Black teen zoey gets elected after a hot sex

Black teen zoey gets elected after a hot sex
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This is a direct sequel to my last story, Cumming in Church. I heartily encourage you to read that one before this one. If you have any requests for stories, I would be happy to comply. Drop a message in the comments or send me a message. But Mr. Williams did. Jesse sat down in class, quickly straightening her dress and immediately talking to her friend next to her.

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Mr. Williams watched her from his desk, her tiny breasts beneath her lovely sundress, the way her hair bounced on her shoulders, and her curvaceous legs. That's when he noticed the small line of cum running down one of her legs. Mr. Williams didn't know what to think of it at first, but when Jesse reached down and licked it off her finger with a dazed look on her face, he knew what it was. Smiling, he knew he would be getting some pussy later that afternoon. He watched her through the whole class.

She never paid attention once, her hand always below her desk, pushing a couple fingers into her moist pussy. Jesse shuddered as she felt the warm cum of her father drip onto her fingers. Her mouth opened wide as she sill pack frist time rap brother and sister it off, the salty taste sending a warm feeling through her belly.

"And what was the name of that prophet? Jesse? Do you have something to say?" Mr. Williams grinned as she fumbled for the answer, her hands jumping out of her panties still glistening with her juices. "Um&hellip. Sorry sir, I don't know," she sighed. Mr. Williams clicked his tongue, but continued on, laughing inwardly as her hands slowly crept back to her little slit. He ended class early, and called Jesse up to his desk.

"I know what you were doing, little girl. And I will not have you masturbating in a house of God!" he berated. She cowered beneath him, squirming and shaking with fear. He leaned down right next to her ear. "Do you know how we punish little girls that cum in class?" She shook her head, fearing the worst.

But then she noticed a small gleam in her eye, one that she had seen in her dad many times before.

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"We fuck the little bitches," he winked, and suddenly he was on her. Mr. Williams kissed her, his tongue pushing through her teeth.

Jesse moaned with passion. Her teacher was an even better kisser than her dad. The way his lips moved against hers, the way he pressed his hard muscles against hers sent waves of lust through her young body. His hand pushed up her dress, squeezing her tight ass as his other hand ran through her beautiful red hair. Jesse could feel his hard cock press against her through his shorts, and the feeling doused her pussy with sweet cum. Finally they broke it off, gasping for air, knowing that the excitement had only begun.

Mr. Williams quickly dashed to the door, drawing the blinds and locking the door. He turned around, grinning lustily. Jesse stood there, completely nude, from her tiny tits to her glistening cunt. Immediately, Mr.

Williams dick was at full mast, forming a tent in his pants as it strained to break free of its clothbound prison.

The pants were down almost instantly, and his cock sprang into view. Jesse had seen some big cocks before, in fact she had lost her virginity to an 11 incher, but this one was easily the thickest she had ever seen. It was at least 2.5 inches thick and 7 inches in girth, with a length of around 9 inches. It looked more like a horses cock than anything else, and she nearly came just looking at it.

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He strode over to her, dick bouncing happily between his legs, laughing at her open mouthed look. "So what do you think?" he said, grinning with confidence. "It's amazing!" She beamed. "Can I suck it for you, Deep worship scat ass cleaner shit. Williams?" "Call me Kent, Jess," he said. He grabbed her by the arms and flipped her over in the air, his strong arms hooking under her legs to keep her aloft while he sucked her pussy.

Jesse grabbed the cock in her tiny hand, amazed that she couldn't even encircle it with her hand. She wondered if she would be able to fit the monster inside her pussy, but brushed the thought away quickly as she dove onto his cock.

Her jaw opened as wide as it could, creaking with the effort. Lips enclosed over the penis, sucking it farther and farther into her mouth. It reached her uvula with over half way still to go. Fortunately, Jesse was a natural, and deep throating came as natural as breathing, which she had to do at the same time. Finally she got it all the way in, and she slowly eased it back out.

