Girlsdoporn teen girl riding it like crazy

Girlsdoporn teen girl riding it like crazy
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James fidgeted nervously with his fingers as the car rolled down the streets of Manhattan. His eyes darted around, looking anywhere but over at Victor. This torture went on for what felt like hours, until finally Victor broke the silence. "So." he said, making James jump in his seat.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" James took a breath.

"I'm sorry I was late, I just-" "Stop." said Victor. "I don't like excuses." "I'm sorry, sir." James finally looked up at Victor with pleading, puppy dog eyes. The Mission President's eyes were steely as usual. He was probably immune to the naive charm of little boys by now, thought James.

"Was your mission companion… fondling you in the park just now?" James looked down at his lap, back at his fidgeting fingers. "Y-yes." he choked. "And you allowed this to happen, knowing full well that anyone could have seen you?" James' breathing started getting shallower, his mouth was so dry. In his nervousness he missed the crack of a cheeky smile that formed on the lips of the Mission President.

"I did, sir." said James and he looked down, defeated. Victor paused for a moment. "You know, Elder, there are a lot of sickos and crazies in this big city. Someone could very easily take advantage of a sweet, young, boy like you." As he said those words, Victor's leather gloved hand found its way onto James' thigh, and started stroking up and down. James found himself spreading his legs apart automatically.

Victor leaned over to whisper in his ear; James could feel his hot breath hit his neck, and he found himself getting turned on again today. "We wouldn't want that to happen… Now would we." He breathed, just as his hand rubbed over the crease on James' leg, right beside his cock. Suddenly, Victor smacked his thigh, hard. "Ah!" cried James. "So you like it when people watch, do you?

You like being a little slut in front of everyone?" "I-I just-" "No excuses!" said Victor sharply. "Roll down the window boy." "Yes, sir." James leaned over to roll down the window, outside of the car people were just going about their business like any other day. As he was leaned over, Victor pulled down his pants in one quick motion. "You do exactly as I say or I will punish you even harder… Ah, what's this?" said Victor in an intrigued tone.

James forgot that he was wearing his jockstrap that day, he was in such a hurry to leave after his spectacular shower with Seth this morning. God, that felt like ages ago. Victor looked down at James' bare ass. "You know this isn't the regulation Mormon uniform. I'm going to have to punish you for this when we get back to my apartment." James was fearful but also super aroused. "Now," continued Victor calmly, "stick you head out the window." James turned and did as he was told. All of a sudden he felt a strange sensation that made him gasp out in pleasure.

He felt a tongue on his asshole. Victor had his head buried in between his soft, fuzzy ass cheeks and was rimming him frantically. It felt unbelievable.

"You want strangers to watch you, boy? That's what you're going to get you dirty gay slut." James couldn't help the way he was feeling, he was so turned on. He didn't care who could see him, and he even started rubbing one of his nipples through his shirt. He opened his eyes to look straight in the face of an old asian couple, frozen in the spot from what they were seeing.

The wife quickly snapped a picture with the camera around her neck before they drove away. Victor's hot wet tongue and breath toyed with James' pink hole, making his dick ache to be touched too. But then suddenly, The President stopped his licking.

"We're here." James opened his eyes to see that they were indeed in the parking garage under Victor's apartment. James didn't know what to do with himself then, but Victor did. The Mission President slid out of his car door and opened James' side, grabbing him by the collar. James' pants were around his ankles and his ass was out of the jockstrap. Victor strode casually while James hopped clumsily through the parking garage. "Please, can I just pull my pants up?" James whined. Victor looked furious.

He pushed James against a big cement post. The next thing he knew, Victor lunged at him, grabbed his arms and pinned them over his head. The taller man looked down at the helpless boy full xxx sexe movie sex stories a beat, then tilted his head in to kiss his student hard on the lips.

They made out furiously against the concrete, James could feel the whole weight of Victor's body pressed up hardcore amateur homemade big booty fucking cheating wife him, chest on chest and dick rubbing against dick.

Being helpless like this made James feel so unbelievably horny, and he really got into the idea of people watching him get toyed with. Victor's light scruff rubbed against his face as their tongues battled hard inside their mouths. Victor started licking and kissing James' neck, when suddenly he broke the kiss. "Turn around." He commanded, with slightly pinker lips.

