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Spicy czech nympho spreads her tight snatch to the special
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I leave Winston, the wonder dog and enter the University. While at high school, I was one of the older ones but here, everyone is an adult, I am the youngest.

What a madhouse getting straightened away but in a few days, we all went into a rountine. Shortly after while on my way to another class, I heard, yup.yup.yup! It was a group of guys jogging down the hall to go outside in T shirts and gym shorts to run around the track.

"Hi there red head, how ya doing?" smiling at me while jogging, standing in one place. "You should talk!" laughing as his hair was redder than mine. "Carch ya later" and took off laughing.

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I found out this was the hockey team. Nothing wrong with that! So a few days later I met him in the hall and asked me to go to a practice with him and the only ice time they could get was Saturday night. Why not? I never paid to much attention to hockey and was amazed at how fast they were. Anyway, after the practice, we went to have a coke and I really enjoyed his company.

He was smart, intellectual and certainly well built, yes, I wouldn't mind having a roll in the hay with him! He had his Dad's car, it had a bench seat in the front, this is perfect! We were both getting hot isis raja gets the macblk tube porn Clarke wanting to touch me and I kept pushing his hand away. "What the Hell are you doing?" shouting at me.

"I don't want you to touch me, I don't know where your fingers have been" taking my panties off. "What?" he screamed. "You were wearing gloves! I don't lnow what was in those gloves! Let me take care of this" His ego was damaged but it was enjoyable. Not mind bending as we often hear, but ok. Having hot sex with my lover from milfsexdating net reality amateur became an item, everyone knew it and that was ok, I didn't mind.

Clarke made sure his hands were clean after that with us both more comfortable with each other. The end of the season came with a party and Clarke clearly had to much to drink.

"Come on, lets go" grabbing my arm with force. "Clarke! Your hurting me!" he was very strong. "Then move! Do as your told!" he barked at me giving me a push. It was an instant reaction slapping his face. The room became like a death scene where someone died. He glared at me, his face turning blood red. Before he could move, one of the team stepped in front of me saying, "Clarke? You've had enough pal, lets go, I'm driving you home" Thank God he did! I didn't see it coming but Clarke lashed out punching my protector sending us both to the floor.

Say good bye to Clarke and he left the University. Not as smart as I thought. I was asked by 3 or 4 of the team to go out with them but the year was almost finished so I declined, I didn't want to answer questions about that ugly incident.

Another summer before me, what to do, what to do? Mom answered part of the question. "Your Aunt May and Uncle Harry want you to come to the farm for a week" Oh no! "Mom? I don't want to go." She cut me off mid sentence! When Mom talked like this which was not often, I listened. This was important to her. "Tut tut" she said not looking at me "We all have to do things we don't want to!" North Bay!

It's a nice enough place but it's not Toronto I put on a brave face when I got off the train with both genuinely happt I was there. I can put up with anything for a week. I wasn't expected to do anything but I did my share. On the third day, Uncle Harry asked me to the feed stire and puck up ten bags of feed. Arriving there, a transport was unloading and it would be two hours before they could get ti my order so I drove down the street to a reataurant.

Ordering tea, a man came and sat beside me. In seconds we were talking asking me if I was a working girl.

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"Yes I ma" I said smiling back. "Good" he said standing up "I'm in room 9 at the motel next door. I'll leave the door open" He left with my jaw hanging down. He thinks I'm tiny latina face jizzed tube porn hooker? Is that what a working girl is? Oh Lord, can you believe this? I sat there, my mind going in evewry direction. Go! What have you got to lose? It's an adventure that may never be repeated nor will you ever get another chance.

In seconds, I made up my mind, I would do this, another private memory for me! "Hello?" opening the door. "Come in, come in, let me lock that door. As soon as I saw you I was hoping we could get to-gether. You need help getting un-dressed?" he had a wicked smile that I've seen before. "No, I can handle this" not sure of how I should proceed.

It didn't take him long, to drop his pants and lay down holding his dick. "No rush" he said watching my every move " I'm enjoying this" with a wide smile. Boots, socks, shirt, jeans, bra and then panties in that order lay on the floor.

"Holy shit, your a natural red head? Come here and give me some of that!" Reaching over, he took hold of my hand directing me so I was kneeling directly over his face.

This man had entered an other world!! As I knelt there becoming more erxcited by the moment, he would open his eyes every now and then with his eyeballs twitching! He can't be enjoying this more than me, can he?

It was about then that the power in me was directed to one place, my tummy! I never have been a quiet, oh that's so nice person when I climax, I try to be silent but I can't!

Here it comes and the modified shouting starts. Holy! Mr. whatever your name is going crazy! Licking feverishly, he is now making sounds I never heard before as I unloaded on him!

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Whew! Presently, I moved off him and wow, he came all over his tummy! "Son of a bitch" he said sitting up "I never came like that before" taking off for the bathroom. Get dressed Rhonda, you've had your fun! I was putting on my boots when he came out of the bathroom with a towel around himself going into his wallet handing me his business card.

"A hundred ok? I don't want to go to the bank here. I'll make it up to you in Toronto" Going back on the train, I started thinking about Alvin. Now lets see if I have this straight. He gave me a $100.00 for half hour of my time, which I enjoyed or work at the do-nut shop 40 hours which I don't enjoy for $50.00!

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"I'm not going to work at the do-nut shop" I told them both at breakfast "I want a job where I'm not in one place, where I can move around, in sales I think" smiling my best smile. "Well if you work at the do-nut shop, you home in five minutes" Dad smiled. "I don't have to work at all Daddy" heeping my smile.

"She's right" Mom said, my biggest backer "her school is paid for" Good! Now I have a base to explore. The fact was, I didn't know anything about becoming a whore! I remember seeing ads in the paper for nude dancers so I took a taxi to one downtown and walked in like I knew what I was doing. "Hold it kid. where are you going?" This man was so biug he could give you shade!

