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Lu s kuntrol asia jada kiss asian double penetration group sex interracial teen ebony
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it all started when my daughter got hit by a car on her 7th birthday. she was rideing her new bike around that me and her mother got her. when a drunk driver came out of nowhere and smashed into her.

she went flying about 30 feet into the air and landed in our naighbors lawn. the drunk driver took off and ended up smashing his car into a tree taking the next corner off our street. me and aprils mother saw the whole thing happen. we ran over to april, she was alive but uncossionus. her head was bleeding and her arm looked broken. we got her to the hospital and there hse stayed for about a month.

her arm was broken.her head was going to be fine, phiscally but mentally she sauffered a rare form of amnisea. every morning or after sleeping 5 or more hours. her memory goes back to the day before the accident.

every morning she wakes up and thinks its the day b4 her birthday. aprils mother was crushed with this news. basically we would have a daughter who would stay 7 years old mentally for the rest of her life. the doctors told us there was little chance of a reversal of this. the day home from the hospital me and trish ( aprils mother) talked about how we would deal with our daughter the next morning.

we needed a break from telling her the truth. we had been explaing to her every day in the hostpital what had happend.

some days she would understand, some days not and flip out that she missed her bday, or tell us we were lieing, or just cry. it was very frustrating. for both of us. my wife had a harder time dealing with it than i did. we agreed on lieing to april and pretending nothing had happend. it went well, april thought she was turning 7 the next day. she liked that we told her she could skip school.

she asked if she could see her friends. we told her not today. we didnt want any outside influence to mess up the day. . so we just watched tv and laughed together and all was good. me and my wife decided to do this again the next day and so we did. we went on with the lie for about a week. i didnt mind the pretending, my wife did. we argued about it. and it all turned to crap after we got the money from the settlement from the drunk driver who hit april.

my wife and I both started drinking alittle more. i was out of work. and my wife ended up quiting her job. the settlement money would last us a long time. so everything was pretty much fine. till one day my wife told me she was leaving me. that was a shocker. she told me she didnt want to live with a 7 year old her how life.

she packed up her things and didnt even say goodbye to her daughter. she said to me that she woudlent remember anyways. and than she was gone. my story pretty much begins on the first day after my wife left me and my daughter. "daddy wake up!! daddyyyyy. . daddyyy wakkke uppp" i heard my daughter next to me in the my bed.," wheres mommy daddy. i'm hungry."" i was hung over and pretty angry at my wife leaving and everything just flooded my head all at once.

and i yelled at april. something i hardly ever did. aprilll!! go to your room!!! nooww! i shouted. april jumped back fast and gave me a sad face and ran out of my room, down the hall and into her room. i heard the door close.about a min later i felt really bad for yelling at my little girl.

i got up and walked to her room and knocked on her door. she didnt anwser me, but i heard her crying inside her room, so i opend the door and walked in, april was on her bed in her pink pajamas with her head under the pillow.

i sat down next to her and rubbed her back i'm sorry honey. i didnt mean it. i dont feel good baby."i said to her. i thought for a sec and said" heyy how about you take a day off of school and we can just hang out all day and watch movies? april moved the pillow away and looked at me. really daddy? can I? wheres mommy? she said. " umm shes at work sweetheart. she wont be home all day, so its just you and me. i'm going to go take a shower.

get up and get yourself some breakfast and after we can see whats on tv. ok?i said. she looked at me for a sec. i she squeezes her pussy lips to make it better at her cute face., her jet black hair falling messily in her face. her eyes alittle glossy from crying.she reminded me of her mother. little pouty lips. pale complexion. Ok daddy"" she said to me.

i told her ok. and got up and went funny animation incest mother young son the bathroom to wash up.

i felt much better after my shower. i went to the kitchen and april was eating a bowl of cereal. i opened the fridge and grabbed a beer and sat with my daughter. i took a long swig of the beer. watching my daughter village xxxx sex stories storys hard her cereal. she was a really cute litlte girl. she pulled her hair back in a pony tail like her mother always did. she really did look alot like her mother.

i watched her slurp her milk from her spoon and i started thinking about trish slurping cum off my cock. i started to get hard and angry at the same time. thinking about how she left me and april. Fucking bitch" i blurted out at the table.april stopped . and looked with a shocked look on her face. tears starting to swell in her blue eyes. I relized where i was and what i had said out loud.

i said to april." sorry honey, not you. .i was thinking of yourrr. umm someone else" who daddy:" april asked " noone sweet heart.finish eating, meet me in the tv room.: i said to her, getting up, i grabbed another beer on the way out.

i was watching some espn when april came in and jumped on the couch next to me. she grabbed a blanket and through it over both of us. i told her thx. and she asked me to turn the channel. i found some stupid kid movie to watch.

where some kid could stop time and did funny things to people.april laughed alot. and said she wished she could stop time. and told me a few things she would do to people. she asked me what i would do with the power.laughed and told her i would. stop time and kiss all the pretty girls.

and pinch there butts. she laughed and told me i was silly. we started watching the movie again, and i really started thinking about what i would do with that power. rob banks? vegas? i thought about what i said to my daughter.

stop time and kiss all the girls. i imagined myself walking into a strip club and stopping time and walking around and touching all the strippers. slapping there asses. pushing my finger inside there pussies. maybe and bending one over and sticking my cock up her ass. and have none be any the wiser.with no memory of what i did.

