Blondie lolly small gets dicked down and creamed

Blondie lolly small gets dicked down and creamed
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Six more chapters left, nearing the end. As usual any comments and feedback is appreciated, and any questions or anything just send me a pm, Just as I thought, last night was a long night.

I thought three hours was long, we went damn near double that, if not more. I felt like I'd just finished a triathlon. We didn't bother getting in the shower last night, I couldn't even if I wanted to, there was no way I was leaving the bed as exhausted as I was.

She lay there in the bed still asleep with a smile on her face like she was dreaming about bunnies and rainbows and unicorns, but the way she acted last night she was anything but nice, not that I'm complaining, most men would love to have a girl that wanted sex more than they did, that loves sports as much as we do, that plays video games as often as slutty nova gets both her holes slammed do, hell that even goes ham on junk food like we do, I guess I lucked out.

Now that I was done reminiscing, I needed to get up and get in the shower, a task I was not looking forward to after last night, but was needed to both cleanse me from the smell of all night sex and to loosen me up and put some strength back in my muscles.

I slugged to the bathroom and took longer than usual washing my face and brushing my teeth, then turned on the shower. I didn't feel like getting down on the floor for a bath, but I also didn't feel like standing up for a shower, so I was at a crossroads. I got in the shower and just as I'd gotten my whole body wet I thought of a solution. I dragged myself outta the tub and went back to our room and grabbed the leather armless leanback chair from the computer desk and dragged it to the tub, and to my relief it was just thin enough to fit in the tub without causing any problems.

I positioned it perfectly on the shower mat and sat down in the chair as the water sprinkled across me, pure contentment. I just sat there, not moving, letting the water wake me up as I felt my strength returning under the tings of the hot shower hitting my skin. We had a wide adjustable shower head, but it was set for thin stream, so I got up and turned it to the widest setting and sat down back in the chair, now being fully covered by the water.

I was in there for a while before the bathroom door opened and Rita came in, I couldn't see her but I could hear the door open and noone else was there so it couldn't be anybody else.

"Morning Randy. What'd you do with our computer chair? It wasn't in the room." "Good morning, I moved it, I found a better use for it," I yelled over the water. "Better use for a computer chair than in front of a computer? Ok. So what are we doing today?" "Well we can call Chris and Stephanie back and see if they have plans for today, if they don't we can go hang with them, if they do it can just be me and you again today." "I like the sound of that, we can pick up where we left off last night." "Left off?

We had enough sex to last us three months! How are you not tired?" "Because I'm the daughter of a nymphomaniac who passed the trait on to me, which means it's more than double the effect than it was on her, which means I need lots of sex from you, lots!" "I'm gonna need to start training to keep up with what you consider normal." "But it's completely worth in because in the end you… really Randy?" She stopped when she pulled back the curtain and saw me sitting in the chair, I couldn't help but laugh at the expression on her face.

"This is what you meant when you said you found a better use for it?" "It's your fault! If you hadn't fucked me to kingdom come I wouldn't be on my last life bar!" "Why did you put the leather chair in there? Why didn't you get the plastic one?" "Because it's all the naughty shaved muff showing hardcore and cumshot downstairs and I wouldn't have made it there and back." "Where the hell am I supposed to stand with that big ass thing in there?" "You can sit on me, or I can get up and you can sit down and I sit on you, either way." "I like me sitting on you better, there's a better chance of a happy ending that way." "No!

you gets no sex from me right now! I think you broke it, I'll be lucky if I can get it up by the end of the day. Poor guy hot cowgirl riding with wild honey homemade and hardcore an all nighter for little pay." She plopped down in my lap when I said that.

"He had plenty of pay, he just wasn't used to so much overtime he didn't know what to do with the money." "No, you don't get to win that, I strike your comeback from the record." "That's ok, I'll just bring it up fourteen years from now in a fight about cupcakes." "The messed up thing is that actually has the potential to be true." "Women are like elephants, we don't forget anything. Anything. ANYTHING!" "I hope that's the only way you're like elephants." "We're scared of mice too, and we like nuts, well most of us anyway." "Speaking of nuts, you're kind of crushing mine, can you shift over a little bit?" "I am gonna need them later down the line… so I guess I can move a little bit." "What does that mean, later down the line?" "Nothing.

Can you hand me your body wash, I wanna smell like a man today!" "Any specific reason, you trying to tell me something?" "Yes, I have a penis, it's tucked inside my vagina and only comes out when the moon is full." "You got jokes, ok. You're gonna need yours because mine is on vacation." "So I guess that means you won't be fucking Stephanie this weekend then?" "Is that why you fucked me like we're going to die, so I wouldn't be able to fuck her?" "No, it was my idea for you to fuck her in the first obedient japanese girl sucks two huge dicks and gets her love holes sodomized remember?" "So then you wanted me to be so worn out I'd only last a little while, or that I'd be so bad she wouldn't wanna have sex with me again?

That's it isn't it?" "That's a pretty big theory to just pull out of thin air like that…" "But knowing you it has the potential to be true. You set me up with sex, how dare you…" "Or, next time don't finger a girl who was already extremely horny and leave, you brought your broken penis on yourself buddy, and he is NOT taking a vacation, no way in hell." "Well then he's gonna need some recuperation time, so no playtime for now." "I like how we're talking about your penis like it's a person, we're so awesome." "We're twins who fucked for a third of the day yesterday sitting in a chair in the shower planning the next time we're gonna fuck each other, with a mother and aunt who fucks us too and a brother and sister who does the same thing we do, and with all that going on we still manage to lead a pretty much normal life, awesome isn't a good enough word." "Touché.

Ok I need to stand up and wash off. I didn't realize your body wash was so strong." "It's not used to touching soft skin, it's made for manly men, chopping wood with an axe man, building a house man, patching a roof man, driving a truck through mud man…" "Playing Killer Instinct over and over until you beat Shadow Jago on extreme difficulty man…" "I beat him though didn't I?

Six hours well spent.

That shit was hard though." "I guess finger control's just as good as using a chainsaw." "Hey you knew what you were getting into the day you bent over the table at the beach, faking an ankle sprain so you could lure your brother away and seduce him…" "I didn't have to try very hard," she said as she washed the soap off of her and let some of it rinse down on me.

"You were inside me so fast I didn't have time to finish my sentence." "That's right, and if you do it again the same thing is gonna happen." "Oh really?

So if I bend over this chair now you'll…" "Except right now, I need to recuperate from last night, I still have a sex hangover." "How come you aren't a sex addict like me and mom? What's a male nympho called?" "A man. There's no term for it, it's normal for us, we just don't have the stamina women have." "You can't be good at everything.

Ok switch, you wash up and I'll sit in the chair." I was way too comfortable to want to get up and move, but for the sake of cleanliness I forced myself out of the chair and started to wash up. I made quick work of lathering up and washing off and went to sit back in the chair, but Rita wouldn't get up, so I plopped down on her. "Oooof! Get off me, you're gonna put my legs to sleep!" "You shoulda got up, now you gotta wait until I'm good and ready, and I'm pretty comfortable." "Stay there then, when the water gets cold I won't let you up, I know how much you LOVE cold water and you know how strong I get when the moment calls for it." I checked the cold water handle and it only turned a little bit more, showing we were on the last of the hot water.

I blonde girl jenny have sex in public in exchange for a video camera, knowing she beat me and stood up to let her up and slowly climbed out of the shower. "I didn't wanna be in there no more anyway." "Before you leave why don't you come back in here and give me a lapdance?" "Nope, you missed that chance.

Now you get the chair all to yourself," I said as I left out." "Aww come on baby don't be like that! I was just messing with you!" Rita teased. I laughed at our gender switch as I went back to our room in a hurry as I once again forgot to bring a towel with me.

I checked my phone and saw two missed calls from Chris. I put some boxers on (I can't talk to a guy while I'm naked, even over the phone, it's just weird) and called him back, it got to the last ring before he finally picked it up.

"About time man, you two finally done fucking the shit out of each other?" "I am, she's not. We fucked for at least eight hours yesterday man, eight hours!" "And she's still not done? Normally that'd be a good thing but who has stamina like that?" "That's what I said, she's like Hammy from Over the Hedge and I'm like Snuffy from Sesame Street, our energy levels aren't even close." "Those are some weird examples to compare, but ok, I'm not one to judge, usually.

Stephanie went in on me too, I guess it's knowing that noones around that brings out their inner freak, but we didn't get anywhere close to eight hours, three at the most, maybe three and a half." "Consider yourself lucky, I'm gonna need six five hour energy's to get back to normal me." "Then take em and get back to it.

What are you guys doing today?" "Is that Chris? Hi Chris, hi Stephanie," Rita said as she came in the room drying her hair.

"Rita says hi. I don't know man, we haven't seen a movie in a while, we can do that." "We can go the the drive-in, they opened the one in Coventry back up a month ago." "They did? I haven't been there in over five years, that place used to be the shit!" "We can go to Applebee's or something first so we aren't eating twelve dollar hot dogs." "Actually yesterday me and Rita found this place called Café Stratos, they got some real good food and the prices are cheap as hell, this girl Denise and her father own it." "Denise?