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James blinked at him, missing the feeling of his strong kiss, but did as he was told. He even curved the small of his back up so his ass was perkier for the man. Behind James' back Victor unscrewed a smaller spanking cane that he kept inside of his ornamental walking stick.

Victor smacked him hard on the ass. "AHH!" cried James. Spank. "You." Spank. "Will." Spank. "Not." Spank. "Play." Spank. "In." Spank. "Public." James whimpered in pain, his perky white ass had streaks of pink and red across it.

".unless I instruct you to do so." finished Victor. James was hanging onto the big post for dear life, his legs were starting to fail him. "Now come on boy." said Victor, grabbing James by his blonde hair. "Enough people have seen your hungry asshole today." Victor pulled him into the elevator and pressed the button for the penthouse suite.

He shoved James onto his knees in front of him, and still pulling him by the hair, shoved the boy's face into his suit-covered crotch, muffling James' moans. "I'm going to teach you how to respect this institution if I have to break you, boy." James could feel a half boner pressing onto his face though the material, and he knew already that the Mission President had a big dick.

He still hadn't seen Victor in anything but a full suit, but he was hoping he may get to see the rest of his body tonight. The door dinged and opened up to the penthouse. Victor's gloved hand was still controlling James by his hair, and he made the boy crawl on the floor into his apartment, ass exposed in the air still. "You need someone to discipline you boy." Victor said as he sat down in a leather chair and grabbed James behind his head to look up at him, "You will obey me and learn to respect your superiors.

Do. You. Understand?" "Yes, sir." said James, his blue eyes shining. "Now lick my boot." James bent down and started lapping the top of Victor's expensive leather shoe.

He could taste the distinct leather aroma in his mouth and tongue. He secretly loved being told what to do and to be treated like a worthless whore like this. Victor gave him a few smacks on his bare ass that was wiggling up in the air, still sore from the caning he received earlier. Victor grabbed him by the tie and pulled him up off the shoe. "Take off your shirt." James stood and eagerly took off his tie and button up. He fumbled a bit with the buttons, as his hands were shaking.

Then he slipped off his undershirt. He made a move to take off his jockstrap until Victor interrupted him. "No! Leave those on. Come here." James inched closer to the chair. Victor grabbed him behind his back and pulled him in close so that his body was in between Victor's legs. Then Victor started licking James' nipples. He was uncharacteristically sweet and tender on the boy's nipples, making little circles and taking tender bites of each one.

James had really sensitive nipples, and to look down at this hot man playing with him damn near drove him crazy. His cock was so painfully hard.

He started rubbing his leg over Victor's penis, grinding on it. The guys started breathing heavier and letting out soft moans. Victor cupped James' sore ass, spreading the cheeks apart and massaging them while he still flicked his tongue over the boy's nipple. Victor stood up from the chair and in one scoop, picked up the teenager. James wrapped his legs around the stronger man and he felt himself being carried somewhere else while Victor kissed him.

He had never been carried around like this before, getting treated like a fuck toy, but he would have done anything The President wanted him to at that moment.

He felt himself being lowered onto something soft. It was a king-size bed. "You're being such a good boy, Victor said over him, Suckee fuckee session with delicious kyra tropic want to reward you for listening, and show you what good boys get." Victor removed his suit jacket, slipped off his tie, and then he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, button by button.

James watched him hungrily, knowing that he was being toyed with from a distance, but he was excited to see what Victor's body looked like. Finally the older man took off his undershirt and James drank in his lean muscular chest with a perfect smattering of well-kept chest hair.

It made James' bare teenage chest look all the more hairless. James started rubbing his dick through his jockstrap, and Victor continued with his strip show. He unbuckled his belt, tossing it aside, and then slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He slipped them down and stepped out of them and was now only wearing black briefs. James licked his lips.

Victor sauntered over to James and kissed him. They both leaned back onto the bed and Victor pinned his student under him, but this time he was trapped against a very comfortable bed. Victor moved the kiss to James' neck, making the boy moan out in pleasure. Then he tongued the fleshy part of his ear, and back to his neck.

