Brunette milf zoey gets it on with young hottie charlie lesbian and fucking

Brunette milf zoey gets it on with young hottie charlie lesbian and fucking
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Yes, I'm back, with a salacious new tale about our heroine, as she goes further than ever in her pursuit of perfect orgasms, and large amount sof cash! When you last heard from me, life had gotten horribly complicated by my fucking my father.

Yes, I'm sure it's wrong somehow, but well, I love him. It's complicated, let's just put it that way. My summer at home before heading out to law school was awkward at first, but Mom spent tons of time with her various charities and other adventures which left time enough for us to have some truly incredible sex.

We also got away with a two week "business trip" that I accompanied him on. He DID work, but I spent the entire time as his fuck toy. Which I simply adored. I left for Georgetown Law School and wasted no time establishing myself with local gentlemen of quality. I tried to stay away from men in sexy nicole alone whole day masturbating webcam masturbation beautiful as they get watched a little too closely for my tastes, but wealthy lobbyists?

Perfect. Lots of disposable cash, and they were usually exquisite in their tastes, which meant the finest restaurants, hotels, etc. were mine for the asking. I'd paid off my first year of law school before Christmas break.

Did I mention I'm not cheap? I'd even gotten to pop a cherry as a local college football coach set me up to uh, "break in" a promising quarterback who'd led a very sheltered life. The boy in question was as innocent as new driven snow, but not after he left. I taught that boy every trick in my arsenal, and we went well over my allotted time, but I really didn't care. The lad was hung nicely, and sweet, and had stamina that was nothing short of incredible.

Other than some awkwardness when he wanted to be my boyfriend, he was a joy to play with. Ah, Sunday night, a wonderful time had been had with an oil man who'd boasted of everything in Texas being bigger and he hadn't been far wrong.

His cock was insatiable, and at eight plus, he'd given me a workout. He'd also given me a thousand dollar designer original dress because he thought I'd look good in close up and wild asian oral stimulation. Benefits.

I love my job. I was caught up as far as schoolwork and was holding down a 3.85 so the family was happy. Time to call Daddy. I should point out that he's quite fine with my "career", and often asks me to recount various adventures to him. When we're together sexually, he never forgets to call me Melissa as well.

It keeps him happy, and it keeps me happy, so I'm not going to make an issue of it being an even weirder component to our twisted relationship. "How are you doing, sweetheart?" "Doing great daddy! 3.85 GPA, not quite the dean's list, but not far off it. The kids are great as well." That's for the benefit of Mom, who still thinks I'm a nanny.

"I should be home for spring break in a few weeks, time to relax." "You're not going to vacation with your school friends?" "Nope, I'd rather spend it at home with some of my old friends. We're going to do a bit of partying, but save a few dollars." "Well, you do know your mother's going to be out of the country for most of that.

Some big deal to see to in Asia with a kid's charity. Might give us some time to spend together." That nearly had me wetting my panties right there.

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Fucking my father for the first time in my clean, spacious and totally impersonal apartment was one thing, fucking him in the bedroom I'd grown up in was quite another. As was fucking in the sleeping lesbian aid with maya mona and priya price he shared with Mom.

And the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, his den, his office, the guest rooms, but I digress. "Actually have some interesting news for you. My company's making me an offer to get into the lobbying business if I step down as CFO in two months. In other words, I'll be spending some time near you. How's that sound?" "That sounds incredible, but you know I'll keep working.

I've almost got my second year paid off and I don't want to get behind." "As long as you tell me some good stories, I'm OK with that." "Never fear Daddy, I've got some good ones!" We hung up with the promise to call again soon. It's two months later, spring break was a blast, and I loved seeing my old friends, plus Daddy and I did a fair amount of fucking. He's already been by to see me here and we of course had a good time.

He actually makes more money now, and didn't hesitate to spend it on me. He was really coming to mean a lot to me. That was getting weird, but I really didn't care. We'd loved each other for years, we just didn't mind expressing it physically. To hell with the "rules" and such. The only problem I'm having is one of desires. Due to my relationships, I'd explored a number of fantasies, and had enjoyed them all fully, but in my digital porn collection there was some stuff I'd been looking to try, but some worries about safety had kept me from trying them.

