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Cheating wife swallowed every drop of my cum
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Maggie's POV: later that night My dreams have been awkward as of late. They are of Heath my bright blue eyed baby boy. I am on a beach again, but this time something is different as in not right. But I see my husband not standing far. I run to him just to see him watching a young man. The young man looks kind of familiar, but something seems a bit off.

I look over to see him reading some letters. I don't know who he is, but this beach seems familiar. After he drops the letters that fall in the sand to only be swallowed up I watch him walk to the water of the ocean to see no face on him. He walks deeper in until his face does clear and I see it's a older Heath with tears in his eyes. I see his lips move and that is when I catch what he says.

" Dad,mom I'll see you soon" Heath says as he walks into the ocean. I am total shock as I scream for him, but he doesn't respond.

" Greg we have to stop him.'" I say out loud for my love to hear me " We can't Magster this is what his future is.we can only watch." He says as Heath goes deeper and deeper. First his knees then his waist, then his shoulders. He gets hit in the rough fucking during her time at boot camp with wave after wave.

" Greg please we have to save him we have to save our baby." I say with tears in my eyes " Sorry Magster his fate is set in stone by your actions!" He says to me as I watch my son as he finally summerges Greg hands me some letters that are in a hand writing booby tattooed woman railed by pawn dude is similar but not mine.

I am trying to move to the ocean to save my son, but my body wont move. " Please Greg save our my bright blue eyed baby boy!!!" I yell to Greg who shakes his head no A body emerges from the water not of this 23 yr old man, but my 5 yr little boy. I look into his face and hope to see his sapphire blue eyes, but they are black, dull and lifeless black deeper than the darkest black hole.

" Baby say something to me" I say pleading with my son. Heath looks at me with what are sad eyes. " Because of you I am dead. Now you don't have to worry about me, because I am not on this plane anymore." He tells me as I cry hoping this is a nightmare this can't be real I stand there thinking to myself.

I DID NOT WATCH MY BABY DIE IN FRONT OF ME! Heath starts to go transparent as he moves into the next life, I go to grab him as my body starts responding again, and I just pass right through him. " You can't touch me Maggie, I'm no longer alive. I don't feel the pain that was caused to me all those years ago. I feel light. light as a feather." He tells me as I see Greg's parents who never got to see Heath show up behind my son before he continues " Bye Maggie just so you know I NEVER stopped loving you." States my son as he fades away.

I am sobbing uncontrollably as Greg stays by my side and sits on a piece of driftwood. " Magster if you could would you save him.would you save our son?" My love ask as I look at him " Please Greg give me one chance to set things right." I see him smile and points to a house behind them," When Heath was alive he lived there." I start to run towards it, but I see no address. Greg touches me and we walk through the wall to see two little boy's.

" Hey grandpa whose that?" The one with Heath's eyes asks " A friend and little buddies she needs to know where you both are at. Can you smart boy's tell her?" He asks as we watch the one with a left bright blue eye grabs a letter off the table and hands it to me I see the address and look back to the two little boy's as they begin to fade " Bye grandpa we need to go potty.see you later grammy we can't wait to hug you." The bright blue eyed boy says to me " Greg who were those little boy's, and why are you a grandpa and I'm grammy?" I ask as Greg smiles " Go save our son, but you might be too late." He tells me as I awaken from my sleep I wake feeling wet between my legs.

I remove the cover to see I peed in bed. My eyes go wide as the dream scared me, but I don't care as I run through the house to the computer room, and open my laptop. I start cursing the computer out for taking so long. I hear footsteps come up behind me to only turn to see they belong to Michelle and Travis. I guess they are wondering why I am so freaked out.

The computer comes up and I open Google earth and punch in the address. I hear steps coming to me seeing it's Michelle. " Mom whats up?" She asks me as I look up at her " I know where he is." I state as Michelle gives Travis a what the hell look as Travis shrugs his shoulders Michelle looks back at her me with a concerned expression.

" Found who.who are you looking for mom?" She asks as I tell her excitedly " Your brother.I found Heath." I answer with tears as the computer pulls up the house I rotate the image around and it is the same house Greg showed me.

I grab my laptop and storm to my bedroom with Travis and Michelle fast on my heels. " Mom he said he wanted nothing to do with us." Michelle states to me as Travis jumps in " He doesn't want to be part of this family so let it be. You have Michelle and I and don't forget Keisha and Trey." He tells me as I stop and look at my other two children. " Either you can come, or shut up because I'm going." I tell them looking at the screen " Ok mom we're coming with you." Michelle tells me as they agreed I am ecstatic that soon I was gonna see my loving Heath again.

======================================================== Michelle's POV: I go over to Travis to speak into his ear so my mother can't hear me " We need to tell Tyrone about this." I whisper as Travis nods his head in agreement. ================================================================ After a long night of sleep which helped in a lot of ways.

I woke up with two little boys, one on each side of me. I gave a chuckle which I guess woke them up as they both gave out a yawn. It was at teen screams as she rides a big dick moment both my boys turned to look up to me saying ' Daddy awake'. Both crawled up placing thier arms around my neck. I placed mine around them both as I have always done since their birth. Their voices woke two sleeping beauties that were in chairs not far from the bed.

I chuckled as both looked wide eyed getting up rushing over to hug me placing kisses on my lips. Our sons complained about being squashed against me as their mothers let up on their hugs. I just smiled ravishing blonde is down for some dp my family was here waiting for me to wake.

After a bit of holding the boys Jasmine and Diamond helped them off the bed saying a nurse will probably be in soon to check on my status.

At that moment Diamond took the boys who protested to the waiting room to tell the others I was awake. Jasmine although looked at me with a serious expression.

She took my left hand in both of hers before letting out a sigh to speak. " Baby I know why you did what you did with going in the water as I found the letter." She tells me as I look deep in her eyes " Jasmine I am so sorry for doing that.

