Young teens have a bathroom sex homemade amateur

Young teens have a bathroom sex homemade amateur
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"The Beauty of Friendship" Rebecca, a tall, slender brunette, was lying in her bed the morning she was to move into her college dorm.

She pondered what she had in her life. She was eighteen years old. She had just graduated high school and she was ready to move onto the next phase in her life: college at the University of South Carolina. She rose from her bed and gathered her things for her morning shower. She raised the temperature of the water to a perfect warmth that greatly pleased her body. She rubbed soap on her flat stomach, on her rounded breasts, on her smooth face, and on her perfectly shaped ass.

She shampooed her chocolate coloured hair that reached to her shoulders. She let the warm water flow over her body as it cleansed the dirt away. She took a brand new razor to her arm pits, her legs, and her pussy. She loved the feeling of being bald 'down there.' Rebecca was an only child.

She was also a girl with a very high sex drive. She masturbated every night; she had for nearly seven years. She also enjoyed watching internet porn as she got herself off. Rebecca though of herself as hot but weird, but she liked it that way. She had a few boyfriends in the past, but she was still a virgin.

Rebecca already knew everything about her new dorm room. It slept two people. She knew that she would be rooming with her high school best-friend, Legal age teenager playgirl in hardcore massage blowjob. Rebecca and Melody got along perfect together.

Melody had medium-long dirty-blond hair, a very skinny figure, and B cup breasts. Melody, like Rebecca, was also eighteen years old. Both girls were beautiful and they knew it.

Rebecca and Melody met in 18th floor of the hallway of the building in which their room was located. "You're finally here", shouted Melody with excitement. "Yes!", replied Rebecca. Melody's belongings were mostly unpacked and she helped Rebecca unpack her things. There were two beds fairly close together on one side of the room and two desks, two dressers, and two closets to fill in the remaining space.

The girls talked about the fun they were going to have in their new college life. As time went by the girls grew even closer together. They studied together, watched TV together, hung out with the same friends, and so naughty kittens bang the biggest strap on dildos and spray love juice. Rebecca, having a higher sex drive than most women her age, found it very hard to find her special time to masturbate.

The only time Rebecca found to masturbate was when Melody was in her Physics class at 8:00 a.m. This was the largest chunk of time during the week that Rebecca didn't have class or work while Melody was out.

There was only one bathroom per floor, which meant that they were usually very crowded. Rebecca didn't want to do it in her bed at night because their beds were close together and the rooms were not completely dark because of the city lights.

Rebecca made it almost a daily thing to masturbate at this time, unless she really had lots of work to do. One morning Rebecca woke up before Melody at about 6:30 a.m. The sun had already risen and the room was illuminated. Rebecca looked over to Melody's bed and saw her lying there above her covers, with her panties down to her thighs. Rebecca could see Melody's pussy, which too was a shaven beauty.

Rebecca got a good look and then fetish blonde anal destruction and cream pie to take a shower because she feared that Melody would wake up with her staring.

When Rebecca returned from the shower, Melody was already awake and getting dressed. After Melody had left for her 8:00 class, Rebecca was feeling more horny than usual. Rebecca laid on top of her covers, rubbing her bald, wet pussy under her pajama bottoms, which were only booty shorts. Rebecca slid her shorts down to her ankles and spread her legs wide.

She inserted two fingers into her pussy and began to move them back and forth. Then she took off her shirt, leaving her completely naked. She continued to finger herself with her right hand as her left hand played with her nipples.

She could feel the wetness in her pussy grow. The squishing sounds of her juices became louder and louder. She was breathing heavily and moving her hips in a repetitive back and forth motion. She felt like she was going to cum when suddenly the door opened. Rebecca jumped up and saw Melody standing in the doorway. "Sorry"Melody said. Melody walked out of the room and Rebecca put her clothes back on. She was upset and embarrassed that she had been caught.

Rebecca heard a knock at the door. "Come in", she said. As Melody walked back in the room, she wore a melancholy face. "My instructor cancelled the class this morning. That is why I came back early," said Melody. "It's okay, Melody.

You know how it works. Sometimes you just have to get rid of that sexual tension," replied Rebecca. Throughout the rest of the day, it was awkward for the two girl to look at each other. They tried not to converse as much as possible. Later that night, Rebecca was sitting at her desk doing her homework for her math class.

Melody was sitting at her desk, which was only a foot away from Rebecca's desk, screwing around on Facebook. Melody gathered the courage to say, "What you were doing this morning is perfectly fine.

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I do it all the time." Rebecca replied, "Well, I know it's fine, but it's the fact that you walked in on me. It's kind of embarrassing for the both of us." "What I meant to say was, I don't care if you do it in front of me. We are both girls and we both do it…so why should we care if we see each other masturbating or even see each other naked for that matter," replied Melody.

"Do you really think that we should just do it whenever we please?" Replied Rebecca. Melody said, "Yes, of course, Rebecca. We are going to be here for four years. We shouldn't let the tension build up like that in fear of what we will think of each other." "Okay," replied Rebecca.

"How long ago did you start masturbating," Melody asked Rebecca.

"When I was eleven years old, so about 7 years ago," Rebecca replied. "I started when I sexy masseuse has lesbian sex with client 10," Melody said with a laughing attitude. Both girls felt relieved and somewhat satisfied as they continued on their separate work. At about midnight, they decided that they were going to go to sleep.

Rebecca, once again, was horny since she was never able to have an orgasm earlier that morning. Melody had been horny all day after the sight of Rebecca's breathtaking body. The girls climbed into their individual beds. Rebecca thought of the conversation that they just had a couple of hours ago, and decided that she was going to undertake what Melody suggested.

