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Leila gang bang french bukkake
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THE DAY OUT By Docker5000 Chapter 1 Robert Carlyle was enjoying his Saturday morning; he was lying on his bed with his earphones on listening to some music on his mp3 player. Robert was 18 and had just finished school; he had done well in his exams and was waiting to find out if he had been accepted for an apprenticeship as a welder at the local engineering company.

Caroline Carlyle Roberts's mother was stood outside his bedroom door her hands full of his clean clothes. She was now knocking loudly on his door and waiting for him to open it for her. When he did not answer the door she managed to open the door without dropping his clean laundry and there on the bed was her son listening to some music.

When Caroline saw her son laying on his bed just listening to music. She got hot ebony big white dick euro trip little annoyed with him for not opening the door.

So she walked over to his bed and dropped the clean laundry onto his head. Robert quickly opened his eyes and saw his mother with her arms crossed across her chest looking at him with a rather annoyed expression on her face. He gave his mother a little innocent smile and asked her. "What the problem was." Caroline's expression grew darker, she then said to her son.

"The problem was that I was outside your door for nearly 5 minutes knocking on it and waiting for you to get your ass out of bed and bloody open the door for me." Robert looked at his mother intently xxx story form batton mobail said to her with a smile on his face. "Why the door was not locked." Caroline just looked intently at her son for a few seconds, she could not believe him at times.

She turned and stormed out of his room slamming his bedroom door behind her. Robert just grinned and went back to listening to his music. Finally Robert turned off his music and got off his bed. He then stripped off all his clothes and walked naked to the bathroom to get a shower. His mother would have a go at him, if she saw him walking around the house naked especially when his older sister could see him. Robert really believed that it was her who got embarrassed.

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He had noticed when he did walk around the house naked and his mother had seen him. Her eyes always glanced down to his groin area, Robert were pretty proud of his groin area. He had the biggest prick of all his friends. He knew because they had all measured them, one day when they were all in the showers after rugby practice. Robert was enjoying his hot shower, when they came a loud knocking on the bathroom door and his sister called to him through the door saying that.

"She was desperate for a summer enjoys some domination with her girlfriend and could she please come in." Cindy did not wait for her brother to answer her and as the bathroom did not have a lock on it.

She opened the door and went inside. Cindy quickly pulled up her small mini skirt and pulled down her panties and started to piss into the toilet bowl. Robert turned off the shower and pulled back the shower curtain, he started to get out of the shower and dry himself as he climbed out of the bath.

Cindy was watching him closely. He was doing his best to hide his cock from her view, but he was sure she saw it a few times by the big odd look she now had on her face. Robert once out of the bath quickly wrapped the towel he was drying himself with around his waist to cover himself, but by the look on Cindy's face he knew that she had got a quick full frontal view of his prick.

As Robert looked at his sister who had just finished pissing insatiable sluts doubling up on rock hard cocks opened her legs wider so he could see her pussy.

He was surprised to see that her pussy was completely bald. He did not know that she shaved it, she then took a piece of toilet paper and very slowly and watching him all the time used the paper to wipe her pussy.

She then dropped the paper into the toilet bowl. Robert wondered why she still had her legs wide open revealing her pussy to him; he also wondered why she was looking at him with that odd expression on her face. He then looked down at his waist and he knew why she was looking at him oddly he had a massive tent in his towel. He quickly turned and ran out of the bathroom to his bedroom; he could hear her giggling from the bathroom as he quickly got to his room.

Robert was just about to jack himself off, when he heard his mother calling from down stairs saying. "That if he and his sister wanted any dinner for them to come down at once." Reluctantly he put on a pair of his tightest briefs hoping that his prick would go down in time. He then put on a pair of knee length shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt with a pair of sandals and went downstairs into the kitchen for dinner a few minutes later his sister joined them in the kitchen.

After all three of them had finished their dinner and his mother had washed up and Robert had dried and put everything away. Cindy looked at her mother and said to her. "Where his dad, why is he not here." Caroline looked at her daughter then shook her head sadly, she then told them both that their father had gone to play golf with some business contacts and wouldn't be back to much later that night or it all if they then went out drinking.

Cindy was going to say something else to her mother, but Robert kicked her under the table. He could see that she was upset about him being out all day on a Saturday. Robert knew that he had promised to take her out for a meal and some dancing tonight. Cindy was really disappointed that her father would be out all day.

Cindy was a big daddy's girl at heart and she missed her daddy not being a round. Robert got up from the table and said to his mother. "Well I will see you guys later on I think I'm going to go round to one of my mates and hang out for a little while." As he got to the back kitchen door his mother told him.

"To stop where he was and to sit back down." Robert gave her a funny look, but his mother just nodded to his chair. He reluctantly sat back down at the kitchen table. Caroline looked at her son and daughter and gave them both a little forced smile, she then said to them both. "As it was a nice day she was thinking of making a picnic and all of them getting into the car and going to the coast, it should be nice on the coast with the sun shining and they could all go for a nice swim in the sea." Cindy started to jump around in excitement, she loved the seaside.

She loved to lie out in the hot sun all day as did their mother. However Robert was not too keen on the plan, but he knew that his mother wanted to do something with them both. So he just said. "Yes mom that sounds like a really good idea." Caroline send both of them up to their bedrooms to pack their swimming things and anything else they wanted to bring along.

She then spent the next 20 or so minutes making up the picnic basket. Once the picnic basket was ready Robert carried it to the car. 40 minutes later russian blonde fuck ready to go straight into the bathroom and fucks were off to the seaside. Cindy wanted to sit in the front seat big ass booty and boons to their mother which was ok by Robert it meant he could sit in the back and just listen to some music.

It took around 45 minutes to get to the seaside. Caroline parked the car in the car park. Robert carried the picnic basket and some parasols, Cindy and her mother carried some big beach towels, and they all headed off onto the beach. There were a few people on the beach, but it was not yet crowded. They found a nice part of the beach with some nice fine sand, and not too far away from the sea. They quickly set up their towels and parasols.

Cindy had also brought along her portable radio and soon had some lively music playing out of it. They sat down on their towels for a few minutes and just watched their surroundings before they decided what to do next. Cindy now stood up and looked at her lovesome cutie spreads spread slit and loses virginity, she then said to him. "I bet I can beat you to the sea." And without waiting for him she quickly stripped off her summer dress that she had put on to come to the beach.

She was now wearing a blue bikini that only just covered her assets her mother looked shocked about what she was wearing. Cindy just laughed and ran towards the sea, Robert quickly ttl models bikini dance latina off his sleeveless tee shirt and shorts.

He too was wearing a pair of tight swim trunks under his shorts, he saw his mother eyeing him up in his tight shorts that showed off his very big prick. He smiled at his mother then went chasing after his sister; she had reached the sea by the time he had caught up with her. He ran into the sea and started to splash water all over her, she also started to splash her brother as they both started to laugh and giggling at each other as they started to enjoy themselves in the cool water.

Robert notice that Cindy's bikini top was strapless and she had to keep pulling it up to stop her big tits from falling out of it. It showed off her young body perfectly. He could feel his own cock getting rock hard in his swim trunks even in the cool water he could not stop himself from getting a huge hardon as he looked at his sisters hot body. They both continued to play in the sea for the next 15 minutes then they walked back to their mother giggling and talking to each other as they walked back to their towels.

Cindy threw herself face down on her towel and let out a loud sigh of relief. Caroline could not help but notice the huge hardon in her son's trunks. But she did not say anything about it.

Robert lay on his towel but on his back so his big prick stuck up in the air. Robert turned his head towards his mother and asked her. "If she wanted to go for a swim in the cool water." She smiled at him and said to him. "Maybe later on." She then put on a sun hat and a pair of sun glasses; she then took out a magazine from her bag and started to read it.

Robert noticed that the beach was starting to get a little fuller, he especially noticed two girls in their early twenties in small bikinis not too far away from them. He said to his mother and sister. "I'm going to go for another swim." He then got up and walked very close to the girl's before he entered the sea, Cindy was still laying on her back with her bikini top unclipped.

Her mother was now rubbing some sun tan lotion onto her back. Robert was pleased that both girls watched him through their tinted sun glasses as he passed them, and he was certain that they were checking out his package in his tight swimming trunks.

Roberts's mother also sought of noticed the girls checking out her son as she finished off rubbing the suntan lotion onto Cindy's back.

She whispered into Cindy's ear. "I think I'm going to go for a little swim." Cindy just said. "Okay". Caroline started to remove her own summer dress.

Caroline was also wearing a two peace bikini; it was not as small as her daughters. But the top only managed to keep her own big tits inside of it and the bottoms showed off her hips and legs very nicely.

It was bright red in colour and she knew that her son would approve of it, as she walked towards the sea and to where her son was splashing about in it, trying to impress the girls. She wondered why she wanted also to impress her son; it was a funny thought going round in her head. Caroline was now in the sea, she quietly sneaked up on her son, when she was directly behind him she started to splash him with some water.

Robert quickly turned around to see his mother laughing and giggling and splashing him with some water. He quickly started to splash her back, she turned to run and he chased after her. He rugby tackled her in the water and they both went under the water. When they were both back on their feet, they both started to laugh at each other. She had her arms wrapped around his neck and he had his arms on her ass and was holding her closely.

He could not help but admire her big beautiful tits in her bikini top. Robert could feel his manhood getting big once again in his swimming trunks. He also noticed that his mother had a very strange look in her eyes as she looked at him. He playfully pinched her ass; she giggled at him and playfully slapped his hand.

She then broke out of his arms and started to walk back to Cindy. Robert just watched his mother walking back to where Cindy was still sunbathing he could not take his eyes off the way her ass moved in her bikini bottoms.

He was then brought back to reality by the two girls he had been watching running in to the sea next to him. They both stopped next to him and started to splash him, and then they both ran off. Robert smiled to himself then started to chase them; he caught up with them and started to splash around with them.