I guess Michelle's letter made something to snap. It was like I was on auto pilot going into the water, but knew what was going on." I say to her being truthful " Heath I can understand that, but you have us to lean on when things go bad. Baby I am not going to lose you over anything even a letter that came from a bitch." My beautiful latina tells me " I know, I was stupid for going into the water.

I should of went to you, but it was also a mixture of my shitty day yesterday. Chris, Selena, and Tiffany coming back in my life." I say seeing some worry in her eyes like she was hiding something before I continued " Jasmine what is it?

What are you trying to hide?" " Baby please calm down first, and know I deeply understand, but they did come all this way to see you. They have been down in the waiting room wanting to see, and talk to you." She tells me as I lower my head shaking it " Jasmine what the hell darlin?

You know how I feel about them." I say trying to stay calm " I know Heath, but they are hurting also." She tells me as I just feel out of it It was about that time the door open. I looked up to see Jack come in with a smile on his face.

He came over to the right side of the bed only to lean over to hug me. I hugged him back before he broke it. He stood there looking down at me before he spoke to me. " So how you feeling bro?" He asks as I shake my head " I was feeling good until I get some news that of my past is waiting on me downstairs." I say answering his question " Bro I am not going to say anything to make you decide.

It's your decision whether or not you do or don't see them, but after listening to them they seem legit about putting the past behind them and moving on." Jack tells me as I shake my head " Bro I have moved on.

I don't talk of them, or think of them." I say as Jasmine squeezes my hand " Baby, I hate to say this, but you talk and cry in your sleep. Diamond and I have held you tight just to make sure you don't die on us. Heath my darling you need closer to the point you can subconciously sleep good at night. As with Jack I am not going to tell you not to listen to them or forgive them.

Just do this for you, for the healing that you have needed for black ex girlfriend giving sloppy blowjob poit of view long." Jasmine tells me with moist eyes I lay there thinking of all they have exclaimed to me as a sigh comes from my lips.

I look up at them both before nodding. " Ok Fine, but if they say one bad thing I am leaving. I am not going to listen to some stupid sob story like ' We're sorry Heath we didn't mean to' or ' Heath please forgive us as it was a heat of the moment situation'." I say getting nods from them sunny leon fucking by boy xxx born Ok baby you have that right, but you can't leave, your clothes are not here." Jasmine tells me as Jack chuckles " Yeah, so don't go down the hall ways mooning the nurses.' He says as I reach up smacking him in the head " Hey what was that for?" He asks looking hurt " For being my brother and bring me back to the land of the living.

I am sorry for going into the water and trying to gulp it all down." I say as he looks at me intently " Well I was going to kick your ass, but Adam said no.that it was his job. As for saving you anytime as your my older brother and I love you man." He says as we bring our hands together as brothers " Awww such a kodak moment." Jasmine says batting her eyelids Jack and I look at her before we laugh as she giggles.

" So who all is here?" I ask as they both look at me " Adam is down stairs, Faye came straight here from the airport a hour ago. Hannah took her home to freshen up. Diamond of course and the boys as you know. As well Chris, Selena, Tiffany.and their two kids." Jack says as I nod but chuckle " Freshen up my ass." I say as they both laugh before I caught on about kids as I continue " Wait.Did you say kids?" " Yes he did baby. Chris, Selena, and Tiffany have kids." Jasmine tells me as I just shake lesbo lookers spread their deep anuses and bang huge dildos head " Bro don't let that change your mind about seeing them.

We all been here all night waiting for you to wake up. I know waking up then hearing what we told you wasn't what you wanted." Jacman tells me as I nod " You got that right damn if I knew I might play possum acting like I'm in a coma." I say as Jasmine playfully slaps my left arm " And I would get Diamond up here so we can wake you up with a blow job." Jasmine says as my eyes go wide with a smile " Damn sis did you have to say that?

Crap I just got a mental picture shit." Jack says as Jasmine and I laugh " Sorry bro but it's true." She says as he shakes his head After a little more talking Jack leaves to get Adam. Jasmine and I kiss for a few moments before she leaves to talk to Chris and his women I guess. Diamond and Adam come in around 8 a.m. as a nurse does come to check on me.

After she leaves Diamond takes my left hand leaning over to kiss my lips as Abs chuckles to her passionate kiss she gives me. After she breaks the kiss she slaps sophie and brandy have some naughty fun lightly telling me never ever try what I did again. I tell her I won't as it was stupid. She smiles telling me she loved me as I told her the same. Adam reminds me of the ass kicking I am going to get from Jack and him until Diamond tells him they are not laying a hand on me.

Diamond says her and Jasmine will take care of that by riding me hard in which Adam tells her he didn't need to know that in which we all laugh. After they stay and talk for about 45 minutes Diamond gets a text from Jasmine saying Chris and Selena were coming up. She asks if I want to be alone with them. Adam looks at me intently as I think of her question. I look up at the ceiling wondering if I should. I ask my dad if I can go through with talking to two of my old best friends that treated me wrong.

I get this warm sensation run through my body knowing he is telling me the answer is yes. I geeky teen likes to suck and fuck look at both my brother and second girlfriend giving them both a nod. They give me a smile as Diamond leans over to give me a open mouth kiss before telling me again she loved me.

Adam hugs me like a brother before I see them walk away to the door and out of the room. As I lay nun mom sleeping fuck son in a empty room I think of how this is going to go. I haven't seen them in a long time. My feelings of hurt and betrayal are still within me, but not as bad since I know my family has my back. I ask my father and Grandma May to give me the strength to handle what is coming up to my room.

================================================================= Chris's POV: As Selena, Lil Heath, and I walk to the door that has the man I call my brother on the other side. I feel a hint of excitement, but yet hesitation as this will be the first time in years that we will see one another. This moment makes me remember a song that I have heard so many times.

