Amateur punishment with fantasy spanked and canned total submission

Amateur punishment with fantasy spanked and canned total submission
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Laura -- Chapter 3 (This is a continuation of Laura, Chapter 2. Nikki, aged about 26, has just had his first delicious sexual encounters with Laura, age 15, in her apartment.

They have fallen in love and Laura is already wanting to get married and have children. Nikki has told her to cool it and see if they could even live together. Read Laura, Chapters 1 and 2 to get the whole story.) I lived with Laura three days before we decided to find a slightly larger apartment and move in together.

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We had to do that to see if we could handle being in each other's face all the time. It was unlike living with any other chick I had lived with. It was as if we craved each other's bodies. Walking down the dirty asian in ass to mouth threesome in opposite directions our hands would automatically reach out to brush the other's crotch.

In the kitchen, if she was reaching for a dish while I was reaching for a cup, our asses would bump and we would give them a quick rub together. Watching TV, she automatically lay with head on my chest while I had one hand on her tits and the other hand on her pussy, while hers stayed on my cock. We did a lot of fucking. It was smooth living. We never found anything to fight about. When I brought in my desk and bookcase with all my schoolbooks, we both decided in a flash where we wanted them and we both liked where they were placed.

We were both into clean food and going to the gym a lot.

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We simply couldn't find anything to argue about. In two weeks of living together we decided to get married and she invited her folks over. They recognized me from the psychiatric hospital and were very relieved that their daughter wanted to marry a stable guy who wanted to make a stable living, who wasn't into drugs or booze.

On the day we got married, we were all at a justice of the peace. No matter what Laura said, as far as I was concerned, she needed cock, and lots of it, and she needed more than me, although she said I satisfied her every desire.

So I was always on the lookout for someone with a big cock who would be willing to get checked out for STDs and fuck Laura. At school, pissing in the little restroom near Structures Lab, the guy at the next urinal had the biggest cock I ever saw. I immediately thought of him as a Christmas tree.

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One look at it, and I figured it had to be nine inches long when he was stretched out. I bet to myself that it was three inches at the base.

So after some casual remarks about class -- we both had the same lab -- I suggested that he come to our place for supper.

I didn't forewarn Laura. She was okay with it. She kind of liked the idea that I would bring a classmate home without having to check in with her, and she whipped up a quick supper for all three of us. After supper I sprang on both of them exactly what was in the back of my mind.

I told my classmate, Richie, that I thought Laura would love to have sex with him, and it was fine with me.

That practically brought the ceiling down with wait-a-minutes from both of them and I told them to both shut up. I explained to Laura that this guy had a nine-incher three inches at the base, and I wanted this guy to stuff it all inside her and put her into ecstasy, and I'd just as soon be out of the room, but if she needed me in the room I would be there, just to see that she was floating on cloud nine with this guy stuffed practically out to her asshole inside her.

Richie started his wait-a-minute and I told him I needed him to do something, to go to his doctor and get a thorough check for STDs and then come back with the paperwork, because he was looking at the Queen of Sex and she would send him into heaven -- he couldn't afford not to take advantage of El Gorgioso.

What won the day? The second I mentioned the size of Richie's cock, I could see it in Laura's eyes -- she quieted down. She wanted it stuffed inside her. And how did she get Richie to go along with the deal? She said that she trusted me and if in my judgment she would probably enjoy having sex with him, then she probably would, and it was okay with her if he went to his doctor and got checked up for all STDs.

All this with a straight face. So Richie took a good look at her, and he agreed! So he finally left, and the second he was out the door she jumped at me pummeling my chest, saying, "Don't you ever do that to me again!" And I grabbed her wrists and said, "Hon, wait you see the size of his cock. I'm telling you sweetheart, it is a supergiant.

You have to get that dick stuffed inside your pussy. I fisting and pissing on the teen slut think you can make it with him stuffed in your ass. I think he would tear you apart if he were stiff and cumming in your backside." And I grabbed her up to me and kissed her with all the love I could muster up, and she melted, and dragged me off to bed, and we fucked for hours just imagining Richie stuffing his cock inside her and cumming.

When Richie came over a week later, Laura met him at the door and I made myself scarce, watching TV. She asked him if he were nervous and he said, "Me nervous?

I'm not nervous. My knees want to buckle under me." She liked that a lot. She grabbed his hand and phat ass babe fucks for easy money kaden kole, "Come on in," and sure enough, he had the magic papers that said that he was clean as a whistle.

Well, she was real slow guiding him into the bedroom and shutting the door behind them. Whatever was going on, it took a long time. He left the bedroom about three hours later and then she walked out, her hair kind of mussed up. And then as he was going out the door she hugged him and gave him a very long goodbye kiss, and he returned it, holding her, saying, "Thanks.

Next week same time?" And she said, "I wouldn't miss it." Richie had looked at me in a very embarrassed way, so I ran out the door as fast as I could.

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"Richie, slow it up." I caught up with him before he got into his car. "Hey, man, I heard you make a date with Laura to be back next week same time." "Sorry, man, I'll break the date if it makes you feel uncomf --" He couldn't looked me straight in the face. "I'm fine. But how about coming back the day after tomorrow?

She'd love to have you back sooner." "You're sure? It's okay with you?" "Yeah. Hey, I'll take you to my place after Structures class." "Easier if I take my own car. Then you don't have to drive me back." "AOK. I'm not warning her. It'll be a surprise for her." By this time it was clear that Richie was relaxed. He looked into my eyes and said, "Hey, man, your wife is the first time sex and deflation gorgeous royal fuck in the whole wide world.

She is spectacular. Last year I fucked three members of a girls' basketball team, and none of them could take all of me in. Your wife, she found a way to stuff every last inch of me inside her. I can't believe the cum I had.

Not once. Not twice. Three times. And she wanted it in her ass.

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No way could I get it in there. I gave her a mouthful, and she was working both hands on naughty inked teen schoolgirl babe tastes that massive dong pornstars and big tits while trying to swallow the cum.

She is a miracle. Where did you find her?" "That's a long story. Tell you about it sometime. See you day after tomorrow." When I got back into the house, Laura immediately wanted to know what we were talking about outside. I said, "I wanted Richie to be absolutely sure what you guys were doing was 100% okay with me and I wanted him to come back, and it made him feel better." She threw herself on me.

"How did I ever luck out? You are a dream husband." "I just know what my wife needs." Laura put her head on my shoulder. "He is great.There is no cock in the world that big. Holy fuck, you are right. He is a Christmas tree and I think it's longer than nine inches. I want you in there the next time. I want you in my ass while he is in my cunt." Right then and there, in the foyer, she shoved me against the wall, unzipped me, pulled out my cock and put her still wet pussy over it.

"Ow. He made it sore. I don't care. I'm not letting you get away without yours." And she proceeded to hump me back and forth, until I couldn't hold back any longer and shot my wad into the mix inside her pussy.

And guess what. She came. After three hours of fucking the biggest cock in the universe. She came right after I did and left her usual bite mark on my cheek when she lost control. And I had to hold her up while she was cumming because her knees always turned to jelly while she was cumming. And that night I had to sleep with my cock inside her. She beautiful russian girls fuck storys have it no other way.

(There will be more.)