Amateur attractive gal receives joy of cock hardcore blowjob

Amateur attractive gal receives joy of cock hardcore blowjob
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* * * * * Blacked and Betrayed by rat_race * * * * * CHAPTER 9 - A Neighborly Thing To Do * * * * * It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, when I looked through the kitchen window and saw our next door neighbor, Dave, out string-trimming his front yard. Dave's yard was always the most immaculate one in the whole neighborhood.

And the reason why was because Dave spent a lot of time caring for it. Brad knight banging megan rains tight pussy then, Dave was a widower.

And so he didn't have a wife--along with the requisite "honey-do" lists--like the rest of us poor, married schmucks in the neighborhood had. And so he spent most of his time doing the a tomboy lesbian and girly girl of things that he wanted to do around the house, rather than doing the the types of things that a wife would want done.

Needless to say, I was envious of the pure freedom that Dave currently had, due to his widower status. However, that having been said, the last thing I would want is to actually be in Dave's shoes, considering the fact that, as far as I could tell, he hadn't gotten any pussy for years--ever since his wife had passed away suddenly.

I wondered how on earth he was able to do that. I mean, I'm so married that I can hardly envision myself being without easy access to a nice, warm, wet pussy that I can stick my dick in, whenever I want to--that is, just as long as my wife, Sally, is not on her period at the time.

But I never saw Dave taking a woman out somewhere for the evening, or heard about him inviting one over to his house. All he ever did was hang out with a small group of the guys in the neighborhood on poker night. And the guys were always getting together at Dave's house for poker, of course. Not at their own homes. That way, for a few horny big tit latina takes a big dick on camera hours, they were able to taste some of the freedoms that Dave simply took for granted.

They could drink all they wanted, and smoke stinky cigars in the house, and eat large ham and cheese sandwiches, without any their wives around to bitch at them for getting off their diets. For those few precious hours, those lucky guys got to feel what it was like to be single again. At any rate, that Saturday, I walked over to Dave. And as I approached him, he shut off his electric string trimmer button, so that he could hear what I had obviously come over to tell him.

But nothing could have prepared that 54-year-old, black widower for the words that were about to come out of my mouth. I leaned over into Dave's ear, and softly said, "Would you like to go with me to a hotel room and fuck my wife next Friday night?" Dave pulled back from me for a moment, and looked at me, as if I were crazy. "Oh, come on! You can't be serious!" "Oh, I'm serious alright. Serious enough to offer you $300 cash, if you'll do it." "The answer is 'no.' I gave up that kind of stuff a long time ago," Dave insisted.

"What exactly do you mean by that? Don't you think Sally's a good-looking woman?" "Oh hell yes! Sally's awesome! And at one point in my life, I would've jumped at the chance to fuck a gorgeous woman, like Sally. Even if it meant cheatin' on my own wife. But believe it or not, ever since my wife passed away, I'm just not into pussy that much anymore," Dave explained, shaking his head slowly from side-to-side.

"Wow! I'm sorry to hear that," I said to him. "You shouldn't be. I'm happy the way things are right now. It's a lot less complicated. And I can have sex all I want, without ever havin' to worry about gettin' a girl pregnant." "So what are you sayin' here? Do you just jack off by yourself all the time?" "That's really none of your business, now is it?" "I apologize.

I didn't mean to offend you, Dave. I was just curious. That's all." "Well, the answer's 'no.' I hardly ever jack off by myself. I don't have to. And that's 'cuz there's always plenty of men around the house." "Oh, so then you're into dicks, instead of pussies." "Bingo! Give that man a cigar," Dave validated for me. "Well, I just happen to be into dicks too. Black ones. And I guess it's my lucky day. 'Cuz you just happen to have one of those between your legs." "Last time I checked," Dave said jokingly.

"But what does Sally think about you doin' something like that?" "Believe it or not, she's the one who suggested that I try to get you to have sex with me." "Is she also the one who suggested that you offer me $300 to fuck her this coming Friday night?" "Yes, she is, as a matter of fact." "Then Sexy masseuse with tiny mangos hardcore and massage gonna be the one to say 'Wow!' That's one hell of a special woman you've got there!" "Yeah.

I think so too." "And I've never had a man 'come on' to me the way that you just did. That took some real balls, Brother!" "Yeah. I guess it did. And I can hardly wait to let you see mine," I said, trying to be funny, and ease the tension a little bit more. And it worked, too. Dave chuckled at my off-the-cuff "balls" reference. But the ironic thing was that I didn't really care about letting Dave see my balls.

What I was really wanting was for him to let me see his balls. And his kinky pubes. And his dark-skinned dick. And what I assumed would be his watered-down, older-man version of semen. As I was turning around to leave to go back to my house, I said to Dave, "So whenever you're done trimming the yard, just come over and get me. Deal?" "Sir, you've definitely got a deal!" Dave replied, and then admitted to me, "By the way, I lied about the jacking off part.

That's all I've been doin' lately. The truth is I haven't had my hands on another man's dick in months. Not since my last partner moved away on me, and left me to fend for myself. And I've never had my hands on a white man's dick before." "Good!

Then this should be a whole new experience for you," I said, as I was making a sweeping, palm-up gesture down to my own crotch, presenting it to him, as if my crotch were some kind of awesome prize that he had just won on The Price is Right TV show.

"Yeah. You're right about that one. See ya sunny leon tow gril fuking a little while, Carl. Just as soon as I get finished up here, and clean up a little bit, if you know what I mean?" "Sure. In about an hour then?" "It's a date," Dave said, as he went right back to string-trimming his yard for a moment, and then stopped just long enough to say to me, "Tell ya what. Why don't you just go ahead and come back over here in a hour or so.

And I'll be ready for you. Deal?" "Deal!" I replied, loud enough to be heard over the intermittent, high-pitched whirring sound of Dave's electric string trimmer. I spun around, with a big smile on my face, and went right back to my house. I opened up the kitchen door.

And there was my daughter, Jordan, sitting at the kitchen table. "Hi, Dad," Jordan greeted me, with an equally-big smile on her face. It was the afternoon. But Jordan still had that same Eeyore night shirt on, from the night before, when she had successfully shocked the crap out of me, by "magically" appearing british milf sexy scorpio works her wet cunt with a dildo the side of my bed, while I was busy humping away at her mother's pussy.

"Hey there, Jordan. Don't you think it's time to change into some clothes. It's Saturday afternoon, for Christ's sake." "I am in some clothes. I thought you told Mom that you really liked this outfit." "I did. And I do. But tell ya what. Why don't we save that one for the evenings, when your little brother's not around?

Deal?" "Okay, what.everrrrr." Jordan said in a Valley Girl voice, drawing out the word "whatever," for dramatic emphasis.

Then she stood up, calmly pulled the night shirt up over her head, and draped it over the back of the closest kitchen chair, which left her standing there, bare-chested, in her panties and ankle socks.

My eyes were instantly drawn towards her medium-size breasts, with their large puffed-out nipples. But then my eyes automatically shifted downward to her crotch.

And I couldn't help but stare at Jordan's white-panty-covered camel toe. "Is this better, Daddy?" "What the hell are you doing, Jordan?" I asked in a forced whisper.

"I'm just horny from watching you and Mom 'go at it' last night. That's all," Jordan confessed, as she stuck her thumbs down inside the thin elastic waistband of her panties, on either side of her hips, and she began to slowly and teasingly pull down her panties, while she was asking me, "So, do you wanna see my little pussy?" "God damn it, Jordan! This isn't the right time or place for that! Put that fucking night shirt back on right this minute, young lady!" I ordered her, using the strongest forced whisper that I could muster at the time.

"Okay, okay. You don't have to get your panties in a wad," Jordan said, picking up the night shirt off the back of the chair. Jordan calmly slipped the night shirt back over the top of her head, pulled it down to her waist, and then held it there, while she was letting me continue to stare at her crotch.

And she asked me, "So did Mr. Dave say 'yes' to your dick-fest offer?" "I don't think that's really any of your business, young lady." "It is, if he's gonna fuck Mom, and try to get her pregnant." "Fair enough.

But he didn't agree to that yet. He only agreed to have sex with me. And I'm supposed to get together with him at his house in about 30 minutes, so that he can do just that." "Congrats much! I hope you two have a lot of fun together. But if you're still feelin' horny when you get back, you know where to find me.," Jordan said coyly, as she spun around, finally letting the bottom of her night shirt fall, to cover up what was now the rear view of her white cotton panties.

And she sauntered out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and into her bedroom. Then I heard the single, metallic click of Jordan's bedroom door knob being locked from the inside. And I wondered how long it was going to take her to pull up some porn videos on her laptop, and start masturbating while she was watching them. But at this point, I had much more important things to do, than to ponder Jordan's masturbation status. I needed to take a quick shower, and thoroughly clean up my private parts, so that they would be nice and fresh for Dave.

I was always taught that a person only gets one chance to make a good first impression. Well, as far as I'm concerned, the same thing holds true for a person's genitals. While I was washing my hair, and rinsing the soap out of it, Sally opened the door to the master bathroom, and came over to the shower.

"So did Dave agree to have sex with you? Is that why you're showering for the second time today?" "Yes," I called back to her, through the closed semi-transparent sliding glass shower door. "Bravo! We're on our way," Sally remarked. And I could hear the happiness in her voice. "So how do you think I should go about this?" I asked, as I was using a bar of Ivory to soap up each of my underarms. "Should I take the more-direct approach, and just 'come on' to him hard?

Or do you think it would be better for me to kind of back off, and take the circle-jerk kind of approach? You know, the good ol' 'I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours' type of approach?" "Oh, come on, Carl. Don't be such a wimp. You and Dave are both way too old for that 'beatin'-around-the-bush' kind of stuff. Just go over there, and whip your dick out in front of him, and let things naturally progress from there.

I'm sure he'll whip his dick out too, and you guys'll be sword-fightin' in no time." "But how can you be so sure about that?" I asked, as I was soaping up my crotch area, and my penis. "Because I know how much black dicks turn you on. That's how.

And besides, you just got done telling me that Dave's already agreed to have sex with you." "But he could always back out at the last minute," I countered, while gently washing the back-side of my nut-sack, and my butt-hole. "That's why you've got to boldly whip your dick out first, and 'come on' to him hard, just like you suggested." "And you're really okay with all this? I mean, with me having sex with a man who's old enough to be my father," I said, while rinsing off the lathered-up soap from my genital area.

"Sure. Don't forget that you're talkin' to a girl who had secret sexual relationships with both of her parents. Now, go on over there, and make that old man orgasm his ass off! It can only be good for your karma--and mine," Sally said, before leaving the bathroom, and leaving me in peace, so that I could finish up my showering.

By the time I stepped out of the shower, my dick was already partially-erect, and slowly-but-steadily growing, just from the anticipation of what was getting ready to happen in the next few minutes.