I always did Daddy bareback, but I knew that he was only with Mom or me. The thought though, of having several guys doing me gang bang style and coming all over me, and inside me? That got me very excited. How though? I knew damn baby face back for more in the butt well that oral sex was pretty safe (I'm a discrete spitter), and there's no worries if a guy comes all over my tits, but an all out cumfest?

Four or five guys blowing their loads in and all over me? How exactly does one make sure you're safe? I've had dozens of men ask for bareback sex, and it's always a resounding NO.

I do enjoy it with with Daddy, but like I said, that's special. A knock on my door surprised me and I was thrilled to see Daddy when I opened it. A nice, wet kiss followed and we more or less headed straight to the bedroom. A spectacular fuckfest followed topped off by Daddy taking me anally, and of course coming deep inside me.

He introduced me to anal, and I loved it and had offered it to select gentlemen, but always covered. I so loved the feeling of his cum and lube dripping out though. As I lay there enjoying the feeling I asked him how he would feel about my trying a gangbang. "Well, safety's an issue, but I'm sure you've thought of that." "Of course, you're the only guy that ever gets to put it in me uncovered, but it would be just.exciting to try it.

Laying on a rubber sheet, just covered in cum, with it in my hair, my mouth, my ass, my pussy? That's pretty wild, but like you said, safety. It's something that would hold me back. I mean, I know you're safe, but how can I trust anyone else unless it's a guy I've known for a long time." "Hmmm. I've got an idea, don't know how you'd like it, but my firm does employ people who are very good at finding out things. Like which elected officials might be, ah, receptive to our industry, and so on.

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No, we don't blackmail anyone, I wouldn't be part of that, but if we know a guy is short on campaign funds, a discrete donation puts him in our corner. If we find a guy who isn't happy with his wife, we'll hook him up with someone like you, he likes Cuban cigars and can't afford to be seen buying them overseas?

All kinds of things like that. I could put some discrete feelers son rape sleeping fat mom there, and find some guys that'd be into that sort of scene, and then take a good look at their backgrounds, and quite probably get their statuses checked as well. The people we employ are very, ah, thorough in their work. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so well paid by us." I knew my father made damn good money for his firm, but he could get away with spending a lot of cash for this sort of thing?

"Daddy, can you do that? Without getting in trouble?" His grin was infectious. "Sweetheart, I can do just about anything I please. In the time I've been lobbying, I've saved the firm about twelve million by getting some regulations changed that allowed two new factories to get started ahead of schedule, I managed to get them about a ten million dollar tax break by getting an entire committee on board with our "green technology" and a few other deals I've helped negotiate.

Actually, this is the work I was born to do, I'm quite good at it. Allow me to spend five grand checking up on some guys to see if they're clean? Not an issue, and if need be, I'd spend my own money. If you want this, I'll make it happen." "Wow. That's" His grin turned lecherous.

"As long as I'm the first one to plow that sweet ass of yours, that is." "Ooooh you are so on!" A month later he came by and we looked over our "candidates". He had a file on each of them. We looked them over in detail, and of course, I wanted to make sure they were all pretty nice in the looks department. He also had a proposal to get the event to be even kinkier. "These guys are most likely willing to spend big on this, possibly two grand each.

How does the thought of adding another girl to the mix sound? Six guys, each pounding both of you in each hole, and splattering you like never before, and for the grand finale, the two of you sixtynine each other as we all try to jerk one last load onto you as you go at it?

Have you got a friend who would be be into that?" "I'll have to think. I've done a few three-ways, and while it's not my "thing", it's certainly doable." We looked everything over, and I introduced Daddy to Kay Tanaka, a girl I'd done a threeway with before who was also very safety conscious.

She liked the wife caught cheating with this neighbor french work, and the extensive background checks, and agreed to do it. Naturally she and I entertained Daddy that night and I found out why she called herself an anal whore. She positively shrieked with delight while Daddy hammered her with his eight inches and she simply gushed a massive orgasm down her legs as he pumped her.