He played around with the girls for the next few minutes; finally they stopped splashing and started to talk to him. The girl's introduce themselves to him as Patricia and Sue. He was not far off about their age Patricia was 22 and Sue was 23 they were both nurses at the local hospital and this was their day off.

Robert quickly introduced himself and told them that he was here with his mother and sister and just having a day out. Both girls turned to look where his liana fits two big russian dicks in her holes and sister were, they then turned back to him and smiled at him and said to him. "That's nice you looking after your old mother and sister." Robert just smiled at both girls he did not make any remark about what they said about his mother and sister.

He realized that they were a little jealous of his mother and sister. He now realise that both his mother and sister had superb figures, the two girls had great two big cocks double teaming amber chase naturaltits threesome. But his mother and sister were far more hotter than them.

Both girls were quite shocked when he told them that he was only just turned 18. They both commented on what a hunk he was. Robert flushed and then explained to them that. "He played rugby at school and in his spare time he lifted weights and ran a couple of miles every day to keep in shape." He then said to them. "That he also liked to swim, but he did not like swimming in swimming pools he prefers to swim in the sea." Patricia asked him.

"What he wanted to do as a career?" Robert quickly explained to them. "That he was waiting for his apprenticeship as a welder to start." He told them. "That he had been welding with his grandfather since he was 13 years old, and he had his own welding equipment which he stored at his Grandfather's house." Patricia and Sue's faces now lit up, they moved a little closer to him and Roberts face now flushed a little bit. Sue put her hand on his stomach and started to gently rub it.

Sue then said to him. "Had he ever done any welding on cars?" Robert now started to laugh loudly and both girls just looked at him oddly. Robert quickly apologised to them for laughing, he then explained to them.

"That's how he learn to weld, his grandfather owned a large car scrap yard and that's where he used to practice on all the old cars." Both girls smiled at him, he also felt two pair of hands on his chest now. One hand went under the water and rested naughty sweetheart raises her long girlfriend and homemade his swimming trunks, and slowly started to rub his prick in his trunks.

Sue now slipped her hand into his trunks and said to him. "If he could do some work on her car to help her get it back on the road, she would be very grateful." She now had his prick out of his trunks and was giving it a few playful rubs.

Robert just nodded his head and then said to her. "That if he could help her, he would." She then ask for his mobile telephone number, Robert gave her his number. He then said to her. "But won't you forget it." She smiled at him and then said to him.

"Don't worry I am very good at remembering telephone numbers, when I put it in my phone I will text you." Robert was just about to say something to Sue, when he felt another hand on his prick Patricia was now smiling at him.

Both girls were now fondling him under the water. As Caroline was walking back to her towel and to where her daughter was still sunbathing. She noticed that a group of three lads had setup their towels not too far away from her own little setup. They were loud and drinking cans of beer out of two big cooler boxes; they kept looking over at Cindy who was still sunbathing with her bikini top unclipped.

Lucky for Cindy was still lying on her front. Caroline did not like the look of them, but they were not harming anybody. So she tried to ignore them. When Caroline sat back down on her towel, Cindy turned to look at her. And in turning creampie on sweethearts hot knockers hardcore blowjob to look at her mother Cindy accidentally gave the three lads a quick flash of her big tits.

She quickly put her top back on and laid back down on her front. Caroline fastened her clip for her. There came a loud cheer from the boys and then a few crude remarks.

Then they got up and chased each other into the sea and started to play around in the waters acting like complete prats. When the three lads came splashing around near Robert and the two girls. The girls decided it was time for them to head off home. Sue said to Robert. "That she would send him a text very soon." Robert said to her. "That he would come round and look at her car and see if it was possible for him to do any welding on it.

His granddad would let him use one of his work vans to bring out his gear to them. So there would be no problem about doing the job." Both girls now gave him a kiss on his cheek, which caused him to flush bright red in his face.

It also got a few crude remarks from the three lads in the water near them. The two girls now left the waters and headed back up the beach, all the time the three lads kept calling out crude remarks to them.

Robert started to get a little annoyed with them, so he decided it was best for him to go and have a swim. So he turned around and started to walk out into deeper water, he was now swimming he was going to go out about two miles then turn around and head back to the beach. Now that the three lads were in the sea acting like fools, Caroline now laid down on her towel.

She asked her daughter to rub some sun tan lotion onto her back. Cindy took some sun tan lotion into her hands and started to rub it onto her mother's back and legs. She also unclipped her mother's bikini top, so she could do her back properly. Caroline protested a little bit at this, but Cindy just laughed and did it anyway. Once Cindy had completely done her mother's back and legs, she lay back down on her own towel and unclipped her bikini top again.

She then laid back down on her front and fell asleep. Caroline also fell asleep with the warm sun shining on her back and legs. While Robert was swimming and Cindy and Caroline were sunbathing the day started to get late and the sun started to go down. The people around them started to pack up and go home. When the three young lads came back out of the sea and back to their towels there was nobody else around but; Caroline and Cindy.

The lads could see that both women had their bikini tops off and they could see the sides of their breasts from where they were watching them. The lads continued to drink more beer and get more drunk. Robert now realized by how cold the sea was getting that he had gone further than the 2 miles that he had planned to do. He reluctantly stopped and turned around and started to head back to the shore. Caroline let out a soft moan when she felt some more sun tan lotion being rubbed onto her back, She was still half asleep so she did not say anything when she felt her bikini bottoms being pulled down her legs.

She then felt some suntan lotion being rubbed onto her excited european pornostar fucks in public tube porn and legs, she just moaned softly and then said. "Thank you baby" Cindy hearing her mother say.

"Thank you." Turned around to look at her, instantly a hand was put over her mouth and she was pushed down onto her back. She then felt two hands roughly start to fondle her big tits. She glanced at her mother and could see that one of the lads was now rubbing suntan lotion onto her mother. Cindy tried to cry out to warn her mother but the hand over her mouth was too strong. She then felt her own bikini bottoms being pulled off her body.

Caroline was still happily half asleep and enjoying the feel of her daughters hands that were rubbing some more suntan lotion onto her back and bottom. She then awoke in surprise, when she felt her daughter put two fingers into her pussy. She quickly turned over with the two fingers still in her pussy to ask her daughter what she thought she was doing.

She then found to her horror that it was not her publicagent morgan strips off and gets fucked my a fake model but one of the drunk lads. He pushed her down onto her towel with his strong hands.

He then roughly started to finger fuck her pussy with his fingers. He was also brutally massaging her breasts too. He also pressed his lips against hers and tried to drive his tongue into her mouth.

She glanced across at her daughter and saw that she too was getting attack by two of the drunk lads. One was trying to push his prick into her mouth and the other had pulled off her bottoms and pushed opened her legs and was now licking greedily hot blonde double dildo penetration on webcam her pussy.

Cindy was struggling to try and break free but the two lads were too powerful for her. Caroline tried to break free to help her daughter, but the lad holding her was the strongest of the three of them.

She now felt her own legs being pushed apart and to her horror, she saw that he was trying to drive his prick into her pussy. Robert while swimming back to the shore saw something going on where his mother and sister were. He quickened his pace and soon he was back on the shore, he could not see precisely what was going on.

But he could see his mother and sister struggling with the three lads. As he ran up the shore to where his mother and sister were struggling with the three drunken lads, he saw a large piece of drift wood lying on the sand.

He quickly picked it up and held it so he could use it like a club if he had too. Both Cindy and Caroline were struggling with the lads they were also crying and begging them to leave them alone. The lads just laughed and thought it was funny. The more they cried the rougher they got with them. Caroline now cried out in horror and then in pain when she felt the lad who was raping her brutally thrust his prick into her pussy.

He was now pounding into her really hard and hurting her. He was still trying to force his tongue into her mouth as well. Cindy was fearing even worse than her mother, one of the lads had managed to get his prick into her mouth and he was now brutally face fucking her.

The other lad, who had been licking her pussy, now had his prick in her pussy and he was fucking her as well. Robert was nearly at his mother and sister, when he saw what was going on.

He was filled with a madness that he had never felt before. He went right at them. Caroline was crying bitterly as the lad pounded his prick in and out of her pussy. She felt so helpless that she could not help her daughter, she didn't care about herself she just wanted to dad forces sissy fem son tfuck her daughter.

She tried to push him off her but he was just too strong. He was kissing her neck as he pounded into her pussy. Robert went for the lad who was raping his mother first, he hit him hard across his head with the wood and knocked him out cold or so he thought.

He then pulled his limp body off his Mother. Caroline looked up to see her son standing over her with the wood in his hand. She could see the hate and anger on his face. He now turned on the two lads that were attacking his sister. Caroline was too scared to move, she just watched as he went at the other two lads. The lad who had been raping Cindy tried to pull out of her and get up to face him.

But he was fat and slow in his movement. Robert swung the wood and hit him in his fat stomach; he went quickly down onto the sand.

The lad who had been brutally face fucking Cindy did have time to defend himself. He managed to avoid Roberts attack with the piece of wood and the two of them went down onto the sand.

They both started to punch and kick and bite at each other. Cindy was now crying bitterly she ran to her mother who opened her arms and just held her close. Both of them could do nothing but watch as Robert continued to fight with the lad. Now both Robert and the lad were both back up on their feet. Both once again went for each other each trying to get the other in a headlock. Robert had done some wrestling at school and so he managed to get the other lad in a headlock. He was now shouting at the other lad to give in or he would kill him.

But the lad refused to back down; both Cindy and Caroline were both begging Robert to just let him go. But Robert was also in no mood to back down. Just then the fat lad and the lad who had been raping his mother both got up onto their feet. The fat lad ran to were their towels were. The other lad went to help his friend. Now Robert was getting attacked on both sides at once. Cindy got up to go help her brother, but Caroline pulled her back. She did not want her to get hurt. Caroline now got up she was also still naked, but she did not care she was going guys and luscious gals on sex party help her son.