Does Rita know about Denise?" "Yeah, seeing as she was there too I'd think so. She's only thirteen anyway, and I don't plan on going to jail so I'll be keeping my distance." "Yeah whatever. So are we coming over there or are you coming over here?" "We'll come over there, that way we don't waste half the day on video games." "Nope, just a fourth of a day.

Just come in when you get here, the door will be open." "Man you need to quit doing that, one of these days someone is gonna walk in there." "And they'll get a chest full of bullets if they do, Lexi belle ampamp marie mccray ampamp lucky guy don't… oh shit, my bad man, too soon?" "Nah it's ok, I know what you meant.

It didn't feel pleasant when it happened though." "I would hope not, then what'll be the point of having a gun for protection?" "Yeah. Well we're gonna be on our way in a little bit, gotta finish getting dressed." "Alright man, see you when you get here.

Knock first, just in case." I laughed as I hung up and went about finding some clothes to put on. Rita was still drying her hair but she already had an outfit picked out, I always loved that she was the exception to most girls and didn't need six hours to find an outfit and get dressed.

"So we're going back to Café Stratos? I wouldn't mind getting that parmesan amwf alexis texas interracial with asian guy Rita said. "Yep, and they opened back the drive-in on Coventry, so we're gonna go there too." "Look at you two, planning everything out for us little ole girls!" "I hear some girls like when men do that, so I figured I'd see what all the fuss is about." "If we're going to the movies maybe I shouldn't put on jeans…" "We're going to the movies, it's not like we're…" It clicked in my head just as she gave me that stare, she never was one to shy away from an opportunity at public sex.

"Don't put on a skirt, it's supposed to get cold later, do you have any leggings or something?" "Come on now, I don't know any girl who doesn't have at least three pairs of leggings. I guess I'll go with the punk rock look and put on my Chuck Taylors with a long sleeve." "Put on the Hello Kitty Monster High looking shirt, it'll go better." "Should I be worried that you know how girls should dress?" "I just know what my woman looks good in that's all." She tried to fight a grin, but failed.

"You just hot pretty girl enjoys deep gazoo bang hardcore and russian some points on that one." "And I wasn't even trying to be slick or anything, that should be double points.

I'm gonna go the complete opposite of you and put on a Polo and some jeans, my preppy-casual look." "Done you ever go full preppy on me or I'll dump you in a second." "That escalated quickly!

I can't pull off the full preppy look anyway so nothing to worry about." "I hate that look, it reminds me of that asshole from Jersey Shore." "You're gonna have to get more specific than that, there's a lot of assholes on that show." "You get my point. I'm just about ready, waiting on you now, PaulieD." "I'll be finished in a second JWoww, no Snooki, Snooki sounds better." "You're so lucky I don't feel like kicking your ass right now, call me fucking Snooki…" "Hey if the thong fits…" I started before she charged at me.

"I'm just playing, I'm just playing!" "Oooh you're so lucky… let's go before I push you down the stairs." I kept my distance as we went downstairs to the car, laughing and making little pokes at her the whole way there. She drove even though I should have in her hyped up state, one wrong move and she could drive us off a bridge. It was nice to know the brother and sister jokes were still there, even with everything else going on, we still made time for sibling humor.

"So what exactly are we telling them? Just so I can know what's going on," I said. "Were just gonna say it, just one time only you can have sex with Stephanie." "But Chris can't have sex with you. This isn't gonna go well, I know it." "I'll do other stuff, I just can't have sex with him, he already knows why, it's not like he's just finding out about us or something. He'll be ok." "You're looking at it from your view, imagine from his, you finally agreeing to let me sleep with a girl who wanted to sleep with me for a while, who just happens to be his current girl, while the girl he wants to sleep with won't let him sleep with her.

He'll have to live with the fact that I had sex with his sister but he couldn't have sex with mine for the rest of his life." "Are you saying you want me to sleep with him? To make things fair?" "Yes…no… I don't know what I'm saying, I just don't wanna be the jackass in all this." "You're not, it was my decision, if anyone's the jackass it's gonna be me." "I don't want you to be the jackass either, I don't want anyone to be the jackass!" "Well we don't have that many options then, either we come to some kind of agreement on what he gets to do or we'll have to forget about the whole thing." "I agree.

Which would you rather do? I'll go with whatever you pick." "No don't make me be the one to pick, you're the one feeling guilty, you pick." "My pick won't mean as much, I'm not thinking completely straight, I'm thinking like a man, I'm thinking with two heads, my opinion is completely biased right now." "I don't think biased is the right word, but I get what you're saying.

I'd be willing to give him a blowjob, and let him give me head, but do you think I should let him fuck me in the ass?" "I don't know, it's not as meaningful you know, can't get pregnant or anything like that." "Yeah, and if I was a virgin and I let him fuck me in the ass I'd still be a virgin, so…" "I don't know, maybe we should just call the whole thing off.

Yeah, I would like to have sex with Stephanie, but I don't know if I want you to have sex with Chris, and I know he stunning alexis texas fucks a big dick feels the same way. Why does sex have to be so damn complicated? It's just sex!" "Yeah, but when it's with the person you wanna be with for the rest of your life, it's more than sex, it's love. If I ever did have sex with Chris, that's all it would be is just sex.

I would never let him make love to me, he would only fuck my ass, you're the only one who gets my pussy." "I don't think I can go that same route with Stephanie, I don't think she does anal." "She doesn't, I tried it on her once and she freaked out, that was a long time ago though, I mean since then I slipped a couple fingers into her and whatnot and she warmed up to it and all, but I don't think she's ready for an actual penis, especially one that's thick like yours." "So after all that we're still at square one, with no idea how to move forward." "We have ideas on how to move forward, it's just agreeing to those ideas that's the issue." "Why don't we just wait and see what lap dances for the guys and hot pretty girls hardcore reality have to say, let's not try to figure it all out on our own, they might not even go for it, we could be assuming the wrong things." "Trust me, I'm a woman, I know women, and Stephanie still wants you to fuck her, she wasn't even shy about letting Chris know that, her minds not gonna change overnight, unless Chris did something hella drastic like purposed to her, and we both know that didn't happen." "Well in either case, we can all talk about it together.

We can bring it up at the restaurant or something, that way none of us will be tempted to cause a scene or something." "Well at least we'll have some good dinner conversation if anything," Rita laughed.

Throwing in her pussy as incentive in the pawnshop

We pulled up to their house and remembering our conversation on the phone earlier I knocked on the door, even though it was unlocked. Chris yelled for us to come in after we announced ourselves and we walked in to the exact opposite of what our house looked like when we left. Their house was a mess, it looked like they hadn't cleaned up since our parents left for the trip. Like us, it was obvious they had sex all over the house, but unlike us, they didn't cover their tracks.

Chris came down the stairs when we took too long going up to their rooms. "Yeah I know it's a mess, but hey, we got all day tomorrow to clean right?" Chris laughed. "I'm just happy there's no condoms with semen in them hanging off the TV," Rita joked. "Come on don't be ridiculous Rita, we don't use condoms," Chris retaliated. We followed him upstairs to his room, which ironically was the only clean space in the house next to Stephanie's room.

It looked like the Bewitched lady came in and cast a clean spell on the room, even the bed was made, his bed is never made when were over here. "I made him clean up," Stephanie said as she looked up from the TV. "The rest of the house can be junky but I'm not sleeping in a pig sty, let alone have sex in one." "Oooh Stephanie put her foot down on you Chris! She threatened you with the ass!" I laughed. "First of all, she didn't threaten me, I was gonna clean up anyway, and second, the only one putting their foot down is me, now finish cleaning up this room woman!" "You better go back to being a kiss ass because you won't be getting any from me talking like that, must be out of your mind yelling at me…" Stephanie responded.

"Yeah, you really got her right where you want her, huh Chris?" Rita laughed. "Why aren't you guys ready? We rushed over here thinking we were holding you up and you don't even have an outfit picked out yet, what the hell?" I said.

"We were cleaning up man, and in between cleaning we had to take a few 'breaks' so we wouldn't tire ourselves out, it's a pretty dirty house from what you can see," Chris said. "Translation, we fucked each other so much we tore the house up, and while we were cleaning we kept stopping to fuck some more," Rita said. "Yeah that sounds about right," Stephanie said. "You two don't need to be talking, we tried to call you all day yesterday, how many times did we get the voicemail?" "I stopped counting after ten.

They woke up fucking and probably went to sleep the same way, if they even went to sleep. Now is probably the first time they actually stopped." "We can go on and on about who had more sex, but it isn't gonna do any good and we're hungry, so can you guys throw on some clothes so we can get outta here?" Rita asked. "You don't wanna play video games first?

Is the world coming to an end?" Chris joked. "Like you said on the phone earlier, it's not helping my profile if I play on your system, so it wouldn't do any good, plus we didn't eat anything in over sixteen hours, so it's a little past due on some food. I need as much energy as I can get," I said. "What for? You planning on doing something without us?" Stephanie asked. "We'll clue you guys in once we sit down in front of a plate of food." Rita and Stephanie left the room and Chris immediately became suspicious.

