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Gorgeous latina teen layla sucks and rides pawn owners hugecock
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HEY READERS!! this one is less erotic, so i you want to wait till the next chapter to read a super erotic story, then first go bust a nut, and then read this one! Or read it anyway, it's whatever. Also! A revised series of the original Will's New Home will soon be published on ASSTR, so check that out if you want!

now let us return to our story. Will and Brook remained in the shower, cuddling up against each other, while kissing and caressing their naked bodies under the hot steamy water.

Almost ten minutes had passed, when the couple heard the noise of shattering glass over the sound of the running water. Will, quickly, turned off the water and jumped from the shower. However, as he did, fate seemed to catch up to him, for as he sprang from the shower, the slippery tile, combined with Will's soaked skin and the condom he had carelessly thrown on the floor, resulted in the poor boy slipping backwards and falling on his ass.

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Brook giggled to herself, but stood and exited from the shower to assist Will. "You okay, Will?" "Yeah. I just fell", He replied, as he rubbed his lower back. "Alright, well just wait here. I'll go see what the noise was", Brook said, grabbing a towel from the cabinet and wrapping it around her exposed breasts.

Brook walked from the bathroom, and then to the stairs, were she quietly crept down and cautiously looked in every direction for some sort of disturbance. Seeing nothing major, she decided to walk to the TV room.

As she crossed the thresh-hold that led from the kitchen to the TV room, she gasped as she saw the sliding glass door had been shattered. "What the hell?" Brook said quietly to herself. She surveyed the damage from the threshold, so as to avoid the broken glass, and as she did, she noticed a rock laying on the carpet, "Dammit!

Someone must have thrown the rock from their backyar-" But before she could finish her sentence, a shadowy figure stepped behind her and wrapped their arm around her neck. Brook tried to scream, but the attacker next put their hand over her mouth and dragged the poor girl back to the kitchen. Brook tried to struggle against her attacker, but as she did, she felt herself fall forward, as the attacker next pushed her into a chair that sat around the kitchen table.

Barley catching herself, Brook clumsily landed in the chair and quickly corrected her posture so as to not give the intruder a chance to see either her exposed breasts or twat. As she adjusted the towel, she looked up at the burglar, and gasped in surprise at who it was. "Sam?" She yelled in shock. "Brook", Sam said in a clam and somewhat angered voice. "H-how did you find us?

And how did you get out of Tucso-" "I'm here to help you" "Help?" "Greene. I want to kill him, and I know that he's here in San Diego" "That's fine, Sam, but why did you-" "Shut up!" He ordered, putting a hand over Brook's mouth, "I said I was going to help. That's the only answer you need. Now tell me were he is, who he's with, and-" Brook shook her head to free herself from Sam's hand, and replied angrily to the boy, "I don't know where he is, but he has these two followers with him now, one's named Mark Log-" "Mark Logan!" Sam yelled.

Brook flinched as Sam suddenly became enraged. He turned around and punched the dry-wall with as much power and force as he could muster. sexy brunette avi takes off her clothes and fucks her masseurs cock said shut up!" Sam yelled at Brook, as he next grabbed mature cougar milf rides big black cock hard by kitchen chair and threw it across the kitchen, resulting in the chair shattering one of its legs upon impact.

"What the hell is going on?" Will demanded, suddenly appearing in the entrance of the kitchen, a towel wrapped around his waist, "Wha-what the fuck? Sam? What the hell-" "I'm gonna help you two kill Greene and that little cunt, Mark!" "That's great, but Sam-" "And since your girlfriend doesn't know anything about were he is, I guess I'll see you two tomorrow." "What?

No! Sam stay right were you are and don't-" But before Will could finish his sentence, Sam dashed from the kitchen, into the TV room, and into the night. "That guy is fucking insane!" Brook shouted so that Sam could hear her as he ran from the backyard. Meanwhile, she and Will began to survey the damage he had caused, and the two began the slow and painful process of cleaning up the shattered glass and the broken chair.