He trailed his tongue down James' neck onto his chest, and planted kisses slowly down to one of his nipples. With one of his hands Victor started rubbing James' dick.

Victor trailed his kisses down James' abs until he was near the waistband of his underwear. Victor looked up at James as he slid off the white jockstrap, and his cock sprung out straight into the air. It had never been bigger and harder, and James ached for release. He was already dripping precum everywhere. Victor took the 9 inch fat dick into his mouth, and started expertly bobbing his head up and down on James' cock.

James felt like his two horny guys ass toy sexy mei amasakis tight little ass body was on fire, but the fire started in his crotch. Victor started playing with the teen's balls, cupping them and massaging them. James was trying so hard not to come, he had to look away from the hot scene going on in front of him and he draped an arm over his eyes.

Victor started tonguing his balls, making James shiver with pleasure. Then Victor pulled James' cock up and licked all along the underside starting at his balls until he got to the tip, and swirled his tongue around it like a lollipop. Victor rubbed his hands along James' bare thighs and sucked the boy's dick hands-free. After bobbing up and down on his shaft for what felt either like forever or one second, all of a sudden Victor took the whole length of James' penis all the way down his throat while still playing with his balls.

"Oh my God!" screamed James and bucked his hips. A wave of euphoria washed over him from the deep throat and he came so hard that he was seeing stars.

The aftershocks of his orgasm kept him in this blissful place. When he came back to earth and looked down at his mentor, the man was clearly swallowing his semen.

"I'm sorry! It's just, wow, I-I" "Shh, don't worry about it," said Victor, wiping his mouth with a small smile. "But if you're ready I think it's my turn now." Victor looked down at his own cock, which was rock hard and bursting to get free from his briefs. Victor pulled James over and made him kneel down on the floor, while Victor sat on the edge of the bed.

James looked so sweet and innocent on his knees looking up that it took all Victor had not to make him bite a pillow, but he knew the boy was inexperienced at sex. James tenderly touched the waistband of Victor's briefs, he hadn't ever really had use of his arms around this man before, so he didn't really know what he was allowed to do.

His little touches were more erotic to Victor than a strong hand would have been. James pulled down the underwear, and the biggest cock he had ever seen sprung out at him. It was circumcised and so meaty and had big veins running alongside it.

He also had a big set of pendulous balls to compliment it, and a lovely tuft of trimmed pubes on top. To James it looked tastier than an ice cream sundae.

Seth's dick was definitely smaller than this one, and James was panicking in his mind with what to do with it. "Why don't you give it some nice little kisses, boy?" said Victor, rubbing James' hair where earlier he pulled it. James grabbed the shaft and started planting sweet kisses on it, lapping rubbing her clit till she cums while watching porn tip of it with his tongue.

He ran his tongue along the side of the shaft and bobbed his head over the length of it, looking up at Victor who was grabbing his hair. James jerked it with one hand and sucked the rest of intersting sex position for big dick big black cock and monstercock that would fit in his mouth.

It was so fat and juicy, and tasted musky and salty like he imagined it would taste. Victor had a bunch of mirrors set up in his room, so he was watching this naked teenage boy's head enveloping his cock while his perky red and pink butt bounced on the ground to the rhythm.

"I-I'm close." said Victor, flushed and moaning. "Oh, you're so hot." James stroked The President's cock and then brought his head down to flick his tongue over the big balls. Victor tensed. "Yeah, keep doing that." James licked and sucked the balls more frantically, and Victor started jerking himself.

His breathing was heavy and he jerked faster and faster until he cried out and dropped a fat glob of cum onto James' cute face. James kept looking up at his mentor as he pushed the cum off his skin and into his pink mouth to swallow the hot load. He finished off by sucking the last drops out of Victor's hard cock. Victor took his thick index finger and started trailing it around James' open mouth, and pushing it inside the lips.

James responded by sucking on Victor's finger. "You taste so police mother and cop prostitute hot xxx, sir." said James, remembering his manners. "Please, call me Daddy." said Victor, catching his breath. James crawled up beside Victor and layed down beside him, straddling the man who was spent from his orgasm for the moment.