Kent groaned. It was the best deep throat he had ever gotten, and he could already feel his balls start to clench in pleasure. Then, Jesse began to pick up the pace.

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Faster and faster she pumped her mouth on his monster dick sucking and licking with incredible speed. Instantly that spark of lust that had been smoldering in Kent's eyes grew into a massive flame, and he dove for her clit with a passion. His tongue licked the outside of her vaginal canal with expert precision, eliciting moans and gasps from the pre-pubescent girl hanging on him.

Her nipples became erect, and she rubbed them against his hard abs.

He licked her clit, shocking her with pleasure, then stuck his tongue inside her little slit as far as he could. Jesse moaned through his cock, and came, shaking and shivering, threatening to pull herself right out of his grasp. So Kent flipped her over again and laid her down sizi sev in ebony stepsister on skin flute the desk, her 10 year old legs spread out for his pleasure.

He pulled himself on top of her and gave her another passionate kiss, while pushing the head of his massive cock into Jesse's young cunt. Jesse moaned as the head of his cock spread open her moist little lips. The massive shaft sunk into her tiny cunt, and Jesse forced her legs open even farther.

She could feel her tight pussy expanding, trying to accommodate his huge girth. Finally, after a couple minutes of grunting and moaning, he had only around 2 inches of his cock inside. Frustrated, he pushed harder, but Jesse started to squeal, and pushed against his stomach.

"Please, Mr. Williams! It's too big! It won't fit!" But then, something happened inside her, a small tweak in her mindset. She began cumming, her legs wrapping around him, her cunt shivering and squeezing. Hot fluid spurted out of her pussy, washing Kent's massive horse cock with juice. The scent of it made him go wild, and without a second thought he pushed forward as hard as he could. His 9 inch cock sunk in all the hot webcam brunette masturbates to orgasm masturbation and fingering, nudging past even her cervix to sink into her womb, already filled with cum from her dad.

Jesse's little body was out of control. She shivered over and over again, rubbing her nipples and clenching her love tunnel around his cock. If she could, she would have thought that she wanted to stay like this forever, but her mind was too filled with pleasure to have any thought but happiness.

Grinning, and trying to hold back his clenching balls, Kent began to slowly pull out of the ten year old girl, until only the head of his cock was inside. Then, with all the strength he could muster, he slammed back into her until his black pubic hair tickled her clit. Jesse's body registered that her breath had just gotten knocked out of her, but her mind didn't.

She simply kept cumming and cumming. Kent continued to slam in and out of her. His big cock was like a fist, punching in and out of her tiny pussy over and over again. He tired of missionary pretty quickly though, so after only five minutes he flipped her shuddering, pre teen body over onto her stomach.

Mr. Williams then entered her from behind, sinking his cock as far as it could into the little girl. But he couldn't do it for long. Her quivering pussy clenched tightly around him, and as her pussy juice flooded his cock, his cum flooded her womb. His massive balls clenched, and his cock grew even more inside of her. It turned into a hose of cum, spurting shot after shot of warm white cum into her womb to mix with her daddy's.

And then Jesse came one last time, an orgasm that went through her body like a lightening bolt. Her nipples, already erect, felt electrified, and she could almost feel her tits growing right then and there.

She screamed in passion while her muscles clenched and she clawed at the desk with her hands. And then finally, it was over.

After 10 minutes of total orgasm, the experience was over. Kent Williams pulled his flaccid cock out of her with a small pop, and cum poured out of her worked cunt and formed a little puddle on the desk. Jesse turned around to him, with the biggest grin on her face. She crawled over to her cum puddle and started licking up the combination of her daddy's cum with her teacher's.

Watching the sultry little preteen vixen lick up his cum excited Kent to no end, and he could already feel his cock starting to rise. Jesse smiled at the sight of his growing horse cock, and leaned backwards to show him her gaping pussy. "Ready to go again, teacher?"