He'd only been pounding for a minute or two, that's what blew me away! My orgasms from anal had all been gradual after several others from oral and being fucked. He rammed it in, started slamming and she just exploded. She was going to have a fun time for sure!! I licked cum from her ass for the first time, and I was practically coming myself as I did so and she moaned with pleasure from each stroke of my tongue.

Then Daddy was hard again, (he has a gift for that) and he threw me up on the table and pounded my pussy while Kay lowered her dripping wetness to my face for some attention there. I licked that sweet babe loves riding on a hard rod hardcore and blowjob and got her to come twice more before Daddy thundered another load into me with a loud groan.

Kay simply leaned over and asked me to bring my legs up and she buried her face into my pussy and started sucking and licking for all she was worth. I'd come twice, but another monster neatly deposited Daddy's load into her lips and she enjoyed it as she came again and we collapsed onto each other. It was only then that I noticed Daddy was hard again, but he didn't last as he jerked himself onto Kay's back with a small spurt and a satisfied moan.

"My god, I'm gonna have to not jerk it for two or three weeks if I'm going to have enough in me to make you girls looks good and wet when we're done." We both smiled. "I want one of those loads in my mouth, is that understood mister?" Kay said with a laugh. "Oh, you'll get one, you'll get one.never fear." It's three weeks later and my apartment has been cleaned up and covered up, with plastic sheeting everywhere.

There's a rubberized pair of sheets designed for this sort of thing covering a pair of king size airbeds in my living room. They're sort of a velour feeling but will easily wash clean. I also have a small safe in the room that only I know the combination to. Wallets and any and all electronic devices will go in there, they get their memories only, the fuck/cumfest will NOT be televised.

No watches, no PDA, no nothing. Their clothes will all be checked and put into my closet. After their money has been collected, needless to say.

We had negotiated well, six men, (Daddy was one) each paying 2500.00 to go absolutely nuts on us. All holes were open, they could come in or on us, it mattered not. The background checks had been extensive, but wise. Men who routinely either did this or looked for it were out. We'd narrowed it down and found five more gentlemen who were perfect for our little party. First on the list was Jun Kanazawa, a Japanese businessman who had done business with Daddy's firm. He was in his late 40's and in great shape, and had been happily married for nearly teacher and stu xxx vide years.

He was a closet kink fan who had seen a zillion pornos, but his conservative wife wouldn't hear of it. Once he was assured of total discretion and safety, he was in. Second on the list was Miles Landers, an exquisitely polite gentleman who had given up any kind of fun in his life to marry the boss's daughter and eventually take control of the company. The wife had recently passed away and while she was somewhat unlamented, he hadn't had an opportunity to get out other than a pair of visits to me.

He was easily persuaded to join the party and explore a bit. His inherited money was going to be put to good use.

Next up was the nerdy and yet quite wealthy Kyle Dolan. He'd made millions in software, but had remained a virgin until he was 28 when a gold digger had taken his virginity and a million or so from him.

He'd been bitterly distrustful of women ever since, but was a fiend for porno and masturbated constantly. Daddy had, ah, interrupted him in the gym shower one day and he'd poured his heart out to Daddy's sympathetic ear. He assured me that while he was probably inexperienced, he was well hung. Next up was a fairly religious football player named Mike Harris, a ferocious linebacker, who for obvious reasons, couldn't have his propensity for kinky sex known.

He'd suffered silently, with his goody goody wife not having the slightest clue how to please him, and yet he still lusted for the fun he'd had back as a star in college. He was nearing retirement on the gridiron, but his well muscled body got my attention nicely. He was also an investor in my father's company. The religion was revealed to be a mere pose as he planned on running for office one day, with his loving wife's support.

He'd been hard to convince of the discretion, but when I informed him of the electronics policy, he was in. The last was a fallen angel of sorts. Trent Howard, a one-time Wall Street wizard who'd made millions and had been quite the star with his homespun charm and his high school sweetheart.

Turns out she was quite the number cruncher and had bailed on him leaving him holding the bag for nearly twenty million dollars she'd embezzled. He'd narrowly avoided prison, and lost all of his money in paying people back. He also was distrustful of women, but had recently started a comeback by advising an up and coming tech company. He'd made a few dollars again and was looking to enjoy some good dirty fun, but was terrified of getting involved.

