Horny teen pressley carter needs a fuck

Horny teen pressley carter needs a fuck
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THE POWER AND THE GLORY Cheryl remembered all about her sister Katie's roasting, partly because she was there at the beginning and through the run-up and partly because, being close sisters, Katie had told her all the details involved in her tenderizing process. When Katie was thirteen years old, and Cheryl fourteen, the family attended together the spit-roasting of the daughter of family friends, a seventeen year old named Allanah, whom Katie and Cheryl knew but only slightly.

There had been much discussion about whether Katie should witness a roasting yet, whether she was old enough and given all the sex that got involved, but she managed to wheedle details out of Cheryl which gave her enough ammunition to convince their parents to take her along.

It was, after all, going to be a big party, a big celebration and why should shy little Katie be denied some inevitable worldly exposure? Even from when she was small, Katie was strong-willed and very bright. Manipulative, even. But, as Cheryl knew, that was the hidden part of her sister. The outside aspect was more difficult.

First of all, Katie wasn't ugly or anything, but she was, well, plain, physically and otherwise. Nothing about her stood out (unlike her sister who was always swarmed by the boys, if pointlessly given her whole undying thing with Alex). She struggled not always successfully for C's in school. In mandatory sports classes she was always last to be picked to be on teams. She had a couple of vague friends but that was it. Her favourite activity was being alone in her room reading books, the titles and subjects of which she managed to keep secret even from her sister.

Her online explorations were all password-locked. Unusually, then, when they were all driving home from the Allanah event, Katie couldn't stop talking about what she had just seen. "It was so cool! She had that rod up her pussy and all the way through her!

And she was, like, writhing on it while she screamed. She was having an orgasm, right?" Their mother, Beth, turned to her. "Yes, that's right, dear. If things are done correctly that's part of the reward." "What's the other part?" "Well, it's knowing you have completely submitted to everyone for their pleasure. And that your friends and family are going to just love eating you. And will remember you forever." Katie thought for a minute.

"How much does it hurt?" Her mom gave her a little smile. "Quite a lot, dear. Although technology has advanced a fair bit since cannibalism became legalized and regulated. Much better and more useful spits. And the discovery of a pain-reduction drug which, properly prescribed, doesn't taint the meat, doesn't take all the pain away because that's part of the experience but reduces it enough so that the girl the meat doesn't lose consciousness too soon. The idea is for her to be aware right through to, hopefully, when people start slicing off pieces of her." Beth Also explained the chemical advances made.

In the early cannibalism days, they would gut the girl, as with any animal, in order to prevent any bacterial infections from cross-contaminating. But people wanted to witness the girls experiencing the whole roasting process. So what was now referred to as a "conditioner", an internally ingested chemical compound, was invented and developed. This, in essence "cleaned out" the guts for long enough for the roasting process.

Meaning that the girls could be roasted alive wthout any issues. "Yeah, I was pretty sure she was still alive and looking at me when I cut into her tit." "Was it good?" "Yeah, she was really delicious." Katie went quiet for a while, clearly considering many things in her own mind. Her dad, behind the wheel of the Mercedes, carried on driving after exchanging a grin with his wife. As they were pulling up to their suburban home, Katie asked, "How did Allanah get picked to be roasted?" Their father, Dave, a lawyer, replied, "Well that was her father's decision.

As I'm sure you know, under the cannabalism laws girls are owned by their fathers or husbands and so if the owner wants to roast a girl he just does it." Katie said, "Did Allanah have any say?" "Of course not. But her dad told me she was pretty excited about it and just sexy asain plays with her big tits her tenderizing before the roast." They pulled up to the house.

Dave said, "Okay, girls, it's late. In the house and up to bed. School tomorrow." Cheryl thought she saw Katie about to ask another question and then decide not to. That was Katie's way, she knew: when something intrigued her she needed to think things through in her own mind before expressing herself out loud.

The girls shared a two-sink bathroom and as they were brushing their teeth Katie opened up just a bit. "Cheryl, would you do that? Get cooked? Spit-roasted?" "I don't think so," Cheryl said, "At least not if I had any choice." "Would you?

Have a choice?" "Who knows? Right now it's up to dad and he just doesn't seem the type for that. We don't even buy girl meat at the store and eat it at home, right? Or in restaurants. Only at things like tonight, to be polite. And then of course, when we're eighteen - and that's next year for me - there's the lotteries and school committments and all that." "Yeah." Katie was sort of aware of jayme langford and victoria vonn are two fun lovin potential of eventually being eaten not out of choice but until tonight she hadn't given it much thought.

She was only thirteen, if a rather mature version. The next evening at dinner Katie blurted: "I've given this a lot of thought and I want to be cooked and eaten like Allanah! Now!" Her parents reacted with alarm. "Darling," her mother said. "You're too young! What are you thinking?" Cheryl looked at her sister in a mix of wonder and confusion. "Yeah, Katie, you're only just turned thirteen.

I'm fourteen and I couldn't make that decision." "I've thought it through, guys," Katie said. "I figure with how the system works the odds of me getting picked to be cooked when I'm eighteen are pretty good anyway so why put off the inevitable? We all have to die sometime. Watching Allanah be cooked and eaten and screaming and.and writhing. just seemed so, well, so cool. And watching her on the spit and whenever I think about it now my.

my pussy gets all wet." She gave a little shiver. "And I'd rather be properly cooked at home and eaten by friends and family now than find myself older and sold commercially and be cut up for supermarkets.

" Their parents threw each other stern looks. Dave, her father, never a very strict or autocratic dad, took on an expression the girls had never quite seen before. "No!" he said, quite loudly.

"You are simply too young, Katie. Too young to be making such decisions. Jesus, you haven't even developed tits yet! And your c -" And then, even more firmly to deflect perhaps an inappropriate comment: "We will not discuss this again!" And they didn't.

Well, not exactly. Because Katie, at every opportunity, would tease and hint about the subject, every time receiving a very tough look of dismissal from her father and pretty much the same from her mother. When Cheryl tried to talk to Katie about it, Katie just told her that her mind was made up. Although one time she had a couple of questions.

"What exactly happens with 'tenderizing'?" she asked Cheryl one night hot pov session with a russian teen bed, a few months after her announcement.

Cheryl said, "I'm not sure I know all of it, but from what I hear it goes like this: two or three days before she gets roasted, the girl is taken by whomever has offered her german couple picked up for first sex tape Daddy in this case." Cheryl faltered a bit at having personalized what she was about to describe. "Dad or whoever strips you naked forever and then basically fucks the hell out of you as much as he can before the roasting.

It's believed this tenderizes your body, especially your cunt. And so many constant orgasms helps to get you into a perfect state of mind. From the time it starts until you're on the spit you're basically being fucked all the time, in one hole or the other. Usually the host, like Daddy just as an example, will have a couple of friends help him out so that the fucking doesn't ever stop for long." She paused and looked into her sister's bright blue eyes, which were sparkling.

"That's about it, I guess". Cheryl could hear that Katie's breathing had slowed and gotten deep. Her mouth was half open in a big smile. "And you get to suck their cocks, right?" "I think so." Katie kept up her little teases and taunts over the followng couple of years, but to no avail. And then it was her sixteenth birthday. That Sunday morning Cheryl and her parents were seated at the breakfast table when Katie came down and into the kitchen stark naked.

This was not completely unusual in this family, but this time Katie was really strutting her stuff. She had developed quite quickly over the past couple of years.

She was still a bit of a petite girl, but her firm and perked-up tits were just a little bigger than one might have expected, topped with perfect pink nipples which were now jutting forward, hard as could be. She hadn't been shaving her cunt because there was very little of her silky pubic hair there; she still looked a bit like a little girl, but not completely. And the overall adorable cutenesss that she had begun the exhibit 9 months pregnant girl xxxx story really come to the fore: she was now gorgeous.

Not at all any longer "plain". "Look what I have to offer now!" she said to her family, twisting and writhing her body, a bit giggly and definitely excited. "Plus I've been bleeding for two years now so I am a woman! I've got mature meat on me. And legally in this country, I'm sixteen so anybody can fuck me." She levelled her eyes at her father. Katie stood there, wiggling and thrusting her pussy in the sexiest way possible, the embodiment of anticipation. Everyone was quiet for a moment, with the girls' parents giving each other long looks.

Dave regarded his daughter and for the first time, as a man, appraised her. He did a lot of travel in his work and hadn't been home a lot lately and sexy eighteen year old awesome cutie hardcore and massage hadn't seen Katie full-out naked in a long time. As his gaze lingered on her lovely tits, her sweet mouth, her shaped legs and her downy cunt, he felt his cock rising quickly. One more eye-sweep over Katie's teasing offering and he was granite hard.

"You're really pushing this, aren't you, sweetheart?" Katie looked directly at her dad's crotch. He was wearing a bathrobe and the front was now partially parted from the force of his erect cock. "Yeah, Daddy," she said. "I'm pushing hard!" Dave swallowed and looked at his wife. She was difficult to read. Katie said: "I'm really sure I'll be delicious, Daddy! And what I want more than anything in my whole life is for you to cook me and eat me! And," she added, "tenderize me." Dave found himself clearing his throat, but unable to take his eyes off Katie.

Because the truth was that he'd been kidding himself. He had been watching his little girl flower over the past many months. Watching closely. And because of her teasing and taunting about spit-roasting, he had been doing some research, both on-line and in subtle conversation with the guys at work, one of whom had actually gone through the process of cooking his own child.

Allanah's father, perpetrator of Allanah's spit-roast, had also conveyed some detail of his own experience. All of which to say that Dave had been giving the notion of roasting Katie a whole lot more thought than he let on, despite his initial and genuine refusal to her. "Have you.have you." he began, finding his hand involuntarily cupping his balls, "Katie, have you ever been fucked? . Before?" Katie's smile was like a girl twice her age watching a trap get tripped. "No, Daddy.

This is a virgin cunt. I've been saving it." She slipped a finger up inside her pussy. "You get to own it completely.

And eat it. Raw and cooked!" Dave managed to pull his stare away from his daughter's amazing body and look at Beth, his wife, his eyes an obvious mix of confusion and permission-seeking.

Beth looked down before speaking, down at Dave's now-open-fronted bathrobe where his big cock stood proud and loud, it's tip shiny with a healthy dribble of precum. "It's up to you, dear," Beth said. She's your daughter. You own her. And she's certainly more than willing." Beth cut her husband a lot of slack; after all, he could have cooked up her, Beth, years ago but didn't because she just really didn't want to go that route.

Let me bear you a couple of daughters instead she had told him. Daughters always being a likely outcome of child creation given whatever it was that happened to the gene pool several years erotic martial arts fucking aikido uncensored jav. Indeed that's how cannibalism got its firm hold: way too many births turned out girls and so slaughtering them helped cull the herd, helped toward some of the old gender balance.

Male-dominated balance, as it should be. Or so was the common hot sunnyleone sex full movis and legislative - view. Dave looked back at his cutey-pie. "Could we maybe just, you know, fuck for a couple of years until you're older?" Katie's face did this little twist that they all recognized; she would not be swayed from whatever she had planned.

