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Sexually excited hitchhikers hanna pleasant put on a show hardcore and blowjob
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The Ice Maiden This is based on a true story, A few years ago I was working at a company in Central London as an IT contractor. One of the best things about my job is that you get foxy teenage babe rides a fat pole blonde and cream meet everyone in the company. Its also a great opportunity to check out the talent in the company and its fun when the women flirt back or flash some cleavage or thigh as you chat with them.while you are fixing their PC or recovering some files for them.

In this particular company there were lots of great women but one in particular stood out. Her name was Annabel, and she was very posh and absolutely gorgeous, late 20's, shoulder length blonde hair, big blue eyes, tits that were slightly too big for her slim frame, narrow waist and a tight ass that could hypnotise a man a 30 paces. The thing is she knew it and while Annabel was pleasant enough to talk to, didn't have a boyfriend that anyone knew of she kept herself very much to herself.

Any attempt to ask her out for a coffee or lunch was met with a cold icy stare from those big blue eyes, a slight frown would come across her forehead and most men were already walking away tail between their legs (so to speak) before she even had to say no.

This is why she was known as the Ice Maiden.

The company was in the process of relocating to somewhere outside of London and this created an opportunity for me and my buddy Steve to have another crack at the Ice Maiden As different departments were being moved out on a weekly basis there was quite a bit stunning blonde agnes with firm jugs sucks cock and gets anal work taking us all round the building.

(We had already lined up other jobs as neither of us wanted to work outside of London) The Ice Maiden was one of a handful of people left on the 5th floor and as she tended to work late was often there alone, we came up with an idea to send an e-mail from her head of department asking her to stay for a meeting. (She wouldn't have accepted if it was from one of us and when you have access to these systems it isn't hard to spoof an e-mail) So on the appointed evening me and Steve were already waiting in the meeting room, waiting for the Ice Maiden to arrive.

Were both over six foot tall, Steve is a heavier build than me and black. We heard footsteps and the enormity of what we were going to do began to sink in, one way or another the Ice Maiden was going to get fucked Annabel strode confidently into the meeting she was a bit surprised to see me sitting at one end of the room.

Steve had moved to the opposite end of the room and she hadn't noticed him "What are you doing here James?" she said in her posh public school accent. I didn't answer but just smiled and stood up and walked towards her. She was wearing a tight white top with a scooped neckline her bra could be clearly seen under the straining under playgirl fucked before awesome gfs hardcore and blowjob material and tight black trousers which could have been sprayed on.

Steve had quietly shut the door of the meeting room and now stood unnoticed behind her. "I said what are you doing here" She repeated in a sterner voice and she started to give me the stare.

"We just wanted to know why you are so cold with people who are just being friendly?" I said. Before she could answer a large pair of black hands came round and cupped her large breasts (34 DD as we were to find out later) I thought she might scream and so continued to walk right up to her and kissed her full on the mouth while pressing my hardening cock into her. Steve pushed forward as well grinding his cock into her ass while still fondling her tits.

It didn't matter which way she pushed all she felt was rapidly hardening cock while being kissed and fondled at the same time. Annabel beat her fists ineffectually on my back in protest before stopping that .Yes the Ice Maiden was beginning to melt.

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I pulled away slightly and her blue eyes opened wide asking me why have you stopped. "Its much more fun when you're friendly" I said. Annabel just smiled and said "I didn't realise I never meant to ." I put my finger to my lips to hush her. Steve took his hands from her tits and started to peel her top off she raised her hands obligingly and my mouth went dry when I saw those lovely tits of hers straining against her lacy bra hard nipples poking through.

I cupped her left breast, Steve meanwhile was already undoing her trousers and beginning to tug them down revealing the skimpiest pink thong imaginable. "Stop now I'm expecting my boss we can't do this" Annabel gasped remembering why she had come to the meeting room.Steve and I smiled at each other "Don't worry we've sorted that he won't be coming here tonight" I had expected her to be angry or start to scream but a huge smile came across Annabel's face and then she kicked off her shoes and trousers which were now down around her ankles "Time to show me what you've got" Annabel said as she reached back to unhook her bra.

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I don't think any man has shed his clothes quicker than Steve and I did, just as Annabel's tits bounced into view. They were firm and full with small pink nipples that were very hard, we both bent forward and each took a tit to suck, kiss and chew on.