The song plays in my head as always as Selena takes my hand knowing something is wrong. 'Cause I'm looking at you through the glass. Don't know how much time has passed All I know is that it feels like forever And no one ever tells you that forever feels like home Sitting all alone inside your head We open the door to see Heath sitting up with a I.V. in his left hand and a hose under his nose.

I want to cry as I never ever thought I would see him like this. Selena steps to me whispering to me as she holds my hand. " Baby you ok?" She asks as I turn to look down at her " What.what if he doesn't want nothing to do with us, Karen, Tiffany, or our son? What if he sends us away?" I ask as she squeezes my hand tightly before I continue " I don't want him mad at you all as I don't care if he is mad at me." " Baby if he doesn't we will go on as always.

Tiffany will still be our sister as Karen will still be our precious little niece." She tells me as I turn to look at Heath who seems to have a small smile on his face I take a deep breathe before leading my family to my once little brother by months. As we get close I see some awkwardness in his eyes before he speaks.

" Hey bro, hey sis, who is the little guy there?" He asks as I feel my tears come that I couldn't hold back any longer I let go of Selena's hand going the him. I lean over to hug him as he returns it cautiously. " I have missed you so much Heath. I am such a idiot for what I did to you." I say as he breaks the hug only to look up in my eyes " Well I have to say I agree with you on that, but this isn't the time to bring it up." He tells me as I nod " Yes I know, but what the hell were you thinking man?

I don't want you to die man. We lost you once because of the past, but taking your life come on man you have kids and a family that loves you." I tell him as he sighs " I know, but the letter well caused something to snap in me.

So I just said hell with it all." Heath says with some harshness to his words before continuing " So how celina santiago gets a facial while playing video games you all been?" " We have been good. Although we have missed you like something crazy." I tell him getting a small grin I motion my son over as he raises his arms to be picked up.

I step to the bed with Selena coming up behind me. I smile before I look at Heath's eyes that once were bright as sapphire's. " Heath I would like you to meet your nephew Heath.we named him after you has to keep you close in our hearts. He was born the day before your's. I wanted you back so much that the date seemed right" I tell him seeing a tear come from his left eye " Are.are you my uncle?" My son asks getting a smile from Heath the first I hope of many to see " Yes I am little buddy.

When I get out of here you wanna come back to my place?" My brother asks as my son giggles " You mean the one by the ocean." Lil Heath answers getting a nod as he smiles nodding his head I move back a step so Selena can take the place I did hoping her brother awknowledges her.

" Lina I have missed you. I am sorry." Heath says before being embraced by my lady I see him hesitant at first before he wraps his arms around her. I smile seeing the two that were as strong at one time as true brother and sister have tears run down their cheeks.

" Don't you dare do anything that stupid again. Chris, Heath, Tiffany, and I need you. Karen needs you the most of all." Selena says as Heath breaks the hug " Who's Karen?" He asks as Selena turns to look at me with worried eyes " She is my cousin Uncle Heath. She has beautiful blue eyes as mommy and Aunt Tiffany say she got them from her daddy." My son says as Heath looks up in my brown eyes " Tiffany will explain when she gets a chance to talk to you Heath." My beautiful Asian queen says as he nods looking a bit worried We talk some more as Lil Heath wants to hug his uncle for the first time.

Heath accepts my little boy in which makes Selena and I smile wholeheartedly seeing the two converse with one another. We tell Heath the reason for what he had seen and tell him we forgave him for what he had done to Selena. He looks at Selena with sad eyes as if he regretted his actions towards her. She comes out about the part of giving herself to him in which shocks him. I understand his reason as does Selena. As time goes by I see it's almost 11 a.m.

I tell Heath I have to go make a phone call in which he nods telling us it was nice to see us again and hopes we come back. Selena is the first to say what I am thinking in telling him we will. My little man is relunctant to let go until Heath exclaims they will see each other later. As we leave the room after I pick Lil Heath up I turn back to see my old friend sitting up with a smile that says to me he was glad to see us after being gone for the past 5 years.

After out of the room I smile big as Selena, Lil Heathand I make our way back to the waiting room to meet the others. ==================================================================== It's not long that I am sitting in my bed again alone in my hospital room. I've just finished talking with Chris and Selena.they named their first born after me.after I did something so horrible to Selena and said such spiteful words to them both. They forgave me and hoped that one day I could forgive them.

They told me why Tiffany was with them and that it was only the second time and Selena was going to offer me in her place. I get misty eyed thinking how I missed them and wished they could have been here all along. They told me Tiffany had a surprise for me.

I think also about my talks with Jacman and Abs and their threats to beat my ass when I get out of the hospital. Diamond said the same and told me that my actions would hurt Dakota so much as I was his hero just like I was Lil Greg's hero. This gave me a lot to think about.

I hear Lil Greg screaming as he runs into my room jumps on the chair and soars into the bed as I catch him. Jazzy walks in afterwards disciplining our son.

I chuckle as she is the disciplinarian in the household. I hear a knock on the door frame and see Tiffany with a little girl.

I guess her surprise was she wanted me to meet my niece that Chris fathered. I look at her before stopping her in mid-step. " Nice to see you Tiffany, but I don't want to meet Chris' daughter.

I forgive you so you can leave now." I say as the little girl looks at me and starts to cry Wait a second its the little girl that I bought ice cream for at spring break years ago.*whoop* Jazzy hits me hard. " HEATH DAKOTA THOMPSON YOU WILL LISTEN TO TIFFANY!" My beautiful Latina tells me as I start to massage my arm Tiffany cuddles the little girl and says something to her that we can't hear.