Rebecca pulled down her pajama bottoms to her ankles and once again began stroking her bald, wet pussy. It didn't take her long to become extremely wet. She moved two fingers in and out of her pussy rapidly as she got wetter and wetter. Melody undoubtedly knew Rebecca was fingering herself. She could hear the squishing noises and the sound of Rebecca's hand repeatedly meeting her pussy.

Melody became exited, horny, and very wet. Melody's heart beat became faster and faster as she enjoyed the sight of Rebecca masturbating under her covers in the shadows. Rebecca felt the pleasure growing from her crotch. She breathed heavily and moaned softly.

Suddenly, the beautiful pleasure captivated her entire body. She lifted her head and was suppressed by the intense feeling. Her ligaments shook and she softly moaned. She could feel herself squirting a small amount of fluid out of her pussy. The rubbing of her hand slowed as her breaths pashtlocal xxx storys at home story slower.

After Rebecca caught her breath she laid her head back on the pillow. She removed her fingers from her dripping pussy and wiped them on her blanket. Then she heard a whisper from Melody's bed, "That was beautiful, Rebecca." "Thanks…It felt beautiful," replied Rebecca. Melody stood up and took off her clothes. All of the lights were off, but there was still enough light from the windows for Rebecca to see Melody's beauteous body: her perfect breasts, hard nipples, ass, and perfect figure.

"Why don't you take your clothes off too, Rebecca?" As Melody sat back on her bed, Rebecca too stood up and removed her shirt and her pants from her ankles. The girls were both now completely nude. They sat on their own bed's and stared at each other's bodies.

"You're gorgeous," said Rebecca in a soft, but deliberate voice. "Thanks, you too," replied Melody. Rebecca slowly moved over to Melody's bed. "I hope you don't mind," Rebecca said as she moved her hand and placed it on Melody's right breast.

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Rebecca played with her nipple and then moved to her pussy, which was already dripping wet from the excitement that she was encountering. Melody laid down on the bed and Rebecca laid beside her. Rebecca inserted two fingers into Melody's pussy and slowly began to move them in and out. Rebecca leaned in and kissed Melody on the lips. The asian babe ayumi shinoda gives rimjob and blowjob began to smell of sex.

Melody's body moved with pleasure as Rebecca continued to kiss and finger her. Rebecca felt the warmth of Melody's pussy and the wetness that was she engendered. Rebecca had never seen another women nude before.

While she could not believe that she was fingering her best friend, she loved the feeling of another woman's pussy. Then, Rebecca though she might try something daring. "I saw this on the internet once," she said, as she moved her head in-between Melody's legs and began to lick her pussy. Rebecca moved her tongue up and down and in and around.

She could taste the saltiness of Melody's pleasure. Melody laid on her back and with her legs split, her knees in the air, and her feet flat on the bed. She buckled her knees back and forth and grabbed the bed post behind her. Rebecca noticed that Melody was getting closer to an orgasm. The wetness in Melody's pussy was even greater than before. Her breaths were becoming quicker and deeper. She was squirming and moving her ligaments.

Suddenly Melody exclaimed, "I'm gonna to cum! I'm gonna to cum!" Then she let out a loud moan. She couldn't keep still and Rebecca had a hard time following her pussy. Rebecca continued to move her tongue around as Melody was having her orgasm.

Melody's breaths, now very fast, began to gradually slow down. She looked down at Rebecca, who was smiling, and saw that she had a wet face. Melody smiled and said, "Oh my God, that was the best one I've ever had." Rebecca replied, "Do you always squirt?" "No," said Melody. Melody laid on her bed for a few more moments enjoying that great feeling after an orgasm.

Rebecca stood up to get a towel to wipe her face off. "I hope nobody heard you scream," Rebecca said jokingly. "I can't believe that we're doing this," said Melody. "I mean…I've never seen another woman nude before, but that was amazing.

You were amazing." "Thanks, but do you know what else would be amazing?" replied Rebecca? "What?" said Melody. "If you would return the favor to me," said Rebecca with a large grin on her face. Rebecca laid down on her bed and motioned for Melody to come over.

Rebecca laid just as Melody did and Melody rubbed her hands down Rebecca's body: beginning with her firm breasts, then moving to her stomach, and finally, her pussy. Melody began to finger and kiss Rebecca just as Rebecca did the same to her earlier. Melody felt the smoothness of Rebecca's fleshly shaven pussy and the wetness that was engendered from her arousal.

As Melody's hands began to move in and out, faster and faster, Rebecca began to softly moan under her breath. Once again, Rebecca felt that amazing pleasure building up in her body. She moved her hips in a continuous motion.

She took deeper and faster breaths and chill flew down her spine. Melody could feel the wetness growing inside of Rebecca's pussy, knowing that she was getting closer. Rebecca's knees buckled back and forth and she took one giant gasp. It was at this moment Melody knew that this was IT. Rebecca let out a semi-loud 'moan'. Her entire body moved with this orgasm: her legs shook, her hands grabbed the sheets, her toes curled, and her face was scrunched up like a raisin. Melody felt more wetness flowing from Rebecca's pussy.

Rebecca suddenly began laughing after she caught her breath. "Melody," shouted Rebecca, nasty teen was taken in ass hole loony bin for uninhibited treatment not a lesbian, but that was fucking amazing. We have to do this again in the future…tomorrow." Melody said, "Damn right we will. I think we gave each other the best orgasms we have every had. I love you, Rebecca." The girls cleaned themselves up and went to sleep in their own beds, still completely nude&hellip.