I couldn't help but reach round and caress her peachy ass as well, feeling the wetness of her barely covered pussy. Annabel started to moan then pushed us off her tits and incredibly hot russian punk girl loves rough sex to her knees looking straight at the two rock hard erections in front of her. Taking a cock in each hand and gently stroking them up and down Annabel said "My . you're both well equipped boys" with her posh accent it sounded much dirtier.

She looked at Steve's black circumcised cock which was about 7.5 inches and quite thick then at mine which is longer at nearly 9 inches, isn't circumcised and not quite as thick as Steve's. Licking her red lips she took the head of my cock in her mouth and suck hard pulling the foreskin back she then trailed her tongue along the length of my cock before returning to the head.

I groaned in pleasure, she could suck cock like a pro. Annabel then trialed soft kisses down the length of my shaft until she got to my large balls and started to suck and nibble on each one in turn. Annabel still had Steve's cock in her other hand letting go of my cock she turned her attention to Steve. Wetting his cock with her warm mouth making it look like a piece of polished ebony, she continued sucking Steve's bulbous end while stroking his shaft before trying to deep throat him I was getting a bit jealous as Steve was getting all of Annabel's oral attention so I dropped to my knees and slid my fingers into her pink thong and started to rub her clit, her pussy was already wet.

My other hand caressed that peachy ass again before my index finger searched out her pink anus, rubbing around it. She glanced at me with her mouth full of hard black cock, I took this as a look of approval and pushed my finger against the ring of muscle slipping inside the tight hot anus.

Annabel started sucking Steve's balls while still stroking his rock hard cock, Steve was groaning in pleasure his eyes rolling up into the back of his head. I was now working on Annabel's clit and ass at the same time when suddenly her body tensed she moaned "I'm cumming.Harder .I'm cumming" She screamed as the intense orgasm flowed through her body, her pussy gushed cum all over my hand and down her thighs.

The sight of this was too much for Steve, his balls tightened and he shouted "Oh no . oh shit .I'm cumming too" he blasted one of the biggest loads ever into Annabel's open mouth, she loved it and gulped down each blast of cum. Steve pulled out of Annabel's mouth his cock continued to shoot streams of hot white cum over her face and tits. When Steve had finished coming Annabel took his softening cock back into her mouth trying to suck out the last little bit of cum before swallowing it down too.

Steve needed a bit of time to recuperate so I had Annabel all to myself, I got her to suck my cock back to full hardness then coaxing her over I pushed her back onto the table, standing between her legs I pulled off her thong and spread her legs wide. I looked at her pussy with a little landing strip of pubes her gaping swollen pussy lips showing hot stickiness inside.

I took my cock and rubbed it up and down her pussy and clit. She shivered and gasped "Fuck me . I need your big cock James . Please fuck me" I wanted to savour this so I just slipped the head of my cock into and held it there "Deeper . please" she pleaded.

I pushed my hips forward easing my cock slowly into her steaming pussy, then pulling back before going deeper.

I took my time because slamming hard with a large cock can ruin the whole thing and even though she was really wet I didn't want to spoil it for her or me. Deeper and deeper I pushed until my classy beauty cocksucks after riding cock girlfriends and blowjob rested against her pussy.

I leaned forward kissing each hard nipple and then whispered in her ear "You've taken it all . my whole cock is inside you" With a look of sheer pleasure on her face she whispered back "Now fuck me .

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fuck me hard" I straightened up and pulled my hips back Annabel started rubbing her tits and pulling on her hard pink nipples and I plunged back into her small soft pussy, back and forth, harder and deeper Annabel continued to pull on her nipples moaning loudly as her head rocked from side to side.

I could feel the spunk building in my balls aching for release but desperate to hold back a little longer. I started to rub her clit as I slammed into her pussy harder and harder, my balls bouncing against her pussy lips "Ohhh yesss" screamed Annabel and another orgasm wracked through her body, her cum covering my cock.

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The walls of her pussy clamped even tighter around my cock, this was too much for me I just had to cum. I could feel my spunk tingling in my balls wanting to explode deep inside her womb. I slammed deep into her pussy once more, grinding my pubes against her swollen clit " Ohh shit .yyessss" I grunted "Take it .

take my fucking spunk" as my hot spunk poured out of my cock scalding the inside of her womb, spurt after spurt of cum shoot from my cock.I didn't believe it was possible to cum so hard and so much . Annabel was screaming as my cumming triggered another orgasm gina devine loves getting bent over in the bedroom not even taking the time to take her clothes off her body.

We lay still for a few seconds while the waves of pleasure subsided in our bodies. I pulled out and and what seemed like gallons of spunk poured out of her gaping pussy.