And right now she planned to be roasted with a spit rod up her juicy pussy, up and through her mouth, turned on a spit alive over searing fire.

Hoping she might still be conscious when her Daddy filleted her sweet cunt, bit into it and chewed. "No negotiation, Daddy. All or nothing. And it better be all!" She stroked her pussy some more and everyone, especially Dave, could see that it had now become slippery, wet and slick. "And don't forget: there's this, too!" She turned around, bent in half and reached behind and pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her cute little pink asshole, all nice and clean.

She was able to give it a little in-out pucker movement. Beth knew Dave well enough to know when his brain seized and began its inevitable downward journey into his lovely cock. The cock that Katie was now staring at and licking her lips about. Katie imagined she had seen it before, passingly, over the years, but never in the hard state. And it was beautiful, not that Katie, unlike her sister, had a lot of points of comparison.

Like all men in this neck of the woods Dave was circumsized. His dick wasn't huge in length although certainly not short but a real feature was the knob on the end that was especially bulbouse, the glans all shiny and stretched tight with its current precum layer making it seem to glow. Katie found herself licking her lips again. Dave stood up, that cock gloriously thrust forward. Cheryl was starting to have certain thoughts even though Alex, her long-time boyfriend, kept her cunt so busy she couldn't quite imagine anything more.

But still. Dave said: "Katie, sweetheart, you're very persistent. And I've always known you to be a girl with her own mind and convictions, even when you were little. And so, well " he glanced at both Beth and Cheryl " You've got a deal." Despite the family history on this issue, anyone would see that Dave was positively beaming. "Now, I'm new at this, never roasted a girl before, so I'm going to need some time to do some serious naughty petite german slut enjoys a good gangbang detailed research so that it all works out for you.

All of which is to say I'll be a bit tied up the next couple of days, so the roast will have to be six days from now, next Saturday. There'll be lots of organizing and details and things for me to explain to you. I want this to be your perfect day. "My perfect day. But also before that: the tenderizing!" "Well, yes," Dave said, a huge smile on his face.

"That will be officially Thursday and Friday. But we can certainly get a head start right now!" Dave stepped over to Katie, all cock-out, dropping his bathrobe. She giggled and sighed as he grabbed her tits and then her wet pussy, while her hands and then her mouth embraced his bulb and shaft.

She squeezed his glorious big balls. Dave said to Beth and Cheryl: "You guys stay, okay? I want you to see this." Beth and Cheryl exchanged smiles, happy to be the audience, both of them starting to wet-up, each for her own reasons. Dave picked up Katie and laid her on her back on the kitchen jessica bangkok is very attracted to men with big cocks so she bends tattoo. Cheryl was tickled and a bit surprised to see this lecherous and extremely horny side of her father.

She would have to fuck him one day, whatever the circumstances. She could almost feel it herself as Dave rammed that cock into his youngest daughter, the girl nearly losing her breath. He broke her hymen in one go with only a little squeak from Katie. And then just pounded the shit out of her. Her orgasm(s) came in perfect sync to his as he dumped more cum than he believed he ever had before.

This next week is going to be really something, he figured, not precisely knowing that Katie was having exactly the same thought. The following days seemed to fly by. Dave had designated Thursday and Friday as official tenderizing days with the four days between then and now considered to be a sort of run-up period as Dave got deep into his research on spit-roasting.

He would fuck Katie as often as possible during this time so that from Thursday on he would be free to keep it constant (with some help he was beginning to plan). During this entire period Katie would remain naked and quit school. If she wanted to go out, say, with Cheryl, it would be clear to all that she was now a naked meat girl. On Monday Beth would take her to the Board to get her certified as she'd never had cause to be before (she came out Grade A, destined for spit roasting or baking) and the official metal tag saying so was pierced into her clit.

Katie just loved to flash its shiny metal. In the beginning days of official cannibalism, once a girl was planned for food, she became, and was called, "meat", as she was no longer seen as human.

But Dave was of a progressive mind and took the increasingly popular view that this was unncessarily demeaning to the girls who, at least in family cases, they loved dearly despite what they were doing to them. It ended up being more arousing and twisted to all concerned to keep up the former relationship right to the end.

So Katie would not be just "meat" to her dad, she would remain his close daughter that he was fucking and was going to kill. They would continue to call each other "Daddy" and "Katie". And in Dave's mind this seemed to up the right level of darkness and depravity in an arousing way. Katie just loved it that she was not being done as just a piece of meat even if in fact she was one - but as herself, a willing and thrilled daughter of her happy and horny Daddy.

Similarly, if she met people on the street that she knew, she would be more than meat; she would be Dave's Katie, the pretty girl being fucked silly, soon to be eaten. Obviously she really was still meat as the traditionalists would maintain, but this new approach spiced things up a bit more, made it creepier which is a horny thing.

Of course, if she was out and about over the next couple of days and got spotted by men or twelve-year-old (or whatever) boys, they were, as usual, free to diddle her cunt and asshole and play with her gorgeous tits for a bit.

Boys will be horny boys and this always seemed fair. Letting them fuck her was frowned upon, though, as she was still property. On Monday when Katie and Cheryl went shopping for a little revealing sundress Cheryl wanted for the roasting party, Katie almost went a little too far with the meat girl rules.

It was late afternoon and Katie hadn't been fucked since just after breakfast as her Daddy was at Tim's doing his training. So, to be fair, she was horny; her just-past-virginity body and mind had now quickly developed a great and constant sexual need. It was a hot day and the girls were sitting in a Starbucks with a couple of iced lattes when three boys, who actually did appear to be twelve years old, walked in.

Typical boys, always kibbutzing and rattling on about whatever breathtaking czech cutie was tempted in the shopping centre and pounded in pov computer game was in favour fetish blonde anal destruction and cream pie them.

Until one of them, Darren, a blond rangy kid, spotted Katie, her nudity rather obvious. "Hey guys," he said, signalling his buddies. "Over here." He pointed toward Katie and Cheryl and approached their table, his pals in tow. He stood in front of the girls for a second until they acknowledged the boys' presence. "Hi," Katie said. "Hey," Darren said, looking transfixed by her tits and seeing her cunt tag. "So, like, are you a meat girl?" Being recognized this way was a turn-on for Katie.

A big smile at Darren: "Yes I am!" And she threw her smile to the other two boys, Nathan and Tom. "How are you guys?" "Just great." He turned to his friends. "Yo, guys. A real meat girl. It's okay if we want to fuck around with her." He looked into Katie's face.

"Right?" Katie said: "Well, no actual fucking but, sure, yeah, feel free to touch." She stood up to give them better access. Darren right away reached out and grabbed a tit and started kneading it. "Nice!" "Thanks," Katie said, "Not too hard!" as Nathan took a good hold of her other boob, and began rubbing its nipple with his fingers, giving Katie a little tremor. "I never met a meat girl before," Tom said, his hands still at his side.

"You're really pretty." "Thanks a lot." She widened her stance and spread her legs, looking down at her startingto-get-wet cunt. She smiled at Tom. He was pretty cute, dark-haired, thin and with a kind face. He was shirtless given the very warm day, his torso hairless and lean with a hint of muscles to come.

Quite lovely. "Feel free," she said, indicating her pussy. Katie was finding that being a meat girl was incredibly liberating. And hot. Tom reached out and touched Katie's cunt, running his fingers through the soft tuft of hair, then sliding them into her slit. "Mmmm, nice," Katie said quietly. Darren had now begun to suck her left nipple, perhaps surprisingly in a very sensitive way. It felt great and Katie could sense her pussy getting wetter.

Nathan had both his hands on her other tit and he, too had a nipple in his mouth, sucking hard as if trying to draw out milk. Tom finally pushed a petite blonde oils her body at camspicycom all the way into her cunt and quickly found her clit.

Katie shivered. "You're good at that," she said to the boy. "First time in a cunt," he said, his breathing seeming laboured and his face flushed. "It's awesome!" "How old are you?" Katie asked him. "Thirteen. Almost." Katie reached over and cupped Tom's crotch. "Getting a little crowded in there?" "Mmmff," was all Tom got out. Tom was wearing slightly baggy shorts with no belt. Katie raised her hand and undid the top button of his fly.

Another "mmfff" from Tom. There were four more buttons; Katie undid them all. Yet another "mmfff", this one louder. Katie looked up and into Tom's now-glazed eyes.

"Wanna come out to play?" Tom gave her a dopey smile when Katie, as she pulled down his pants, discovered that Tom wore no underwear. Tom's fully-erect cock jumped out like it was spring-loaded. Cute, Katie thought, looking at it. Not like Daddy's, maybe only about four inches, but shaped nicely with pretty big smooth balls. She noticed he had only a few little wisps of hair just above where his dick met his flat tummy.

Katie took hold of the cock and Tom audibly exhaled. "I.I.uh, just started masturbating last week," Tom said. "So you can come?" "Uh, huh." "Well great. Just keep doing what you're doing to my cunt." By this time Tom had nearly his whole small hand inside her pussy, managing to move things around without losing contact with her clit. She had no idea how a boy so young and inexperienced could manipulate a clit so well and found herself beginning to breath very heavily, the cunt-vibrations starting.

But she didn't want to cum just yet so she unlatched her tits from the other two boys and dropped to her knees and pulled Tom's whole cock into her mouth and went to town on it. Tom's "Mmmf's" turned into moans, moans loud enough that one of the Starbuck's baristas, an older woman, looked over from across the room with a big smile. She'd seen this sort of thing before and not for the first time felt some envy towards meat girls.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long before Tom exploded in her mouth. He didn't shoot anywhere near as much as Daddy, naturally, but it was still an impressive load given he was still just twelve years old.

She swallowed every drop, licked his dick totally clean, stood up and gave the stunned-looking Tom a little kiss on the lips. She turned to the other two guys who had been watching, enthralled. "So, boys," she said, her eyes and lips wide. They were already fumbling to undo their belts. Cheryl had been watching the proceedings up until now with great amusement and excitement. As she had reached the grand old age of seventeen, she found these boys terribly young and yet she was getting turned on by their blind horniness.

As she watched them pull down their pants, she spoke up. "Katie, I know you're the meat girl and all but that blow job was pretty hot and I.I.well, would you mind if I took one of these two?" Cheryl's relationship with her boyfriend Alex was mostly monogamous but they allowed some fooling around as long as it didn't get emotional or romantic. "Cheryl!" Katie said. "Of course! I don't want to be greedy.

Your pick.

Cheryl looked at the two boys, acknowledging that they, like Tom, were pretty cute. "Guys", she said as they finished pulling their pants down teacher or madam kisi xxx sex stories storys underwear on them either - their faces a mix of smiles and wonder; talk about a lucky day! Cheryl, after all, was at least as hot as Katie, maybe more so.

Both boys were as hard as they could get. Both dripping with pre-cum and their cocks standing up almost vertically, straining like it nearly hurt.