"Ya gotta be 18 to come in here and prove it!" "I'll take care of this Harry, follow me" This man was not to be trusted! In his office, he looked me up and down sitting at his besk. "So you want to be a dancer, take your clothes off" Not on your life will that happen!

"Well not exact;ty!" Not knowing exactly what to say. "Oh ok, want to turn a few tricks for some extra money? You get $500.00, you pat us $200.00 and everyone is happy" smilingg that wicked smile at me.

Pay you $200,00? I don't think so! "Ok well thanks, I'll be back, I have some things to do" "You a natural red head? Let me have a look!" what a nervey Bastard he is! "Sorry, it's that time of the month, ya knw?" Where's the door? Fresh air! I begann walking thinking, I'd never get involved in mom diamond foxxx sucks and fucks dick on midnight Where's a phone? Going into a Hotel, I called Alvin.

He invited me to his office making it crystal clear that if I tried to screw him, other than sexually, I wouldn't look so pretty. That was the last thing on my mind, why would I want to do that?

"Normally I don't deal with hookers but I can tell you haven't had to much experience. I'm just laying the ground rules so you know where I'm coming from!

Now then, how much do you charge?" Everything was coming at me quickly. "Um $500.00?" and held my breath. "OK, follow me" He agreed? Well alright then! Down the hall we go and into a storage room. Locking the door, he took out his semi hard on and in a few strokes it was hard. "You like to suck?" he didn't know how much I liked that. "I'll do what ever you want, when you want" dropping to my knee's.

I knew I was a good cocksucker but I never sucked a man 50 years old. It had been a while since I did this and when i felt his dick starting to pulse, I knew I was going to get his goodies.

Away he went, I took every driop and knew that I should remain this way until he moived me back. "God Damn, Rhonda, your built for sex!" I was in a very good mood when i left his office with his cheque for $500.00 in my purse stopping at Bell Canada to get a cell phone. No I don't want one where you send a bill, I want one that you pre pay. So now I was in business. I called Alvin, gave him my number and went to the bank to cash the cheque.

Open a bank account? No, not yet, I want tp think about that. Turning ff the phone at night, I had it on all day and on the 2nd day Alvin called me. "i have some clients coming from Japan to look at some property, you avaiable?" Japanese?Geez1 I guess so, that's why Im here.

"What ever you want I'll do" keeping a smile in my voice. He told me where and when and when i met them I knew nothing about there culture. Alvin went to the room with us, a luxury suite to be sure and left. They were jabbering in Japanese, I kept smiling as they motioned me to one of the beds. i didn't need to be told what to do as clothesd started flying off them. "Sucky? Sucky?" one said, both f them holding there dicks. Again, as soon as I removed my panties, they began to scream with delight!.

So there i was, both of then trying to shove tjheir dicks in my mouth with one taking hold of my head. here he comes! Wham! His sperm hit me in the back of my throat taking all he had with number two doing the same. No time to waste was there motto. On the bed with number one ramming it in me, they were both small pounding me hard.

Number two did the same, never gave me a chance to clean anything, they just wanted to fuck me and that was all there was to it! I excused myself going in the bathroom to do all the good things one must do coming out with a robe on that the Hotel provided. I thought it was over but oh no, they had Saki and hors d'oeuvre's. i don't drink at all but to be polite, I did take a sip of that Saki and that was enough for me.

Two mashes each for them and they were ready for round two. Number two came at me with this tube of something and spun me around putting in on and in my bum.

i let a yelp out of me and they laughed with tears coming down their faces. They want to bum fuck me? Well, I have no choice, I don't want to have Alvin mad at me and there not at all big. Giggling like to two school girls, number one put it in me and it hurt for just a moment but I did yell!

This made them more excited as he shoved it all in me. Number two was laughing and got me to suck him at the same time as number one was pounding me.

Great sport for them. I know he came the pleasure of toy for hairy bawdy cleft I didn't feel it with number two taking his turn. I'm not going to suck you, no way, you go wash!

By the time he came back, number two had finished with both saying, bye bye. I did what i had to do, got dressed as they lit up cigars.

Number one opened his wallet and didn't count it, he just handed me a wad of bills. I thanked them and walked carefully to the elevator, I'm sore down there.

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All in U.S dollars, that wad of bills was $2,600.00!.! On my way to the bank, I got a call from Alvin telling me they were raving about me and they wanted me on the Wednesday before they left. "What ever you want Alvin, I will do" I've got to get rid of this money so I opened a safety deposit box, this way to much cash. I did the boys before they left, not as hard as the dirst time with number two giving me all the bills in his wallet, all Canadian, $1,260.00. I was walking tall, no question about that.

Not 18 yet and i had a nice nest egg. In addition to what the boys gave me, Alvin gave me a cheque for a $1,000.00 introducing me to Author. These were people with megga dollars and over the summer i developed a nice cliental. Going back to the Univesity was a must as far as I was concerned, I knew this would never last, as nice as it was so I only worked on the week-ends.

By the end of my third year, i had a lot of money so i invested it in mutual funds and got my own apartment. The fact is, I bough the condo telling my folks I was renting it.

Since then, I have taken on two girls, both youing, both wanting this life, both from well to do families, in fact, one is pne of my clients Daughter!

So now I'm 26, life is good, and travel extensively. While in a chat room talking to some guy, he told me about all the pictures and movies they had blonde big ass layla london auditions and pounds lexingtons bbc here so on a whim I took a look.

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reading some of the stories, I thought, why not tell yours so that's what I've done. Hope youve enjoyed them as nuch as I had telling them and who knows, our paths may cross. Stay warm!