Petite brunette fucked by two big dicks risque entertainment

Petite brunette fucked by two big dicks risque entertainment
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My Sibling Made Me a Sub "Jim wake up, Jim, Jim wake up", Susan Said. On the first day of summer when my sister would be leaving to go to college; she straddled me gently patting my face. "Ok I am awake if you want me to get up I need you to get off of me", I said.

I got out of bed and said to myself why is my sister so intent on me getting up. Oh well she isn't going to be here much longer so I must get dressed and go see what she wants I thought. I was also not paying attention to the fact she was also spying on me while I was getting dressed. I heard Susan yell from the kitchen, "Are you ready yet Jim?" "Give me a minute will ya", I yelled back.

I shuffled in my early morning fog to the kitchen to sit at the table. I had no idea what Susan had in mind. So I just sat at the table. "Here I have cooked you some breakfast". Susan said. I made a solid effort to be civil with her and not let my anger fly completely out of proportion. I was sixteen and Susan was seventeen she would turn eighteen in a few days.

Growing up in our family it was just me and her. I sat and ate breakfast while Susan looked on smiling at me like a Cheshire cat and I was kinda getting disturbed by what she was doing.

"Susan why are you staring at me that way", I asked? "I just want you to enjoy your breakfast", Susan said. "You are only succeeding in making me nervous, go away", I said.

She mumbled something then got up from the table and walked to the sink and ran water to clean up the dishes. "Jim will you finish the dishes please", Susan asked?

"Ok but what are you going to do that will prevent you from finishing them", I said. "I need to bathe and fix my abby paradise is hawt amateur redhead who likes to engulf cocks. Belinda, Amy, and Lisa are coming by in a few minutes with the coot", Susan said. I finished my breakfast, and worked on the dishes. While draining the water from the sink I heard the girls arrive; Gerald our Doberman pinscher barked and ran to the back door.

He was a loving dog but a bit intimidating especially when Amy visited; he once tried to mount her and humped a he finds her masturbating and offers his help times and being as he was bred with a Great Dane he was larger than average.

The knock came and I answered the door; whining and rearing Gerald gave me a bit of trouble opening the door. "Gerald go away will you", I scolded him. Once he relented I let the girls in. They paid no attention to me but carried on their conversation as they walked through the house to Susan's bedroom. Once Gerald spotted Amy he went on the attack and knocked her down in the hall and almost mounted her before I pulled him off.

Susan was stifling her laughter as Amy scrambled into her bedroom. "What is your dog's problem don't you ever let him breed", Amy screamed? Susan just ignored her and was blow drying her hair. I ignored her also because Lisa had my attention as always. Lisa had the nicest set of 44 DD boobs that ever adorned a girl's chest. Belinda was whispering as quiet as she could to Susan something about me because I heard my name.

I never noticed the rope until Amy lassoed me with it. "What are you"--- I managed to say before a wad of socks where stuffed into my mouth. "Lisa will you bring the coot as close to the back door as you can get it, we need to get Jim into it without anybody seeing the fact he is tied up", Susan said.

All five of us were comfortable in the coot; however, I was tied in the stowage compartment so I couldn't be seen. I tried screaming but couldn't, allowing the girls to have their way with me seemed to be the only way I would get untied. I never was allowed to see where we went, but once they stopped they pulled me out of the stowage compartment. They only wanted to humiliate me though leaving me tied up and using me as a bench.

Belinda had a paddle she made in High school shop class. When I refused to co-operate she would strike my ass as hard as she could swing. Being only 4'10" she really couldn't put a whole lot of force behind her swing.

Lisa was the one who I was afraid would pick up the paddle. She was one of those amazon type women, she stood at 6'8" and weighted close to 250. She was slender but she hit me once with the paddle, I felt like crying when she did. Amy refused to sit on me saying I was going to end up telling.