"Ok what's going on man? You guys are acting weird even for you two." "We'll tell you at the restaurant. I promise it's worth the wait." "Yeah, at the restaurant, a public restaurant, with other people around, being able to listen in on our conversation, as opposed to our private house, that makes hella sense man." "What do we ever do that makes sense? You shouldn't be surprised by this." "Yeah ok man, don't drag us out there to give us some bad news, like you're leaving town tomorrow or some shit, that's why you wanna be in public!

What's going on man!" "It's nothing bad man, calm down! We just have this new public thing that we're getting accustomed to, we're tired of always hiding in the house." "Alright man, I'll take you at your word. What's this place we're going to again?" "It's called Café Stratos, we found it yesterday when we were driving around, their spread is way better than anything Applebee's and Friday's have by ten times." "Twenty times, it's our new favorite place," Rita said as she walked back in.

"Where's Steph? She still not ready? Man I swear the dinosaurs will come back before she finally decides on an outfit to wear," Chris said. "Just for that, you're on pussy probation," Steph said as she followed seconds behind Rita holding two different skirts.

"Which one should I wear, the blue or the black?" "You'll just pick the opposite of what I say anyway, so I say the black one." "Blue it is. Are we taking both cars or riding together in one?" "We can take your car since we drove all the way over here and gotta drive back home. It'll be like getting driven around town and you guys are the chauffeurs," Rita said. "Don't count on it. Come on let's go before Stephanie changes her mind," Chris said.

Stephanie laughed. "You just won't learn will you? How long you think you'll be able to last on morning sex? You just keep shooting yourself in the ass." "You already took sex away, what else could you possibly do to me?" "Make it last longer. I can hold out much longer than you can. You don't wanna play this game." "That's you way of saying 'please don't, I'm just talking big!' we all know what you mean." "I give it three hours, probably not even that long, and you'll be begging me for sex." "Ok, um, we were going to the restaurant, remember?" I reminded them.

They did their childish bickering all the way downstairs and even in the car as Rita and I sat in the back seat to avoid any swinging hands that might accidentally get thrown. "Ok where's this place at? Will it show up on GPS?" Chris asked.

black guy mature girl xxx story just type in your zip code and Café Stratos, S-T-R-A-T-O-S, and it should come up, we only been there once and we found it by accident so we're not exact on it yet," I said.

He typed it in and it popped up and we were on our way. It didn't take long for them to start messing with each other again, but my attention was soon averted by Rita who cupped the side of my face and turned me towards her to kiss her. It felt good to be out in public in the back on someone's car making out, it felt really good. Soon we tuned out Steph and Chris' bickering and we were in our own little makeout world, feeling every part of each other we could.

"I love you," Rita said as we broke the kiss, looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes. "I love you too. This has been a long time coming, a really long time." "Yeah but I wouldn't change any of it, well maybe a few things, but you know what I mean." "You still wanna go through with it? It's not too late to back out." "I'm sure. You'll get sex with another girl and I'll get a clean conscience, it's a win win." "You say that, but I'm not sure if you even completely believe that." "We'll be fine, after everything is said and done you're still mine, all mine," she said as she stared at me with a reassuring childlike grin on her face.

"You're cute when you get all worried and possessive like that, it makes me wanna…" "HEY! Stop going all Notebook back there and get out, were here," Chris said. "That was fast, what did you get on the freeway or something?" Rita asked.

"No, it's been at least twenty minutes, but you guys where in your own little world back there Godzilla could've ran past and you wouldn't have noticed." "So I guess you two are still bickering at each other then…" I said laughing. "Nope, we decided to table it for later, that way I can really do some damage. Now let's see what all the hype is about, you made me wanna eat here now," Stephanie said.

We walked in and just like yesterday, there weren't that many people there, just a few booths were taken, but it didn't stop them from putting out a fresh new spread in the soup and salad bar, good to know they didn't do that reheat and reserve thing.

We were standing there for a few seconds when Denise came from the back and smiled when she saw us. "Hey Rita, hey Randy, you actually came back like you said you would!" "We always keep our word, a lot of people don't come back like they say?" Rita asked. "No, they just say that to give us hope and get the free food, we give a free plate of food to everybody on their first visit who say they're gonna come back." "Awww and I thought we were special, trying to bribe us with free food, good plan though." "You guys are special, the way you ate three plates of food in twenty minutes, I've never seen anybody do that so easy like you did.

You want your same table as before?" "Yeah actually, it'll be our new usual kannada actress prema sex storys. The four of us alone are probably gonna pay your tuition, this is Stephanie, my girlfriend, and her brother Chris, Rita's boyfriend," I said.

"That must be awesome and weird at the same time to date each other like that," Denise said as she walked us over to our table. "You're all friends, which makes it awesome, but it's each other family member, which makes it kinda weird." "Trust me, this right here, isn't weird for us at all, not by a long shot, there's a lot of other things that other people may consider weird though," Stephanie said. "Well at least you get to be weird, you already know about my father.

I'll let you look over the menus and I'll be back in a little bit, remember the soup bar and stuff is there." "Ok let's see what they got here… ok, they have steak and a baked potato, Greek chicken, pork chops, seared salmon, they got some pretty good stuff here," Chris said. "You should get the chicken parmesan so I can eat off your plate," Stephanie said.

"It depends on what you get, that does sound pretty good though." "I'm gonna get the well done steak and baked potato, I didn't even see that yesterday," I said.

"I'll sweet young angel licked by pold guy the spaghetti and meatballs this time, I wanna get everything once," Rita said.

"I think I'll get the seared salmon, that looks pretty good, and I think I'll get a salad with it. Did she say something about a soup bar before she left?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeah it's up there, you can basically make a chicken ceasar salad free of charge, they even have bacon up there. They have the soup of the day in that big pot," Rita replied.

"Ok I'm starting to like this place too, they basically throw food at you!" "They really do! It's a wonder they aren't doing as good as they could be." "Ok you sold me, I'll get the parmesan, if I don't like it, I can always trade you your spaghetti and meatballs, I doubt you'll waste anything," Chris said.

"I'm gonna see what this bar looks like, any bunny mobi busty forced she comes back before I get back get me the seared salmon and a sierra mist," Stephanie said. "She's gonna bring back half the salad bar, I guarantee it," Webcam brunette babe teasing and having fun at home said. "You better not make fun of her, you're already on probation," Rita followed.

"You're a prisoner of the pussy in all sense of the meaning, physically and mentally," I laughed. "This is just what we do, we'll bang it out later, I'm not even worried." "Shit I'd be, you never know what's going through her head right now, I said. "Besides wondering how much salad she can fit on her plate?

Figuring out how to drag this charade out longer to annoy me.

Here comes the waitress girl, good I'm getting hungry." Denise sat the plate of bread down in the middle of the table, Chris couldn't grab a piece fast enough. "Everybody ready to order yet or you still need a minute?" "Nah we're ready, I got this," Chris said with a mouthful of bread before he swallowed it. "Rita's gonna have the spaghetti and meatballs with an orange pop with no ice, Randy wants the 8 oz. sirloin steak with the baked potato, sour cream for the potato, also an orange pop with no ice, Stephanie is getting the seared salmon and a sierra mist, and I will have the chicken parmesan with mashed potatoes and green beans, and a pepsi, I hear pov black cock fucking with aleska diamond things about it.

I think that should cover everybody, no need for applause, but tips are well appreciated," Chris gloated. "Yeah whatever you got lucky with everything. Are we gonna be on the same check?" I asked. "Yeah why not, you and I will pay and the girls can leave the tip, that way if she gets a small tip she knows whose food to spit in next time," Chris laughed.

"If they tip like you guys did yesterday there'll be no loogies from me," Denise said. "Knowing them they probably tipped more than the food cost, and ate just as much. Speaking of eating, look whose back with a salad big enough to feed everyone in Iraq!" "Shut up Chris, at least I'm eating healthy! You guys order yet?" Stephanie asked. "Yep they just did, let me do a quick recap, I have Rita with spaghetti and meatballs, orange with no ice, Randy with well-done steak and baked potato, orange with no ice, you have the seared salmon and a sierra mist, and Chris with the chicken parmesan with mashies and green beans and a pepsi, did I get everything right?" "Perfect.

Her delivery was way better than yours Chris," I joked. "Now whose being the kiss ass? Stop trying to get free food you're not slick!" "Say you're sorry before I have your girlfriend extend your probation!" "No, you say YOU'RE sorry or I'll have YOUR girlfriend cut you off completely!" "You guys are too funny, I hope it's like this every time you come in.

I'm gonna go put your orders in, don't say anything funny until I come back," Denise said as she walked away. "We just bought you some points with the staff, no need to thank us," Chris gloated. "Don't worry, we won't. I'm too busy eating this salad, which is freaking amazing by the way! Everything is so fresh like they just grew it this morning," Stephanie said.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they flew it in. Everything here is basically homemade, they probably have like fifteen grandma's back there cooking everybody's food," Rita laughed. "That would be the best thing ever, get fat and leave with twenty dollars," Chris said.

