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Massive ding dong for a wet aperture
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--- Hi Bob. --- Hello Brad. what-s up? --- I was wondering if you heard anything about that coochbehar lokal magi xxx story com in who disappeared in Alberta a couple of months back. --- NO! . We have no idea what happened to Stan. he just walked out the door and never came back. WE are in constant touch with the RCMP though; Canadian police. Bob and Brand move along in their conversation, touching on several business matters before Bob excuses himself.

--- I have a meeting to attend Brad; I will certainly keep you posted. You and Stan were on-line buddies weren-t you Brand? ---Yes, kind of.he was a loner like me so we got along pretty good. I actually met him a couple of summers back in Banff when I was on vacation.

--- I will keep you posted Brad, Gotta go. --- Thanks Bob. Bob hurried off to his meeting. The day was a typical one for Bob, contract discussions, personnel, generally keeping in touch with what had become in the last few years a very large multi-faceted international business conglomerate.

Bob often referred to it as THE PAIN. He was fortunate to have some great people working for Luther Corp. Being partnered with Willie and Gino really helped. . It is 2:11pm, Bob noted. Jacqueline is very punctual. I wonder what is. ---- CLICK ---- CLICK ---- CLICK --- CLICK --- CLICK! SALLY. that explains it. She loves heels, that woman. She would keep God waiting I-m sure, Bob mused; smiling at the thought of her.

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Bob had not seen Sally for a month and he missed her. He certainly would not tell her that. Bob looked thru his open office door seeing both women walk into the outer office together; stopping at Amanda-s desk.a crescendo of heels reverberating as two of the most beautiful woman to grace this planet walked toward Bob; pretending to be nonchalant.

Sally looks up: --- Miss casting blonde babe sucks and fucks in casting Bobby? --- NO! --- LIAR! Sally draws the hem of her skirt up almost mid-thigh, and winks. --- Miss me know Bobby? --- You are such a tease Sal. --- You love it Bobby. Bob is about to respond but his eyes spy Jacqueline-s hemline rising.

--- Two better than one Bob, Jacqueline asks? The banter continues for perhaps 20 seconds more. Jacqueline speaks; --- Bob, read this. It appears we have a situation at O-Leon Corp. Jacqueline steers Bob to a soft chair away from his desk. --- Try not to destroy the entire office this time Bob. Jacqueline moves to the coffee machine, putting some distance between Bob and herself. She looks toward Sally. Both women know he was going to flip out.

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Bob is extreme in his protective nature toward women., and when he reads about what was happening at O-Leon, a subsidiary., he will go Nuclear. Last time Bob was pissed and I walked into his office. well.Jacquelyn-s tongue peeks out.later on that. . Jacqueline seated herself in back of the limo, Claus and Peter sat in the middle seats, they are two of the best J&J security have, and they-re long time employees so Bob trusts them with Jacqueline.

It-s about a one hour drive from the airport to O-Leon Corp. Situated nearly 110 kicks north of the gulf. In awhile she would inform the driver were they were headed.

Jacqueline was going to find this woman, Molly. She is either still at the hospital or at home with a nurse or close friend Jacqueline had been told., but most likely the hospital. She had been badly hurt.

Jacqueline and Sally had their own plan. Bob would never allow either woman to come here if he had known what they had on their mind. To Jacqueline and Sally-s surprise Bob did not go Nuclear. He was so shocked it numbed him.

Sally is scheduled to arrive in two days with a heavy escort and about a dozen staff. At that time Jackie, Jacqueline, will take over O-Leon Corp and find out what is happening. The cops had drawn a blank and were very happy to learn of this intervention.they were also to be included in Jacqueline-s investigation.

The girls plan called for Jacqueline-s part to be open, completely transparent. Sally on the other hand would be clandestine, quick, and surgical. Right up her little Ninja alley. Claus and Peter had been apprised of Sally-s situation with the Chinese a couple of years back and had been discretely assigned to keep a lookout for her by Bob Smithe himself.