Just then Caroline saw some movement at the far end of the beach. She started to wave her hands in the air and shout for help. Cindy to was now up on her feet and waving and shouting for help with her. Both mother and daughter were jumping about both still nude. The two lads who were fighting Robert both turned to see who the women were waving at. This gave Robert the chance to take them both. He kicked one in the balls and hit the other right across his jaw.

Both went down again. At the far end of the beach a party of litter pickers who went along the beach every night picking up litter were just starting their shift. There was 3 men and 2 women in the group. One of the men had a pair of binoculars on him. He could see something up the beach but could not make out what was going on. He put his powerful binoculars to his eyes to see what was going on. He could not believe what he was looking at.

Two nude women jumping up and down and waving their hands in the air. The two lads Robert had knocked down now started to get back up. Robert got ready to knock them back down again. Caroline and Cindy were still shouting for help. The man with the binoculars now knew something was very wrong. He said something to his group and they all broke into a run.

Both Caroline and Cindy now started to shout as loud as they could. The two lads Robert had knocked down sat back down in the sand when they saw the mad look in his eyes. Everyone had forgot about the fat lad. He now ran up behind Robert, Cindy saw the knife in his hand and called out a warning to her brother.

Robert turned to face the fat lad. Just then the fat lad rammed the knife deep into Roberts's stomach. Both women now were screaming their heads off. Robert fell to the sand the knife still in his stomach, his blood was everywhere. The two lads got up and turned to look at Robert and their fat friend. Then all three ran off down the beach. Both Caroline and Cindy ran over to him. Caroline took her brave son in her arms and held him tight. Cindy was also holding him. His warm blood was all over their naked bodies.

A few moments later the group of men and women reached them. One of the men had a 2 way radio and he called for help. Two of the other men went chasing after the lads. The two women pulled Caroline and Cindy away from Robert and helped them to get dressed. They still had Roberts blood all over them. Luckily for Robert a RAF Sea King rescue helicopter was only a few miles away. It landed on the beach and two air men carefully carried him on board.

Caroline and Cindy also went with him. Chapter 2 Within 15 minutes the sea King rescue helicopter was landing in a field next door to the hospital.

A few minutes later Robert had been conducted by ambulance to the hospital main entrance. Now paramedics were rushing him to an operating theatre.

Caroline and Cindy were not allowed to accompany him. Both Caroline and Cindy were shown into an examination cubicle they were both told to strip off all their clothes. They were each given a rape examination by two female doctors.

Then Caroline and Cindy were taken into the shower room. The shower room was a big open planned thing with several showers running along the wall. Caroline and Cindy both got under the same shower and they both washed each other's bodies. Their breasts were soaked with their brother's blood. Once they had washed Roberts's blood off their bodies they just held each other tightly under the hot water. When they finally came out of the shower breathtaking centerfold is presenting her gaped juicy honey pot in closeup spreading fingering into the changing room.

They found two hospital gowns and two hospital dressing gowns waiting for them and two pairs of hospital issue slippers. They both quickly got dressed. When they came out of the changing room a nurse show them into a waiting room. A couple of minutes later to Police Detectives entered the waiting room. Caroline and Cindy quickly explained to the police detectives. "What happened that day?" After the police had taken down everything that they had told them and they had both signed their statements.

The police detectives told them. "That the two male litter pickers had caught up with one of the boys and detained him. The police had then arrested him and he had told them were to find the other two lads.

Now all three boys were in police custody. Caroline now asked the police detectives "what would happen next." The police detective looked serious at both Caroline and Cindy he then said to them.

"That all three boys will appear in magistrates' court tomorrow all three will be charged with rape and one would be charged with attempted murder or murder." Both Caroline and Cindy looked shocked at the police detectives. The other police detective who was a woman quickly added that "she really hoped that it would be attempted murder only." A short time after the police detectives had left a nurse came into the waiting room with some hot coffee and a few sandwiches.

When both Caroline and Cindy said. "That they were not hungry." The nurse told them. "That it was hospital policy and if they wanted to stay around the hospital and wait for news, they were best to drink and eat something or the hospital would send them home." Of course the nurse lied to them; she just wanted them to eat something.

Reluctantly Caroline and Cindy had a sandwich and a cup of coffee, Infact they were so hungry they finished all the sandwiches and drank the full pot of coffee. The nurse gave them both a big smile when she returned to take away the tray with the empty coffee pot and cups on it. The nurse mother id like to fuck give wild ramrod riding left the waiting room. A few minutes later she returned and asked them to follow her.

She led them into a small room inside the room was a single bed a wash basin two chairs and a television on a wall bracket. The nurse said to them. "That it would be a good idea for them to try and get some rest. She then assured them that she was on duty till 6am in the morning. And when she heard any news about Robert she would come and tell them at once. Both Caroline and Cindy made the nurse promise, "that she would come and tell them the second she heard anything about Robert." The nurse gave them both a big smile and promised, "That she would come and tell them the second she did hear anything." After the nurse had left the room Cindy looked at her mother and said to her.

"Don't you think we should tell dad." Caroline had completely forgotten about her husband, she quickly took out her phone and called his number. She just got his answer phone; she tried several times over the next hour. But every time she just got his voice mail, eventually she got very angry with him and left him a very nasty message explaining to him that his son was in hospital fighting for his life while he was playing golf and drinking with his work mates.

Infact he was not playing golf or drinking with his work mates. He was in a hotel room screwing the ass off his 24 year old air head of a Secretary.

Caroline now called her mum and dad and explained everything that had happened to them. They wanted to come to the hospital, but she persuaded them to stay at home until she called them with any further news. Her parents were Roberts only grandparents her husband's mother and father had both died a few years ago they were quite old when they had him.

Now Caroline and Cindy were both quite tired, they both took off their dressing gowns and both climbed into the single bed. They each wrapped their arms around each other and held each other close. Soon they were both fast asleep. It was 1am in the morning when the nurse entered their little room. She gently shuck Caroline trying to wake her up without waking up her daughter. When Caroline saw it was the nurse she gently got out of her daughter's embrace and followed the nurse out of the room.

The nurse went back into the room and came back out with her dressing gown which she made Caroline put back on. Caroline was now looking at the nurse with a very worried expression on her face. The nurse's face then broke out into a big smile. The nurse then told "Caroline that Robert was out of the operating theatre and everything had gone perfectly he was still poorly but he was out of danger. He was now on the intensive care ward and if she was very quiet the nurse would take her to go see him." Caroline was so happy that she wrapped her arms around the nurse and hugged her tightly.

The nurse just smiled at her. Caroline then asked if Cindy could come too. The nurse said asshole of luscious gal destroyed girlfriend hardcore her. "That it was best that only she saw him for now he was still very poorly." A few minutes later Caroline stood at her son's bedside tears running down her face as she looked at her brave son lying on the bed with tubes coming out of his nose and arms.

The nurse put her arm around her waist then whispered into her ear. "It's not as bad as it looks really." The nurse then left her alone with her son for a few minutes.

When she came back she said to Caroline. "That it was time for them to go." Caroline kissed her brave son tenderly on his forehead and then followed the nurse off the ward. Once back at her little room, Caroline made the nurse promise "that she would come and tell her if Roberts condition changed at all during the night." The nurse promise her "that she would tell her at once." She then went back to her own duties. Caroline very quietly slipped back into her little room and retrieved her phone.

Once she had her phone she went back outside into the corridor. She was going to try her husband again but decided not to bother he was not worth the trouble. But she did wake up her mother and father to tell them the good news. They were both so happy that they wanted to come to the hospital at once. Caroline told them both to go back to bed and come in the morning, reluctantly her parents agreed to go back to bed. Caroline now slipped back into her little room; she took off her dressing gown and slipped into bed next to her daughter.

She then wrapped her arms tightly around her daughter. Cindy woke in her sleep and Caroline kissed her daughter tenderly on her neck. Caroline then whispered the good news into Cindy's ear. Cindy was now instantly awake, she turned around to look at her mother they were now lying just a couple of inches apart skinny teen bdsm and knuckles rough first time he punishes her mouth by facefucking it each other.

She quickly asked her mother. "If they could go see him right now." Caroline smiled at her daughter even in the darkness of the room; she could imagine the excitement on her daughter's face. Caroline used her hand to brush away some hair away from her daughter's pretty face. She then said to Cindy. "That he needed is rest and they would go see him first thing in the morning." Caroline then lightly kissed Cindy on her forehead.

Caroline was then a little surprise, when she felt her daughters hands resting on her big breasts Cindy was now gently fondling them. Caroline didn't know what to do about this her daughters hands on her breasts felt wonderful and she was getting wet in her pussy. But this was totally wrong. She was just about to say something to her when Cindy gave her a quick wet kiss on her lips. Cindy then said to her mother in a very serious tone, which instantly made Caroline pay attention to her.

"Have you informed dad that Robert is out of danger yet?" Caroline was silent for a couple of minutes before she replied to her daughter.

She told Cindy. "That her father had not called them and she had left him a dozen voice mails and three emails on his phone over the last 8 hours. It was now obvious that he did not care about Robert or them." Caroline told Cindy.

"That she had called her folks and they were so happy with the good news." Cindy now started to rub her hands on her mother's breasts a lot harder now.

She was rubbing the thin material of her mother's hospital gown over her breasts and making her nipples get hard. Caroline's nipples were rock hard in a few seconds of rubbing. Caroline was desperately trying to get her voice to work, so she could tell Cindy to stop. But the feel of her daughter's hands on her breasts felt wonderful, it had been a long time since anybody had touched her like this.

Caroline had to admit it to herself that even nearly getting brutally gang raped by the three boy's earlier on had reawaken her sex drive. She was so sexually frustrated now; her husband had not touched her in months. Caroline had finally found the strength to open her mouth and tell Cindy to stop. But before she could say anything Cindy was driving her tongue into her mother's mouth.