.my cock washard at that point thinking of fucking anyone i wanted. i looked over at april and frowned. she really was a cute girl. i started wondering what it would be like to "what daddy? april asked me.i hadent noticed she was looking back at me. she said": your looking at me wierd daddy" i told her i was sorry and i needed a drink, i got up with my cock pitching a tent in my pants and walked to the kitchen for another beer.

i got it, opened it and drank half right away. i walked back to the tv room. april was laying down now watching the movie. she had the blankent around her shoulders and back, leaving her bottom and legs exposed. i just stared at her butt. and skinny legs started thinking of sex. i shook my head, put down my beer and headed to the bothroom to take a piss. i coudlent stop thinking about fucking at that point. i took my piss and flushed the toilet and just stood there thinking of april and her condition.

"you missed the end of the movie daddy. "she said as i was sititng down next to her feet. thinking if i should go through with what i was thinking of doing.

what do you wanna watch next daddy?" she asked me. i thought to myself. and said, the hell with it.

" i dunno, let me see the remote honey.i told her." come sit over here next to me. and we'll find something to watch" i flipped through the channels trying to find something with sex in it, kissing would be good, but i coudlent find anything that i was looking for. i thought of the paid movies i could get but i thought that might be to much. but that was all there was. .so i ordered a movie that sounded right. it was an all girl movie with very young looking girls.

takes place at a all girl school. my cock got hard reading the info of it. and thinking what was going to happen when i put it on and watched it with my 7 year old little girl. the movie started out slow, thankful there was not a sex scene right in the begginning. april kept saying how pretty this girl was and pretty that girl was.i got alittle excited at this.

there was a new girl in the school. and a group of girls were going to give her a makeover to be popular.the girls sat around putting makeup on.

and i was wondering when they were going to startand than it happend. one girl told the new girl to change into something else. and she started to take her clothes off. "daddy shes getting naked.april said to me. in a hushed voice. I know sweetheart. there going to make her pretty like the other girls" i told her. i asked her if she was comfortable and if she wanted to sit on my lap, she said yes, she was on me with her back to my chest and with one leg hanging over my leg. she grabbed the blanket and covered us.

in the movie now the other 2 girls were touching and looking all over the new girls body. than one started kissing the new girl and they all went to the bed and starting having sex. one girl started licking down the news stomack till her got to her pussie and started licking her pussy .

the girl started to moan and my cock was as hard as a rock. "what are they doing daddy? april asked amazed at the movie. "making the new girl happy and pretty honey. .dont you like to be happy and pretty? i asked april as she tilt her head back to look at me."like this april" i said. .as i put my hand under the covers and between her legs, i palmed her pussie and she started to jump up. "dont worrie kinky teenie fingers slit and gets licked and screwed in pov, see that girl.

look" i told her directing my eyes at the movie. it was a close up of the new girls face, she was moaning with pleasure. " look at her, shes pretty now and happy". i started rubbing her mound. she put both hands on mine and i reached around and put my other hand on top of her hands. "daddyy.

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stop please" she asked me. lifting her hands up alittle. i just kept her hands on mine with my other and said to her. " its ok honey. just wait and watch the movie. your going to feel good too" she didnt say anything to this. and i kept rubbing and squeezing her mound. she stared at the tv for ahile letting me rub her. her breathing started getting really heavy. she tilted her head back and looked at me i need to pee daddy, really bad" she said.

i looked at her. her cute little face. wondering if i should let her get off me. i did, i told her ok and to hurry back. i watch her go off to the bathroom and heard the door shut. i waited and watch the movie.

wanting her to get back and be on top of me again, i put my fingers to my nose and smelt, moslty sweat, but it smelt very good.

at this point in the movie the girl were attacking each other from every angle. licking each others asshole and pulling out little pink dildos. it was a good movie.

i heard the bathroom door open and watched april comeback in the room. she looked at the tv and it looked to me like she was scared. she said to me "i dont want to watch this anymore daddy, i'm going to my room" she walked away.

and i heard her close her bedroom door down the hall. playgirl suggests cunt for hammering hardcore and blowjob said there. dissapointed and watched the movie and got angry. i got up. and walked down the hall and into my daughters room. she was sitting on her bed.

and looked up at me with a scared look on her face. why was she scared i thought to myself. i walked up to her. and asked her "come finish watching the movie honey, it gets bettter. "no" she said to me. my face got hot and i slapped her hard across the face and she yelped with pain.

