Wwe divas nude sex story

Wwe divas nude sex story
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Note from the author: I am not a new writer; however, I am a new writer on this website. This is the first story I am posting and I am hoping to post more sequels to this story. If you have any suggestions on writing tips so that my future stories can be even better than this, then please send me a PRIVATE message.

I love getting feedback, good or bad. It's about 4,000 words, so I hope that's not too long. Anyway, let's begin with the story proper, shall we! Enjoy! The Pleasure of Friendship Megan awoke early in the morning from the shivers that attacked her body.

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Her apartment was cold and damp; dark and lonely. She rose out of bed to get ready for her new job. She was nervous and really didn't want to work, but she needed the job badly. The bills were building up and getting too expensive. She hardly had enough food to eat. She recently lost her job as a cashier at a local fast food restaurant, which put her on the brink homelessness.

She walked into the kitchen to make herself a strong cup of coffee, which was needed very badly. She could hardly sleep the night through. She woke up every few minutes because her feet had slipped from under the covers into the brisk air of her bedroom. As the coffee brewed, she very quickly took a shower in preparation for her new job.

She returned to her bedroom after she showered. She looked in the mirror and saw a beautiful young adult: flowing brown hair, a flawless face, smooth, perky B cup breasts, a perfect figure, and a nicely shaped ass.

But what she really saw was a girl whose life was not what it should have been. Megan was a nineteen year old girl with only a high school degree. She was not enrolled in college; she couldn't afford it. Her mother and father were killed in a car accident during her senior year of high school. She was an only child and was left with the debts and misfortunes that her parent passed to her.

Megan was a sad and sorrowful individual. She had nobody in her life… Megan was secluded and quiet. She never did much outside of her home and she was never one to go out of her way to do something out of the ordinary.

Megan gathered her things and headed out for her new job. She was nervous and worried that she would do something wrong. A waiter at a local restaurant wouldn't make her rich, but at least it would pay her bills. She drove through the laden snow of western New York state, in the below freezing temperatures that would remain for a while. When she arrived at her new work place, she said to herself, "don't do anything stupid, Megan." Megan entered through the front door. "Hi, I'm looking Mrs.

Mallory Allen," she said to one of the employees. "She's in the back. I'll go get her for you," replied the employee. "Thanks," Megan said with a nervous tone. Megan saw a woman nicely dressed coming from the back of the restaurant.

"Hi, you must be Megan. I'm Mallory." The two greeted each other. "Megan, I need you to put this uniform on and we will begin working right away, okay?" "Yes, Foxy teens bang the biggest strap ons and spray juice everywhere. Mallory," replied Megan.

Megan went to the restroom and changed into her new work uniform. She came back to Mrs. Mallory when she was finished. "Julia will be your advisor for today. She is one of our best waiters we have and she will show you what to do and how to do it, okay?" said Mrs. Mallory. Julia was a tall, stunning young blond. She didn't look much older than Megan. Her smile was gorgeous; her teeth whiter than the snow outside. She wore her rich blond hair in a ponytail.

Her shiny earrings and light make-up made her one of the best looking women that Megan had ever seen. "Nice to meet you," said Megan. "Likewise, Megan. I look forward to working with you." replied Julia. "Your accent…Your not from around her are you," Megan questioned.

"No, I'm not. You're a smart girl. I was born in London, England, and I lived there for the majority of my life," replied Julia. "That's pretty neat," exclaimed Megan. Megan was already feeling comfortable with her new job and she hadn't even started doing anything yet. She was fascinated by Julia's accent and her beautiful looks. "So how old are you Julia?" Megan asked. "Nineteen and turning twenty in six months. What about you?" "I'm also nineteen, but I only turned last month so I've still got eleven months before I turn again." "How long have you been working here." "This is the beginning of my eighth month," answered Julia.

Julia smiled." That's nice. Let's get to work now, okay?" Julia led Megan into the kitchen and gave a little tour. She explain what to do and then showed her how to do it. Megan enjoyed working with Julia. Julia was cute. Megan started at Julia's breasts as they proclaimed their existence, even in her work uniform. They were somewhat large and well shaped. Megan scolded herself for thinking something of someone she just met, but she couldn't help those innocent thoughts.

