The cute youngster squealed and writhed beneath him. There was nothing in the world that Chuck had ever enjoyed more than fucking his aching cock into this little kid's heavenly fuckhole. With her adolescent body humping. wildly beneath him, he swiveled his hips, fucking his hard cock into her cunt from every angle.

As he continued fucking his cock deeper and harder into her little pussy, she wildly arched her hips up to meet his hard thrusts.

"OH, FUCK! YES! YES!" she hysterically screamed, her mouth gaping open, her head rolling crazily from side to side as she wildly spiraled her slippery cunt up and down his fucking hard-on. His long hard strokes were almost blowing her mind, bringing moans and screams of delight from deep in her throat as his cock continued fucking relentlessly into her scalding cunt. Excited by the youngster's insane lust, he began fucking his big prick into her pussy with deeper and harder strokes.

He was practically fucking her crazy with the hard thrust of his prick. Trying to get his hard-on even deeper into her cunt, he lifted the back of her legs up over his shoulders, and, leaning forward, he pushed her thighs back until they were resting against her tits.

With her doubled back like this, he was fucking almost straight down into her cute little turned-up pussy. This wild position gave him the fullest access, allowing him to fuck even deeper into her tight young cunt with the entire length of his fucking prick. Kim was squealing from the unbelievable joy of getting fucked, grinding her cunt in wild undulations as he fucked into her shamelessly tilted pussy.

Kim had never been so wildly aroused since she first started fucking less than a year ago. Consumed with a burning lust, she was aware of nothing but their lewdly coupled bodies.

Her wet hungry pussy sucked insanely on his fucking cockshaft. Chuck, blonde nurse fucked nervous doctor hardcore amateur, was aware of nothing but the feel of her hot little cunt and body writhing wildly beneath him.

His lips were welded passionately to hers, his tongue plunging in and out of her mouth with a wild fucking motion. Moving his mouth down across her neck, he hungrily locked his sucking lips around one of her delicious nipples. He continued fucking her cock gulping pussy. "Oh, baby, it's so good!" he panted as he wildly fucked into her delicious hot pussy, his big cockhead pounding against the very end of her squirming cunthole.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God!" she helplessly moaned. "God, how I love your cock!" Deciding he'd kept the cute youngster in this unnatural position long enough, he removed her legs from over his shoulders. With his hips once more between her thighs, the youth continued fucking into her with long deep strokes. Kim was humping so wildly beneath him that she almost hurled him into the air.

She slammed her juicy cunt up and down over his fucking hard-on. The soft pink walls of her gripping pussyflesh seemed to be sucking his prick deeper and deeper into her writhing cunt. The erotic sound and feel of his balls slapping against her little ass added to the intense pleasure she was feeling.

Fucking back at the wildly humping youth, she tried to pull even more of his hard cock into her ravenously hungry fuckhole. Chuck realized he couldn't hold back the fiery flood of hot cum much longer.

His jism. was aching to be discharged from his balls as he violently fucked into her. Each of his hard deep thrusts into the hot slipperiness of her little cunt was wringing squeals of ecstasy from her parted lips. "YES! YES!" she squealed.

"FUCK IT TO ME, BABY. . FUCK IT TO ME!" Her soft young thighs were locked around him like a vise. Listening to her wild screams of passion, Chuck knew she couldn't last much longer. He was wringing squeals and moans from her throat as his cock continued fucking her sizzling little fuckhole. As the moment of her wild climax approached, Kim drew her knees back almost to her shoulders, offering up every inch of her little pussy for their mutual enjoyment.

"OH, JESUS! OH, GOD, I'M COMING!" she shrieked, writhing her hot cunt up around his fucking cockshaft. "OH, YES! FUCK ME GOOD HONEY. FUCK ME GOOD!" Arching her hips up, she almost lifted them bodily from the bed in her wild passion. Clinging to the youngster as he continued fucking his hard cock into herthe youth could feel his jism ready to shoot.

"Oooooh, fuck!" she was moaning. "Squirt me, honey! Oh, God, I'm coming. . coming! Juice me, baby! Cream me good!" The seething mass of bubbling cum that had been building up deep in his balls suddenly erupted. His entire body stiffened in ecstasy as the flood of burning cum boiled up through the tingling length of his cockshaft, spurting a wild stream of scalding jizz into the writhing youngster's hot little cunt.

"YES! YES!" she shrieked with joy. "THAT'S THE WAY! CREAM ME GOOD, HONEY!" Chuck humped and jerked over her until his spurting prick had completely emptied his hot load into her little cum-drenched cunt. When the last drop had dribbled out, he collapsed over her, his deflated prick nestled softly in the juicy warmth of her overflowing pussy.

"Goddamn!" Chuck gasped when he finally pulled his limp, wet cock out of her cute little cum-drenched pussy. "You really know how to fuck for a kid!" "Thanks." She grinned. "But you should try one of my blow-jobs sometime." "I think I'll take you up on that," replied the young man.

"You better not miss it," she giggled as he began dressing. "I'm the hottest little cock-sucker you'll ever find." "How long will you be staying here?" he asked. "Three days," she answered. "So you better not wait too long." "How about tonight when I get off duty?" he asked, giving her sweet young ass a loving pat.

"Okay." She beamed as he started to leave the room. "I'll be waiting for you." CHAPTER TWO That evening after an early dinner, Kim went back to the room to wait for Chuck while her mother and sister started on the prowl for men.

Brenda decided to try the bar first while her daughter elected to work the lobby. Slowly trolling across the expansive room, Sharon's attention was drawn to an exceptionally handsome man who was casually reading a newspaper. Sitting down on a sofa that faced his chair, she boldly crossed her legs as she pretended to be scanning a Playboy magazine. Not wearing hose or panties under her rather short skirt, Sharon's pretty little hair-fringed pussy was exposed to him.

The man's eyes almost popped out of his head when he suddenly caught sight of the young girl's naked cunt. Seeing the excitement on his face, Sharon slowly recrossed her legs to give him a better view of her juicy little pussy-hole. Aware of the lust on his face as he stared at her blatantly displayed cunt, she casually lifted her eyes from the pages of the Playboy magazine and brazenly smiled across at private gold a xxxmas sextravaganza nikky thorne. When he nervously returned her inviting smile, the cute young blonde once more slowly recrossed her legs for his benefit.

This time the man got up and walked over to her. "Hi," he said, sitting down beside her. "Do you mind if I join you?" "Not at all," murmured Sharon, showing him the centerfold of the magazine. "Is my pussy as pretty as this one?" "Much prettier," he answered. "Would you like to mess around with it?" asked Sharon. "Are you serious?" "I sure am." She grinned.

"I've never felt so horny in my life." "Shall we go up to my room?" suggested the man. "I'd like that." She smiled, rising to her feet. "I'm Sharon. What's your name?" "Andy," he answered as they walked toward the elevators together. Once they were alone in his room, the handsome man quickly disrobed and was spread out naked on the bed before Sharon had half her clothes off. "You're really ready!" she giggled, rolling her panties down over her hips. "You bet I am." He smiled. "A guy doesn't find a cute young broad like you very often." Looking at his nice thick cock, the pretty little blonde decided she'd like to suck on his prick before they started fucking.

"Let me taste it," she whispered, dropping to her knees next to the bed. Rolling onto his side, he quickly faced Sharon, who was kneeling on the floor.

His big throbbing cock was sticking out over the edge of the bed. "Ready?" she whispered, reaching out and lightly stroking his beautiful hard-on. "You better believe it," murmured the man as the pretty little blonde began stroking his delicious hard prick. After a few moments of teasing his cock with her fingers, she opened her mouth and leaned forward. Beginning at the base of his prickshaft, she licked up along the sensitive underside of his throbbing cock.

When she reached his swollen prickhead, Sharon pursed her lips and gently kissed the head of his prick. "Jesus," panted Andy, a broad smile on his face. "You really know how to please a guy!" Sensually tonguing his thick cock, she soon had his prick thoroughly wet, glistening obscenely with her slippery spit.

Momentarily raising up, the beautiful girl brushed a lock of blonde hair from her face before she returned to her depraved performance. "God, honey, you're sure getting me nice and hard!" gasped Andy as she resumed licking his throbbing hard-on. Putting one arm around his hip, she wormed a finger between the cheeks of his ass.

"Now I'm gonna get me a nice big mouthful of jizz," she whispered, fucking her naughty finger deep into his asshole. "Jesus Christ!" he groaned with pleasure. Leaning on his elbow, Andy watched his hard cock disappear into the little blonde's mouth. "Oh, fuck!" he gasped. "Suck it right down!" His thick prick was completely out of sight. Her lips were pressed against the wiry hair around the base of his cockshaft. As incredible as it seemed, the beautiful blonde had taken the entire length of his prick deep into her throat.

"Mmmmm," she hummed, unable to speak with her mouth stuffed full of cock. Sucking on his tasty hard-on, her face was flushed and little beads of sweat were standing out on her upper lip and brow. As she worked her naughty finger in and out of his slippery asshole, his hips rocked back and forth in a wild fucking motion. "Holy fuck!" he moaned. "That's the way, baby!" His swollen cockshaft slid obscenely between her sucking lips, shining with her saliva as his prick fucked in and out of her mouth.

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" groaned the man when she grasped his hairy balls with her free hand and rolled them around in her fingers. Shaking his bag of balls with one hand while the middle finger of the other fucked in and out of his excited asshole, Sharon sucked harder and deeper on his prick. "Holy fucking Jesus!" gasped Andy. "You're gonna get drowned in jizz when I come!" "Good," she whispered, momentarily removing her mouth from his cock as she rubbed the head of his prick under her chin.

"That's just what I want, a big hot mouthful of slippery cum." "Okay," he panted. "Because I'm almost there." Leaning down, Sharon teased her wet tongue around the head of his prick. Licking his thick cock from end to end for a few seconds, she finally took the whole length of his prick into her mouth again. Her slippery lips were once more sealed around his hard cock. Andy once again began fucking his cock in and out of her mouth while her finger continued fucking his asshole.

Feeling his cock starting to jerk, Sharon momentarily removed his throbbing boner from her mouth. "Are you ready your little cock belongs in a plastic cage come?" she asked.

"Shit, yes!" "When?" "NOW!" he shouted. "RIGHT FUCKING NOW! FOR CHRIST SAKE, JUST KEEP SUCKIN'!" Stuffing his prick back into her mouth, she began sucking deeper and harder. "Hot shit!" he gasped. "Here comes the juice!" Slamming his hips forward, he drove his cockhead against the back of her throat. His hot cum started gushing out of his exploding knob. Thrilled by the taste of his swirling jizz, Sharon swallowed hard and fast, not wanting to miss a single drop of this delicious treat.

"Oh, baby," he groaned, flopping back on the bed when his cum stopped spurting. "You're sure a good little cock-sucker!" "Thank you," she giggled, crawling up on the bed with him. Still hungry for his cock, the pretty little blonde moved down and began licking his prick tattooed petite haley reed entertains damon dice and gets fucked masturbation and pornstars her tongue again.

"Oh, God, Andy," she whispered to him. "I just love sucking off tasty pricks." "Does mine taste good?" he asked as the girl rolled his cockshaft around in her mouth. "One of the best I've tasted," she giggled, starting to bob her mouth up and down over his rapidly swelling prick.

"My God!" gasped the man. "I'm gettin' another hard-on!" "I know," she mumbled around his swelling cockshaft, not missing a stroke. Reaching down, Andy began fondling her big full tits. "Oooooh, yes!" she whimpered, temporarily releasing his cock from her mouth. "I love that!" "Then come up here." He grinned, pulling her delicious naked body into his arms. Facing him, she pressed one of her tits against his mouth. Sucking deeply on her tit, Andy teased her luscious nipple with the tip of his thick tongue.

Feeling her squirming and moaning in his arms, he rapidly stroked his tongue all around her quivering nipple. "Oh, sweet suckin' Jesus," she softly whimpered, trying to force more of her tit into his mouth. Aware of how much the beautiful girl was enjoying his tongue and mouth, he began sucking harder on her tit. "Oooooh, mmmm," she moaned with joy as he sucked on her delicious swollen nipple. "That feels so fuckin' good!" Finally pushing her spit-soaked tit away, Andy passionately covered her other tit with his mouth.

"Oh, honey!" she gasped. "Let's sixtynine." Without saying another word, Sharon squirmed around and spread her steaming pussy over his face. Falling forward over the man, she quickly stuffed his thick cock into her mouth.

Sucking deeply on his heavenly prick, she excitedly rubbed her hot slick pussy against his mouth and face. "Mmmmm," she softly crooned, momentarily taking his prick from her mouth and rubbing his cock against her neck and cheeks.

"I just love to have my cunt licked while I'm sucking on a big juicy cock." Moaning excitedly, she lovingly swiped her tongue around his prickhead and stuffed his cock back into her mouth again.

With her soft lips clamped firmly around his prickshaft, she began bobbing her head up and down over his hard cock. "Ahhhh,".she whimpered around his throbbing cock as she lewdly super beautiful blonde hottie gets paid for public nudity and sex her pussy more tightly against his mouth. Spread out beneath her, Andy could feel her soft cuntlips spreading as she gushed hot cunt juices around his face.

"That's the way," he panted. "Give me more of that hot little cunt." Opening his mouth, the man slid his tongue up along the length of her slippery outer pussylips, making her hips roll from side to side as her juicy pussy opened wider on his face.

Her hot slick cuntlips were spread so wide that her fragrant fuck juices poured hotly into his mouth as Andy fucked his tongue deep into her horny pussy.

"Oh, fuck," she whimpered as she once again pulled his prick out of her mouth and rubbed his bloated cockhead against her cheeks and through her hair. "Oh, you sweet little cock-sucker," he sighed just before he plunged his thick tongue back into the pink juicy pussy above him.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed with delight, sucking his cock back into her mouth again. While the man continued tonguing her open pussy, the pretty little blonde spread her thighs farther apart to give him more room.

"Don't do that," he panted into her cunt. "I like to feel your thighs squeezing against my face. They're so fucking soft and silky." Wanting to please him as much as possible, she closed her thighs against his juice-smeared face, enveloping his head with her soft warm flesh. "Oh, yes," he sobbed. "That's the way, baby! That's the way I like it!" Completely lost in his world of lust, Andy fucked his tongue in as far as possible, licking up the tasty juices from her slick cuntwalls. The soft satiny flesh of her swampy pussy felt so good against his tongue.

Moving his tongue higher, he began wildly stimulating her clit, bringing squeals of joy from her little cockfilled mouth. As Andy sucked on and on, his face and neck were completely drenched with the girl's slippery fuck juices. "Mmmmm," she crooned, rubbing her sopping crotch against his face. "This is so fucking good!" Sucking his spit-drenched cock deeper into her mouth, Sharon's tongue rapidly traveled up and down the length of his meaty prickpole, bringing untold joy to the lurching man beneath her.

"Jesus, that's good," he mumbled into her cunt. "Are you about ready to come?" she panted. "Almost." "Then rub my clit harder with your tongue!" she gasped. "I want to come with you!" Moving his tongue to the top of her cunt, Andy pressed the tip against her sensitive little clit. "OOOOOH!" squealed Sharon, thrilled by the electric-like contact of his tongue against her tingling clit.

Listening to her excited squeals, Andy began sucking and lapping feverishly on her little miniature prick, making the aroused girl's entire body shiver with joy. "Oh, sweet suckin' shit!" she cried in ecstasy. "You've really got me going now!" "I know," he panted into her little squirming pussy as he lapped frenziedly at her tingling clit. "Oh, God, I've never been this hot!" she gasped as she returned to sucking his cock. Andy continued licking and sucking on her sensitive little clit.

As the horny little blonde's tongue and lips slobbered all over his delicious hard cock, she felt his prick jerking and twitching in her mouth.

Aware that he was about to shoot his hot load, she sucked deeper and harder. Suddenly she felt his hot jizz splattering against the back of her throat. As she sucked and swallowed the man's spurting cum, Sharon exploded with her own wild orgasm. "Oh, my God!" moaned the man, sucking passionately on her climaxing pussy while he pumped his hot load into her mouth.

Sharon was swallowing hard and fast, thrilled by the taste of the hot slippery jizz flowing into her mouth. There was nothing in the whole world the little cock-sucker loved drinking more than a man's slippery cum. "Oh, Andy," she whispered a few minutes later as they untangled their sweaty bodies. "That was so goddamn wonderful, but now I'm ready for a nice hot fuck." "Me too." He grinned.

"But you'll have to get me hard again." "Don't worry about that," she giggled, reaching for his limp wet prick. "1'11 have you ready in a jiffy." "I know you will," moaned the man as her soft fingers began caressing his flaccid cock.

CHAPTER THREE While her daughter was up fucking and sucking with Andy, Brenda was slowly sipping a drink at the bar. When she'd been there for ten or fifteen minutes, a man sat down on the stool next to her. Watching him through the comer of eye, she could see that he was staring at her. Crossing her legs, she worked her skirt up until a big portion of her bare thigh was blatantly exposed.

Moments later, when she took a cigarette out of her case, the man quickly lighted it for her. "Thank you," she said in a soft sexy voice, giving him a sensual smile. "May I buy you a drink?" he asked. "I'd like that," answered Brenda. Beckoning to the bartender, he ordered their drinks. "I'm Ron Parker ." He turned back to Brenda. "I'm in town for the Realtor's convention." "I'm Brenda Walden," she murmured. "And I'm here for a fun spree." "That sounds interesting," said the man."What kind of fun?" "I'm game for anything," she giggled.