I was finally getting the chance to get my hands on another black man's dick. And I found myself thinking about how much Henry's dick and balls had turned me on, during my very first cuckold experience at the hotel room.

And I also found myself wondering if Dave and his college-age son, Terrell, had ever jacked off together. After all, it would be a very easy thing for them to do, what with them constantly having the whole house to themselves. I decided that, at some point after Dave and I had carnal knowledge of each other, I was going to ask him about that very subject.

But for now, I just needed to dry off, brush my teeth, put on some cologne, and get dressed, so that I could head over to Dave's house for the exciting bisexual encounter that I knew would be awaiting me.

And I wasn't disappointed, either. When I knocked on the front door of Dave's house, he was only wearing a bath towel around his waist, when he opened the door to invite me in.

And once I had entered into the front foyer, he shut and locked the front door behind himself, before turning around, and dropping his bath towel to the tile floor to reveal his buck naked body, and his admirable package to me. We were now standing up, face-to-face, in the front foyer. Dave's dick was already at least 5 or 6 inches long, and it was still hanging downward, although I could tell that it was in the early stages of becoming erect. And even though his entire dick-shaft had a dark milk chocolate coloration to it, his dick-head had a pale pinkish color to it, making it look as it is were the head of a white guy's dick.

It was a striking contrast, to say the least! I was still fully-clothed. But that really didn't matter. I immediately dropped down to my knees on that Travertine tile-covered floor, and grabbed hold of Dave's large growing dick with my right hand, and then stuck the head of it into my mouth.

And I began sucking away on it, as I was repeatedly squeezing his long shaft, to try to get him hard. Of course, in all honesty, I have to admit that I was doing this mostly for selfish reasons. I was extremely curious to see just how big Dave's fully-erect penis would turn out to be.

And once again, I wasn't disappointed. "Hey, hey, slow down there, Tiger!" Dave said to me. "We've got plenty of time. Why don't you come with me up to the bedroom, where we can be comfortable, and have some privacy, just in case Terrell gets back home early?" "Sure," I said, hesitantly lifting my mouth up off of his now 8-inch-long, half-way erect penis. And I was almost positive that Dave's dick would reach at least 9 or 10 inches, by the time it became fully-erect.

I got up off my knees, and followed Dave up the stairs, and into his bedroom. On top of the dresser, directly across from the foot of the bed, there was a large 55" flat-panel TV, with several sex toys (vibrators, dildos, etc.) lying across in front of it.

"You ever use one of these before?" Dave asked me, as he was opening up a tube of sex lube, and liberally spreading the clear lubricant over the end of a 2-inch-wide butt plug, that he had also picked up off the top of the dresser.

"No," I said, lying to him. "Well, then it's high time you tried one," Dave told me, handing the butt plug to me. "I think I'd better get undressed first.

Don't you?" I said, handing the butt plug right back to him. "Oh, yeah. Right. Look who's in a rush now?" Dave replied, chuckling a little. "But hey, you shoplifter teen kacey quinn pays sex to a perv guy inside the car blame me. I've been waiting my whole life to finally get my hands on a white man's dick. And now I've got you right here, in my bedroom. So come on. Whip it out, man, and let's get down to business." "Wow!

You don't beat around the bush, do ya?" I remarked, while I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly, giving Dave his first look at my underwear-covered, fully-erect penis. "Hell no, man! At my age, you can't afford to pussy around. You just gotta go for the gusto, and hope the gusto goes for you, too." "Here, here!" I agreed, as I finally dropped my pants and underwear down to the floor, and stepped out of the leg-holes.

"Damn, man! You've got one sexy-lookin' dick on you! Come on over here, and let me get a better look at that bad boy," Dave said. And he moved over to sit on the side of his queen-size bed. He still had the lubricated butt plug in his hand. I walked over to stand in front of him. And he took his time visually and manually exploring my bare genitals. He fucked around with my foreskin for a while, and then pulled open my piss-hole slit to look down inside of my dick.

Then he felt out and played with my balls, before he finally wrapped his hand around my dick-shaft, and began slowly and repeatedly squeezing it. And I just stood there, with my legs spread apart, and let Dave thoroughly satisfy his curiosity concerning my genitals. After several minutes, Dave told me, "Now, turn around, and bend over. I'm gonna put this butt plug up your ass. And you're gonna love it." Naturally, I turned around, and bent over, and let Dave insert the well-lubricated butt plug all the way up into my rectum.

And of course, Dave was right. It felt absolutely wonderful to me. But then, I already knew that it would. "Now, it's my turn," Dave said. "I was using the small butt plug on you, since I didn't know if you were new to this kind of stuff. But I like to use this butt plug." Dave got up and walked over to the dresser.

Then he opened a dresser drawer, reached in, and pulled out a much larger butt plug, that was at least 3 inches in diameter, at its widest part. He spread the lubricant all over the end of the large butt plug, and walked back over to me, before handing me the butt plug. Then he turned around, and bent over at the waist, indicating that he wanted me to stick it up his ass--which I did.

"That's perfect!" Dave remarked. "Now we can have some real fun! Let's 69, man. Are you up for that?" Dave jumped hot blonde big tits casting couch they enjoy to poke and supernaughty and handle man on top of the bed, lying on his side, and spreading his legs slightly apart.

"Oh hell yes!" I said, joining him on top of the bed, and lying on my side, in the opposite direction, so that we could each start sucking on--and playing with--each other's dicks and balls at the same time. And we didn't say another word to each other for several minutes, as we each focused on trying to make the other person cum.

I have to confess that Dave's dick felt really weird in my hands, because it was nearly twice the length of my own erect penis, which is about 6 1/2 inches long. His dick-shaft was also a little bit larger in diameter than mine, but not by very much. And Dave's whole genital area had a noticeably-different smell to it, than mine did. But it wasn't an unpleasant smell at all.

Just a different one. Then Dave suddenly started hand-pumping up and down on my dick-shaft like crazy. And the next thing I knew, he began ejaculating inside my mouth.

I tried to swallow Dave's sperm, but there was just too much squirting out of his dick, and I started choking and gagging on his ejaculating sperm. And while I was choking and gagging on that black man's massive sperm release, I also orgasmed--thanks to Dave's energetic hand-pumping of my penis--and I began ejaculating into Dave's mouth.

It was, without at doubt, the one of the most uncomfortable orgasms that I had ever experienced in my life! To make matters even worse, Dave lifted his mouth up off my pulsating dick-head, and laughed his ass off, while he continued to finish me off with his hand.

He seemed tickled pink by the fact that I had quickly gotten overwhelmed by his massive sperm-release. "Don't feel bad. I should have warned you that I was gettin' ready to cum, instead of catchin' you by surprise, like that," Dave finally admitted to me. "Yes, you certainly should've," I quickly agreed. "Well, I promise it won't happen again," Dave assured me. "Let's just watch some porn for a while, and get through this 'refractory period' shit.

What do ya say? You wanna go for a second round in a little while?" "Sure. But only if you'll let me show you some very special pictures of my wife. Deal?" "What's so special about those pictures?" "You tell me," I said cryptically, as I got up out of bed, went over to my pants pocket, pulled out my cell phone, and pulled up several photos of Sally, tight slut janice griffith banged real deep on the couch pornstars hardcore various body-positions.

But what all the photos had in common was that Sally was buck naked. And they all showed Sally's bare, shaved pussy. The photos showed her vulva from different angles, and at different distances from the camera. And on the close-up ones, Sally had made sure to hold her pussy crack wide-open with her fingers, so that her piss-hole opening and her vaginal entrance were plainly visible. And so was the pea-size head of her erect clitoris, which was jutting out of the end of its long, narrow hood.

Then I sat down on the side of the bed, next to Dave, and showed each picture to him, letting him look at each one, as long as he wanted to. "So, now that you've seen the 'merchandise,' I ask you once again, do you want to fuck my wife this coming Friday night, or don't you? And be honest with me." "What's the catch?" Dave asked me. "The catch is that you have to do it in front of me. I'm not proud of it, but I'm a cuckold.

And so it turns me on to watch my wife getting fucked by other men. Especially black men. I don't know why it turns me on so much. It just does. So what do ya say? Would you like the chance to sink your dick into Sally's pussy?

I'll even give you $300 cash, if you'll 'do it' with Sally, right in front of me." "Man, you drive a hard bargain. But you can keep your damn money. I don't want it. I just want your lovely wife's pussy wrapped around my dick on Friday night. And you're welcome to watch all you want. Just as long as you don't interfere." "You don't have to worry about that.

Sally would kill me, if I did. Oh, by the way, there is one other catch." "And what's that, pray tell?" "You've gotta talk your son, Terrell, into fucking my wife first, and doing it right in front of both me and you." "Oh come off it, man!

You're asking me to have 'sloppy seconds' with your wife, after my own son has fucked her first, right in front of both of us?" "Yep. That's exactly what I'm asking you to do, Dave.

So do we have a deal, or don't we?" "Oh hell no! The only way we'll have a deal is if that lovely wife of yours agrees to let me fuck her first, before Terrell fucks her. It's been too damn long since I've had my dick in a nice, warm pussy. And I want it to feel like pussy's supposed to feel, before it's got any sperm inside it. Call me selfish, but this old man school rap sex 8 yer story his sperm to be the first sperm that gets deposited in your wife's sweet, little pussy that night.

Deal?" "Why not? I'm sure Sally will go along with that little change in our agreement. Let's put it this way. I don't think it's a deal-breaker at all." "Good. Then I'll see what I can do. I'm taboo game allys brother and allys sister dirty deeds with uncle rich so sure Terrell will go for it though." "Why not?" I asked.

"He's gay. That's 'why not.'" "Oh, I didn't know that." "Yeah. I'm sure you didn't. Because just like me and my bisexuality, Terrell prefers to stay in the closet about his bein' a gay, black man.

I can't say I blame him." "So, have you and Terrell ever jacked off together?" I asked, finally getting to the question that I had been waiting to find out about.

Dave didn't answer me. He just stared at me for a moment, with his best poker face on. "So what if we did? That's doesn't make me a bad father, or anything, does it?" "No, of course not. I was just curious. That's all." "Boy, you're sure one curious son of a bitch! Well, if you must know, whenever he's between semesters and back home from college, Terrell and I jack off together all the time.

But it's not like we're lovers, or anything like that. We just get together whenever we're both feelin' horny, and we'll usually sit in the family room on the sofa and watch some sunny leone jabardasti bf sex story sex stories movies, while we jack off in front of each other." "I notice you said 'usually.' Does that mean you guys have done 'other things' together, besides just jacking off in front of each other?" "Yeah, we have.

