Tight pussy licking with alison and brooklyn

Tight pussy licking with alison and brooklyn
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Milk of Desire, Book II By EFon Chapter 6 : Mom's home! So there we were, three teenage girls and two slightly younger teenage guys, all stark naked as the day we were born, sitting around the kitchen table, all recovering from orgasms and reeking of sex.

It was a beautiful Saturday until we heard the front door open. "SHIT!" I and my sister both whispered at the same time. I looked at the clock and realized we'd lost track of time and my mother was home. We were all naked, in the kitchen, and any second my mother was going to walk in on us, and there was no way to get by her and back upstairs to where all our clothes were.

"The basement!" Jen urgently whispered, and I knew that was our only chance. I opened the door and lead the way for the pack of naked teens scrambling down after me. The washer had stopped, so at least that beautiful blonde haley takes a hard cock was washed away. I opened the dryer and found nothing but my sister and mother's underwear were all the clothes we had available.

"Jen, quick, throw something on and distract Mom so we can sneak back upstairs," I directed her. She nodded, snapped on a bra and was pulling up some panties as she scurried back upstairs just as my mother entered the room. We could hear the whole exchange clearly through the uninsulated floor.

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all internal leas ass goes double anal and gapes to the max, what are you doing half dressed, and this kitchen is a mess!" my Mom went into ballistic mode. "Sorry, I'll clean it up," she quickly apologized. "I just had a few friends over and got some jelly on my clothes so was just putting them in the wash.

"Alright. Where's Russ?" my wary mother asked. "Oh, he's uh. out. With that friend of his Jake," she covered. There was some silence, where all we heard was Jen cleaning dishes from the table before it sounded like my mother bought it, "All right. I'm going to go relax, but get some clothes on." "YES!" I whispered and everyone else, Jake, Katey, and Lisa all smiled and nodded thinking we got out of it.

I heard my mother walk off while Jen kept cleaning the kitchen for a few minutes before I heard the basement door open and a "Psst," from Jen. Jake and the girls went up and out the door as silently as possible and I followed. We, all in a line crept naked through my house from the kitchen, through the living room, past my mother's bedroom toward the stairs.

Just as I thought we had made it I heard her door open and knew the end had come. I turned and saw my mother's bedroom door open and she was standing there crossly looking at us. She was still in her light blue nurse scrubs that she had worn that day, as if she knew something was up and was just waiting to spring her trap.

She looked down at the four of us crouching naked on tiptoes as we tried to sneak upstairs, now frozen in terror and hastily covering up, ashamed and awaiting the hell that was coming. "Jen," my mother firmly yelled.

Jen, still only in her underclothes, appeared in the kitchen door as meekly ashamed, but at least didn't have to cover up as we did, and awaited my mother's wrath. "Go get everyone dressed and drive them home." She said it in a firm, but still calm voice so no one moved, unsure if this was real until she punctuated it with, "NOW!" We all started to scramble upstairs but mother wasn't don't quite yet.

"Not you mister," she pointed at me. I froze and for a moment everyone else did to, but an angry wave sent the rest of my cohorts fleeing upstairs and all into Jen's room to dress, leaving me naked and alone, shyly covering my groin with only my hands. I wondered what would happen now, but instead we just stood there and waited in deadly silence. After a few minutes Jen and the others, now hurriedly dressed, slowly started coming down the stairs.

"Jen, drive everyone home… now," my mother dripped death from every clearly enunciated word. Jen and the others ran for it and I heard her car doors slam before it tore off out of our driveway. Jen would be the better part of an hour driving them home since Jake lived the other way from Lisa and Katey. Now I was completely alone and still totally naked before my mother. I was modestly covering my groin with both hands.

"I should have known," she growled. I was too ashamed and terrified to speak. "I you were too much like your miss raquel tease and sucks a cock, always flirting with those other tramps." "When you started hanging out with Jen and those hussies…" She stomped back in forth in front of me, angrier than I ever remember seeing her before raging.

I tried to think of something to say or some way out and must have missed something my mom said because now she was staring at me in frustration and said again, "Well?" I didn't know what she'd said, and it was oblivious when she then grabbed my ear hard, making me whine and uncover myself, to which she then grabbed my shriveled dick, still damp from Jen's pussy.

I howled as she pulled me hard, leading me to the couch and forcing me down. "Now answer me," she said firmly, but no longer yelling. I went wide eyed with shock then as she dropped to her knees in front of me. "Why didn't you come to me first?" She pleaded as her firm grip on my cock became a sensuous caress. "Uhhhh… I ah…" I wasn't prepared for this. It never crossed my mind that my mom would start acting this way. My brain was short circuiting. "I mean, sure, Jennifer's beautiful busty milf dildo masturbation on webcam are a lot younger than I am, but I'm not so old am I?" she asked in a voice that I'd never heard her use before.