I look at Jazzy as I speak. " I forgave her, but I can't forget the pain. I heard about the reason from Chris and Selena so Tiffany doesn't have to waste her time or breathe." I say to her as the little girl tells Tiffany she wants down She looks at the floor as she walks to me. She gets onto the chair and climbs into my bed and looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes.she has similar eyes to my son.and she speaks in a voice so divine it's like the heavens put a little angel in this earth.

"Hi I'm you really not want anything to do with me?'' She asks as I shake my head and see shock on Tiff and Jazz' faces before Karen continues as she hugs me,"I'm sorry that I can't be with you as you hate me daddy, but always know that I love you with all my heart daddy ." Karen looks back at me and kisses my cheek as tears fall from those beautiful blue eyes as she hugs Lil Greg and tells him she is sorry that she can't be his big sister. I'm in total shock.I have a daughter and with .Tiffany?

Karen gets down off my bed and runs out of the room crying.Jazzy looks at me as she runs after Karen. I am still in shock that I have 3 kids. Tiffany just sits in the chair not knowing what to say.

Jazzy comes back in with Karen crying into my Latina lover's chest as she tries to comfort her. Jazzy gets her to stop momentarily as she speaks to me. " Heath you will let Tiffany tell you her story and you WILL be there for your daughter!

DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" She tells me in a stern voice as I just nod Tiffany tells me why she cheated and that after the return home the parents kicked Selena and Chris out.something they forgot to mention and as they were going to kick her out she spills the secret. She tells me that they got an apartment together and that she hasn't been with anyone since that fateful night. She tells me of raising Karen and how she would tell her stories from our summers,Christmas', and school days.

How there was a picture of me in the nursery so Karen and Little Heath knew who I was.

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" Heath I don't care if you want nothing to do with me.well I care, but you know what I mean, but please don't punish Karen for my mistakes.all she knows of you is how caring you are and that if you were around you would love her so much.please tell me you will at least call her." She says to me asking I look at her face and see sincerity and I look to Jazzy as she nods, and Karen looks at me with beautiful little eyes hoping that I would love her as much as she loves me.

I open my arms as Jazzy brings me my daughter. Karen practically falls into my embrace as she cries, and I speak to her for the first time. " Hi Karen I'm your daddy. I promise baby girl I will be there for you, and love you with all my heart." I tell Karen as she cries harder knowing that I love her and will be there for her I rub her little back to calm her down and after she has calmed down I ask her what her full name is.

She proudly tells me. " Karen Summer Thompson and I'm 4 daddy. And grammy Ellie says I have your eyes and heart." She tells me as I smile knowing Ellie would say that, and wondering how they have been I ask Tiffany why she named her Summer. " Because your birthday was in summer silly and I wanted her to have a bright sunny name." Tiffany tells me with a smile We talk for a little more as the kids fall asleep in my arms.

I look at Jazzy and speak. " Jasmine I didn't know, but I can't just abandon Karen because her mother and I made mistake." At that moment Jasmine stops me and speaks with fire in her eyes "Heath you are to help raise this precious little girl and I'll help. She can spend spring break and the summers with us and every other holiday. YOU WILL BE IN HER LIFE DO YOU UNDERSTAND!" She tells me as I nod smiling that she wants Karen in her and Lil Greg's lives as well.

After that moment the day goes by with everyone coming to see me. Momma Faye and Hannah finally show up apologizing for not seeing me sooner. I give them a smirk in which they both catch as they just giggle knowing why. Faye sees Karen's eyes and said ' Heath she is your daughter isn't she?' I responded saying ' Yep and she is very protective'.

Karen looked at Faye asking ' Who are you?' having Jasmine respond to answer before Faye could ' She is my mommy sweetie' which made Faye show tears with a smile as Karen asked ' Then can I call you Grammy Faye?'. That question gave Faye a big smile as she answered ' Yes baby girl you can'. Karen smiled hugging her new grandmother. After them visiting Karen and Lil Greg fell asleep on either side of me which warmed my heart. After being fed by Jazzy and Diamond around 6 that evening the nurse comes in around 9 saying my guests had to leave.

It was about that time the door opens and in comes Dakota and Lil Heath. My nephew comes out saying they were looking for Karen and Lil Greg.

I smile telling them they have both been in here with me. Both come over getting in the chair as my first two did getting in bed with Karen, Lil Greg, and I.

The nurse says they can't be in bed with me in which I tell her they can as three of them were mine and one was my nephew. She looks at my expression before smiling with a nod. Everyone leaves except Jasmine and Diamond as they tell Selena, and Tiffany that the kids will be in good hands. I tell my two loves to go home in which they say no as their place was here with me. I give them a smile as to say thanks as I lay there feeling very relaxed having four precious kids sleeping beside me and on me.

Karen holds tight to me as she mumbles in her sleep ' I finally have you daddy and never letting go. I love you so much daddy'. Those words make the dam break as I cry with a big smile on my face. =================================================================== Chris's POV: Wednesday morning two days after Heath's drowning It's around 9 a.m.

that I am on my laptop skyping with our parents. I tell them we are fine and things are looking some what good. I tell them that their other son has accepted Karen and Lil Heath as his own. They all are happy at those words, but my mother suspects something is not what it seems. " Chris hun what's wrong as I can see it in your eyes?" My mother asks as I look at her nodding my head " Mom, dad you all need to get out here." I say as they look at me in a puzzled way " Why what do you mean Chris?" My father asks with a hint of worry " Dad it's best that you all just get out here.

I can't say over the laptop." I answer as rough threesome xxx some of these pigs just dont get it mother looks at me with those worried eyes " Chris tell us what your hiding." She says in a stern but yet calm voice I sit there looking at them on the screen wishing they were here in person as the dam breaks as my tears start to flow uncontrolably.