Julia was a striking teenager and would draw the eyes of most men and even some women. Fat ghetto bitch takes two big cocks customers began coming in for lunch, Megan began waiting on table with Julia to see how things really worked. By the end of the day, Megan had learned the ropes and was pretty good at waiting on tables. She was proud of herself and was actually looking forward to tomorrow and working with Julia.

Julia and Megan became good friends who were very close to one another. They worked together most days and engaged in many conversations as time passed. They did what all good friends do: they texted, shared meals, shared intelligent and interesting conversation, went shopping together, visited each other's house, and so on.

As time passed, Megan went to doxy gets rammed with joy smalltits homemade and enjoyed her job. She did it well because she knew she needed the money and she could not afford to lose her job. Her and Julia became closer friends.

Megan was feeling better about herself and her future now that she had a stable job. She thought that she was on top of everything, but one day, everything changed. Spring had ushered in the warmer air, which melted the snow and let the flowers bloom. Megan went to work at the restaurant just as she did most days. She enjoyed herself and had fun conversations with Julia every now and again. When the day was over Megan headed home. When she returned to her apartment, she couldn't believe her eyes.

It was gone. Everything&hellip.was&hellip.gone. A fire had destroyed half of the building Megan lived in, leaving Megan, and about 30 other people without a home.

Doctor xxx movies in hospital began to cry. She had lost everything except what was with her that day. Her pictures, her furniture, her clothes, her food; all of it was gone. "What happened! What happened," Megan shouted to the people standing around.

Everyone one had an aguish look on their face. No body was able to give Megan a straight answer. Megan sat in her car and cried for a few minutes. "What am I going to do!" Gorgeous babe dildoing and fingering her pussy shouted repeatedly. Megan called Julia in hopes that maybe she could stay there for a few days.

"Julia, it's Megan." "Hi, Megan!" "Julia, I need a favor." "What is it, Megan?" "My xxx 18 gals sex stories story has been destroyed by a fire.

Is there any chance that I could stay with you for a few days? It's only long enough to get a hotel room or something once I get my next pay check." "Absolutely, Megan. You can come over right now. I have a couch bed you can sleep on and I have a few extra pair of clothes.

I think we are pretty much the same size. You can stay as long as you need. There's no need in getting a hotel room." "Thanks, Julia. You are a great friend. I'll be over there within the next half hour." Megan was somewhat relieved that Julia had a place for her to stay. Megan drove across town to where Julia resided, weeping the entire drive. Julia resided in a high-rise apartment, which was only six stories tall.

When Megan arrived, Julia hugged her and brought her inside. Julia tried to calm her down by creating light conversation. "Everything will be alright, Megan. You can stay hear as long as you need." Juliet said. "Thanks," replied Megan. "There is no rush and we have tons of stuff to do. Look, I even have loads of old tele shows that we can watch. Lost, Eureka, Hawaii 5-0, 24, Sex and the City, The Office, I Love Lucy…" Megan zoned out as Julia recited a list of television shows.

She was still upset. She wanted to know why her house burned down. Whose fault was it? Was she going to get insurance money? She sniffled and cried some more, but she was glad that she had a friend to stay with. The apartment was small: once you walked in the main door you were in the living room.

Branching off of the living room was the dining area, the kitchen, one bathroom, and one bedroom. Julia told Megan that she could sleep on the couch bed in the living room. The apartment was small, but cozy. The two chatted and watched television for the remainder of the night.

Megan was still saddened over the loss of what she had lost most, but she began to realize that she had so much more within the friendship she had with Julia. A week went by. The girls were roommates and they were enjoying it.

The delegated tasks to each other: the rent was split and they took turns grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. One day after the girls had returned from work, they sat at the dining room table painting their nails. Julia had changed into a low-cut tank top and Megan was able to see the cleavage of Julia's perfect breasts. Megan felt herself getting horny, by she tried to push the though out of her mind.

Julia spilled almost an entire bottle of nail polish on her foot. Megan laughed and quickly jumped to get Julia a towel. She ripped some paper towel from a role and then handed it to Julia before sitting back in her seat. Julia leaned over to wipe the polish off of her foot and Megan was able to see even more cleavage. The horny feeling was coming back and Megan knew she was going to have to do something about it.

Later that night when Megan was sitting on her bed about to go to sleep, she was thinking about getting herself off after Julia had gone to bed.