She acted like she wasn't having fun either. After a few strikes with that paddle I started getting hard. I eventually got so hard I was uncomfortable. I wiggled around a bit and it finally moved where it would push out of my waist band of my pants. When it did come out Amy was the first to notice. "Oh my god he's actually enjoying this", she said. Susan asked, "How can you tell Amy?" hot blonde vivian west masturbates with a dildo and gets boned wiener is sticking out of his pants", Amy said.

The girls all craned their heads to see it, giggling when they did so. "Let's see how big it gets", Lisa said. Without telling the others she lifted her shirt and bra and flashed me with her huge tits. It grew even more. The pain in my balls from being spanked and teased was unbearable. I summoned all the breath I could muster and howled in pain.

Belinda wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a squeeze, "He is hard as a rock", she said. "We should let him go now so he can walk it off", Amy said. Belinda pushed me over on my back, undid my pants and pulled them off.

At the time I was long for my age.

Having a few more years for it to grow; however, it grew to nine inches. (They measured it.) It was also quite big around too. Lisa was the only one to manage to get her whole hand around it. Except for Amy they all played with it teasing me to the point of explosion then stopping to let me settle down.

"I want to see if I can sit on it", Lisa said. What you can't be serious we're going to get in trouble. We need to untie him and let him settle down", Amy said. Lisa pulled her shorts down and fingered herself a little making herself wet. She finally sat on my throbbing cock, holding it still to gain entry.

A few short strokes later she let herself go too far and let out a cry. "I just busted my cherry on your brother Susan", Lisa said. "Are you going to finish or are you just testing how far you can go", Belinda said.

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"Might as well let him enjoy it also", Lisa said. She sank the rest of the way down on me. Grinding away on me she broke into an orgasm and caught her breath. "Do any of you want to try this wonderful cock", Lisa asked? "I do", Belinda said. Amy looked on in awe as Belinda mounted me stuffing her pussy until she was grinding her pelvis against mine.

Her pussy wasn't quite as tight as Lisa's so she must have busted her cherry already. Belinda continued with long slow strokes doing her best to hold off her orgasm, she couldn't last until I came and howled out in her song of lust. I just laid there breathing hard and when Belinda stood up I was still hard as a rock. "Try it Amy you might like it", Susan said. "I don't know about this", Amy said. "Just pull your pants down and sit on it", Lisa said. Amy finally got up her nerve to do the deed.

With her pants off she stepped over me and sat down to push herself onto me. Her first try was unsuccessful. "I don't think he will fit in me", Amy said. "You need to be wet first", Susan said. Amy stood back up and fingered herself a little then dropped down and took all my cock in one stroke. She immediately started crying. "Oh my god that hurts. Someone help me stand up I can't move", Amy said. "Just rock back and forth you will start feeling better", Belinda said.

Susan untied my hands and motioned me to pump into her. I grabbed her hips and pushed her up just a little and then pounded her for all I was worth. Without warning Amy just stood up saying, "I can't do this I don't feel right". Lisa and Susan grabbed both of her arms and held her down. "Ok Jim are you going to fuck her good or chicken out", Lisa asked? I still had the gag in my mouth, but I lined myself up with her pussy and drove into her. She could only moan and as I increased my speed she started pushing back.

Susan and Lisa let go of her and Amy started to enjoy what we were doing. Amy wrapped her legs around my ass and helped push me harder and harder into her weeping pussy.

Mature and donkey man xxx story the three of them her pussy was definitely the wettest.

She started sounding like waves on the shore of the beach.

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Then I started building up into a strong orgasm. I really exploded into her I felt like I was never going to stop. "Hey are you coming in me", Amy asked?

I didn't answer her I only pumped her until she orgasmed.I stood up and staggered back into the coot. "Be careful little brother you just fucked three of my friends your strength may not be at its best. So sn xxxx hf earch some porn do you feel about losing your cherry", Susan said.

"I can't believe I was able to make all them finish before I did", I said. "I can't believe it you did come in me you jerk", Amy yelled! "Calm down Amy you enjoyed it didn't you", Belinda said. Sheepishly Amy said, "Yeah".