" HEATH NEEDS HIS FAMILY AS WE NEED HIM! PLEASE GET OUT HERE NOW!" I say loudly in which makes them all look at me with worried expressions " Ok baby we will please tell me what is wrong with my god son?" She asks, as verna and Kiko join in, as I shake my head " No mom it's best you come out and find out as I can't say it after seeing it." I say which as all the parents more worried then ever before After my father says they will catch the next flight out after getting everything settled for the quick departure we say our good byes for now.

I turn the laptop off to see Selena on the edge of the bed with tears. " Chris I wish we never hurt him in the first place. We all three of us should have told him in the beginning." She says to me as I get up making my way to her " I know darlin, but we were stupid and young.

Right now it will be like a fresh start, and besides the more we show him we are being true now the sooner he may for give Tiffany and I." I say as we hug crying on each other's shoulders ===================================================================== After two nights in the hospital I am released and able to go home.

Everyone came to take me home which was my family except for Faye and Hannah in which I was told was planning a return home party. I chuckle thinking of what I was going home too. I was wheeled out of the hospital by Diamond who and I quote said ' I am going to give you the ride of your life'.

Her meaning was popping a wheel out of the ER doors. I laughed as did everyone else. I had my kids and nephew in my secxi xxx story black guy hurs holding onto them all as she did.

Jack had pulled up in front waiting with the back passenger door open. " Your limo awaits bro." He says as I shake my head to his idea of a limo " Well nice limo Jacman what's to drink?" I long porn storys page 1 as my kids giggle " Daddy your silly." Karen says as we get to the back seat Jazzy, Diamond, Tiffany, and Selena help get the kids off my lap as I get in followed by all the kids who insist on riding with me.

" Hey where are Jasmine and I to sit?" Diamond asks as Dakota takes his pacifier out of his mouth " Sorry mommy this limo taken." He says as everyone laughs " Well I'll be. You carry them for 9 months and all taming a wicked poon tang hardcore and blowjob do is tell you how it is." She says as the mothers laugh " Yep, oh well what can you do." Selena says as I chuckle as Karen gets in my lap " Diamond you can sit in the front in Jasmine's lap if you like?" Jack says saucy gilda gets pounded hard anally creampie blonde a sound of being his smart ass self " Nope your the chaffuer so act like it.

Diamond and I will ride with Adam at least he didn't announce his car was a limo." Jasmine says as the kids and I laugh at his expense " Actually Jasmine can you ride with us? I want to talk to you if that is ok?" Tiffany asks as Jasmine and Diamond look at her " I suppose hun is that ok baby?" Jasmine says looking at Diamond and I " Sure darling if our man don't mind." Diamond says as I shrug my shoulders " I don't mind so long as we get home.

I miss my family home." I state as they smile at me " Daddy is it true Lil Greg and Dakota have dog horse? And what is a dog horse anyway?" Karen asks me as I chuckle looking at her " Honey they don't have a dog horse.

Batman is a big pitbull that they ride like a horse." I say as her eyes go wide as she looks at her brothers After everyone gets in the cars we head for a place I have missed. I hold onto Karen as she snuggles up to me placing her head on my chest. My sons were telling Lil Heath and Karen about their toys and all that they could do for fun. They even told about the past 4th of July which made Karen and Lil Heath sadden as they had never seen fireworks while on the beach.

I just smiled listening to these four precious marvels. Each one possessing a part of my heart. Karen was beautiful just as her mother. Her face reminded me of a porcelin doll so fragile, but yet so beautiful with eyes that could brighten a night sky. Lil Heath had both his parents looks. Selena's asian eyes and nose, while he had his fathers ears and build, Both my sons had my build and eyes, well Dakota had one at least.

All four had traits that would show who they were the happy kids of. I guess my father was right I could forgive, but trusting those that I once called my family would take some time. Once we arrived home I opened the door to only help Karen out. She stretched saying she would help me out. Ever since yesterday she hasn't left my side except for using the bathroom or I using it. I gave her my hand as the boys helped push me teen waitress gets fucked in the bathroom by a stranger. I laughed as these four were coming together as a team.

Once out I stood admiring the house that has been my home ever since I came out east. The front door opened as Faye, Hannah and a barking Batman came out running to me. Batman plowed into me in which I had to catch my balance grabbing his front paws. " Down boy I missed you too you knuckle head." I say as he licks my hands " How are you feeling son?" Faye asks as she gets to me followed by Hannah " Feeling better mom.

Glad you are here." I say as she smiles up to me " Me too baby I love you my son." She tells me as I smile " I love you too mom." I say as she is the one to smile big " Batty get down we know you missed him jeez." Hannah says smacking his butt as he gets down " Wow he is a big doggie." I hear Karen say as the others come over " I told you sissy." Lil Greg says petting Batman as Dakota motions Batman to lay down " Damn Heath busty momma and pretty teen lesbian session on the couch he eat people?" Selena asks as I laugh shaking my head " No he just playful.

Well until some one tries to mess with his brothers and family." I announce as she looks around " What brothers? I don't see any other dogs." She says as Jack, Adam, Faye, Hannah, Jasmine, Diamond, the boys, and I laugh " No Lina I mean my sons.

He took them in as his siblings." I state as her, Chris, and Tiffany look at me amused Batman looks at Karen and Lil Heath with a look of curiosity. He stands up going to both as they look scared of him. I step over to them and take a knee. I hold them close to me with a smile. " He won't bite you put your right hands out." I say as they both look at me then do as I say " Heath don't he will bite them." Tiffany says as Jasmine and Diamond step between us and her " No he won't hun just watch." Diamond says as I motion Batman over He looks at both of them intently as if taking in their faces.

He steps towards us one paw in front of the the other. He sniffs their hands as Karen and Lil Heath get scared of what will come next. " Daddy I'm scared." She tells me as I hold her " Don't be scared my little angel watch." I say as Batman starts licking their hands going back and forth between them He then licks their faces making both big ass booty and boons giggle.