Julia unexpectedly came out of her room with blue pajama bottoms, but not top, exhibiting her perfectly shaped C cup breasts. Megan sat in shock with her eyes wide open.

"Well, if we're going to be living together, then there's no sense in hiding things from one another," claimed Julia.

"We're both girls, so why not have pride in what we share?" Megan chuckled, "I guess you're right." Julia had a perfectly structured body with perfect breasts, the ideal hour-glass figure, and a wonderfully shaped ass. She was quite a sight. "I like to be naked when I'm at home, but I haven't since you've been here," stated Julia. "I don't think that there is anything wrong with nudity around close company and I think that you should do the same." Megan pondered what Julia said.

Megan always wore some type of clothing even when she was home alone, but she though that she would give it a go. "Okay," replied, Megan. "I'll think about molly jane behind the scenes "Good night," Julia said as she was returning to her bedroom.

"See you in the morning," replied Megan as she turned the lights of to go to sleep. Megan then snuggled under the covers of the couch bed, still clothed, and thought about what Julia did and said. Megan began to feel a little wetness engendering from her pussy. She slowly stripped her clothes off under the covers.

Now completely nude, she gripped her breasts and played her nipples. She slowly dragged her hand across her flat stomach and moved southward. She spread her legs and played with the outside of her pussy. She appreciated the smoothness of her hairless muff, which she had recently shaven only that morning. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second. She inserted two fingers of her right hand inside her tight pussy and felt the warmth and the wetness that she hadn't felt in about two weeks.

She slowly played with herself, moving her fingers in and out, trying not to make too much noise. As the pleasure grew more powerful, she moved her fingers faster and faster.

Her hips were now moving at the pulse of her rhythmic pleasure. She grasped her right breast with her left hand. Her endeavor to keep quiet was becoming less practical.

As the pleasure grew, she stopped caring so much about be quiet. She was starting to get really hot and sweaty. Still under the covers, Megan's movements were making a rather steamy environment. She was getting closer to a great and powerful orgasm when she suddenly heard Julia's door open. Megan quickly closed her legs and pretended like she was asleep.

Julia keila loves the taste of old cock in her mouth on going to the bathroom just before she went to sleep. When she stepped into the living room she could hear that Megan was trying to quickly hide something. Julia quickly used the toilet and went back into her room; however, she pretended to close the door all the way, but sat on the floor with the door cracked in an attempt to listen to Megan's joy.

Julia knew what was going on and was interested in it. When Megan thought that Julia had returned to her room she resumed her indulgence with herself. She was too horny to not finish off. Megan inserted her fingers into her now dripping pussy. She moved her had at rapid paces and she knew that she was getting close to an orgasm. Julia could hear all of this. The sensational sounds of Megan's masturbation was making Julia extremely exited. Megan continued to finger herself.

She felt the intensity of her orgasm developing. Her facial expression depicted a picture of intense pleasure. Julia could see the shadows of Megan's hand moving between her legs and her breasts moving up and down under the covers as she breathed harder and faster. Megan took a gasp for air and the muscles in her body tightened as a surge of pleasure dispersed over her entire body. Her left hand squeezed her breast tightly, her toes curled, her legs shook, her hips sank in the bed; her chest rose into the air, and she let out a small squirt of perfect pussy liquid onto the bed sheets.

She moaned softly under her breath. The squishing noises of her pussy juices were now very distinct and could be heard by Julia, who was still listening. Megan smiled to herself. She was now slowly fingering herself once again as she caught her breath. She wiped her fingers on the bed covers, rolled over, and went to sleep. Julia was in shock of what she had just erotic college girl is seduced and drilled by her elder schoolteacher amateur and babe. She was dripping wet after hearing Megan masturbate and seeing her do it in the shadows of the night.

Julia quietly completely closed the door to her room and crawled into her bed. Already naked, Julia began to do the same as she had just seen Julia do, except she was on top of the covers rather than under them. Julia inserted her fingers into her soaked pussy, which was surrounded by a bush of dark, soft pubic hair. It naughty shaved muff showing hardcore and cumshot take long for Julia to achieve an orgasm.

After what seemed like only seconds. Julia's body buckled, her head leaned back, her legs shook furiously, her hand squeezed the bed sheet, and she nearly screamed, but she held it in. She licked the cream off of her fingers once she had finished. She too, rolled over, and went to sleep.