Rachel sat in her room. She was curled up in a ball, grasping her pillow and angrily starring off into space. Lying in front of her, a picture of Will and herself hugging, was placed face up on her mattress. She would occasionally glance at the boy she loved before quickly turning her head to stare at something else. "How.how could that not work.", She thought to herself as she puss her yellow bikini tory black porn her attention back to Will's face, "How could she not dump him?" Rachel starred at Will's face for about another minute, before taking a deep breath and letting a silent sob escape from her mouth.

Yet, before long, the girl began to cry uncontrollably, and let her head drop, so her face would rest on the pillow she was tightly holding. As she cried, Rachel began to recall the first day she had ever laid eyes on Will Reed. It was about five years ago, back when she and Will would have been around 9 or ten, and she had been walking back from the park with a stray puppy she had found rummaging through the garbage in an alley.

Rachel had developed early as a young girl, and though she was ten at the time, she looked almost twelve or thirteen. Rachel remembered feeling proud of herself back then, she had been the first girl in the grade to wear a bra, and the first girl in the grade to get their period, both of which made Rachel the eye candy of the many boys in, kenshinteki na kyonyuuduma wa otto no tameni miwosasage keirensuruhodo ikimakuru konno mako only her grade, but the elementary school.

Rachel remembered walking home that day, smiling and laughing as the small puppy licked her face, and snuggled up to her chest. She smiled remembering exgf francaise amateur amateurfucktube com tube porn days, yet as she did, she remembered the awful events that were to follow. Rachel was about three blocks away from her house and, still lost in the happiness of that day, had let her guard down.

As she turned the corner of the street, she passed by a dark alley and heard a rustling noise from within it's dark shadows. Rachel froze in her tracks and starred at the direction the noise came from. She didn't see anything unusual, but decided she would walk a little bit closer, just to see what it was.

Nevertheless, as she did, three sixth graders jumped from within the shadows and grabbed Rachel. The three boys easily overpowered the poor girl, and threw her puppy onto the ground, causing the poor creature to whimper, as the boys laughed and teased Rachel. One of the boys stepped forward and pulled her shirt up and over her head, while a second boy, restrained her arms, and a third her legs. The first boy, who was the assumed leader, next reached down to feel her developing breasts, and laughed as Rachel screamed for help at the hands of her attackers.

He tore off her bra, threw it onto the cold hard cement, and continued his feverish and evil molestation of the young Rachel, all the while, she cried and sobbed, begging for him to let her go. Not particularly wanting to be caught molesting his victim, the leader of the three boys next took a burlap sack from behind a near by dumpster and pulled it over Rachel's head, she remembered screaming and yelling, as the bag restricted her breathing and caused her screams t be muffled and quiet.

Yet when she felt as though she had lost her ability to fight back, and as she boys laughed and prodded her, she suddenly remembered the two restraining her, suddenly releasing their grasp on her wrists and ankles. Rachel, who was now scared out of her mind, quickly pulled the sack off of her head, and quickly grabbed her trainer-bra and shirt to cover up her exposed breasts, as she watched the scene in front of her unfold.

Will had appeared in the alley, and was angrily shouting at the three sixth graders. Will was smaller than the sixth graders, and at this moment in time, he was a scrawny and thin little boy, but she could tell that he was still able and willing to fight. She kelsi monroe does black guygystyle at massage the leader of the group throw the first punch which made contact with Will's left eye.

She remembered screaming, as her previous attacker next kicked Will in the stomach and her beloved fell to the ground in pain, the wind knocked out of his body. The sixth graders quickly and effectively began to attack Will, as they centered around him, kicking him and punching him as he lay helpless on the ground, curled up in ball, with his arms and hands covering his neck and face.

The puppy barked at Rachel, who, grabbed him quickly and cradled him protectively against her chest, feeling a soft spot on its leg were the poor creature had been cut after being thrown to the ground. "Run!" Will shouted, as Rachel continued to watch in fear, but upon hearing the command, sprung up from the ground and ran back to her house as fast as she could.

Rachel, stopped crying after her memory was done playing in her head, and she slowly raised her head to look at the picture of her and Will. "You'll be mine again, Will. I have to be there for you, you need to be here for me! I love you, and I always will!" Maria and Lynn arrived back home at similar times, and were both shocked at seeing the shattered sliding glass door and broken chair whose combined shrapnel had scattered all over the kitchen and TV room.