"We definitely have to bring mom, dad, and Aunt Lisa here when they get back, Jim and Marie too, hell I'd even tell the Ashley's about it," I said. "Let's not tell them just yet, we have to keep some secrets from them," Rita said. "Speaking of secrets, what was it that you wanted to tell us?" Stephanie asked.

"You tell them, it'll sound better coming from you, I'll just nod and agree," I said to Rita. "I'm not gonna beat around the bush or anything, I'm just gonna come out and say it. Ok, it's like this. Stephanie, everyone here knows that you wanna fuck Randy, it's no secret, so what we, well what I came up with, is that just for one time, since all our parents are gone and we're on our own, if it's ok with you and Chris, I give my permission to let you fuck Randy." Stephanie had stopped eating her salad and Chris was just staring at us, then he looked at Stephanie waiting for her to say something, neither of them did.

"I mean, that's if you still wanted to, no pressure or anything," Rita added. Stephanie finally gathered herself and looked back and forth between the both of us. "Wait a minute, you're actually ok with letting me fuck him? What's going on?" "This wasn't my idea in the slightest, you'll have to ask her all the questions," I said. "Where did this come from? Up until this moment I couldn't touch him without wondering if you were ok with it, now all of a sudden you're encouraging it?" "It's out of the blue, yeah, but it's completely legit.

I feel guilty that I can mess around with you but he can't, he's only had sex with me, mom, and Aunt Lisa, and I've had sex with mom, Aunt Lisa, you and Marie, it doesn't seem fair when I sit down and think about it." "That's different though, it's all women, it's not really cheating or anything," Chris said.

"This sounds a lot like that movie with Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore, Indecent Proposal, except there's no money involved in this one," Stephanie said.

"It kinda does, and Chris you only think that because society pushed it into your head to make you think your girlfriend sleeping with a girl isn't cheating, it's a turn on, but if can't do the same thing with that girl then what is it?

That's where my dilemma comes in." "Soooo, you're gonna let me fuck him because you feel guilty?" "That's part of it, I briana lees member camshow from august th wanna see him fuck somebody else too, somebody that's not mom or Aunt Lisa, we're basically the same body type and kinda look alike so it'll be like I'm watching myself get fucked, I wanna see how it looks when he rabbit fucks you like he does me." "No, hell no… see that'll make me say no right now.

We walked in on that remember, at the amusement park? There's no way in fucking hell I'm letting anyone fuck me like that, there's not enough alcohol in this world! It looked like he was killing you!" "Trust me, once you get used to it, it feels fucking amazing, your body goes into auto pilot and all you feel is just straight up pleasure, there might be a small bit of pain but even that feels good, if that makes any sense.

I'll admit the first time he did it I couldn't walk the next day, but sex kannada sex dot com so completely worth it, I felt like running a marathon the day after that." "No permanent damage?

Like vaginal tearing, or ripping in half?!" "Nope, it just makes you crave it more, he turned me into a nympho, literally." "I like the sound of this, maybe we should give it a try Steph," Chris said. Stephanie turned to Chris with an evil gril xxnx 12 old gril. "Of course you would say that, you get to fuck me as hard as you wanted, I'm the one getting stabbed to death." "You won't be getting stabbed to death, we just experimenting that's all, you like experiments!" "Ok, maybe it's too soon for you right now, that can be for you and Chris to work out later, but the offer of Randy for one time still stands if you two agree to it." "Ok, we heard about Randy, but where do I stand in all this?

Does this deal just apply to him and Stephanie? Am I left all high and dry?" Chris asked. "No we didn't forget about you Chris. The same thing can't go for us per say, I made a promise to Randy that I'd never let another man fuck me, and I'm gonna keep it, but I'll do other stuff with you, as long as it's not intercourse." "Other stuff like what? I don't know how far your restrictions go." "I'm willing to try anything that's not sex, I won't be unfair like that given the circumstances.

We'll give you a second to think it over if you wanna do it or not, it's ok either way" They congregated in a little huddle right in front of us, and kept peeking out to see if we were watching, we were.

I was wondering how Chris was gonna take getting the short end of the stick, knowing I had an option to fuck his sister but he couldn't fuck mine. Like I said I was fine either way with whatever they picked, I just hoped it wouldn't lead to an argument or anything.

"Ok, we thought about it for about two minutes," Stephanie started. "And we decided to give it a try, but you have to wear a condom Randy, and if you for a second try that super fast bullshit with me I'll cut your fucking balls off, I'm not made for that type of fucking." "As for me, I understand not wanting to be with anyone else, but why bring up the option for Steph and Randy to sleep together knowing you wouldn't allow us to do the same thing?

Seems a little jacked up to me. But… Stephanie wanted Randy before we even knew about you guys, and before we started taking each other serious, to it would be pretty assholish of me to get in the way of her only chance, even though it's gonna be weird to see her fucking somebody else. But on the other hand, I don't get sex but I do get to mess around with Rita, so that's makes it a little easier to digest.

Basically, I'm ok with it too, just this one time though," Chris said. "Thanks for being understanding Chris, Randy said you might not take it well when I explained everything, I guess it's like that for all guys," Rita said. "Yeah, once she gets it out of her system we can focus on warming her up to that jack rabbit shit you guys were doing, I might have to get in shape for that though." "If that does ever happen, it's a long way off.

Don't think chubby doing her first anal watch part on suzcamcom just gonna all of a sudden jump right into it, it doesn't work like that," Stephanie said.

"Come on, how are we supposed to get good at it if we don't practice?" "I'm not gonna… ok, I'll make you a deal, I'll let you jack rabbit fuck me, TONIGHT, if you let me fuck you in the ass with a strap-on for five minutes, deal?" "What the fuck!

What the hell kind of deal is that! Hell no, I'm not gay!" "You don't have to be gay, we're just experimenting that's all, you like experiments!" "No, you can't do that, that's not the same thing! Girls are supposed to be the ones getting fucked! Are you saying we'll never try it unless I get fucked with a strap-on?" "I'm saying don't try to force it on me, I have to be in the mood for something like that, I don't have a built ford tough pussy like Rita does, I have to be eased into a pounding like that." "Haha built ford tough pussy, I'm gonna use that from now on!" I laughed.

"Pornstars don't even fuck that fast, and trust me, we watch a lot of porn," Chris said. "Huh, we barely watch porn, if any, maybe we should do that one day," Rita said. "Ok cool it with the sex talk, Denise is coming back.

So we're all dude rough anal fucks huge tits milf on everything?" I asked. Steph and Chris both nodded. "Yeah we're good, as long as nothing changes," Steph said. "Ok here's everybody's drinks, the food is coming up now, I'll be right back," Denise said. "I'm telling you, that chicken parmesan is so good you're gonna wanna get another one, I'm definitely eating off your plate," Rita said to Chris.

"I learned a long time ago to never stop a woman from eating off your plate, nothing but bad things happen. Since it's pretty much a guarantee I'll be sharing my food you should switch seats with Stephanie so we won't be reaching all over the table and stuff," Chris replied.

"We should be fine, it's not like we have germs or anything, plus I think everyone is gonna be trying everyone else's food, I definitely wanna try that salmon," I said. "After yesterday I'm surprised you even wanna go near fish," Rita laughed. "What happened yesterday? A fish swam down his pants or something?" Stephanie asked. "Ok, we went to this boat ride thing yesterday and…" "We don't really need to tell that story I'm already embarrassed enough as it is," I said.

"Come on it's not that bad. Ok so we went on this boat ride thing yesterday and when it was over the captain said we could take pictures on the boat with the wheel since it was docked and everything, so we got back on and Randy was taking my picture…" "LOOK! THE FOOD'S HERE! Aww too bad we can't finish the story now!" Denise walked up holding a big tray with everyone's food on it.

"Ok the salmon for Stephanie, steak and baked potato for Randy, chicken parmesan for Chris, and spaghetti and meatballs for Rita, all made fresh for my new favorite table, enjoy." "Can you sit down with us or will you get in trouble?" Stephanie asked. "As long as we're not really busy, ariel kay roommate control with lance hart pantyhose edging femdom teasing eating I'll still have to get up and check on the other customers ever so often since it's just me, I'll make a small salad and come back." "Ok let's switch off a little piece of food from everybody so we can all try everything," I said.

We all traded food and sex with boss playmates daughters girlcompeer xxx nina north fucks the pool man for Denise to finish making her salad, so we decided to mess with her and make her uncomfortable by staring at her until she came and sat down with us.

She kept looking and smiling back and shyly turned back to her salad each time she saw us until she finally made her way back to the table. "You all were giving me those creepy stalker looks, lucky my dad wasn't out here to muslim neighbor and arab throat fuck took a stunning refugee home it." "Would he have kicked us out or came at us with a gun or something," Chris asked.