i stood there and watched her start crying . i asked her again if she was going to watch the movie with me, she said. no again. i sat down and pulled acrros my lap and asked her if she needed a spanking. she said " no daddyy. please. " i spanked her three times really fast and hard.

she screamed out alittle and kept crying. " april stop crying. now come with me and watch the movie. i'll put on a dfferent one, ok? i said to her. she kept crying but said ok. so i picked her up and she hugged me to hold on. and i walked her back to the tv room.

i put eat my pussy and suck my feet teens vol on the couch and grabbed the remote. the sex scene was over and the girls were walking around school looking like naughty school girls.i turned the movie off and found another one to watch. this one had guys in it and looked pretty good. april had scrunched up in a little ball and had the blanket over here.

i sat down and turned the movie on. rigth off the bat there was a guy making out with a girl on a couch like the one we were sitting on and he was lifting up her shirt.

" come here april" i told her.she didnt start moving so i leaned in and grabbed her arm come here. down worry baby" i said to her. she moved over and sat next to me.

and looked at me. whats going on daddy? she asked me. " watch the movie sweetheart." i said to her. as i did like the guy was going on the movie. i reached under my little girls pajama shirt and started rubbing where her breast would someday be. she had closed her eyes. i pinched one of her tiny nipples and she opened them and flinched with a small "ahh" sound coming from her.

the guy in the movie lay the girl down on her back and started licking her stomach so i did the same, i kissed her stomach and pushed her shirt up with my hands and kissed and flicked her tiny nipples with my tounge.

i looked up at her face and she was starting at me with a shocked and scared look on her face, it must of felt good to her. when she saw me looking she looked towards the tv. i thought to myself good girl. the girl in the movie sat up and took off her shirt revealing a nice set of tits. i took a peak at the movie and saw this and hoped april would do the same but she didnt. i sat her up and took off her shirt for her.

she put her hands over chest. ' its ok honey.dont worry. "i said to her. the guy in the movie started kissing the girl as the girl unbockled his belt and took his cock out. my daughters eyes went wide at this. and she looked down at my crotch. "yes honey." i said, and took her hand and pressed it on my crotch. my cock was fighting to be free. she looked back at the movie and aprils other hand went to her lips.

she was thinking of the teen pregnant girl mastrubate for webcam masturbate and homemade, so i leaned in and started kissing her. she backed away alittle but i reach out to her neck and pulled her in to my kiss. i pushed her hand hard on my crotch and kept kissing my little girlher lips were so soft.

i tilt her head and stuck my toung into her mouth and pulled away and turned her head. eww" she said, i slapped her face.

she yelped.daddyyy" and started crying again. i had enough. my cock was hard and needed relief. i unzipped my pants and took out my cock. i grabbed aprils neck with one hand. the other jerking myself off.

in the movie. the girl was sucking the guys dick good. april saw this and didnt know what to make of it. i knew i was not going to get a blowjob like that anytime soon. put this in your mouth april" i told her. and pulled her head down to my cock. but she resisted. she was crying now with tears rolling down her cheeks.

. i started jerking off harder "ok honey. dont worry, just watch . watch honey. " i said to her. she watch me jefk off, i was almost there. she lifter her hands to my hand around her throat huge dildo in their hands trying first lezzs sex pantyhose and lesbians back of her neck. i started to cum and she started to scream. "ahhhhhh daddyyyyyyy ahhhhh" i was squezzing her neck harder as i cam. my load splased up on her face and some got in her open mouth when she was screaming.

i let her go and she fell back wards and rolled off the couch and ran away down the hall to her room crying. i sat there getting all the cum out of my cock. i took a deep breath and sat back letting my cock go and looked at the tv. my mind was in a daze. what did i just do? i thought. i watched as the girl in the movie was getting ontop of the guy and start rideing him. i thought to myself. i wish. i looked towards my daughters room and hit mute on the tv.

i could hear her wimpering. i stood up and walked to her room. i opend the door and she jumped away from her beruea., she had tissues in her hand. she was wipeing my cum off her face. she didnt get it all, she still had some on her cheek. she backed up to the wall. looking at me with tear filled scared eyes., i walked up to her and told her to stay still.

i reached out and slid the cum off her cheek onto my finger. she closed her eyes. i yelled at her open your eyes april"" she did. she popped them open and i told her " stick out your toungue" she didnt. " do i need to spank you again?:"i asked her. she looked into my eyes and stuck out her tounge. i put my finger and slid the cum off my finger on to her tounge.i watch as she pulled her toung back into her mouth and tasted riding on a biggest penis hardcore and blowjob nut.

she didnt really make a face to show what she thought of it. i asked her do you like it? "i dunno" she told me. that was good enough for now. i told her ok. and bent down and kissed her on the cheek. she smelled so good. take a nap sweetheart." i told her. i walked out of her room and shut the door. i walked to my room and laid down on my bed and fell alsleep.

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i woke up with my daughter in my ear "wake upp daddyy, daddyy wake uppp wake up wake up wake up.