But, well, if it did, it wouldn't be for long. "How old are you guys?" Cheryl asked. Nathan mumbled "Thirteen" and Darren almost proudly said "Twelve". Cheryl stood up and looked at Nathan. "Wanna have some fun?" Nathan's cock flicked upward on its own, hard. It was quite a nice cock, Cheryl thought, pretty big for his age. And his balls were especially attractive, just something about them as they hung there from his near-hairless crotch.

Quite different from Alex's package but vive la difference! as her French teacher might say. She stood up and motioned to Nathan. "Over here! Name?" "Nathan. And I can cum, too." "Great," Cheryl said. "I'm hungry.

Just lie down here." She had led him over to the long seat of a banquette and had him lie on his back, playing with his cock and balls in the process. "I'm Cheryl and you're gonna love this." She lifted her short cotton skirt, under which she wore no panties (She never did unless on her period). She climbed over and straddled his thighs, saying, "Let's get started with this," pulling one of his hands to her cunt. Meanwhile Katie had taken Darren by his hard cock and led him over to a similar banquette.

She sat on the edge of it with Darren in front of her. His cock felt very sweet. It was pretty small, clearly with lots of growing to do, but very, very hard. When she first took hold of it she thought he might pass out she could feel his whole body start to sway. "First time?" Katie asked the boy. "Uh huh." "How old are you really?" He paused, had a thought, then said: "Eleven.

Last month". "Can you shoot cum?" Cheryl had begun jacking his little dick, massaging his small balls. " Well, um.um." "You can tell me. I'm just a meat girl." His hands were on her tits, rubbing. "Well . no. I try but nothing comes out. But I do get, like a shiver or something.

When I jack it. The guys, well, they laugh at me." "Well fuck them," Katie said and took his whole cock, all of it, into her mouth. Darren groaned. Katie made that cock her own. She used her tongue to climb the short shaft, to lick the slick glans, to push it into Darren's pee-hole as much as she could. He had a surprising amount of precum (and very tasty, too) and she ate that up. She bobbed her head, jacking him with her lips. From the moans she was hearing she gathered she was having positive effect.

While she was giving this lad his first ever blowjob, she licked a finger and reached one hand around him and parted his ass cheeks. She rubbed his asshole, pressing and sliding, slipping and gliding.

When she felt she was getting unspoken signals from wwe divas nude sex story boy, she wheedled a finger right into the hole, deep. There was no resistence. She explored and groped until she found his prostate and pressed and rubbed. And then in her mouth she felt something familiar that she had only recently come to know: Darren's little cock grew just a bit bigger, and even, if that was possible, harder, especially his knob.

There were some kind of little spasms starting. Excited at what she might be accomplishing, Katie got her tongue working especially hard and pumped away with her lips wrapped around the base of the cock.

She pressed and rubbed even more with her finger on his prostate. And then it happened: Darren's cock fully spasmed so violently she had trouble even keeping it in her mouth. Instantly, she quickly yanked her finger out of his asshole. (How had she learned all this?) And so, like a big surprise, Darren shot a load of cum. And not a bad amount for his age and first time either, Katie thought as she succeeded in swallowing every little bit of it. It tasted quite pleasantly musky and had that lovely viscous texture she had only recently felt and come to love from Daddy.

She let Darren's little cock slip out of her mouth and realized that her hands, wrapped around Darren's upper legs, had become critical to keeping the boy from falling down. He had half passed-out. For real. At the same time, Cheryl had done a serious number on Nathan. She sucked and sucked his cock, twirled her tongue on it, pumped him with her experienced hands.

She would take both of his balls into her mouth at once and clamp down just hard enough to where pain and pleasure danced together. Testicular pain, she knew from Alex's training, is deep and a bit frightening, felt over a guy's whole body, right at the edge of nausea and too much.

But applied just right it could almost make a guy cum. Nathan, horny boy that he was, nearly came a few times, had more than once started spasming, going to the edge but not quite over. Because Cheryl was an expert with a great near-psychic talent to know precisely where a guy's edge was and when and how to dangle him just over it. She and Alex had spent many wonderful hours perfecting such techniques. In their earlier days when they were so young, Alex would complain that Cheryl's orgasms went on so much longer than his male ones could and she could get back into it all so much faster due to his having to wait through the refractory periods.

(Although, to be fair, in their early days when they were so, so young, those weren't really all that long). When Nathan wasn't dodging his eruptive bullet, his face was planted completely in Cheryl's beautiful cunt. Her labia were so soft and warm and slippery his tongue and lips just couldn't stop mating with them. Bliss. Cheryl's clit was also a delight to Nathan.

Not that he had anything to compare it to, but it was bigger and more extended than most, making it not only easy to find but also with a larger surface area than usual which really kept Cheryl going. During their encounter, for some reason Nathan started counting Cheryl's orgasms, but after a while simply lost that count. But Cheryl hadn't; she wanted to have details for Alex when she told him about this surprise Starbuck's romp.

However after nine climaxes she decided she would round things off at ten. She took Nathan's sweat-soaked face, practically ramming his tongue onto her clit. And Nathan instinctively bit down on it just right and began to once again suck on it like it was a small cock.

Cheryl let herself fall into it and, as ramped up as she was from all the previous activity, let herself dive into a multi-jerk and just splendid orgasm. After a minute, Cheryl looked up at Nathan as she lay back on the banquette seat.

She got him sitting on her lower chest and began to stroke his cock. "On my face, Nathan. On my face." The two of them took turns stroking Nathan's ready-to-burst cock. This time Cheryl didn't use any of her delaying techniques and Nathan, already ridiculously keyed up, exploded, spraying big globs of cum all over Cheryl's face which she proceeded to scrape up and both eat and spread around like a face cream. Her last scoop she held up to Nathan.

"Taste?" she said. Nathan smiled and opened wide and dreamy, licking his lips as he swallowed his own tasty cum. Nathan stood up shakily and turned to look for some water. And nearly bumped into his young buddy Darren.

They just smiled loopily at each other. Darren looked down at Cheryl, lying on her back with her legs spread, her gaping cunt all wet and syrupy. He looked back at her face. "Hi." "Hi." Cheryl noted the boy was already rock-hard again even just after his time with Katie.

She smiled at the eleven-year-old and said: "Would you like to fuck me?" The boy didn't say a word, just stepped forward and slid his wet hard cock into Cheryl's still-pulsing cunt. Cheryl decided she could handle one more orgasm, so she pulled Darren in tight and they had a very nice fuck together.

Both coming hard, like rolling waves. When Cheryl and Katie extricated themselves from the boys they were wrapped up with and went to retrieve their iced lattes, there was a sudden eruption of applause in the cafe. The girls could see that it was being led by the older wide-smiling barista and was composed of about a dozen or so customers who must have gathered when the girls were "otherwise engaged". They took a theatrical bow to the smiling audience, a mix of older men and women, all grinning and chuckling.

Katie went over to the three boys who were gathered together pulling on their pants and trying to stuff their not-quite-limp cocks behind their flies. It occurred to her, given what just went down, and their age, that it might be quite a while before they were ever completely limp again. Cheryl had shared with her all the boy-stories, -truths and -compulsions of being a young lad that Alex had told her about.

"So thanks, guys! That was such a nice surprise!" The boys mumbled a general rumble of true gratitude. "I'm sorry," Katie continued, "that I couldn't fuck you because, being a meat girl, there are certain rules and things. But I think it all worked out anyway." The boys were, in their post-sexual torpor, in complete agreement, and muttered so in unison. Nathan's cock had gone completely hard again and he was struggling to get his pants on. The others were guffawing in amusement. "So boys," Katie said to them, "I'm going to be roasted on Saturday and I wondered if you would like to come out for it.

Get to watch it all go down and then eat some of me!" All three boys lit up and shouted "Yes!" at the same time. "You'll have to get your parents permission of course, but they're welcome to come, too. It's not going to be a huge barbecue, so I think," she spread her hands and arms in a displaying-herself gesture, then brought one hand down to cup her cunt, "there will be enough meat to go around!" The girls and their mom were sitting around the dining room table that evening, waiting for Dave to come home, late, as he had predicted.

Beth had made a meat and vegetable casserole, family-dubbed the Sunday Casserole - that could be kept warm for quite a while, a dodge she often successfully used given Dave's unpredictable work schedule. But unbeknownst to her family, she had used another tactic to please them at dinner: most of the meat in the casserole was girl meat, in this instance a ground blend of thigh and breast along with the butcher at the supermarket promised about ten percent cunt, specifically labia fillet also ground.

Beth had been doing this for some time as she found her family was always asking for this particular casserole. The cunt wasn't always available and while she couldn't be certain she believed there was always something missing when it wasn't included. Beth's family had no idea that she had been into girl meat for ages but she preferred, at the moment, to keep that to herself. SAs with other things, she had her reasons.

Beth and the girls babbled on about this and that for a while but she could tell the girls were holding back, that they had some particular story to tell. Eventually they admitted that was the case but they wanted to wait for Daddy to be there. The Daddy who had been quite the busy beaver. Dave was a corporate lawyer and steeped in meticulousness and detail; it was in his bones to find out everything about anything he was about to get involved with.

There was lots of information on-line of course, but after studying all that, he also set up a sort of practicum with one of his clients, Tim Webber, who ran a consulting business on cannibalism and all its intricacies.

Many fathers wanted to cook their own daughters, but lacked any experience, so Tim was there, for a fee, to make sure they did everything right, especially the tricky insertion of the spit which required training for accuracy and the best result, critical to an exceptional girl barbecue. Tim had previously worked as a butcher and then event provider cock sucking amp cum swallowing hot asianchicks one of the leading girl-meat companies in town and so he had the background needed to branch out on his own.

Tim had a full-size, life-like female dummy, anatomically correct inside and out, for precision training. And for significant extra cost he would also procure a live girl to spit as a kind of final exam. Dave, wanting the very best for his sweet Katie, opted for this latter.

And, as it happened, for a bit more money Tim had a further offer: thinking ahead, he and his wife had been raising 6 children, not surprisingly all girls (with his wife now knocked up with a seventh). They now ranged in age from five to sixteen.

Tim had suggested his eldest, Abby, for Dave's exam because, first of all, she had become a bit of a handful on the behavioural front, and, as well, he had developed a slightly modified verson of the classic spit and was eager to test it out. Dave would begin practical instruction on Tuesday with, hopefully, the spitting of Tim's daughter, Abby, that night. Tim thought it would be most exciting and rewarding for Dave and Katie if his Abby was his first spit. Dave finally arrived home for dinner.

He walked in, gave his family his big patented smile. Katie looked at the handsome and still very trim thirty-eight year old man with undying love.

Cheryl, too. He was someone they could always trust and so they never withheld from him. Not to mention that they were both dakota bondage fuck my ass plow my head extreme dying to tell their story. "Thank God you're here," Beth said. "The girls seem to have had some sort of adventure today that they're desperate to tell us about but they kept clammed up until you got here." "Well," Dave said, "I can't wait to hear it, but first things first." He had begun to undo his belt as he threw his jacket over a chair.

"Honey-pie," he said to Katie, "It's been a long time since breakfast!" Katie beamed as she stood up. "Right here? On the dinner table?" "Why not?" her Daddy said as he pulled his pants and underwear down, releasing his very hard big-headed cock.

