Fantastic bombshell flaunts big bum and gets anal pounded

Fantastic bombshell flaunts big bum and gets anal pounded
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Suck on this Ariel! Under The Sea: Sex With a Sea Monster - Pt.1 By Blackdawn Mora was sleeping soundly, she had been dreaming the same dream since she could remember, since she knew what dreams were. She was swimming in an ocean as far as the eye could see, but there wasn't nothing around, nothing beyond, then suddenly a massive shadow appeared from below, it towered over her and she tattooed cheerleader kissed by horny lesbian couples babe, there was something about this shadowy figure that yanked at the back of her brain, made her skin crawl and drove into her soul.

The shadow moved forward, moved to encase itself around her that it always have done. Since she turned 14, it had then always caused her orgasms. There were times she looked forward to this dream, when she looked forward to this aberration pleasing every part of her body until she exploded in ecstasy.

Already aroused, yearning for it's touch, she felt it touch her naked body and moaned of it in pleasure. A noise alerted her suddenly, a siren, and she jumped out her bed. Sitting upright and still not completely coherent on what was going on, her entire room was filled with red light from the alarm system going off.

That's when it started to sink in that something aboard the cruise ship was wrong, but it couldn't be, she was on spring break, this was just a vacation from college with some friends. Jumping to her feet, she was shocked to find herself ankle deep in freezing water. There was no way this was possible, how could there be water already in the ship, before the alarms went off? Spinning her head to her right, she noticed Elizabeth and Angie weren't in their beds, they must have gone up top while she was sleeping.

Still in her gown, the 20-year-old woman made a dash for the door opening it and was just about big bood xxx sex stories story by the crowd of people that were running for their life through the hallway screaming. A man stopped in front of her, it was one of the waiters from the onboard restaurants, his name was Oscar. The young man was still in his uniform, pale, scared out of his mind and soaked to the bone.

"Mora," He began to instruct loudly and quickly, fear carried in his voice. "Put your life vest on, it's under your bed." But Mora didn't move, too shocked and scared by everything that was going on.

She was still as a statue, her grip tightly fastened to the frame of the doorway. "Mora, snap out of it. You have to get your life vest." Placing both hands on her shoulders and vigorously started shaking her. The whole ship tipped to the side suddenly and everyone went falling backwards, it was tilting to the left, so Mora ended falling onto the frame of the door. Watching helplessly has Oscar fell down the hall and into the water below.

"Oscar!" She screamed out, clasping onto the frame off the door while the remains of her lower half was now hanging and watched in horror as his flailing form disappeared beneath he massive crowd of people that fell on top of him. A woman had grabbed on to the door frame, but a hit from someone else made her lose her grip and she went falling, then someone grabbing her blonde hair caused her to fall forward into the flow of falling people and flip completely over but still managed to keep a hold on the door.

A hefty man struggled as he groped her thin delicate body, screaming in pain when he drove his nails into her flesh and proceeded in climbing upwards, using her body as a ladder. He reached her shoulders when a loud, pain-filled shrill escaped his lips, one that sent shivers down her spine, then felt him being pulled.

He had been ripped out off her and pulled the strap of her gown tearing it clean down the center revealing most of her round, heart shaped ass and C sized breasts.

Feeling her grip slipping, and not knowing what else to do, she screamed for help, screamed at the top of her lungs. That's when she began to notice the screams that were gradually leveling above her own, craning her neck around and looking down, she watched in horror as people began disappearing beneath the water, but they weren't drowning, something was pulling them under. She could tell because of how their arms flung up and torsos were tossed around like rag dolls.

Seeing movement from the corner of her eye, she shifted her attention and noticed Oscar steadily climbing the wall below her feet, he was using the light fixtures. "Oscar," She called out again, now holding on by her fingertips. "I'm slipping!" "Hold on Mora, I'm coming, just hold on!" Something shot out of the water suddenly, it was long and thin, the tip of it curled then lunged at Oscar like a coiled snake.

He couldn't even put up a fight and was helplessly dragged under the water like everyone else, leaving only her. "Oscar!" Mora shouted through hot tears. That's when it came up again and stretched for her. Gasping, she turned for the door and tried in pulling herself up but found she couldn't do it. Feeling it latch onto her ankle, she screeched a piercing cry that echoed through the halls. The thing then gradually began slithering its way up, slowly wrapping itself around her leg then right up between her legs and wedging itself between her butt cheeks where it came across her back, around to her front and to her breasts.

There it stopped but was still tugging on her. Daring, she looked down and froze when seeing what looked like a black tentacle wrapped around her, it looked exactly like the tentacle of an octopus. Looking to her chest, her green eyes went wide when seeing the tip of the wet and smooth tentacle began playing with her nipple, it poked and caressed her nipple making it hard, boot camp bffs enjoying a lucky cock fucking of the girls flexed and tightened around her breast that traveled all the way down to her ass.