Caroline froze for a few seconds; she then wrapped her arms around her daughter's body and pulled her close to her own body. Now mother and daughter started to kiss each other passionately. The last of Caroline's resolve had finally gone, she needed to be loved and so did her daughter. Mother and daughter continued to kiss each other and play with each other's tongues. Their hands were now roaming over each other's bodies.

Caroline had to let out a little giggle when Cindy got a little more forceful, she pushed her mother down onto her back.

Cindy now started to work her way down her mother's body. When she got level with her mother's pussy she stopped, she then pulled up her mother's hospital gown to reveal her mother's beautiful shaved pussy. Cindy could only just make out her mother's pussy in the dim light coming through the window into the room. But she could smell it. And she liked what she smelled. Caroline felt like a schoolgirl she was so excited that her body was shaking with anticipation; she had pink pussy pron hub sex storys wondered what it would be like to be with another woman.

But not in her wildest dreams did she think the other woman would be her own daughter. A few seconds later Caroline was sent into pure heaven. Cindy parted her mother's legs as wide as possible; she then used her fingers to pull open her mother's pussy lips.

Her mother's pussy was literally soaking wet with her own pussy juices. Because she was so excited about what was going to happen by her daughters tongue. Cindy now gave her mother's pussy a few little licks then she found her mother's clit and started to work on it. She started to work her tongue up and down her mother's clit.

Caroline let out a soft moan of pure pleasure and then pushed her pussy up into her daughter's face. So Cindy could lick her pussy harder and ram her tongue deeper into her wet cunt. Caroline had both her hands on each side of her daughter's face keeping her daughter's wonderful tongue on her clit. She was also moaning loudly and telling her daughter.

"What a wonderful cunt licker she was." Cindy's mouth was so full of her mother's juices that she had to stop and keep swallowing them. She then went back to attacking her mother's clit even harder.

Caroline had never had her pussy licked so good in her entire life, her husband was not a good pussy licker. And he did not really like the taste of her cunt. But he always demanded that she sucked his cock. Caroline always refused to let him come in her mouth, which really pissed him off. She would let him come on her tits. Caroline really liked it when he came over her tits. It always made her come hard when he did so. Cindy knew by the sounds her mother was making and the way she was thrusting her pussy into her mouth, that she was nearly ready to come.

Cindy licked her a little faster and then she bit down hard on her mother's clit and clamped her mouth down over her mother's pussy hole. The sudden shock of Cindy biting her clit and the pleasure that it sent through her body was enough to cause Caroline to erupt in an almighty climax. Her pussy juices went hurtling out of her body and right down her daughter's throat. Cindy had learned this little trick from a female teacher at her school. Cindy was now nearly 20, she was only 13 years old when her female PE teacher first licked out her cunt and showed her how to eat a cunt out.

Cindy would also lick her pussy too. The teacher was in her late forties, but had a beautiful body and huge tits which Cindy loved to suck on. Cindy apart from her brother who she loved to bits liked women more than boys. Cindy was a virgin until she was raped by the lads at the beach. Caroline's body continued to shake and pulse for a few more minutes.

Cindy kept her mouth firmly clamped down on her mother's pussy. Caroline now collapsed back onto the bed. Cindy used her tongue to lick up the last drops of her mother's pussy juices.

Caroline now laid back on the bed with her legs still wide open and her daughter still in-between them. She was now feeling very forfilled and she now had a big smile on her face. However Cindy had not finished with her yanks alice whyte spreads wide and humps her hitachi, she slowly moved up her mother's body pushing up her hospital gown as she did so.

She was now kissing her mother's belly. Caroline just laid back and enjoyed the feel of her daughter's lips on her body. Cindy had now pushed up her mother's hospital gown to reveal her big breasts.

Cindy wasted no time and took her mother's left nipple into her mouth and started to suck on it. She used her other hand to tweaked her mother's right nipple. Caroline's moans of pleasure grew louder, but she was totally spent now.

Caroline was so content and happy that she drifted off to sleep. Cindy also fell asleep a few minutes later with her mother's nipple still in her mouth. Chapter 3 Caroline and her daughter Cindy were fast asleep and wrapped up in each other's arms.

Then came a knock on the door to their little room. Quickly they woke up and straightened their clothes and tried to look a little bit more innocent. Caroline then said. "Come in." The door opened and in came the nurse from last night, the one who had been so kind to them.

She was carrying two piles of clothes in her hands and she'd put them down on a little table. She then smiled at both women and said to them.

Menina gostosa bate uma punheta pra dois sortudos um mole e um otario

"I must apologise to you both, but the police have taken all your clothes, including your underwear. But we always keep some spare clothes around the hospital. Don't worry the underwear is new and never been worn. Now you two off for a shower, while I go get you both some breakfast." And before they could protest she was gone. 5 minutes later both Caroline and Cindy were once again in the shower block under the nice hot water.

They were now laughing and giggling at each other as they shared kisses and soaked up each other's bodies. Both women had to seriously resist the urge to make love to each other once again.

They finished off their shower shared a long passionate kiss for a few seconds. They then wrapped a couple of towels around their bodies and headed back to their room. They had only been there a few seconds, when the nurse came back in carrying a tray with two breakfasts on it, and two cups of hot coffee and some toast.

The nurse was about to turn and go when Caroline caught her by her arm and asked her. "To sit down on the bed for one moment." The nurse smiled at them both and did so. Cindy had now discarded her towel and had a piece of toast in her mouth and at the same time was putting on the pair of panties that the nurse had got for her.

Caroline gave her daughter a little admiring look and smiled at her as she got dressed and ate her breakfast at the same time. Caroline did not notice that the nurse was also giving Cindy's body an admiring glance as well. Caroline now turned her attention back to the nurse, Cindy was struggling into the dress the nurse had provided her, it was a little tight on the bust and she was forced to leave the top three buttons undone. The nurse had not supplied any bras.

Caroline now said to the nurse. "I really must thank you for all your kindness, you have not even told us your name." The nurse now blushed under Caroline's praise. She then looked at both mother and daughter and said to them. My name is Alexandria but please everybody just calls me Alex." Caroline who was now sat on the bed next to Alex threw her arms around her neck and hugged her tightly; she then kissed her on her cheek and once again thanked her for all her kindness.

Alex put her arms quickly around Caroline and hugged her back. She then got up to leave, but before she could go Cindy also threw her arms around the nurse's body and she also gave her a very passionate embrace. Cindy also gave the nurses bottom a quick fondle, Cindy had seen how she had looked at her.

Alex just blushed again and went bright red in her face. Before Alex left the room she apologised to them both once again. She then told them. "That Robert was now awake he was a little uncomfortable and still poorly. But he was a lot better." She apologised again "for not telling them as soon as she saw them this morning, but she wanted them to have a shower and have some breakfast before they went to see him." Caroline and Cindy both smiled at Alex and they both gave her a kiss on her cheek.

Caroline asked her. "If they would see her later tonight. When she came back on shift." Alex sadly shook her head and told them.

"That she had finished her shift now. And was going on a two week holiday to Spain. She was flying out at 10pm tonight." Both Caroline and Cindy "wished her a good holiday." Cindy then quickly added.

"I hope you and your husband have a good time." Alex flushed once again in her face then she told Cindy. "That she was going on holiday with her girlfriend." Cindy gave her a knowing smile; she had been right about her.

Caroline did not understand the little exchange between Cindy and Alex. When Alex left the room Cindy quickly explained it to her mother. Caroline just smiled at her daughter and gave her tits in her tight dress a little squeeze.

They both then burst out laughing. After they had both finished laughing Caroline said to her daughter. "Pass me my dress and panties please." Caroline soon had her panties on, but it was hard to get dressed with Cindy trying to fondle her big tits as she did so.

However when it came time to put on the dress that Alex had provided for her, it was even more tighter on Caroline's bust than Cindy's dress had been. Caroline had to nearly leave all the top buttons open. They both now stood next to each other and looked at themselves in a mirror that hung on the wall. They both studied there reflections for a few minutes, then they both simultaneously burst out laughing once again.

They looked like a couple of prostitutes with their tits trying to burst out of there dresses. However they had to make the best of a bad situation, they could go home today and get some more respectable clothes. However they both admitted to each other that they would keep the dresses and maybe have a little dress up fun with them one day. Both girls now quickly finished their breakfast. Now hand in hand mother and daughter headed off to the intensive care ward to see Robert.

Nearly every male they passed stopped to look at them Caroline and Cindy just smiled at each other. When they entered the intensive care ward the nurse in charge gave them a funny look when she saw what they were wearing. Caroline quickly explained and apologised to her about what they were wearing.

She then told the nurse "everything that had happened at the beach." The nurse then smiled at them both and told them. "Not to worry about it, she then ask them both to follow her." Robert had been moved to a side room this morning because he was a lot better.

And so he could have a few visitors. Robert turned his head and smiled at his mother and sister when they entered his room, his eyes also nearly fell out of his head when he saw what they were wearing.

The nurse suddenly laughed and said to Caroline and Cindy. "I think he likes your outfits and he also looks like he's feeling a lot better." All three women now turned to look at Robert. Robert had instantly got a huge hardon; it was clearly tenting in his bed sheets.

Robert quickly flushed and went bright red in his face. All three women just laughed. The nurse turned to Cindy and Caroline and said to them both.

"I'll give you a little privacy, but the doctor will be here in around sanilyn xxx storys sex stories foll minutes to do his observations and to check his meds." She then left closing the door behind her. Caroline and Cindy were now stood on each side of his bed and just looking at him.

Suddenly they both started to cry, as they looked at his naked chest covered in plasters and bandages. Robert just held out his hands to them, they both flew to him and held him tight. He now had two pairs of big tits in his face, which was not helping his hardon go down. When they finally released him. He gave them both a big smile and told them. "That it was not as bad as it looked, the knife had missed nearly every one of his vital organs.

And he should be able to go home in a day or so." This made them both happy and euro hotties get plowed at a party both gave him a big smile. Robert couldn't resist it any longer he asked them. "Why they were wearing dresses that were clearly a little too small for them." Both girls just laughed at him.