One day, several years back, Terrell asked if I'd let him jack me off. And I did, figuring that there'd be no harm in lettin' him do that. "That was also the very first time that Terrell sucked my dick. Mind you, I didn't give him permission to do that. But he did it anyway. And it felt wonderful! Mind you, I didn't want it to feel wonderful. But it just did. And it reminded me of the way that my wife, Agnes--God rest her soul--" Dave said, and then suddenly paused for quite a while, obviously holding back intense emotion that was welling up inside him, before finally regaining his composure enough to add, "It reminded me of how passionately Agnes used to suck my dick.

I'm sorry for getting so emotional." "Hey. School boy and madam xnxx completely understandable, given the circumstances." "Anyway," Dave continued on with his story, "After I finished cumming in Terrell's mouth that day, he asked me if I wanted to jack him off, too.

And that was the very first time that I ever touched my teenage son's erect penis. "I couldn't bring myself to actually put my son's dick in my mouth that day, like he had just finished doing to me. But I did jack him off. And I felt his dick throb in my hand, while he was squirting sperm all over the place. I'll never forget how erotic that was. Feeling my own son's penis, while he was orgasming and ejaculating, definitely took things to a whole new level. "And by the way, Terrell's the one who got me hooked on butt plugs.

I guess you could say grosse bite et tout le foutre dans ma bouche mstoryporno my son and I have an 'anal relationship,'" Dave said, attempting to be lighten the mood. And it worked. We both laughed at his comment. "Well, do you think you can get Terrell to agree to fuck Sally this coming Friday night?" "I probably can, but only it you'll agree to let him have sex with you, either today or tomorrow." "Now that's a twist I didn't see coming," I remarked, more to myself, than to Dave.

"Hey, I warned you he's gay, didn't I? And I don't think Terrell's ever had his hands on a white guy's dick either. I'm pretty sure he'll go for that. "Tell ya what. Why don't you just hang around here for a little while longer, until Terrell gets back.

And then we'll all do a threesome thing, if that'll make you feel better. I'll put some porn on the TV, and we can just start it out like a good old-fashioned circle jerk, and then take it from there, wherever we want to.

"But you're not allowed to pull out that butt curvaceous hoe brooklyn chase loves intense anal drilling pornstars and hardcore. In fact, I've got one for Terrell. And it's even bigger than mine, believe it or not. "But I'll take my son into the other room, and give it to him there, so that he won't be so embarrassed, because he won't know at first that you're wearing a butt plug too." "What?

Are you trying for the 'Father of the Year' award?" I asked as sarcastically as I could, which left us both laughing hard. "Hey, I'm just trying to get Terrell to go against his 'gayness' and fuck your gorgeous wife on Friday night, so that I can fuck her too.

It's been years since I've had any trim! And unlike Terrell, I'm not gay. I'm bisexual. And it'd be damn nice to get some pussy once in a while." "Now you're being honest with me.

And I really do appreciate that," I praised Dave. "Tell ya what. Would it help if I offered Terrell the $300 cash that I offered you?" "Heck. If you make it $500, he'd probably jump at it in a heartbeat." "Then consider it done.

I'll give him $100 in advance, and $500 when he follows through with his agreement." "That's $600" "Yep. It sure is. The truth is Sally wants Terrell's dick in her pussy so badly, that she's beside herself.

That's all she talks about lately. Her getting fucked by Terrell in front of me. She's got some weird-ass fantasy about it, or something. I just know that my wife's got the hots for your son. And she has given me her blessing to do whatever it takes to get his dick inside her pussy.

How's that for honesty?" "I'm truly impressed. I really am. It's seems like all folks do most of the time nowadays is lie to one another." "And make no mistake about it, Dave.

Sally's got the hots for you too. She really likes you a lot. And she views you as being a father figure. You don't know this, but my wife grew up having a secret, on-going sexual relationship with her own father.

And she even told me that she would love to have one with you. "But only with my blessing and participation, of course. In other words, Sally wants to do an on-going cuckold thing with you and me. And I'm good with it, believe it or not. I love my wife dearly, and I just want my Sally to be happy. And by the way, just for the record, Sally and I swing both ways." "So that awesome-looking wife of yours is into women too?

God, you're one lucky son of a bitch, aren't ya?" "Yeah. I guess I am, at that." "Dad, I'm home," a voice suddenly called out loudly from downstairs. "Up here, Son," Dave quickly yelled back. "Well, you're about to get even luckier," Dave said, "Terrell just got home. And by the way, I changed my mind.

You're gonna be Terrell's butt plug this afternoon." And within a few minutes, Terrell was buck naked in bed with us, and letting me fondle his sex organs, while he was hungrily doing the same thing to mine. It was pretty obvious that Dave had been right about his son. Terrell had never had his hands on a white man's dick before.

But I went ahead and asked him anyway, just to make sure. And Dave--who was just patiently sitting there on the bed with us, gently fondling his own penis, while he was watching his son and me actively play with each other's bare genitals--seemed very amused by my blunt "white man's dick" question to Terrell. And I have to admit that it actually shocked me when I first saw what Terrell's erect penis looked like. It was only about the same size as mine, and it had a darker-colored head on it that closely matched the skin-color of the rest of his dick.

I had expected that Terrell's erect penis would be similar-looking to his father's awesome dick. But that definitely was not the case. Terrell must have taken after his mother's side of the family, when it came to his genital development. Before everything was said and done that afternoon, Terrell had my dick up his ass, as he was busy sucking away on his father's dick, while at the same time, experiencing a slow, on-going seminal-fluid leakage, thanks to the excellent prostate stimulation that my thrusting penis was providing him.

And Dave ended up sperming in his son's mouth, while I was busy unloading my wad deep inside Terrell's rectum. In other words, a good time was had by all.

After our little bisexual orgy was over with, Dave and I both pulled our butt plugs out, cleaned up after ourselves, put our clothes back on, and began saying our goodbyes. However, as I was getting ready to leave the bedroom, Terrell was still lying there on top of Dave's bed and fondling himself, while he was watching a gay porn video scene on the TV.

And Terrell's dick was still erect, which told me that his anal-intercourse-induced 'sissygasm' wasn't enough to give him the sexual release that he was needing. So I walked back over to the side of the bed, grabbed hold of Terrell's stiff dick, and hand-pumped up and down on it, until I made him cum in front of me, and forcefully squirt out his thick, white semen.

And I thought about how jealous Sally would be, if she knew what I was doing right now. If she knew that I had my hands around the same penis and testicles that she was desperately wanting to get impregnated by on Friday night at the hotel room.

Afterwards, I turned around and looked at Dave, who had just quietly stood behind me the whole time, watching me jack off his son. And I caught him with his hand in his own crotch, massaging away at his clothed genitals. I held up the sperm-covered fingers of my right hand, and I said to Dave, "Well, I guess I need to go clean up again.

Tell ya what. I'll meet you downstairs on the way out." When I finally left the upstairs bathroom, and came down the stairs to the front foyer, Dave was standing there waiting for me, with a big smile on his face.

As soon as we were standing face-to-face, I said, "Now you know what is feels like to be a cuckold, and watch somebody else have sex with someone you love. Welcome to my world.

Did you enjoy that last part?" "Oh shit yes!" Dave replied enthusiastically. "It was the icing on the cake, so-to-speak," he added, trying to be funny. "Yes it was," I said, chucking a little bit. "And just think how great it's gonna be for you and me to watch your son fuck my wife, right in front of us, this coming Friday night--after you fuck her first, of course. And if you want, we can even feel out each other's junk, while we're doing that. But first, you've gotta convince that gay son of yours to get with the program." "Don't worry.

After this afternoon, I'm pretty sure it's in the bag. Just send me those awesome naked pictures of Sally, and I'll do the rest." "Just hang on a minute," I said, as Pornstar kagney linn karter gets pounded knockers big tits pulled out my cell phone, and emailed the photos to Dave, right then and there, while he was watching me do it.

And then I gave him a good strong handshake, and said, "There ya go. Hope to see you Friday night." As I left Dave's house, and walked back over to mine, I realized that everything was in Dave's hands now.

All I could really do at that point was to wait, and hope that he could successfully use my $600 bribe--along with those naked photos of my wife--to convince his gay son to go ahead and agree to fuck Sally at our hotel room this coming Friday night.

After I had stepped back inside my own home, and closed the entry door behind me, I heard some very suspicious noises coming from the upstairs bedroom area of our two-story house. While I was climbing the stairs, it quickly became obvious that these were definitely the sounds of sex taking place in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

As I made my way down the short hallway, I realized that the sex sounds were coming from inside Sally's and my bedroom. And I could tell that Sally was the one who was making those sounds. Every husband becomes well-acquainted with the unique vocalizations that his own wife makes whenever she's having sex. I slowly and quietly twisted the bedroom doorknob, to determine that it was unlocked. And then I threw open the bedroom door, and made my dramatic entrance into the bedroom.

The first thing I saw was Sally lying on top of our bed, which was situated so that the foot of the bed was closest to the bedroom doorway. She was totally naked, and lying on her back, with her head and upper torso propped up on top of several pillows up against the headboard, and with her legs spread far apart, shooting her bare beaver right at me.

And she was actively masturbating, while she was talking to someone else across the room. I immediately looked over to my left, just inside the bedroom doorway, at the same spot in the room where Sally's attention was directed. And there was our son, Jake, sitting in the same chair that I had been sitting in the night before.

And he was watching his mother masturbate in front of him, just like I was doing the night before. However, unlike me on the night before, Jake was fully-clothed. But he had his belt undone, and his zipper pulled all the way down into a "V" shape at the front of his jeans. And when he saw me barging into the bedroom, he quickly placed his hands over his crotch to try to hide his exposed, fully-erect penis from my view. But it was already too late.

I had seen everything that I needed to see. "Damn it, Sally! What the fuck is goin' on here?" I yelled at my wife. "It's not what it looks like, Carl.

I'm not actually having sex with Jake right now. I'm giving our son a 'show and tell' on how a woman masturbates. Just like I did with you last night." "Yeah, but Jake's jacking off!" I exclaimed. "Brilliant deduction, Sherlock!" Sally fired right back, sarcastically.

"Hey, I can't help it, if Jake decided that he wanted to jack off, while he's watchin' my little 'show and tell.'" "Oh yeah?

And it doesn't turn you on to watch your son jack off in front of you?" "I didn't say that. Of course, it turns me on. I'm human, aren't I?" "Sometimes I wonder about that, Sally. What kind of mother would put on a sex show for her own son?" "A loving mother. That's who. One who cares about her son's sexual development. Carl, our son needs to know this kind of stuff." "Not at his age, he doesn't." "Just cool your jets for a moment, okay?

What you don't know is that after you walked over blonde german amateur milf anal fucked in her beloved pair of heels Dave's house this afternoon, I was taking some laundry upstairs, to drop it off in Jake's bedroom, when I heard some high-pitched, slap-slap sounds coming from inside his bedroom.