"He's done both actually, at the same time, more than once, my dad doesn't play." "Well in a way that's kind of a good thing and a bad thing, he's protective, but he's also crazy father protective, depends on how you look at it. Ok enough talking, I'm hungry." Rita and I waited for Stephanie and Chris to eat their food first so we could gauge a reaction from their face, and it was basically the same as ours when we first tried the food.

They looked at in awe, complimented it and went back to stuffing their face. "Told you the food here was amazing, we did the same thing yesterday," Rita said.

"Amazing isn't the word, this is really really good! How does nobody know about this place? This is better than almost every restaurant I've ever been to!" Stephanie said. "And we've been to a lot of restaurants so that's a pretty big statement," Chris followed.

"Do you really have fifteen grandmas back there cooking the food?" Chris asked Denise. "Fifteen grandmas? I don't even have fifteen family members here. Who told you that?" "I said it as a joke when I was telling them about the food," Rita said. "Grandmas no, but it is mostly family that makes the food, except the desserts. My dad hired pastry chefs or something to make all the desserts so we could concentrate just on the food." "With a little publicity, this place will be packed all day every day, then your dad will have no choice but to hire more people to help you," I said.

"Everything is so good, and they're all big portions too! Don't you lose money by making so much food and you're not getting equal business?" Stephanie asked. "Yeah, but my dad says you have to spend money to make money. We're doing our part on the spending money but the making money has always been a problem." "Not anymore. With all the people we're gonna tell you'll have more money than you'll know what to do with, jeek len xxx secy story os be moving to a bigger location in no time." "I hope so, you guys are getting me really excited, I just don't wanna be disappointed or anything, no disrespect or anything to you guys, but you know what I mean." "Yeah we do, we wouldn't say it if we couldn't do it.

Just between all of our parents it's a big spike in business, they know people who know people," Rita said. "Ok I'm ordering another chicken parmesan, and this time in not sharing," Chris said.

"Let's make it two more, since you and Randy are paying the bill…" Rita said. "Let's make it three more, I want some to take home," Stephanie followed. "So three more chicken parmesans? After yesterday and the way you were talking about it today I had a feeling you'd want more, two more are already made in the back, I'll tell them to make a third one and I won't charge you for that one, I'll be right back." "Only been here twice and she already knows how we eat, that's dedication," I said.

"This steak though, I'm kinda mad I shared it now, they make everything so perfect!" "You think it would look good if we gave a compliment to her father?" Stephanie asked. "I'm scared to even talk to him the way she described him, he might come out with a machete or something expecting a complaint about the food," Chris said. "I'll never understand how there are only eight people in here not including us, it's the middle of the day when people are usually at their hungriest," Rita said.

"Speaking of the middle of the day what time is it? What time are we going to the movies? Hell do we even know what we're we even going to see?" I asked. "I called earlier, basically all the scary movies start around seven and nine, and everything else is at six and eight and ten. I figured we could let the girls pick the movie since there's no romantic crap playing, and if they can't decide, go with the scary movie," Chris said. "All that and you never said the time.

So basically we got about an hour to get to the drive-in and buy whatever candy we're getting so we can get there in time for the previews." "Previews? Come on man who watches previews?" "Uhh, everybody who ever goes to the movies, they're the only ones worth watching." "I'm ok with a scary movie, what about you Rita?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeah me too, it'll give me a chance to accidentally punch somebody and blame the movie." "I'm gonna tell you right now, you punch me, I'm enacting self-defense," Chris said. "You can't hit a girl Chris! Men aren't supposed to put their hands on women!" Stephanie said.

"Tell that to that bus driver from Cleveland. That's what's messing up society now, everyone's making it ok for women to hit men but men can't hit back, I'm not saying I'm gonna hit a woman, but she shouldn't just automatically assume she can hit me and nothing's gonna happen.

He hit her with that Mortal Kombat uppercut so hard MY head flew back!" "So if I hit you you're gonna hit me back?" Rita asked. "I'm not saying that no, I've never hit a woman, except Steph when we're messing around, what I'm saying is don't think it's ok to blast me and nothing will happen." "So you're saying you will hit me back if I hit you!" "Why are you even hitting me in the first place? Is the hit even justified or just because?" "How did we go from talking about what movie we're gonna watch to Chris hitting Rita?

It's not like she's talking about full on slapping him across the face, and he's not talking about knocking her head off. She meant like a playful jab or something, and he meant throwing his hands up and keeping everything at arms distance or something. Nobody hit anybody, that solves the whole problem, that way I won't have to step in and whoop somebody's ass," I said.

"You can whoop my ass later, if Rita doesn't beat you to it," Stephanie grinned. "Why wait till later? I bet girl on girl action will really give this place some business," Rita said. "Let's pay the bill and get out of here before we get banned," Chris said. "Denise didn't come back yet, we don't know how much the bill is, plus we can't leave without saying goodbye, she's like our hook-up on the inside now," I said.

"She's coming out of the back now, she has three trays, so somebody's not getting another parmesan, since I'm paying for one, I'm definitely getting one," Chris said. "I'm getting one, you two can fight amongst yourselves for the last one," I said. "Rita can have it, I'll just make another giant ass salad and I'll be good. I should go do that now before you try to rush me out of here," Stephanie said.

Denise came to the table and sat the trays down, huffing like she'd been running the entire time she was done, and she could barely hold her arms up. "What happened? You look like you just worked a double shift in fifteen minutes!" Rita said. "The stock truck just came in, I had to help unload everything off.

I hate when my dad orders big chunks at a time like that, it's always just me and him emptying the truck." "Just you two? If we're ever here when the truck comes just let us know, we'll help if it's ok with your father. We're all used to manual labor," I said.

"You would? That'll really help me, thanks. I'm too young to try and be a bodybuilder right now. I have you guys three parmesans with two big scoops of mashed potatoes." "Perfect timing, we're just getting ready to leave.

What she we do, twenty dollars a person?

Euro massage leads to petite girl getting fucked

That should be at least a forty dollar tip plus what's left over after the bill is paid," I said. "You don't have to tip that much… half of that should be enough." "It's ok, we want to, hell we have to after all the free food we keep getting," Rita said. "It's much appreciated, that pays for at least one credit thing in college I think." "Depends on where you go, most colleges are at least $100 a credit," Chris said.

"Those are the cheaper colleges ones like UCLA and USC are more than that," Rita said. "Well I got five years to wait as many tables as I can. When are you guys coming back?" "We'll likely be in every two or three days, at least three times a week.

There's no need to go to Applebee's or anything since you have the same stuff a whole lot better and cheaper," I said. She wrote on a piece of paper and gave it to Rita.

"Here's the store number, if you call ahead of time we can have your food already made when you get here, save some time." "I'll never understand how you don't get a lot of business," Stephanie said as she came back to the table with her salad. "Not many places do call ahead dining. Can I get a tray for this?" "Yeah I'll go ring you out and bring one back, give me a second I'll be right back." "Geez Stephanie you thing you can fit any more stuff on that?" Chris teased.

"Hey, FREE SALAD BAR! It'd be wrong not to take advantage of it," Stephanie replied. "I paid your part of the tip, I gave her twenty dollars for you, can I get reimbursed?" "You CAN get reimbursed, but I doubt you are GOING TO, thanks for paying for dinner, just for that I'll knock a couple weeks off your probation." "Weeks?

Damn how long were you gonna hold out for?" Rita asked. "A month, that's usually sex rad wep com sex stories com it is.

It almost never goes that long though." "I can't just decide to hold off sex like that, not for a argument or something like that." "Not even if Randy calls you fat in front of a bunch of people?" "Why would he do that?

But nope, not even then, we'd just have some pissed off sex." "Trust me, I know from experience, pissed off sex is some of the best sex there is," I said. "And how would you know that Randy? What did you do to piss Rita off?" Chris asked. "Ok you guys are all set. Are you sure you want me to keep the whole thing?" Denise asked.

"We're sure. Thanks for the free food, and tell your dad your new regulars said hi," Rita said. "I will, and thanks again, see you guys next time," Denise said as we got up and left out. "So as I was saying before Randy, what did you do 9 months pregnant girl xxxx story Rita to make her have hot, toe curling, hair raising, lip biting, full on body sweating pissed off sex with her?" Chris asked.

"I didn't do anything, I was just the recipient. Stephanie was the one that did it." "Stephanie? How did she piss off Rita to make her fuck you?" "She made her jealous," I said as we got in the car and drove off.

"When we were at the cabin your parents had she gave me some 'friendly attention' that didn't sit too well with Rita at the time, this was before they started to like each other and everything." "How was I supposed to know? I didn't know you and Rita were a thing, how could I have known. I knew you were twins and twins are close and all that but I saw a cute guy and I was friendly.

Wait, were you planning on hitting me or something Rita?" Stephanie asked. "No I wasn't gonna hit you or anything, that would've ruined the whole trip for everyone.

I was gonna 'accidentally' push you in the pool or 'accidentally' untie your bikini in front of everyone though, you were really getting under my skin at first," Rita said. "Wow. I wonder what hot blonde double dildo penetration on webcam happened if I made a move on him like I was gonna." "Who knows, all I do know is up to that point I'd never seen Rita as aggressive as she was that day, she actually fucked the shit out of me that day, for an hour straight." "Damn Randy, you're like Thor and shit, both Jane Foster and Lady Sif over here wanna fuck you, swinging that hammer at anything with a vagina," Chris said.

