Voluptuous babe is very horny hardcore blowjob

Voluptuous babe is very horny hardcore blowjob
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Ally walked into the kitchen and threw her books on the table. Her older brother Adam was in there making some food, just back from the gym. "Adam, do you mind taking your food somewhere else, I have to do my home work". Adam looked at her with an incredulous glare. " How hard can the work be?". Adam was her older brother by four years and although he was always very protective of her he was also usually a dick towards her. "And put on some clothes, I don't want to see your ass hanging out all the time".

Lately Ally had been sexually aroused 24/7. Every time she saw an attractive guy all she could think about was stuffing his cock into her hungry teenage mouth. She had spent the whole last period of school today staring at Mr.

Smith's bulge.

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His cock was pretty much on display every class and today when he stood next to her desk with his dick pressing against his pants right in front of her face it was all Ally could do not to spread her legs and fuck herself right there in her classroom. She had come home and immediately gotten in the shower and made herself cum.

Before she had even touched herself her cunt was already dripping wet. After having an intense orgasm in the shower Ally was still horny and was in the mood to dress like a little slut so here she stood before her brother in a long white t-shirt. Her round ass was on display and although Adam had said otherwise she had noticed him looking at it more than a few times since she'd walked into the room. Adam was standing in front of her shirtless in a pair of shorts so she couldn't help but notice the bulge protruding from his midsection.

She had heard Adam fucking his girlfriend in the past and from the sounds she made Ally assumed her brother probably had a pretty big package, but it wasn't something she ever thought about.

"Anyways Adam, can you just leave me alone so i can get this done before Mom and Dad get home?" "They're going to be gone all night, so you have lots of time. Mom is flying out tonight, late, and her and Dad are going for dinner beforehand. They won't be home until twelve". Adam walked past Ally and sat down at the table. As Ally looked in the window she was sure she saw the reflection of Adam staring at her ass as he walked by.

"I'll be gone in a couple of minutes Ally" Adam said to her, seemingly sensing her annoyance at his action. "Just relax". Ally walked towards the table and sat down to do her work. At one point she asked Adam to pass her something from the other end of the table but he just sat there on his phone ignoring her. Ally stood up and leaned forward to get the piece of paper and as she did so she could feel the shirt rise up over her ass almost up to her hips.

Although she knew she shouldn't she stayed there for an extra second because she could feel Adams eyes on her and she couldn't help but enjoy the feeling. When she sat back down Adam stood up immediately "I have to go" he said and brusquely got up from the table.

As he stood Ally's eyes went to his crotch as an erection was now pressing against his shorts. For a moment Ally just stared in disbelief, it was huge. A moment later they made eye contact for what was likely the most awkward period of time in Ally's life.

Adam just spun around and walked up the stairs. For the next ten minutes Ally sat there trying to do her work but as the time went by she found herself thinking more and more about what she had just seen. Even though Adam was her brother the sight of his erection had made her unbelievably wet.

She was trying to keep her fingers out of her cunt but it was impossible and soon enough Ally had her legs spread wide apart, her pink panties pushed to one side and two fingers inside of her tight little teenage pussy. Because it was dark out she had a nice reflection of herself in newly met chicks ends up in a super hot lesbo sextape pornstars and fingering window.

As she stared at herself in the mirror, one finger in her mouth and two in her dripping cunt Ally began to feel a stirring inside of her and before long her entire body began to quiver as she came so hard she couldn't help but moan loudly.

Cum seeped through her fingers out of her pussy, soaking her legs and the chair she was sitting on. "Holyyyy shitttt" she thought to herself, "that felt so fucking good". This release allowed her to concentrate on her homework a little bit longer but only a few minutes had passed when her thoughts again returned to her brothers large cock.

Had he been that turned on by her, his little sister? Ally closed her book and walked up the stairs and down the hall. She stood outside the door to her brothers asian shorthaired girlfriend izumi manaka enjoys hardcore pussy pounding, careful to pull her shirt down so it covered her ass.

Her panties were still soaking wet and she could still feel the cum on her thighs, Ally knocked on the door once but got no answer. She knocked again but still got no answer.

She opened the door just a little bit and saw her brother inside asleep. All she could think about was getting a good look at his cock so she tiptoed into the room thinking that maybe she could pull the sheets back and take a look just once.

Then she would be satisfied and she could finally get her work done. As she walked towards his bed her heart began to pound in her chest. She got close enough to touch him and bent down to see if he was really awake. Ally was confident he was asleep so she pulled back the covers nice and gently. When she pulled it past his waist she couldn't believe it. Adams cock was lying against his right thigh, partially hard but still mostly soft.

His cock was fucking huge. Long and very thick.

As Ally stared at her brothers dick she hardly even noticed that she had again lily jordan and liv revamped bangs with tutor pornstars and hardcore her panties off to the side and once more had her little hands on her own soaking wet pussy.

"What the FUCK are you doing?". The words frightened Ally so badly she almost fell over backwards. She tried to speak but she couldn't. "Are you fucking staring at my cock? Are you fingering yourself? What the fuck Ally?". She was so embarrassed she didn't know what to say. Ally was unspeakably turned on, her nipples pressed against the thin fabric of her shirt and her pussy was so wet that her panties were completely soaked through.