Wincing and actually blushing when feeling it rub gently against her clit. "Mora." A soothing voice whispered from girls watch old man fuck boy air. "Help!" She called out, called out to the voice. "Have no fear Mora." It cooed in reply. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she croaked through a tight throat. "Help me!" "I will do just that." It replied.

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Then the tentacle gave a hard yank and she was ripped right off the frame. Losing her breath, her heart stopped beating as she saw her life flash before her eyes, right before she hit the cold water and everything turned into a murky blur. *** Mora groaned when she started coming around, feeling wet and like she had been sleeping on something hard then opened her eyes to the deck the ship but didn't know how she got there. Lying on her stomach, she slowly sat on her knees and gasped in shock with what she saw past the railing.

It was the ocean, only that she was underneath it. Looking up, quick to realize she was in some sort of small air pocket that was on top the deck of the ship, only there was no way this could happen, it was physically impossible. Newton's Law didn't allow such heresy, it would be possible for air pockets within the ship, parts that weren't flooded, but all this should have been washed over by the ocean.

That's when she realized something else, despite being soaked, she wasn't cold. Now looking behind, she screamed when seeing something large swim by and ran to the other side of the air pocket. Already starting to hyperventilate, arms crossing her bare chest, gown barely hanging from her waist, the boards below her feet wet and slick then slipped when she jumped from something else that moved.

"Be careful my dear, I don't want you getting hurt." A hard voice said sternly yet, soothingly. Eyes already darting across the space of air that looked a diameter of 10 feet, but she saw no one.

That's when a large shadow took up the space in front of her suddenly within the water then burst through the wall of ocean, its large form slammed down in front of her and came to a sliding stop at her feet.

Struck in fear and awe, Mora was looking up to a man by at least 10 feet in height, he was so big he was squeezing within the perimeter of the air pocket. The being before her having black glossy eyes - small orbs, skin that was pale white yet carrying splotches of black all over, chin was square and thick and a bare upper torso that was finely chiseled and packed with muscle, but going on down was unbelievably scary, from his waist going on down was that of the body from an octopus, black.

That's when she noticed the gills on his face, starting from under his ears and went down his neck, they looked just like a fish, she could hear his labored breathing through the slits. Finding her voice, she screamed and was some how able to over come her fear that had previously kept her frozen and turned to run. She didn't know where she was running to, but instincts told her to run and that's just what she did but didn't get very far when she was forced into an abrupt halt by a tentacle that grabbed her foot causing her to trip, yet before she could hit face first on to the floor board another tentacle wrapped around her right wrist followed by the other.

Soon her other foot was taken a hold of and found herself held completely in the air and was turned around to face him. Sucking in a breath, she screamed at the top of her lungs but even that was put to a stop as a suction pad laden tentacle forced slimly into her mouth shutting her up as another ripped her gown completely off, exposing her naked form. "My dear," He said slowly. "I have been waiting so long for you, so long for my mate, my wife.

The chosen one that can accept my sperm." The monster leaned down to her and a long, wart looking tongue came amateur brunette teen babe gy style pov pussyfucking webcam xxx 4 collection out and licked the side of her face, he pulled back in a shiver then gasped in ecstasy and looked down to her, a yearning hunger carried in his eyes.

"You are so fresh my dear Mora. Your body is so pure and clean." He groaned eagerly. "It makes me want to take you right now, at this very moment." Mora screamed a muffled scream, her mind screaming "no" and fought at her fleshy restraints, fear steadily grasped her stability, fear for her virginity, for the idea she was about to be raped. He leaned down even lower, tongue coming out and played across a breast, wondering onto her nipple licking it and playing with, suckling and nibbling on it.

Then it licked across her breast going between and to the other one where he encased it within his mouth and sucked on it, his hands grasping her back and moaned in lust. Tentacles began wrapping around and slithering about her body, one having moved to right between her legs and started rubbing her clit making her mind scream in rejection when her body answered back by becoming wet. It felt so good, just like her dreams.

That's when it all came together, that's when she realized what was going on and couldn't believe it, she had always known she was erotic love tunnel poundings pornstar and hardcore from other girls, even more special compared to them. Her tormentor made contact with her stare, he looked pleased, gave a quirked smile and said.

"So my dear, you finally realized it." Giving a deep chuckle, "You finally realized I am the chosen of your dreams." Then he closed the distance between them, placed his face in front of hers where they were touching nose to nose. "I am Odium, Mora, and I am to be your mate.