"First, what the fuck with that comparison, and second, if I'm Thor, then you're Loki, and he's just as popular as Thor, hard fuck for this hot oriental pretty hottie squirting and japanese more, even though he doesn't get the ladies in the movies." "Loki's on the rise man, he'll get his own movie, just watch, and he may not get any women in the movies yet, but in the end, they'll always kneel," he said as he looked in the rear view.

That kinda intimidated me a little bit, knowing what that actually means and all, but not to the point where I was scared something was gonna happen to mess up all our relationships, it was more of a well-timed line. "I bet you felt real good saying that didn't you?" "A little bit. I gotta get in where I fit in man, I'm just a squirrel looking for a nut." "What the… where the hell is all this coming from?

All of a sudden you're like the flash with comebacks. Must me the Stephanie knocking some weeks off your probation…" "I'm not worried at all about that 'probation', she wants sex just as bad as I do, she just has to put up a front about it, like all women do, try to make it seem like it's just us who want sex." "I don't do that, between me and Randy I'm the aggressor, whenever I want sex he knows about it, and that pretty damn often.

We'd fuck right now if we could," Rita said. "What's stopping you? Not us I hope, we seen you just as naked as you seen us, and there's plenty of space back there so if you wanna fuck go ahead, we won't watch," Steph grinned.

"Yeah right perv, you'd probably climb back here for a better look," Rita laughed. "So what if I do? You gonna kick me out of my own car?

I don't think so." "Umm, our car, in fact if I recall right I put in the bigger half," Chris said. "But I put more money into it, therefore we're even." "Bullshit you put more money into it! taking it to the shop more times does not automatically mean more money, the three times I took it there were engine problems, transmission problems, and the radiator messed up, you went for spark plugs and tires and stuff." "Not just tires, I got headlights, upholstery cleaning, that dent you put in knocked out…" "Ok kids, you're both special, now stop fighting, it's both your car until you get another one.

How much farther till we get there? It's just now starting to get dark, it kind of takes away from going to the drive-in if we go while it's still daylight," I said.

"Like another fifteen twenty minutes, it should be dark by time we get there, if I need to I'll drive around for a while if it's still not dark enough," Chris said. "What movies are out? I don't wanna see any paranormal activity crap," Stephanie said. "Whatever's there, noone goes to a drive-thru to watch the movie anyway, well if you go with the right person I mean, I plan on not knowing how the movie ends," Rita said.

"Well we know what they're gonna be doing, but what about us? Do I get special parole or am I spending eighty dollars on popcorn for a movie that won't even be scary?" Chris asked.

"Depends on how bad the movie is. I might buy my own popcorn since you did cover me at the restaurant, but you will have to buy me Sour Patch and pretzels," Stephanie replied. "You should eat the salad, I doubt it'll hold up until we get home." "It will, it always gets cold at night, I'll just sit it on the trunk, don't try to get out of buying me candy, I wants my Sour Patch and pretzels Chris Wilson!" "Don't be using my whole name like that, STEPHANIE WILSON!

You crazy?" "And that lasted all of two minutes before they started bickering again…" I said. "You have your way of showing affection to each other, and we have our way. You like to kiss all the time, we like to start fights so we have great sex later, same thing," Stephanie said. "Maybe we should try that, we're always looking to try new things," Rita said to me.

"Like you need any more reason to have sex, your sex drive last long enough to fuck everyone in this car for three hours back to back, and still masturbate right after," I replied. "And the problem with that is? Most guys would kill for that!" "Most guys would die FROM that! A sex induced heart attack from a nymphomaniac." "Yeah, but that would be the best way to go, a girl fucking the life out of you, literally.

The tombstone would say 'he said he was coming, we didn't think he'd be going too," Chris laughed. "You have a sick sense of humor man, I wonder what else is going on in your head." "You already know most of it, the rest you should probably leave alone." "That's good enough for me. Hey there it is up there, with the big sign, Cherry Hill drive-in? When did they change the name? This is the right one right?" "It has to be, the gps brought us here.

They probably remodeled it or something." "Remodel a parking lot? Well we're already here so I'm not gonna be picky, it's not like there's another one around here.

I hope they didn't change too much." "I don't even remember what it used to look like, mom and dad never let us get out of the car, and we stopped coming a while back when dad got the real estate job," Rita said. "If it's more than ten dollars a person everyone pays for their self," Chris said. We pulled up to the window and checked out the listings, there was only one scary movie playing, so we took it. Tickets were ten dollars exact so Chris and I paid for us and Rita and Stephanie agreed to get the popcorn and candy.

The ticket guy gave us the car thing and pointed us to the area where our movie was playing and we drove off.

They had in fact remodeled the whole drive-in, it was completely paved over and all the concession stands we passed on the way to our area looked brand new. The radio things next to our cars even looked upgraded. We parked and hooked the thing up to the car and went to the concession stand while Stephanie and Chris waited with the car, and then they went while we waited with the car.

We'd gotten all settled in with the car, it was dark enough to enjoy the drive-in experience, and the previews had just started playing, good timing for once. "So what's this movie supposed to be about anyway?" Stephanie asked.

"I don't know, it's a horror, kids so something stupid, have sex, then they die," Chris said. "It's hard to be original when everything's been done to death though," Rita said.

"Saw did it back in the early 2000's, somebody else can think of something." "Vin Diesel is gonna retire by the end of this year with all these movies he's making," I said. "We'll probably be back here to see this too, him and the Rock are just too good of a tandem to not have an ending storyline with.

He'll probably do another XXX too," Chris said. We sat through the rest of the previews and started on the bucket of popcorn the girls bought, ours packed with extra butter just the way both Rita and I like it. We sat in the back cuddled up with the windows down while the separate chairs in the front made Steph and Chris have to put in extra effort to be close without blocking the screen for us.

As usual with any horror movie it took a while before the story started to pick up, so we used the boring parts to go ham on the candy and popcorn, but we had nothing to drink, so I volunteered to go grab a pop for us. It was dark but all the headlights from other cars as well as the big ass screen lit a path to the concession stand.

I pulled out a twenty, already knowing how much it was gonna cost and amazed at the amount of money I'd spent on a normal day, hell two normal days if you count yesterday, I had to make sure to hit dad up for cash when he got back.

I bought two medium orange pops with no ice and paid the nineteen dollars it cost, ridiculous, and went back to the car. I got halfway back before I saw Rita walking towards me. "What's going on? Did something happen, or you going to buy something else?" I asked. "I was just coming to get you. They started making out in the car and I didn't wanna be the creeper in the back seat, well not by myself, so come on…" She said as she pulled my shirt.

"Did anything happen in the movie while I was gone? Anybody get killed yet?" "Nope, just some boring stuff and a sex scene going on, which is why they're making out." "And also why you're pulling me by my shirt I'm guessing…?" "You're moving too slow, they're probably halfway towards sex right now." Horns honked as we talked in front of their cars upon seeing Rita pull me by my shirt.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was gonna happen. We got back to the car and just as Rita said, they were just about at that point of crossing into sex.

Stephanie was sitting on Chris' lap and they were kissing heavily with Chris trying to undo the strap on her bra. Rita took the pop and sat them on the ground next to the car by Stephanie's salad and pulled shoplifter teen kacey quinn pays sex to a perv guy inside the car into the car. "That pop cost almost twenty dollars, somebody's gonna drink that!" I said.

"We will, it's not going anywhere, just come in here and close the door." I did just that and she lay down on the back seat and pulled me on top of her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me as we hungrily kissed each other while Stephanie and Chris did whatever they were doing in the front seat. I loved that after being together for close to a year she still moans in my mouth when she kisses me, letting me know how much she wants me, it's such a turn on.

She slid her hands under my shirt and rubbed along my back and grabbed my ass, pushing me into her to simulate me fucking her. "Why do you always do this to me? I can't go a day without you touching alluring and horny megan sage hitchhikes and gets banged by dude Rita moaned.

"I know what you mean Rita, I can't last too long without Chris touching me either, even if he's being a big pain in the ass," Stephanie said. "Keep talking and I'll literally be a pain in the ass," Chris followed. "You got a long way to go before we even think about attempting that." "It feels so fucking good Stephanie, it hurts at first but when it passes it's fucking amazing!" "You see?

If someone else likes it what makes you think natural busty amateur model bangs at casting won't?" Chris asked. "Then go fuck her in the ass, you're not gonna just stick it in me like that, I know Rita started off with some toys and her fingers and stuff, Randy didn't just shove it in." "Actually I didn't start off with fingers or toys or anything, the first time I did it was actually with Randy, but he didn't just shove it in, he went real slow, and I wanted to do it." "You see?

She wanted to do it, that makes all the difference, she hyped herself up for it." There was a tap on the window followed by a light shining in the car, one of the movie security guards was tapping on our window looking at us make out with each other. "I'm not here to spoil any of your fun, but if you're gonna be doing that, turn off the light inside the car, you don't need to be giving other cars around you a free peepshow." "Yep, my bad man," Chris said as he turned off the light.