" Mommy he is tickling my face." Lil Heath says as my family action drama horror adventure movie pirates revenge 2oo8 Well I'll be a monkeys uncle. I have never seen a pitbull be so nice." Chris says as I chuckle " Then you haven't seen Batty. He took in our family from day one.

He took Lil Greg and Dakota in as his siblings and it looks like he took in two more." Jack says as the kids start playing with Batman " So he won't asian masseuse gets banged by her client them at all?" Tiffany asks getting a no " Nope that dog knows who to protect, and who to attack." Adam says as Batman lays down letting all four kids pat and rub his belly " In other words he is a big teddy dog until someone hurts his family." Jack says as we all nod After a little more talking we make our way in.

Lil Greg and Dakota let Karen and Lil Heath ride Batman in as my daughter and nephew giggle. I can't help but smile as I pick up Lil Greg and Dakota taking them in the house being followed by my family and old friends.

After some time around 1 o'clock I see the kids laying on the floor yawning while they watch cartoons. I think for a moment before standing up making my way to the kids. I reach down to pick my boys up as Karen and Lil Heath look up at us. " Come on you two I'll take you up to a real bed so you can sleep." I say as they get up to follow me Once up the stairs and down the hall we enter the boy's room.

Karen and Lil Heath go wide eyed seeing the big bed. " Daddy that my brother's bed?" Karen asks as Dakota answers " Yep it is sissy." My youngest son by 30 seconds says " Wow." Lil Heath says as I take my sons over to see they jump into the bed " Where are we going to sleep Daddy?" Karen asks as I pick her up to gently put her on the bed " I figured since this is a new place for you and Lil Heath you can sleep in the same bed with your brothers.

That is if they don't mind." I state as both my sons look at them then me with a shake of the head I help Lil Heath up placing him in the bed. Karen get in the middle as Lil Greg and Lil Heath lay up against her.

Dakota looks at me then at them as Karen tells Lil Heath to move over for her brother Kota. I smile as she is already becoming a big sister. " Don't worry Gregie and Kota sissy Karen is here for you." Karen says bringing back memories of my youth pretty blonde bbw nikki wilder gets fucked hard hardcore and plumper I start to remember Michelle holding Travis and I when I was three. She would hold us saying ' Don't worry Heathie and Travy sissy Shellie is here'.

I shake that memory away as I feel a hand on my arm. I look at the kids as they fell asleep to turn and see Tiffany standing there. I motion for her to step into the hallway as I pull the door to a crack. Once in the hallway Tiffany turns to look up into my eyes. I see worry and fear as she starts to speak.

" Heath what happens now?" She asks as I look at here confused " Um what do you mean Tiffany?" I ask as she lets out a sigh " I mean what happens between us. I know you have Jasmine and Diamond, but what about me?" She says asking busty teen gets amazing pounding on a couch as I sigh " Tiffany, I don't know what to tell you right now.

I know you explained everything, and I forgave you, but it's the trust Tiffany. Say you became what Jazzy and Diamond are to me?

How do I know you wouldn't stray at one time or another?" I state asking her to see my words hit her heart " Heath I have been faithful to my heart. My heart has been yours all these years. I have not been with anyone since you ejaculated into my womb giving us that beautiful little girl in that room." She tells me with a few tears " Tiffany you tell me that, but I still feel the hurt. Look I want to try being friends again because of our daughter.

I will like to think of you as my sister once more and the mother of our daughter." I tell her as she looks defeated, but nods in accepting my words We make our way back done to join my family.

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I return to my place between Jasmine and Diamond as Tiffany returns taking a seat on the floor. We talk about life and the kids when Jasmine speaks up. " Karen could stay here with us. She could grow up with her brothers." My latina says as Tiffany looks at Jasmine very sternly " The hell she will bitch. Your not taking her away from me." Tiffany says as she stands up with anger Jasmine and Diamond both stand up to make their point. " And why can't she as her father is here, and don't call Jazzy a bitch you bitch." Diamond says with anger herself " Hey now lets just talk this out." Jack says to only get looks from all three " Shut up Jack stay out of this." All three say as Jack eases back in his chair They verbally fight back and forth as Selena joined to be on Tiffany's side which made Hannah join up with my loves.

I just stay out of it until Chris stands up to try and break it up. " Hey it's not a bad idea if you think of it." He says surprising Tiffany and Selena which look at him as if he is giving up on Karen before he continues " We can find a place out here so all four can grow up together." " Chris that would be a bad idea man." I say trying to keep a straight face until I smile " You guys can live here since there is plenty of room, and besides it will help with the healing between us." " You sure that is wise Heath?

I mean we just came back in your life only the other day." Selena asks as I nod " I had all of last night thinking while those little munchkins upstairs slept in my arms. Once before you three were like my brother and sisters. I want you three back in my life, and also I don't want my daughter to be gone out of my life as I was with my biological family. So what I might be saying sounds crazy I know, but I want my sons to have a sister they can grow up with and know to love as she can with them.

I count Lil Heath as my son also." I explain as everyone listens Jasmine and Diamond sat back on eitherside of me as Hannah,Tiffany, and Selena sat back where they were. I guess everyone decided to think of what I said as they got quiet. After what felt like hours, but in actually was only 10 minutes when, Momma Faye spoke up. " Heath honey are you sure this is what you want son?" She asks being concerned as I give her a nod " Ok that works for me.

So I have four beautiful grandbabies." She says with a big smile " Grandbabies?" Selena asks as Faye nods " Yes, look I adopted everyone you see as my own. In do time I will accept you, Chris, and Tiffany as my kids, but you will have to show me you won't hurt him again dear. He has already been through a lot." Faye says as they look at her taking in her words " Faye I understand your concern, but I don't plan to hurt lesb sexy #29 strapless strap-on from lesb sexy tube porn brother again.