Just as you will be mine. But first," He wiggled the tentacles across her form making her tense. "We must consummate our union my dear." He paused for some moments before speaking again. "This is your destiny my dear Mora, my mate. It is why you have had dreams about me, why I have had dreams you. I have been searching for you for so long.

You, the one true mate that can produce my offspring." Her gut knotted in fear when hearing that. What did he mean by producing his "offspring". She shook her head and screamed, she screamed as loud as she could but all that came out was gargled, barely an audible sound carried past Odium's ears.

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This was wrong, all of this was, it had to be a dream, there was no way it was real. This wasn't some fantasy, not a figment of her imagination. She watched as Odium wiggled and twisted in anticipated for things that was soon to come, then reality hit her like a truck - all of this was real. Another tentacle wrapped around her back and worked its way to her breast where it instantly began caressing her mound, the little suction cups on the end gently latching onto her skin then releasing, Odium meanwhile licking and nibbling on her other nipple.

Mora couldn't help it, she let out her own moan of pleasure as the feeling between her legs intensified, the tip of the tentacle positioned into a tiny hook that would wrap around her clit, curl, then retract, and upon retraction would pull completely back rubbing its whole slick self completely across her pussy before leila gang bang french bukkake. Spreading her legs, she allowed the writhing tentacle more access to do its job and squirmed she want a double penetration and a cum shot it moved even faster, the tentacle in her mouth already having started with moving back and forth in a some what quick fluid motion.

Another tentacle had climbed up her leg and tickled part of her pussy, then moved further away, sliding between her butt cheeks and the tip completely penetrated her ass hole. It hurt and she screamed in pain of it against the tentacle still in her mouth, still moving back and forth. The tentacle in her ass drove in even deeper rachita ram xxx story kannada new pain all across her body making her start to cry of it and every muscle in her body to tense and pull.

Now he pulled back his torso back, all the tentacles still remaining in their spots, the rest merely wiggling about and arched his back with his arms outstretch, groaned and moaned until something slithered out from beneath him and presented itself right in front of her face.

She gasped internally at the massive penis he was giving her, it was long as the tentacles but the tip was round with a bulbous end, it was already rock hard, veins protruding across its fleshy smooth surface and a clear liquid, the pre-cum already dripping out profusely. The tentacle came out her mouth giving her chance to take one full breath before the dick was shoved in. The dick wasn't nothing like the tentacle, it was far more thicker, and its round end made it even harder for her to breathe as it was forcefully rammed down her throat and was soon gagging on it.

Her rapist scoffed bitterly and winced. "Suck it already." The tentacle in her ass having gone faster with its movements and drove further on in sending absolute pain through her which sent a chain reaction straight to her mouth, she bit down. Odium curled under the bite and screamed in pain, black orbs looking back to her, he scowled as he drove the dick completely down her throat choking her.

"You fucking little bitch, that hurt!" Every fiber in her body screamed for her to fight against him, to fight and make a run for it, but there was nothing she could do, despite her efforts in fighting with her restraints, she couldn't break the bond.

She heard a noise which made Odium stop his assault on her and turned to look at something to the side. "What?" He asked, but had been asking to no one since nobody was around except for her. That's when Mora began hearing the noises, they were gargled moans, sounding like a mix between a dolphin and whale. He then sent an eye to her and back toward the wall of water.

"If you can do a better job, then so be it.

But don't cause her orgasm. That's an order." Odium removing his dick and tentacle out her ass was heavenly relief, then loosened his grip on her letting her fall straight for the floor, but before her sore ass could land on the wooden flooring the entire ocean wall cascaded and wrapped itself around her. She could feel its pressure pressing against her but wasn't nothing too serious and started floating as well as screaming, screaming for the water she was about to take into her lungs but was shocked when discovering she wasn't drinking any.

Brunette teen beach fuck money hungry bosss step daughter she was completely submerged and floating, but the air bubble around her head kept the water from coming in. Something than swam by her, she knew that because of feeling the current from something large pull her body slightly, and when looked was astonished to find what looked like a big fish floating in front of her, but when she focused, instead of seeing a fish had seen a human resembling face staring back.

The face looked a little different however. What looked like scales were scattered about here and there, held in-human solid white placid eyes - no pupils, long blue hair floating about every where with slits for gills just beneath the ears going down the neck - just like Odium, arms held fins growing out the forearms and elbows with claws for fingernails and webs between the fingers. Looking down, Mora noticed it to be naked, blue breasts floated about freely, covered only by what little blue scales that were over the nipples and other various parts of it's milk glands, and to top it off, a long and thick scaly tail that was leisurely kicking from side to side below its waist.

The thing, the being, the mythical creature before her was in a fact, a mermaid.

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Or at least something that looked liked it.