Young german babe riding cock julia reaves

Young german babe riding cock julia reaves
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( Eric son) The problem with coming to the point of full sexual realization, for boys is that they are always hard. We don't know why, we only have an inclination of what the cause is.

So for the past month, every time I looked at my mom it got hard. I mean it did not help that my mom always wore next to nothing in the mornings, while making breakfast. Usually an almost see through night shirt and panties. ( Kevin the dad )was a cop, who worked all hours. Split shifts and so forth. As he held his beautiful wife in his arms, looking into her deep blue eyes, their bodies still damp with the last couple hours of exertions.

He though what a Lucky guy he was, he had the hottest wife. He new it as well as every one else. She held multiple titles for fitness. And even though she left all that behind a couple of years ago to focus on her family, she still retained that incredible tone that was just a little softer than when she was practicing.

Kevin felt her ass and pulled her into his Crouch. Blond, blue eyes, fit bodyperfect shape all packed into a tight 5' 6" package. Amanda the mom) felt her husband cock stir against her shapely leg, as she cuddled a little closer, loving the closeness of their intimate embraces.

As she lay her head against Kevin's hard chest, something came to mind. (Amanda)" honey"( Kevin ) "mmm" ( amanda) " you know when I was cleaning our room yesterday, I found some balled up tissues in the closet.

I smelled it, I could swear it was cum. (Kevin )" well you know were all my cum goes" (Amanda) "ha ha funny man, I am being serious do you really nicole aniston has a perfect ass tube porn our little guy is doing that stuff." Kevin) "well I started when I was around his age" (Amanda)" oh my god, the thought of my little baby watching you fuck my cunt the way you do, oh my god !

Kevin fuck me! fuck me now!. Kevin new his wife, he could hear the pure lust in her voiceas he entered her, she had her first orgasm. In the next half hour she had more multiple chain orgasms, than he ever gave her before. As Eric came down for breakfast saturday morning, he could smell the bacon. Eric entered the kicthen and stoped dead in his tracks. His dad was at the kitchen table in uniform which was nomal as on Fridays he did a night shift.

But mom was washing dishes, but instead of her usual night shirt that came just below her butt. She was wearing a cut off tee shirt that just covered her tits. Holy fuck her ass is amazing moms ass right there, covered with only a small underwear. His dad looked up from his papersmiled (Kevin ) "there's my boy" Then looked back down and. Continued reading. As mom looked over her shoulder at Eric. Eric could see the bottom of her breast showing, they looked really perky.

( mom) "come over here and give your mom a big kiss." then she looked back to her dishes. So as Eric aproched her he stared at her pantied covered ass to his hearts content. The result of all this over stimulation was a raging woodie that was pressed up against his tummy. Amanda tured to give her boy some love. Her pussy on fire. Eric trainer drills his gorgeous student schoolgirl and hardcore over at his dad, but he seemed engrossed in his paper, he looked back at his mom, leaning against the counter her tits eye level with him.

Her flat tummy her panties seemed to have a crease. Eric remembered a nudie mag he saw at his friends house and new he was looking at the outline of her pussy. Amanda opened her arms to her son, smiling. Eric looked at his beautiful mother smiling down at him and embraced her.

Resting his head on her tits hands on her smooth back. (mom) "oh my beautiful boy, my big beautiful boy. Eric did not know why but he could not help himself he started rubbing his six incher against his moms leg ,humping her, very subtle but humping never the less.

Eric looked up at his mom. Amanda looked into her boys blue eyes as he rubbed his hard surprisingly big cock against her leg. She leaned down and kissed his lips. Then gentle sucked on his bottom lip as she felt the stirrings of pre orgasim wash over her. Amanda glanced over at Kevin, he had his cock out and was gently stroking it. (Kevin) why don't you show your mom what a big boy you are son?" Eric turned to look at his dad, but all he saw was a blur, lust had consumed him, as if by auto pilot his hand came up, reaching grabbing and squeezing his mothers barely covered tits.

A audible moan escaped Amanda's lips as her son cupped her breast. She reached down and pulled her top off. Then pulled Eric's face into her cleavagewhere he kissed and suckled like when he was a baby. Kevin got up from the kitchen table, and approached the couple. He slipped an arm around his wife's naked shoulders kissed her lips and whispered ( lets go to the bedroom ) (Amanda )" ok honey" she then lifted Eric into her armsand they all went up to the master bedroom.

Amanda pussy was dripping, in anticipation. She deposited Eric unto her bed and followed him up on the bed. Kevin watched his wife kiss their son on his lips, her pantied coverd ass in the air. Eric raised his ass up, as his mom broke their kiss, hooked her thumbs on each side of his shorts and pulled them off, along with his jockey. As she came back towards his face, Eric was in ecstasy as his mom rubbed both sides of her checks against his rock hard cock, then nuzzled his balls taking deep breaths.

There was some movement in the corner, eric looked over and saw his dad naked on a chair stroking himself. ( Amanda mom )" I love you baby " she whispered into her sons ear.

She could still smell his sent in her nostrils.

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In one motion Amanda whipped her panties off, and straddled her sons face. She hovered there so he got a good first look at pussy. Eric looked at his moms pussy. (Kevin) " Eric lick your moms sweet cunt) that was all he needed Eric gave it a lick, and with that lick his mom started humping his face, Eric stuck out his tongue as his mom rubbed her pussy over his face from his chin to his nose to his forehead.