I'd assured him that he could get his freak on and if he wanted to get out some aggression with some rough fucking and name calling while blowing a load in my face, it would be fine with me.

I also assured him once he got that out of pregnant wife cheats with bbc what a slut system, either Kay or I could keep him very happy sexually with no strings attached.

Well, other than the price tag attached. They'd been screened, none of them used drugs of any kind, none of them were alcoholics, they'd either been very faithful to their wives, or had minimal contact with women. Daddy had confided in me that Kay was only the fourth woman he'd ever been with; he'd slept with one girl in college, met Mom, and then me. They'd been tested twice, the last one coming a week before the party.

They didn't know they'd been watched since then, but I assured discretion AND safety.

There would be four bottles of champagne, Dom Perrignon of course, which between eight people wouldn't get us even legally drunk, doxy is a giant fan of dick riding would take the inhibitions off nicely.

There were a few trays of snacks from a caterer I'd enjoyed a time or three and it looked to be a lovely afternoon for all. Why not evening? A "business" lunch on a Tuesday would arouse little or no suspicion. They also arrived twenty minutes apart. Yes, it took longer, but once again, would not seem unusual.

They'd all arrived, each of us had had a glass of champagne, and Kay and I were wearing flimsy silk robes that showed a generous amount of flesh There was plenty of flavored lubes which Kay and I agreed upon as the combination of unflavored lube and cum is not always pleasant.

The gentleman had also agreed not to go overboard for the preceding three days on booze or spicy foods. Once again, diet can affect cum's taste in a big way. "Attention gentleman," I announced, "the party is about to begin, we're going to take our places on the beds, and there shall be an allmighty fucking going on!" They all laughed at that.

"You know the rules, you're all standing there naked with big hard cocks, but how will we ever begin? I have six cards in my hands, boys.

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An Ace, a King, a Queen, a Jack, a Ten and a Nine, you'll draw, highest card gets first choice of girl and hole, and we go from there. Do not be afraid to come anywhere you like. I repeat, anywhere you like. It does sting a bit in the eyes, but this is for you guys to get your ya-yas out. We may blink a bit, but we'll survive. The only rule is that when you first take us anally that you give us a few minutes to get used to it. We've lubed ourselves up nicely, so they'll slide in nicely, but for us to get the maximum enjoyment, take a few minutes to let us adjust, we'll say "Go for it!" when we're ready to be pounded there." Kay took her turn with the rules.

"Once the first hole is occupied, the next guy has his choice, if she's taking it doggy style, go for her mouth, if I'm on top, a guy can get creative and take my ass at the same time and another can take my mouth. It's not exclusive! You want to just jerk it a time or two? Fine! A little ass-slapping is fine, some tit slapping as well, and gently, very gently, I don't mind a bit on the face, but Melissa does.

Remember that! Hair pulling as long as you're reasonably gentle is not only allowed, but encouraged! No biting. Got that? You bite, and you get kicked in the balls.

Lick us all you want, fine, but no biting. Go ahead, twist our nipples, we both like it, but once again, within reason. You've been selected to enjoy this party, but you WILL be respectful of us.

is that clear?" They murmured their agreement but that didn't satisfy her. "IS THAT CLEAR?" "Yes, yes!" they all chorused. "Another thing, she and I both want this, come wherever you like, but when you're all out of breath and panting with exhaustion, we'd better be covered in a copious amount of sperm, do I make myself clear?" "YES, MA'AM!" Mike the linebacker drew the ten, Miles drew the King and looked at Kay with undisguised lust, Daddy drew the Queen and gave me a disappointed look but it was luck of the draw.

Jun drew alexis amore just wants it in her butt Ace to polite applause and the look he gave me told me I was getting hammered by him, Kyle drew the Jack and Trent the Nine. Kay and I slipped out of our robes to some whistles and catcalls, and lay down on the beds, ready to begin what would be a day of incredible sex.

Jun lay down next to me and surprised me by passionately kissing me. We all assumed the first guys would get some exclusive time at first, and everyone understood that, so no one jumped right at me.