"Anything?" the man asked, feeling his cock starting to throb in his pants. "Yes, anything," she whispered, gently resting her hand on his upper leg. "I've celina santiago gets a facial while playing video games a hot little hole down here between my legs that's just dying to be fucked by a hard cock." "Do you have any particular cock in mind?" he excitedly asked, feeling her hand creeping higher and higher up his leg.

"I think this one might do," she softly crooned, grasping his hard cock through the material of his pants. "God, your prick feels big!" "Would you care to come up to my room?" asked the man.

"God, yes:" she giggled, standing up and pushing the drink away. "I've never felt so horny in my life." Following Brenda out of the bar, the man stared at her soft wriggly asscheeks in the tight skirt, wondering how she would like his hard cock stuffed up her ass. When they were in his room, Brenda quickly removed her clothes and seductively faced the handsome man as he undressed. The beautiful redhead was trembling with anticipation when he stepped out of his shorts, his massive hard-on standing straight up in front of his lean, muscular belly.

This was the biggest goddamned cock she'd ever seen, and the woman had seen more than her share of pricks in her promiscuous life. Smiling at the handsome man, Brenda walked over and pulled back the covers from the bed. When the man lay back on the sheet with his hands folded behind his head, she joined him and crouched over his loins, her full red lips poised only inches from the head of his ponderous prick.

Ron stared down at the attractive redhead amateur teen girlfriend facial in a sauna hardcore cumshot she expertly slid the foreskin up and down over his thickly throbbing cock.

"God, you're a beautiful woman," he whispered. "You really are." "Oh, honey," she moaned, licking her tongue across the bloated head of his cock. I'm gonna suck and lick this beauty dry." "Good." He smiled at her. "I want you to suck and lick everything I have down there, and I mean everything!" Knowing exactly what the man wanted, the horny redhead wasn't the least bit reluctant to do as he asked.

Lowering her face down below his balls, Brenda lifted the backs of his knees up over her shoulders and began licking the sinewy cheeks of his tight ass.

"Oh, God!" he gasped, feeling his big swollen balls tingling with ecstasy as she licked all around his bare asscheeks. Desperately wanting to please this handsome man, Brenda stiffened her tongue and fucked into his hot, tight asshole. "Holy shit!" he moaned. "That's the way you sweet asshole eater! Aaaaauuuuuggg! Now lick my fuckin' balls, baby!" She passionately flicked her talented tongue all around his balls and ass for several long moments before she began licking up along the sensitive underside of his bloated cockshaft.

"Oh, you beautiful fucking cock-sucker!" he roared, half out of his mind from the intense pleasure she was giving him. "EAT ME, BABY! EAT MY COCK!" Reaching down and curling his fingers into her long red hair, he guided her slurping mouth up and down over his huge throbbing prick. "Jesus Christ, this is a beauty," she whispered, deliciously swirling her tongue all around his big plum-colored cockhead.

Brenda could feel the pulsing tension in his ponderous hard-on as she lovingly licked and stroked his prick. "God, I love this," she whispered passionately, lowering her mouth down over the swollen head of his monstrous prick. "Oh, you sweet suckin' shit!" he panted, his eyes burning with lust as he used his hands to pump her head up and down over his wildly tingling cock.

Staring down, he could see that his spitdrenched prick was obscenely stained with her lipstick. "That's the way! That's the way, you beautiful cock-sucker!" he mindlessly chanted. Frantically pumping up and down over hisspit-soaked prick for a few more mind-blowing moments, she finally pulled her mouth from his cock and began once more suckmg his big lusty balls. "OH, MY GOD!" He roared when she t drilled her finger up his slippery asshole.

Finally raising her head, she again closed her lips around his massive cockhead and began furiously bobbing her mouth up and down his throbbing prickshaft. "AAAAAUUUUUGGG! OH, SHIT!" he wildly panted. "Now you're really suckin', baby. . REALLY SUCKIN'!" Realizing he was about to shoot his hot load, he quickly shoved her mouth away from his thick cock.

"Oh, baby," he whispered. "I've just gotta fuck that hot little cunt of yours!" "Oh, yes!" she gasped. "I want you to shoot a big hot load of jizz into my pussy!" Facing each other, he pulled her against him and slowly eased his throbbing hard-on into her delicious juicy twat.

As his hard cock sank into her hotly clasping cunt, she grasped his sinewy asscheeks, letting her fingers goose around in the crack between his asscheeks.

Feeling her finger probing at his asshole, he began fucking into her pussy with all his power. "Spread your legs a little more!" he panted. Pulling her knees up to give him more working room, she began fucking back at him, feverishly grinding her hot cunt around the base of his fucking cockshaft.

"That's the way, honey!" he panted. "Fuck back at me! Fuck it to me good!" Squeezing her soft asscheeks as he fucked his throbbing prick in and out, he felt her strong cunt muscles pulling and sucking on his rock-hard cock, driving him almost out of his mind from the erotic pleasure. His pulsing prick was tingling wildly as he fucked in and out of her hot sizzling fuckhole.

"Oh, you beautiful fucker!' she whimpered, clinging tightly to him. "How I love that big fuckin' cock!" Clutching tightly to the sinewy cheeks of his ass, she could feel muscles rippling under his skin as his hard lean body fucked his wondrous prick in and out of her hotly sucking cunt. "Oh, baby!" she panted, screwing herself up tighter against his pounding body as his arms passionately engulfed her. "This is the best fuck I've ever had!" It was fantastic to feel all that big hard cock fucking in and out of her seething pussy.

Never in her entire life had she experienced anything so stimulating. With her fuck urges running rampant, she wantonly screwed back at him for all she was worth. "Oh, shit, you big-cocked beauty!" panted Brenda.

"You really know how to fuck!" "Oh, fuck it to me, baby! " he gasped, pulling her naked body tighter against him. "I love this goddamned screwing!" Still facing each other on their sides as they fucked, Ron's chest pressed against her taut erect nipples. The hungry lips of Brenda's pussy sucked and milked at the base of his cockshaft, desperately trying to suck more of his prick into her greedy cunthole. "OOOOOOOOH!" she moaned. Their slippery bodies were grinding together as he fucked his thick meaty cock harder and faster into her hot pussy.

As his massive hard-on fucked into the hot depths of her sucking cunt, he could feel her turgid nipples burning into his flesh. Her big full tits rubbed against his chest. Feverishly fucking, their lewdly locked bodies slapped noisily together as he fucked his slippery monster of a prick in and out of her horny cunt. "Oh, you sweet shit!" she screamed. "FUCK ME FASTER! FASTER!" Frantically increasing the tempo of his violent fucking, the man felt a tightening sensation deep in his balls and realized that he was mya leah dildoed then giving head and dicked pornstars and hardcore approaching a wild climax.

He was trying to hold back until the beautiful woman came, but he didn't know how much longer he could possibly control himself. "Ooooooooooh, honey!" she moaned with rapture. "That's the way, baby! That's the way to fuck a cunt!" His throbbing cock was fucking into her pussy with deeper, harder strokes, slithering through the slippery meat of her hot, juice slickened cunt.

"OH, FUCK, FUCK!" shrieked Brenda as heavenly rapture streaked through her body. Clinging passionately to her handsome loverthe woman's ears were filled with the slick slurping sounds of his huge cock fucking in and out of her slippery cunt. "OH, FUCK!" he roared with wanton lust etched all over his handsome face. "FUCK!

FUCK! FUCK!" "Oh, yes, baby, fuck it to me!" she sobbed, clinging tightly to him as he rhythmically fucked his immense prick into her hot throbbing pussy. "Oh, God, you're wild!" shouted the wildly aroused man. "FUCK IT, BABY! FUCK MY HARD COCK!" "OOOOH, OOOOOH!" she suddenly screamed. "I'M COMING, HONEY. . COMMMIIIINNNNGGGGG!" Then just as the wild throes of her orgasm started, she felt his hot white jizz gushing deep into her belly.

"AAAAAAAAUUUUGGG!" he groaned as her talented cunt milked his spurting cock. Still facing each other, his prick still embedded in her slippery cum-filled pussy, the exhausted couple dropped off to sleep in each other's arms. Brenda had no idea how long she'd been asleep. She opened her eyes to see the handsome man kneeling next to her, the huge head of his new hard-on only inches from her face. "Wake up, honey." He grinned. "I need a blow-job." Before she realized what was happening, Ron straddled her chest, settling his ass on her big tits.

"What nice soft tits." He smiled, rubbing his bloated cockhead under her chin. "Doesn't that thing ever wear out?" giggled Brenda, staring at the big cockhead that was almost pressed against her lips. "Not if I can help it," said Ron, lightly brushing his big purple prickhead across her mouth. "I'm sure ready to be sucked off." "And I'm ready to suck you off," she answered, her eyes clouded with lust. "Okay, baby," he panted. "Now open your sweet suckin' mouth." Opening her mouth wide, Brenda trembled with excitement when she felt his gigantic prick sliding in between her slippery lips.

"Oh, my God," the man moaned, feeling the head of his meaty cock nudging against the back of her throat. Reaching up, the horny redhead grasped the cheeks of his ass and pulled his cock a bit deeper into her mouth. "Oooooooh, Jesus!" he gasped. "I love it, honey! Suck it baby! Suck it good!" Her teasing fingertips lovingly played with his balls as her mouth worked up and down the thick length of his hard meaty cockpole, licking and sucking him into a wild frenzy.

"Oh, yes!" he cried. "Suck it, honey! SUCK THAT COCK!" Pleased that the man was enjoying the blowjob so much, Brenda took more and more of his wonderful prick into her mouth. "Jesus Christ, baby!" he gasped, writhing his ass around on her big firm tits. Wild delirious big ass natural tits black girl is a creamy cummer big natural tits and masturbating were concentrated in his bloated cockhead as her swirling tongue and sucking lips teased and tormented his prick with every hot wet stroke.

"That's enough," he gasped, pulling his cock out of her mouth as he crawled off of her tits. "Roll onto your stomach." "Why?" she asked, puzzled by his actions.

"Because I'm gonna shoot this hot load up your ass." He lewdly grinned, giving her ass a resounding slap. "Just wait a minute!" she gasped. "I like a nice hot ass-fuck once in a while myself, but you're not sticking that big monster up my ass without vaseline!" "I think I have some in my luggage," said Ron, getting out of bed and walking over to his suitcases.

When he returned with the jarBrenda opened it and began spreading the greasy gel all over his big lust-bloated prickshaft. Once his cock was thoroughly coated with the greasy substance, she quickly dropped to her hands and knees, waving her smooth creamy ass around in the air as Ron knelt behind her.

Making no attempt to penetrate her yet, the man placed the underside of his thick cock between the cheeks of her ass. Reaching around the kneeling woman's waist, he cupped her dangling tits in his.

hands and began teasing her passion-swollen nipples with his fingers. Shivering with excitement, she began writhing her hot ass back against his loins as his strong hands caressed and stroked the soft flesh of her big lush tits.

"Oh, God, honey," she hotly whispered to her handsome lover. "Hurry and put that big beauty up my ass." Releasing the horny redhead's tits, he spread her amateur babe stuffed with a driver at the backseat of a cab asscheeks apart and eased the bloated head of his well-Iubricated prick up against her little puckered asshole.

"Oooooooh, yes!" she moaned with delight when she felt his slippery cockhead worming up into her tight little asshole. Thrilled by the sucking heat of her ass, the man continued working his prick in an inch or so at a time until his cock was completely buried in her writhing asshole. Hold still for a few minutes," she whimpered over her shoulder to him.

"That big fuckin' cock feels like someone stuffed a baseball bat up my ass." Letting his bloated hard-on soak in her hot asshole for several delicious moments, Ron finally pulled back until only the head of his prick remained in her ass.

Then, waiting for a few brief seconds, the lusty man slammed his monstrous cock all the way back in with one brutal thrust. "OH, GOD!" she squealed when he once more pulled out, then fucked back into her. "Oh, shit, you goddamned. bull! Not so fuckin' hard! Let me get used to that huge fucking thing!" He paused to let her burning asshole adjust to the hard thickness of his huge prick. Every tingling inch of his cock was throbbing wildly in her brutally stretched asshole.

Tightly clinging to her hips, he could feel the backs of her naked legs pressing against his muscular thighs. His motionless prick luxuriated in the squeezing heat of her tight asshole.

When he finally felt the walls of her ass start to relax around his deeply buried cockshaft, he once more withdrew his prick to renew his attack. Pausing for just a second, he slammed his fucking cock back into the depths of her helplessly skewered asshole. "Oh, yes!" she moaned with delight. "It's starting to feel good, honey! Oh, God, what a cock!" Kneeling beneath him, she felt the hard length of his huge cock fuck into her ass again and again.

The searing hot head of his prickshaft pounded deep into her guts. "Oh, fuck it's so good!" she whimpered. "It feels like you're hitting my tonsils!" His briskly fucking prick made a slippery, meaty sound as his cock fucked in and out of her snug ass sheath. Mindlessly whimpering and moaning beneath him, Brenda made gasping sounds that were more animal than human. Violently wriggling her ass back around his fucking prick, she was almost out of her mind with joy.

She squealed and moaned with rapture. "OOOOOH! AAAAAAAH! FUCK IT TO ME, BABY!" Each backward thrust of her tingling ass brought her new and more intense pangs of wanton pleasure. "OH, YOU SWEET BIG TURD!" she screamed. "YOU BEAUTIFUL GODDAMNED PUCKER!" The squeals of lust coming from the hotassed woman's mouth only served to urge him on.

Becoming further aroused by her obscene behavior, he began fucking into her with a superhuman effort, feeling her crouched body shuddering beneath him. Reaching down between her legs, the man began rubbing her clit while he fucked into her ass from the rear. "AAAAAUUUUGGG!

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00000000H!" screamed the half-crazed redhead, tossing and jerking beneath his wildly humping body. Slamming her ass back against him, Brenda screamed filthy obscenities. His finger on her clit and his hard prick in her asshole carried her closer and closer to a mind-blowing climax. Then she suddenly exploded as an intense orgasm enveloped her entire body.

"FUCK, BABY, FUCK! " she screamed with cock-fucking delight. "I'M COMING! OH, FUCK, HOW I'M COMING!" When Brenda was at the very crest of her orgasm, her lover's big cock suddenly started spraying her hot ebony nyomi banxxx is a hot teacher who loves to get fucked full of jizz.

"Holy shit," she gasped a few moments later when the man finally pulled his thick limp cock out of her slippery asshole. "That was some party." "You're not just shittin'!" exclaimed Ron. "That's some hot asshole you have." "I'm glad you enjoyed it," murmured Brenda, brushing her damp red hair back from her flushed face. CHAPTER FOUR Little Kim had only been back from dinner for a few minutes when the young bellboy arrived for his blow-job.

She was already naked for him when she answered his knock on the door. "Hi, Chuck." She beamed, thinking how nice looking the boy was. "Hi, Kim," he greeted, staring down at her sweet little red-fringed pussy.

"I'm all ready for you," giggled the youngster as he entered the room. "I can see that," he laughed, starting to remove his clothes as the cute youngster pulled the covers back. The moment he was undressed, they spread themselves out on the bed. "Honey," she whispered. "I'm sure gonna do some naughty things to you tonight." "Like what?" he asked her.

"Like this," giggled the cute youngster, reaching down and cupping his big furry balls in her hand. While he watched the cute little kid playing with his swollen balls, he couldn't get over how pretty she was. "You really like cocks, don't you?" He grinned. "Fuck, yes!" she gasped. "I love 'em. There's nothing I enjoy as much as sucking and fucking." Finally removing her hand from his hard cock, she teasingly slipped a couple of fingertips between her juicy pussylips.

"Oh, my God," he moaned when she pulled her wet fingers out of her drooling cunt and spread the warm oily fuck juices allover his throbbing prick. "Jesus," she whispered, stroking his cock with her cream-soaked fingers. "This is sure a beautiful cock." Wanting to have better access to his prick, little Kim twisted around until her face was resting on his belly.

Her softly rounded ass was now up near his head. Chuck pressed his hands between her parted thighs, his fingers brushing against the fine silky hair of her juicy crotch. He moaned with excitement as her cream-slickened fingers worked up and down over his thick hard-on. Reaching down with her other hand, Kim gently grasped his lusty balls, squeezing them until his cock was wildly throbbing with pleasure.

"They sure feel full," she whispered. "Am I gonna get a nice big load?" "You know you are," panted Chuck, sinking his fingers into her juicy cunt. "Jesus, you're hot and wet." "You're damn right I'm hot and wet," giggled the aroused youngster. "Playing with a cock always makes me juicy. Do you mind if I taste this beauty?" "Fuck, no!" he panted, feeling her cachandcojiendinfiel empleada sexstorys mexicanas porncunada argentina tighten around his deeply embedded finger as he fucked his finger around in the hot sticky depths of her little overheated cunt.

He felt a warm erotic caress on his prick when Kim lowered her hot moist lips down over his pulsing cockhead. Excitedly arching his hips up, he soon felt the sensitive tip of his cockhead nudging against the back of her throat. "Oh, God," he moaned, staring down at her. Her beautiful face was flushed with passion as her cheeks puffed in and out from the intense suction. Her lips were sucking deeply, little dribbles of spit oozing out from the corners of her mouth as she passionately worked on his meaty hard-on.