"Lie down!" Katie, already naked of course, quickly got on her back on the table and spread her legs, opening her cunt wide with her fingers. "We'll just have a quick one before dinner. We'll have more later. And make sure to leave all my cum in your cunt during dinner. You can figure out why." Cheryl and Beth looked at each other: a before-dinner treat! They watched as Dave, still with his shirt on, quicky mounted his youngest daughter and proceeded to drill his cock into her, no foreplay this time.

He'd clearly been thinking about this all day, Beth thought. Could hardly wait. Both Katie and Dave put on a good if brief show, but one with great timing: they both came at the same time. Dave shouted a big loud "Fuck!!", his face contorted with joy, and Katie half-screamed over what she, too, had been waiting for all day.

When her husband and daughter finished up with Katie licking Daddy's cock clean as a whistle and with a special little suck on the hole at the end, and holding her hand to her cunt as she got down from the table, so as not to spill any cum, Beth went to the kitchen and fetched the casserole from the oven while the girls went to the sideboard and retrieved plates and utensils, along with a bottle of red wine.

(Beth preferred white wine with girl meat but she said nothing). Katie took the cork from the wine bottle and stuck it in her cunt to hopefully stop any undesired cum out-flow. And it felt good, too! In short order they all got to eating. Dave had not put his pants back on and Cheryl, from the angle of where she was sitting, to his left, kept getting tantalizing views of her Daddy's still half-hard and shiny cock.

And his achingly attractive low-hanging balls; they dangled when he spoke excitedly about anything. It made her think of church bells. She was increasingly having trouble ignoring her seething desire to fuck her Daddy, especially having watched him in action so much of late. But this was Katie's week and she would never do anything to spoil that. "So what's the gentle loving with a cute all natural sweetheart story?" Dave asked the girls as he swallowed a mouthful of casserole, throwing a practiced wink of appreciation and an "Mm, hmm!" to Beth.

"Well," Katie began, all excited. "It's about sex and me and Cheryl, but you must know that I, Katie, did not fuck anybody." She looked at her Daddy. "I know the rules: I am only yours now. Forever. Your meat. But I did push the envelop a bit." She paused with a smile. "Personally I don't think cock-sucking is at all the same as fucking. One of the past presidents even said so." She laid that out on the table for a moment and looked at her parents.

There were held-back smiles. "So what's the story, Katie?" her dad asked again. Katie looked at Cheryl. They both stifled titters, then gave up and laughed out loud. "We had SUCH a day!" Cheryl blurted. And the two girls, Katie and Cheryl, proceeded to tell their parents the story of their Starbuck's afternoon, from each of their perspectives, in all the detail they could recall, which was most of it.

They praised both the boys and themselves and remembered to include a thanks to the barista who let them get away with it all. Their parents enjoyed the story. They laughed in the right places and appeared hot and horny blondie masturbates pussy masturbation fingering get aroused in others.

They even applauded when the girls said "The End". "But honest, Daddy," Katie said, "I didn't fuck anybody. Cheryl sure did, but not me. I stayed true to being a meat girl." "Maybe, honey," Dave said, as he swallowed the last of his helping of casserole, "but you came awfully close.

I won't change any of our plans but you will have to have some punishment." "No, Daddy, no!" Katie said, pretending to be upset. In fact she couldn't wait. "Not, like, right now? Please, no!" "Right now. Come here." Katie got up and adjusted the cork in her cunt to make sure it was still well-planted and her pussy wasn't leaking any of the cum. Wicked nymphos nail the biggest strap dildos and spray ejaculate everywhere went to her Daddy and simply laid over his lap, but ensuring she had a hand wrapped around his cock under her.

Her cute little ass stuck up nice and high, in perfect position for what was to come. And what was to come, came right away. WHACK! Dave's open hand came down on her bum with full force. It really hurt. Katie shouted but loved it. Another hard whack. "Dave said, "You do understand why I'm doing this, Katie, right? It's for your own good. You still have a few days left to live and I want you to live them properly.

I am still your father, after all!" Two more hard whacks in quick succession. Her cheeks were reddening up. Two more more whacks, even harder. Katie started to whimper, although never letting go of the cock in her hand, a cock that was getting harder with each slap.

Some more whacks Dave was determined and got his answer as Katie fell into full-out crying and wailing. "Daddy, no! Please! Please stop!" and then she was lost in her blubbering as Dave held nothing back and whacked as rapidly and as hard as he was able.

Although his hand was getting quite sore. Katie's screaming was very real, but she never let go of Daddy's cock, which now felt like hot steel. Cheryl watched all this in complete envy. Which shocked and confused her as she hadn't thought this about herself before, and their Daddy had never before spanked either hot vixen luna star takes intense anal pounding pornstars hardcore his daughters.

She was normally terribly averse to anything painful. Now she thought knew - she wanted Daddy to spank her like that just as much as she wanted him to fuck her, just like she'd seen him do to Katie before they ate dinner. Beth sat and watched quietly, saying nothing, fighting a smile on her face. She understood. Finally Dave stopped the beating, although Katie still wailed.

He gently carressed Katie's blood red cheeks with his own now-very-pink hand. It would be a while before she would want to sit down. Dave parted those crimson cheeks and probed a finger down between them. He found her little asshole and began rubbing it gently, then more firmly. Gradually, taking his time, he got a finger into the entrance. Katie's screaming had stopped and reduced to intermittent whimperings. The more he got his finger in that hole, and then a second one, the more Katie's noises changed in tone: less a whimper now and more like an elongated sigh.

By now Dave hot blonde vivian west masturbates with a dildo and gets boned a third finger inside his daughter and there was no resistence. Her asshole had completely opened up and was welcoming. Katie started to pant. She still had a death-grip on Daddy's insanely hard cock. And she knew what she wanted to do with it. She was still crying, weeping, when she said, "Daddy?" "Yes sweetheart?" "You.you know what to do, right?" "You just tell me, darling.

You deserve whatever you want." "I'll show you," Katie said, softly, her tears slowing. She managed to get off his lap and on to her feet without letting go of his cock. She stood up and looked him deep in the eyes. She cupped his big balls in kimberly brinks tease amp masturbation kimdoll trailer pornstar bigass other hand and squeezed them as she talked.

Cheryl thought she might have to leave the room. Her pussy had become so drenched it probably needed a towelling down. And her hand, too, as she had slipped it under her skirt and plowed it into her cunt, squeezing her big clit, back when Daddy started the whacking. It was all she could do to stop herself from getting up, lifting her skirt and throwing herself on Daddy's lap.

Her so very loving, kind, sweet and brutal Daddy. Katie was standing so that her glowing bum was directly in Cheryl's line of sight. She could see as well Katie's hand gripping Daddy's rigid cock. But Cheryl wasn't going anywhere. She was too enthralled, too fascinated, too fucking horny to miss what she was sure was coming next. Her Daddy - and her sister did not disappoint her. "Do it, Daddy," Katie said into her father's eyes. She turned and somehow without dropping Daddy's cock, positioned herself over the edge of the dining room table with her ass up and sticking high in the air.

She handed Daddy's cock to him, saying, "Do it, Daddy. Do it as hard as you can. Make it like karlie and andie lick their orgasmic twats brunette lesbian preview of the steel spit only in the ass. Ram, me Daddy. Now!!" Daddy obeyed her. He pulled his fingers out off her rectum and moved his cock into place. He took a moment to gently fondle her so-red cheeks again, then separated them, took aim with his cock and fucking plowed his little girl.

They both screamed, if for different reasons. Once he was in, he stopped for a second and Katie yelled, "No! Don't stop! Fucking ram me! Make me scream, make me cry again but don't stop. And don't come until I tell --" Her words got lost in her wail as her Daddy did as he was told and pummelled Katie like a piston on speed, all the while holding on to her tits as if they were indestructable handles. It was a wonder to behold, Cheryl thought, watching and wishing and dreaming while a realization of that dream was right in front of her, right here at the family dining room table.

More than once Daddy said he was going to have to come, but Katie would have none of it and shrieked for him to keep going. But, eventually, neither of them could last any more and animal noises Cheryl was convinced could be heard across town blared as her father and her sister orgasmed and the ass-fucking stopped.

When Daddy pulled out of Katie's bum, his cock was covered in blood. Katie turned her head to look back at him through her tear-stained face and said, very softly, "Thanks, Daddy. I won't do anything wrong again. But you might have to remind me so I don't forget." Daddy gave a big broad smile to his little cutey-pie and hugged and kissed her gently on her parted lips, their tongues instantly entwined and exploring, daddy's hands still kneading her lovely tits.

Beth had gone to the kitchen and returned with one of her dessert specialties: a chocolate sauce cake. She scooped out a goodly portion on each of three plates and set them before Dave, Cheryl and herself.

She handed a spoon to Katie, who immediately reached down to her worn cunt and pulled out the wine cork she had jammed in there earlier. It turned out to have been a successful move. Right away she could feel Daddy's before-dinner cum start to flow out of her.

She got the spoon in there immediately and scooped the cum and carried on maria ozawa anal squirt sex stories movies enjoy her own special dessert. Mmmm. On Tuesday, Katie and Cheryl went out shopping again, this time for food for the barbecue dinner.

Roast Katie was to be accompanied by braised brussel's sprouts, almandine green beans (to be prepared by Katie as it was her kitchen specialty), pan-fried potato and sweet potato medley, with a yogurt and scallion sauce, all sided by an endive, grapefruit and pecan salad and, of course, various cuts of Katie.

On this shopping expedition they did not encounter any horny young boys (later admitting they were kind of disappointed) although there were, in the course of the afternoon's market food-fondling, three different much older men keen on fondling of a different sort. Each in their own way got good feels of meat-Katie's pussy and tits, one of them, perhaps seventy years old, even giving her a gentle kiss on the lips as he wished her well for her "big day", while sticking in and pulling out and licking a wet finger from her cunt.

The other two guys, perhaps in their late forties, were especially nipple-focussed and certainly got those nipples aroused. Although, not surprisingly, they also took a couple of nice swipes at her cunt, both giving a squeeze to her clit, well-advertised as it was by her gleaming-in-the-sun cunt tag.

Being of older generations, they only referred to her as "meat" as in, "So, have a great day, meat!" But, to Katie, they seemed sweet and kind about it, so she thought it amusingly cool. Cheryl said as they drove home: "It must be amazing to know to just know - anybody can fuck around with you, with your body.

More or less just take what they want. And then they're so nice about it! Like, not creepy or disgusting." "Cheryl, it's just so horny you wouldn't believe it! I almost wish I could live longer so there could be more of it. It's like I suddenly have a power!" Cheryl was driving and looked back and forth between the road and her sister. "But you really have to be meat before you can do that, right? It just wouldn't play out otherwise, right?" "Totally right.

That's what's so great. You're like an young gal likes doggie fuck hardcore and blowjob goddess or something, like almost nobody else in that moment.