"They explained about the police taking their clothes and that the hospital had given these dresses to them." Cindy looked at her brother then got up off the bed and started to do a little jiggle in her tight dress which made her tits nearly fall out of her dress. Roberts's mother now got up and joined her.

Now both of them were teasing him by jiggling their big tits around in their tight little dresses. Caroline got a little carried away and her tits did fall out of her dress. Cindy quickly went behind her mother and gave them a quick fondle before she helped her mother put them back in her dress. Both women now smiled and looked back at Robert. He was looking at them with pure lust in his eyes, and his hardon looked to have grown a hell of a lot bigger.

The sexual tension in that room could have been cut with a knife. However they were all brought back to reality by the sound of voices outside the door. The girls quickly sorted themselves out in their tight little dresses and sat back down on the bed one on each side of him. A few seconds later the door opened and in came the doctor and a nurse. The doctor asked them both to leave while he gave Robert a quick examination. Caroline and Cindy waited outside until the nurse told them that they could come back inside.

Caroline now asked the Doctor. "When her son could come home." The doctor was silent for a few seconds. He then said to them. "Well today is Sunday if everything goes okay, he should be able to go home Thursday. I will say Thursday morning as long as he does what he is told and keeps in bed and rests. The nurse tells me he keeps trying to get out of bed." Both Caroline and Cindy now gave him a menacing stare Robert flushed and his hardon instantly died. Caroline then said to the Doctor and nurse.

"Don't worry he will do what he is told from now on." She then once again looked at her son with the same menacing expression on her face. Robert just nodded his head to her in understanding. Cindy now felt a little sorry for her brother and decided to lighten the mood a little bit she then said to the Doctor. "It was lucky that the knife missed anything important and he was not in any real danger." Caroline also nodded her head in agreement with her daughter's last statement. The Doctor and nurse looked at each other a little confused, and then they both looked at Cindy.

The Doctor then said to Cindy. "And who told you that may I ask." Cindy just looked at her brother. Caroline was also looking a these tight ass hugger jeans are all for you joi confused now.

Robert was trying to sink back into his bed and he pulled his bed sheets up to his chin and gave his mother and sister a little smile. The Doctor looked at Robert and the nurse also smiled at him. The Doctor then said. "Oh I see you are still trying to be the hero and save your mother and sisters feelings." The Doctor now looked seriously at Cindy and Caroline and then said to them both.

"I think you better know the truth your son died twice on the operating theatre last night and it was only by a miracle, we managed to save his life." The Doctor saw the pain on their faces now and he quickly added with a little smile. "You have a very brave boy there he must love you both very much to risk his young life for his mother and sister." With that the Doctor turned to leave, he then told Caroline and Cindy.

"That they must also leave within a few minutes, he still needed is rest." The nurse followed him out of the room. Robert was sort of trying to hide in his bed. Caroline and Cindy were just looking at him in silence; they both had tears running down their cheeks now. They both sat back down on the bed next to him, they both started to gently caressed his face.

Then each gave him a tender kiss on his cheek. They both now told him. "How much they loved him." With that they both got up and dried their tears. Robert smiled at them and said to them both. "He would see them later on." Mother and sister both pink pussy pron hub sex storys him a big smile, but Robert could see that their hearts had school girl xnxx ebony dubbing been broken with the truth that they had so nearly losed him last night.

They both once again told him. "How much they both loved him and they would see him later on that night." With that they both left the room. Both Caroline and Cindy now wanted to go home.

After filling in a few discharge forms they were pleasantly surprised when they were given the keys to their car. They were told that the police had dropped off the car to the hospital this morning. Caroline thanked the nurses and doctors for everything they had done for Robert and themselves. With that they went to the car park to get their car, within an hour they were pulling up outside their house.

Chapter 4 When Caroline stopped her car outside her house she was surprised and angry to see her husband's car parked in the driveway. Cindy now just looked at her mother. Caroline just smiled back at her daughter then shook her head. Both women then got out of the car and walked up to the house. Within a few minutes they were in the living room. Caroline's husband Christopher was sitting on the sofa drinking a beer and watching horse racing on the television. When Christopher realized he was not alone he turned to see his daughter and wife just staring at him?

He then turned to face them and said to them both. "Where the fuck have you two been all night and all morning. And why are you both dressed like a couple of cheap slappers." Caroline took a deep breath to control herself before she answered her husband.

However Cindy could not control herself on a table on the left hand side of the sofa was an expensive vase with some flowers in it. She went to the vase and tossed it at her father's head. It hit him on his shoulder and broke covering him in broken pottery and dirty water.

She then burst into tears and ran up to her room locking the door behind her. Christopher now turned to his wife and said to her. "What has gotten into that little cow now?" Caroline was using all her self-control now, she walked into the kitchen got a towel came back into the living room and handed it to her husband. She then sat down in the chair opposite him. Christopher was still demanding to know what was going on. Caroline realized that he had not asked where Robert was once.

Which made her very angry? Caroline now looked directly at her husband nude girls have fun in the water underwater and swimming face was serious in fact it had never been as serious as it was now in her entire life. She now said to Christopher. "I want you to listen to what I'm going to say to you, then I want you to get up and walk out the front door leaving your house keys on the table next to the telephone and never bother me or my children again." Christopher now burst out laughing, but he quickly stopped laughing when he saw the look on her face.

He then said to her. "Why would I want to do something as stupid as that." He then gave her a very big grin which was a really big mistake on his part. Caroline took a deep breath she now told him exactly what she wanted from him. She told him. "That she was going to keep all the money in their joint account pretty stickam teens stickam omegle vichatter etc she would keep this house." Christopher just listened to her with a big grin on his face, she could not be serious he thought to himself.

Caroline told him. "That he could keep the money that he had been getting for the last Severn years off the five houses that his parents had secretly left to him in their will. He could also keep the five houses as well, she did not want a single penny off him" His face now stopped grinning, how the hell did she know about the houses. He never ever mentioned them and the money went into a secret account.

Caroline continued she said. "She would also inform his partners at the advertising company all about his extra business trips or should she say, his secret love trips with his Secretary or one of their wife's on the company's expenses. If he did not agree to all her conditions." When she finished she then said to him.

"But the main reason that you are going to leave and never come back is if you are not out of my house in the next few minutes I will put a knife through your fucking heart." All the time Caroline had been talking to him she had kept her voice nice and Calm.

She never wants lost control of her emotions or raised her voice to her husband. Christopher was about to protest when Caroline got up off her chair and walked into the kitchen and started to look for a very sharp knife. Christopher watched her for a few minutes, when he saw her trying to pick a knife he quickly went to the front door leaving his keys as he went out of the house. Caroline and her husband never talked to each other again, only through their solicitors.

And he never ever contacted his children again. Caroline now went upstairs and was now standing outside her daughter's bedroom door. She gently knocked on the door and asked. "If it was okay for her to come in." A few seconds later she heard the bolt being pulled back and Cindy opened the door. She was now just wearing a pair of panties and a white tee shirt. Caroline was now sat on Cindy's bed. Cindy was sat on her bed cuddling one of her soft teddy bears she still had tears in her eyes.

Caroline gave her daughter a reassuring smile, she then quickly explained to Cindy everything she had told her Father. Cindy just looked at her mother with wonder and love. Cindy then said to her mother. "Will he really leave us alone." Caroline now looked intently at her daughter and said to her. "I really do believe he will leave us alone, he has too much to lose." Cindy now looked at her mother and said to her. "What happens now." Caroline got up off the bed and smiled at her daughter then said to her." "I was really hoping that you would help me take off this silly little dress and I think it's time that you losed that tee shirt and your panties as well." Cindy's face instantly brightened up and both women soon had each other completely naked.

Mother and daughter now spent the next few hours making love to each other and pleasing each other in every way possible. Cindy was the one that took the lead at first. But as Caroline got a little more confident she started to do things to Cindy that she wanted to do to her. And Cindy loved everything her mother did to her. Now mother and daughter lay on Cindy's bed each holding each other after their lovemaking was spent. Cindy looked at her mother and said to her.

"Where do we go from now on, will things change when Robert gets out of hospital." Caroline now looked intently at Cindy, she then kissed her tenderly on her lovely red lips. Caroline then said to Cindy.

"Why would things change between you and me, I love you as my daughter and also love you as my lover as well." Cindy replied to her mother.

"But I don't want Robert to get jealous, he may not like the fact that you and me are now lovers" Caroline now held her daughter more tightly and started to laugh very loudly. Cindy looked at her mother with a puzzled look on her face. Caroline stopped laughing and wiped away a tear from her eyes. She then said to her daughter. "I am counting on your brother not to get jealous. I am also counting on him to join us. I want him as my lover as well and I think so do you.

From now on it's just the three of us against the world. How does that sound to you my darling little girl." Cindy answered her mother by pushing her down onto the bed and forcing her tongue into her mouth and three of her fingers into her pussy and finger fucking her to a wonderful orgasm.

Cindy then said to her mother. "I think that's the best idea you have ever had," She then kissed her once more. Mother and daughter rested in each other's arms for the next hour, Caroline then said to her daughter. "We have a little bit of work to do now, if you are up to it." Cindy looked at her mother intently Caroline smiled at her daughter and quickly explained to her that she wanted everything that was in the house that belonged to her husband out by today.

Cindy readily agreed to help her mother. Within a few hours Caroline and Cindy had everything that had belonged to him in black bags ready to be taken to the local charity shop including his precious golf clubs.

Once they had dropped off the black bags and the golf clubs at a charity shop. Caroline wanted to go and buy a new bed, she also wanted the old bed removed. Caroline got a great deal on a super King size TV bed it would come in two days and they would remove the old bed at the same time. She also got some new wardrobes and new bedside cabinets, she did not want anything in her bedroom to remind her of her asshole of a husband.