Even as he said this Adam remained uncovered on the bed. Ally still couldn't take her eyes off of his massive dick. They stayed there several moments longer without a word when suddenly Ally noticed Adams cock was starting to rise a little bit. Ally's desire took over in that instant and without hesitation she climbed onto Adam's bed and wrapped her tiny little hand around his cock.

"You little fucking slut, I hope you know what your getting yourself into" he said staring straight into her eyes. Ally was so turned on she didn't even stop to think about what she was doing she just lowered her head, spit on her brothers cock and continued to jerk him off.

She was already moaning loudly and her pussy was so hungry to be fucked it almost hurt. Ally removed her hand from Adam's erection and placed it next to her cunt, gently rubbing her own clit and then inserting three fingers into her own pussy. As she did this Adam grabbed her by the head and shoved his cock deep down her throat. He was now fully erect and the size made her gag when it was only halfway into her mouth.

Ally forced her mouth off Adams cock and came up gasping for air.

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"Holy fuck you're huge" she said as she once again spit all over Adams enormous prick. "Well you've seen mine so let me see yours. Get up off this bed and stand up and take your fucking clothes off. If I'm going to fuck my little sisters cuntand I am, then I'm going to do it however the fuck I want to do it!". Ally obeyed and immediately stood up next to the bed and ripped her shirt off over her head. As her perky little tits showed themselves for the first time she could see the excitement in Adams eyes.

"Turn around and show me your ass Ally", Adam barked at her from the bed. The little slut did as she was told and turned around and displayed her ass for her brothers pleasure.

"You do have a nice fucking ass. I was staring at it all night long. I had no idea you were such a dirty little whore though. Are your panties wet? Is your pussy wet". Ally looked at her brother and his humongous member standing erect between his legs. "I am fucking dripping Adam. Can you please fuck my little pussy?". As she said this Ally laid down on the floor and slid her panties off. She spread her legs and moved her hand towards her waiting cunt.

She was amazed at just how wet she had become. Her fingers easily slid inside and right away the pleasure was almost too much to handle. "MMMMM oh ya baby, fuck your little cunt while your brother strokes his cock.

Do you want me to fill you up before Mom and Dad get home?". "Yes" she said, she could have screamed. "Well get up here and get on this fucking bed!". As Ally walked towards her brother he picked her up and threw her on her back and instantly went to her with his mouth. Ally lay there in ecstasy as her mr 18 tony duncan cumshot brother licked her clit while one of his fingers worked its way inside her pussy.

"Are you ready to take your brothers big cock Ally?" "Please brother, fuck me but don't hurt me, you're so big" she purred at her brother. He stood up in front of her, his erection still wet from when she'd taken him in her mouth. She didn't know how she was going to be able to take it all. Adam lowered himself on top of her and rubbed the head of his cock on her clit and slid his entire member up and down the lips of her pussy a few times.

even while he did this Ally could feel herself moving towards orgasm. Finally she could feel the head of his cock part her pussy lips and press inside her 18 mom and dad sex watching dugtar old cunt.

Ally had only ever been fucked twice before and it was never anything like this. As her brother slowly thrust his cock deeper inside her Ally experienced a feeling of fullness that far exceeded the previous times she'd been fucked. Ally let out a loud moan as her older brother began to fuck her tight, teenage pussy. As his cock moved in and out of her pussy Ally felt herself being stretched apart.

She wrapped her legs around his back and as she did so he lifted her hips slightly off the bed and began fucking her even harder. she arched back and started to scream as she came so hard that her pussy almost squirted out around his dick. His lips covered her right nipple and she moaned and shook as he continued to fuck her brains out. Just as she started to regain her breath her heart stopped in her chest as she heard a door slam.

She froze, sitting rigid upon Adams cock.

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He was so hard she could feel him throbbing inside of her. "What was that?" she whispered, "Dad must be home. Fuck". They both stayed there waiting to see what happened next. Staring at each other was too much and soon they were passionately making out. Ally slid back and let Adams erection slip out of her pussy. As she sucked on her brothers tongue she wrapped her tiny right hand around Adam's humongous member. When Ally heard her Dad's footsteps coming up the stairs she froze all over again and his herself under Adam's covers.

Adam jumped in behind her and looked down at her. "Suck my cock Ally, you got to cum and now I want to jerk off all over my little sisters pretty face" "What if Dad comes in Adam?" "I don't care, he won't think to look for anything, just stay really still and if you hear the door open just impure joy from lesbian sex games dildo and toy my cock and keep it there".

Ally grinned and began eagerly giving her brother a blow job. As she sucked his cock she reached back and fingered her clit. She worked herself into such a frenzy she forgot about the entire situation and soon she was shoving her fingers deep inside her pussy while she gave Adam a blow job, imagining taking two cocks at the same time. When Adams cock erupted in her mouth she couldn't take any more and she came all over her fingers, so wet that it ran down her leg and drenched her thigh.

While she swallowed her brothers cum she let out murmurs of pleasure. Ally was about to crawl up and come out from under the covers when Adam stopped her head and pushed her back "Shhhh" he hushed at her, "I think Dad is outside the door" The end