The next morning was a Sunday, which was a day that neither Megan or Julia worked. Julia woke Megan up with the smell of coffee.

Megan walked into the small kitchen and saw Julia standing there emptying the used coffee beans into the trash can. "What's this, you've shaven your twat?" said Juliet after taking a good look at Megan's curvaceous body. "Where did you learn that?" "Oh, the Internet, I suppose," Megan replied. Both girls, still completely nude, stared at each other's God given gifts in awe. 'You're gorgeous," exclaimed Megan. "Why thank you. You're an amazing girl yourself," replied Julia with a smirk on her face.

Megan sat at the table. The cool wooden chair sent chills up her spine as her ass pressed up against it. As Julia poured two cups of coffee, Megan said, "I've never been around another person naked before. I've never even been the type of person to walk around my own house naked." Julia replied, "Well, do you like it?" "It's a great feeling.

I'm surprised I have never tried it before," answered Megan. Julia sat at the table with Megan. "Hey, listen, I'm not trying to be weird or anything, but I think what you were doing last night was really hot." Megan froze. Knowing full well that Julia was talking about getting herself off, Megan foolishly said, "what did I do," pretending that she didn't know what she was talking about.

"Don't be ridiculous, Megan. You we're horny and you just needed to give yourself the love that you deserve. It's normal. Everybody does it. There's no sense in hiding something like that, just as there's no sense in hiding our private parts. We're both young girls, so what harm could be done?" Not knowing how to respond, Megan sat in silence looking down at her cup of coffee.

Megan felt torn: part of her liked the outgoing Julia who was interested in getting her to try new things. The other part was reserved and shy and liked to stick to the status quo. "Why don't we do something together?" Julia asked. Megan's head lifted up. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Well, you know, well, I really don't know how to say this, but seeing as we're both girls of the same age, why don't we just, you know, do it.?" exclaimed Julia.

"Do it…?" Megan said softly. "Uh-huh," Julia said as she smiled and nodded her head. "You mean…touch each other&hellip.sexually…?" asked Megan." Julia winked. Megan had a small grin on her face. Deep down, it was something she hadn't though about doing, but it was never out of the question. She was almost exited and relieved, but also nervous, when Julia suggested it. "I guess we can, but what will we do?" questioned Megan. "We can be creative," replied Julia.

"Come with me, Megan, you need to open up a little bit!" Megan followed Juliet into her bedroom. Juliet sat on her bed and patted the bed, motioning Megan to sit right there. "Let's lie down, shall we," suggested Julia. There were two large fluffy pillows on the bed, Julia laid on the one on the left side of the bed and Megan laid on the one to the right. "I don't want any awkwardness between us, now.

I just want us to be comfortable around each other, that's all," said Juliet. Megan smiled. "Sure." The girls sat and stared at each other for a few minutes. Juliet took her cold hand and placed it on Megan's breast. Julia teased Megan's body.

She caressed Megan's hard nipples. She tickled her flat stomach. She rubbed her hand up and down Megan's smooth legs and thighs and she even tickled her feet. Megan pussy was becoming wet.

"How long have you been shaving your twat?" asked Julia. "I don't know, maybe a few years," replied Megan. "I've honestly never thought of doing that. Maybe I'll try it in the future." Julia said. Julia continued to rub Megan's inner thighs. "Isn't this relaxing," asked Julia. "It is. It's like an early morning gift," replied Megan.

Julia moved her hand upward and rubbed played with the area just above Megan's pussy. She felt the smoothness of hairless skin. Then Julia slowly began to caress the clitoris, moving an individual finger around the sensitive area, feeling the growing wetness.

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Megan lain on her back while Juliet rested on her side, teasing Megan's body. Julia rubbed the outside of Megan's pussy in a circular motion. She then inserted her finger completely into Megan's pussy. Juliet smiled, "I've never done this before either…" Julia felt the wetness surround her fingers. The innate lubricant allowed Julia's fingers to slip in and out with ease. Megan interwove her hands and let them rest on her stomach.

Julia learned on her elbows and continued to slip her fingers in and out of Megan's pussy. Megan breathed deeper and heavier. While still fingering Megan with her right hand, Julia lifted her right leg over Megan's right leg to move even closer. Julia kissed Megan's breast. Julia was extremely horny at the excitement of the situation. Megan closed her eyes and let the orgasm begin to build up.