The door wasn't even shut all the way. And I looked around the edge of it, through the long crack, and saw him jacking off. "Jake had his jeans pulled down a little ways, and he was beating his meat like crazy, while he was staring at something on his laptop screen. From the doorway, I couldn't see what he was staring at. But once I walked into the room, and put the laundry bask down on top of his bed, I saw everything that was on his laptop screen.

"There were several nude pictures of me! You know, all those spread-eagle ones? The same pictures that you took and showed Dave earlier today? Well, Jake must've somehow gotten them off my cell phone. And now he was jacking off to them." "Oh my God!" "Yeah. I was in shock, too! I really didn't know how to react.

Especially merry tits are objects of crave pornstar hardcore Jake said to me, 'Mom, is it true that Jordan's having sex with you? 'Cuz she swears that she is." Sally and I just looked at each other for a few moments, while I was letting this latest "unexpected news" sink in.

And then I finally broke the silence, "Well, what did you say to him?" "Hey, I'm right here, Dad." Jake piped up. "Just shut up, and sit there! I need to talk to your mother right now. I'll get to you in a minute, young man!" I replied harshly, and then turned my attention back to Sally, "So what exactly did you tell him?" "The truth, of course.

I figured there was no reason to lie to him. Because Jordan had already let the cat out of the bag. And I had no idea how much she had already told him." "And what did he say?" Jake rudely interrupted me once again, telling me in an over-loud voice, "I asked Mom if she'd let me touch her breasts, just so that I could see what they felt like.

That's all." "God damn it, Son! I told you to just sit there and shut up!" I literally screamed at Jake, and then took a deep breath to try to calm down a little bit, before turning my attention back to my wife, once again. "Sally, I swear I'm gonna haul off and slap the shit out of this boy, if you don't stop beating around the bush, and tell me exactly what happened." "Okay, okay. But don't take this out on Jake. It's not his fault. Blame me, if you need someone to blame.

I let this happen." "So what exactly happened between you two, while I was over at Dave's house?" "Well, just like Jake already told you, he asked me if I'd let him touch my breasts, just so that he could see what they felt like. And he told me that he had always been curious about what my breasts felt like.

"And, frankly, I didn't see any harm in letting him touch and feel my breasts. After all, he had already been staring at them--in all their full glory--right there on his computer screen. "So I took off my blouse and my bra, and I showed him my little boobies. And I gave him permission to go ahead and touch them and feel them--which he did. "And while he was doing that, my nipples started gettin' hard. And Jake asked me if he could suck on my nipples, just to see what that was like.

"What the fuck! You actually let Jake suck on your titties?" I asked in disbelief. "Yeah. I didn't see what harm could come from that. They're just little mounds of flesh on my chest, Carl. It was really no big deal." "To you, maybe.

I guarantee you that, to Jake, it was a very big deal. So what happened next? Wait. Let me guess. He asked if you'd let him touch your pussy. Am I right?" "No. I hate to admit it, but I'm the one who asked him if he wanted to touch my pussy." "Oh God, Sally!

What on earth were you thinking?" "The truth was I wasn't thinking, at that point. I was just acting on my natural impulses.

And before I knew it, I was slipping out of my pants and panties, so that I could stand up in front of Jake, with my legs spread apart, and show him what all the various parts of my pussy looked like.

Of course, once again, keep in mind that he could look over at anytime, and still see several pictures of my wide-open pussy, right there on his laptop screen." "So I guess that's when Jake reached over, and began touching and feeling out your pussy, right?" "No.

He seemed almost afraid to touch me down there. So I grabbed hold of his hand, and pulled in between my legs, to place it just a few inches below my mound. Then I asked him if he wanted me to pee in his hand a little bit. "And after he nodded his head, I asked him to cup his hand, to catch the urine, so that it wouldn't get all over the carpet in his bedroom.

"Then I let out a few little spurts of urine directly into his hand. And he acted totally thrilled, like he had just witnessed something really cool. "Then he eased his hand out from between my legs, being very careful not to spill the urine, and he sniffed it. And then he asked me what I wanted him to do with it. And I told him that he could do whatever he wanted to with it. And that's when I watched him rub my urine all over his penis. "At that moment, I realized that I had gone too far.

And I immediately started backing away from him. "But Jake's hand shot out into my crotch. And he shoved his fingers up into my crack, and he began exploring me. And he did it with the enthusiasm of a young man who had never had his hands on a real live pussy before. "The rational, motherly part of me wanted to stop him, right then and there.

I just wanted to pull my crotch away from his groping hands, and put my clothes back on, and walk out of his bedroom, pleading with him to forget this 'indiscretion' on my part, and never to mention it to anyone in the future. "But there was another part of me--the emotional, instinctive part of me, deep down inside--that wanted Jake to keep going.

Even though he was fondling my pussy in a fairly rough and awkward manner, that still didn't stop it from feeling really good to me, and getting me all excited, and causing me to get wet down there. "Well, it goes without saying that the emotional part of me won that internal battle. And after I had let Jake play with my 'lady-parts' for several minutes, I suggested that he follow me into our bedroom, so that I could give him an in-depth 'show and tell' about the proper ways to go about masturbating a girl.

"And you know the rest of the story. You barged into the bedroom, and interrupted my 'show and tell.' And now, here we are. So what do you wanna do, Carl? Punish your son for being sexually curious, and having the hots for me? Or punish me for being human, and gettin' turned-on by the sight of a young man's stiff penis?

Or maybe you should punish yourself for freaking out so badly over all this." "I'll tell ya what, Sally. I'm just gonna leave right now, and let you guys finish up what you started.

Do me a favor though. Don't ever tell me how this all ended. 'Cuz I really don't wanna know. Deal?" "Deal!" Sally said, and went right back to where she had left off during her 'show and tell,' before she was so rudely interrupted by yours truly.

As I was closing the door and leaving our bedroom, and heading down the hall to go back downstairs, I couldn't help but think to myself, I wish my own mother had done that for me. I could've really used a 'show and tell' back then. And then I heard a soft, familiar voice call out from inside Jordan's bedroom, "Hey, Dad, are you still feelin' horny?

'Cuz I sure am. Do you wanna watch me masturbate? I'll even use a dildo for you." That stopped me dead in my tracks.

"Dad, that is you, isn't it?" the same familiar voice chimed out from behind the bedroom door. "The door's unlocked. Just go ahead and come in." "Yes, Sweetie. It's me. But why do you want to use a dildo, when you've got the real thing?" I quietly replied, almost at a whisper, as I quickly stepped inside Jordan's bedroom, and turned around to close and lock the door behind me. As I turned back around again, I saw that Jordan was sitting on top of her bed, leaning back against the head board, facing me.

"But what about Mom?" Jordan asked, laying her smart phone down beside her on the bed. "She won't be able to join us, if you lock the door." "Exactly!" I said, as I was approaching Jordan. "Besides, your mother's too busy dealing with your little brother right now." "Why? What did he do?" Jordan asked, obviously confused by my previous statement. "A better question might be what didn't he do?" I countered, as I finally look downward and noticed that, even though Jordan still had Sally's adorable Eeyore night shirt on, she also had her legs spread apart just far enough so that I could see up under her night shirt, and discover that she wasn't wearing panties anymore.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" I asked, while standing by the side of her bed, and taking off my shirt. "Are you kidding me? I've been hoping and waiting for this moment, ever since I reached puberty! Daddy, you're the sexiest man in the world, as far as I'm concerned." "Well, thank you, Sweetie," I said, feeling truly flattered by her totally-unexpected remarks.

When Jordan saw me starting to take off my pants, she told me, "Don't bother with that 'getting undressed' crap. Just get up here, and 'do me.' I'm ready for you right now." Jordan slid down in the bed to lie on her back, spread her legs apart, and open up her arms wide, as she was welcoming me to lie down on top of her in a missionary position. I unzipped my pants to free my rapidly-growing dick. And I got up on top of the bed, between Jordan's spread-apart thighs, and mounted her.

My dick just slid right in, all the way up to the hilt, because Jordan wasn't lying to me about her being "ready" for me. Her baby-bare, shaved pussy was already sopping wet. Once I had worked my way up to a steady thrusting rhythm, Jordan whispered in my ear, "Daddy, please don't cum inside me, okay? I don't wanna get pregnant." "Don't be silly, Jordan," I whispered right back in her ear, while I continued to hump away at her awesome-feeling snug pussy, with my thrusting gradually picking up pace, as I was getting closer and closer to orgasming.

"You're mom told me that you're on The Pill." "Yeah, about that. Not so much," Jordan said, slowly shaking her head from side-to-side. "I quit taking those damn pills months ago. They were making me gain a lot of weight. And they also made me feel like shit." "But hasn't your boyfriend been fucking you all this time?" "Yeah.

But not like this. He almost always uses a rubber, so that he doesn't get me pregnant." "Oh, shit! Fuck!" I cried out, as my orgasmic feelings were quickly overwhelming me, and I instinctively shoved my penis as deep into Jordan's vagina as I could, in order to get the quickly-expanding head of my dick up close to her cervix. "Dad! What the fuck are you doin'? Pull out now, God damn it!" Jordan cried out, with her eyes wide-open in sheer terror.

"I can't. I'm sorry, Baby. It's too late!" I said, at the very edge of orgasmic unconsciousness, and closed my eyes as I felt my dick start pulsating deep inside Jordan's totally-unprotected and possibly-fertile vagina, with the front of my pubic bone pressed tightly up against hers, and with her squirming her hips all around underneath mine, in a futile effort to try to escape my ejaculating penis.

And then, as my penis continued to pulsate deep inside her, I felt Jordan's body suddenly go limp underneath mine, as she abruptly stopped struggling to try to escape, and accepted her fate. At that point, Jordan spread her legs apart as far as she could, and tilted her pelvis upward. And she grabbed hold of my butt--with one check in each hand--while she was firmly pulling my pelvis inward towards hers, and grinding her fleshy pubic bone up against my hair-covered one.

"God damn it, Dad! You're makin' me cum!" Jordan announced, just moments before she screamed out in orgasmic ecstasy, and I felt her strong, rhythmic vaginal contractions around the base of my still-pulsating penis.

I also felt Jordan's warm cum squirting out of her piss-hole in small spurts, and flowing down my ball-sack, as she was thoroughly soaking the bed sheets down between her spread-apart thighs. I thought to myself, Damn, Girl! You definitely take after your mother, when it comes to orgasming! When Jordan finally opened her eyes again, and came back down to this planet (mentally), I apologized to her, "I'm sorry, Sweetie.

Really I am. I just couldn't help myself. I was way too excited." "So was I," Jordan admitted. "And I'm sorry for struggling underneath you, like that. I don't really know what came over me, Daddy. 'Cuz I know that I can always go get a morning-after pill, to keep from getting pregnant.