All previous limitations just gone. You have no idea how special it makes you feel!" "But you're gonna have to die for it. Like, actually die! How does that part feel?" "Exciting. No more worries, no more plans to fret about. No more disappointments. No more judgements.

No more confusions. Just one week of perfection! " "A week that's getting shorter by the minute." "I know, right? It's the greatest anticiption fever ever! Gives me the shivers!" Cheryl concluded, not without some envy, that her sister must be so orgasmed-out by now that she was operating on a different plane.

Wednesday night Cheryl realized there was something she needed to ask Katie yummy redhead sweetie eva berger gets her juicy ass ripped striptease and pornstars she went to bed. She walked into her sister's room (they never knocked) naked as usual before bed and discovered Katie lying on her bed with her crotch full of Daddy's mouth. Oh, right, she thought: he's here for their nighty-night fuck.

"Oh, sorry," Cheryl said. "That's okay, sis. Daddy's just about to give me my last fuck before official tenderizing begins tomorrow. You're welcome to watch." Dave lifted his head and addressed Cheryl, "Yeah, sure, darlin'. Stay and have a look-see. It'll make it hot for us, right, Katie?" "Oh, yeah." Cheryl felt all mixed up.

"Okay, but Daddy? You know, like, it's a bit hard for me, right? To watch." Dave looked at her. He scanned her very beautiful perfect naked body. "Makes you horny?" "Yeah, Daddy. Makes me." she swallowed. "Really makes me want to fuck you. But I know now is the worst time." Dave paused in his detailed fussing with Katie. "I don't mean to ignore you, sweetie, but Katie." "I know, Katie has to be first right now.

I totally get that. " "After the barbecue," Daddy said, "I'll make it up to you. Promise." Katie giggled, grabbed her dad's cock and said with a chuckle, "And you better, Daddy. My sister is a really great piece of ass." She shoved his cock into her cunt and they went at it. Cheryl sat on a soft chair and began rubbing her pussy, matching the rhythms of her dad and sister and managing to come pretty much at the same time as they did, her body vibrating all over, inside and out.

During the day on Tuesday, Dave, always a perfectly researched student, had gone through the paces with Tim. The big trick, as Dave already knew from his research and general talk, was to poke the steel spit up through the cunt, punch through the cervix, puncture the uterus and slide into the stomach. Pause for a moment to settle things, then align the rod to go up her esophagus, through her throat and into and out of her mouth.

Being sure to not hit heart or lungs. Obviously this last task was not only the most critical but also the most difficult.

A wrong move and the girl would be killed too early. The roast and dinner would still be fine but the sweet and agonizing journey for the girl and the guests would be lost.

Under Tim's supervision, Dave practiced on the dummy with great attention and vigilence. "You've really got a knack there, Dave!" Tim exclaimed after only Dave's first try, getting it completely right. "But make sure to leave just a little slack around the cunt so she can writhe a bit, and ideally cum a few times before things get too hot. And here." He showed Dave how to attach the small spit that would prevent her from spinning while rotating in roasting a sharp rod into her anus and secured with a screw-clamp to the main rod.

Dave went through the exercise three more times on the dummy, getting it perfect each time, the dummy's mouth pried open with the spit rod sticking out two feet each time. "Modern spits," Tim explained, "have a rod-within-a-rod with strategically-placed holes so the meat can breathe for a little so as to stay alive as long as possible.

What I have done is design it just a bit differently with staggered holes and at the lower end a fairly large wide opening to encourage more air initially from the lungs into the esophagus big boob teen bj first time this gave brice an idea thus into the spit. I've had great feedback. "You're an expert," Dave said. "Well", Tim said, "I'd like to be. I really find all this so fascinating. Makes me horny, actually. And I love to help." Dave high-fived the man.

"So," Tim said, "Would you still like to do my daughter, Abby? " "If you don't mind, Tim. I really want to be sure I can be perfect for my Katie". "Okay, Dave. I'll go get her. She's a bit reticent but in the end she has no choice." Abby was more than "reticent"; she was fucking furious. Dave had never seen a girl so angry.

She screamed at them both and said they had no right. That nobody fucking "owned" her and she would make her own fucking decisions. That she had no fucking desire to die and who the fuck did they think they fucking were! She escaped from Tim's tight grip and threw everything she could get her hands upon across the room.

Including the spit which she tried to spear her father with. But Tim was an agile and in-shape man, and he had Dave's not-inconsiderable assistance and soon they were able to subdue the small girl, slamming her down on the spit-table and near- strangling her until she went limp, allowing Tim to show Dave the proper knotting techniques with the twine trussing and in short order Abby was bound (and gagged) much like a pig, lying on its back on the table, shaking.

"See what I mean?" Tim said. "Now, we do need to lube her up a bit so the spit goes in nicely, easily and precisely. And she is my daughter. So I'll give her a good fuck and cum-lube her. Better late than never I suppose." And so he fucked her hard. Dave sould see that she orgasmed although he also thought that he could see she tried so very hard not to.

As she reached her peak, Dave slid the spit into her cunt, renata and melisa rimmng and sucking on a boat first six inches, almost touching her cervix. He gave a quick look to Tim, who nodded, and Dave rammed the rod right up through Abby, barely pausing in her stomach before targeting her esophagus and getting the spit up and out of her mouth.

Very quick and very precise. Tim and Dave smiled triumphantly at each other while Abby screamed terribly (they had not bothered to give her the pain-reduction pill). When the rod tore out of her mouth and popped the gag her screams changed tone, of course, as her vocal chords had been shredded.

"Perfect!" Tim said. "Well done!" "Best teacher in the world," Dave replied. Tim picked up a knife and walked to the end of the table and looked down at Abby. Despite her squeals and screams, she she sucks and rides as a real pro hardcore and mature twitching, writhing on the spit.

He looked at her snatch and it was clear another orgasm was going on. He glanced up at Dave and both raised their brows in proud salute and smiled and watched until the climax ebbed. Tim put an ear to raunchy blonde dana receives an anal hammering spit and could hear good airflow his modification appeared to be working.

When her convulsions slowed Tim slit Abby's throat, her blood gushing into a waiting bucket below her head. As this was just a practice run, there was no need for the spectacle of roasting her. Tim would simply butcher her and freeze her various cuts for future family dinners. On Thursday morning, Daddy showed his little girl what he had prepared for her final days, her official tenderizing days. Years ago he had built a tool and gardening shed in their large back yard, all being very tidy and organized as was Dave's way.

He'd even planted trees and annuals around it to make it seem like more than it was, almost like a tiny cottage. A couple of years back one of Beth's nephews, Jerrod, had come to visit for a summer so Dave brought in a nice cot into what they simply called "the Shed". He even ran plumbing and installed a shower stall and toilet.

Yesterday Beth had dressed the bed with ironed sheets (with several spares on a shelf; changes would be needed she was certain) and a fluffy comforter.

She brought down a few pictures and keepsakes from Katy's room to personalize the Shed a bit for her. For this was where she'd spend her last two days.

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"It's great, Daddy!" Katie said, meaning it. For her final hours, her own little home and fuck-pad. She couldn't have been happier. Dave took her outdoors and to the side of the Shed. And there Katie saw it for the first time: the barbecue pit! It was deep and wide and lined with river rock. At each end of it, staked vertically into the earth were tall iron bars ending upwards into a "Y": the rack upon which the spit would be rested during cooking.

And there were three other semi-"Y's welded along the poles to allow for height adjustments. At the ass-end the electric rotisserie was affixed to its on pole and aligned to where the spit-pole would end.

"It's beautiful, Daddy! You've gone to so much trouble!" "Thanks sweetie. I only want the best for you." Dave had decided the investment in time and money was worth it. After all, this might not be only a one-time thing.

Dave's smile was one of pride. He explained to Katie that on such short notice he couldn't arrange a contractor so he dug and built the pit himself, the day before.

With big help from their next-door neighbour, Al, and his fourteen-year-old son, Richard. "I couldn't have done it without them." Dave said, "so I offered them a return favour if it's okay with you, Katie." "What is it?" "Well, the best tenderizing I can give you is as constant orgasms as possible. And I'm, well, there's some little down-times with me, with one man, right?

So I agreed to their requests to fuck you when I can't. Can that work for you?" "Of course, Daddy! Besides, I always thought Al was the nicest of men. And Richard is pretty cute. I saw him out in their yard last summer, under a tree, when he thought nobody was looking, masturbating like crazy. It's not huge like yours but he really does have a beautiful cock so I guess I'll be okay. And he sure seemed to come a lot, so that's good, too, right?" She gave her Daddy a lascivious smile.

"But given that you are setting this up I won't have to be punished, will I?" Daddy looked at her lovingly.

"Maybe a little." Thursday and Friday turned into quite the blur for Katie. She did her best to make time seem to stretch out, given how very little of it she had left but it steamy sexy missionary style drilling for sexy beauty, basically, just one long and unending orgasm with brief visits to the shower and snippits of food which either Cheryl or Beth brought to her.

Not that she was complaining. Her Daddy, of course, whether he was in her mouth, her ass or her cunt was always spectacular in getting her off. But she also had the added delights that Al and Richard brought. Al sex story kam umar ki sex about her Daddy's age, with a sweet and always hard cock and a way of using it that was different than Daddy and especially pleasant. He had this twisting technique which really worked for her.

And he was such a nice guy, forceful but considerate. Whenever he finished fucking her she always felt a touch of a blissful glow. And when he fucked her asshole she was consistently left with wanting just a bit more, although nicely warm and slippery inside as the man shot very respectable loads.

When he did her mouth she especially appreciated that, too, as it gave her a lot to swallow and she always loved the challenge of not losing a drop. And then there was Richard. Just a boy, really, but that includes all the boyness: the undisguised enthusiasm, the insane level of general hornyness consuming not only his (as it turned out) very large penis (what a difference a year can make at this stage of life!), but his entire body and brain, the losing-his-mind-completely spasms of his orgasms, every time nearly passing out.

(Well, once he actually did, if only for a few seconds). Like his dad, Richard, too was a kind and considerate kid, a real joy to fuck. Katie came to quite love taking him to the edge whether in her cunt, ass, mouth or by hand only to stop him just before his peak.

(Cheryl had provided her with some sound advice on just how to do that with, especially, a young boy). This drove Richard mad. In a good way.

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And seemed to increase the already copious amount of cum he could squirt. Many times during her tenderizing her entire face, neck and most of her chest were simply saturated in Richard-cum. And Richard was not shy about helping her lick it all off which Katie just loved. When she kissed him deeply it always seemed to be cum-flavoured.

All of this, naturally, was so hot that Katie discovered she was in a dewy state of perpetual top-shelf mind-altering orgasm. On the Friday afternoon, Cheryl brought her a cheese plate with cold meats and pickles and crackers (Katie's request).

Richard had just finished giving her a thorough cunt-fuck mom and her teen sons she was still panting, as was Richard. There was still quite a bit of cum on Katie's face, as that's how they'd finished things off. When Cheryl walked in: "Sorry, do you want me to " "No, it's fine," Katie said. "I'm so hungry." She looked at Richard. "That's okay, Katie.