Both men felt quite proud. Since Claus and Peter had issues with Asians they seemed the perfect fit for the job. . Bob knew the girls wouldn-t follow his, he intended to make is way to O-Leon a few days after Jacqueline. She is a great exec and very respectful so she would not make any weighty decisions with consulting if he were present.

Plus Bob would handle the media, that wasn-t her job. . Walking by the nursing station she noticed several people, but did not engage in conversation. Jacqueline neared Molly-s designated room and entered. There.two children with long faces sat. --- Is she your mom? Heads nod yes. --- Is her name Molly? --- Yes. The oldest daughter answered.

--- My name is Jacqueline., or Jackie if you like; I am here to help your mom. --- But.but., the Doctor say-s mommy will never get better. --- I have a special Doctor for her to see. [Jackie smiles]. Is your dad here in the hospital?

--- He-s talking with the Doctor, the oldest girl says. In the conference room she adds quickly. The youngest daughter looks to her sister. The oldest daughter looks at her sister. the oldest one starts to cry with the youngest daughter following a fraction of a second later.

--- WE want our mommy back. [The little one says to Jackie]. -------------- Why did someone hurt our mommy? She continues. --- I do randy and arousing sex games hardcore and reality know honey. There is a pause as the children, and Jackie look at Molly lying in her hospital bed, IV, ECG, EEG, and a couple of machines Jackie is not familiar with; all hooked up.

Jackie looks at the machines. What the hell did they do to wacky teenie is taken in butthole asylum for uninhibited therapy woman? --- What color was your mom-s hair? --- Dark, the little one answers. --- May I show you a trick I learned? The little girls brighten up some; --- OK, both reply.

Jackie removes one button from each cuff. ---These are from my friend-s home. Would you keep them safe if I give each of you one of my special buttons? The youngest girl nods, the oldest girl says; ---Yes please.

[Both girls are wearing huge smiles.] Jacqueline performs her trick amusing both girls. . Jacqueline approaches the nursing station handing an envelope to the nursing aide sitting there: --- Here, see to it that the head nurse gets this. I will be by in two days to execute these.

Where is this conference room Molly-s husband is in? --- Room 560. She points toward the location. CLICK --- CLICK.! Jacqueline opens room 560. There are six people present in this room, two men and four women.

--- This is a private meeting. The Doctor in the room says. --- You Molly-s husband?

Jackie asks the other man, who stood when she entered the room. ---Yes. And who are you? --- Jacqueline Belaya, VP Luther Corp., O-Leon-s parent company. Kris looks at Jacqueline strangely. The Doctor introduces himself, as do the other medical people. Jackie hands the Doctor one envelope, and Kris an envelope. --- What this.? Kris asks. --- Legal documents giving Luther Corp., or fun at the beach and of its senior

power of attorney over Molly; including health matters as per your signed contract with O-Leon Kris. I will be here in two days to move her to a special treatment facility. Make sure she is ready and well taken care of., or the next time you hear heels there will be hell to pay.

KRIS it-s the roof: --- Fuck you.

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you fucking bitch, your not taking my wife anywhere. --- Read the documents Kris. Jackie says. --- Fuck you.! He throws the papers at Jacqueline. --- Kris, settle down, the Doctor says. [Handing the papers to one of the women in the room, who immediately begins reading the documents].I skimmed over these they look legal. I will have our administrator check them over tomorrow. Kris is heated; he is in Jackie-s face. The Doctor is yelling at him to settle down. Two of the women in the room are trying to get him under control.

Jackie stands her ground, looking him in the eye. not flinching., not even blinking when he feigns a hit. But, what she does do is hold her cell up, smiles at Kris and presses her thumb into the phone pad.

--- What-s that supposes to do, scare me. --- Not yet, but it will. Jackie replies. Kris steps back. The therapists move between him and Jackie. Kris pushes one of the two therapists. He looks at Jackie, reading her. Kris starts in on her again, but more restrained this time [The sound of hurried foot-steps]. A loud voice yelling at the nurse asking were Jacqueline is brings quiet to the conference room.