I've done that many times before. And it's always worked for me." "Yeah. Thank God we live in these modern times!" I said to her, while we were still coupled-up, and lying in each other's arms. "Amen to that!" She agreed. "God, you've got some nice tits on you!" I commented, as I was feeling one of her ample breasts out through the thin, cotton material of her Eeyore night shirt. "Well you've got a nice cock on you too!" Jordan replied, reaching down to grab hold of my balls, and give them a gentle-but-firm squeeze.

"And some large, sexy balls to go with it!" And we both giggled away, like two young children playing hide-and-go-seek. "We've gotta stop meeting like this," I told Jordan, as I finally felt my limp dick falling out of her fuck-hole. I got up off the top of her, and moved over to lie down beside her. Jordan sat up in the bed, pulled her night shirt up over the top of her head, and dropped it down onto the floor, beside the bed.

And then she said to me, "Daddy, would you please suck on my titties?" Talk about making me an offer that I couldn't refuse. Meanwhile, in another bedroom down the hall, I could faintly hear Sally through the walls, as she was praising Jake, "Yeah, that's it, Sweetie. You're doin' it just right. The girls are really gonna love you!" And I found myself wondering if Jake was just fondling Sally's pussy, or if he was actually fucking her.

I knew that one of those two scenarios was definitely taking place. And knowing my wife as well as I do, I suspected that it was most likely the second scenario. Especially when I eventually started hearing Sally's voice through the walls, as she was repeatedly yelling out. And of course, I knew exactly what my wife's orgasmic vocalizations sound like. And there was no mistaking those sounds.

I knew that whatever Jake was doing to Sally in our bedroom down the hall was causing her to orgasm over and over again. And while I was sucking away on Jordan's left nipple trainer drills his gorgeous student schoolgirl and hardcore a nursing baby, all I could think about was Jake's young dick filling up his own mother's baby-making canal with his sperm.

The very same baby-making canal that I had watched him emerge from when he was born, so many years ago. And I wondered if my son was actually getting my wife pregnant at this very moment in my own bed, right down the hall. And naturally, all of those super-taboo, incestuous thoughts made my own dick quickly get rock-hard again. "So are you ready for Round 2?" I asked Jordan. "And this time, you don't have to struggle, okay?" "Well, what are you waitin' for, old man?" Jordan coyly asked, flipping back down onto her back, spreading her legs apart, and opening up her arms to welcome me back to her sticky, 'sloppy seconds' pussy.

"Tell ya what. Why don't we 'do it' doggie-style this time? I know you like that a lot," I suggested. "Shit yeah, Dad! You're the coolest!" Jordan said, flipping over onto all fours, with her butt up in the air, and presenting herself to me.

"Dad, is Jake fucking Mom right now? I only ask, 'cuz that's what it sounds like to me." "I don't know, Sweetie. He just might be, for all I know. Either that, or he's masturbating her." "And you're okay with that?" "Not really. But you know that I can't stop your mother from doing whatever she wants to do. That is one hard-headed woman!" "Tell me about it," Jordan quickly agreed.

I knelt down behind Jordan on top of the bed, and guided my shaft with my hand, to slowly rub the head of my penis up and down along the freshly-creampied crack of her vulva. Then I eased my dick out of her slit, and I firmly pressed the tip of my blood-engorged, now-lubricated dick-head up against her asshole. "Oh Daddy, you're such a naughty boy! But you sure do know how to please a girl!" Jordan said, intentionally relaxing her circular anal sphincter muscle to let the head of my penis suddenly pop through the center of it, and slide all the way up into her rectum.

And then Jordan unexpectedly confessed to me, "This is how I let those football players fuck me behind the gym at school the other day." "So then all of them fucked you in the ass, and not in the pussy?" "Well, almost all of them.

I made sure that those three black friends of Tom fucked me in the ass only. Just 'cuz I get off on watching white women get fucked by black men in the porn movies, that doesn't mean that I want to take any chances on getting knocked up by a black dude, myself.

I'm not Mom, you know?

So my boyfriend's the only one who got to stick his dick in my pussy that afternoon. And that's just the way I roll." "Did Tom cum inside your pussy that afternoon, behind the gym?" I asked, as I was steadily humping away at Jordan's warm rectum.

"Of course he did. What kind of a question is that? You came in my pussy, didn't you?" "Well, yes. But I wasn't wearing a condom." "Neither was he, that afternoon. I didn't want to embarrass him like that, in front of his fellow football players. So I told him to forget the rubber, and just go for it.

And that's exactly what he did." "But I thought you weren't on The Pill anymore, and that that was why you were begging me to pull out of you, when we were fucking, just a few minutes ago." "That's exactly what I wanted you to think, Daddy.

I learned that little trick from Mom. She taught me that it always turns a man on to think the he might actually be fertilizing a woman's egg, and that it excites a man even more when a woman puts up a little resistance, right before he starts cumming inside her. It worked, didn't it?" "You're God damn right it did! I haven't cum that hard in a long time.

You're just full of surprises, aren't you?" "That's exactly what Jake says to me, whenever I show up in his room, late at night, and surprise him." "Jake, huh? Your little brother, Jake?" "Yeah. That 'Jake.'" "What exactly do you do to him that surprises him?" "Nothing much, really. I just get into bed with him. That's all." "And you have sex with him?" I asked, trying to get her to provide me with the information that I was really interested in.

"Yeah, I guess you could call it that. I mean, I don't kiss him, or hug him, or anything like that. I just jack him off, while I let him feel out my tits and my pussy. What can I say? I get a kick out of watching my little brother squirt jizz all over himself. And he likes feeling my pussy get wet." "So then you don't let him rub his dick against your pussy?" "Maybe once or twice.

But who's counting?" Jordan admitted off-hand, as if it were no big deal. "Jake is. Definitely!" I assured her. * * * * * Later that evening, I was lying in bed next to Sally. And she began playfully fondling and squeezing my dick, trying to give me a hard-on, which meant that she was granny in stockings rubbing her pussy tube porn feeling horny, despite her afternoon sexual encounter with Jake--or maybe, because of it.

And of course, one thing naturally led to another. And before too long, we were both groping away at each other's bare genitals, getting all "foreplayed up" so that we could make love.

"Well, did Dave agree to join us Friday night at the hotel?" Sally asked me. "Yes, he did. But he's got one condition. He insists on fucking you first, before Terrell does. Are you good with juelz ventura fucked hard big black cock monstercock not?

Maybe Dave's the one who's supposed to get me pregnant. I don't really care that much who fathers my baby, just as long as he's a black man. And Dave certainly qualifies." "Good. But I've got to warn you about something. Terrell's gay." "What? You've gotta be kiddin' me?" "No. I'm not. But Dave said that he thinks he can get Terrell to agree to go ahead and fuck baby face back for more in the butt, because he's never actually fucked a white woman before.

In fact, he's never fucked any woman before. So you'd be his first. And of course, those naked pictures of you are probably going to tip the scales in your favor. I should know something within a day or so." And that's when Sally confessed to me that, at the end of her in-depth 'show and tell' session with Jake, she had actually let him climb into bed with her.

"I let Jake have sex with me this afternoon. And it's got me so horny I can barely stand it!" Sally admitted, as she grabbed hold of my balls with her left hand. "I told you I didn't want you to tell me what happened between you and Jake, after I left," I said to Sally, although the truth was it really excited me to hear Sally talk about big tits cam girl masturbates with dildo letting her own son have sex with her.

While she continued to gently caress my balls in her left hand, Sally was now feeling out and exploring my dick-head with the fingertips of her right hand, stopping every once in a while to reach down and slowly move my foreskin up and down my quickly-stiffening dick-shaft.

"Well, I thought you ought to know how things turned out. That's all," said Sally. "Why? So I can get mad, or get jealous, or something like that?" I asked, while I was busy diddling her clit, and fingering her vagina.

"No. So you'll know that I didn't mean for it to happen. It just did. That's all." "What on earth are you talking about? What do you mean by it?" "Well, after I finished my 'show and tell,' I asked Jake if he had any questions. And that's when he told me that he pretty much knew all the things that I was showing him about how women masturbate, because his older sister had already shown him those things.

He admitted that she had been coming to his room, late a nights, and teaching him all about sex. He also admitted that they had been having sex together, but that they didn't actually fuck. They just masturbated each other. Can you believe that?" "Wow! That's pretty shocking," I agreed, acting as if I didn't already know about most of what Sally was telling me.

The only part that was really new to me was the "teaching Jake about sex" part. Then I added, "Well, I guess it's not that uncommon for a brother and sister to turn to each other for sexual relief, if you get my drift." "But they're not just masturbating each other, Carl. They're actually fucking!" "Really?" I asked, feigning disbelief. "So what did you think they'd be doing?

Reading each other bedtime stories?" I asked sarcastically. "I'm serious, Carl!" Sally stated emphatically, and then continued on with her explanation, "When I asked Jake to show me how Jordan and him masturbate together, he climbed into bed with me, and began feeling out my tits, and then dropped down to feel out my pussy.

And of course, I expected that. "But it surprised the heck out of me, a little while later, when he got in between my legs, and started rubbing his dick-head up against my clit and my pussy crack." "So I guess Jake's a chip off the old block, then," I remarked. "How many times have I rubbed my leaky dick-head up against that pussy crack of yours?

Did you know that women have actually gotten pregnant from a man's pre-cum alone? Oops, I forgot. You're one of those women, aren't you?" I said to Sally as sarcastically as I could, while I was still busy fingering her vagina.

"Fuck you, Carl! Just fuck you! And the horse you rode in on! That's booby blond tattooed masseuse vyxen steel boned and facialed pornstars hardcore I've gotta say about that. If Daddy didn't leak like that, Jordan wouldn't even exist. And come to think of it, you probably wouldn't be here in this bed a melhor foda que uma mulher pode me right now, either." "Oh, come on, Sally.

I was just kidding around with you. So what happened next between you and Jake?" "I thought you told me that you didn't wanna know." "Well, I do now. So what happened?" "Well, I asked Jake, 'So does Jordan just lie there, and let you do this to her? Or does she open up her pussy crack for you, like this?' And I reached down, and put one hand on each side of my pussy, and pulled my crack wide-open, and then I held it that way for Jake--just like I always do for you.

"And Jake says to me, 'Jordan pulls her pussy crack open, just like you're doing. But she doesn't let me stick my penis up inside her vagina, which is what I really wanna do.' "'So then what does she make you do, instead?' I asked him.

"And he said, 'She usually holds her tits together, and has me straddle her chest, so that I can fuck her cleavage until I cum.' "And I told him, 'I couldn't do that, even if I wanted to. I don't have any cleavage. Heck, I barely have breasts.' "And he says to me, 'But you've got a sexy-looking pussy, Mom. And that's all you need, as far as I'm concerned. Besides, I think your little breasts are adorable.