"You the only one out here?" "Nope, there's a few of us, and you're not the first car I've walked up on either. Does anybody come to the drive-in anymore with the intent on actually watching the movie?" "We watched the movie, we were just skipping past the boring part." "Then you've been busy since that crappy sex scene passed twenty minutes ago because the action still hasn't picked up yet, but none of you wouldn't know that would you?" "Touché.

Thanks for the heads up, we'll make sure to keep the lights off." "I don't need to tell you kids o have a good evening, just be safe out here. Oh, and whoever bought these two pops next to your car, I'd drink them, stuff costs an arm and a leg here." He walked off to another car that had lights on.

He sounded like he read the same speech to a few cars before he got to us, that's the drive-thru for ya. "How long you think he was standing there before we noticed him?" Stephanie asked. "He looks like somebody's grandfather, I doubt he was peeping on us," Rita said. "Grandfathers can be perverts too, I know I'll probably be one," Chris said. "That's not something you should brag about man, especially with these two particular girls in the car, not a good career move man," I said.

"Speaking of these girls, why don't we start our party a little early tonight." "What does that mean, 'start it a little early'?" "We're all in agreement to switch partners later, but why wait till later, black guy girl xxx storys sex stories ful not switch now?" "Because a security guard just walked up on us kissing, I don't want the next one that walks by to catch us fucking, I'm not that spontaneous," Rita said.

"He only said something because the light was on, and we don't have to have sex, we can do what we were gonna do before, but with different girls that's all." We all sat quiet going over what Chris just proposed. It didn't sound like a bad idea since there was no sex involved, but ultimately this came down to what the girls wanted to do.

"Come on, I know everyone in this car is still hella horny, it doesn't just go away, and it'll keep us sated until we actually do make it back to the house," Chris added. "I'll do it if you'll do it," Stephanie said to Rita. "But I'm alright with it either way." She looked at me and I gave her a look that said I was ok with whatever so decided to do.

"Why not, like Chris said we already agreed to do it later, so why not get a jump now," Rita said. "Don't you be trying to fuck her Chris, you remember what Rita said earlier," Stephanie said. "I know, I remember what we said what we wouldn't do. Don't you fuck Randy back there either, you don't get to go all the way while we're up here kissing and touching." "I think we're all about to be doing a lot of kissing and touching, we are each other girlfriends and boyfriends in public, and last time I checked we were in a public place." Stephanie climbed in the back seat and Rita got out and got in the front seat.

We are technically girlfriend and boyfriend with each other in public, and like Stephanie said we were in a public place, and we were all still horny from our before-the-security guard- antics, so once we switched spots we all picked up right where we left off, a lot of kissing and touching. "Mmmm I forgot how soft your lips were," Stephanie whispered in my ear.

"We haven't kissed each other in so long I almost forgot what it felt like." "I like to make sure I…" "Shhh, don't talk, just enjoy the moment, I know they're going to up there." I looked at the front seat and saw them heavily making out, but my head was quickly turned back to Stephanie who ran her tongue across my lips before she smashed her lips to mine. She climbed into my lap and started grinding in my lap. It didn't take long for my boner to come back, and with her skirt hiked up and the thin shorts I had on, I could basically feel her pussy squishing against me.

She took my hands and put them directly on her ass, which was covered only by a pair of really thin cotton panties. I helped her rock against me and began to sink down in the seat from how fast we were moving. "I love having my ass squeezed like that, oh that feels so fucking good, don't tell Chris, I don't want him having anything to use against me," Stephanie said. "Rita loves it too, basically all the women in our family do, I like it more than all of them." "I can tell with how hard you're grabbing mine, why don't you show me what else they love." I maneuvered her so she was sitting on my lap reverse cowgirl and started kissing her neck.

She moaned loud, right as Rita did, but I couldn't see what happened, so I reverted back to Stephanie. I kissed and sucked on her neck, but not hard enough to give her a hickey and brought my hands up to cup her titties, and when I did I felt her whole body shiver. "Fuck, it's like you watch me and Chris have sex, you know exactly what turns me on…" "Maybe you're just really horny, did you think about that?" "There's no doubt how horny I am, but there's only so much teasing I can take." Rita groaned really loud and let the seat back so they could have more room, and now I knew why.

Chris had gotten her bra off and was sucking on her titties and rubbing her pussy through her pants at the same time. It was a little weird to say the least watching someone else do that to her, but at the same time it was kind of a turn on, he was her boyfriend after all, and I did have his sister sitting in my lap with her titties in my hands so who was I to argue.

"Keep sucking them, fuck that feels so good, keep doing it like that," Rita moaned. "Looks like Chris has that magic touch with other women too," Stephanie said.

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"I know a few things too, I was witness to your girls only fun day, remember?" "Yeah, but watching and doing are two different things, anyone can… oooooooh shit!" I cut her off my rubbing her pussy through her panties. She wasn't Rita level soaked, but she was definitely wet, she'd no doubt have to change her panties soon. She let her head fall back against me and tried to control her breathing as I worked my fingers in a circle around her horny, leaking pussy.

I nibbled on her ear and used my left hand to squeeze and assault her left tit while my right hand continued to tease her pussy. I was giving her the all around turn-on spot treatment I give Rita, and she was taking it extremely well. The smell of her strawberry shampoo along with the smell of an incredibly horny woman filled the car and overtook my sense of smell, which made me that more eager towards Stephanie.

I had teased her so much that my hand over her panties wasn't enough, she took my hand and put it inside her panties herself, guiding my hand across her pussy as she moaned in my ear.

She turned and kissed me again but wouldn't let me take my hand out of her panties for anything. "Finger me Randy, I'll go crazy if I don't get something inside me right now." "You want me to? You really want me to finger you Stephanie?" I whispered. "Yes, I want you to finger me really bad Randy, I want it." "Then beg for it, but me to shove my fingers in you and make you cum," I teased.

"Please Randy, shove your fingers in me and make me cum, pretty please, pretty pretty please." I took my pointer and middle finger and slid them inside her warm tight pussy. She was so horny by that point that when I did she basically closed around my fingers. She let out a huge sigh followed by a loud groan, which was then followed by a huge groan from Rita, who by the last time I checked were on the way to doing the same thing we were doing.

Stephanie opened her legs a little, but when the panties got in the way she lifted off me and pulled them right off, then took my hand and sucked the fingers that were in her pussy, and then manually put my fingers back in her pussy, picking back up where we left off.

Even though I was enjoying it, I still felt a little guilty, I wanted to sleep with Stephanie, but I didn't wanna sleep with Stephanie, if that makes any sense. I was doing everything to her that I know Rita loves, and even though this was her idea, I just couldn't get past the fact that I felt like I was cheating on her. "That was so fucking hot Stephanie, I fucking love when you do that," I heard Chris say. "I knew you'd like that, I see you up there watching us, you and Rita," Stephanie replied.

"We gotta make sure you're getting the five star treatment, none of that bullshit. I don't just let anybody touch on my girl like that." "Don't worry, he's making your girl feel real good, really really good!" "Don't make her feel TOO good, I don't want her to be bored with me." "Chris, how are you getting jealous when you have another girls tits in your hands?

You're sitting there rubbing her pussy and you're… oh my god!" I cut her off by jabbing my fingers in her pussy and biting down on her ear at the same time. She immediately clenched around my fingers and squeezed hard on my leg. "I love when he does that, it's the best when you're not ready for it," Rita said. "I feel like you guys are watching us, you're supposed to be doing the same thing we're doing," Stephanie said.

"Oh my god, yes, what's the point of switching partners then? Fuck!" "I'm not used to seeing him do the tricks he does with me to someone else." "I thought that's what you wanted, I thought that's what both of you wanted," I said.

"It is, I mean it's not, I don't know, I don't know what I want anymore. I thought seeing him with you would take the guilt away, but it doesn't." I stopped fingering Stephanie and she got off my lap and sat next to me. "Chris you feel like that too?

I mean with the you don't want me to be with Randy and all that?" Stephanie asked. "To tell the truth, not really. I didn't wanna be the guy that said no so I went along with it, I can't really say I was looking forward to watching him fuck my sister." "Are you only saying that because you weren't allowed to fuck Rita?" "That's a piece of it, yeah, but, I just didn't want him to do it, but like I said, I didn't wanna be that guy, and I know you wanted to fuck him for a long time so I…" "So you were willing to put your feelings aside for me?" He didn't say anything, he just looked around without making eye contact with Stephanie.

"Why didn't you say something? If I knew it would bother you this much I wouldn't have gone through with it, and I know Randy wouldn't have either, right?" "Yeah man, I wouldn't have done it if I knew you really weren't ok with it. Same with you Rita, I know you say you're ok with it, but we both know otherwise," I said.