Miles told Kay to assume the position and his solid seven inches plus slid into her waiting ass as she moaned softly. Daddy surprised me by going to his knees and slipping his rock hard cock into Kay's waiting mouth which she slurped as deep as she could immediately. Jun worked his way free chat room lovely brunette teen teasing me, kissing me gently and licking my nipples, and then worked his way to my already damp pussy.

I was thrilled to find he was an excellent pussy eater as he was making me quiver rapidly! However, Kyle's waiting cock was hovering near my mouth and I sucked it deeply. He had to be somewhat bigger than Daddy and Mike, as he was a grower, not a shower and it had to be nine full inches! I sucked it greedily and was hoping he'd have an explosive load for me to enjoy.

A quick look showed that Mike and Daddy were swapping time in Kay's mouth and she was doing a hell of a job of servicing two cocks at once! An unspoken agreement had happened between Miles and Trent and they were doing the same with her ass, one would pound for a few minutes and then they'd switch. She'd never hollered "go for it", but she really enjoyed her anal so I didn't worry. I had trouble gasping out my first orgasm as Jun's talented tongue made me cum, but Kyle's bulging cock prevented me from making much noise.

He started grunting and he pulled out seconds later to launch a pretty solid stream of jizz all over my face, my mouth, my hair, and he jerked himself off with expertise as he spattered me, draining himself in the process. Just then Jun slammed his cock deep inside of me, and it felt sooo good!

After he'd drained himself, I told Kyle to let me work it again so he'd get hard quickly, and he did. He was young and it didn't take long, but just as he got fully hard, Jun pulled out and squirted across my stomach and bush and also jerked himself to get the most out of it. A look showed Daddy blasting his usually huge load into Kay's face and she was clearly enjoying it!

He slapped it against her face and Mike had been busy with his own hand and launched his stream into her mouth, shouting at her to swallow all of it. Mixed signals, but Daddy and he both shrugged as Kyle wandered over to try her waiting mouth. He slipped it in and she slurped noisily, as he pulled her hair a bit. I knew she'd dig that, but I didn't have much time to think as I was pulled into a sitting position and ordered to present my ass.

Trent and Miles continued their alternating stroking and although I wasn't quite comfortable yet, I let it go as it still felt pretty good. Daddy's cock was presented to my waiting mouth and I of course took it hungrily, wanting to feel his sweet nectar either down my throat or on my face, it didn't matter at all! I heard Miles yell out "C'mon FUCK that ass!" and a pair of hands grabbed my hips.

Trent started to hammer me harder than hard shaft drills deep in juicy cunt hardcore blowjob and I heard him groan just as I felt his stream into 1982 movie tabo2 full movie ass, but he pulled out as he was still coming and I felt drops of it all over my ass and back! This was what I'd wanted and I was loving it! Miles proceeded to hammer my ass equally as hard with Trent's encouragement while Trent jerked what was left of his load onto my back.

I heard Miles start to grunt and figured he'd blast my ass, but he pulled a different move and sunk his thick cock deep into my pussy! That was too much for me and I tried to scream out an orgasm, but Daddy's big tool was still deep in my throat so it came out as a whimper. I heard him tell Miles beautiful redhead teen takes a lesson from priest damian and he cums in her mouth naturaltits and ha stand clear as he switched positions quickly and slammed my waiting ass a mere three times before he blasted out a monster load all over my back and ass!

A quick glance showed Mike pounding Kay's pussy roughly and he yelled out his orgasm as he pulled out and covered her from behind, but to everyone's surprise, Jun pushed him out of the way and licked her as deeply as he could for several moments before he slid hard tool into her ass and began to hammer her hard, pulling her hair from one direction while Kyle pulled it from the other.

Kyle couldn't last much longer and he moaned deeply as he came again, but this time deep into Kay's throat. As big as he was and as deep as she'd taken him, it had to have gone straight into her stomach! Jun pounded rapidly and pulled out just as he launched a second shot all over her ass to the encouragement of the other guys. As far as I could tell, each guy had come twice at least, and they had to running out of steam, so I asked for just one cock to suck slowly while they regained a little energy and Kay did the same.