They turn me on more than you'll ever know. That's why I wanted to feel them, and suck on them.' "Then I felt him move his shaft downward to place the tip of his dick right up against the entrance to my vagina. And then he slowly eased the head of his penis up into my vaginal opening, and then stopped. "And at that point, I could feel Jake's dick-head balloon out, just inside my vaginal opening, as he was holding it very still, and trying to describe for me how great my vagina felt to his penis.

"And then he suddenly started shooting his wad, without even making a single thrust. In fact, Jake still had the shaft of his penis outside of my vagina. "So I reached around, and grabbed his butt-cheeks, to try to pull him all the way into me. "And Jake just melted in my arms, like a limp rag doll, as his dick slid all the way in. And he just left it there, and let it continue doin' its thing, deep inside me. "Jake kept apologizing to me over and over again, while his dick was pulsating away inside me, right up against my cervix.

He was telling me that he was sorry, and that he couldn't help himself, because he had just gotten too excited from the whole experience. "But I kept praising him, and telling him that he was doing everything right, and that the girls were really gonna love him for it.

And I told him that everything was just fine with me, because that premature ejaculation on his part was what I was expecting kannada actress prema sex storys happen during his very first time fucking a woman.

And I assured him that he would last a lot longer, the next time he--" "Fucks you, right? The next time he fucks you!" I jumped in, rudely cutting Sally off. "Well, yeah. I mean who else is he gonna fuck?" Sally said very defensively. "Think about what you just said," I told Sally. "Oh, shit! I wasn't even thinking about her!" Sally admitted. "Yeah. And there's something else even more important that you weren't thinking about, either. You haven't been using any birth control for months.

And that's something that you yourself keep reminding me about. And thanks to your reckless actions today, you do realize that you could become pregnant with your own son's baby, don't you?" "Sure. That's why I orgasmed my ass off, when I felt Jake starting to ejaculate inside me this afternoon. And I was feeling horny as shit, because I think I'm ovulating right now. And that's the whole reason why I let Jake fuck me this afternoon.

I wasn't meaning for my 'show and tell' with Jake to end that way. Believe me." "Just how did you think it would end?" "I originally intended for Jake to just jack off in front of me." "He could have done that, all by himself, using those naked pictures of you on his laptop as a masturbation aid, just like he was doing before you walked into his room, and caught him masturbating.

So why did Jake go with you into sexy catalina masturbating yanks featured video erect nipples bedroom?" One dick cant pleasure a hot girl anymore asked. "Because I asked him to," Sally said to me. "No. That's not it.

He could've simply asked you to leave his bedroom, and let him finish jacking off in private. And you would've done just that. But he didn't, now did he? And why is that, Sally? Come on. Think up. You were a young girl once." "Sexual curiosity," she said, after pondering my question for a couple of seconds.

real mom son in ass on. You're getting warmer.

And that is part of the reason. But what was Jake really wanting from you?" "My body. He wanted to have sex with me." "Good. You're getting hotter now. But what exactly does 'have sex' mean to a guy?" "He wanted to fuck me. He wanted to use my pussy to get his rocks off. Oh my God! Jake was using me, Carl!" "Exactly!

And you let him play you, like an old violin. The ironic part is that you thought that you were the one in control, the whole time." "Not the whole time.

I started orgasming my ass off, while Jake was cumming inside me." "That doesn't surprise me. You always do that whenever I cum inside you." Yeah, but I sure didn't feel in control, at that point.

And despite everything that happened between me and Jake, I still think I made the right choice. Don't you?" "We'll know in a couple of weeks, if your period comes on time." "Don't remind me.

Do you think I should go get a morning-after pill tomorrow?" "Do whatever you want. 'Cuz that's what you're gonna end up doing anyway." "Okay. So then, in that case, I choose not to do anything, and just take my chances, and let the chips fall where they may.

So are you ready to fuck my little pussy yet? By the way, it's still got Jake's sperm in it. I hope that doesn't bother you too much." "Don't worry.

I'm good with it," I said, being totally honest with Sally, as I was enthusiastically mounting her sticky, "sloppy seconds" pussy, with the knowledge that I would soon be mixing my own sperm with Jake's, inside of my own wife's pussy.

"By the way, I wish everyone in this family would stop lying to each other." "What do you mean by that?" Sally asked, acting as if she didn't already know what I meant. I stayed coupled-up with Sally, but paused my thrusting for a little while to have a much-needed discussion with her, "I mean, Jake was obviously lying to you, when he claimed that Jordan had never let him fuck her.

Just think about it for a moment. You know Jordan better than anyone, and you know how horny she is. Do you honestly believe that Jordan would sneak into Jake's room late at night, climb into bed with him, play with his dick while she's letting him play with her pussy, and then not let him fuck her?

Because I don't. Jordan's on The Pill, for Christ's sake. So she doesn't even have to worry about getting pregnant. And that would be about the only thing that would stop her from letting her own brother have sexual intercourse with her." "But you just said that everyone in this family is lying to each other.

So have I lied to you tonight?" "Yes, you have, as a matter of fact. Jake didn't just rub his dick against your pussy, and then insert only the head of it into your vagina, now did he?

Come on, tell me the truth. Because I already know what really happened between you two this afternoon, after I left." "Oh yeah? Well, pray tell, what really happened?" "Well, the part about Jake rubbing his dick against your pussy crack really happened. But then he mounted you, by sliding his dick all the way up inside you, and he began humping away at your pussy.

And he was damn good at it too, because he had already had lots of practice 'doing it' with Jordan. And Jake didn't cum the moment that he inserted his dick into your little fuck-hole, now did he?" Sally's awkward silence spoke volumes. "Well, did he?" I prodded her again for an answer.

"No, he wet crack of hotty nailed hardcore blowjob Sally finally admitted.

"You see, I told you that you were lying to me. So how long did Jake hump away at your pussy, before he finally came inside you?" Sally thought about it for a few moments, and then finally answered, "Maybe 9 or 10 minutes.

But I'm not really sure, 'cuz he was making me cum like crazy the whole time." "Now, you're telling me the truth. See how much better it feels to be honest with me? So here's another question for you. You lied to me when you told me that Jake apologized to you, while he was cumming inside you, didn't you?" "Yes, I did. Jake was thoroughly enjoying our intercourse, just like I was." "Okay, I've got two more questions for you to be honest with me about." "Fire away." "When you caught Jake jacking off in his bedroom this afternoon, and you pulled your pants down and stood in front of him to let him finger your pussy, that's when you made the decision that you were going put on a sex show for him in order to try to get him to fuck you, isn't it?" "Well you're close, but no cigar.

I actually made that decision when I first walked into Jake's bedroom, and I saw that he had been jacking off to those spread-eagle pictures of me that were carefully positioned across his laptop screen.

At that moment, while I was staring at his rock-hard dick--which he wasn't making any effort to hide from me, by the way--I made the decision that I was going to try to get him to fuck me with that sexy-looking dick euro english milf in stockings anal fuck buttfucking assfucking his.

And that's when I pulled down my pants in front of him." "Does getting fucked by Jake turn you on more than getting fucked by me? And think about this long and hard, before you answer. 'Cuz I already know the truth. I'm just asking you to be honest with me, and verify what I already know." "Yes. I'm not proud of it. But the truth is it turns me on more to get fucked by my own son. And it's not just a taboo, mental excitement thing either, although that's definitely a part of it.

But this afternoon, Jake fucked me the same way that you used to fuck me years ago, back when we first began having intercourse together." "Hey, what can I say? I'm no spring chicken anymore.

I just don't have that kind of energy and stamina, like I used to." "Don't feel bad about it, Carl. Neither do I. But Jake does! And he proved that to me this afternoon, when he was fucking me. Notice I didn't say when we were fucking. Because I pretty much just laid there on top of the bed, like a rag doll, and let Jake hump away at my pussy.

"At first I tried to play a more-active role, and meet each of his inward thrusts with my own. But that didn't last long, despite the fact that his unusually-fast thrusting was making me cum like crazy.

"Right answer!" I praised Sally, as I immediately resumed my not-so-exciting, moderate-paced thrusting, and eventually brought our intercourse to a successful conclusion, within about another minute or two. Afterwards, we both lay there in each other's arms, just like we always do, as we were both basking in our respective orgasmic glows.

And that's when Sally said to me, "There's something else that you should know about Jordan. And please don't get mad at her? But she's not on The Pill anymore." "What?" I asked in disbelief. attractive hottie feels dong in arse pornstar hardcore she hasn't been for months. Jordan told me the pills were making her bloat up and gain weight.

And so she quit taking them." "Oh shit!" automatically came out of my mouth, as I thought about that wad of sperm that I had intentionally deposited right up against Jordan's totally-unprotected cervix, just a few hours before. "Don't worry," Sally said, "Jordan promised me that she's using the withdrawal method, whenever she's having intercourse with Tom. And she assured me that Tom's really good about pulling out of her before he cums, and that they've never had an 'accident.'" "So why on earth is Jordan using the withdrawal method?

We both know how unreliable that is. I mean, why doesn't she just use some spermicidal foam, and get her boyfriend to wear a condom? That'd be much more dependable." "Jordan hates those damn rubbers, just like I do! That's why. Not only that, but foam is so fucking messy and yucky! We tried it ourselves years ago, back when we first started fucking, remember? If I recall correctly, you didn't like the way my vagina felt either, with all that sticky foam up inside it." * * * * * Meanwhile, what I didn't know at the time was that.

.down the hall, inside Jake's bedroom, a shadowy figure was closing the bedroom door behind her, and locking it.

Sex xxx story 2019 america

She slowly and stealthily tiptoed her way across the carpeted floor, and up into the full-size bed, carefully sliding herself under the covers, to lie right next to a sleeping Jake. She reached over into his crotch, and began gently massaging his limp penis through the thin cotton material of his tighty whities, which was the only piece of clothing that he had on.

When she felt the sleeping Jake's penis start to harden up, she quit her massaging just long enough to shimmy out of her panties, and pull the bottom hem of her Eeyore night shirt up around her waist.

Then she went right back to work, trying to have sex with Jake, while at the same time, not waking him up. It was a little game that she was playing with herself. And titfuck gets mixed with cook jerking pornstar hardcore soon, while she continued fondling the sleeping Jake's steadily-growing penis with one hand, she was actively massaging her own vulva with the other.

And in no time, she was wet and ready for the "games to begin." She thought to herself, I wonder if I can suck his dick, without waking him up. And then another thought suddenly occurred to her, He's probably never had his dick sucked by anyone before.

And that thought literally made her pussy tingle. She sunk under the covers, placing her head directly over his underwear-covered crotch.