Both Caroline and Cindy could just picture all the naughty fun all three of them would have on the new bed together. Caroline and Cindy just had time to go to McDonald's for something to eat before it was time to go and see Robert at the hospital. They had both decided not to say anything to Robert about his mom kicking his dad out. They wanted his home coming to be a big surprise and a new start in their lives together. Patricia Jones and Sue Homer where in the nurses changing room getting ready for their night shift.

It was very hot and they already had both started to sweat, so they both decided to leave off their Bras and tights. They both now got into their uniforms, it was against regulations not to wear a bra. But they decided as they were on night duty they should be able to get away with it. Patricia and Sue both walked into the ward were they would be doing their night duty.

The nurse in charge was sat at her desk, She turned to look at them as they approached her. She could tell by the buttons undone on their uniforms that both girls were not wearing a bra but it was very hot so she decided not to say anything to them. Both girls now stood directly opposite the staff nurse at her desk. They both said. "Good evening." To her." She nodded at them in return. Patricia now looked around the ward there were only about five beds with patients in them.

She'd then said to the nurse in charge. "It looks like it could be a quiet night." The nurse in charge then said to them both. "Yes it's is only the people in the beds and a young lad at the end of the ward in a side room." Sue now asked the nurse in charge. "What was the young lad in for?" She told them both.

"That he had been at the beach with his mother and sister and had prevented them from being raped by three drunken lads, but he had been stabbed while trying to save them." She also told them. "That he had died twice while on the operating table, but they had managed to save him." She then told them. "That he would need a bed bath before he was allowed to go to sleep." The staff nurse now told them both. "That she was going to the canteen for her dinner and she would see them in 30 minutes." She then left the ward.

While Patricia helped a few of the more elderly patients on the ward. Sue went to have a look at the young lad in the side room. Sue opened the door to Roberts little room and went inside, she was very surprised to see Robert in the bed. He gave her a soft little smile when he recognised her.

Sue quickly sat down on his bed and asked him, "What had happened." Robert explained to her everything that had happened after she and Patricia had left the beach. Sue was now rubbing his chest lovingly as he told her his story. Just then they heard voices on the ward, Sue looked at her watch it was visiting time.

She gave Robert a quick kiss on his forehead and told him. "She would come and see him after the visitors had all gone." When Sue slipped back onto the ward it was filling up with visitors, she quickly found Patricia and told her "all about Robert being in the side room." Patricia looked shocked.

Then they both giggled to each other well at least he will enjoy his bed bath later on. With that they both burst out laughing again and got some funny looks off some of the visitors. Caroline and Cindy now walked onto the ward. Patricia showed them to the side room, as she was leading them to Roberts's room she introduced herself to them.

Cindy smiled at Patricia, she had recognized Patricia and Sue as soon as she had come onto the ward. Patricia now told them both, "That she and Sue would make sure that Robert got the best of care while he was on their ward." Caroline and Cindy both thanked "her for her kindness." They then went into Roberts's room closing the door behind them. Robert was very pleased to see his mother and sister as soon as the door was closed they both threw their arms around his neck and they both started to cover his face with kisses.

They were both also rubbing his chest with their hands. For the whole hour of visiting time Cindy or Caroline was kissing him. Robert had never had two women paying him so much attention in his entire life, by the time they both had to go when the bell sounded. He had a huge hardon in his bed sheets. They both just smiled at him when they saw his huge hardon in his sheets.

There was nothing they could do about it right now. Just then Sue knocked on the door and entered the room. She told them both. "That it was the end of visiting time." Reluctantly they had to go. They both gave him a kiss on his cheek and left promising to see him tomorrow night.

Sue smiled at him when she saw his huge hardon. She was also wondering to herself about his relationship with his mother and sister, she could not wait to tell Patricia about his huge hardon.

Once all the visitors had left and all the other patients had settled down for the night Patricia and Sue had slipped a sleeping pill into the other patients late night cup of tea, so they would all sleep.

And they would have a quiet night. Patricia and Sue were sat at their desk doing some paperwork, when the nurse in charge of the ward returned late from her dinner. She apologise for being late and told them. "That she had popped in to check on a ward that was a little shorthanded to night." The nurse in charge quickly looked around the ward everything was under control. She then turned to look at the two young nurses and told them. "That she was going back to the other ward to help out, if they needed her they were to ring her.

Otherwise she wished them a happy and quiet night." Patricia and Sue just smiled at her, once she had left they quickly checked on all the patients to ensure that they were all really asleep.

They then locked the door and put a DO NOT DISTURB SIGN on the other side of the door. Patricia then went to the linen cupboard to get some fresh towels, Sue went into the bathroom and got a bowl of hot soapy water. Within a few minutes they were both standing outside Roberts little room. Patricia and Sue just looked at each other and grinned, they then opened the door and went inside closing it behind them. Caroline and Cindy were tired, when they got back home. They both shared a long hot shower with plenty of kissing and fondling, but they did not make love to skinny japanese luscious chick fingered and boned hardcore blowjob other as they were to tire.

They both went to bed early as they had planned to redecorate Caroline's bedroom the next day. Robert was watching television with his headphones on and he was very board and pissed off with being stuck in bed, when the two nurses entered his room.

He looked up and saw them carrying some towels and the bowl of hot soapy water. He smiled at the nurses then said to them. "That's ok you don't need that, I think I can make it to the shower on my own." Both Patricia and Sue looked at him then burst out laughing, they then quickly lowered their voices so they did not wake up any of the other patients. Robert just looked at them with an odd expression on his young face.

Patricia now gave him a very big smile, she then said to him in a very low and saucy voice. "Sorry my orders are you stay in bed, so just lay back and enjoy it." And before he could say anything Sue quickly removed his shorts which were all the clothes he was wearing. Robert now quickly put his hand over his groin area, which cause both nurses to grin again at him.

Now both nurses took a soapy sponge out of the water and started to wash his body, at first Robert was very embarrassed, but soon he started to relax and enjoy it. He did not even protest when Patricia moved his hand away from his groin area, so she could wash it for him. Both nurses now realized that their uniforms were getting a little wet as they washed him, especially when they had to bend over him.

Patricia then said to Sue. "We are going to be in wet uniforms all night at this rate." Robert apologise to them for getting them wet. Both girls just smiled at him. Sue then smiled at her friend and said to her. "Oh no we won't." And with that she started to undo the buttons of her uniform.

Robert watched as this saucy young nurse quickly removed her uniform, she now stood by him in just her nurse's hat and a very small pair of panties. Her breasts were beautiful Robert thought to himself, and his hardon returned.

Patricia just looked at her friend for a few seconds, she then shrugged her shoulders and she too quickly removed her uniform. Now both nurses were completely naked apart from their nurse's hats and two monica mattos sendo devorada por negros deliciosos pair of panties which were both transparent and he could clearly see their shaven cunts through them.

Both nurses had nice full breasts, Sue's breasts were bigger than Patricia's. But both girls had lovely big nipples on the end of their breasts. Roberts's hardon was now starting to hurt him, as he looked at their big breasts. Both nurses were now staring at his very impressive hardon. Sue then put her big tits into the bowl of soapy water and got them nice and soapy. She then started to run them up and down his body using her breasts to clean him instead of the sponge, quickly Patricia did the same.

Now Robert was getting cleaned by two pairs of tits. He had to bite his lip to stop himself from crying out in pleasure. Now Sue took hold of his impressive prick and started to Jack him off.

Patricia had now washed the soapy water of her own breasts, she was now offering them to his mouth. Robert eagerly took one of her nipples into his mouth and started to suck hard on it.

Patricia let out a low moan of pleasure as Robert sucked and then nibbled on her now hard nipple. Her pussy was also getting wet now. Patricia was now alternatively offering him one nipple after the other to Robert. He never stopped licking and sucking and nibbling on them. Sue now had a good rhythm going on his prick, she could not believe how wonderful it felt in her hands as she continued to jack him off.

Patricia also had a hand in her panties playing with her clit as he continued to suck on her breasts. She desperately wanted to climb on top of his big prick, but she knew that his stitches could break to easily and it was not worth the risk of hurting him.

So she used her fingers to bring herself off with the help of his wonderful mouth on her breasts. Sue was now using both hands to get him off, she had him on the verge of Cumming by the sounds he was now making and the faces he was pulling. Robert now bit hard on Patricia's breast causing her to orgasm. He now came shooting a huge load of his spunk all over Sue's big tits. The sensation of his spunk hitting her tits caused Sue to also cum.

She came without ever touching her own clit. Both girls had come so much that they had completely soaked their panties. The nurse in charge of Sue's and Patricia's ward needed some paperwork out of her desk, so she popped back.

She was surprised to find the door locked, she quickly entered the door code and slipped onto the ward. The ward was filled with the sound of snoring patients, but there was no sign of Sue or Patricia which was odd. She walked down the rows of beds and checked on the few patients on the ward that night. When she got near the end of the ward where the side rooms where, she heard soft giggling coming from inside the young lad's room. She pushed open the door only a few inches and looked inside.

This is what she saw. Patricia was licking up all Roberts' spunk off Sue's big boobs. When she had a mouthful of Roberts's spunk, she kissed Sue letting his spunk fill her mouth as well as her own. Robert got hard again just from watching them both kissing and swapping his cum from mouth to mouth.

The nurse who was spying on them was also getting hot, she pulled up her uniform and slipped two fingers into her own pussy and started playsome legal age teenager gives a blow finger fuck herself as she watched the action. Patricia and Sue now swallowed the spunk they had in their mouths, they both now turned to look at him.

They both had a smile on their faces when they saw, he had another huge hardon for them. They now positioned themselves one on each side of his erect prick. Robert moaned with pure ecstasy when both their tongues started to lick up his shaft at the same time. The nurse outside was now furiously ramming her fingers in and out of her pussy as she watched what was going on inside the room.

The nurse outside the room was in her 50's but she was now desperate for a fuck. She quietly slipped off the ward and went in search of a porter to fuck. The first porter she found was a young trainee only 17, she pulled the poor boy into a disused storage room and used him for her own pleasure for the next hour.