"Oh, baby," she whispered, removing his prick from her mouth as she momentarily sat up. "I'm really thirsty for some cum tonight, and you're gonna get a blow-job you'll never forget." Moving down, she spread herself out on her belly between his widely spread legs. Staring at his prick and balls, Kim once more began stroking his thick hard-on.

Looking down over his stomach, Chuck could see his hard cock standing straight up in the air, and right behind his prick he could see the youngster's pretty eyes smiling at him. "Ooooooooh," he moaned when her soft moist lips slid down over his cockhead again.

As she sucked deeply on his thick prickpole, the beautiful child lovingly swirled her tongue all around his sensitive cockhead. Whimpering with lust, the horny phat ass babe fucks for easy money kaden kole girl slid her hot slippery sexy year old gorgeous girl hardcore massage farther down his throbbing hard-on. Her talented tongue feverishly slithered up and down his cockshaft, licking, lapping and rolling her tongue around the sensitive underside of his swollen cockhead, bringing moans of pleasure from deep in his heaving chest.

There was a fantastic suction allover his tingling cock as her leeching lips sucked and pulled passionately on his tasty meat. "Oh, Jesus," he whimpered from the intense pleasure he was feeling. Trembling with uncontrollable excitement, he drew his knees back and planted his feet flat on the bed. Moving his hips up and down, he began fucking his hard prickpole in and out of her hot sucking mouth.

Looking down, he could see her eyes glowing with lust through the tangle of her long red hair that had fallen across his stomach. Lots of young women had sucked Chuck off, but he'd never felt another mouth like Kim's. Her lips were so deliciously soft, warm and exciting as her mouth sucked and nibbled on his aroused prick. He'd never found anyone else who could take so much cock into her mouth.

She was able to move her mouth down Over the head of his prick until her nose was buried in the kinky hairs around the base of his cockshaft, easily devouring the whole fucking thing. Then she began twisting her head from side to side, rotating her mouth around his cock.

He could feel her tongue slithering passionately around his pulsing prickhead. First using her tongue, then her lips, she fiercely licked the youth into a wild frenzy. His ass and hips were completely off the bed as he wildly fucked his tingling cockshaft in and out of her more than-willing mouth. "That's the way to suck!" he cried. "Suck, baby, suck! Suck my fuckin' prick!" Wanting to give him the best blow-job of his life, little Kim began moving her mouth up and down with long deep strokes.

She would slowly pull her hot sucking lips up the length of his cock until nothing but his prickhead remained in her mouth, then, giving him a naughty little grin, she would tickle his sensitive cockhead with her tongue until her actions almost blew his mind. Then reversing the procedure, she would suddenly plunge her mouth back down until his throbbing cock pounded against the back of her throat.

Then up again and down again until his cock was sucked to a frenzied lather. "Honey," she whispered, removing her mouth from his prick. "Why don't you lick my pussy for a minute?" "What?" he gasped. "I love to have my cunt licked," she mewled. "I'd sure like you to taste my hot little slit." Chuck was thrilled that this beautiful little girl would actually let him suck on her cute young cunt so he quickly lowered his face toward her crotch before she could change her mind.

The fragrant scent of her juicy little cunt assailed his nostrils as he inhaled the pungent aroma of her pussy. A wild tingle raced up the length of his thick swollen prick when his nose and lips made contact with her soft cunt hairs and oozing little pussy. "Now lick it," she whispered as his hot breath 8k usex stories big boobs story hot porn ignited her simmering cunt.

"Stick your tongue in my hot little cunt." The young man could hardly believe his good fortune as he wormed his tongue between the glistening folds of her slippery pussylips.

Her fresh young cunt was like nothing he'd ever tasted before. "Mmmmmmmmmm, that's good, honey," whimpered the youngster as she wantonly writhed her hot slick crotch against his face.

"Lick me good, honey. Stick your tongue all the way in." Panting excitedly, Chuck swirled his tongue even deeper into the horny girl's heated aroused cunt. "Mmmmmm! Oooooh! It feels so good!" she whimpered. "Don't ever stop, honey! Just suck me good!" Wanting to please the beautiful child who had given him so much pleasure, the young man excitedly continued his oral massage of the tasty little cunt between her eagerly parted legs.

With every passing moment, Chuck became more aroused as he sucked and licked on her juicy little cunt. His thick cock swelled even larger as the cute little redhead responded more passionately to the wet teasing caresses of his fucking tongue. He continued mouthing her heavenly little pussy. Chuck was soon able to predict just how she would react to each flick of his tongue.

"Now!" the little girl suddenly gasped. "Stick your fingers in my cunt! Hurry, honey, hurry!" Panting excitedly, he grabbed for the horny girl's little pussy. "Oooooh, yes!" she moaned, the hotness of her inner-flesh squeezing at his finger as it sank into her juicy little cunthole. "Oh, God, that's it, baby! Stick it all the way in. . deeper, honey! Oooooo! Aaaaaauuuggghhh!" Chuck could feel the beautiful youngster shaking helplessly as his thick middle finger wormed into the hot, slippery passage between her lewdly spread legs.

The youth's juicesoaked face was flushed with excitement as he feverishly fingered Kim's hot little pussy.

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"Now kiss my cunt!" she whimpered, writhing her juicy crotch up against his hand. "Please lick my pussy again while you fingerfuck me! Oh, God, I want your hot tongue in my cunt again!" More excited than he'd ever been in his life, Chuck quickly lowered his face until his tongue burrowed between the moist folds of her creamy young cuntlips.

"OH, GOD, YES!" she screamed, a feverishly loud gasp escaping her lips as the tip of his tongue found the hard nub of her clit. "LICK MY CLIT, HONEY! OH, SHIT, DO IT TO ME AGAIN!" Licking frenziedly on her little clit, Chuck felt the youngster shake and shiver as burning ecstasy coursed through her naked little body. "Oh, God, honey!" she whimpered, suddenly pushed his face from between her legs. "I can't stand any more of this for a minute.

Why don't you suck on my tits?" "Okay." He grinned, moving up over the squirming youngster. "Now kiss them," she softly panted into his ear. "Lick my titties." Taking her swollen nipple into his mouth, he first sucked one, then the other. "Oh, yes, yes!" she moaned. "That's the way! That's the way!" When little Kim began writhing more wildly on the bed, Chuck pulled his mouth away, afraid that he was hurting her.

"Please don't stop, honey!" she squealed. "That feels so horny big tit latina takes a big dick on camera good!" After he'd sucked on her tits for what seemed an eternity to the horny little girl, she finally pushed his face away from her nipples and rolled him onto his back.

As he lay next to her with his legs spread lewdly apart, his throbbing cock pointed straight up at the ceiling. "You're such a handsome guy." She smiled at him as she traced her fingers allover his naked body until they once more found his prick.

Using her nails like tiny butterflies, she lightly teased them up and down along the sensitive underside of his thick cockshaft, sending heavenly shivers through his loins as she stroked the taut skin of his naked prick.

Moving her hand farther down, she cupped his furry balls in her palm, lightly rubbing the loose crinkly skin as he moaned softly beside her. Lowering her face, she lightly kissed his ear and then worked her lips down the side of his neck and across his chest.

Licking his slightly salty flesh, she traced her tongue around the nubs of pantyhose cam show more videos on sexycamsorg male nipples and down across his flat muscular stomach to the nest of wiry hair around the base of his thick cockshaft. "OH, SHIT!" he cried, arching his hips when she once again brushed her hot lips and tongue across the head of his cock. Its bloated hardness seemed to swell even thicker as the' beautiful little redhead's tongue licked and lapped all around his big shiny prickhead.

Though he'd been sucked off many times in his life, it almost blew his mind when she began pumping her sweet little mouth up and down over his hard-on, its throbbing son force fucked sleeping mon plunging in and out of the velvety depths of her throat. Unaware of what he was doing, Chuck slammed his hips up and down, literally fucking his cock in and out of the youngster's mouth.

"Not yet, honey," she whispered when his prick started to jump and jerk in her mouth. "Don't shoot your wad yet. Just try to hold back so we can make the fun last as long as possible." Deciding to try something different for a few minutes, she lifted the backs of his knees over her shoulders.

With his body in this new position, Kim was staring directly at his bloated balls. "Oh, my God," Chuck moaned, feeling her hot wet tongue swipe across the crinkly skin of his bloated ball-sac. He'd never felt anything to equal the way she spit-washed his balls, her naughty little tongue moving allover them, rubbing and licking and sucking until a stream of her hot juicy spit was flowing down between the cheeks of his ass. As always when she gave a boy one of her juicy blow-jobs, Kim was about to bring him to a mind-blowing climax.

The hot wetness of her talented tongue on his balls was making his cock throb wildly. The unbelievable ecstasy was further increased when he suddenly felt her sucking one of his balls into her mouth. "OH, FUCK!" he roared, feeling her soft warm lips encircling another hot ball. It almost blew his mind as she passionately sucked and rolled his balls around her tongue. The aching pleasure was one of the wildest sensations he'd ever experienced.

"Oh, you sweet suckin' angel!" he panted, staring at the youngster's soft moist lips ovaled around his balls. Finally releasing them from her mouth, Kim again closed her hot sucking lips over his throbbing cockhead.

She once more moved her head up and down over his big prick with a slow sensuous rhythm. The youth's cockshaft was fucking back and forth effortlessly between her slippery, sucking lips. "Jesus Christ!" he gasped, grabbing at the sheet with his fingers. "That's so fuckin' good, baby! So fuckin' good!" Pleased that the handsome bellboy was enjoying the blow-job so much, Kim took more and more of his wonderful prick into her mouth. "Oh, my God!" he sobbed, writhing frantically on the bed.

"It's so good! So fuckin' good!" Locking her slippery lips more firmly around his cock, Kim took his prick deeper into her mouth until she once more felt his big cockhead nudging at the back of her throat. Wild delirious sensations were concentrated in the bloated head of his cock as her swirling tongue and sucking lips teased and tormented his prick with every hot wet stroke.

Chuck could feel his climax drawing nearer. The sweet agony was building and building, and his churning balls were ready to shoot a torrent of hot cum up through the fiery length of his well-sucked prick. With that glorious moment almost upon him, he writhed wildly on the bed, his entire body tensing for his impending come.

"Oh, my God, that feels good. . so good!" he panted. "Just a little more, baby! Oh, yes! I'm almost there!" His words became incoherent, strangled sounds.

On the verge of shooting his hot load into her passionately sucking mouth, he could only pant with pleasure, his breath coming out of his tortured lungs in short hot gasps. He felt a wild churning, burning sensation in the root, of his throbbing cock as his scalding jizz started its uncontrollable surge up through his quivering prickshaft. Slamming his hips up, he fucked the entire length of his hard cock into her avidly sucking mouth.

The tangle of kinky hair at the base of his thick hard-on was mashed up against her lips and nose as she took his prick deeper and deeper into her gulping throat. Jesus Christ, it felt good! Chuck had been sucked off dozens of times in his life, but there had never been a blow-job to equal this one. Then his release was suddenly there.

The gush of hot white cum sprayed out wildly from the slitted tip of his cockhead, splattering against the back of her throat, filling her mouth with viscous cum. Swallowing frantically so she wouldn't lose any of his tasty cock-cream, she sucked even harder on his spurting prick. Her soft mouth worked like a suction pump around his big erupting cock. Closing her lips tightly around the base of his prick, she sucked deeply, rolling her tongue all around the sensitive flesh as more and more of his delicious hot jizz spewed against the back of her throat.

AAAAAUUUUUUGGG!" he groaned as his climax continued, the pleasure so intense that each new spurt of cum was almost painful. "More! More! Asian honey love getting drilled hard squirting japanese his wild climax finally ended and his cock began shrinking in her mouth, the youngster tightened her lips and continued sucking and swallowing and gulping until she'd completely drained the last tasty drop from his prick.

When his flaccid cock finally slipped from between her cum-soaked lips, she licked up the drops that had dribbled onto his balls and belly.

Completely exhausted, Chuck lay still for almost ten minutes before he was able to move. "Jesus, Kim," he whispered, taking the cute youngster into his arms, tasting her lips as he lovingly kissed her. "That was the most wonderful blow-job I've ever had." "I know," she giggled, rolling onto her back and spreading her thighs. "And now how about lickin' this some more?" "That's exactly what I intend to do," he panted, burying his face into her delicious scented crotch.

CHAPTER FIVE When Sharon left Andy's room late that night, she agreed to come back the next afternoon to meet his friend, Mac. After Andy had told the horny little blonde what a wild fucker his buddy was, she was more than ready to join them for some three-way fucking. Arriving shortly before two, Sharon was very impressed with Mac's appearance when she met him.

The moment the pretty blonde sat down next to Andy, he took her into his arms and covered her softly parted lips with his eager mouth. Both of them were panting hotly, their tongues entwined. Using his free hand, Andy slipped it under the short skirt she'd purposely worn, teasing his hand up along the inside of her bare thighs as her sweet young body trembled from his erotic touch.

"Mmmmmmmmm," she softly moaned as his thick middle finger slipped around the crotchband of her brief little panties. The horny young blonde involuntarily arched her hips ebony chick khalista stone gets intense poking interracial pornstars as he wormed his finger into the slick hotness of her oozing slit.

"Oh, yes," she passionately whispered into his mouth, clinging tightly to him as the friction of his finger moving around in the slippery folds of her pink little pussy filled her with lust.

The intense pleasure was greatly increased when he briefly moved his finger up to the top of her cunt to tease her hard, tingling clit.

Then she let out another moan of uninhibited delight, writhing her body against his when he slipped his thick middle finger deep into her cunt. "Does that feel good, honey?" he whispered as he fucked his Imger deep in her frothy little pussy. "Shit, yes, but why don't you let me suck your cock for a minute?" "Okay." He grinned. "But let's go over on the bed." Pulling down his pants and shorts, Andy spread himself out pantyhose cam show more videos on sexycamsorg the bed.

"Come on," he urged, waving his cock around as Sharon followed him. "It's all ready for you." She quickly kneeled over the man on her hands and knees, and with his cock pointing straight up, she lowered her head toward his prick. Flicking her tongue out, she licked the tip of his cock across his swollen prickhead, bringing a soft moan from deep in his throat.

Firmly holding the base of his stiff cockshaft, Sharon began running her tongue up and down its meaty length. Still not taking his cockhead into her mouth, she teased his prick with the tip of her tongue, driving the man into a wild frenzy.

Cupping his lusty balls in her palm, she dropped her head and lightly ran her wet tongue over them, the curly hair tickling her nose. Nuzzling her face forward, she opened her lips and slowly sucked both of his balls into her mouth.

She could hear him groaning with pleasure as he dug his hands into her long blonde hair, pressing her face tighter against his crotch. With her tongue lapping at his balls, she gently rolled them from cheek to cheek. After sucking and licking his swollen balls for several more moments, she raised her mouth up to his cockhead again.

"Jesus Christ!" gasped Andy when the horny young girl suddenly plunged her warm soft lips down over his sensitive prickhead. Thrilled with the delicious taste of his thick, hard cock, Sharon tightened her lips around his prick. She moved her face up and down until his big swollen cockhead nudged the back of her throat.

Her tongue fluttered up and down the length of his cockshaft while she gummed his prick with her lips. The horny little blonde's face twisted from side to side over his crotch.

Then, firmly grasping his hips, Sharon raised her head as slowly as she lowered. his prick, running her tongue up along the sensitive underside of his prickshaft until his cockhead was almost out of her mouth. "Oh, my God!" gasped Andy, involuntarily pushing her head back down over his cock. She was thrilled by the sight of the curly mat of cock hair around the base of his prick rushing up toward her mouth as her big tits milf gets wet on webcam plunged down, then the slippery cock sliding out from between her sucking lips as she pulled her head up.

Watching from across the room, Mac was getting more turned on by the second. "Jesus Christ!" he panted to his friend. "She's sure giving you a blow-job!" "You're not shittin'," moaned Andy. "This little broad's really got it all together. Why don't you come over here and join us?" Walking toward them, Mac wasn't sure what to do. Andy was on his back, taking up most of the bed and Sharon was kneeling over him as she sucked on his hard cock. Standing by the bed, Mac was looking directly at her little panty-clad ass.

Seeing that the kneeling girl's ass was just the right height, he quickly lowered his zipper. Dropping his pants and shorts, he stepped forward and lifted her skirt higher.

His hard prick throbbed violently as he ran his hands over the smooth nylon that was so tautly stretched over her adorable little ass. Reaching up between her legs, he felt the heat of her cunt through the wet crotchband. Grasping the waist of her panties with both hands he peeled them down over her softly rounded ass and thighs.

Trembling with anticipation, he slipped his thick finger into her steamy little cunt from the rear. After fuckmg his finger in and out a few times, he began spreading her oozing fuck juice onto his prick.

Grasping her hips, Mac aimed his pulsing cock between her slippery pussylips and pushed forward until he felt his cockhead slithering into her tight little cunt. "Mmmmmmmmm," Sharon softly moaned around the thickness of Andy's hard cock. Feeling her hot inner flesh closing aroun his throbbing hard-on, Mac began slowly fucking in and out. She was hot and wet and ready as his thick cock fucked easily through the delicious folds of her scalding cunt flesh. Thinking how much deeper and better it felt to be fucked from the rear, Sharon tightened her cunt muscles around his prick increasing the friction as he fucked back and forth.