I've gotta go out and help our dads with the tables and decorations and things for tomorrow. You go ahead and eat now. I'll wait a few minutes and then send my dad in. It's his turn. Maybe leave the cum on your face. He'd like that." Richard gave her a kind and amused smile. "Nice to see you", Cheryl said to Richard, clearly looking straight at and admiring his cock, which was still near-hard. She took a cracker from the cheese plate and scooped a bit of cum from her sister's face and popped it into her mouth and mmm-mm'd.

Then, eyes on Richard's cock: "That's nice. And it's grown." She reached over and gave Richard's dick a little squeeze around the head. "Mmmmm." "Maybe after tomorrow,'" Richard said. As Cheryl smiled at him, Katie said, "Why not during dinner tomorrow, while I'm roasting?" The other two looked at her, questioning. "I mean it", said Katie. Smirking. "What a great send-off that would be. Promise me." She looked directly at Cheryl.

"I'm sure Alex would understand, given the givens." After Richard and his cock, Cheryl couldn't help thinking left, the sisters got to chatting. Except not really chatting having, finally, a true tete a tete. Cheryl said: "So, sis. We're down to hours now. Hours." Her eyes were as serious as they'd ever been. "In a matter of hours you won't be able to back out." Katie understood Cheryl was not being flip.

"I know, Cheryl. I know. Now or never, right?" Cheryl nodded. "But, Cheryl, I've. I've aleady crossed the line. Days ago." Katie had picked up the stainless steel spit that would soon be skewering her entire body.

She had asked Daddy to bring it to her. As she and Cheryl talked, she stroked its spear-pointed tip with an off-hand fondness. "This is my fate, now," she said to her sister "A fate you've chosen." "Yes. With no regrets. I've had a few days now that seem like a lifetime. What else could one ask for? And what else could one hope for? The latest statistics are showing nine out of ten births are now female.

They've just upped the high school lottery to thirty percent. Thirty percent! Three out of ten girls get cooked no matter what, just the luck of a name out of a jar. And that's three out of ten with good grades. They're now looking at the failure rate and soon if your grades are too low, your status changes to meat, and low grade at that. And god forbid you ever get a traffic ticket or anything like a misdemeaner automatic meat.

They might even be looking at parking tickets! They've got a lot of females to get rid of. Cheryl, the last thing I want to be is processed meat. Picked by the system, lined up, throat cut, butchered and in the supermarket in pieces before anyone knows it. At least this way it's our Daddy who does it, our Daddy who is giving me the best days of my life, my best last days. And, like, I mean they really are the best.

He's the greatest lover in the world!" All during her monologue Katie was running her fingers lightly over her cunt. At one point she petite juvenile vixen rides old dong oldvsyoung and hardcore under Cheryl's skirt and played with her pussy, too. "I'm not supposed to tell you and we can't tell mom," Cheryl said, "but Daddy told me you were the best lover he's ever had. Seriously." Katie teared up even more and grew the greatest of inner-light smiles.

Almost under her breath: "Thanks Daddy." But she was still passionate about her conclusions.

Mature and donkey man xxx story

"I'd rather be eaten by people I care about than just picked out of some store freezer in bits and pieces and fried up in some shitty kitchen in a dirty pan. I know I'll be dead in either case but at least this way I'll feel I was some part of my own death. And therefore some part of my own life. I know that sounds twisted, but " She burst into big tears, Cheryl joining her.

They sat on the Shed cot for several minutes, weeping in their own confusions, rubbing each others' cunts gently. Cheryl broke the spell. "You know I respect you and what you have to say, Katie. You're still terribly young but you've always been wise." "What about you, Cheryl?

What are you gonna choose?" Cheryl stared at the floor and then up at her sister's cum-smeared face. "I don't know, honey. It could be that you've inspired me. Or that you've scared the shit out of me. I've been trying to talk to Alex about this but he's closed up on the subject. He just keeps saying 'You're not eighteen yet.' But I'm so close." "You'll do what's right for you, sis. I know you will. You've always been smart." Cheryl pulled it together and smiled at her sister.

"Are you scared?" "Of course I'm scared. This is really scary shit. But so is being alive. So I'll just." She managed a broad pretty smile, "I'll just get myself so fucked I'll be lost in my cunt and whatever happens, happens." Cheryl looked at Katie for a long moment, into her eyes. "I'll do everything I can to make it the best day for you, Katie." They threw themselves into each other's arms for a long hug.

"And when it comes to the carving I've put dibs on a big piece of your heart." They were interrupted by the door opening and Al coming in, already undoing his tiny latina face jizzed tube porn, his erect cock half out.

Cheryl broke the hug. "Hi Al!" Then to Katie, "Get yourself tenderized, girl. Get sweet and tender." That night the punishment came, as it had to. Daddy walked in without a word as Richard was leaving again, once more leaving Katie's face cum-covered.

Dave took off his belt and wrapped the buckle end around his hand. "You've been bad again, haven't you, Katie?" "Yes, Daddy." "Look at your face! You've been fucking other men, haven't you?" "Yes, Daddy, but you said " "How many times have you fucked that man? And that boy?" "I.I lost count, Daddy." "Well then maybe I'll lose count on how many swats you get." He grabbed her and pulled her over his lap as he sat on the cot. He immediately whacked her a good one with his leather belt.

Katie oofed but also giggled. They both knew this was a game, one in which she enjoyed the spanking to a point, to the point where her pussy got wet (again, again!) and her bum got nice and red and deliciously warm. The pleasure and pain, Katie thought, were so commingled she couldn't separate them.

She wondered how that would compare to the roasting pit. After a few more delightful swats, Daddy put his belt down and began massaging her red bum cheeks and then cute asian teen angel landed on yr old virgin asshole. And very shortly he was fucking that asshole and they were both groaning in pleasure.

After they both came, Katie said, "Is my bum red?" "Oh yeah. Beautifully so." "I guess it might end up redder tomorrow, eh?" Her daddy flipped her over and around and kissed her long and deep, their tongues feeling like they were becoming one. "I love you, sweetheart," he said, softly. "I love you more." Saturday morning. Katie woke up early, immediately in a state blended of excitement, fear and wonder.

She had to be ready for the spit by eleven but she didn't want to be rushed; every moment now needed to be savoured. She took a fantastic blonde gets nailed in a gangbang great and frankly beautiful last shit, assisted by her middle-of-the-night ingestion of a strong laxative. Right away she conducted two pleasant enemas - she was determined to be squeaky clean everywhere.

(Thanks to Daddy, Al and Richard her asshole was now so tenderized it was a very easy task). She douched her twat even while knowing it would soon be filled up. She took a long hot shower, scrubbing away at every part of what even she now realized had become her tantalizing, fully tenderized, beautiful and hairless body.

(Her Mommy had shaved her everywhere the night before, between fucks. Just in time! she thought. Nobody would have to be eating ugly or plain - meat! She drank the conditioner broth to condition her guts. Her mom was the first to arrive at the Shed, bearing a steaming teapot. "You can't eat, of course, darling, but a spot of tea won't hurt.

Just be sure to have a good pee before you head out there." "Thanks, Mom," Katie poured herself a cup. "How're you doing, kiddo?" Katie took a sip of the tea. "Pretty good, mom. I think. It's just that it's been so long that I've been looking forward to this. Years! It's hard to believe it's finally here." "Your Daddy has been extremely diligent as usual.

I'm sure things will go perfectly. Have you taken the Survivil?" That was the pain reduction pill. "And drank the conditioner?" "Yep. All ready. But it for sure won't take away all the pain, right?" "All the studies indicate that's true.

You should be pretty awake and aware when the carving starts. No sleepy side effects." She gave her daughter's thigh a little pinch. "I'm going to start here, if that's okay. It looks juicy." "Whatever you want, Mommy. I love you, know. I realize Daddy is such a focus because of all the fucking, but I love you just as much." Beth bestowed her with her warmest smile and kissed her on her forehead.

"I know," she said. "Did you ever think of doing this? Getting roasted?" Katie asked her mom. "Even though your dad died when you were so young, you could have volunteered." Beth held Katie's face.

"I did think about spitroasted bigtit babe receives facial european big tits of course, although in my day there were less girls being born so the pressure was not the same as now.

I won't say it wasn't an attractive idea, but I also wanted to be a mom. And I'm glad of that decision and I respect myself for it. Just as I respect you for what you are about to do." She kissed her daughter on the lips, long and slow, their tongues sharing a great intimacy.

"Now Katie, there's something I'm going to tell you that you must keep secret. Right to your death." Katie drew in a breath; she loved secrets. "I won't say anything. Promise. And, anyway, in about an hour I'll have a steel spit up my cunt and out my mouth. I won't be able to talk even if I want to." Beth almost chuckled as she told her her little gem. "Omigod!" Katie squawked.

"Ommigod!" But they were interrupted as the door creaked open and Dave and Cheryl came into the Shed. "Morning!" Dave said, unable to completely hide his excitement. To Katie, he asked: "Good night's sleep?" "Yeah I did, actually." "I couldn't stop dreaming," Daddy said.

"All the dreams about fucking you one way or aother." Cheryl approached Katie and cradled her head. "Big sleep coming, sis. But not before some big fun!" Cheryl held Katie's head and looked her in the eyes. "Any chance you'd consider a little deviation from normal? I have a little surprise." She glanced at Daddy. "Are you open-minded, Daddy?" "Well I guess that depends." "So let's find out." Cheryl went to the door and opened it to the three boys from Monday's Starbuck's exploits.

To Daddy, Cheryl said, "These are the boys we told you about, from Monday: Darren, Nathan and Tom." The boys muttered hello's. Dave and Beth nodded at them. All three were full of big if a bit tentative smiles and wearing baggy shorts and nothing else, not even shoes. Katie was thrilled. "Boys! You came. Totally cool!" She absently rubbed at her naked cunt as she gave them each one of her biggest smiles. She could see that all three had hard bulges tenting their crotches.

They all looked to Cheryl for leadership. Cheryl said: "So we all know that the tradition is that the host Daddy gives the girl her last fuck just before spitting her. And that's right and proper.

But these boys just loved you, Katie, even if you're technically just meat, and they were wondering if they could each have a fuck just before that. Out in front of the guests on the trussing table." Anybody who knew Katie would know from the look on her face that she thought this was just about the greatest idea ever. She looked in undisguised desire at the lustful faces of her very young new friends. But she was mindful of tradition. And of her Daddy.

She turned to look at him, saying to the boys, "But my Daddy would still be the last one, right?" The boys chorused yes's and for-sures. Daddy, Katie thought, looked uncertain. "It would add to the show, Daddy.

Our guests would love it especially as these boys are so young. And, Daddy," she added with a broad smile, "It would add more to the cum gravy you're planning." Dave had told her that when she was near-to-cooked he was going to mix his last cumshot with all her roasted drippings to make the best gravy ever.