There is silence., then loud footsteps again.louder.LOUDER.The door opens and two men, Claus and Peter barge into the room; --- There you are, you ok Jackie, Peter asks. --- I am now. [Pause] I want security at Molly-s door 24/7 Doctor Morse. No one is allowed into Molly-s room without security present. One of your people Doctor Morse and one of mine., or all mine.your choice Doctor. --- I am taking charge of Molly as of this minute.Please note the time all.

Kris glares at Jackie; ---What about Kristi and Stefani., do they need security you bitch. ---Actually no. Jackie looks mom sex with her son one of the women-s name tags.

--- Gretchen is it? ---Yes. ---Gretchen, as of this minute and per these documents and the authority vested in me I am also taking temporary custody of Stefani and Kristi. Note the time please. A stunned room awaits Jackie-s next statement. ---WE have a nice place for them to stay called; MONROE-S ROCK., please advise social services Gretchen.

Stefani and Kristi are your responsibility until you deliver them to the Rock. Gretchen gives Jackie a questing look, and asks if it-s necessary. --- Yes, Jackie will accompany them to Monroe-s Rock Gretchen. WE will see to it that you get home safely. --- You can-t, Kris says.reeling from the events which have just taken place. --- Yes I can and I just did Kris.

Next time you are going to fight with a bitch come prepared. [Jacqueline winks.] The next ten minutes or so were spent on details. Peter was staying the night at the hospital. The hospital preferred to have its own security involved.therefore two hospital security staff were called in to sit with Peter at Molly-s door.

The children were upset at first but quite happy when they heard the details about Monroe-s Rock. Kris drove home alone.upset. He was offered a ride home in the limo. Jackie / Jacqueline went to her hotel room with Claus for company. When they arrived at their hotel both Jacqueline and Claus were not surprised to find two hotel security people had been assigned to them specifically. --- Bob.! Claus said. Both laughed. .

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Jacqueline showered while Claus talked with the security people seated outside their door. She went to bed. Claus showered.taking the larger bed nearest the door. Jacqueline lay in her bed: Bobby, she thought, he is becoming paranoiac. She quietly chuckled to herself recalling Claus-s comment: --- I love that man; he would never hurt a woman.

Jacqueline said nothing, but now that she is lying in her bed, nice and comfy; she reflects upon a time not that long ago, some three months: .Jacqueline walked into Bob-s office just like she does a dozen times a day.

Bob was standing with his back to her looking out the window. . I knew straight away he was in a bad mode and needed cheering up. I placed my folder on the table in his office and started to walk toward Bob. When he turned I knew what was coming.

I put my glasses on the table.slipping off my shoes. .I saw Bob-s jacket and tie fall to the floor and his shoes lying further back. I just got my panties off in time. Bob grabbed me by the neck; I hurriedly grabbed his arm with both hands to keep him from hurting my neck. He roughly pushed me down on the sofa.

I made sure my legs were open and were on either side of him. Bob-s face went straight to my pussy. He licked me for no more than ten seconds rising up taking me in two hard hurt, but not allot. I reached for Bob but he pushed me back down.pressing me into the cushions with his big hand against my sternum.I could hardly breathe. I placed one hand on Bob-s hand.the other double penetration big tits hardcore milf kimberly moss gets handled like a supreme and held his arm.

I need to touch my lover with my hands. I looked into Bob-s eye-s; they were looking at me but not seeing me. Bob-s Universe was centred on screwing me. I brought my legs up higher and wider for him. I recalled the pounding I took. The roughest screwing I ever had. It hurt at times but when he quit pounding me and started grinding into me I got really turned on.God it felt good.

I have to admit Bob worked me over pretty pussy hurt a little after-ward but did I have an orgasm. Maybe the best sex I-ve had in six or seven years. . Jacqueline lay in her bed a bit turned-on by the memories. Jacqueline smiled as she remembered how sorry Bob was for raping her. He apologised endlessly. Even when I pointed out that I took my panties off for him.

Bob certainly has taken care about me since screwing me.Jackie mused. Triple security with me tonight and nearly twenty people with me starting two days from now. a small frigging Army. But, he would have done that anyways. He-s a great guy, I love my boss. Hell I love my husband too; a girl-s gotta do what a girl-s gotta do.