It was different to see him relax for a moment, and not be so uptight and dominant. James felt relieved that he had managed to get this very experienced man off, and happy that Victor thought he was hot. I guess all that practice with Seth payed off in more ways than one. James draped one leg over, near Victor's deflating cock. He knew the man would be ultra sensitive around there at the moment. "Okay, Daddy." said James with a smile and he started rubbing his cock onto Daddy's thigh, and rubbing his hand over Victor's chest hair.

James could feel his dick starting to grow again as he grinded, it was the biggest perk of being a teenager.

James finished way too early before and he wasn't done learning from his teacher, but he basically had a hard on since they were in the park. James rubbed his fingers gently over Daddy's nipples. Just as he thought they were about to have a tender moment, Daddy jumped up and pinned James' legs over his head in one quick movement. James had his ass way up in the air and his ankles by his ears.

Daddy hungrily dove his face into James' asshole, tasting him and lubing him up with his spit. James was feeling helpless again, which he felt like he liked more than the sweet stuff. Daddy's tongue darted in and out of his open hole and James had such a hot view of his own dick in his face and Daddy's face in his ass. "You taste so good, son." said Daddy. James got a pang of electricity down to his crotch to hear Daddy call him son.

They were like a hot incestuous Mormon family, but it wasn't the average lessons that his Daddy was going to teach him. James grabbed his own legs and held them behind his head, and Daddy broke off from eating his ass.

Victor lubed up his finger with his own spit and slipped it into James' spit-covered asshole. His fingers were fat and Victor already felt himself being stretched out from the inside.

"Ah!" he cried. Victor knew the boy was already in pain, and that he was probably still a virgin. "Try to relax, son." said Victor, as sweetly as he could muster. "Breathe." "Okay." said James, and he took a deep breath.

Victor could feel the muscles in James' ass relaxing. "Good boy. Now I'm going to put another finger in, okay?" Victor got a bottle of lube from his bedside table and he put some on James' asshole and some on his two middle fingers. "Relax, this is going to feel good." said Victor, who uncharacteristically knelt over and planted a sweet but rough tongue kiss on James' mouth. As they were french kissing, Victor slowly slipped a second finger inside.

"Ah!' said James again, but this time in a less pained way. The lube was helping. Victor started pumping his fingers in and out of James' virgin hole, hitting the boy's prostate at every thrust. "Daddy!" said James, breathless, "It feels good but it also really hurts!" Victor slipped his fingers out of the boy's ass. If he couldn't take the fingers there's no way he could take the dick.

"Stay there, I'll be right back." Victor got up in his sweaty, naked glory and walked away, disappearing for a bit. James finally had a chance to check out Victor's bedroom. It was divided from the main loft by a thin sliding door on metal beams. The room was minimalist in design but very tasteful and expensive looking, just like everything else in Victor's life.

He had a huge bed with a black wooden headboard and an enormous abstract art print above it. James noticed the mirrors on comiendo el cono de im hija en la manana walls in the room and he could see himself splayed out, naked and hard on top of the sheets.

It was hot. Victor returned with two fancy glasses with some liquid in them. One was red and one was amber. "Here, drink this." said Victor and handed him the red glass. James looked at it hesitantly. "It'll help you relax." James took a sip, it was good.

"What is this?" he asked.

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"It's a vodka cranberry." James almost spat out his drink. "Oh my gosh! We're not supposed to drink alcohol!" "We're not supposed to wear dirty little jockstraps either." replied Victor with a smile. The man started trailing his fingers up and down James' thigh. "Touché." said James as he took another sip. This was his first time drinking alcohol in his life, but if the Mission President told him he could do it, then he would do it.

It was also probably going to be his first time having sex, and if he's supposed to take that big fat dick in his little ass then he was going to need all the help he could get. He was already starting to feel lightheaded, and drank most of the drink pretty quickly. "What are you having?" he asked. "Whiskey neat. Want to try it?" James took the glass and took a sip. He instantly made a face. "Yuck! That's horrible!" "You get a taste for it." said Victor and he trailed his fingers up and down James' pale arm.

Victor downed the drink. "Now get on your back and spread those legs so I can pound you into the mattress like the cockslut you are." Part 6 Preview Will James lose his virginity by dominant Victor or by his sweet friend Seth?