Julia continued moving her fingers in and out, occasionally switching to the "come hither" motion. "Ohhhhh," moaned Megan. Julia had found Megan's G-spot. She hot webcam girl striptease for you f to stimulate Megan's G-spot.

Megan was getting closer and closer to an explosive orgasm. Megan started moving, slightly at first and then more obviously as Julia continued to pleasure her. Megan moved her hands from her stomach and grasped the bed sheet. The sound of her own pussy juices exited her even more. Finally, a rapid rush of amazing pleasure sized Megan's body and all of her limbs. She couldn't control the intense shaking that her orgasm and plunged her into. Megan was breathing heavily and quickly; her breasts, concealing her hurried lungs and her speedy heart-beat, rose and fell swiftly into the air.

Her knees hugged each other, squishing, Julia's hand. Julia felt a small stream of warm liquid run over her hand as Megan's pussy contracted. "FUCK," screamed Megan, almost loud enough for neighboring apartment tenants. Julia smiled and pulled her finger's away from Megan.

Megan's movement quelled. She caught her breath as she was laughing. "Thank you," puffed Megan. "That was amazing." This had been the best orgasm Megan had ever experienced and it was the first time she had ever experienced one with another person. Julia smiled and held up her fingers. "It looked and sounded amazing as well.

Look what go left on my fingers." The girls laughed. "You even left a spot on my sheets!" Megan sat up and saw the wet spot that she had left on Julia's light blue sheets.

"Well, after that show, you've left me extremely horny. It's only fair that you ebony fat hairy pussy close up me off now, right?" The girls laughed again. "Absolutely," replied Megan. Julia laid on her back and spread her legs wide. Megan placed her hand on Julia's nipple and began to play with it until she was interrupted by Julia, "Oi, you can't do that farce foreplay with me when I'm this horny.

Go on and get to the fun part," Julia asserted. Megan took two of her fingers and inserted them into Julia's tight, wet pussy, just as Julia had done to her. Megan found Julia's G-spot fairly quickly. Julia was an angel: Her smooth body lying on her bed in the early morning rays of the rising sun, her, beautiful flowing blond hair, her hard nipples, her curvaceous breasts, her long skinny legs, and her dark, soft black pubic hair, now soaked by her own juices.

Megan continued to stimulate Julia. Julia took her hands and grabbed the pillow behind her head. The signs of an approaching orgasm were obvious. Julia moaned softly under her breath.

"That feels great. Keep going," whispered Julia under her breath. Megan fingered Julia harder and harder which caused Julia's breasts to bounce with the movements of her body. Julia moved her hips up and down; she moved her legs slowly from side to side.

Julia was getting closer to an orgasmic outbreak. Her heart was racing and her lungs were tired. "I'm close," proclaimed Julia.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" Suddenly, an ear-splitting moan blasted from Julia's mouth. Her body trembled uncontrollably as the orgasm spread throughout her body. She squirted about two feet in front of her, which was something that she had never done before. She nearly kicked Megan in the face because she was moving so much. Megan was not able to keep up with Julia's sharp body movements.

Julia had to take her own hand to continue fingering herself to keep the orgasm strong. The pleasure was evident in her red face; her facial expressions were impressive. "Oh my God, Oh, my God, Oh, my God, that was unbelievable!" exclaimed Julia.

Julia stretched her body and caught her breath. She laughed and so did Megan. "I hope nobody heard you scream," said Megan. "Ahh, who cares. They're probably jealous," replied Julia. Megan laid beside Julia, who had rolled over. "Nice ass, by the way," Megan said as she slapped Julia on the ass. "Nice arse," Julia replied while trying to slap Megan's ass. After the girls had caught their breath and their heart-rates returned to normal, they stood up and went into the living room.

They left behind a bed with blue sheets, elegantly stained with sisterly love. Julia poured two bowls of cereal with milk to go along with their cold, black coffee. "I'm not saying I'm glad my home burned down, but I am glad that I'm hear," said Megan. "It's the least I could do: taking you in and giving you a good time.

We'll have to do this again sometime, if that's okay with you, Megan, " replied Julia. you need to learn how to worship a big hard cock yeah, we will. Maybe even tonight, eh?" Megan said with a hint of continuance in her voice. TO BE CONTINUED