Feeling Mac's thick cockshaft fucking into her Sharon's mouth and tongue began working faster and harder on Andy's prick, whipping his cock into a lathered frenzy. Taking almost the entire length of his cock into her mouth Sharon realized Andy was almost ready to shoot his hot load. Without any warning, Andy exploded a torrent of cum into her mouth. Sucking wildly the horny girl was able to swallow every tasty good drop of his jizz. Thoroughly enjoying the taste treat he was feeding her, she drank his heavenly cum until his limp wet prick slipped out of her mouth.

Excitedly licking her lips, Sharon once more concentrated on the big throbbing cock that was fucking into her from the rear. "Oh, yes!" she panted. "Fuck it to me' Fuck me good, baby!" Getting off of the bed, an exhausted Andy walked around to the other side where he could watch his friend fuck his big hard cock into the horny little blonde's cute cunt. Sharon was almost out of her mind with pleasure as Mac penetrated her pussy deeper and deeper with every stroke.

Each time he pulled back, his thick cockshaft drew her clit and pussylips out, and each returning thrust pushed them back in. The way his throbbing hard-on was pulling and pushing the slippery folds of her cunt flesh in all directions was the most incredible thing she'd ever experienced.

His massive cock was so thick and swollen that the pressure alone was enough to indirectly excite her clit. The wildly aroused man could feel his scalding cum churning around deep in his balls. Letting go of her hips, he reached around and grasped her bouncing tits so he could enjoy even more of her hot little body.

No longer in complete control of himself, the man fucked into her cunt at a much faster tempo, fucking her juicy pussy like a wild animal. Each deep thrust of his big cock was pounding against the very bottom of her cunt, bringing unbelievable joy to the aroused little blonde. Sharon felt his lusty balls slapping against her inner thighs as she desperately ground her ass back, trying to get even more of his heavenly meat into her little overheated cunt. "FUCK ME, BABY! FUCK ME!" she screamed as the man frenziedly fucked his thick prick into her.

"FUCK IT TO ME!" Standing by the bed watching them, Andy was excitedly stroking his rapidly swelling cock. "Oh, Jesus!" gasped Mac as he felt his climax drawing closer. "You're really gonna get a cuntful!" Almost out of his mind from the intense feeling, Mac cruelly twisted her tits as he began fucking into her cunt with harder deeper strokes.

His throbbing prick was fucking into her pussy like a wild stallion's. "More! I need more!" screamed Sharon, feeling her own orgasm beginning. She knew nothing could stop it now. Just three or four more thrusts of his massive cock and she would explode into a wild glorious climax. Then she suddenly felt Mac stiffen and let out a loud grunt as his scalding jizz shot into her spasming cunt. Sharon's entire body writhed in rapture as Mac's hotly spurting cock filled her pussy with an endless stream of cum.

"AAAAAUUUUUGGG! 00000000H, SHIT!" she screamed, the muscles of her cunt sucking and milking on his throbbing hard-on with uncontrollable spasms. "OOOOOOOH, IT'S SO FUCKING GOOD!

SO FUCKING GOOD!" As their wild orgasms slowly subsided, they continued to grind against each other like animals. "My God, that was fantastic!" panted Sharon feeling his warm jizz dribbling down her inner thighs. Still impaled on his cock, she thrilled to the way he was caressing her dangling tits. The horny little blonde's thighs and ass were completely drenched with his cum mixed with her own fuck juices.

Her golden cunt hairs were damp and matted as his deflated prick finally slipped out of her oozing pussy with an obscene plop.

It was like someone had pulled a plug as a thick stream of slippery cum poured onto the bed from her dripping pussy. Watching the couple fuck had given Andy a throbbing hard-on. Anxious to fuck Sharon, he quickly stepped up behind the kneeling girl and gently rubbed the head of his prick against the oozing lips of her jizz-drenched pussy. Then, grasping her hips, he fucked his throbbing cock into the scalding heat of her sodden little pussy.

Feeling his stiff hard-on fucking in and out of her juicy cunt, Sharon began feverishly rubbing her excited clit. Every one of his deep thrusts sent a shiver of delight coursing through her aroused little body, every shiver bringing her closer to a second climax. There was no doubt in the horny girl's mind that two cocks were better than one. The way Andy's hard cock was fucking into her writhing pussy from behind was filling her entire body with pleasure. The waves of unbelievable joy that were flooding through her body brought the first heavenly sensations of a second climax Clinging tightly to her lurching hips, Andy could feel his own fuck juices boiling up in his balls, screaming for release.

Aware that his orgasm was only seconds away, he began fucking harder and faster, anxious to bring Sharon off before he shot his own wad. Suddenly the little blonde was coming beneath him, moaning and groaning with joy as the intense orgasm enveloped her. "Ooooooh! Ooooooooh!" she whimpered, twisting and turning violently as her climaxing body was racked by wild ecstasy. Andy suddenly felt his hot jizz starting its fie~ Journey up through his cockshaft and his entire body stiffened with anticipation.

"OH, MY GOD!" she shrieked her asscheeks quivering from the heavenly pleasure that was radiating from between her legs to every part of her body. Just as Andy was about to shoot his wad the writhing little blonde accidentally pulled her cunt away from his cock. Knowing that he wouldn't have time to shove his prick back into her pussy, he grasped his cock in his hand and began pumping. After only two or three strokes he sprayed her lovely dimpled back with his thick white cum.

The second spurt splattered against her sweet young ass. Reaching behind her, Sharon grasped his cockshaft and rubbed his cockhead in the puddles of cum that had formed on her naked flesh. When his prick was thickly coated with the slippery fuck fluid, she moved around and licked his cock clean. "Oh, shit, honey," whispered the exhausted girl as she collapsed on the bed.

"That was so wonderful." It seemed that she'd been lying on the bed for hours though it was only a few minutes before she was aroused by a nudging at her mouth.

Opening her eyes, she saw Mac pressing his thick cock against her cum-drenched lips. Glancing up, she saw the lust burning in his eyes.

The horny young blonde knew how badly he wanted to empty his hot load into her mouth, and she was more than ready for his jism. "Hi, honey ," she teased, giving him a provocative smile. "It looks like you need a nice hot blow-job." "I sure do," he said. "Then you've come to the right girl," she giggled, grasping the thick base of his throbbing cockshaft. "I'm the hottest little cocksucker you'll ever find." "Oh, shit," he groaned as her soft juicy lips closed around his pulsating hard prick, her naughty little tongue teasing into the tiny slit in the end of his cockhead.

Enjoying the taste of the fuck fluids seeping out of the small hole, her ovaled lips began sliding up and adorable girl receives hardcore slit plowing russian and blowjob his thick cock as her tongue swirled around his big prickhead.

The softness of her slippery lips brought unbelievable pleasure to his throbbing hardon. Sucking deeply on his prick, she passionately licked at the shiny surface of his bloated cock.

"Jesus Christ, baby!" gasped the man. "You sure know how to give head!" Grasping the thick base of his prickshaft more firmly in her hand, she ran her sweet wet tongue up and down the sensitive underside of his throbbing cockpole, thoroughly coating his naked cock with her spit.

Moaning softly, Sharon nibbled at the tingling flesh of his prick, bringing sobs of joy from deep in the aroused man's throat. The horny little blonde was so engrossed in sucking and licking his delicious big cock that she wasn't aware that her thighs were being spread apart.

Then she suddenly felt an exciting tingling between her legs. Still sucking deeply on Mac's thick tool, she glanced down to see Andy spreading her juicy cuntlips apart. He lowered his face toward the golden curls of her oozing pussy.

She began trembling with excitement as he swiped his wet tongue up along the full length of her hot, juicy cunt. "Mmmmmmm," she moaned around Mac's thick cock.

Waves of rapture were washing through her body as she passionately clamped her naked thighs against his face, trapping him against her hot flowing pussy. The feel of his tongue flicking and darting feverishly around her dripping cunt was enough to blow her mind. His thick rough tongue was teasing the velvety folds of her open pussy as her cunt had never been teased before. Still sucking on Mac's hard cock, she felt his hand pushing on the back of her head, trying to force more of his thick cock into her mouth.

Gobbling feverishly on his tasty prick, she was conscious of Andy's plunging tongue in the slippery flesh of her pussy. His tongue explored the hot slick folds of her oozing cunt.

"OH! OH!" she shrieked with delight when he came into contact with her hard little clit. The beautiful young blonde excitedly sucked her breath in as he pulled the sensitive little clit between his teeth. Teasing the tiny pearl of her clit with the tip of his tongue, Andy made her moan in ecstasy around the thickness of Mac's throbbing tool. Sharon was writhing allover the bed as flames of arousal burned through her shivering body.

It was pure heaven to have her pussy licked and sucked while she was being fucked in the mouth by Mac's thick hard-on. Sharon sobbed with rapture as the unbelievable pleasure coursed through every part of her aroused body. The big meaty prick in her mouth seemed to be expanding as it throbbed out against her widely stretched lips. Digging his fingers into her long blonde hair, he panted lik~ a wild animal, fucking his cock in and out of her sucking mouth.

Wanting him to quickly empty his hot load into her throat, Sharon's free hand passionately squeezed his swollen balls. As Andy's thick tongue continued to lick and swirl kristi klenot natural wonders of the world aka christinas heisse busenfreundinnen in her hot quivering cunt, Sharon raced toward a wild climax.

Mac suddenly shot his hot load of jizz into her frantically sucking mouth. His thick cum spewed hotly into her throat while Andy's licking, sucking mouth rapidly propelled her toward an orgasm. Just as she'd sucked the last drop from Mac's limp, shriveling prick, her climax exploded throughout her body. "Oh, my God!" she screamed as Andy's tongue swirled around deep in her wildly spasming cunt.

"I'm coming, honey! OH, SHIT, IT'S GOOD! IT'S SO FUCKIN' GOOD!" Finally, after what seemed an eternity to. the beautiful little blonde, the heavenly sensations slowly abated, leaving her feeling strangely empty. "Jesus, honey," she whispered to Andy as he pulled his juice-drenched face out of her swampy crotch. "That was really something." "I'm glad," panted the man as he stroked his thick prick. "Now will you let me fuck you?" "You know you can," she giggled. "I can outlast you guys any day." CHAPTER SIX While Sharon was in the wild throes of her suck and fuck session with Andy and Mac, Brenda w~ waiting for Ron in her room.

He fantastic bang for a nerdy gal hardcore and blowjob to attend a meeting in the morning, but the big-cocked man had promised to drop by in the afternoon for a piece of ass.

The beautiful redhead had never found such a fantastic prick in her life and she wanted as much of his cock as possible. Brenda's pussy was oozing with anticipation when the man finally knocked. Anxious to get him into her bed, she quickly opened the door for him.

The moment he was in the room, she threw her arms around the man and pulled his body to her. Pressing her soft body against his hard lean frame, she kissed him passionately, her tongue slithering in between her lips until he was feverishly sucking back. "Oh, Ron," she whispered. "I need your big cock so bad." Kissing her moist parted lips, the man rolled his tongue around the roof of her mouth. His cock throbbed from the pressure of her body against his.

Moving his hands down over her back as their lips remained welded in a passionate kiss, he cupped her firm asscheeks in his palms and pulled her more tightly against him. He began grinding his pelvis against herfeeling the moist heat of her pussy radiating through her skirt.

Clutching her asscheeks with both hands, he goosed his fingers into the soft crack between them. Pulling her still tighter against him, he pumped his throbbing hard-on in a wild hunching motion against her hotly writhing loins.

"Oh, Ron," she panted into his mouth. "I'm gonna make this an afternoon you'll never forget!" Her firm tits felt like warm pillows pressing against his chest, and he could feel the hardness of her erect nipples through the straining materIal of her blouse.

Sucking in her breath, she slowly moved her hand down between their writhing bodies until her trembling fingers found the hard bulge in his pants. "God, what a cock!" she gasped, fondling his prick through the material of his pants. A wild shudder raced through Ron's body as her fingers closed around his excited throbbing cock. It was driving him out of his mind to feel her soft stroking motion on his hard prick. Still cupping her asscheeks in his hands his thighs pressed against hers. Her pulling fingers rubbed and stroked his throbbing cock through his pants.

"Oh, Ron," she whispered, her voice raspy with lust as she began fumbling with his zipper. "I need your big cock!" The man was trembling with excitement as she opened his fly and eased her soft groping fingers inside. Swaying breathlessly, he felt the warmth of her hand brushing across his sensitive cockflesh.

"Jesus, what a beauty," she sobbed as she curled her fingers around the throbbing length of the handsome man's thick cockshaft. Squeezing his fleshy prickpole until she could feel his swollen cockhead pulsating wildly with passion, she began savagely jerking on his prick, stroking up and down from the thick base to his wildly flaring knob. As she continued to masturbate him Ron removed his hands from her ass and stepped back a few inches so the beautiful redhead could have easier access to his throbbing naked prick.

Reaching out, he curled his fingers around the firm globes of her tits while she stroked his prick with vigorous up-and-down movements. Her tits were firm and heavy, and he loved the erotic feel of them in his palms. Her nipples felt stiff and hard inside her blouse as he rolled them between his thumbs and forefingers.

Unable to stand it any longer, he unbuttoned and removed her blouse. "They're all yours," she whispered when her delicious naked tits sprang into view. "They're beautiful," panted Ron, staring at her magnificent swollen nipples. "Then take the rest of my clothes off," she panted. "I want to be nice and naked for you." Needing no further urging, he lowered the zipper on her skirt and let the garment drop down around her ankles.

"Thank you," she softly whispered still stroking his thick cock. Next, Ron hooked his fingers into the waistband of her little juice-soaked panties and peeled them down over her soft hips and shapely legs.

She smiled up at him as she stepped out of the tangled garments around her feet. "Lick me, darling. I want you to lick my cunt." Turning away from him, Brenda walked over and sat down on the bed. "Come on, honey," she whispered. "Please lick my pussy." Ron walked toward her, his breath hot milke boobs sucking milk for machine his lungs as his cock throbbed wildly through his open fly.

Dropping to his knees in front of herhe stared at the delicious naked pussy between her widely spread thighs. The beautiful woman's cunt was pink and puffy, surrounded with swirling curls of fiery-red hair. The lips of her flowering pussy were wetly parted, exposing the pearl of her clit at the top of her hotly oozing cunt.

The erotic fragrance of her fuck juices filled his nostrils, making his mouth water for the taste of her heavenly cunt. Staring at the slippery pinkness of her oozing inner pussy-flesh, Ron lowered his head and began licking the matted wetness of her juicy pussy.

"Oh, yes!" shuddered the beautiful redhead, lacing her fingers into his thick head of hair, forcing his mouth tighter against her cunt. Scissoring her deliciously naked thighs against his face, she began humping her hot leaking pussy up and down over his licking tongue. The writhing woman's cunt was slippery and wet with fuck fluids as the tip of Ron's tongue slithered effortlessly between her fleshy cuntlips.

Tasting her tangy pussy juices flowing into his mouth, his nose nuzzled into her soft pussy hair. The tip of his tongue rubbed against the sensitive bud of her clit. The soft flesh around her juicy cunt seemed to be kissing back at his mouth, sucking and squeezing around the thickness of his probing tongue. The full length of his tongue was soon buried deep in the horny redhead's scalding pussy.

"Mmmmmmm!" she whimpered in ecstasy, grinding her loins up against his mouth in torturously slow circles, screwing her cunt around the length of his fucking tongue. His slurping mouth was welded passionately against her cunt, his tongue deep in her tasty fuckhole, his lips sucking her pussy as his flaring nostrils deeply inhaled the horny wetness of her arousal.

The wildly aroused man rolled his tongue from side to side, licking an around the slippery walls of her juice-coated inner passage. With his tongue straining deep into the oozing softness of her writhing pussy, his nose was rubbing into the tangled hair that surrounded her cunt. "Oh, no!" she squealed with disappointment when he suddenly pulled his tongue out of her tasty little cunt.

"Don't stop!" Moaning with frustration, she grabbed the back of his head and ground her feverishly hot pussy up against him, smearing the wetness of her cunt allover his face. "Please keep licking me! " she sobbed. Cupping his hands under the soft cheeks of her ass to hold her still, he lapped his tongue up between her oozing pussylips until the tip of his tongue made electrifying contact with her sensitive little clit. "Yes! Yes! That's the way!" she screamed. Aware of the intense pleasure the horny redhead was experiencing, he began deliciously teasing her throbbing little clit.

The action of his tongue was slow and deliberate, flitting around the little nub of her clit like the wings of a butterfly, filling her entire body with an unbelievable ecstasy.

The sensitive bud got harder and stiffer as he rolled and flicked her clit more urgently with his tongue. As the woman became more and more aroused, he began stroking her clit more feverishly, sex world annette haven leslie bovee sharon thorpe kay parker desiree west amber hunt abigail clayto tongue playing a delicious tattoo on the sensitive nub.

Again and again he lashed at her clit until it was hard and swollen between his billy wood actress xxx storys. "Ohh God!" she squealed, her voice rising shrilly as an unbelievable pleasure intensified in her loins.

