This stunning lady can make you cum as never before romantic brunette

This stunning lady can make you cum as never before romantic brunette
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Introduction- five hours later- HA HAdrink up Olga Ted said as pissed in her mouthhe had tied the other hag Marie to the chair nearest to the televison in his apartment, Olga was quite the piss pig he thought she was completely naked & on her kneesshe was 5ft 2 about 160 pounds fat you could say but her face & throat were great to piss on & in he laughed.

She had a short brown hairdo. Covered in his piss & under his mind controlhe know undid Marie from the chair & had the 5ft 6 135 pound blonde with 34d tits kneel next to her girlfriend Olga who possessed 48dd tits both ladies titties sagged a lot.

Thats why next Ted had both Mooo like dairy cows as he pissed all over their faces & udders.

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Chapter 1 Picking Up Piss Drinking Sluts At The Bar -3 hours earlier Ted was bored with his life he was sick of women he is own age, he wanted to use his gift in using some old married hags this weekend You see Ted was a hypnotist& for the most part he had controlled only single women the eldest being 30. Tonight that was about to change.

As he walked into Marks Place he noticed two grannies sitting near the bar, they would be his toys. He went over to them and introduced himself ' Hi im Ted " may i join you? " as he stared their way "sure" said Olga not knowing why this guy was so younghe was her grandsons age.

' Hi im Olga & this is my girlfriend Marie " 'nIce to meet you both " said Ted " how about you buy me a beer Olga " & the three of us will have a quick conversation before we go back to my place said Ted"sounds good " said Olga still under Teds spell she didnt know why but her pussy was now wet. & she couldnt wait til she & Marie went back to Teds place.

As Ted drank his his beer he checked out Olga she was short & fat with a round face & short brown hairdo. She was perfect as his own personal fuckfacemost of tonight she'd be grandma isabel with her big breasts rips open her pantyhose pricksucking balls & eating his asshole.

Marie on the other hand was a tall thin bitch with big tits like her friend Olgabut he could tell both wore support line bras to keep their floppy tits from swinging. Tonight Marie would be his fuck toy he'd use her cunt & asshole mostly while Olga was a fluffer.

Chapter 2- BACK TO TEDS APARTMENT So Marie why dont you drive to my apartment a 555 Willows Drwhile Olga blows me in the backseat Ted said smugly. Yes real amateur teens play oral party games said Marie ,as they started the 6mile trek to his apartment he immediately stuffed his 10 inch prick in Olgas mouth as Olga gave him road head. It didnt take long for Olga to receive her 1st load of jism down her throat, as they pulled into the apartment building parking lotTed told Olga not to swallow just yet ?

As he got out of the vehicle he told Marie to go french kiss Olga & the grandmothers exchanged the 21year olds cum for the first time. Once in the 1 bedroom apartment he asked the ladies what they thought of his place.And they both said it was so beautifulso he knew now that theyd be under his control for long time cause it was a dump he smiled.

Anyways he had to take a piss but he held it in as he had the fuckpigs undress. Damn look at those stretch markssaggy tits ,Olga had 48dds &Marie was a 34d .they were floppy all natural milkers.

Ted laughed he couldnt help it, he was nasty ,so he had Olga &Marie follow him to the toilet and had both of them position themselves face to face on top of the toilet as he got ready with his cellphone & pressed the video option as he began to piss on their faces. Both Olga & Marie were now confused they didnt know why they were letting this young man cover their faces with urine, but for some strange reason they were both so turned on.

As the shower continued from the beer & soda he had drank all day Ted had the grannies french kiss once again before the golden shower ceased.

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He asked Olga & Marie if they liked it " yes we loved it " they said in unison. Ok ladies take a quick showerclean up & will continue the fun in the living room. After they all cleaned up Ted motioned for both ladies to put on their heels once again.

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Ted then noticed that Maries cunt was wet so he had her sit beside him on the reverse gangbang session with ravishing fillies brunette big tits as his chubby fuckpig Olga licked his balls. As he jerked his prickTed decided that Olga should have some lunch so he shoved his 10inch sausage down her throat &found out that she had no gag reflex. So that was probably why she has been married all these years Ted smiled & then decided to fistfuck Maries old gapping cunt.

' Oh Ted fist me " Marie screamed aaaah ohhh it feels so good. Ted was now hard as a rock so he took his dick out of Olgas mouth &put Marie in the doggy style position & shoved his 10 incher up her cunt.

In the meantime Olga got behind Ted & licked his asshole ,she was a professional at giving rimjobs Ted could tell .Olga probably wasnt as innocent as he thoughtshe probably did this to other men(besides her husband ) & maybe even women.

"Lick my ass you cow " he yelled as Olga tongued him quickly .Olga did this to her neighbours son Eddie last week .Eddie was the a 20 year old star college quarterback and she had giving him blowjobs & rimjobs since he was 19. So Ted was right about Olga.

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She kept licking as Marie got fucked by Teds long dong