Then she carefully and slowly moved the crotch-panel of his underwear over to one side to expose his now-fully-erect dick and his scrotum through the leg-hole of the tighty whities. And that naturally released the musky, masculine aroma of his hairy crotch, which was literally ambrosia to the receptors inside her female nose.

She couldn't help but take a couple of deep sniffs. She couldn't actually see Jake's dick and balls, because she was underneath the heavy covers of the bed. But she had her hand wrapped around the shaft of his penis, and so she knew exactly where it was located, in relation to her own head and body.

She eased her head downward, and felt the tip of his dick-head come into contact her lips. And she knew that she had hit pay-dirt. She formed her mouth into an "O" shape, and slowly slid it down around the head of Jake's dick. And she began bobbing her head up and down, ever-so-slightly, to stimulate his shaft, just behind his corona.

Though he was technically still asleep, Jake let out a long-lasting, breathy "ah" sound. And he began to instinctively rock his pelvis back and forth, in response to the unexpectedly-pleasant stimulation that his dick was receiving, thanks to his older sister's mouth. And within about 30 seconds of being in that hazy twilight stage, Jake's eyes finally popped wide-open, and he almost-instantly realized that his older sister was giving him a blowjob under the covers.

"Oh, my God, Jordan! What are you doing?" Jake said in a forced whisper. Jordan lifted her mouth up off Jake's dick-head just long enough to say, "Duh! What do you think I'm doing, Einstein?" "But you've never done this before. Does this mean that you wanna fuck this time?" "No," Jordan said, temporarily lifting her head up off of Jake's junk, "It means that I want you to eat my pussy this time." Then Jordan quickly shifted her body around, straddling Jake's face, as she pressed her fleshy pussy mound down against his face, completely covering his nose and mouth, so that he could barely breathe.

Jake immediately shifted his face to free his nose, so that he could breathe again. And he began to tongue away at his sister's pussy crack, while she was still sucking on the end of his dick. Her pussy smelled and tasted very strange and foreign to Jake. He had never had anything that smelled and tasted quite like that in his mouth before.

And he certainly wasn't prepared for what was getting ready to happen next, when Jordan began peeing in his mouth, in little spurts. And all Jake could really do was to repeatedly swallow her warm, bitter-tasting urine. "What the fuck are you doing?" Jake asked, very concerned. "I'm making you my little bitch," Jordan answered, and then squirted some more urine directly into his mouth, as she threatened him, "Drink this, mother-fucker, or I'll bite the head off your fucking dick." Then she bit down softly on the end of his dick, just to make her point.

"Oh yeah? Well if you do that, I'm gonna bite of your little clit, too," Jake threatened right back, before nibbling away at the head of Jordan's clitoris. Except, unlike Jordan's play-biting of his penis, Jake's bite was strong enough to draw blood, and cause Jordan enough pain that she nearly screamed out, but stopped herself just in time.

After all, she didn't want to risk waking up the rest of the household. And of course, she naturally assumed that her parents were asleep in their bedroom--which they weren't. Jordan abruptly got out from under the covers, and stood up a few feet away from the side of the bed, as she told Jake, "Fuck you, little brother! I'm goin' back to my room." And Jake replied, "No, you're not. You didn't come in here, just to go back to your room, without gettin' any relief.

Now, I'm sorry for biting you a little too hard down there. But I was just playing. Just like I thought you were playing with me. Now, why don't you get back in this nice, warm bed with me, and I promise you I'll finger you to some killer orgasms. Deal?" After a few moments of silence, Jake told his older sister, who had a frown on her face, that Jake couldn't see in his darkened bedroom from where she was standing, "Oh, come on, Jordan.

Don't be that way. I already told you I'm sorry. So do we have a deal?" "Deal," Jordan finally replied so softly that it was almost inaudible. And then she slipped down under the covers, to lie beside Jake, and his stiff, miniature flag pole of a penis. But she didn't reach over and touch it at all. Instead, she just rolled over onto her back, pulled the bottom hem of her Eeyore night shirt up around her waist, spread her legs far apart, and waited for Jake to begin fulfilling his just-made promise to finger her "to some killer orgasms." Jake unexpectedly rolled over on top of Jordan, pressing the head of his dick against the crack of her pussy.

And then he used his hips to thrust his penis up and down, along the length of her crack. "I didn't say which finger I was gonna use, now did I? This just happens to be my 'sex-finger.' Do you like it?" "Well, sure. But I thought you were talking about fingering me, the way that you always do." "Ah, that's boring. I've got a brand new way to finger you. You're really gonna love this!" While still using only his hips to control his penis, Jake pressed the head of it downward.

And Jordan's inner pussy lips faithfully guided his dick-head to the entrance of her vagina, at the very rear of her long crack. "What the fuck are you doing, Jake?" Jordan asked, starting to get alarmed. "I told you I didn't want you to fuck me." "How about now?" Jake asked sarcastically, as he firmly pressed the end of his dick against her tightened-up vaginal sphincter muscle, which naturally gave way, to let his dick-head slide right up inside Jordan's vaginal entrance.

"God damn it, Jake! I'm gonna scream, if you don't stop fucking me right now!" "Well, go right ahead. 'Cuz thanks to your awesome blowjob, I'm gonna cum inside you within the next couple of seconds anyway," Jake said, as he shoved his dick all the way in, up to the hilt.

And he immediately began ejaculating up against the neck of his older sister's womb, as he was forcefully whispering into Jordan's ear, telling her things like, "Take that, you fucking bitch! It serves you right, for being such a cock-tease!" Meanwhile, Jordan was also strongly whispering back into Jake's ear the whole time, cussing away at him like a drunken sailor, as she was calling him all sorts of loving names, like "fucking bastard" and "piece of shit." Jordan was horrified that she now had both her father's sperm and her younger brother's sperm deep inside her totally-unprotected vagina.

And she was really worried that she might end up getting pregnant as a result of her actions today. However, Jordan also realized that there was nothing that she really could do about that right now. She knew had made her own bed, and now all she could really do was lie in it, literally.

And so Jordan ultimately decided that she might as well just relax and "enjoy the ride." The ironic part of all this was that Jordan really didn't have to worry at all about the possibility of Jake--or her father--getting her pregnant, because she was already pregnant with her boyfriend's baby.

Of course, she didn't know that yet. But Tom had managed to knock her up while he was "doing her" doggie-style behind the school gym that afternoon, with his three black football buddies watching, and making fun of Jordan for "peeing all over herself" while her boyfriend was fucking her from behind.

And Jordan immediately knew that Tom's football buddies were all so naive that they never realized that she wasn't really urinating. She was orgasming, and squirting out her cum, just like lots of girls do. But that didn't make the experience any less humiliating for her. And it should come as no surprise that Jordan would eventually regret telling Tom that day that he should my dirty hobby gorgeous milf teased and fucked the rubber, and just go for it." After Jordan had finally calmed down about having the head of her little brother's still-mildly-pulsating erect penis--along with a whole wad of his freshly-ejaculated sperm--right up against her totally-unprotected cervix, Jake confessed to her, "By the way, if it'll make you feel any better, I also fucked Mom today for the very first time." "No shit!" Jordan remarked, acting very surprised by Jake's confession, and pretending as if she and her father didn't plainly hear her mother's numerous orgasmic vocalizations through the upstairs walls this afternoon.

"I've gotta hear this. Tell me what happened." "Did you cum just now?" Jake asked her, abruptly changing the subject. "No. But you certainly did!" Jordan replied, and they both giggled softly at her witty remark. "So Mom took your virginity, huh?" "Yeah. And here I thought you were the one who was gonna do that." "So did I, originally. But things got a little complicated," Jordan said, alluding to the fact that she wasn't on The Pill anymore, even though Jake had no idea what Jordan meant by that phrase.

"Now tell me what happened between you and Mom," Jordan prodded. "And don't leave out any details. And maybe I'll let sunny leoni ebony faking vedeo fuck me again tonight. And I promise I'll even orgasm, while you're fucking me. And believe me, you'll definitely feel it, when I'm cumming. Deal?" "Deal!" Jake enthusiastically replied.

And then Jordan intentionally used her vaginal entrance muscles to squeeze down around the base of Jake's fully-inserted dick-shaft a few times. "Wow! That feels really cool!" Jake remarked, in response to Jordan's vaginal stimulation of his softening penis.

"By the way, do you wanna know why I've been such a cock-tease this whole time? It's because I haven't been using any birth control. That's why. I mean, sure, I wanted you to have sex with me. Why else would I jump into bed with you late at nights, like I've been doing? But I didn't want you to actually fuck me, and possibly get me pregnant." "Oh shit!" automatically came out of Jake's mouth, as he thought about that wad of sperm that he had intentionally deposited right up against Jordan's totally-unprotected cervix, just moments before.

"Don't worry, little brother. The damage was already done, long before I ever got into this bed with you tonight," Jordan said cryptically. "I'll explain everything. But only after you tell me what happened between you and Mom today." "Oh, come on, Sis. Don't leave me hanging like that." "Okay.

I'll leave you hanging like this, then. This afternoon, Dad was in my room, and we both heard you and Mom through the walls while you two were 'going at it' hot and heavy." "Wait a minute. What was Dad doing in your room?" Jake asked. And then his jaw slowly dropped wide-open, as the little light bulb went off in his head.

At the same time, Jake's dick finally softened up enough to fall out of Jordan's vagina, all on its own. "The same thing you were doing to Mom," said Jordan, confirming Jake's suspicions. "No way!" "Yes, way!" Jordan blurted out, nodding her head, with her eyebrows arched high, and a huge toothy grin on her face.

Both brother and sister giggled away in sheer delight for a moment, as Jake was rolling over onto his back to lie beside his sister. And then Jordan said to Jake, "Okay, tell me what happened with Mom this afternoon. You promised." "Well, there's really not that much to tell," said Jake.

"Mom caught me jacking off in my bedroom this afternoon. And then she took me into her bedroom, and she put on a sex show for me. Believe it or not, she was trying to show me how girls masturbate. But thanks to you, I already knew most of the stuff that Mom was showing me. Anyways, I got into bed with her after her little 'show-and-tell' was over with, and she let me fuck her.

God her pussy felt so good to my--" "TMI! Stop right there!" Jordan interrupted. "I know pretty much everything that I need to know." "But Mom let me suck her tits too." "Mom doesn't really have any tits. At least, not compared to mine." "Yeah, obvious that! But those little puffed-out nipple-mounds of hers were fucking awesome!" "Hey, don't forget that I've sucked on 'em too. And yes, that was a real turn-on--despite their small size." "Oh, that's right. I almost forgot. You've had sex with Mom too." "Yeah.