"OH, FUCK IT'S SO GOOD! SO FUCKIN' GOOD!" His hands were digging into the soft flesh of her asscheeks, trying desperately to hold her wildly writhing pussy firmly against his mouth. Using every bit of sexual skill he possessed. Ron expertly sucked, lapped and licked until she finally exploded into a mindblowing climax. "OOOOOOOOOOH, I'M COMING.

. COMMMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNGGG!" she shrieked. Her entire body shook from head to toe as wave after wave of ecstasy coursed through her wildly rippling loins. "I'M COMING!" she screamed. "I'M COMING ALL OVER YOUR FUCKING TONGUE!" The beautiful redhead's shapely thighs tensed and stiffened, so tightly against his face and ears that he could hardly hear the sound of her screams of ecstasy.

Frantically tearing at the back of his head, she tried to force his face even deeper inside her climaxing cunt. His tongue was still slithering up and down and around her sensitive clit, ceaselessly licking her clit to prolong her fantastic orgasm as long as possible. "AAAAAAAUUUUUUGGG. . I'M STILL COMING! STILL COMING!" she shrieked.

"Don't stop, baby! Don't ever stop!" Once again removing his tongue from her clit, he then rammed his tongue all the way up into her immorallive naughtiest whores in a wild fou fuckhole again.

Ron tasted the heat of her passion flowing wetly across his tongue as her fuck juices flooded into his mouth. Pulling his tongue back until only the tip of it remained lodged between her pussylips, he then plunged his tongue forward again. With his tongue fucking rapidly in and out, the room was filled with obscenely slurping sounds. "JESUS CHRIST!" she screamed. "I'M COMING AGAIN. . COMING AGAIN!" Suddenly pulling his tongue from her cunt, he staggered to his feet, quickly removed his clothes, and crawled up between the beautiful woman's obscenely spread thighs.

Clutching the thick base of his cockshaft in his hand, he guided his swollen prickhead between her juicy cuntlips. He could feel the moistness of her pussylips enveloping his naked hard-on. "Oh, yes, honey!" she whimpered when his huge cock was all the way in, her string of orgasms still rippling through her loins. "Fuck it to me, baby! Fuck me good!" Staring down between their naked bodies, Ron could see his thick cockshaft disappearing into the mouth of her little red-fringed cunt.

The moist heat from her scalding pussy surrounded his hard prick like a soft glove as her cunt muscles squeezed and sucked on the throbbing length of his deeply embedded prick. They were - both so filled with lust that neither of them saw little Kim watching them through the crack of the door that connected the two rooms. The youngster had been doing some shopping, and when she returned, she had heard the squeals of joy coming from her mother's room.

Slightly opening the connecting door, she saw the two naked bodies fucking around on the bed. Little Kim had been fucked by lots of boys and men, but she'd never seen a cock as large as this man's bloated prick. She couldn't take her eyes away from this massive cockshaft that was fucking in and out of her mother's slippery pussy-hole. His prick was at least ten inches long and as big around as her wrist. "Oh, sweet baby!" she heard her mother cry with rapture. "It feels so good, darling!

God, what a beautiful big cock!" Watching the man's massive cock fucking in and out of her mom's cunt was making the youngster all hot and juicy between her legs. "Oh, God, Ron!" she heard her mother sob at the woman threw her loins up to meet every deep thrust of his powerful hard-on. "It's so good, honey! " Suddenly the youngster began wondering how his huge cock would feel in her own horn little pussy.

From the expression on he~ mother's face and from the way she was writhing and sobbing with joy, the feeling had to be incredible.

Trying to imagine what his big cock would feel like made the fuck juices flow heavier from her itching young pussy. Kim could see that the man was fucking deeper and harder, his panting mouth gaping o~n as he stared ahead through glazed eyes.

His cock was now thickly coated with her mother's fuck juices. His big swollen prick looked so virile as he fucked in and out of her delicious hot fuckhole. "Oh, fuck, honey, fuck!" Brenda squealed, wrapping her soft thighs more tightly around his waist. "Just fuck the livin' shit out of me!" He began fucking his thick prick deeper and harder into her eager pussy, each thrust pumping big globs of frothy fuck juice out from between her cock-filled cuntlips.

"Oh, shit, Ron!" whimpered the wildly writhing redhead as her aroused cuntwalls sucked and milked passionately on the full length of his fucking cock. The feel of his throbbing hard-on fucking in and out of her overheated fuckhole was almost blowing her mind. Feeling an orgasm building and building deep in his churning balls and wanting to bring her off again jayden jaymes has fun with her lover he shot his wad, Ron began fucking into her cunt with all his strength.

"Yes! Yes!" she shrieked, feeling his hard cock fucking into her at an even faster tempo. "FUCK IT TO ME, BABY! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Brenda was no longer aware of anything except the man's hard cock fucking into her.

Each deep thrust of his wonderful cock was bringing more pleasure to her sizzling cunt. "FUCK IT TO ME!" she cried. "GOD, how I needed this!" Ron was almost out of his mind with the pleasure he was getting from this beautiful woman's hot pussy. Never had he felt anything like this juicy, red-fringed cunt that was sucking and squeezing so passionately on his naked throbbing prick.

"Oh, you beautiful fucker! " squealed Brenda, waving her shapely legs in the air. "Fuck me good, honey!" She dug her nails into his wildly humping ass. Her body was hey girls ill be joining you today michael kahn like a wild animal beneath him, every nerve in her tingling cunt responding to the heavenly vibrations of his fucking cock.

"Faster, honey, faster!" she squealed. "FUCK ME FASTER, BABY! I'm almost there! Almost there!" Brenda could fee her climax building and building in her loins, and her velvet-soft cunt sheath was rippling around the throbbing length of his massive hard-on. Losing complete control of herself, the feverishly aroused redhead fucked back at him like a bitch in heat, her bare heels digging into the sinewy crack of his ass.

Hot brunette gently fucked in bed in the morning

"Oh, my God!" she suddenly screamed, her spasming cunt locking like a tight band around his cockshaft as her entire body exploded into a mind-blowing orgasm.

"I'M COMING! OH, SHIT HOW I'M COMING!" He began fucking into her with fasterdeeper strokes, further aroused by the feel of her spasming cunt climaxing all around his fucking cock. "OH, FUCK! OH, YES!" As one beautiful orgasm followed anotherBrenda writhed and jerked beneath him, his hard-fucking cock giving her no mercy as she continued creaming all over the slippery length of his prickshaft.

"Oh, yes!" she screamed as a torrent of hot jizz gushed into her fuckhole. "Give it to me, baby! Juice me good!" She writhed wildly beneath him, and her orgasm slowly faded as the last drops of his cum dribbled from the end of his cock.

"Oh, you sweet fucking darling," she softly whispered when he finally withdrew his limp, wet prick with a soft slurping sound. "That's what I call a great fuck!" Not wanting them to know she'd been watching, little Kim quietly closed the door. Quickly stripping, the horny youngster threw herself on the bed and began lustily masturbating with visions of the man's huge cock in her mind. CHAPTER SEVEN While Sharon was with Andy and Mac that afternoon, she told the men that her mother loved to fuck as much as she did.

They immediately suggested that she bring her mom over tonight for some fun and games. When Sharon told her mother about the invitation, the horny woman was more than eager to accept. Both men were overwhelmed by the woman's beauty when she arrived with her daughter. The moment they were introduced, Mac led the sexy redhead over to a sofa where he sat down beside her.

"Sharon tells me the three of you had a lot of fun this afternoon." She smiled at him, her naughty eyes glowing with desire. "We sure did." He grinned. "I'm sure of that," said Brenda, giving his thigh a loving squeeze.

"She's a hot little piece of ass that loves to fuck as much as her mother does." "I think we'll even have more fun tonight," he teasingly whispered, moving his hand up under her skirt. "I'm sure we will," murmured Brenda. With his heart pounding wildly in kinky amateur girlfriend railed in her tight asshole pornstars and hardcore chest, Mac's hand crept higher and higher until his fingers brushed across the slippery moistness sexy asain plays with her big tits her naked cunt.

His cock gave a violent lurch when he discovered she wasn't wearing any panties. Feeling his thick middle finger sliding up into her hot fuckhole, Brenda turned her moistly parted lips up to his as she sensuously rotate her hotly oozing crotch against the palm of his hand. "God, Mac," she whispered, writhing her slick wet cunt around his deeply embedded finger. wet twat stuffed by cock hardcore and blowjob feels so fuckin' good." As the man continued vigorously fingerfucking her, Brenda deftly lowered his zipper and gently pulled out his throbbing hard-on.

His prick wasn't as large as Ron Parker's, but it was plenty big enough to give her the pleasure she needed. "Mac," she whispered, "why don't you take your pants and shorts off?" The man quickly complied, and when he was once more seated on the couch, Brenda knelt on the floor in front of him. Taking his hard cockshaft in her hands, she began slowly stroking his prick, her feather-light fingers working deliciously up and down the length of his throbbing hard-on.

Without missing a single tantalizing stroke with her fingers, she lowered her head and took his pulsing cockhead into her hot moist mouth. "Oh, God," he moaned. "There's nothing better than a pair of hot lips wrapped around a cock." "I think we'll get along real fine." She winked up at him. Lowering her face again, Brenda covered his thick cockhead with her juicy open lips, swirling her naughty tongue all around his sensitive prickhead.

Sitting on Andy's lap, Sharon excitedly watched her mother frantically sucking and slurping on Mac's throbbing prick.

Neither Sharon nor Andy could believe the unrestrained enthusiasm the lovely redhead was showing as sexy lady satisfied by the pawn keeper by fucking her passionately wolfed down his steel-hard cock.

Mac's body was lurching violently from the feel of her tongue exploring every sensitive nerve of his spit-drenched prickshaft while Brenda's lips flew feverishly up and down his throbbing cock.

"Oh, fuck!" Mac moaned, feeling her hand slip beneath the balls, gently caressing the underside of his swollen balls. He gave another wild lurch when her teasing finger lewdly probed around the sensitive rim of his asshole. Her hot slippery mouth was moving faster and faster, taking more and more of his glistening cock into her throat with every plunge of her head.

Almost out of his mind with excitement, Mac stared through lust-glazed eyes at the woman's bobbing head as her long red hair flew around her extremely beautiful face. He could feel his churning balls swell with sperm. "Oh, my God! Oh, God!" he moaned, desperately digging his fingers into her hair and pushing her mouth down tighter around his passion-crazed prick. Feeling the man's body jerking toward a frantic climax, Brenda sucked harder and deeper on his throbbing cock, eager to taste his hot jizz.

"Oh, shit!" he cried as he gave a final lurch and tired a huge load of thick white cum into the woman's slurping mouth. Thrilled by the rich flavor and the immense amount of jizz he was pumping into her mouth, she frantically sucked and swallowed, wanting to get every delicious drop of cum from his rapidly shrinking prick. "Was that good?" she whispered up to him, licking a little rivulet of jizz from the corner of her lips.

"Fuck, yes!" he gasped. "You really know how to give head." "I know," she giggled. "I'm just a natural born cock-sucker. Still sitting on Andy's lap, Sharon could feel his cock throbbing against her ass through her clothes.

"Honey," she whispered. "Let's take our clothes off and play naughty games summer enjoys some domination with her girlfriend each other." Both of them anxious to fuck, they quickly stood up and disrobed.

When Andy. sat back down on the chair with his throbbing prick thrusting up from between his legs, Sharon stepped in front of him. "Honey," she whispered, lewdly opening her pussylips with her fingers. "Wanta shoot that hot load in my horny little hole?" "Fuck, yes!" he gasped, staring hungrily at her naked little cunt. Facing the man in the chair, Sharon straddled his loins on her knees, her hotly oozing pussy poised just above his throbbing hard-on.

Slowly lowering herself down, she felt his swollen cockhead probing between her pussylips. Bracing her hands on his shoulders and smiling seductively at the man, Sharon felt his marvelous hard-on sliding deliciously into her slippery cunt. She gently lowered her pussy down over his pulsating cockshaft. "Mmmmmmm," she whimperd, feeling his hard prick sinking deeper and deeper into her scalding fuckhole.

When Andy's throbbing prick was finally completely buried in her grasping cunt, Sharon began rubbing her swollen tits against his face. "Does this feel good?" she whispered, slowly rotating her slippery pussy around the base of his deeply embedded cock. "Fuck, yes!" he gasped. "Then lick my titties," she whispered, lightly tracing her nails around the back of his neck. "I love having my nipples sucked." Staring at her full tits, Andy saw little goose bumps of excitement standing out all over her desire-swollen areolas and her nipples looked like two juicy cherries just waiting to be devoured.

"Oh, Jesus," she softly moaned as he sucked one of her erect nipples into his mouth. "God, how I love having my tits sucked!" As the man tongued and mouthed her sensitive nipples, Sharon began rotating her slit around and around his hard cockshaft.

It was pure heaven to feel his throbbing cock twisting around in her squeezing little fuckhole. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, shit!" she squealed with delight when the man began nibbling on her tits. "Bite them honey! I love that, but not too hard. That's the way. . yes, that's it! Oh, fuck, it's so good! So good, honey!" Slowly stopping the rotating motion, Sharon began fucking herself up and down over his cock.

Feeling his wonderful prick fucking up and down in her juicy cunt was driving the girl wild. Each time she dropped down, the horny little blonde could feel his big cockhead pounding against the very end of her pussy.

Becoming more and more excited, Andy began slamming his pelvis up to meet every downward plunge of her cunt. Wanting her to fuck more rapidly up and down over his cock, he cupped her firm little asscheeks in his hand to help propel her. "Ooooooh, shit!" she squealed with delight when his finger brushed across her sensitive little ass opening.

"Stick your finger up my ass!" "What?" he gasped. "Ram your finger up my ass!" squealed the wildly aroused teenager. "Hurt me! Make me scream!" Wanting to please the horny little bitch, Andy began gently parting the cheeks of her ass with his hands.

Spreading her soft cheeks farther apart, he started probing the end of his middle finger against her little puckered asshole.

"That's it," she softly moaned. "Now stick in." Her slippery little asshole was so drenched with fuck juices leaking from her cock-filled cunt that his finger easily slid in up to the first knuckle. "Oh, yes!" she screamed, starting to bounce faster and faster on his prick.

"That's it baby, stick it in further!" Pushing harder, the man drilled his finger in up to the second knuckle. "AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEGGG!" she hysterically screamed in both agony and ecstasy. "That's the way, baby! Hurt me! Hurt me!" Despite the exotic pain, Sharon was feverishly writhing her ass back against his palm. Rotating his finger around in the buttery depths of her asshole, he could feel his cock through the thin membrane that separated her two deliciously filled fuckholes.

Soon, both his finger and cock were rhythmically fucking in and out of her wildly aroused body. Watching from the couch, Brenda excitedly stroked Mac's new hard-on as they stared the wildly fucking couple on the chair. Mac's prick throbbed violently in Brenda's grasp as they watched Sharon pump her pussy up down over Andy's bloated prick. The beautiful young blonde's head was thrown back, her hair flying wildly around her distorted face as the frenzied fervor of their fucking continued.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, SHIT, I'M COMING!" she suddenly shrieked as his hot jizz gushed into her cunt. "I'M COMING! COMMMMMMIIINNNGGG!" Throwing herself forward and pressing her open lips to his, Sharon passionately writhed through the most intense orgasm she'd ever had. "God, Mac," panted Brenda, "let's get rest of our clothes off.

I need a hot fuck." By the time Mac had taken the rest of clothes off, Brenda's naked body was spread out on the bed, her long red hair cascading across the pillow. The man just stood string down at the erotic vision spread out so seductively on the bed.

Her smooth thighs were wantonly parted, her fingers gently xxx sexsey storys full sex stories the juicy pink lips of the creamy pussy that were so blatantly exposed.

"Don't just stand there," she panted, her eyes half-closed as her fingers continued to sensually stroke her hot wet slit. "I need a hot fuck. My horny little cunt is just dying for your hard cock." As Mac quickly crawled up between her soft thighs, Brenda reached down and gently grasped his hard fleshy cockpole, guiding his prick toward her slippery cunt. When the tip of his cockhead finally touched her oozing pussy, she lightly brushed his prick up and down between the slippery lips of her hot, slick pussy.

"Oh, my God," he groaned, feeling her warm moist flesh against his throbbing cock. The man's body lurched excitedly when she slipped the head of his cock through the hot juicy opening of her fuckhole. He quivered with excitement as his hard prick slithered deeper and deeper into the beautiful redhead's hungry pussy. When his cock was completely buried in her hot fuckhole, she arched her hips up, sensuously writhing her juicy slit up around the base of his deeply embedded prick. "Jesus, that feels good," she whispered, snaking her soft naked thighs around his waist.

"Now just fuck me silly." Brenda began shivering from head to toe when the man started slowly fucking his cock in and out of her hotly squeezing slit. His hard prickshaft slid against every nerve end of her pretty blonde tgirl ass gets fucked and cums tube porn cuntwalls as the muscles of her horny pussy pulled and sucked at the full length of his sensitive swollen hard-on.

As Mac quickened the tempo of his deep long thrusts, the top ridge of his bone-hard cock rubbed against her tingling clit. The fantastic sensations she was feeling were almost enough to blow her mind.

Feverishly arching her hips up, she wildly ground her clit even harder against his hot slithering cockshaft. "Oh, my God!" she squealed with delight, excitedly nibbling on his shoulder. "IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!" Urged on by her squeals of ecstasy, he fucked his glistening cock faster and faster into the woman's squirming cunt.