I love him very much, and have missed him just as much." Selena says as I feel her words being sincere " You better not deary as his family will show you the meaning of protective." Faye says as Selena nods I have to admit Faye is right as I am still waiting for my ass kicking from Jacman and Abs. As the day goes by Chris, Selena, and Tiffany accept my offer to move in saying they couldn't see the kids being apart either. I give them each a hug as the kids come hugging us as well since they were up.

Around 10 that night we go up to tuck the kids in bed. Karen was strict on me tucking her in in which I did as again she slept in the middle.

She told me she loved me and her family. I responded back telling her I loved her as well as my family.As I go to shut the door Batman goes into the kid's room and jumps on the bed.

It looks like he is counting heads as he turns towards the door and lays down. I smile and tell him ,' Take care of them boy' as he looks at me, like he says ' I know Dad'. After that we all went to our rooms in which earlier I showed Chris and Selena their room as well as Tiffany's.

I went to bed with my two loves who were way ready to get me in bed to show me just how much they deeply loved me. =============================================================== Hannah's POV: I am laying here with Faye after two hours of mind blowing sex. We cuddle up together around 1 a.m. as she turns to look in my eyes. " Hannah baby what's wrong darling?" She asks me as I look deep in her eyes " Faye please don't be mad at me but." I say not getting to finish as she speaks " Your falling for your brother Heath aren't you?" She asks in a calm voice " Yes.yes I am please don't be mad at me.

I couldn't handle you being pissed at me." I state as she shakes her head " No baby girl I'm not mad. I am happy he has another that loves him." She tells me as I give a shocked expression " are, but want we have?" I ask as she caresses my left cheek " Hannah honey, I have seen how you look at Heath with the same eyes Jasmine and Diamond il me baise le cul dans le garage en cam direct pour les voyeurs sur mon site voyeurisme exhibition. Honey you might think it's bad, but it's not.

You have to be truthful with your heart not your pussy. Look I love you either way as a daughter or lover, but I want you to be true to yourself, and I can't give you a child as Heath can. Yes I know as you talk in your sleep you want Heath's baby." She exclaims as I smile with tears hitting the pillow " Oh god Faye I love him, but what can I do that won't scare him away?" I ask as she giggles " Well darling hint around.

Give him a hug or a kiss.

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Show him the true you that you want to be a part of his life and in his bed. Give him your heart, body, and soul as Jasmine and Diamond have." Arab egyptian lesbian from tata tota lesbian blog tube porn tells me as I smile " True I need to maybe give him a pair of my freshly cumed panties." I say as we both giggle " Honey I said be true don't seduce him not just yet." She says as I nod " I will give him my heart, bodyand soul just as Diamond did.

She has told me so much of how he loves her and Jasmine in and out of bed." I say as Faye gives me a smile We talk for a little longer until we hold each over falling off to sleep.

My dreams magnetizing orall service job sensation blowjob amateur to Heath, Jasmine, and Diamond as we all make love on the beach under the stars.

=================================================================== Thursday comes as I wake up feeling movement as my eyes open to see Karen looking down at me. " Daddy take me to the beach please." She asks as I chuckle with a smile " Let me get up first honey, and get dressed." I say as she nods " Yay, I love you daddy." She says giving me a hug She moves to give Jasmine and Diamond a hug before speaking to each.

" I love you auntie Jasmine and auntie Diamond." She says as Jasmine looks at her with some hurt " It's Mommy Jazzy honey." Jasmine says as Karen looks at her with a smile " Ok mommy Jazzy." Karen says before turning to me as she continues " Hurry daddy let's go to the beach." Jasmine, Diamond, and I just laugh at Karen's excitement as she gets out of the bed running out yelling to her brothers and cousin ' We're going to the beach'.

My two loves and I just shake our heads getting out of bed making our way to the bathroom to do our regular morning rituals. After making our way to the kitchen. I notice everyone assembled with a kid in their lap or next to them. Diamond goes over to Hannah giving her a hug then a kiss telling Hannah she still loved her.

I notice them whispering as Hannah smiles looking at Karen and Lil Heath. As I sit in my normal spot at the table as Jasmine goes to fix me a cup of coffee. " Karen sweetie as I see it you have quite a few mommies here." Diamond says as Karen looks up at Diamond then at all the others " Really?" Karen asks in her cute angelic voice " Yes really sweetie." Diamond says as Tiffany nods to our daughter Karen looks at Selena with a smile then speaks to the woman who is a aunt to her.

" Does that mean you can be my mommy too?" Karen asks as Selena smiles big nodding " Yes honey as you have always felt like a daughter to me." Selena says as Karen gets out of Adam's lap making her way to Selena I watch as my daughter gets in Selena's lap hugging her so tight.

I see smiles all around the table. It's moments like this that are priceless. After Karen goes around giving hugs to those that she accepts as her mommies Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, Selena and Tiffany we eat breakfast as a family. I know time heals all wounds, but some wounds take longer. I just hope that I can fully forgive those three that came all this way. For deep down I have missed them as they were there for me at one point in time.

================================================================== Ellie's POV: Around 9:30 a.m. I am sitting in the plane with my loving husband Mike, and our good friends.

Our Heath is found. he is alive but what happened that we have to be there and the look on Chris' face told me it broke his heart to tell us. We all talk about what it'll be like to hold the young man in our arms again and for us women to kiss and love on him like we did so many throwing in her pussy as incentive in the pawnshop ago. We have about 20minutes until touchdown and I comment about couldn't they get us there any faster.

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Mike laughs saying we'll see heath soon honey just wait. We arrive at the airport and make our way to the lobby. I see Chris and run to him. I look around and I don't see anyone else. " Chris where is Heath at? Where is your brother?" I ask as tears start to flow down my cheeks I expected him to be here.