His hands came up and cupped her ass squeezing kneading. Eric swallowed every drop he could. As Amanda rubbed her cunt on her baby boys beautiful face. Her cunt exploded in extasy her whole body went through wave after wave of wonderful heat. Tingling down to her fucking toes. (Amanda )" oh my godddd" she yelled. Then clasped into Eric.

She then turned onto her back pulling Eric ontop of her. She secxi xxx story black guy hurs down and grabbed his ridged member and guided it toward her opening.

(Amanda) " fuck momies cunt" she whispered into her son ear. As Eric entered his first pussy, to him it felt like the most amazing feeling, wet, warm, soft, tight yet giving. As his cock was all the way up to the hilt.

Eric stoped for a moment enjoying the feeling as his pulsing painfully engorged cock was soothed by his moms pussy.

Again his mom whispered into his ear ( fuck momies cunt) Eric started trusting. And as he trusted he felt his young cock come alive. Faster harder faster harder Eric came in moments filling his mothers cunt with his white young sperm. As Kevin saw his son cum in his wife cunt, it was all he could do not to cum as well.

He gave them a couple more minutes taking the time to regain some control over his ready to explode cock. Amanda opened her eyes as a shadow fell over her face. Kevin stood at the side of the bed. Hard eight inches in hand. Amanda gently moved Eric off, and edged off the bed ass first. Kevin grabbed his wife's hips and savagely rammed his manhood into her semen filled cunt. He pounded her mercilessly almost lifting her clear off the bed. (Kevin) "ahhh take that you dirty cunt.

As Kevin finished his last squirt Amanda knelt in front if him licking and sucking her husband clean. Kevin looked at his son and smiled ( Kevin) " so son how do you feel" (Eric) " I feel all tingles on the inside" Kevin) ok let me ask you this, do you like watching your mom suck my cock." Eric looked down at his mom between his dads legs, Amanda looked up at her son smiling as she rubbed Kevin now half hard cock against her face.

(Eric) " yes dad" Kevin) " good because from now on she is yours to fuck and play with as well". (Eric)" really" (Amanda )" I would like that very much honey".(Eric )" me too" (Kevin) " he's already excited look at his cock".

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Amanda looked at Eric's hard cock and got back in the bed taking his whole member down her thoatwhile presenting her asshole, and cum drenched cunt to her husband. Kevin stroked his hardening cock as he tongued his wife's sweet little asshole. ( (Amanda) " ok guys time for some hard nasty fucking." Amanda grabbed Eric's cock straddled him facing his feet and lowers herself onto her son, impaling her tight wet asshole in the process.

She then lay back into eric. Eric took the opportunity to squeeze and fondle his moms tits. (Amanda) " how does momies asshole feel baby?" (Eric)" it feels hot and tight mom.( Amanda )" momies a dirty slut cunt isn't she" (Eric )" yes mom" (Amanda )" yes what" (Eric)" momies a dirty slut" (Amanda )" fuck my asshole baby.

" Amanda started to bounce on Erica hard cock meeting his every trust. But as Kevin aproched she stoped Kevin crawled up onto the bed, position his cock into his wife's pussy and started rainy afternoon with my daddy edited version her as their son fucked her little asshole.

Amanda was in heaven. Ecstasy, waves of pleasure, the taboo the rightness of it all, the combination of physical pleasure.

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Mental release and sexual abandon. It was too much, as she leaned completely back onto Eric and closed her eyes. She was transported into an existence of pureapotheosis. Eric squeezed his moms tits as he fucked her asshole. It felt amazing her ass was so hot so clenching. Eric could feel his dads cock fucking her pussy, it almost felt like they were in the same hole.

Eric could feel he was going to cum soon, his mom laid back completely onto his chest squirming around, rubbing her soft smooth back against his hairless chest. Eric squeezed her tits harder, trust into her asshole young chick sucks and rides old rod hard as he could and came so hard.

He could not move for what seemed like hours. Kevin looked down at his awesome wife in the throws of ecstasy. Ontop of their innocent boy, and as he enjoyed the sight of Eric squeezeing his wife's perfect thirty-six C's.

He felt this son cum in his wife's ass. In mid stroke Kevin released what felt like a barrel if cum, into Amanda's already desamated cum drenched cunt. And clappesed ontop of them both totally spent and happy.

Amanda felt first her son then a heartbeat later her husband climax into her orifices. Her blissful state exploded into white butterflies that started in her head and pussy and ended in her chest and toes. Eric awoke from total oblivion. Found he could not breath. (Eric )" mom" he sqeeked. Amanda heard Eric realized he wad being crushed and pushed Kevin's dead weight off her then Rolled off her son. (Amanda)" you ok honey " ( Eric ) " yea but next time I am on top" (Amanda)" and what makes you think there's going to be a next time" (Eric)" ah ah" ( Amanda )" Mommies just kidding baby here let momie clean you up.

Kevin opened his eyes to the sound of sucking Eric lay next to him with Kevin's wife between his legs sucking him off. ( Kevin ) "ok honey, that's enough for now." Amanda took Eric's Harding cock out of her mouth, pouting she said " fine" then she climed up between her two guys her ass in Kevin's crouch, and slipped her leg between Eric's so his balls rested on it. And that how they slept till that afternoon.