Mike put his somewhat lessened and drained tool in my capable mouth and Miles put his in Kay's. We slowly sucked them, savoring the mix of lube's and the others' tastes and well as our own. The other guys were slurping Gatorade and catching their breath and most of them slowly stroked their somewhat flaccid cocks.

After ten minutes or so of big tit blonde rough anal head, the guys in our mouths needed a break and Daddy made the perfect suggestion of giving us a little special attention as he started to lick Kay's already messy pussy and Kyle gave mine a try. He was clearly inexperienced in that area, and the mess had to be giving him some trouble, but he was game for it.

We enjoyed the attention, but we wanted more, and it looked like the guys were all just about ready, so I told Kyle to lay down and I climbed on top and mounted him, taking that thick tool deeply. Kay did the same with Miles, and then we told the guys to pick their spots, that we wanted to be "air tight" and get a monster fucking! Trent slipped his cock into my mouth and I knew it had to be Daddy's familiar cock entering my ass as he drove in deeply!

It took a few minutes to get a steady group motion going but Daddy pounded me deep as I rode Kyle and Trent face fucked me forcefully! I normally don't really go for that, but in the position I was in, it was pretty damned cool, taking three big tools! Kay was riding Miles with abandon when Jun slipped his ready cock in her mouth and Mike mounted her ass.

It took them longer, but when they finally got in sync, it was a sight to behold! I enjoyed my three pronged pounding and she enjoyed hers!I knew from experience that after two, if a guy could get it up again fairly quickly, he could go a good long time for his third, and the men did NOT disappoint me! After some ten minutes of steady thrusting and pounding, Daddy shouted out "All change!" and as if they'd rehearsed it, they smoothly switched positions, Kyle's rock hard tool was taking me anally, I was riding Mike and Jun's cock was filling my mouth.

Daddy was being ridden by Kay, Trent was in her ass and Miles pumped forcefully into her throat! That lasted about eight or nine minutes and I came at least twice from all the thrusting but then it seemed like they shot at the same time! Jun put a still respectable load all over my face, Kyle was putting the cream pie into my ass and Mike shot into my aching pussy!

The thrill of it caused me to orgasm again, and I screamed out in pleasure, only to have my scream matched by Kay's long groan as she came at almost the same time! There was a fresh load all over her face, and she'd gotten pretty well covered from Daddy and Trent. "Well, was that what you guys had in mind?" I asked with a smile.

Various mutters of "Oh hell yes," and similar sentiments were made, but we weren't quite done. "I hope you guys can muster up and least one more shot, because I'm going to suck Kay's beautiful pussy until she comes and deposits most of your loads in my mouth, and she's going to do the same, and we'd love it if you guys could shower us just a bit more with another load!" She crawled over to me and kissed me deeply and we made out for a few seconds and then we assumed a sixty nine with me on top.

We both dove into each other's pussy with abandon. We'd been as thoroughly fucked as women could be, on our own terms, and had made a nice chunk of change doing it, and now were going to pleasure each other for the finale? I'd been with her twice before and knew her clit was about as easy to set off as my own, but I didn't want to rush it. I licked her gently, sweetly, and truly tasted all the different flavors, blow job young young girls enjoyed it so much!

She did the same and a quick glance showed the guys had surrounded us and were trying to coax another load out of their tired cocks. After about ten minutes of gentle licking and sucking, I went to work on her clit and she moaned while she did the same and we came nearly together. A warm spurt of fluids flowed into my mouth and I imagine the same thing happened to her. I swirled it around and slowly swallowed it, just as I felt a few jets of moisture strike my back.

Jun, Miles and Kyle had mustered one more load each, and while it was quite small, it symbolized an incredible afternoon of pleasure for all involved. The shower was used extensively and we all cleaned up. Electronics were returned, and we were stunned to see each man give us an extra two hundred dollars each for a job well done. The other five left slowly, and then Kay, Daddy and I cleaned up the place.

We both douched and had several enemas to make sure we were as clean as could be. Then the three of us fell into my king sized bed and slept soundly entwined with each other. I've had good ratings people, but please let me know what you do and don't like about my work!