Will an Brook explained that it had been Sam Andrews, and that he had some how tracked them down so that they could tell him were Greene was. Maria was very irritated by this, and decided that she would call Maggie in the morning to talk personly with Claire, but for the time being, she was tired and went to bed. "Will?" "Yeah, Lynn?" "Do you think they'll do anything to Blane?" "What do you mean?" "I mean, they were the ones who had him hospitalized, do you think they'll do anything else to him?

I mean like, kill him?" Will paused, and sighed, "They might" "But then-then shouldn't busty hottie gets her hairy cunt banged tell someone-" "I wish.

Greene escaped prison, he probably could do it again" "Will?" "Yeah?" "Do you think that.they.they would do something t-to me?" Will didn't want to answer that question. He knew the answer was yes, but he just didn't want Lynn to worry about that, and so he lied, "No, of course they won't" "Thanks, Will", Lynn spoke softly, "And who is this Sam guy?" "He was a prisoner at The Farm back in Brownsville.

I don't really know him, but he's majorly fucked in the head. He said all he wants to do is kill Greene and Mark" "Mark? As in Mark Logan?"
 "Yeah" "Is Mark part of the-uh-the 'cult' I suppose?" "Yes, I thought you already knew that?" "Well, I guess I had my assumptions but.it's just.he was the one who invited me to that party in the first place. And he also was the one who told me." "Told you what?" "Wer-were to buy th-the shrooms I gave lesbian luscious teenies finger and lick hardcore blowjob Blane.", Lynn said in a quiet and dejected voice.

"I knew it", Will said in-between his teeth, "He did lie to me about Brook." "Will?" Lynn asked, now seeing anger return to Will's face. "He had all this set up", Will said, sitting up in the bed, as he turned on the lamp on his bedside table, "He invited you so that you'd invite all of us, then he could get me and Brook drunk, and became our friend so that he could earn our trust-" "Then", Lynn spoke up, "Because you guys were drunk, he could manipulate the situation to make Brook look like a cheating ho!" "Yeah!

And-uh-Lynn?" "Yes?"
 "Don't spread this around, but, that Hayden girl, that one night Maggie was here and we went out to eat, I had to go to the bathroom, and when I got in there, I guess I went in the wrong one, and I met this girl, and we-uh-we-" "You had sex?" "Yeah" "With that girl?" "Yeah" "Oh my god, Will! Does Brook know?" "I-I think she does, I think Ms. Lewis may have brought it.Oh my God." "What is it, Will?" Lynn inquired, seeing Will's eyes light up. "The plan they developed.I understand it now.I understand it!" "What?" "You see, Lynn, I don't think they know we know everything quite yet, but what I do know, is what they're planning to do, or attempt to do!

They first make me think Brook is cheating on me with Mark, then they try to reveal that Mark was lying, since he won't respond to any calls or texts, then, before we figure out he's lying or before me and Brook forgive each other, they trick me into having sex with that Hayden girl, and somehow tape it or something and I guess reveal it to Brook, who will think that I cheated on her!" "So then, does that mean that Ms.

Lewis was-" "No, she wasn't. If she was only doing all of that to sabotage us later on, she wouldn't have told us all of the info about Greene and his relation to Mark and Hayden." "Wow.this is scary.", Lynn said quietly.

"Don't worry, Lynn. As far as we know, they don't know we figured out what they've been doing", Will said, as he turned off the lamp on the bedside table, and lay back on the bed. "I hope not, Will.", Lynn spoke softly as she turned around in the bed. "Don't worry, Lynn. I'll call the jail Ms. Lewis is at and I'll have her tell me every little detail of Greene's plan. After-all, he can't touch her, and he doesn't know she told us that he's in San Diego" Will was full of confidence for being able to figure out Greene's prospective plan, and he was able to slept soundly that night.

Not thinking about being attacked or ambush or tricked by any of Greene's deceptions or plots. Yet little did he know what his enemies knew, and what they knew about him. Haley sat in her room attempting to do her homework over the sound of arguing that resinated from the first floor of the house.

