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Secretary suck cock boss and cum doggystyle cristall gloss
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"Are you ok?" Aron said. "Yeah I'm fine. I've just been thinking about things lately… don't worry about it." He pulled away, and tucked himself into his own world. He set himself against the wall of the school, at a slant. Looking out home made sex ape tube porn the horizon, the wind tossed his hair awry.

He closed his eyes and let the air flow through him. His eyes half opening, he grew a sly smirk on his face. "What's going on?" He turned to me, and stepping closer and closer to me, backed me up against the wall. There were plenty of people around and I trusted Aron so I knew he wasn't going to hurt me. He locked me very sweetly in a gaze. When I stared into his apple green eyes, it was like I had found a garden of solitude and zen.

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The tranquility of course, could not last as I heard Aron's bus pull up to the front of the school. "Your bus is here." I said half upset. He turned away rashly, covering his eyes like they were going to burn out of their sockets. "I'm ok!" He said as he picked up his bag, and nudged me to walk him to the bus.

"Bye." Giving Aron a hug goodbye, I caught a bit of his scent. 'God Aron smells so FUCKING good…' I thought to myself. He left and I started walking towards my car. I started up my car and rolled down the window. I sat there for a good 5 minutes just thinking about my urges and fantasies, wettening myself in my own car. Reality hit me when I saw a yellow Jeep Wrangler drive haul ass across the intersection.

"Fucking Justin… God Damnit!" The only guy in Loftville who drives a screaming yellow Jeep Wrangler is my ex, Justin Strohmer. God, I hate this guy with a firey passion to this day. Once I had to stop myself from walking down to his house with an axe; I got halfway down my street before realizing my dumb decision. The stupid fuck broke up with me on my birthday, the day I told him I wanted to lose my virginity.

I liked to think the guy was my first love, sure, but when we broke up it was the crazy sexy shit we did together that I was going to miss the most. Justin is an avid gamer, so nothing would get him out of the house unless it was sex.

I remember once, he and I ditched school to drive out into the middle of the desert just to watch big tits ebony pregnant amateur fucking big dong hardcore and bizzare stars peek out over the pinkish-violet skyline. Justin had put on some Avenged Sevenfold in the Jeep, and we were sitting in the back seat.

I proposed we play a game with each other. "We should ask each other questions about ourselves, and if we get them right, the askee should take off a piece of clothing." He agreed and the game begun. Justin knew a lot more about me than I had thought he would. As a result I was the one who was naked first. "Take it off." I urged him to do the same. As soon as I had ripped his pants off of him, Almost Easy had started to play. "Wanna make this our song?" I asked half feverishly.

"Absolutely," he said, and drew in close for a kiss. Kiss after kiss the music grew pungent in my ears, and the kisses got harder, sexier, and longer. My hand crept up his thigh, and he started pov redhead met on milfsexdating net cum on asshole moan. I bit his ears and kissed his neck, but just as I grabbed onto his joystick, I bit hard down onto his neck.

Justin wasn't very well endowed; six inches wasn't all that much to me, but hell it was easier to deep throat. A couple strokes and he was mine to command.

"Oh Taylor…" and I took him down my tight pink esophagus. "Oh… GOD TAYLOR!" He screamed my name and forced my head lower and lower onto him. I released with a gasp and a growl, he laughed and forced me upon him again, spanking me with his free hand. I could no longer hear the music over the pleasurable moans Justin vocalized.

I pulled back and started to suck faster and faster to the beat of our song. "Oh FUCK Taylor, it feels so fucking good… I think I'm gonna cum!" Just then, I swallowed his dick whole, and he came all along my throat and my tongue and I pulled his erection out of my mouth.

'I didn't know cum could be this tasty…' I thought as I lapped every bit of it up. Justin definitely had the yummiest cock I ever had the pleasure of sucking on.

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He laid back in the backseat, quietly. I could hear nothing but his breath and his heartbeat as the song finished. Afterwards we watched the stars in each other's arms. We finished the rest of the album as he drove me home, but the same song continued to play in my head over in my head as I walked into my house. I'm not insane I'm not insane… A couple days later, we sat at his house in a quiet setting out amongst the stars.

We were in his back yard, sitting in the Jacuzzi that his parents had owned. The rainbow lights lit up his daunting eyes as he lead me into it, reaching out a tempting hand. Milk mom son x story wrapped that arm around my body, and curved me around to hug me. "Look at the stars." I said. "Aren't they wonderful?" I felt so close to Justin at that moment, I felt as if nothing could ever possibly go wrong. "I declare you…" I started situating myself onto his lap.

"My hubby bear, under the stars on this night." He looked at his watch, and showed it to me. 12:03 "What about it?" He drew me in close.

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"Remember this time, because this is the time you'll remember when I said I love you." He kissed me passionately there, under the stars, and I could not have been a happier woman.

My first real I love you, there, then, with him. I sat there kissing him in his lap for a long time, until I felt his erection pop up underneath me.

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I grasped it, and started to play with it between my bathing suit and my pussy. His head drew back half soaked in hot water, our bodies grew only hotter, and I grew only wetter. He started to finger me, and I looked down trying to stifle a view, could not. I sat upon his lap, kissing him and rubbing his cock against my pussy's lips for a long while until he told me to stop, then we took it inside.

We went through the house into his room where I shut the door and pounced on him, biting his neck and sending his boner ravaging to my commands. I opened my mouth and forced his cock down my tightening throat and played with his balls a bit to stimulate the flow of his tasty cum.

"I'm not stopping until I get my fill." I told him, and back down I went.

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His hips followed my motions, jerking up and down, up and down. I finally turned reverse cowgirl on him and placed my ass in his hands so he could play with it while I bounced up and down with his hips.

He spanked me, a lot. And I LOVED it. "Oh fuck yeah…" and I dove in for another helping of his cock. I could then feel his cock tighten as he came all over my mouth, and I didn't let one drop go to waste. He dropped down, mid air-hump to rest. I cleaned him up with my tongue, and we popped in V for Vendetta for a late night movie as we fell asleep together. We spent about a year together, going out to lunch, concerts, and playing sexy hookie until the day he graduated.

That day would be the last day we kissed. Prom would be the last time I ever got a taste… The day before we broke up though, I did suck off the cock of one of his very best friends… It helps me from time to time when I look back at it all, wondering how it all went wrong before that…