Every deep thrust brought squeals of joy from her lust distorted mouth. She feverishly slammed her loins up to meet every deep plunge of his fucking prick.

"GODDAMN!" she shrieked. "FUCK,BABY, FUCK!" Almost out of his mind from the intense ecstasy, Mac fucked his cock into her with vicious abandon as their overheated bodies bounced up and down on the bed. The woman's steamy cunt seemed to hum with feverish delight as his prick fucked in and out of her slippery pussy.

She could feel every nerve in her body tensing for hot blonde babe in wedding gown drilled by pawn keeper orgasm that was rapidly approaching. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" she chanted, squeezing him tightly in her arms. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Further excited by her wanton squeals of passion and feeling his own orgasm ready to explode, Mac fucked deeper and comiendo el cono de im hija en la manana into her hot squirming pussy.

"Oh, fuck, I'm coming!" she whimpered, grabbing his ass and pulling the wildly humping man's cock even deeper into her churning fuckhole. "Fuck harder, baby! I'm coming! I'm coming!" Her wild orgasm was further intensified when she felt his hot white cum spewing against the sensitive walls of her pleasure ravished fuckhole. Passionately holding the man in her arms, Brenda writhed her spasming cunt up around the base of his wildly spurting cockshaft.

When Mac finally pulled his limp wet prick out of her cum-filled cunt, Brenda's eyes drifted over to Andy's brand-new hard-on that her daughter was stroking. Andy's prick wasn't quite as large as Mac's cock, but his prick looked hard and sleek.

The surface of his hard-standing cock looked so smooth and slippery that she suddenly had a wild desire to feel his prick flicking in and out of her taut little asshole. "That's sure a beautiful prick," said Brenda, walking over to where Andy was sitting with her daughter.

"Do you mind if I touch it?" "Not at all," the man grinned, anxious to flick Sharon's beautiful mother. "I love to have my prick touched." Dropping to her knees in front of him, she took his stiff hard-on in her fingers. As she began expertly stroking his rigid cockshaft, Brenda knew she just had to have his sleek prick in her ass.

"Am I gonna get a fuck?" she whispered. "I thought you'd never ask," murmured the man as she slowly rose to her feet. Staring up at the woman, Andy could hardly keep his eyes away from her shapely ass. "God!" he gasped. "You sure have a cute ass." "I'm glad you like it," giggled Brenda. "Because that's what you're gonna fuck." "What?" "Haven't you ever fucked a woman in the ass?" "No." "Then you're in for a real treat," she said, getting down on her hands and knees.

"Now let's see what kind of a fucker you are." Moving down behind her, Andy grasped his cockshaft in his trembling hand and guided his stiffly pointed cock toward her puckered asshole. "Jesus," he sputtered when he was unable to penetrate her tight ass opening. "My prick won't fit into that little thing." The beautiful redhead reached back and pulled her asscheeks as far apart as she could, her asshole opening slightly from the stretching.

"Now try it," she whispered, pushing back against his hard prick. Pressing forward, Andy felt the tip of his cock enter her small ass opening. Grasping her hips, he pushed forward with all his strength, and suddenly his virile cockhead popped through her tight ass ring, the full length of his prickshaft sliding all the way up her slippery asshole in one swooping thrust.

"Oooooooooh, shit!" she squealed with joy as his cock ripped into her asshole. "That feels neat!" "God, it's tight and hot in there," he panted, pulling his cock back for a second thrust. Snorting like a wild bull, he once more fucked his prick into the buttery softness of her asshole.

"Faster, honey," she called over her shoulder to him. "Now just flick the holy shit out of me! " Realizing what she wanted, the man began fucking in and out of her tingling asshole at a much more rapid tempo. Andy had never felt anything as good as the friction of her asshole against his fucking cock. "That's it, honey!" the woman squealed with delight. "FUCK IT, BABY! JUST FUCK IT TO DEATH!" Shivering with rapture, she felt him fucking his prick in and out at an even faster speed.

"Shit, that feels good," she whimpered as the intense feelings in her asshole increased. The hardness of his virile cock rubbed against the sensitive flesh of her hotly squeezing asshole. Realizing the man was almost ready to shoot his wad, she grabbed his hand and began rubbing his fingers on her clit.

He feverishly stroked her clit. Brenda exploded into a wild orgasm when she felt his hot cum gushing into her asshole. Shuddering violently, she collapsed on the floor with Andy's cock still embedded in her ass. "Oh, Mac." Sharon turned to the other man. "Will you fuck me in the ass?" "I sure will," he replied, starting across the room. This night would be something this horny group tiffany brookes blows a friend after a breakup never forget.

CHAPTER EIGHT That evening while her mother and big sister were over at Andy's room, little Kim was extremely restless. She was in a horny mood and Chuck, the young bellhop, couldn't take care of her because he was on duty that night. Knowing that her mother always had a big selection of dildos and vibrators, the youngster opened the connecting door to her mother's room and entered. She was rummaging through her mother's luggage in search of pussy-toys when she heard a knock on the door.

Opening it, she was surprised to see the man with the huge cock that had been fucking her mother. "Oh, excuse me," he mumbled when he saw the cute youngster. "I was looking for Brenda Walden." "I'm her daughter, Kim," said the cute girl, suddenly getting hotter and wetter between her legs as she recalled his magnificent cock. "Won't you come in?" "Thank you. I'm Ron Parker ," he said, staring excitedly at the big nipples that were exposed under the thin material of her nightie.

"I see you have the same beautiful red hair as your mother has." "Thank you," she murmured, closing the door behind him as he stepped into the room.

"When do you expect your mother back?" he asked, his eyes traveling down to the little triangle of red pussy hair that was faintly visible through her gown. "I really don't know," answered Kim, wishing she could get her hands on his beautiful big cock. "Were you looking for a piece of ass?" "What are you talking about?" he gasped as they sat down together on a sofa. "I saw you fucking her this afternoon." "Where were you?" "In there," she answered, pointing to the open door to her room.

The shocked man just stared at her, too stunned to speak. "You've sure got a nice big cock," the little girl continued. "And if you're looking for someone to fuck, you're welcome to use my hot little cunt." "Are you crazy?" he gasped, shocked by the youngster's brazen suggestion. "Nope," she giggled. "Just horny." The man looked at her with unbelieving eyes. "You should try me," the youngster continued, taking his hand and placing it on the warm bare flesh of her thigh. "I've got the hottest little cunt you'll ever find." "That's not a nice way to talk," he mumbled, embarrassed by the youngster's behavior.

"Maybe' not," she admitted, anxious to get at his magnificent cock. "But I sure need a nice big prick in my pussy." "Oh, Kim," he sighed.

"Little ladies don't talk about pricks and pussies." "Maybe they don't, but feel how hot and wet my horny little pussy is," she whispered, moving his hand up between her legs until his fingers brushed against the warm moistness of her juicy young cunt.

The man sat as if paralyzed as the cute little girl firmly pressed his finger against her slippery pussy. "See, Mr. Parker," she continued when he neither moved nor spoke. "Isn't this a hot little pussy?" Ron Parker was a big-pricked cocksman who'd never even dreamed of molesting a youngster, but as his huge cock suddenly exploded into an horrendous hard-on he excitedly fucked his finger up into the slick hotness of the cute girl's delicious juicy cunt.

"Oh, Mr. Parker ," she whispered, writhing her pussy up around his deeply embedded finger." "That feels so neat!" "Oh, my God," he gasped as the adorable youngster covered his mouth with her passionately parted lips, her tongue sensuously entwining around his.

"Gee, Mr. Parker ," she giggled, breaking the kiss when she felt his cock throbbing against her through the material of his pants. "You've got a hard-on. Let's go in on my bed and mess around." "You're just a child!" he gasped. "I can't fuck you." "We don't have to fuck," giggled the pretty youngster, reaching down and rubbing his hard cock through the material of his pants.

"We can just get undressed and play with each other." "I could get in trouble for playing around with you." "You don't have to worry about that," she giggled.

"I'll never tell." "This is insane," he sighed, slowly starting to weaken as she rubbed his tingling hard-on a bit more briskly. "Please, Mr. Parker," she begged, rising to her feet and taking his hand. "Just play with my naked little body for a while." No longer able to control his lust, he followed Kim into her room. The cute youngster quickly removed her nightie and spread herself out on the bed as she watched the man take his clothes off. "God, Mr.

Parker!" she squealed with girlish glee when he dropped his pants and shorts, revealing his thick stiff prick to her.

"That's sure a beautiful big cock!" Slowly moving toward the bed, the man stared wildly at the youngster's wet little cunt, so beautifully surrounded by a soft delicate nest of red pussy hair. "Mr. Parker ," she whispered up to him. "Will you lick my pussy?" With a wild sob, the man hurled himself onto the bed and buried his face in the hot moistness between her soft thighs, excitedly inhaling the heady fragrance of her sweet young cunt.

"Oooooooh," she softly whimpered. His thick wet tongue lapped at the tendersensitive flesh between her open cuntlips. Holding her breath, Kim felt his tongue slithering up through her little lust-slickened opening, feeling so warm and wet as his tongue swirled around in her creamy pussy.

"Oh, my god!" she sobbed when his tongue moved up to the top of her slit and began amateur teen plowed with panties pulled aside cocksucking and petite around her tingling clit.

"That feels so fuckin' good!" Sucking passionately on her little clit, he began sensuously teasing the sensitive pearl with the tip of his tongue until he had her writhing in ecstasy. Squealing with joy, Kim clamped her soft young thighs against his face, locking his mouth tightly against the hot wet flesh of her open cunt.

Crazed with lust, the horny youngster began grinding her hotly oozing slit all around the sucking length of his swirling tongue. "Oooooh, it's so good! So good!" she whimpered as his tongue burrowed into every crease and crevice of her juicy little cunt.

Moving his mouth down from her clit, the man grasped her cute asscheeks in his hands and held her as he once more stabbed his tongue at the moist opening of son fuk mom full story sweet little pussy-hole. Teasing the sensitive opening for only a few brief seconds, he suddenly plunged his tongue up deep into the lust slickened tissues of her little hotly sucking cunt.

"Oh, Mr. Parker!" she squealed, grinding her slippery crotch up tighter against his mouth. "It's so good. . so good!" Squeezing her soft naked thighs more tightly against his juice-smeared face, Kim felt his tongue lapping furiously at the delicious sweet fuck juices that were boiling around in her little desire-ridden cunt. Almost out of her mind, the aroused youngster was finding it absolutely heavenly to be on the bed with her quivering thighs splayed wildly apart as the handsome older man avidly licked and sucked on her dripping hot pussy.

"Oh, God!" she shrieked with wanton delight. She completely surrendered her body to the profound pleasure she was receiving from the man's unrestrained licking and slurping on her little overheated cunt.

As she squirmed her sweet young ass around on the rumpled sheet, flames of unbridled passion coursed through her smoldering loins. The hot wet flesh of her helplessly aroused pussy was feverishly sucking on the length of his deliciously thick tongue as it swirled around deep in her scalding fuckhole.

From the way the aroused youngster was twisting and jerking beneath him, the man realized she was rapidly approaching a climax. "Ooooooh, Mr. Parker!" she suddenly screamed. "Don't stop! I'm gonna explode!" Tightly grasping her writhing hips, the man pulled her slippery cunt up tighter around his mouth, trying desperately to fuck skinny japanese luscious chick fingered and boned hardcore blowjob tongue even deeper into the moist hot flesh of her sweetly dripping pussy.

"OH, SHIT, MR. PARKER!" she shrieked, clamping her bare thighs more tightly against his juice-smeared face as her lust crazed cunt exploded all around his face. "I'M COMING! I'M COMING!" Sobbing and moaning, the youngster writhed through one of the most intense orgasms she'd ever experienced.

"Jesus, Mr. Parker ," she whispered a few minutes later as she lay naked in his arms while his fingers excitedly fondled her swollen nipples. "You sure know how to eat pussy." "That's because your sweet little cunt tastes, so good." He smiled. "But how does a child of your age know so much about pussy eating?" "I'm not as innocent as you think I am," she giggled. A wild shudder shook his entire body when the youngster lovingly wrapped her cool little fingers around his throbbing hard-on. "Oh, honey," sobbed the aroused man when she began sliding the foreskin up and down over his hard, quivering prickshaft.

"You sure know how to please a man." "I know a lot more ways to please a man." she giggled with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. She lowered her mouth down toward his lurching prick. Holding the thick base of his cockshaft in one hand, Kim began licking and swirling her wet little tongue all around his big shiny prickhead.

"Does this feel good, Mr. Parker?" She grinned, feeling his entire body tremble with excitement. "Fuck, yes!" he gasped. "But where did you learn about cock-sucking?" "I told you I'm not the innocent little kid you think I am," she whispered, opening her lips wide to take his big prick into her mouth. "You're gonna be wrung inside out before I'm finished with you tonight." "Oh, my God!" moaned the man when Kim began caressing and kneading his big lust swollen balls as she sucked.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm," she whimpered as she excitedly slurped on the smooth, tightly stretched skin of his thick cock as his prick fucked back and forth between her slurping lips. Sucking deeper and harder, the horny youngster felt his big rubbery cockhead nudging at the back of her throat. She was thrilled by the way his tasty prick was gliding over the top of her tongue, and she loved how the resilient hardness of his throbbing prick was filling her mouth.

Kim's juicy little pussy was creaming all over her legs as her lips slipped up and down his delicious swollen cockhead. Momentarily removing his prick from her mouth, she began feverishly licking all around his big pulsing cockhead. The pungent male aroma and the erotic taste of his throbbing prick sent another big spurt of cunt cream oozing out from between her lust-swollen cuntlips. She could feel his big muscular body trembling with excitement as she swirled her heated tongue all around his rigid hard-on.

Smiling up at the man, Kim began running her tongue up and down the entire sensitive underside of his huge prick. She could feel his throbbing cock swelling even larger as she teased the tip of her tongue around the flared base of his big purple prickhead. Then, slowly lowering her lips, she once more took his entire cockhead into the moist hotness of her little mouth.

Teen screams as she rides a big dick could hear him moaning and sobbing with pleasure as her soft slippery lips worked on his sensitive prick. Locking her lips around the base of his cockhead, she began a deep sucking action that he could feel down to his toes. "Jesus Christ!" he gasped, looking down at his throbbing prick in the beautiful little redhead's passionately ovaled mouth. "Like it?" she whispered up to him, temporarily removing his prick from between her lips.

"Fuck, yes!" he gasped. "It's fantastic!" "Am I gonna get a nice big mouthful of jizz?" "You better believe it!" he panted. "Good," she giggled. "I can hardly wait." "You sweet child." He smiled, closing his eyes in ecstasy. Kim could feel his powerful hard-on throbbing excitedly in her hand as she once more lowered her face toward his lurching cockhead. Her hungry wet mouth was soon sucking noisily on the man's bursting prick.

Hot fuck juices were flowing out of her horny pussy as she felt his thick sinewy cockflesh sliding back and forth over the sensitive taste buds on raven bay in pornstar personal shopper full on zzerzcom back of her tongue.

Locking her slippery hot lips around his prickshaft, she took his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until she felt his prick against the back of her throat. She could hear him moaning with ecstasy as she slowly raised her mouth with a powerful suction. Repeating the same action, she felt him thrusting his hips up to meet every downward stroke of her wet, slurping mouth.

"Suck, baby, suck!" he groaned, halfcrazed from the feel of her sweet sucking lips. Clutching her long red hair with his fingers, he unconsciously pumped her head up and down over his throbbing tool. "Suck it, honey! Suck my fuckin' cock!" he panted, wildly thrusting his prick deeper into her slurping mouth.

His breath coming in short hot gasps, he pressed her mouth down tighter over his jerking cock. "Oh, suck!" he screamed. "Suck! Suck! I'm almost there! God, what a lovable kitten is spreading narrowed fuckbox in closeup and climaxing you're gonna get!" Sucking deeper and harder on his big lurching prick, Kim eagerly waited for a mouthful of hot cum.

"Oh, shit!" he gasped, pushing her face down tighter over his rock-hard prick. "Here it comes, honey! Here comes the jizz!" Suddenly his white-hot cum gushed against the back of her throat. She frantically sucked and swallowed as spurt after spurt of the slippery fuck fluid shot out of his belching cockhead.

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When she'd sucked the last drop from his slowly shrinking prick, she removed her mouth and smiled up at him. "Did you like that?" she asked, a little trickle of jizz dribbling out from the corner of her mouth.

"It was fantastic." He smiled, tenderly wiping the trickle of cum from her juice-smeared face. Later, as the handsome man held her in his arms, little Kim was thrilled to feel his cock stirring in her hand as she lovingly fondled his prick. "Oh, you naughty man," she giggled. "You're gettin' another hard-on. Do you think that's a nice thing to do in front of an innocent little girl like me?" "Jesus." He grinned.

"You're sure a horny kid." "I'm the horniest kid you'll ever find," she giggled. "And now I'm ready to fuck." "Not me," he answered. "What we've done already is bad enough, but I'm not about to fuck a little teenaged child." "I may be only a teenager," she said, "but I'm no dumb virgin, and you'll never get a hotter piece of ass than me." The man just stared at the girl, thinking about how much he would love to fuck her.