I really looked at her then, shocked as I was. "No, of course not. You're…" She was I her mid thirties and very attractive.

Her short straight blonde hair framed her face that looked so much like Jen's that I felt the feeling to kiss her, and not in the way a boy is supposed to kiss his mother, and my loins twitched.

"See!" Mom said with enthusiasm. "Mother knows best and is much more experienced in these things," she said gleefully before she went down on me. I was so stunned and still in shock that I forgot everything. A hot woman was going down on me wantonly and my stirring cock leapt to action to fill her hot, wet mouth. Her hair tickled my thighs as she bobbed up and down, expertly swirling my manhood with her learned tongue.

My eyes rolled back and my world dissolved into pleasure. The blood rushing away from my head, the hot wetness enveloping me. If I hadn't already lost my virginity a hundred times over in the last month I think I would have two bbw girls banged and cummed on by fat stuff out.

I slowly came back to myself as my blood level stabilized and I got used to the most exquisite blowjob I'd ever gotten. "Oh my God… You're amazing!" I groaned. She pulled off my now rigid cock with a wet pop from her sucking mouth and laughed, "I used to do this for your father all the time." She stroked my cock while she stood up.

I opened my eyes to see she her finish removing her scrub pants leaving this beautiful woman with sexy naked legs wearing just a scrub short sleeve shirt that barely covered her crotch.

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I sat like a stone as she placed her knees on each side of my hips and straddled me before kissing me. She blew me away with that kiss. It was soft, and sweet, and I felt more loved than I ever had before. It was like all the love of family and motherhood, now with the addition of unchained lust all hammering of a shaved slit hardcore and creampie up together and pouring into me through that kiss.

Our lips moved and caressed each other, and tongues twisted together into one. Then she moved and my erect cock pressed against her wetness, sliding up between her pussy lips and over her clit, where she ground down on me, pinning my cock between us and she shivered. She never stopped kissing me as she shifted her hips, almost as if her pussy grabbed me and pushed me into position before I felt her womanly lips part as she pushed my manhood inside the birth canal that I once came out of fifteen years ago.

Her canal molded around me and we both groaned in pleasure. "Oh my baby boy's gotten so big," she moaned as she began grinding her hips into mine to poke my incestuous cock into the very depths of her. "Did you know," she began as she lifted a little, "that the last man inside me was you?," then bucked down again.

I didn't know what to say or even how to respond, but luckily she changed the topic by lifting her tee-shirt up, showing off her generous bra-clad breasts.

"You used to love these," she said clandestinely while she pulled up her bra over her rack to expose her big erect brown nipples. "Why don't you have another taste." My mouth closed around one of her springy firm nipples and I sucked away happy as a newborn baby.

She groaned and returned to grinding her cunt onto my cock. One of my hand went to her other breast, cupping and flicking the nipple, while my other hand gripped her smooth wide hips to try pulling her onto me further. After a moment I switched breasts and hands, and that made her moan and shake. We got lost in the moment and all I could do was enjoy it.

She wasn't my mother; she was a sexy older woman who really knew how to move. And her loud throaty moaning was so sexy it was really turning me on. I was just starting to feel the percolation in my balls when my lover succumbed to our love making. Her body shivered around me, her head tilted back, and she let out one long stuttering moan as she came.

I was surprised she came so quickly, but when she came back to herself she whispered, "God it's been so long." She churned a few more times before pulling off her top and bra off, letting her large saliva shiny boobs bounce free.

My eyes followed every jiggle like they were glued to them, and mom laughed before pulling off of me as she turned and sat back on the couch sideways so she could recline flat on her back.

I didn't need an invitation and just followed on top of her, splayed her thighs, and fully planted my rod back into her sopping wet pussy. Mom smiled and kissed me again quickly, but knew I was ready to go. "Come on baby, give it to me hard." I grunted and began slamming my hips into hers hard and fast.

"Oh yea! Ugh… give it to me. Yesss!" Her arms wrapped brazzers layla london wants some office cock my back and squeezed my ass.

I slammed in harder, if that was possible, and watched her breasts slap up and down with my thrusts, then felt her pussy clench and that put me over as it seems Mom knew it would.

"Cum baby! Cum for me! Fill me with it! Give it to mommy!" I twitched and groaned, pushing my spasming cock skinny blonde teen hollie mack screwed by big hard dick as far as I could.

My searing hot cum shot up from my balls and blasted into her womb. "Oh, there it is," Mom moaned and squeezed her cunt again, milking me with her vagina. "It's so hot filling me up." I pulsed and deposited every last drop I had inside her, and even then just relished the feeling of being inside her. "Jen will be home soon," Mom said, so I withdrew and say my shrinking cock pull out of her and a trickle of my semen followed it, but she sat up and closed her legs, sitting next to me on the couch.

"Get dressed and we'll keep this our secret." Then she gave me a more motherly kiss and got up, snatched her clothes up, and went into her bedroom and closed the door.