She wasn't to troubled by her parent's arguing, they did it to frequently for Haley to be disturbed or bothered by it.

Haley was an example of San Diego's "nobility". Her father was a graduate of Yale Law School, and her mother was an alumni of Davis Hall, as well as a Yale graduate. Both her parents were famous and wealthy lawyers and were both on the city council.

The two also seemed to absolutely hate the other person they were with, as their constant bickering would force poor Haley to endure a full scale argument every night. Haley put down her pencil and, in an irritated manner, threw open her door and walked downstairs and into the kitchen, were her parents were yelling.

"Well at least I'm not infertile!" Her mother yelled at her agitated father as Haley peered around the corner of the room. Upon hearing that statement, she quickly pulled herself back around the corner of the room, and stood absolutely still. Though she didn't want to have to eavesdrop on her parents, she had become instantly curious. "And who are you to point fingers! You slut! I don't know why I put up with all your goddam affairs all the time!" "Cause I make more money than you dear", Vanessa Reynolds spat back, raising an eyebrow and tilting her head to the side as she angrily stared at her husband.

"Of course you do!" he shouted, "Of course, Vanessa does! Vanessa must have everything, right? You bitch! If we didn't have Haley-" "We? Haley's my daughter. God knows who her real father is! But its certainly not your sorry ass! I bet I know twelve-year-olds that can cum more than you!" "What's that mean?" Haley thought to herself, but remembering the word 'infertile' earlier helped her to quickly deduce its meaning. "You bitch! Well at least I don't know what that fucker Dr.

Chung's cock tastes like!"
 "Robert!" "Ohmigod!" Haley thought to herself, "Tha-that's Lynn's dad! That means that-that-that.".

But Haley didn't want to finish her sentence, she already knew what it meant, and she knew the awful, wicked truth that it meant. Pierce sat at the desk in his room. His eyes were glued to the computer, as he desperately typed in every feasible password that would unlock the net-nanny installed on his computer. After three attempts, the net-nanny system would lock itself for three minutes, yet Pierce, desperate to find some form of pornography, refused to give up to easily.

Nevertheless, after an hour of failed attempts, he decided to give up on porn and simply imagine a scenario. Pierce got up from his desk and lay on his bed, quickly pulling down his boxers, and tickling his ever hardening dick, as he began to create an erotic situation in his mind. Pierce imagined Lynn and Haley making out, he imagined Lynn slipping her tongue into Haley's mouth, wrapping her tongue around Haley's as the two la curled up around each-other on a bed.

He next imagined Lynn slowly moving down Haley's body, licking her soft tan nipples until they became erect and pointed up. Next, he saw Lynn move down farther, were she began to lick Haley's pussy lips, before inserting a finger into the wet twat and tickling Haley's clitoris, all the while licking the inside of Haley's twat, as the two moaned seductively.

As he imagined his two friend's going at it, he slowly began to pull his uncut foreskin down and applied a drop of lotion to his dick-head. Next he quickly pulled his foreskin back over his head, and slowly repeated this process, until he felt that he needed more lube.

This time he pulled his foreskin down before squeezing a large amount of lotion into his hand. From here, he began to stroke his dick up and down with only his hand, causing him to moan and sway back and forth with pleasure as the feeling of his lube hand ran up and down his shaft and his head. Back in Pierce's fantasy, Lynn continued to eat Haley out, vigorously sucking and licking her twat, before focusing in on Haley's clitoris, and meticulously licking Haley's clit with the tip of her tongue, Lynn reached up and rubbed her hands on Haley's breasts, feeling the warm, subtle lumps in her palms, as she squeezed them, letting Haley's hard nipples rub up against her hands.

Pierce moaned as he thought of his two fellow school mates going at it, and felt himself getting close to a climax as he did. He began to use his foreskin to jack off again, as he felt the pressure from his orgasm began to quiver within his body, slowly beginning to intensify until it move quickly up his dick and manifested itself in a fountain of clear semen. Pierce lay there moaning, his hand still on his dick as he caught his breath and recovered from his third orgasm of the day.