Dave gave this some thought but the pleading look on his daughter's face and the longing looks on the boys' won him over. "Okay!" he said. "What the hell! Let's make this the best roast ever! For our Katie!" Everyone actually cheered. Then Nathan spoke up. "Katie," he said, a bit shyly, "I was wondering if . if. if I could fuck your asshole." Katie shared a quick smile with her dad and then looked at Nathan. "Yes, Nathan.

That would be awesome!" "There's just one more thing," Cheryl butt in. " These boys were also wondering if they could pre-select their meat. Daddy gets the cunt filet of course, but." "Up to you, Katie," Daddy said. Katie beamed at the boys. "Well, what would you like?" Simultaneously Tom and Donnie shouted, "Tit!". Katie said: "Okay, you guys get the left one. You can fight over the nipple; it'll be crispy." She turned to Nathan. "Nathan?" Shy again: "I was wondering if I could have your anus." Katie looked at her Daddy.

"Not spoken for yet," he said. Katie said to Nathan: " You got it, Nathan! And I've just cleaned it out squeaky for you!" Nathan grabbed his crotch and high-fived his buddies, overjoyed. "Okay," Cheryl said to everyone, "Let's all go get ready. Show starts in just over an hour. And, boys, you probably won't need it but I'd love to fluff you if you'd like, whether you need it or not!" Judging by the wide eyes on all three faces, along with their crotch rubbing,there was clearly no dissent from the lads.

Noticing how hard and horny the three boys were, Cheryl added, "Now be careful, boys. Don't accidentally blow your loads too soon. We want all your cum in Katie's cunt." Then, to Nathan," And asshole." Apart from thinking it would be a lot of fun to suck these young penises Cheryl was quite certain although she hadn't told him her plan that her sweetheart Alex would find it all pretty arousing and might fuck her senseless once Katie was on the spit and roasting. Well, not "might". She would see to that.

And also see to having Richard join them, honouring Katie's request. She and Beth had laid out blankets throughout the yard in full expectation that the party would see a lot of fucking, sucking, diddling and paddling and she had a lot of pent-up hornines to release.

Public sex, she remindeed herself, had always been a huge favourite of hers, going back to when she was really young. She and Alex. Back in the Shed only Katie, Beth and Dave remained. Dave laid Katie on her back on the cot and gave her pussy a thorough slobbering eating-out.

When she shuddered, he turned and looked at Beth with a smile. Beth smiled back at him and replaced him at Katie's mound. And proceeded to give her daughter yet another complete cunt ravish.

When Katie gaspingly came yet again, Beth stood up and said, "Pee time." They went to the toilet and Beth nana nanami fondled and fucked in an exam room Katie's urethra while she peed, wiping it at the end with tissue. "Goodbye my love." Dave came over and reached for Katie's hands and walked her out the door of the Shed. Beth quietly beauties sharing one pecker girlfriend and homemade them with, for the first few steps, her hand cupped over one of Katie's bum-cheeks, fingers prodding the crack.

Stepping out the door of the Shack, Katie got her first look at the preparations her family had made for her. Near the barbecue pit, which already was filled with glowing coals laced with slabs of hickory (Cheryl told her) was a long table setup with the lengths of twine lying across it: the trussing table.

Lying along its length was the familiar glinting stainless steel spit and its little anal-balancing brother. Over a big part of the yard was one of those party awnings, with hundreds of balloons affixed to the upper parts of it, floating gaily skyward.

Under the awning were a number of tables and chairs set for four but easily adaptable to any arrangement. Potted flowers were arranged around the whole affair. Katie's favourite music was being piped in. Along one side was a train of linen-covered tables laid out to be for buffet-style dining. Next to that, a stocked bar. The weather had cooperated; it was a sun-strewn perfectly warm day. Most of the invited guests had come for the full ceremony: the spitting, the cooking, the eating.

In the hours that it would take Katie to become completely well-done, while they could watch, there was lots of booze, camaraderie and, probably, considerable acts of wanton sex; these events had become such a great excuse as all norms tended to be shelved for the duration. Daddy led his daughter over to the trussing table and held her hand as she climbed onto it.

For a moment, she sat on the edge, smile gleaming, her arms waving as if she were on a carnival float.

"Thank you so much everyone! Enjoy! Enjoy me!" Somewhat ceremoniously Dave reached over with a small pincher and snapped Katie's meat tag off her clit. To the side were three chairs occupied by the three Starbuck's young boys, pants shed. Cheryl was in front of them on her knees, shuffling along sucking one, then the other, then the other. Like she was playing a penis xylophone or something. Pausing on occasion for a lovely ball-tickle and squeeze.

Teasing the hell out of them. Taking a second to look over the crowd, sporty luscious teen cant live without it unfathomable hardcore blowjob was quite sure she could identify which ones were these kids' parents, judging by their envious smiles. Dave had the twine in his hand and was teacher and student zabardasti xxx Katie into position, legs up, arms up, tying her down, then turning her over onto her back.

She ended up trussed tightly with her asshole and cunt sticking out, wonderfully available. Dave turned and signalled Cheryl and the boys, who had been briefed by Cheryl.

They marched over in line to the trussing table. Dave pulled Katie down the table a bit so her cunt was in essence hanging off the end of it. "Hi, Tom," she said. "Hi," Tom said as he allowed Cheryl to guide his cock into Katie's cunt, this way of proceeding having been Katie's request; she was keen on her sister's participation when feasible. And then Tom was in and going at it. Katie began to groan right away as the situation was so sexually charged she she was in half-come mode before they even started.

It didn't take too long for Tom to come. Katie gasped, the audience clapped and Cheryl gave his dick a little lick when he pulled it out of Katie. And then Darren was there, cunt-side, Cheryl's hand around his dick and sliding it into Katie's slick pussy. "Hey, Darren," Katie moaned, "Have a good one!" And Darren did, pumping hard and being rewarded by a shivering cum-gush.

Cheryl had to half hold him as he fell back. She gave him a little cock-lick as well. More applause. Next was Nathan of course. Katie took just a little of the acccumulating cum in Katie's cunt and smeared it on her anus; a little lube wouldn't hurt. Then she guided Nathan's sweet cock into her sister's welcoming asshole.

When they had both come, Cheryl, slid the cock out. It was all she could do not to mount it, she was so wet and aroused, but this was about Katie so she stuck to licking it off and sending Nathan back to his chair. More applause and some cheers from the younger folk in the crowd, friends, Cheryl assumed, of the boys.

Dave pulled down and took off his pants, his cock raging, and stepped up and looked at his daughter's cunt. It was so wet and slick and slippery; the young lads had done themselves proud, he thought, glad he'd been convinced of this departure from tradition.

Katie was panting, smiling, making groaning sounds. "Daddy!" she said. "These boys were great, right? But now, finally: YOU!" She was too trussed-up to use her hands, blonde german amateur milf anal fucked in her beloved pair of heels her eyes and voice did the work, as did her pussy as she was able to move it side to side in invitation.

"FUCK ME, DADDY!" Dave slowly, gradually, pushed his cock into her young and used cunt. With all the boys' cum already in there, he slipped in like, well, a greased pig. But her vaginal walls were still youthful and strong and clamped firmly onto his dick as nature intended. Dave hadn't fucked her since the previous afternoon, leaving the final tenderizing to the father-son team of Al and Richard.

He wanted to have as much cum nozomi hazuki rides a hard dick in the warehouse on the floor her (and the future gravy) as possible. He was also determined to take his time so that his final fuck with her would be a memorable one, even if she would shortly have no memory at all.

"Oh, God, Daddy!" I'm cumming already! Even more! I don't know if I can take it!" Dave was encouraged and did a few thrusts where he would pull all the way out, then jam it back in, then shove as hard as he could, seeking her cervix. He found a way to kind of literally screw his cock into her, like her cunt was a bolt. This got extra squeals from his daughter.

And Katie not only did "take it", but seemed to reach new heights. Dave was worried that she might pass out. And then he couldn't take any more himself and completely unloaded inside her. Katie screamed in that good way and Dave, as well, nearly passed out, hollering God know's what in the process.

The audience was highly appreciative and gave as much of a roaring applause as about twenty people can give. Neither Katie nor Dave moved for a few moments. Beth grabbed a brush and began covering Katie with a barbecue sauce, although not a thick and sticky one.

Katie and Dave had agreed on a sauce only for function to keep her meat moist during cooking so this was mostly oil-based with just a little in the way of sugar and herbs. This is what they would baste her with over the roasting hours. It didn't take long for Beth to cover her hundred-pound body. When she finished, she looked at her husband. The time was now.

Dave pulled his cock out of his daughter and picked up the spit. He brandished it up in the air vertically. He swore to gathered friends later that he did not intend or plan it, but when he held the spit high, it caught a particular sunbeam and flashed in reflection as if in a movie shot. There was a murmer from the audience. Dave brought the spit down, holding it at the half-way mark. He aligned it with Katie's cunt and stared into her eyes. They sparkled back at him.

As if that was a signal, Dave gently slid the sharp end of the spit into Katie's well-lubed cunt, into the six-inch mark, just grazing her cervix. She couldn't help twitch a touch. Dave said to her: "Now just hold really still for a second, sweetie." She stopped moving.

"That's good. That's good, dear." With the tip resting in her cunt, Dave was able to slide his hand up to the other end of the spit and, without warning, jammed the whole rod up into her as hard and fast as he could, as Tim had instructed and as he had practiced. She screamed a wrenching scream as he felt he reached her stomach and positioned for her esophagus.

One more shove and he was up and through and the spit was protuding out of her mouth. Katie's scream turned into an anguished gargle. Dave immediately went to her mouth and put his ear down. He smiled as he was assured she was still able to breath; his aim had been excellent. He quickly went to her ass-end and shoved the small spit up her cum-slippery hole and fastened it to the main bar. She would not slip on the rotisserie.

Despite all the anticipation, Cheryl was shocked. Although perhaps more about how fast it all happened. And how cleanly at least so far; Katie had only a trickle of blood running out the side of her mouth. She was blinking rapidly. Cheryl went close and looked her sister in the eye. Then realized that Katie was already writhing, twisting her clit on the bit that she could on the rod, which had been redesigned with a ridged section at the cunt end, another Tim innovation.

Cheryl could see that Katie's rapid eye movement was an indication of yet another long orgasm. She smiled at her sister. Katie made a small grunt back, unable to speak of course. Although Cheryl was convinced her sister glamour babe foxy di pounded on the bed by hard wiener trying to smile.

Dave had to get going. Katie could stay alive only so long in this condition, even with the help of Survivil, and he'd promised her to do everything he could to have her witness the first couple of portions of her meat going into a mouth.

Dave waved in a pre-planned signal to Richard, who was standing to the side, naked with a full boner. Richard walked over to Katie's head-end and took hold of the protruding spit, being sure to drag his cock across her face in the process. Katie made a little odd noise. Meanwhile Dave was back holding the cunt-end of the spit.

Together the man and the boy raised the rod and lifted Katie clear of the table. Strangled sounds struggled out of fantastic bombshell flaunts big bum and gets anal pounded torn mouth.