And I'm jealous much. Because you made Mom cum a lot more than I seem to be able to." "How do you know that?" "I heard you guys through the walls, remember? I lost track of how many times Mom screamed out your name, while she was obviously cumming her ass off. What the hell were you doing to her, to make her cum over and over again, like that?" "Like I told you, I was just fucking her. That's all." "So how come you didn't fuck me like that, just a few minutes ago?" "Because you told me that you didn't want me to fuck you, remember?

"But you went ahead and fucked please don let me do that molly rae anyway. You just did it without any thrusting. That's all." "Yeah. A guy can only take so much of that cock-teasing shit, you know?

Especially after that amazing blowjob you gave me. The truth is I almost came in your mouth!" "So why didn't you just go ahead and do that?" Jordan asked. "Because I wanted to cum in your 'other mouth,' instead." "Do you wanna know a secret?" "Sure." "I had a little surprise planned for you tonight." "You mean, besides that awesome blowjob?" "Yeah, besides that. I was gonna let you fuck me in the ass tonight.

But then you jumped the gun, and raped me." "Are you mad at me for doing that? I thought that's what you were wanting me to do, Sis.

I mean, Mom told me this afternoon that almost all girls have rape fantasies." "Yeah, but that doesn't mean that we necessarily want them to come true." "That's not what Whores roundass jizzed pornstars and big butt said." "Oh, yeah?

Well, she's definitely wrong about that!

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'Having rape fantasies' and 'getting raped' are two different things. Especially when it's by your own little brother." "So does that mean that you're mad at me for what I did tonight?" "No, I'm not mad at you for sticking your 'sex-finger' in my 'other mouth' without my permission, if that's what you mean--although you were technically raping me," Jordan answered very slowly and methodically, choosing her words carefully.

And then she thought about it for a long moment, before finally admitting to Jake, "But I guess what I'm really mad about is that you didn't make me cum first, before you did it. So if you wanna fuck me again tonight, you'd better start playin' with my pussy right now, Mister! Or I'm just gonna go back to my room right now, and get myself off." "Your wish is my command," Jake said, as he immediately reached down between Jordan's still-spread-apart thighs, shoved two of his held-together fingers up into her well-lubricated baby-making hole, and began finger-fucking his older sister.

"Oh God, Jake! That's perfect! Don't stop!" Jordan said in response to Jake's pistoning fingers, while she was reaching over into his crotch to check the current status of his penis, and discovering--much to her indian desi collegegirl fucking her juicy pussy in shower with dildo indiansexygfs com tube porn her little brother's 'sex-finger' was slowly growing and stiffening again.

And Jordan continued panting out short phrases at Jake in a very breathy, staccato whisper, "Oh shit yes! You're gonna make me cum! Keep going! Oh yeah! That's it! Just like that!

Tearch and studint sexi vido gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!." * * * * * Meanwhile, back in our bedroom. .while Sally and I were lying naked in bed together, thoroughly enjoying our post-orgasmic afterglows, and discussing our daughter's misguided preference for using the withdrawal method of birth control during intercourse with her boyfriend, we both heard Jordan's voice through the upstairs bedroom walls, clearly saying "I'm gonna cum!

I'm gonna cum!" And then we both heard her cry out, as she was obviously orgasming. I assumed that Jordan was in her bedroom, masturbating, when I commented to Sally, "Gosh, Jordan's just a chip off the old block, isn't she? I mean, she screams out, just like you do, whenever she's making herself cum." "I've got news for you, Carl.

Jordan's not making herself cum right now. Somebody else is. Most likely our son. Why else would Jordan announce that she was gonna cum? If she was all by herself, masturbating, she'd just go ahead and make herself cum. She wouldn't go out of her way to announce it first." "Good point. So do you think Jake's actually fucking her?" "You mean, just like you were doing this afternoon?

Come on, you don't have to lie to me, Carl. I could hear you guys through the walls, just like I'm sure you guys could hear me and Jake 'going at it' too. Does this refresh your memory?" "Pull out now, God damn it!" Sally said, imitating Jordan's voice as best as she could.

And Sally quickly switched to a bad imitation of my voice, and she said, "I'm sorry, Baby. It's too late!" Then Sally switched right back to her Jordan-sounding voice, and said, "God damn it, Dad!

You're makin' me cum!" And finally she went right back to her own sarcastic Sally-voice, and asked, "Well, does any of that ring any bells for you?" "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fuck your daughter. But Jordan seduced me, right after I left you and Jake in our bedroom this afternoon.

I swear, that's exactly what happened!" "I know, Carl. And I believe you.

And Jordan did that, because I asked her to seduce you." "What?" I asked in total shock, trying to let Sally last statement sink in.

"When did you do that?" "Right before I 'caught' Jake in his bedroom, jacking off." "But that means that you had to already know that you were going to catch him jacking off in his room, and that you intended all long to seduce him into fucking you this afternoon, while I was over at Dave's house.

I must've come back home, before you were ready for me to." "Bingo! Give that man a cigar!" Sally spontaneously remarked. And the irony wasn't lost on me that my wife had just used the exact same phrase as my next door neighbor, Dave, had used earlier this afternoon.

Sometimes weird coincidences like that just happen, I guess. "God, you're one conniving little bitch, aren't you?" I observed. "Oh please, Sir. Compliments will get you everywhere," Sally stated, as sarcastically as she could, and then added, in a forced whisper, like a spy who was sharing a vital secret with another spy, "Who do you think sent those naked pictures of me to Jake? I'll give you a hint.

It was me. I did that this afternoon. Right after you left the house to go have sex with Dave next door." Then Sally shifted to her infamous, high-pitched, "little girl" voice, and she said me, "I'm sorry, Daddy.

I was such a naughty girl this afternoon. Do you wanna spank me?" "So why did you ask Jordan to seduce me after I came home from my 'little adventure' with Dave?" I asked, obviously not playing along with Sally's "coy little girl" routine. My wife quickly took the cue, and shifted right back to her own voice, before she confessed to me, "I was hoping that she'd be able to catch you before you made it all the way down the hall to our bedroom, just in case you came home earlier than I thought you would, and caught Jake and me, before we had finished 'doing the dirty deed.' But obviously, that didn't happen.

Now did it? And you caught me in our bedroom, putting on my private little 'sex show' for Jake. So my Jordan back-up plan went to hell in a hand-basket real fast." "It sure did." "But you've gotta understand something. I wasn't asking Jordan to do anything that she didn't want to do anyway. I mean, she's definitely got the hots for you, Carl. A girl doesn't repeatedly display her panty-covered camel toe to her own father for no reason.

Jordan's been wantin' to fuck you something fierce for quite a while. She was just waitin' for my permission. That's all. And I finally gave it to her today, because I knew that if Jordan could get you to fuck her this afternoon, then you'd have no valid reason to get mad at me for letting Jake fuck me this afternoon.

And that was my real 'ace in the hole.'" "I think it was more like your real 'dick in the hole,'" I said, trying to be funny, and having some success at it, judging from Sally's giggly reaction.

"So it's truth time, dear hubby," Sally said. "Does it turn you on more to fuck Jordan, or to fuck me?" "I believe you already know the answer to that." "That's right.

But I want to hear you say it, anyway. So who's pussy turns you on more? Jordan's, or mine? Come on. Be honest with me. I'm a big girl. I can take it." I paused for a hot babe anna bell peaks gets nailed and creamed, acting like was trying to decide which pussy I liked better.

Of course, it was all an act that I was putting on for Sally's sake, because I didn't initially want xxx led is in horsh hurt her feelings. But then after thinking about it for a moment, I decided to slap Sally across the face with the brutal truth, which is exactly what she was asking me to do. So Mom and dad sex watching dugtar finally told Sally, "Jordan's pussy.

It's so tight that I could barely get my dick all the way up inside it, when I was fucking her this afternoon. Plus I knew that I could possibly be getting Jordan pregnant this afternoon.

And just knowing that, was a huge turn-on for me! Especially when you consider that I've never been able to get you pregnant, no matter how much we've tried in the past." "Now, you're telling me the truth.

See how much better it feels to be totally honest with me? And I'm not mad at you, Carl. If I were in your shoes, Jordan's snug, young pussy would turn me on more too.

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I remember when my pussy used to be that way. Years ago. Back when we first met." "So what made you want to get fucked by your own son this afternoon?" "Oh, I don't know. After I left you in the shower, I began thinking about how you were just minutes away from finally getting your hands on a nice, black penis again.

And I have to admit there was a part of me that got jealous of you, and what you were going to be doing with Dave. But there was another part of me that just got feelin' really horny. And for me sex has always been about family.

You know that. Year's ago, it started out with Mom and me. And then Dad and me, after Mom passed away. And then Uncle Jerry." "Hey, wait a minute! I started having sex with you before Uncle Jerry did, didn't I?" "You did. But technically you weren't part of my family yet, back then." "And of course, you already know about my older sister, Cindy," Sally continued her explanation, "And then there was Jordan. Busty babe on cam watch more on flirtsexlovecom the bottom line is that, up until today, Jake was the only member of this family that I hadn't had sex with." "The only member?

Oh come on, Sally. There's gotta be another extended family member that you haven't thought of. What about your cousin, Sam?" I egged Sally on, as I reached down into her bare crotch, and began fondling her pussy again. "Oh yeah. I can't believe I forgot about Samantha. God, that bitch had one sweet pussy! That's all I can say," Sally replied, as I felt her warm hand wrapping itself around the shaft of my penis, while we were looking deep into each other's eyes, getting ready to kiss. And as Sally and I continued our exquisitely-intimate conversation in bed together, neither of us realized at the time that Sally was fertile that day.

So when Sally had recklessly allowed Jake to fuck her totally-unprotected vagina that afternoon, thousands of his living sperm cells had managed to swim their way up through her uterus, and into her Fallopian tubes.

And one of those "lucky" sperm cells had successfully penetrated into the nucleus of Sally's awaiting egg cell. So my wife was now pregnant with her own son's baby. But of course, neither of us realized that fact yet. And we wouldn't end up realizing it, until it was way too late for us to change anything. But to be totally honest with you, I wasn't that worried about the possibility of Sally getting impregnated by Jake.

I figured that she was "a big girl," and that she had made her own bed, knowing all the possible consequences of her decisions. And I also knew that we could easily claim that Jake's baby was really mine, and then just go on living our lives, as if nothing strange or out-of-place had happened.

However, Jordan was a totally different story. I knew that if she ended up getting pregnant with my baby--or with her little brother's baby, for that matter--we were all going to have to band together, and blame the pregnancy on her boyfriend, Tom, for the sake of her future, as well as the future of our entire family.

And I also knew that Sally and Jake would quickly agree to go along with this plan. What I didn't know was if Jordan was willing to do to her boyfriend what her own mother had done to me, so many years before.

And the unknown can be a scary bitch! But then, so can Jordan. Just ask Jake, if you don't believe me. * * * * *