"Come on," she whispered, wantonly spreading her legs for him. "This is the hottest little cunt you'll ever find." As he surrendered and crawled up between her lewdly spread thighs, Kim excitedly grasped his lurching prick, slowly guiding his cock toward her hot, dripping pussy.

Trembling excitedly, she rubbed the bloated head of his cock up and down in the hot slippery furrow of her open cunt, enjoying the feel of his big prick sliding against her juicy cunt flesh. Feeling him arch his body for the penetration, Kim drew her knees back against her quivering tits, offering up the full length of her open pussy for his assault. "OOOOOOOH, SHIT!" she squealed with delight when the man rammed the entire length of his huge cock into her cunt with one long swooping thrust.

His big prick felt fantastically large as his cockshaft filled her tight little fuckhole. "Mmmmmmm, that feels so good," she whimpered into the man's ear, grinding her hot juicy crotch up against the base of his deeply embedded prickshaft.

The youngster knew that all cocks felt different but that they all felt heavenly when they were buried deep in her pussy, but this big monster cock was the best of all.

"Oh, Jesus," she gasped when he drew back and began fucking his throbbing prick in and out of her snug little pussy. "It's so wonderful, Mr. Parker. God, that's a nice big cock." The feel of his big round prickshaft slithering against her widely stretched cuntwalls was driving the youngster wild. The hot juicy lips of her steamy pussy squeezed and sucked deliciously on his stiff fucking cock.

"That's the way!" she sobbed. "Fuck it to me, baby! You're the best fucker in the world!" Her every thought and feeling was centered around the man's huge rigid cock fucking rhythmically in and out of her sucking pussy. With her shapely little thighs wrapped tightly around his waist, Kim grabbed at the cheeks of his ass, trying to pull him deeper and deeper into her pleasure crazed cunt.

"OH, SHIT!" she squealed, screwing her hot slit up tighter around the base of the man's big fucking cock. "GIVE IT TO ME! FUCK IT TO ME! PUCK MEEEEEEE!" It didn't seem possible to Ron that this child could take the sexual beating he was giving her, but it was quite obvious that she was enjoying every fucking stroke.

The lust-crazed man was fucking his hard cock into her hot sucking cunt at an even faster tempo as she clawed at his ass for more. "THAT'S IT, YOU SWEET FUCKER!" Kim squealed with delight. "FASTER, BABY, FASTER! I'M GONNA COME! FASTER! FASTER!" The youngster's lovely face was distorted with lust, and her mouth was hanging open as a stream of spit dribbled from the comer of her trembling lips. With her eyes squeezed shut in ecstasy, she clawed at the bare flesh of his ass, desperately trying to pull more cock into her lust inflamed fuckhole.

The intense ecstasy had reached a point where it was almost more than she could endure when she suddenly felt an unbelievable climax building up in her lurching body. "I'M COMING!" she shrieked. "SQUIRT ME, HONEY! SHOOT ME FULL OF JIZZ! I'M COMNG! I'M COMING!" Writhing through her unbelievable orgasm, she felt the man's cum flooding into her climaxing cunt.

Spurt after spurt of his hot fuck cream fuled her writhing pussy. CHAPTER NINE Ron Parker fucked the youngster two more times that night before he finally returned to his own room. Kim slept late the next morning, and she'd just finished dressing when she heard a knock on her door.

Opening it, she was pleased to see Mr. Parker standing in the hall. "Come on in," she invited, the sight of him making her all hot and wet between her legs again. "You look mighty pretty this morning," he said as the youngster closed the door behind him. "Thank you," giggled Kim. "I suppose you've come by for a piece of ass." "You're a very clever girl." He grinned. "That's exactly why I'm here." "Then undress me," she whispered, turning her back to him so he could unfasten the back of her blouse.

Anxious to get his hands on her cute little naked body again, he quickly unfastened the blouse. "Thank you." She smiled, still turned away from him as he removed the garment and tossed it onto a chair.

Since she was not wearing a bra, Kim's upper body was completely naked as his eyes hungrily roamed over the flawless skin of her shapely back. He could feel his cock pressing out hard against the front of his pants as he began gently caressing the soft smooth flesh of her bare shoulders and back.

Unable to control his lust for her any longer, he stepped up against her from behind, pressing his face into the back of her fresh-smelling hair. Kissing the top of her head, he placed his hands on her naked waist and suggestively pushed his bulging crotch against her cute little ass.

Leaning back against him as he embraced her, she took his hands and moved them up until they were covering her bare tits. She squeezed his hands under hers, filling his palms with the soft firm flesh of her delicious young tits. She removed her hands from his as he continued massaging her ripe little tits. Starting to breathe excitedly, he rolled and tenderly squeezed her juicy nipples between his thumbs and fingers until they.

thrust up, proud and hard. Reaching behind her, Kim began fumbling with the zipper of his pants. Finally working it down, she reached through the open fly and wrapped her cool young fingers around his - wildly throbbing cock. It was a bit of a struggle, but she managed to pull his prick from the confinement of his pants. The aroused youngster could feel her heart beating excitedly in her throat as she held his pulsing bone-hard cock in her hand.

Anxious to get his hands on her cute young pussy, the man dropped his hands from her tits and hooked his fingers into the waistbands of her skirt and panties.

He could feel the youngster squirming with delight as he rolled the garments down over her shapely ass and thighs. When they slithered down her legs to the floor, he pulled her naked little ass back tighter against him. "Oh, you naughty man," she giggled, bending his hard cock down and capturing his prick between the cheeks of her ass. She could feel his cock burning against her naked flesh. Neither of them saw Kim's mother staring through the door that connected the two rooms.

Hearing their voices, Brenda had glanced in and had been shocked to see Ron Parker fondling her naked little daughter. The beautiful woman was getting very turned on as she watched them. She could feel a delicious tingling in her tits, and, as the sensation increased, the beautiful woman began kneading her own tits through the material of her blouse. The more Brenda fondled her sensitive tits, the more the excitement streaked through her body.

Feeling a hotness radiating out from between her legs, Brenda frantically ripped her blouse and bra off so her hands could get at the naked flesh of her big firm tits. Her nipples exploded into throbbing erection, standing out thick and hard from her tits. God, how she needed the same kind of loving that Ron was giving little Kim. Watching the feverishly aroused couple, Brenda saw Kim turn around and face the handsome man.

Pulling his lips down to hers, Kim gave him a deeply passionate kiss, her sweet young tongue snaking hotly into his open mouth. With their lips welded together in a deep tongue-sucking kiss, the youngster skillfully unbuttoned his shirt. Momentarily stepping back from her clinging embrace, she slid the garment down his arms and dropped it to the floor.

Once more grasping the beautiful little redhead in his arms, Ron crushed her against his broad bare chest. Her firm nipples burned into his flesh. His balls were still trapped in his pants, but his naked naughty hot teen couple wild fucking on cam prick was throbbing against the dad tricked daughter sucking cock of her writhing belly.

Pulling back from the torrid embrace, Kim unfastened his belt and yanked his pants and shorts down. Seeing the garments tangled around his shoes, the cute little redhead dropped to her knees in front of him, fumbling through the material to get his shoes untied. The man raised one foot at a time as she removed his shoes, pants, shorts and finally his socks.

Staring at his hard cock that was pointing up at the ceiling, the lovely youngster took his hand and pulled him down next to her on the floor. When she looked at the handsome man's swollen hard-on, Brenda's entire body shivered with excitement. God, how she would love to have his hard prick or even his thick middle finger up her horny cunt. Knowing that she'd lose her mind if she didn't get fucked by something, Brenda frantically pulled her pants down and rammed her own finger up her dripping slit.

Excitedly stroking her tingling pussy, she continued staring at the couple on the floor. It almost drove her wild when she saw her little daughter roll the man over on his back and starting kissing and licking his belly just above his prick. Holding his thick cock straight up in the air, Kim began feverishly nibbling the curly hair around the base of his throbbing hard-on.

Taking a deep breath, she began kissing her way up his pulsing cockshaft, her soft wet lips nibbling at his tasty prick as she moved up closer and closer to his delicious swollen cockhed. Finally reaching his oozing prickhead, Kim snaked her little tongue out and licked up the sticky drops of fuck fluid that leaking from the end of his prick.

Shivering with excitement, she began swirling her tongue all around his sensitive cockhead until his prick was glistening with her slippery spit. Lifting her head and opening her mouth wide, Kim lowered her lips down over his big meaty cock until his prick was nudging against the back of her throat. Moving her head up and down, Kim took all of his thick hard-on in, then out of her mouth, felt his cock fucking back and forth between her lips as she sucked and pumped on his delicious prick.

It was pure heaven for her to feel his turgid flesh filling her mouth, making her suck deeper and harder as the wet velvet texture of his throbbing hard-on slid sensuously between her lips. Excitedly watching them, Brenda now had both of her hands working feverishly on her horny oozing cunt.

The fingers of one hand spread her pussylips wide apart while the middle finger of the other fucked in and out of her hot, slippery fuckhole. As her one hand kept her cuntlips parted, her thumb was working on her hard clit, massaging her clit in tight little circles, the tempo gradually increasing as she became more and more aroused from watching the fucking couple on the floor.

The excitement in Brenda's body increased russians the horny people tube porn she watched her little daughter's ovaled lips slide these hot chicks are bored tube porn and down over Ron Parker's big meaty prick. The beautiful woman rubbed her clit a bit more vigorously as Kim sucked deeper and harder on the handsome man's huge cock. The woman became further aroused when she saw Kim remove her mouth from the man's cock and straddle his loins on her knees.

Facing him, Kim grasped the base of his thick prickshaft and aimed his spit-drenched cockhead up between her legs as she slowly lowered her slippery cunt down against his prick. Ron let out a soft moan when Kim's hot dripping cuntlips brushed against the head of his prick. Shivers streaked through his entire body as her oozing pussy slid down snugly over his big pulsing cockhead.

The horny little youngster continued slowly lowering herself, his thick prick filling her seething cunt channel until her pussy was completely stuffed with his throbbing hard-on. Her head was thrown back and her long red hair cascaded over her shoulders.

She started moaning in ecstasy as she began fucking her cunt up and down over his big swollen prick. "Jesus Christ!" gasped Ron. The pretty little girl's tight young cunt squeezed and milked his huge cock with every stroke, sending spasms of pleasure throughout his trembling body. Wanting a better view, Brenda moved over and knelt down next to them, her eyes only inches from where the man's hard cock was fucking in and out of her little daughter's gulping pussy.

Staring excitedly at the erotic scene, Brenda still feverishly finger-fucked herself. Glancing up, Ron noticed Brenda for the first time. Seeing her busy fingers working in and out of her cunt as she knelt next to them, he reached out and began gently caressing her inner thighs with his hands.

A shudder racked the beautiful woman's body when she felt him caressing the sensitive flesh between her legs. A thrilling excitement streaked through her loins when he pulled her wet finger out of her slit and guided her digit up to his mouth where he began hungrily sucking the slippery cunt juices from her thickly coated finger. Smiling at her when he'd licked her fingers clean, he put his hand behind her head and drew the beautiful woman's face down to his.

Brenda could smell her own creamy fuck juice on his mouth as her softly parted lips approached his. The horny woman had never tasted her cunt before, and the thought of sampling her own juice strangely excited her. As he passionately kissed her, Brenda hungrily sucked her flavorful cunt juice from his lips.

He feverishly stroked his tongue in and out of her mouth. "Honey," he huskily whispered when the torrid kiss finally ended. "Why don't you sit on my chest for a minute?" "What do you mean?" "I want you to straddle me on your knees with your pussy against my chin." When the woman had done as he suggested, her soft naked thighs on each side of his face, he grasped her thrilling dude with her taut beaver hardcore blowjob and pulled her oozing pussy down against his mouth.

Brenda almost had a mini-orgasm when she felt his hot breath on the sensitive flesh of her feverishly aroused cunt. He quickly spread her fleshy pouting pussylips apart with his tongue and fucked his tongue up her tasty snatch. He hungrily licked and sucked on the beautiful woman's cunt until her entire body was trembling with ecstasy. Kim was still frantically bouncing up and down over Ron's steel-hard phoenix marie masterbating then gets fucked hard as her mother sat in front of her on his chest with her hotly oozing cunt pressed tightly against his mouth.

The lovely ashley gives him something sweet to taste up and down more rapidly on the man's rigid prick, Kim grasped her mom's waist for support. Thrilled with the smooth texture of her mother's soft bare flesh, Kim moved her hands around in front of the woman until she was cupping her mother's delicious full tits in her palms.

With her mind full of erotica and her cunt full of cock, Kim felt herself rushing toward a wild orgasm. Then it suddenly happened, the first of a series of climaxes shook her little body as her pussy began spasming and contracting around the man's throbbing cockshaft. Feeling his own orgasm drawing closer, Ron began fucking his cock into little Kim's pussy at a more rapid pace, while at the same time speeding up the tempo of his tongue fucking of Brenda's feverishly aroused slit.

The beautiful woman began rocking her hips back and forth on his face as the excruciating pleasure increased. When Kim's first climax had passed, she realized that although Mr.

Parker hadn't shot his wad yet, he was getting awfully close. Wanting the handsome man to fill her cunt with jizz, she began pumping up and down more vigorously over his throbbing cock. Still clinging to her mother for support, Kim frenziedly fucked her hot little teen-aged cunt up and down over his thick prick as she felt another orgasm rapidly approachmg. As Brenda ground her hotly oozing cunt down more tightly against his face, Ron began fucking his tongue in and out of her pussy with a new urgency.

"Oh my God!" Brenda whimpered as he continued tongue-fucking her pussy. "It's so good, honey!" The handsome cocksman continued feverishly sucking on Brenda's hotly oozing cunt. Ron had licked a lot of horny cunts in his sexually active life, but the musky fragrance of this one, as well as its tangy taste, made it the most delicious pussy he'd ever eaten.

There was a strong pungent aroma to Brenda's dripping cunt that was fantastic. "Eat me good, honey! Eat me good!" she cried. Thrilled by the delicious flavor of the woman's juicy cunt, Ron's talented tongue fucked deeper and faster. He was fucking deeply into the "beautiful redhead's slippery pussy while she writhed her hot ass around on his chest.

Brenda moaned and squealed with rapture as his mouth worked on, the slick pouting lips of her inflamed cunt. As he sucked on the woman's tasty red fringed pussy, Ron was extremely conscious of her little daughter's juicy slit sliding up and down over his thick cock. "Goddamn!" the bouncing youngster squealed. "That fuckin' cock of yours sure fills my little cunt!" The little girl loved the way his big prick pressed out against the tight walls of her fuckhole as she slid up and down over his hard cockpole.

Her pussy juices had made his massive hard-on nice and slippery as his arabic goddess and maid sex desperate arab woman fucks for money fucked in and out of her scalding young cunt. The man was in ecstasy as Kim's pussy bounced faster and faster over his hard cock. The heat of her tight little cunt around his prickshaft was filling him with a delicious joy.

Never had he enjoyed himself as much as he was now with this beautiful mother and daughter. "Oh, Kim," he panted, almost out of his mind from the intense sugar daddy fucks collage identical twins super hard and they suck his cock. "Just keep fuckin' me like that.

Oh, God, how I love your sweet little cunt!" "How about mine?" giggled Brenda, writhing her steaming pussy around his fucking tongue. "I love them both," he panted, licking at the sweet fuck juices that were dripping out from between her hot wet cuntlips. He could feel the woman's body quivering with excitement as his tongue fucked deeper and deeper into the hot moistness of her slit. "Oh, Ron," she sobbed with joy. "That feels so fuckin' good!" He could feel her hot fuck juices boiling around his tongue as he licked and lapped at the sweet flesh of her dripping pussy.

Partially withdrawing his tongue, he began teasing her quivering clit. Sucking her erect clit between his lips, the man felt her trembling body tensing for a climax. "Oh, Ron!" she squealed, grinding her delicious wet pussy down tighter against his mouth. "I'M GONNA COME, HONEY! DON'T STOP! DON'T EVER STOP!" Excited by the woman's cries of ecstasy, he sucked harder and faster on her hard clit. He continued feverishly sucking on Brenda's fresh-tasting pussy as the flavorful juices oozed down from between her pussylips, soaking his face with the sticky fuck fluid.

Frantically grasping her hips, he yanked her frothy slit down tighter against his wildly slurping mouth. Plunging his tongue deep into her hotly aroused fuckhole, he could taste her tangy fuck juices flowing down the back of his throat. "Oh, sweet baby!" Brenda whimpered. "I love your fuckin' tongue!"Throwing her head from side to side, Brenda's long red hair whipped around her bare shoulders. His tongue brought her to a wild climax.


YES!" she shrieked. "I'M COMING! I'M COMING!" "ME TOO!" screamed Kim as the man's hard cock started pumping her cum full of cum. "I'M COMING! OH, FUCK HOW I'M COMING! FUCK IT TO ME, BABY! FILL ME UP! CREAM ME GOOD!" CHAPTER TEN The following night was to be their last evening in town, so Brenda invited Andy and Mac over, as well as Ron, for a farewell suck and fuck session. Both of her daughters were in an extremely horny mood, and when Ron arrived a bit earlier than the other two men, little Kim excitedly grabbed his hand and led him through the connecting door to her room before he even had a chance to meet Sharon.