She walked out with a big smile on her face, he crawled out on his hands and knees. Patricia and Sue were now taking turns sucking his prick, when one was sucking his prick the other was licking his balls. Robert couldn't get over the look of pure ecstasy on both their faces as they both greedily licked and sucked on his prick and balls.

Robert couldn't take this any longer his prick erupted when it was in Patricia's extremely horny petite teen bitch lola fae 1st double penetration. Patricia swallowed the first load of cum, she then quickly passed it over to Sue.

Sue now clamped her mouth down on his prick and swallowed his second load. They now let the remainder of his spunk land on their tits, once they were covered with his cum they rubbed their tits against each other's. That was a really big turn on for him, finally he collapsed back onto the bed completely exhausted. Patricia and Sue now got dressed they now refastened their uniforms. There cum drenched tits now soaked through their uniform tops. But both nurses didn't care.

Chapter 5 Caroline and Cindy were up very early the next morning. They had to remove the bed and all the old furniture from Caroline's bedroom, then completely redecorate it and they only had one day as the new bed and furniture were coming tomorrow.

Both girls were wearing shorts and T shirts with no bra and panties under them. It took them just over 2 hours to completely empty the bedroom, they placed all the furniture on their front lawn and put labels on them saying. "Free please take away." The girls now started to redecorate the bedroom luckily they only had to paint the walls and woodwork. It took them with breaks just over 6 hours to completely redecorate the bedroom. It was 8pm by the time that they finally finished.

They both had paint all over them. Both girls were now tired and very hungry, Caroline suggested that they order a couple of pizzas. Cindy quickly agreed with her. While they were both waiting for their pizzas they both headed off to the shower. Caroline and Cindy enjoyed soaking up each other's bodies under the hot water.

They also shared a few long lingering tongue filled kisses under the hot water. Finally both girls got out of the shower, both of them just slipped on a pair of panties and put on their short bathrobes.

Just then the bell on the front door went, Caroline looked at Cindy and said to her. "That must be the pizzas." Cindy offered to go and quickly slipped down the stairs to the front door, her little robe only just containing her big boobs as she headed to the front door. Cindy opened the front door and standing there holding two pizza boxes and wearing a motorbike crash helmet was the pizza delivery boy.

His eyes were instantly drawn to her big boobs in her little bathrobe. Cindy giggled to herself, when she realized what he was looking at. She then smiled at him and in a saucy little voice asked him.

"How much he wanted." The young lad when he realized that Cindy was talking to him looked up at her. He flushed red in his face, but luckily for him Cindy could not see that because of his helmet. "He mumbled something about it being £20 for the pizzas." Cindy then asked him.

"To follow her into the living room." Which he did never takening his eyes off her ass as she walked. As Cindy was taking £20 out of her mother's purse, Caroline walked into the living room. Now the poor lad did wicked lesbian hotties are stretching and fisting anal holes know where to look, he now had two hot women both flashing a lot of cleavage and ass.

And both wearing very little bath robes. He could feel himself getting hard in his trousers as he looked from one to the other. Cindy handed the young lad the £20. Cindy looked in her mother's purse for a couple of pound coins to give him as a tip, but she could not find anything but some more notes. Cindy then whispered into her mother's ear. "That they did not nasty czech cutie gapes her narrow twat to the peculiar any more change to give the lad as a tip, but she had an idea how to give him a tip." Caroline just looked at her daughter and smiled, when Cindy told her the idea she had.

Caroline then looked at the young lad them back at her daughter, Caroline then smiled at her daughter and just nodded her head. Caroline and Cindy were now stood next to each other. Cindy apologised to the young lad that they did not have any change to give him a tip, but she hoped that he would accept this as his tip.

Cindy then smiled at her mother Caroline returned her smile. Both women then looked at the young delivery lad and gave him a really big saucy smile.

They both then pulled open their small bathrobes revealing their big tits to the young lad. The young lads face went bright red and his prick in his trousers got fully hard. He nervously asked if he could touch them, both women just giggled and nodded to him. With shaking hands he put a hand on each of their breasts and started to give them a quick fondle, both women allowed him to fondle her breasts for a few minutes. Before they told him that was enough and they closed their bathrobes.

Cindy led the poor lad by his hand to the front door. She then laughed as she watched the poor lad stumbling back to his motor bike and drive off into the night. Caroline and Cindy both enjoyed their pizza's once they had finished their dinner they both went to bed they had a long day tomorrow. The new bed and the new bedroom furniture would be arriving first thing in the morning. The next morning Caroline and Cindy were up early, they were both dressed as they were when they were painting in tight little tee shirts and small shorts.

They both decided not to wear any underwear. Shortly before 9am there was a knock on the front door. Cindy quickly went to open the door outside was a large furniture delivery van.

For the next 3 hours four big muscular men, two of them were black. Carried in and assembled Cindy and Caroline's new television bed and their new bedroom furniture. All the time they were working Caroline and Cindy kept teasing them by Bending over or squeezing past them, when they were carrying something up the stairs. When they left all four men had huge hadrons in their pants.

Once Caroline and Cindy were happy with how the bedroom looked. Caroline had put on new bed sheets on her new bed. Cindy also hung some new pictures on the walls, they also put up new curtains and nets. The bedroom looked completely different now, they hoped that Robert, would really like the new look. Caroline and Cindy now both went and shared a hot shower together. They then got dressed and headed off into town to do a little shopping.

While they were shopping they both passed an Ann summers adult shop. In the window of the shop where a couple of sexy nurses outfits. Cindy whispered into her mother's ear. "That they both should get a nurses outfit to wear while, they both looked after Robert. When he got out of hospital." Caroline looked at the nurses outfits in the window, they were very sexy indeed.

She then agreed with her daughter's idea. They both went in the shop and got the nurses outfits. Caroline and Cindy then went to have something to eat before going to visit Robert at the hospital. After Caroline and Cindy had left the hospital and gone home.

Pretty kimmie gets banged in the kitchen

Robert was once again treated to a bed bath, however it was the nurse in charge from the other night who gave him it. She also gave him a blowjob and swallowed everything that he shot into her mouth. Robert was very reluctant to go home now, he had started to enjoy himself on the ward.

But he did miss his mother and sister. He was also starting to wonder why his father had not called or come to see him, and why his sister and mother had never mentioned his father to him. It was now the day that the doctor had told Caroline and Cindy that Robert could come home. Caroline called the ward early to make sure that Robert could still come home today.

The nurse in charge of the ward told Caroline that Robert would be able to come home just after dinner time today. But out of the shower ready to get it on cdi was still to rest in bed for at least the next two weeks and not to do anything too strenuous. Caroline, promised the nurse that she and Cindy would look after him. Just after 2pm Caroline and Cindy both wheeled Robert out of the hospital in a wheelchair and helped him into Caroline's car.

They thanked the doctors and nurses for looking after him. Caroline and Cindy were very excited to have Robert coming home at last. When they arrived back home Caroline and Cindy carefully helped Robert into the father of rape young son, they both then helped him up the stairs.

Robert was a little puzzled when his mother opened her bedroom door and she and Cindy helped him in side. Robert just looked at his mother's bedroom it had been completely redecorated and everything in it was brand new. Caroline then informed him that he would be staying in her room, so she could make sure that he had everything that he needed. And she and Cindy could properly look after him.

And before he could protest Caroline and Cindy removed his dressing gown and started to manoeuvre him into the bed. Robert complained that he would be bored in her room. As his room had a television in it. Caroline smiled at her son, she then pushed a button on the remote control that she picked up. Robert watched in a wonder as a 40 inch plasma television came out of the bottom of the bed. Caroline quickly explained to her son that it was a TV bed and had a built in DVD player.

So he should not be too bored. She then told him to relax, and watch a little television while she and Cindy went to make him something to eat. Caroline and Cindy had both decided not to put on their nurse's outfits until later that night. Then they would both really show him how much they had really missed him. Caroline had put a little Brass bell next to the bed and told him to ring it, if he required anything at all.

Robert ate the sandwiches that his mother brought him. He then watched television for a little while. He then got tired and drifted off to sleep. Robert woke up in the big King size bed and for a few minutes, he forgot where he was. When he realized where he was, he saw the small Brass bell on the bedside cabinet.

Robert then grinned to himself, he then picked up the bell and started to ring it. Caroline and Cindy were down stairs watching a little television, when they heard the bell ring. They both turned and gave each other a little knowing smile. They then both got up and headed towards Caroline's bedroom. Cindy could not help giggling a little bit as she walked up the stairs behind her mother. Once they were outside Caroline's bedroom door, Caroline put a finger to her lips and Cindy instantly went quiet.

Caroline then knocked on the door. Robert's sex stories desi village bhabhi sex from inside the room said. "Come in." Caroline and Cindy looked again at each other, Caroline lent towards her daughter and gave her a hot kiss on her lips. She then winked at Cindy. She then turned the door handle and pushed how did she fit it in natural tits deepthroat door open.

She and Cindy then went into the bedroom closing the door behind them. Robert was just drinking some juice and watching some more television, when his mother and sister entered the bedroom. He then turned to look at them both, he dropped his glass spilling juice all over his naked chest.

His eyes were nearly popping out of his head, as he looked at his mother and sister. Caroline and Cindy were just stood with their arms wrapped around each other's waists just looking at him. Robert could not believe what they both were wearing, they were both wearing the identical nurses outfits apart from Caroline's nurse's outfit was black with black fishnet stockings and Cindy's outfit was red with red fishnet stockings.

Both outfits were see-through on the breasts and pussy area. Robert could clearly see his mother and sisters big tits and rock hard nipples. He could also see their cunt lips. Both cunt's looked like they were getting wet. Robert's prick got instantly hard in his shorts. Caroline notice the orange juice all over his chest.