They carried her, while hearing applause, to the fire pit and set the rod-ends down on the Y-bars. Dave pulled the cunt-end of the bar into the hole in the mechanical rottisserie, clipped it and flipped the switch. Soon Katie was literally turning and roasting on a spit. More applause. Dave turned to his audience, looking at his watch. "Perfect timing. Dinner will be at seven.

In the meantime," he gestured, "there's a bar and snacks. And lots of room to get up to whatever suits your fancy! There's toys at the end of tha bar table." He approached Katie's head. "All going great, honey!" He noticed her still writhing on the spit.

"Feeling good?" He knew she couldn't answer but her eyes told him all was well. Presumably the blend of pain and pleasure was maybe divine. Mari likes to get fucked by hard fact, he started getting hard again just thinking about it, even so soon after having just been in that cunt. Katie rotated and writhed some more. Cheryl was lingering nearby, enchanted. Somehow during the blow-jobs she had lost her clothes and, appreciating the appreciation she was getting from the men and boys in the audience, decided to stay naked.

It seemed fitting somehow. Alex emerged from the crowd and approached her, hugged and kissed her deeply. "Hey." "Hey." "That was really something, right? Cool." "It's exactly how she wanted it. I'm happy for her. Now," she said as she cupped his panted crotch, "she had a sort of last wish for me.

" Alex, knowing Cheryl so well, understood exactly what that would be and immediately began stroking her cunt. Cheryl smiled and said, "With a little wrinkle. Be right back." She merged into the crowd then was right back out with Richard, leading him by his still-hard cock. "Alex, meet Richard. Richard: Alex." "Hi." "Hi.

Are you the one that helped with the tenderizing?" Richard simply smiled a glowy smile. "Katie is awesome." Cheryl led them over to a nearby blanket. Alex quickly lost his clothes. They sat down and Katie said to these boys: "Katie wanted us to celebrate. Together. You guys cool?" The two boys shared looks that made it clear they were more than cool. Alex took Richard's hard cock in his mouth and began working on it, very shortly joined in the task by Cheryl.

She noted Richard's dick felt just as lovely as she had expected when seeing it the day before. In short order, all three were sucking, feeling and fucking each other in all combinations and with with great glee. Richard expressed happy surprise as he'd never contempleted sex with a boy before. Alex was a bit of an old hand on that front.

They weren't far from the spit. Cheryl looked over at Katie, wondering whether on each rotation she could see what her sister and friends were up to. She hoped so. And so the afternoon passed. A lot of people fucked and/or did whatever urge pleased them.

She even saw her mother going at it with a young man she didn't know. And Daddy older amateur cougar squeezing her vagina muscles to be having a nice slow fuck with Al's wife who had showed up all naked. She just couldn't believe her Daddy's stamina! A week ago she'd had no idea!

I guess this is what they call growing up, she thought. Lots of wine, lots of flesh. All good. And with the increasingly delicious aroma of beautifully cooking girl meat wafting on the light breeze. After what seemed like not that long, Dave pulled his cock out of a lovely very young girl he'd never met before a friend of the Starbuck's boys having her first go at a bit of a gang-bang.

He liked her; she was sweet and still a bit innocent with a very fresh cunt. As soon as Dave was out, that cunt got immediately re-occupied by one of the boys, Tom, as the girl gasped. Dave dense kiss and passions berokisu fuck japanese and asian at his watch. Already! Pretty much dinner time! He went to the pit where Beth was gently basting their rotating daughter.

He was quickly joined by Tim who had just arrived, as expected. He had agreed to come and help Dave with his first time carving a girl. He had brought a knife of his own, along with a sharpener and began honing the blade. Dave began doing the same with his own utensils. Tim surveyed the now very brown and crisped Katie. "She looks great, Dave. Perfect." He looked at her face.

"And still with a little life in her. Well done! No more orgasms now though, I'm afraid. Her nerve endings are shot. And so she'll be out of any pain, too." As Dave sharpened, he asked his friend, "Have you had a taste of Abby yet?" referring to Tim's now-slaughtered daughter. "Matter of fact we did. Last night for dinner. Went right for it and had the cunt filet and hip roast." He gave Dave a bemused look.

"But, to tell the truth, it was a little tough and stringy." They both laughed. "Maybe no surprise there." Tim looked Katie over and concluded, "She's done, Dave.

Let's get her carved up." They each donned heavy gloves and took an end of the spit, lifted it up and took Katie over to the long dining table, and set the carcass down on its back, on a bed of previouslyplaced lettuce and berries. "You do the honours," Tim said to Dave. Dave took a firm grip on the spit and slowly slid it out of Katie's body, careful not to damage her cunt with the sharp point as it exited.

He set the spit aside and removed the anal attachment. He picked up a bowl and then a serving spoon with a long handle which he used to scoop out the contents of her cunt, the mixture of cum and roasted body juices. To his delight there was quite a bit more than he had expected.

He repeated the same up her asshole and, again, got more than he had anticipated. He ended up with a good bowlful which he poured into a large pan. While Tim began his methodical carving of Katie, Dave put the pot on a burner on his barbecue and began adding some herbs and spices, mixing all the while.

He only needed to add a bit of starch to get the right consistency, then set the pot on low to simmer for a few minutes. Tim had a list of the various requested cuts and got busy carving accordingly. At Dave's request, he'd filleted Katie's cunt first, doing a lovely job, avoiding any hair follicles. He handed the steaming labia to Dave on a plate and Dave ladled some of the bubbling cum gravy over it.

He went right away to Katie's face. She was so cooked it was hard to tell but he believed that her last thread of life was still unbroken and that she could see him. He sliced a mouth-sized piece of her cunt, swirled it in the cum gravy, and put it in his mouth, chewing slowly (God, it was SO good!) He would never be sure but he convinced himself that Katie saw this, tried to smile and then quickly slipped away.

He leaned over and kissed her on the lips. But there was a happy accident: his mouth slipped on her greasy skin and he ended up biting off her lower lip. And, well, it was terribly tasty as he chewed and swallowed it. Tim approached him with a small round nubbin of something between his fingers. "Her clit," Tim said, "It always stays hard, doesn't break down, so I trimmed it.

You can suck on it like a lozenge whenever you want to remember her and all this. It will last for ages and a little taste will linger on it for quite a long while." Dave took the clit and expressed his gratitude. Dave approached the large blanket on the lawn that Cheryl and her two fuckees had claimed. They had been joined by the Starbuck's boys, all having retrieved plates and cutlery and wine. Dave carried a large platter upon which Tim had arranged the agreed-upon cuts of Katie: the anus for Nathan, one breast with crunchy nipple for the other two boys, inner thighs for both older boys and then, to Cheryl: a large piece of heart.

Dave said to Cheryl as he handed it to her, "Tim says we're lucky. The heart doesn't always cook at the same time as the rest but Katie was so thin it all worked out." "And," Dave said, "The cum gravy, with," He looked at the three younger lads, "such fine contributions!" They beamed.

Dave ladled cum gravy out over top of everyone's cuts of Katie. They were joined by Beth, now naked like all the rest of them. (Nathan paid particular attention to her well-trimmed pussy). She had a plate piled with slices of Katie's upper thigh. She helped herself to the last of the gravy, licking the ladle with an mmm. when she finished. Cheryl lifted a glass of wine into the air. "To Katie! She will never be forgotten!" "To Katie!" everyone chimed back.

And they all dug in. To Katie. Late into the night, Cheryl found herself standing in the middle of the yard, stuffed, a bit drunk and not a little exhausted. Yes, there had been dancing, and she had tried to honour Katie by fucking everyone in attendance, and had been close to succeeding, she thought.

Certainly her pussy was puffy and sore, not to mention her burning asshole and aching jaw. But also certainly: no regrets. The fire in the pit had died out. Katie's remains had been packaged up and her bones and some vegatables had been put on to simmer in the kitchen for stock. Most of the guests had drifted off and her parents were doing clean-up with the volunteered assistance of the Starbuck's boys although she thought a lot of that had to do with Nathan's not-so-hidden desire to fuck her mother, ideally in the ass.

(She did have a rather glorious ass, Cheryl could acknowledge). Beth came over to Cheryl and they leaned into and cuddled each other. "Pretty perfect," Beth said. "I can guarantee Katie would agree." She smiled a nice smile at her Mommy. "So," she said, "are you going to do that boy?" As she said this, Nathan, over by the pit, happened to look up, saw them and broad-smiled and waved. "He does have a really nice very young cock. And his balls are so smooth they're a pleasure to lick. And take in and suck.

You can get both in at the same time. And almost no hair or stubble." Beth smiled a knowing smile at her remaining daughter. "I'm just waiting for them to finish up the cleaning first.

Priorities." Cheryl frowned just a touch, "So Mommy? Before Katie died she told me that you had told her a secret." "Did she tell you what it was?" "She said you swore her to secrecy." "And she kept it?" "Yup. I tried, but no dice." "I'm proud of her." There was a pause as Beth watched Nathan, her right hand reaching down and stroking her cunt.

"Well?" Katie asked with an impatient tone. "Well what?" "Your secret. You can tell me Mommy." "I haven't even told your Daddy yet." "He really is a cutey," Beth said, referrring to her view of Nathan and his semi-hard cock.

She slid a finger into her pussy. "Mommy! You can't have secrets! Not on a day like today!" Beth looked deep into her daughter's eyes and made a decision. "Cheryl, I'm pregnant." "What?" "Yes, knocked up." "Daddy?" "Of course. I've been, well, rather exclusive. Until today, Katie's Day." "Holy shit!" "Three months.

A girl of course." "Omigod! That's great, right?" "Well, unplanned but I'm still only thirty-six years old so no big deal." Cheryl looked at her mother for a couple of minutes, her face screwing up a bit. "You know, Mommy, there's this sort of new thing, right? With pregnant women?" Leading up to her sister's roast, Cheryl had done a lot of research on the latest cannibal news and goings on, and of course there weree always rumours everywhere if you were female.

"I've heard a bit about it." In fact, Beth had researched it as well, thoroughly. Cheryl said, "I read online that it's sort of catching on and the Board has just made it legal. They're calling it Mother and Child Reunion not after the old song but because of an old food dish that inspired that song: chicken and corn egg-drop soup. Chicken and egg together, right? Mama and child." Beth nodded.

"They say it's best done at eight months when the baby is near-term, fattened up enough. There are techniques where you can get roasted together. I read an article where it said a slice of mommy and a slice of baby on the same plate is quite something." Beth smiled her Beth-smile, always with an enigmatic curl.

"So you're thinking about it? About finally getting roasted? With a baby inside you? " Cheryl said. "Well, I have a few months to consider whatever and so I just want to keep it all to myself for now. Katie was enthusiastic." Cheryl was a bit speechless. Her mother today was an extreme revelation. It was going to take her some time to get her head around this. Dave came over to them, popping Katie's clit into his mouth and slowly sucking.

"How's things?" Beth looked over toward the pit. "Well, it looks like they're pretty much done. Dave, just give me a bit. I want to finish the night with a little-boy fuck.

And I know he wants my help." Daddy and Cheryl looked at each other and smiled. What day all around! Wonder what tomorrow will bring? TO BE CONTINUED?