Horny college student fucks in her dorm

Horny college student fucks in her dorm
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The next thing I know we are waking up the next morning. Someone is sucking my cock. I just lay there enjoying the mouth going up and down on my cock.

I am pretty sure it is Cindy. I open my eyes, and look down. Sure enough it is. Her little mouth is open as wide as she can get it. She is holding her teeth off of me, but her lips are pressed tightly around my shaft. Every now and then, I get a flash of silver as she moves up and down.

I know it's her braces. That makes it that much hotter to watch. I look over at you. You are awake, watching and lightly playing with your pussy. "I want to lie back, and watch the two of you together while I play with myself. I get you alone all the time.

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I want her to have your full attention for a while." You smile as you say it and I know you mean it from the heart. "OK" I tell you. "Let me go to the bathroom first." I touch Cindy on the arm. She takes her mouth off my cock and moves up beside me to give me a peck on the lips. "Hurry back" she says.

I go in the bathroom. It takes a little bit for me to get my hard-on to go down so I can pee. I then shave and brush my teeth. "Cindy do you want to take a shower with me first?" I say from the bathroom. She jumps off the bed and walks into the bathroom with me and I start the shower. We climb in. I grab a soapy rag, and start washing her. It is not really sexual. It is just two people being intimate with each other.

Even so I get half hard when she washes my cock, and I wash her pussy. We get out drying each other off. You are standing at the door watching. You jump in the shower, while we are drying off. We go on out, and lay down on the bed. We start kissing lightly. I am rubbing her arms, and her body down to her hips.

You come out. You sit in the chair watching us. You begin gently rubbing your pussy. We start kissing more passionately, our tongues intertwining 8k usex stories big boobs story hot porn each other.

I move down. Holding her right breast, I start licking it, and nibbling her hard nipple. She is making little moans in her throat. I keep switching from one to the other. Her moans get louder. Finally I move down to her pussy, kissing, and licking her stomach as I go. I lick, and kiss her thighs. Teasing her! Then finally, without any warning, I lick straight up her slit to her clit. "Oh YES!" She gasps loudly. I spread her pretty bald pussy lips with my fingers, and push my tongue inside as deep as I can.

She is very wet. I pull her juices out with my tongue, getting her all wet outside. Going back and forth I spread her pussy juice with my tongue, all over her pussy lips, and her clit. She is moaning constantly now, pushing her pussy up to me. "I am Cumming!" She yells, spurring me on and I don't stop. I pull some juice down to her little brown rosebud, and push my tongue inside.

She is still pushing up at me riding waves of emotion, as I push one finger in her ass, and one in her pussy. I start fucking her with my fingers, as I focus on sucking her clit. Begging me to never stop, she is pushing her pussy into my face so hard I can barely breathe. She starts Cumming again, riding one wave of orgasm after another. Stopping finally I let her body sink back into the bed. The bed is wet under her from her juices.

I pick her up, and move her over. Spreading her legs, I kneel between them. My hard cock is dripping pre-cum. I rub the head on her bald pussy, adding my juices to hers.

She has propped herself up where she can watch. I can see her blue eyes hazed over with lust. It turns me on knowing she wants my cock, probably even more then I want to be inside her. I look over at you, as I wipe some of her juices off my face. You're still playing with yourself, and watching. I can see by the lust in your eyes it is turning you on. I spread subtitled japanese insane confinement glory hole blowjob lips open with the head of my cock then push.

The head pops in. I pull back just a fraction, and push again going in a little deeper. We are both watching, as I repeat the in and out motion, going deeper with each thrust.

I am not that big, but it looks huge going inside her. Her lips spread tightly around my cock. I am still amazed she can take all of me. Then I am all the way inside her. I pull back out to the head. Then I push back in, starting a gradual fucking motion.

She moans, "Oh GOD FUCK ME, I love your cock in me!" We are both watching my cock go in and out. It is glistening, wet with her juices. You can almost see the outline of my cock on her stomach, every time I thrust inside. She is so small. When I pull out you can see her pussy lips coming out, gripping my cock. Like her pussy does not want to let go. I lean down. We kiss, as I am fucking her. Then leaning down further, I take a hard nipple into my mouth.

Sucking, and gently biting it. "I am Cumming!" She screams. The squishing sound of flesh slapping together fills the room, as I keep pounding her tight little pussy. That I can make her cum so much with my cock thrills me. Her pussy is milking my cock, trying to get me to shoot big boobs woman gives head and nailed by pawnshop owner seed deep in her.

It wants my seed deep in her to find her egg, and make a baby inside her. We know I can't get her pregnant, but her body doesn't. It wants my seed, and is doing all it can to get it. I pull out to keep from Cumming, waiting a couple of minutes to cool down. I lean down, and we kiss again. Picking her up, I turn her over.

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She is so light. I pull her hips up to me, positioning her on her knees, with her face down on the pillow. She looks back at me waiting. I line my cock up, and push back into her.

"Fuck me. Make me cum again!" She moans. With my hands holding her by her small hips, I am watching my shaft going in, and out of her pussy. Reaching down with my finger, I pull some tiny tits alessa savage gets banged and cum on tattooes her juices up to her little brown rosebud.

With that as lubrication, I work my thumb into her ass. Gripping her hips I fuck her ass with my thumb and her pussy with my cock. She is so small my hands completely cover each cheek. Her lips are stretched tight over my shaft. The lips go in, and out with each thrust. It is so amazing to watch.

I can feel my cock with my thumb. Breathing hard Cindy is pushing back at me each time I push my cock into her, trying to get all of me she can. She is telling me how good it feels, over and over. I am fucking her hard, as she starts Cumming again. It is a great feeling knowing that my cock is making her cum so much.

I love it! I stop with my cock buried in her. I can feel the last few throbs of her orgasm. Pulling out I lay down with my hard cock pointing up. "It's your turn baby to ride me." I gasp! She gets up, and straddles me. You have a perfect view as she reaches down and guides my cock back into her pussy. She slowly sinks down until my cock is embedded in her pussy.

She leans forward. We kiss as she starts moving up and down my cock. She sits up on her knees, and keeps riding my cock. I reach up, and fill both of my hands with her tits, twisting her nipples. She looks down at me and says, "I am going to cum again. James cum with me, fill my pussy with your hot cum." Then she leans back down on me with her face buried beside my neck.

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She starts pumping her pussy up, and down on my cock. I reach down, and grab both cheeks of her ass. I start helping her pound her pussy down on my cock. We have lost all awareness of anything except pussy, cock, and our impending orgasm.

My cock seems to grow even bigger inside her, as cum is building up in my balls. I push her pussy down over and over on my cock. Then we are both there, Cumming!

Pushing up hard into her pussy I explode. Grinding her pussy down on my cock, she is milking every bit of cum out of my spurting cock. Cumming so hard we can't even talk. Trying to meld my cock and her pussy together it seems. Each time I shoot another shot of cum deep inside her, you can see my ass cheeks clinching together. You can also see her pussy grabbing, and releasing my cock, milking every last drop out of me.

Cum is seeping out around my cock she is so full. Finally Cindy collapses on top of me. With my cock still imbedded in her pussy.

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We lay there together lightly kissing, and coming down from our orgasm. More cum is seeping out of her pussy around my shrinking cock, turning you on even more as you watch us.

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Finally Cindy lifts off me and some more cum leaks out her open pussy hole dripping down on me. She lies down beside me. You come over and grab my cock.

You clean our juices off of it, and all that dripped down on me. Then you lick, and clean Cindy's pussy. "That was hot!" You say, sitting up and grabbing my cock, "Let's go eat breakfast and let you rest.

Then I need some of this!"