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Allgirlmassage 3some lesbian ass and pussy licks tube porn
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This is the fourth installment of the 'Question of a Curious Son' series. This story will focus mainly on interactions between Aspen and James. It will be in third person as my previous story was. If you do not wish to read a story of two men having sex, or two brothers having sex, please leave now. For those of you that have just found this, I suggest you read the previous chapters to get back-story.

For those of you that have read them all.

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Thank you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once James finished his shower, getting clean from Aspen's loving assault; he retired to his bedroom as did Aspen and his father. All of them were tired from the hot and heavy sex that they had.

He laid his head down on his soft Egyptian cotton sheets and marveled at the feel of the cloth on his bare flesh. James was still marveling when he slowly went into a deep sleep.

Fantasies of what he could do with Aspen whirled though his head and he focused on in which Aspen and himself were all alone in the house and he cooked Aspen a nice meal and then. Darrin came into his room and shook him awake. James sat up and glared at his dad for waking him wake so early. He then realized it wasn't early, it was close to being two o'clock in the afternoon.

James asked Darrin why he woke him up. Darrin told James that his work called and he would have to fly to Washington D.C for a week at least, maybe more. The house will be your to do whatever in, gloryhole fetish girl fucks a big black cock no wild parties.

James slowly nodded his head, thinking that maybe he could continue his dream in real life if his dad is going to leave for at least a week. He asked his father when he had to leave, and was told in about 36 hours. Darrin told James that we do have time for one for threesome if you are up to it.

James reminded him not to forget Aspen. Once he had said that Aspen came running into the room and jumped on James's bed. So too did Darrin and they all crawled under the sheets. The three of them started out slow by just spooning each other. That didn't last very long as Aspen was in the middle and was impatient for a cock to be in him somewhere. He reached his hand around and grasped his brother's cock in his hand and found that it was already hard.

Aspen smiled and started to stroke it faster and faster until James jerked and the first climax of many had been reached. James turned on his side and kissed Aspen passionately on the mouth as well as finding his father's cock and stroking it. Darrin moved his mouth to Aspen's cock and took it in, swallowing all eight inches and while he went up and down on it, he also swirled his tongue making the feeling even more exquisite.

James could feel Aspen's body start to tense and heard his moans coming from his mouth and then he shuddered and his father took every drop. All three them sort of changed positions, Aspen took his father's cock into his mouth while James took up position behind his father. At the same time as Aspen enveloping Darrin's cock, James penetrated Darrin's ass. Aspen had his brother stroking his cock at the mothers and dtar xxx com time.

The moans coming from the three of them slowly synchronized into one long moan of sensual delight.

After a few more seconds all three them cummed at the same time. All three of them fell back unto James's bed exhausted and promptly fell asleep.

By the time James wok up again his father was not in the bed. So he got out of bed and quietly, so as to not wake Aspen, went down to the kitchen.

He saw the note his father left. I didn't want to wake you up. You both looked so peaceful and beautiful that I couldn't bring myself to do it. Keep your brother safe. Remember NO wild parties. Dad James quickly scanned the note and went back up into his bedroom to sleep some more.

He got into the bed and laid right next to Aspen and he fell asleep spooning him. Both boys woke up to the sounds of birds chirping. Aspen stretched out and wrapped his arms around his brother while James did the same to him. They shared a quick kiss and then they got out of bed. James then told Aspen that he was going to make him a nice breakfast. So he did. He laid out a four course breakfast, with eggs, hash browns, cereal, milk, orange juice, omelets, oatmeal, sausage and anything else that was close to being breakfast food.

Aspen was slack-jawed at the amount of food. He helped himself to just about everything, he was incredibly hungry after two days of near nonstop fucking. James did the same thing. Once the breakfast was over James cleared the table and Aspen left to go take a shower.

James was doing the dishes when he heard a small cough. He turned and he almost dropped the dish he was holding. Aspen had returned from the shower, he still was slightly wet and he shook his hair and a few drops went flying. The sun hit his bronzed skin and he shown as if he daddy licks feet the dual associates daughter agreement a priceless diamond, the light reflected off of him and nearly blinded James.

James's cock became instantly hard and he put the dish down and he ran at Aspen and bore him down unto the soft carpet of the living room. Once they hit the carpet James locked lips with Aspen once again and they started to writhe upon the floor and got each other harder than they had ever been before.

They were both leaking pre-cum all over each other, which served to only get them harder. Both of them grabbed each other's cocks at the same time and with that simple touch, both of them spewed cum all over each other. They laid there for a few seconds just basking the sunlight streaming through the picture window.

Then James straddled Aspen's chest and started to stroke his coke once again. Aspen was a bit confused to what was happening, but she want a double penetration and a cum shot soon realized what it was and he was ready for it.

James's cock slowly started to rise again and when he sped his jacking up he started to moan and came off of Aspen just a bit and settled back down. Aspen could feel his brother's body tense and he knew what he had been waiting for had arrived. Against all odds, James's cock was able to produce enough cum to cover his brother's face. When he finished he let out a small moan and slid off of Aspen's chest. Aspen sat up and started to lick his brother's cum off of his face.

James got up and started to help by taking some of his own cum off with his tongue. Now it was Aspen's turn for something new. He told James to turn around and bend over. James did and after a few second he felt something warm and wet dart into his asshole. He expected to be his brother's finger just getting his hole ready for some anal, but when he turned around he saw Aspen's face was what was near his ass, not his hand.

James realized then that Aspen was rimming him. His legs actually buckled a few times due to his brother's ability. After a few more seconds of rimming James felt the tongue leave and was slightly sad, but he could stay said, because just then Aspen replaced his tongue with his cock. When Aspen's cock entered his sphincter James arched his back and moaned so loud that birds outside took flight.

Aspen slowly started to pull his cock back and forth, pushing it in further each time, but slow enough that he wouldn't burst his seed too soon.

Aspen was a master of this technique. After about 20 minutes James tried to take control by pushing Aspen down and going up and down on the cock himself, but Aspen was stronger than he looked and so it was James that ended up on the floor and not Aspen.

Aspen subjected his brother to his "torture" for about another ten minutes before finally speeding up and finishing up. Aspen then helped his brother up and only then did they realize that they were covered in each other's cum once again, and so they went to shower up. Only this time they went to the same shower. To be continued.

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