Im not going anywhere until someone fucks me in the ass coast to coast

Im not going anywhere until someone fucks me in the ass coast to coast
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Well, This is a short story. I'm neona. I'm a boy but I kept a girl's name. Just for fun. ( not in the real word, hot babe fucking and get s cumshoot only here) And, this is also my first post.I and my mom went out in search for coaching classes for my studies. After some search and asking people, we finally found it.

We went to the first floor and ringed the bell. I heard "I'm coming" or some sort of it.The voice was very cute, cute indeed, it was soft. As soon as the door opened wide, I saw a girl, in mini skirt. Well, it wasn't a skit, It was jeans that was cut. It was sooo small that if I pulled it over by an inch, I could see her pussy. Thinking that turned me on. She told us to come inside and sit. We did so. The house was good, well maintained, a good scent was flowing throw the house and the A/C was on.

She called out " Mom, someone's here!". Then she went inside, after a minute or so, she bought us cold drinks. I took one, while I looked her face, and I said "Thank you". She said, "Your most welcome". Then, she turned 90 degrees left to give the drink to my mom, when I was shocked to see her tits! It was small, the nipples were nice and the breast was round. She knew what I was looking at, and she smiled. Then she went inside, while her mom came. We talked about the classes and stuff, when she came back, smiling at me.

She purpously stood like she was before, showing me her tits. As I started to watch it for more and more time, my mom, and her mom, knew what was happeneing.

My mom is a friendly person, she never hides anything,until it's very personal. She had been giving me sex lessons. I also fucked my r old cock big load, not once, or twice or thrice, more than 10 I believe.

I will write it in another post. So, when both the moms knew what was going on, both the moms went inside. We were very nervous as well as scared as well as excited. After 4 or 5 minutes, I and the girl heard weird noises. Then, we heard moaning noises. We went inside, to our surprise, my mom and her mom were having sex! This turned us both on within a blink of an eye!They were moaning like never before. Suddenly they stopped and said, " Well, you two, have fun!Like we are".

This turned the girl on and I saw her pants get wet like hell. My heart was pounding like never before.There were two beds in the same room, in the second bed, the moms were having their fun time and in the first one, we hopped!She said, "I want to see your dick cum me. I want my baby with you! This turned me on like hell. I was so horny that I had already started to pre cum. But in a small amount. She slowly removed my shirt and I slowly removed hers. She was wearning nothing inside. Her boobs were round, fleshy.

As soon as I saw them, I touched them. I then presses the left one, she moaned and I could see her pant getting wetter and wetter. I then unziped and freed myself from my jeans, sticking my horny cock in the air. She then did a great handjob. She started slowly ans then vigorously. I could feel the intense pleasure building up in my body.

I moaned loud. I then cummed hard for about a minute. Her hand was all wet from my cum and then she licked it. I then kept both my hands behind her head, and then she started the blowjob.

I t was so. intense, I cummed again after 3 minutes and this time, I cummed longer.All the cum in her mouth and her hand and slightly on the bed. She then turned over and asked her mom, "Mum, can I get him to make me pregnant"?

She smiled and continued. We taking the smile as a yes, continued our job. Our moms moaning turned us more horny. I then slowly undid her pants and there she was, totally naked, in front of me.Her pussy was wet and warm and she was dripping already. I then headed my finger in that hole, she started to moan very loudly.

I first stroked her with my Index finger and then I got my middle finger do the job too. Her clit, I could feel, was slowly puffing up. As soon as I touched her, she screamed in pleasure.after a couple of minutes of fingering, she cummed. A lot. I continued this for a close 20 minutes. The first three orgasms were intense. The rest two were small.

I then took her juicy and puffed pussy in my mouth. I started to make circles from my toungue. I reached as far as possible. She, letting her legs go wide as possible. She then cummed again, this one was intense and lasted almost a minute.

My face was full of cum. I tasted and slurped her juices. She then licked all the cum off me. We then didn't wait and I had my dick inside of her.

She moaned the loudest till now. "Ohhhh baby.fuck me hard, make me your wife, get your future wife pregnant! ohh. ahh.She was panting loudly. after 2 or 3 minutes for intercourse, she orgasmed again, and again,and again. I thrusted my manhood into her. Going deeper and deeper. I then feeled intense pleaure building inside me and I mouned and said, I gonna cum, oh.ah.and I let it out.

I let the cum out. I felt so pleasured after I did so. She moauned as the juices entered her body. She almost started to cry in pleasure. Her tits bouncing as I speed up. After 10-15 minutes, I stopped to take rest.

Where, the moms needed someone to fuck. My mom called out to me and asked, "would you like foursome?". I thinked and said "yes, I'd love too". Then, we joined both the beds so that there should be no spce between the two and we could get a better area to do foursome. I first relaxed my self.Then, my mom said me to start it. I then went near my mom and she hold my wall hard dick and stroke it slowly, slowly and then she started to do it a little fast. I started to moan again and just after a couple daddy licks feet the dual associates daughter agreement minutes,I cummed.

This wasn't really big, I think i cummed for about 30 to 35 secs. She then gave me a blowjob, while the mom and daughther were masterbating and licking. After the blowjob, the mom and daughter came and all of the started to stroke my dick. It got so hard that nerves started to come out of it. I moaned so loud and then again, I cummed.

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All the three started to blowjob. The girl licking the upper part. My mom the middle and the girls mother took my pelvis. I know this sounds crazy now, but the girl's name was anita. After the blowjob. All the three sat in line, with anita in middle.I then licked anita's pussy and fingered her mom in the left of me and my mom sitting right from me. I did two stuff. Licking and fingering. They then changed turn.

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Anita's mom came in middle and at last my mom came in middle. At last, I fucked all of them (intercourse). It felt so. good.I never thought this could happen with me. I think this is a coincidence, but all the ladies had their pussy hair trimmed and shaved, which made it look more sexier.

After this session, we went to the pool, (they had a small pool in the backyard) and had a good bath there. After that, we went home. My mom asked me while going, "do you want that again?", I said "yes". She said, "Well we can go there everyday, since you'll be attending classes there. You can have sex before since it will help you be refreshed and concentare. And anyhow, You can fuck me can't you?

And, the next time we go, we can take your sister there!" I cummed on the car. Once again. In our family, we don't believe religions. My mom doesn't stop me from masturbating. Rather she'd like to be fucked from her son. #Next part: My mother fucking story #Next part: My sister fucking story This goes on.