"Wow!", Sharon turned to her mother when they were gone. "She sure isn't wasting any time." "She's just like the rest of us," said Brenda. "This is a hot-cunted family." Andy and Mac arrived about twenty minutes later, and Brenda quickly ushered them in. "Sharon tells me you have a little daughter that likes to fuck." Mac turned to Brenda when they'd been chatting for about ten minutes.

"Is she going to be here?" "She's in the other room with a friend now," said the woman. "Would you like to go in and meet her?" Following Brenda into the room, Mac and Andy were completely stunned when they saw little naked Kim on the bed sucking savagely on the other man's prick. "Hi." Kim proudly beamed at her mother. "Mr. Parker just fucked me and now I'm slickin' him hard again." "I can see that," said Brenda as they all stared at the big glob of cum that was oozing out from between the youngster's shapely little legs.

"Now I'd like you to meet my friends, Andy and Mac." "Hi," greeted the cute youngster, thinkinghow handsome the men were. Standing beside Brenda, Mac could hardly believe his eyes as he stared at little Kim's delicious naked body. He'd often fantasized about fucking a pretty young girl like this, but seeing one all naked and ready made his cock instantly explode into a throbbing hard-on.

"What's the matter, Mac?" giggled Kim, noticing the lust in his eyes. "Haven't you ever seen a pussy before?" "Not one as cute as yours," he gulped as the youngster got up and slowly walked toward him. "How would you like to lick it and fuck it?" she whispered, putting her arms around him. "Are you serious?" "Why don't you take your attractive doll presents huge butt and gets anal shagged amateur and babe off and find out?" Brenda was so busy watching her little daughter and Mac that she didn't notice Sharon walking over to where Ron Parker was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Hi, Ron," said the pretty blonde, grasping his huge cock in her hand as she sat down next to him. "I'm Brenda's oldest daughterSharon. Mom told me what a nice big prick you have, but it's even larger than I thought it would be." "Thank you, honey." He smiled at the beautiful young blonde.

"I'm sorry we interrupted your blow-job," Sharon giggled, staring at his huge cockshaft covered with Kim's spit. "That's okay," said the man glancing over to where Mac was undressing in front of Kim. "She was just sucking on my prick to get it hard again." "Now that it's hard," she whispered, glancing over at her little sister and Mac, "what are you going to do with it? Kim seems to have found a new cock to play with." "Any suggestions'?" He grinned.

"Sure," giggled Big bood xxx sex stories story, starting to remove her clothes as she stood up. "I've got a hot little pussy that would just love to swallow your big hard prick." Seeing that both of her daughters were about to be fucked, Brenda turned to Andy who was standing beside her.

"Do you have anything you'd like to stuff up my horny cunt?" "You bet I have!" he grinned, quickly lowering his zipper. Little Kim excitedly studied Mac's naked body. "Gee, honey," she whispered, lightly running her fingers up and down the throbbing length of his big blue-veined hard-on.

"This is sure a wicked-looking cock." "And that's a wicked-looking little pussy ," murmured Mac, staring down between the youngster's legs. "Then why don't you use it?" giggled the pretty little redhead, lying down on the carpet and spreading her thighs for him. Brenda and Andy quickly removed their own clothes as they watched Mac kneel on the floor between Kim's lewdly parted legs. Still watching Mac and Kim, Andy led Brenda over to a large armchair.

Seating himself on the soft cushion, he turned Brenda's back to him and lowered her into a sitting position on his lap with his hard cock buried to the hilt in her hot oozing cunt. Wriggling her ass around in tight little circles, Brenda could feel Andy's hard cock twisting around deep in her scalding fuckhole. She watched Sharon sucking on Ron's thick cockhead while Mac lowered his face down into Kim's slippery crotch. Staring excitedly at her little teen-aged daughter squirn1ing around nakedly on the floor with Mac's face buried between her lewdly spread thighs, Brenda heard the man's mouth and tongue slurping noisily free chat room lovely brunette teen teasing her young daughter's hot wet slit.

Becoming more excited by the erotic scene, Brenda began wriggling her cunt more urgently around Andy's deeply embedded prick as she watched the lewd performance on the floor. "Oooooooooh," her little daughter passionately whimpered as she writhed her pussy up against Mac's face. "It feels so good, so fuckin' good!

Oooooooooh, so good!" Kim's eyes were squeezed shut, her baby soft mouth hanging slackly open as her fingers squeezed and pulled on her own erect tits. "That's the way, Mac," Brenda could hear her little daughter whispering. "Suck me good, honey, suck me good!" Brenda had never dreamed that she'd ever see a man sucking on Kim's hot little snatch.

She'd always known that Sharon was a cockhungry bitch, but she'd thought Kim was so innocent till she found her with the postman. Staring attractive doll presents huge butt and gets anal shagged amateur and babe the writhing couple on the floorBrenda saw sexy teen lucy tyler will fuck for cash reality kings little daughter's slippery cunt juices glistening all over Mac's slurping face.

"Jesus," whispered Brenda to Andy as she continued rotating her hot, slippery pussy around the hard length of his cock. "He's really going down on her." "I'II bet that's a tasty little cunt," panted Andy. "It probably is," she giggled. "But I'm sure you'll get your turn at it before the night isover." Reaching around Brenda's waist, Andy cupped her firm tits in his hands.

Feeling the warmth of her cunt walls squeezing around the throbbing thickness of his prickshaft, he buried his face in her fragrantly scented hair. Sitting on Andy's lap with his hard cock planted deep in her oozing fuckhole, Brenda watched the man sucking on her young daughter's pussy. "OH, SHIT!" the little girl shrieked, pressing Mac's face down tighter against her sodden crotch.

"I'M GONNA COME! GONNA COME, HONEY!" "God, I can't believe that's my own little daughter," Brenda whispered to Andy, excitedly squirming her cunt more vigorously around his cock.

"But it really turns me on to watch her." "SUCK, MAC, SUCK!" the youngster screamed. "I'M COMING, BABY! I'M COMING ALL OVER YOUR BEAUTIFUL TONGUE! OH, SHIT HOW I'M COMING!" Sitting astride Andy's throbbing cock, Brenda watched her little daughter lurch and scream through her mind-blowing orgasm. "Please fuck me, Mac," the youngster whispered to Mac when her climax finally abated.

"I need a hot fuck. I want you to shoot my cunt full of hot jizz." Brenda shook with excitement as she watched the man crawl up between her little girl's juice-drenched thighs. Staring in numb silence, Brenda watched Kim open her thighs even farther to receive the big throbbing hard-on that Mac was guiding toward her eager cunt.

"Mmmmmm," whimpered Kim, closing her eyes in heavenly anticipation as she felt the man's big cockhead nudging between her slippery pussylips. Frantically writhing her juicy slit around Andy's deeply buried prick, Brenda watched Mac's big swollen cock slip between her little daughter's wet, slippery cuntlips. "Mmmmm," whimpered Kim, closing her eyes even tighter as she felt Mac's pulsing cockhead starting to enter. Grasping the man tightly in her arms, Kim arched her crotch up to better receive the hard prick that was moving sensually into the hot depths of her hungry little fuckhole.

"Oh, shit," Kim whispered when Mac had completely penetrated her pussy. "Your big cock feels so good, so fuckin' good." Watching the man fuck his swollen prickshaft in and out of her daughter's little pussy, Brenda began rotating her cunt a bit more rapidly around Andy's rigid cock, feeling his hot prickhead burning deep in her hungry pussy.

"Jesus, your prick feels good in me," Brenda whispered over her shoulder to him, excitedly rotating her ass a little faster. With each delicious rotation, she could feel Andy's pulsing cockhead moving and probing even deeper into the sucking hotness of her juicy fuckhole.

Her strong cuntwalls were sucking and pulling greedily on the hot naked flesh of his thick prick. Still writhing her juicy pussy around Andy's hard meat, Brenda stared in complete fascination as her squealing little daughter wrapped her shapely young legs around Mac's lurching body and screwed her hotly dripping slit up tighter around the base of his swollen cockshaft.

The sight of her young daughter being fucked by the lusty man was almost enough to blow Brenda's mind. The sight was the most erotic and beautiful thing she'd ever witnessed. Fucking back at the wildly humping man, Kim stared at the ceiling that seemed to spin as her head rolled wildly from side to side. She arched her pussy up to meet the man's long, hard thrusts.

The room was filled with the slurping sounds of her hot juices squishing around the meaty thickness of his glistening hard-on. Suddenly feeling a wild orgasm rapidly approaching, the youngster pulled the man's face down to hers, covering his mouth with her moistly parted lips. She slithered her sweet little tongue deep inside. Almost out of her mind from watching the erotic scene, Brenda began rotating her juicy cunt even faster around Andy's delicious hard cock.

"Oh, fuck," Brenda panted, feeling his fingers kneading and pulling on her erectly hard nipples. "That feels so good, honey." Lifting her ass a bit, Brenda plunged her cunt back down over Andy's slick hard cock, letting out a soft whimper of delight as his prick rammed back up into her scalding pussy again.

She was soon humping crazily up and down on his rigid cock. It was driving her crazy to feel his prick fucking into her lust-inflamed fuckhole. Faster and faster she bounced as she excitedly watched Mac fucking his big cock in and out of her little daughter's cunt. Staring wild-eyed at the writhing couple on the floor, Brenda saw that Mac was fucking deeper and harder as Kim spread her thighs even farther apart and drew her knees back against her shoulders, offering up the full length of her juicy little cunt for his enjoyment.

hard pecker awards wench with cum hardcore and blowjob, FUCK IT, BABY!" shrieked Kim, wildly rolling her head around on the carpet.

"FUCK IT GOOD, HONEY! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" Brenda's eyes almost popped out of her head as she watched Kim violently pull Mac up tighter against her squirming, naked flesh. She stared excitedly at the man's big juice slickened prick fucking into the depths of her little daughter's hungrily sucking pussy. "Oooooh, shit!" wailed Kim, her red hair flailing wildly around her face. "Fuck me, honey! Fuck me harder! HARDER!" While she humped faster and faster on Andy's stiff cock, Brenda's firm, hard-nippled tits jiggled wildly.

She bounced up and down over his slippery hard prick. She felt his swollen cock fucking deeper into her cunt as teen girl big boobs i am a dicksucker for a qb feverishly slid up and down on the man's rigid hard-on. Feeling her climax building deep in her loins, Brenda came down harder and faster over his throbbing prick. The beautiful redhead was almost out of her mind from the heavenly feeling of his hard cock fucking and tearing deeply into her passion-inflamed pussy.

Andy lustily threw his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her grasping cunt. Her attention was suddenly drawn back to her little daughter and the man on the floor as they heatedly humped and fucked toward their wild climax. "OOOOH, SHIIIIT!" screamed Kim as her little adolescent body stiffened and shuddered. "I'M COMING! FASTER, HONEY, FASTER! I'M COMING! COMING! OH, IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!" When Mac gave a final thrust and collapsed over Kim's lurching mom caught son and daugtfrench little body, Brenda excitedly stared at the thick white jizz oozing out from her daughter's well-fucked cunt.

Then, moaning softly, the exhausted man rolled off of her, his limp cock making a loud slurping sound as his prickhead plopped out of her juicy little pussy. Brenda was suddenly brought back to reality when she felt Andy slamming his hips up, fucking his stiff hard-on deeper into her cunt.

"That's it, baby!" she squealed with delight. "That's the way to fuck a cunt!" Lowering his ass as deep as possible into the cushion, he once more fucked into her pussy with all his strength, fucking his hard cock even deeper into her writhing cunt. "THAT'S THE WAY, YOU SWEET FUCKER!" shrieked the wildly aroused redhead as she bounced up and down on his prick.

"THAT'S THE WAY TO FUCK A CUNT!" Brenda was screaming and moaning as she bounced up and down over Andy's relentlessly fucking cock. "OH, JESUS CHRIST!" she suddenly shrieked. "I'M COMING, HONEY! OH, FUCK, HOW I'M COMING! COMMMMIIINNNGGG!" Andy continued fucking his teacher and student zabardasti xxx cock deeper and deeper into her spasming pussy as Brenda writhed through her wild orgasm.

Not having come yet, Andy feverishly fucked his tingling cock into her cunt, anxious to shoot a hot load of swirling jizz into her delicious climaxing fuckhole. "OH, shit!" she squealed as her orgasm began to recede. "I think I'm gonna come again!" As the feverishly aroused woman wildly rotated her sizzling cunt around the fucking thickness of Andy's hard prick, he fucked even deeper into her steaming pussy.

"FASTER, BABY, FASTER!" she hysterically screamed, bouncing up and down over his big cock. "HARDER! FASTER! I'M COMING AGAIN! OH, PUCK, I'M COMMIIINNNGGG! " Her orgasm was wildly intensified when she felt his hot cum gushing into her cunt. She continued rotating her pussy around his spurting prick until he'd emptied the last drop into her well-fucked cunt. Letting out a sigh of contentment, she sank limply back against him. Over on the bed, Sharon was still lustily sucking and licking Ron's ponderous cockhead.

The girl had heard her mother talk about the size of Ron's prick, but now that she'd seen his enormous cock, Sharon knew why her mom had enjoyed fucking Ron so much. She had never seen such a huge prick in her life. The horny young blonde not only sucked on his bulbous cockhead, but she licked up and down the entire length of his huge prickshaft until his cock was thoroughly saturated with her warm wet spit.

Ron's body lurched and trembled with excitement as the beautiful blonde's tongue hungrily licked the entire underside of his throbbing cock. Finally slithering her juicy lips back up the length of his hard, glistening prickshaft, Sharon opened her mouth wide and took his shiny cockhead into her slurping mouth. "Jesus Christ!" gasped the man as her soft tender lips closed around the sensitive head of his prick.

Sucking deeply, the horny little blonde began pumping her grasping lips up and down over his throbbing cockhead. With each bob of her pretty face, she took more and more of his prickshaft into her throat. "Oh, my God!" he sobbed in a shaky voice.

"Don't stop, honey! I'm almost there, baby! Almost there!" "Then shoot it in my cunt!" she gasped, releasing his prick from her mouth and rolling onto her back. When the beautiful blonde spread her lovely iegs for him, Ron quickly crawled up between them.

Reaching down, she grasped his throbbing cock and eased his huge prickhead between her slippery pussylips. Feeling the heat of her cuntal furnace against the sensitive flesh of his thick cockhead, Ron suddenly fucked the full length of his cock into her oozing pussy with one wild thrust.

"AAAAUUUUGGG!" she squealed in both pain and ecstasy as his huge prick fucked through her stretched inner pussy-flesh until his cock pounded against the very end of her cunt. "Oh, God, what a beauty," whispered Sharon, screwing her soft young body up against his, wanting to make sure that every inch of his heavenly hard-on was embedded in her overheated cunt.

As he partially withdrew his thick cock Sharon clenched her teeth, excitedly awaiting the next thrust. "Oh, yes!" she squealed when he fucked back in again. Within moments he was fucking his inflamed cock faster and deeper into her heavenly little cunt.

He could feel the little blonde's hot, erect nipples burning into him as her tits squished against his heaving chest. "Oh, fuck! " she began chanting with excitement. "Fuck me! Fuck me, good! Just fuck the shit out of me! Fuck me to death!" The lewdly coupled pair frenziedly fucked toward a wild climax as their naked bodies fucked together in wanton abandon. As they began fucking at a more feverish tempo, Ron felt that delicious tingling deep in his balls that always signaled the approach of his orgasm.

"OOOOOH, SHIT!" screamed Sharon, frantically throwing the backs of her knees over his broad shoulders, tilting her open cunt up to his relentlessly fucking prick. "FUCK IT TO ME, BABY! FUCK ME HARDER!

OH, - FUCK, BABY! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Clutching frantically at the man who was fucking into her like a wild animal, Sharon sank her teeth into his shoulder. The intense ecstasy she was experiencing was almost more than she could stand.

His huge cock fucked mercilessly into her slurping pussy, the top ridge of his prick vibrating against her tingling clit. The other people in the room were breathlessly watching the wild scene on the bed. The sight of Ron's massive cock fucking into Sharon's cute little gold-fringed cunt had given Andy and Mac brand-new hard-ons, and they were all once more in a super-horny mood. "That's it, Ron!" screamed Kim, watching his thick prick fucking in and out of her big sister's pussy.

"FUCK HER TO DEATH!" "Come on, Sharon!" Brenda shouted to her daughter. "Fuck his goddamned cock off!" Suddenly feeling his hot jizz splattering against her cuntwalls, Sharon exploded into a violent orgasm. "SHOOT ME FULL, HONEY!" she hysterically squealed. "SQUIRT, BABY, SQUIRT! FILL ME UP! I'M COMING. COMING!" Shuddering violently, the feverishly aroused little blonde ground her juicy pussy up tighter around his spurting cockshaft, feeling his sizzling cum shooting deep into her cunt.

Then, as the stream of fuck juice lessened, a smile of contentment spread across her beautifully flushed face. A warm glow radiated throughout her body.

Moments later, when Ron pulled his shriveling prick out of her cum-filled pussy, they all, cheered and applauded them. "Oh, look, Mom," giggled Kim, pointing to Andy's and Mac's new hard-ons.

"These guys are ready to fuck again." "I know," said her mother. "But let's trade partners this time." "That's okay with me," giggled the horny little girl as she walked over to Andy. "Now show me what you can do." THE END