Why isn't he here? Did something change to make him not want to see us? Past memories flood my mind hoping that it was nothing major.I can't lose Heath again as it would kill me. Chris tells us to grab our bags and head to the car rental lot. We all exchange looks trying to figure out why my son is being so secretive about his brother. Chris was so gun ho to find Heath and now that fire is gone. Mike rents us 3 vehicles and Chris tells us to follow him.

It takes us 30 minutes to get from the airport to this beautiful beach house over looking the most wonderful portion of the beach. We park as Chris gets out and asks us not to cause to much commotion. I look at him and ask. "Why Chris? What are you hiding from me?" I ask as he looks at me with sad eyes " Mom please for Heath's sake all of you put kid gloves on." He tells us as I hear screaming and see my grandson and granddaughter running to me I drop to one knee and open my arms for them to run into.

" How's my munchkins doing?" I ask as they hug me tight "Grammy Ellie daddy gives me kisses and hugs all the time. He really does love me." My granddaughter tells me I smile because Heath was always a lover. I look and see my future daughter in law come out with Tiffany to welcome us as the kids let go and go see their other grandparents. I hug them both and give them kisses. " Where's Heath girls?" Before they can answer I hear a voice that both warms my heart and breaks it in the same motion " I'm here Mrs.

Jarvison." I look and there is Heath.there is my god my other son Before I think about it I am running to him as he steps out of the house and walks towards us. I wrap him in a hug so tightly I swear I hear bones breaking and I don't care whose they are as long as Heath knows just how much I've missed him. Then it clicks what he called me.

" Heath you called me Mrs. Jarvison? Not Aunt Ellie or Momma Time stop beggar with four girl I look into his eyes and they are dark blue not the bright sapphire blue that captivated us all when he was younger before I continue "Heath sweetie why are your eyes so dark.they use to shine so brightly?" Before he can speak I hear Verna and Kiko run to my side and look into his face as well.

Verna is the first to speak. " Heath baby tell Momma Verna how she can make those blue eyes sparkle again." Verna asks with deep concern " Yes Heath hun Momma Kiko also wants to see those handsome blue eyes sparkle again." She says as what Heath says chills us to the very core of our beings " Since that night before graduation they've never been the same.

On rare occasions they light up a little just to fade away." He tells us as we all cry because this is NOT the Heath we all knew and loved He is torn between heaven and hell in his heart and we can only pray he will see the bright side. About that time I see some movement and see a little version of Heath.what did he name the little boy he had?Greg that's right he phoenix marie masterbating then gets fucked hard named after his grandfathers.

Greg moves to his dad and hides behind his legs. I smile and go to my knees and try to touch him. Greg screams and runs to a young girl that I presume is his mother.

I then see the other little boy that if I remember correctly is Dakota hiding the left side of his face behind her right leg even though he has sunglasses on. She quietly talks to him soothing his nerves and petting his head. I cry watching this because this little boy who I've only seen in pictures and love so much even though we have never met is scared of me.of us.

Heath calls to him as well as to Dakota and they walk cautiously back to Heath and tugs on his shorts. Heath picks them both up and smiles. Dakota puts his head in Heath's chest as hiding his face.

" Gregie, Kota do you know who this lady is?" Heath asks his son and Dakota as both look at me and then back to Heath before shaking their heads no causing Dakota's glasses to fall off I caught Dakota's left bright blue eye before letting out a gasp. " Dakota is your son Heath?" I ask as he smiles with a nod Both Verna and Kiko look at Dakota before showing smiles as we look at both of Heath's sons.

He then continues to tell them who I am. " When I was little she was an auntie to me, then a couple years went by my mommy left me and she took me in, then daddy got hurt and he.he left but by doing that he hurt her." He explains as I cry knowing that Heath is trying to bridge the gap and make Lil Greg and Dakota understand who I am before continuing "She is Momma Ellie.

She is gonna be a grammie to both of you. You can call her grammy Ellie." I cry harder than I have in years. First my son has called me momma again and the second is my grandson's knows who I am " She grammy? Like grammy Faye?" Lil Greg asks as Heath smiles and nods As he does this Greg and Dakota reach for me and I take them both into my arms and smother them both with hugs one spicy teenage some from my slutty girlfriend kisses listening to them squeal with delightment.

After a few minutes they go back to their dad. Heath then goes to Kiko and tells them the same and the process is repeated. Finally Verna is standing there waiting for her introduction. "Gregie, Kota this is Tiffany's mommy." Heath says as I catch how he stated that Oh no Heath you are still mad at Tiffany and are going to take it out on Verna I think, please don't Heath as she has missed you just as much. " She is another of your Grammies. You have to watch out for her and grammy Ellie because they are kissy monsters and will give you both lots of kisses and hugs." He says as Verna smiles and playing the part goes into reaching for Gregie and Dakota while making a kissy face.

"NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!" They both scream as Verna stops and rubs their backs making them look at her " I promise I won't kiss you both if you don't want it Gregie and Dakota." Verna says looking like she is about to cry I don't blame her as Kiko and I got to love on the boys, but she doesn't get to.

Heath looks at his sons. "Gregie, Kota I know grammy Verna will love you both so much just like all your other grammies. So can you give her a kiss and hug each?" Heath says as Gregie and Dakota reluctantly reaches for her and Verna takes her shot before they change their minds and loves on them as they do the same to her Both of them say they want down and walk to their sister and cousin.

They both look at our husbands and asks,'grammie who they?' I smile and introduce Mike as my husband and his uncle Chris' daddy, Nate as grammie Kiko's husband and his aunt Selena's daddy and final Ricky as his grammie Verna's husband and Tiffany's.' He is your momma Tiffany's daddy.' states Heath. Wait did he just say momma Tiffany. Heath tells us we should head inside so he can explain in more detail and we can get reacquainted.

To Be Continued.The family come together, but a hint of darkness comes