She looked at him and smiled. She then said to him. "You've made a little bit of a mess on your chest, but don't worry nurse mommy will soon clean it up for you." Caroline then walked up to his bed and very slowly bend down over him, she then used her tongue to lick up all the orange juice off his chest. She also took the opportunity to give his nipples a little lick and kiss.

Robert couldn't help moaning with pleasure, when his mother licked and kissed his nipples. Cindy now said to her brother. "I see you have another major problem or should I say huge problem. Don't worry Nurse Cindy will take care of it for you." Cindy slowly pulled down his bed sheet, she then let out a gasp of pleasure. When she saw the huge tent his prick was making in his shorts. Robert was still moaning because Caroline was still licking his nipples. He was trying to watch Cindy, but all he could see was his hot mother licking his nipples.

Cindy now eagerly pulled down his shorts and freed his huge prick, it was leaking a little pre-cum now. Cindy was licking her lips as she watched his pre-cum dripping out of his cockhead and running down his shaft to his very impressive balls.

Caroline stopped her teasing of her son to look at his prick, then at Cindy. She then said to Cindy. "That looks delicious, why don't you taste it." Cindy now used one of her fingers to scoop up a little bit of her brother's pre-cum. She then brought her finger to her lips, she then very slowly flicked out her tongue and tasted his cum on her finger.

Caroline smiled when she saw the look of pleasure on her daughter's face. Cindy now put the finger into her teen dolly leigh brunette fucks step dad big dick pornstars and babe and completely sucked it clean. Robert was still moaning with pleasure, because Caroline had gone back to teasing him by licking and kissing on his nipples.

She was also gently nibbling at them too. However Robert's moans of pleasure got louder, when Cindy slipped his cockhead into her warm mouth and started to gently suck sexy sweeties shag the biggest strapons and spray charge all around his prick.

She was also using her tongue to tease his pisshole as she took him deeper into her mouth. This was the first cock that Cindy had willingly taken into her mouth, and she loved the taste of her brother's cock. Caroline now turned to watch Cindy sucking on her brother's prick.

She also manoeuvred herself so her cunt was directly over his face. Her panties were now completely soaked with her own love juices. Her cunt was about six inches off his face now. She pulled her panties to one side and a few drops of her cunt juice landed directly in his mouth. Robert was a bit startled at first, when his mother's cunt juice landed in his mouth.

However he liked the taste of it, so he quickly swallowed it. Caroline was about to lower her cunt down onto his face, but she didn't get the chance. He grabbed her by her hips and roughly pulled her down onto his face. She then screamed out in pure joy as he stuck his tongue deep into her cunt and greedily started to lap at her cunt juices.

Caroline was now spurting her juices out of her cunt. She had a wonderful orgasm, when he put his tongue into her cunt. Robert's face was now covered with his mother's sticky cunt juices. However he was still driving his tongue in and out of her cunt greedily lapping up every drop of her cunt juices. Cindy had been watching her mother cum all over her brother's face, and it had really turned her on.

She was now determined to get a big load of her brother's cum in her mouth. She was now really sucking on his prick. The sensation that he was feeling in his prick as his sister sucked on it was wonderful. He gripped his mother by her hips even more tightly and started to drive his tongue faster and deeper into her cunt.

Caroline was screaming with pleasure and telling him to go faster and deeper. She was saying out loud. "Oh my god, oh my god." As he continued to use his tongue to drive her mad with desire. Robert could feel his own orgasm start to build up inside his prick, just before he came in his sister's mouth and sent his sperm deep into her belly.

He bit his mother's clit. Caroline now moaned in surprise, and once again covered her son's face with her cum. Cindy was also swallowing load after load of her brother's thick and delicious spunk. Caroline now collapsed forward after her very wonderful orgasm. Cindy quickly let Robert's prick out of her mouth and caught her.

Now mother and daughters faces were only an inch or so a part. They both smiled at each other, then started to kiss passionately driving their tongues in and out of each other's mouths. Caroline could taste her son's cum on her sexy pornstar jennifer white and her pornstar fluffers fuck tube porn tongue.

Which made her pussy get wet and start to drip cunt juice once again. Robert just lay back on the bed and just watched his mother and sister kissing passionately. When they both finished kissing, they turned to look at him. Robert held his arms out wide and each of them lay down on one side of him. He wrapped his arms around them both and held them tightly. Now they were sharing a three way kiss. Robert could taste his own cum on his mother and sisters tongue.

But it did not stop him from continuing to kiss them both passionately. Caroline and Cindy were both lovingly caressing his chest. Robert suddenly said to them both. "I don't know what dad will say about all this." Both Caroline and Cindy looked at each other, then they looked at him.

Then they both burst out laughing. Robert just looked at them and wondered what was so funny. Caroline then apologise to her son for laughing. She then explained everything to him that had happened between her and his father. She also explained to him, that his father did not onces ask about him when he was in the hospital. Robert was silent for a few minutes, both women continued to look at him with love in their eyes and they continue to fondle his chest.

Eventually Robert said to them both. "So that means I am now the man of the house and the boss of you two." He then gave them a wicked little smile and said to them both. "Okay my little whores get sucking on my cock get it nice and hard, because I am going to fuck your cunts and assholes all night long." Both girls gave him a look of shock horror and both playfully started to slap him. But they both quickly went down and started to suck on his prick and balls and within a few minutes they had him nice and hard once again.

Robert then got both of them to lie on the bed and part their legs wide. Robert then got off the bed himself and very slowly because of his wound, started to set up his father's tripod and video camera. Both girls just smiled at him when they saw what he had in mind. He now asked them "to play with their cunts and with each other's." He told them "to use their fingers on their cunts." Both girls looked directly into the camera and gave him their best smutty saucy looks, as they drove their fingers in and out of their own pussies.

Caroline suddenly remembered the sex toys she had bought when they had purchased the nurses outfits. She quickly got off the bed and went to a cupboard to retrieve them. Robert was a little disappointed that his mother had got off the bed.

He was just about to say something to her when she open her bedside cabinet and got out of it. Two of the biggest vibrators that he had ever seen.

She climbed back onto the bed and handed one of them to Cindy. Both girls now turned on the vibrators, which made a loud buzzing sound. Both girls started to giggle.

They both now started to tease their own clits with the buzzing vibrators. Robert was starting to be in pain from standing up for so long, but he couldn't tear himself away from the viewfinder of the video camera. He had zoomed in on each of their pussy's, he couldn't believe how wet they were getting. Robert continued to film them, they were now pushing the vibrators deep into their own pussies and kissing each other at the same time.

This was better than any porno film that he had ever seen before. Robert continued to film this for a few more minutes. Each girl had managed to bring herself off to an orgasm.

Which he captured on film. Robert was so turned on, that he could not bear to watch anymore. He climbed onto the bed and pulled the vibrator from his mother's cunt and tossed it across the room. Then in one powerful thrust he buried his prick deep into his mother's pussy. Caroline moaned with pure pleasure when he nozomi hazuki rides a hard dick in the warehouse on the floor his prick into her cunt. Caroline continue to kiss Cindy passionately.

Cindy continued to use the vibrator on her own cunt. As she watched her brother brutally and forcefully fuck her mother's cunt. Robert was so turned on that he was powerfully driving his rock hard prick in and out of his mother's pussy without mercy.

He was so overcome with lust that he had not realized that he had broken his stitches and his wound had started to bleed a little. Caroline had stopped kissing Cindy because she was screaming out to loud. Cindy was contenting herself by sucking on her right breast and driving the vibrator in and out of her own pussy.

Caroline was gripping hold of her son's shoulders really hard and digging her nails into his flesh. She also had her legs wide open for him. Robert was continuing to brutally fuck his mother, when she dug her nails more firmly into his shoulder. She then screamed out loud in pleasure and came all over his prick and lower groin area.

She then collapsed back on to the bed but kept her legs wide open. Robert now pushed Cindy from her mother and roughly pushed open her legs and removed the vibrator from her cunt.

He then quickly pushed his prick inside her cunt. Robert was now in pain from his wound and more importantly he was in pain from his prick. Which badly needed to come. But for some reason, he could not come because he was so turn on. He had dreamt about having his mother and sister for years.

Cindy like her mother could not stand up to a lot of her brother's powerful thrusting. She came spurting her own young love juices all over his prick. Cindy and Robert collapsed back onto the bed. But not before Robert sent gallons of his spunk into his sister's cunt.

When he pulled his prick from her pussy. Caroline quickly took his place between her daughter's legs. She licked up all her son's spunk from her daughter's well fucked cunt. All three of them rested for the next hour just holding and kissing each other. Once they had recovered some strength, but because of his wound being open.

Cindy and Caroline made him lay on the bed and they took turns riding on his prick, while he licked the others pussy out. Eventually they all fell asleep in each other's arms, the next morning Caroline and Cindy had to move Robert to his own room. A nurse was coming around to see him and change his bandages.

When she came and saw that he had ripped his stitches open. Caroline and Cindy quickly told her that he tried to get out of bed in the night and fell. The nurse just looked at them both oddly. She did not say anything to them. Caroline and Cindy both flushed when the nurse asked them about the scratches and bite marks on his neck and shoulders. Caroline and Cindy just looked at her and shook their heads. The nurse redressed his wound and left wondering what the hell had been going on in that house.

Robert's mother and sister continued to look after him and fuck him nearly every night. All three of them found total happiness in each other's arms. They never wanted anybody else. Within the year Robert had got both his mother and sister pregnant and he was soon a daddy to a little boy and a little girl.

The following year he got his mother pregnant with twins, she had two little boys and Cindy also had another little girl.

After that both women decided it was time for Robert to go get himself fixed, they did not want any more children. They all still live in the same house and are very happy. Robert got his apprenticeship and is now a fully qualified welder and making good money. But it does mean that sometimes he has to go out of town. However Cindy and Caroline keep him informed and they always sent him a little video clip of them both making out together.

Which always keeps him happy and makes him want to get home as quick as possible. The End