His dick was aching from all the attention it had received that day, and his balls once again hung low beneath his shaft, as he crawled under the covers and wiped the clear cum off of his stomach with the sheets before passing out with exhaustion, and falling into a deep slumber. Rachel had cooled down, and was laying in her bed, taking in everything that had just happened.

As she lay in her bed, however, her cell phone began to ring on her bedside table, and she grabbed int and answered the ringing device. "Hello" "Ah! Rachel!

This be the reverend! How'd it go?" Lloyd Greene asked enthusiastically. "How'd what go?" "The photos and the tape, Rachel! The photos and the tape!" "Th-they failed, sir" "Well that's a mighty big shame my friend, but in the midst of bad news, I have good news!" "What is it, sir?" Rachel asked, her tone was still sad sounding. "Ms. Lewis is in our hands, we switched some things around, and we got her here in the office, she's locked int he bedroom as we speak!" "That's good, sir", Rachel responded sadly.

"Well cheer up, girl! I'll let this one slip, I know you stole them photos and tapes without asking, but they were for a good cause. Now why don't you come on by tomorrow, Ms. Lewis has something we need her to do" "Alright, sir. I will", Rachel responded, thrilling dude with her taut beaver hardcore blowjob a little bit better.

The next day was a terrible one for Amy Lewis. All night, she had been locked in a small, cramped bedroom that was situated in the apartment Greene's organization headquartered from. She felt like crying, and multiple times during the night, had contemplated suicide. Nevertheless, she had decided she was going to rough it out and make it to the next day to await whatever horrors were in store for her. At about seven in the morning, Greene burst open the bedroom door and threw a handful of charts on the floor in front of Amy.

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Smiling, he next took out a pen and threw it at her feet. Scowling, Amy looked up at Lloyd and asked, "What's this?" "Why that's your new identity, Ms. Lewis", he responded in a courteous manner, "I know how good yall are at forging signatures, now forge! You start as a nurse with a Dr.

Hoffman on thursday. And good news for you! He's a pediatrician!" "Why are you doing this?" "Can't have yall goin' around to all pink hole rammed by huge shlong hardcore and russian guards and blabbin' about my organization! That's bad business, Ms.

Lewis" "Why did't you kill me then?" "A dead body? You know how hard it is to make sure a dead body don't ever come back to haunt yah?" "You, bastard", Amy growled under her breath.

The reverend laughed and bent down to be eye level with Amy, "Now look here missy. I made sure to get you a job were you can play with all the little boys you want! Now be a little more grateful, how about it?" "I want to stop!" Amy yelled back, "I want to stop this life of lies!" "Aw, Amy. yall are never gonna stop, and yall are never gonna escape this web of lies yah created for yah self." The reverend chuckled once more, then turned and left the room, locking the door on his way out of the small bedroom.

Lynn, accustomed to getting up early, jumped out of bed at around seven, and headed for the bathroom to shower. As she sleepily opened the bathroom door, she slowly dragged herself over to the shower and reached for the shoer handle, when something unusual caught her eye.

Standing out against the white flooring of the shower, Lynn reached down and picked up a brown hair that sat on the shower floor. Raising an eyebrow, Lynn gave the shower floor a once over, and found that the shower had many medium length hairs covering its surface. "That's weird", she thought to herself, "They almost look like-like pubes?" Turning, she decided she would ask Will why pubes would be on the shoer floor, when she felt something squichy under foot and jumped in fear.

"AH!" She yelled, as she jumped back to see a used condom lying carelessly on the tile, "What the fuck!" Grabbing the condom gingerly with her thumb and index finger, Lynn walked back into Will's bedroom. "Wake up!" She yelled, throwing the condom on Will's face as she shouted at her sleeping room mate.

"Wha-what is it? Uh.AHH!" Will yelped as he felt the condom on his face. He jumped form bed and threw the condom on the floor, before he turned to look at Lynn with a great level of embarrassment on his face. "Will, I have another question" "You didn't have a first question", Will yawned back to Lynn. "Whatever! Look! Are these your-uh-pubes?" "What!?" Will said in a panicked voice.

"Your pubes, Will. They're all over the shower floor" "Oh god." "God! You and Brook have some weird-ass foreplay", she said before returning to the bathroom to clean out the shower and get ready for the day.