I walked round to her head so she could suck my softening cock clean, something she did eagerly. Steve was stroking his black cock to hardness again and although I was spent there would be no rest for Annabel, lifting her legs up to her tits Steve poked this thick black cock into Annabel's well fucked pussy and starting thrusting hard. Steve pounded Annabel without mercy and she screamed again as her pussy gushed all over his black cock the poor girl was almost delirious but Steve kept pounding away determined to fuck Annabel into oblivion "Ohh God yesss" screamed Annabel as her tits were flopping up and down as fast as Steve was fucking her.

"Take this bitch" Steve groaned as his buttocks tightened and he added his cum to mine. Steve kept pumping more spunk into Annabel's pussy until he pulled his glistening black cock out. Annabel just lay there moaning in ecstasy her legs hanging down and spread wide with more cum running out of her pussy.

Steve rubbed his now soft cock on her thigh. Watching Steve fuck Annabel had got me hard again so I sat her her and wrapped her creamy tits around my cock, pinching her hard nipples as I started to tit fuck her. Annabel responded by flicking her tongue over the head of my cock each time I thrust forward.

I was just getting started again but Steve was finished for the night so he got dressed and went to the pub for a drink. I continued thrusting my cock between the soft flesh of Annabel's tits, I toyed with the idea of cumming on her tits but decided I wanted to fuck more I stopped thrusting and told Annabel to "Suck my cock" pushing my cock into Annabel's warm mouth she sucked hard lashing the head of my cock with her tongue.

Pulling out I smeared my cock over her lips and around her face. Perhaps she sensed I wanted something else but even I was surprised by what she said next. "Not in my pussy . my pussy needs a rest . I want you to fuck my ass James .Fuck it with that big cock of yours" she breathed between planted kisses on my big cock.

Annabel turned over so she was bent over the desk and spread her ass cheeks wide open for me giving me a great view of her tight pink rosebud. I spat into my hand and rubbed my fingers over her asshole then easing one finger in. I quickly followed this with a second finger stretching her anus further getting it ready for my cock.

I pulled my fingers out and rubbed the just head of my cock in her pussy. Annabel looked back "Noooo . In my ass please" She smiled looking back at me. I returned the smile and moved my cock up and pushed gently against her small pink hole she gasped and her body tensioned as I pushed harder and the head of my cock popped into I waited and waited for what seem like an age waiting for Annabel to let me know when to start moving.

I gently rocked back and forth not pushing in caressing her ass and lower back with my hands trying to help her relax.Eventually Annabel started to moan as her ass got used to my cock and I started to push a bit harder. I dribbled some more spit on my cock to help the lubrication and I pushed another inch in easing off, pulling back then pushing in deeper. Each time going deeper "Come on Annabel take my cock .you know you want it" I said as I jabbed my hips forward with more force as I could feel the spunk rising in my balls.

I didn't want to cum yet so I had to quicken the pace. Pushing harder still I saw almost half my cock slid into her ass. Still a way to go I thought so lifting one leg onto the table for extra leverage I pushed down hard into her ass "Oh fuck" Annabel screamed as nearly all of my cock was in her ass, just a couple of inches left outside.

I was concerned that I'd go too quickly but Annabel said "Carry on keep fucking me" and took one hand under her body to rub her clit as I began to fuck her pulling back and pushing down hard I started to thrust my cock into her stretched hole harder and faster I fucked her thinking about anything except cumming my balls slapping hard against her pussy as she finally took all 9 inches into her ass.

Now it seemed like a race as to who would cum first Annabel frantically rubbing her clit and moaning as I fucked her hole harder and faster.

Within seconds Annabel came hard her cum gushing out of her pussy Her orgasm caused her ass to tighten it's grip on my cock and the increased pressure was too much for me as I plunged into her ass one more time I could hold the spunk back no more and flooded the inside of her ass with my spunk. I kept pumping twice, three four times before my balls were empty. I pulled out slowly and admired my handiwork Annabel's anus was gaping wide open I stroked the last bit of spunk from my cock and it dribbled straight into her gaping hole.

Considerately I went and got some paper towels for Annabel to help her clean up as she had so much spunk and cum running out of both her holes and down her legs.I did see Annabel a few time afterwards but she turned out to be a cute brunette gets screwed in a gangbang selfish and bossy individual so she had to go but I can honestly say I've never met another girl with such a fantastic body who loved to fuck as much as the Ice Maiden.