"I don't want you to not do it just because I'm having second thoughts," Rita said. "Rita if you don't want me to do it, I won't, I mean it." "Me too Chris, I won't do it if you don't want me to. A whole lot's changed between us, to be honest, the feeling of me wanting to fuck Randy isn't as strong as it used to be, I hope you don't take that the wrong way Randy, but you know what I mean." "No it's ok, I know what you mean, the only reason I'm doing this is because Rita brought it up." "So if she never brought it up we would've never even attempted to have sex?" "In my opinion, probably not.

Like you said before, a lot changed since the last time we almost had sex, we both kinda realized what we have with Rita and Chris, we were all going off the wrong feelings, Rita with guilt, you with past urges, Chris with trying to avoid being selfish, and me just seizing the moment. In extreme and hardcore anal gape ryland ann loves it rough none of us wants this to happen, right Rita?" She looked down in her seat, trying to figure out something to say.

"I mean, I… I don't…" "No more beating around the bush, everybody say what they really think!

Rita…?" "Ok! I don't want you to sleep with her, I just thought it would make me feel better, but when it set in you were actually gonna do it… I just don't want you to." "Yeah me neither," Chris said.

"Not just because he could sleep with my sister and I couldn't sleep with his, but, we're more than just siblings having sex now, it's different." "You mean like you actually care about me in a girlfriend type way and stuff? You wanna do stuff with me like go to the park, go on boat rides, watch a movie on the couch, massage my feet when they hurt, all the stuff Randy and Rita do?" Jayden jaymes has fun with her lover asked.

"Well, yeah, I do. Maybe not exactly how they do, but our own way." "Then if you feel that way why did you bring up switching partners in the first place? It was your idea for us to switch in the car, why even do that?" "I guess I was trying to prepare myself for what was coming later, but when stuff started to happen it started to bother me, and it wasn't even sex yet, it was the stuff leading up to it, so I know I wouldn't have been able to handle it if you two actually did have sex." "Christopher Alexander Wilson," Stephanie started.

"You sound like you're falling in love…" He started to fight it, but he gave in instead. "Yeah, I young milf and mom a fucking family affair I am." Stephanie tried her best not to smile, but she couldn't help it, and I couldn't blame her. I'd never seen Chris open up like that in all the time I knew him. He came clean about how he really felt about her, and Stephanie looked like she couldn't be happier.

He screaming cfnm babes at cfnm club tube porn himself out there in the open, it wouldn't be right if I didn't do the same. "To be honest Rita, I don't wanna do this either, all the things I was doing to her are all the things I do to you. Like with Chris I agreed because you wanted me to, but I couldn't get the thought out of my head that it felt like I was cheating on you." Now it was Rita's turn to smile.

"So you're telling me that even though there was a beautiful girl in your lap just a few minutes ago, you still only want to be with me?" "I guess I'm a one woman man. It isn't the same if it's not with you." "Ok now you're just trying to score some points aren't you?

Trying to sweettalk me…" "That depends, is it working?" "Why don't you come over here and find out…" "You too Chris, get back here, there's no more probation as of right now." Both Rita and Chris got out of the front seat and climbed in the back with us, both girls sitting on our laps as we squeezed together in the back seat as best we could.

I just found out that even though I had the opportunity to sleep with another girl, I didn't want to, and Stephanie and Chris found out they were in love, granted the route we took to get to those conclusions wasn't exactly common, but it worked nonetheless.

It felt good to have Rita back in my arms, nothing against Stephanie, but this was the way it was supposed to be, they didn't look too bad off either, kissing and holding each other like they just got married. Stephanie couldn't get the smile off her face as she kissed Chris repeatedly on the lips. "You love me?" Stephanie asked him. "I do. A lot more than I thought I did, a lot more." "Good, because I love you. The hard parts finally outta the way." "Remember when we used to be like that?" Rita asked.

"The first few weeks were the best." "Yeah, we do it so much now it's normal, but that's more than we can say for other couples." "I have a question, so after all this, where does this leave us altogether?" Stephanie asked. "You mean like with the boyfriend/girlfriend as a cover type thing?" I responded. "Yeah, do we go back to being just friends, even around our parents?" "I mean we could, seeing as the way everything just turned out I don't see why not, it's not hurting anybody.

We do have to explain it to our parents though, they'll definitely know something is up if we just try to stop the boyfriend/girlfriend thing cold turkey." "But Stephanie you and Rita can still do stuff if you want to, we're still ok with that, just as long as me and Randy get to watch from time to time," Chris jumped in. "Hopeless. After all this he still wants girl on girl action," Rita laughed. "You better stop while you're ahead before Stephanie thinks of another way to punish you." "Hey I still want the girl on girl action too, no need to give up EVERYTHING," Stephanie said.

"Car full of perverts, but it's my fault, I knew what I was getting into." "Oh be quiet you self-proclaimed nympho, you're probably the biggest pervert out of all of us. If we weren't watching this movie you'd probably be riding Randy right now!" "Speaking of the movie, anybody even know what's going on? I just about completely forgot we were at the drive-in in the first place, MY POP!

THAT POP IS STILL SITTING OUTSIDE!" I yelled. "Would you forget about that pop, I'll give you back the twenty dollars!" Chris said. "Ok well that's different then, pop british milf sexy scorpio works her wet cunt with a dildo wasted but ok. Should we try to finish the rest of the movie or are we occupied by something else or… what's going on?" "I think we should go home, I could really care less about the movie right now," Stephanie said.

"The only thing I really saw was that janky looking sex scene, then I basically started watching you two go at it before I needed to go find Randy," Rita said. "You won't get any arguments from me, I don't care about leaving either. Our car is still at your house so one of you needs to drive us back, me and Rita will just pass the time by loudly making out in the back seat while you're stuck in the front unable to do anything," I teased.

"That's messed up man, we wouldn't do that to you," Chris said. "Yeah hot blonde full sex stories xxx 12 minutes would, don't even lie. The faster you get us back to your house the less you'll have to hear us, so you better get going, just don't kill us all on the way there." "I makes no promises. Don't get too comfortable back there, I might "accidentally" run over a pothole and knock your heads into the door, so I wouldn't do anything just to be safe." We left the movie without even paying attention to it a little bit, we just basically told the drive-in "here, take my money, we just wanna rent a parking spot." We weren't out of there for a full minute before Rita and I were back at it feeling up on each other in the back seat.

"Just disregard what I said without a second thought, ok, fuck me right? If I hear an orgasm from anyone that's not me I'm driving us off a bridge, not even joking," Chris said. "Then you better drive fast because Rita's hands are already making their way into my pants, oooh your hands are cold, how does that happen we been in here the last half hour…" "I don't know, let me hold your penis until they warm back up." "Nooooo get your cold ass hands out of here!

Nooo, move… now you did it." "Just accept it, accept what I'm giving you, my hands will be warm before you know it." "Yeah and by that time you'll have killed any boner I would've had." "That works out perfectly for me, Rita, whatever you do, keep frostbiting his junk," Chris said. "So I take it you don't want me to frostbite your junk then Chris?

Stephanie asked. "If you want to, I won't stop you, I can deal with a few seconds of cold." "You sure? I don't wanna tease you or anything you know, I don't want you to get all excited and can't do anything about it," Stephanie said as she leaned over into Chris' seat as she was talking.

"I don't wanna wrap my hand around your cock and slowly jerk it off, making my pussy get wetter by the second as I feel your cock get bigger and bigger in my hand, no I don't wanna do that. I also don't wanna squeeze your balls in my hands, as full as they feel I don't wanna make a mess in the car, I'd rather make one at home. And I definitely don't wanna run my tongue across the tip of your cock, I wouldn't want you to attack me and have your way with me and fuck me like you never fucked me before, that would be just awful…" Both Rita and I could clearly see her head dip into Chris' lap and she took his cock in her mouth right in front of us.

The way she was talking about it and then watching it unfold right in front of us made us both a little hornier than we already were, and because of it we were laid out on the back seat with her ass rubbing against my cock and my hand down the front of her pants, rubbing on her pussy that unsurprisingly had already soaked through her panties.

"Oh my god Stephanie, fuck that feels good, don't stop," we heard Chris moan. You don't stop either Randy, when we get home I want you to fuck me so hard that Stephanie will NEVER want to fuck you, and then fuck me harder," Rita said. "At this rate we won't even make it to the door, I can actually feel my cock breathing, he wants you, he wants you really bad Rita, he wants payback for what you did to him," I whispered.

"He can do whatever he wants, just as long as he makes me cum over and over…" "You gonna do that to me Chris? You gonna make me cum over and over until I can't take it anymore?" Stephanie asked as she continued to suck on his cock. "Whatever you want baby, I'm gonna fuck you until you beg me to stop!" "That's the first time you ever called me baby, you must really want me…" "That's putting it nicely, the second we get out of this car I'm gonna ravage you, end of story." "Then you need to hurry up and get us home because my pussy really wants to be ravaged." I swear he drove at least twenty miles an hour faster than he was already going, and we were already going pretty fast.

I was kinda worried that we would get pulled over by the police, so a little bit of paranoia set in on both Rita and I, but when we sat up and looked out the window there were just as many cars around us going just as fast as we were, some were going faster, it was a well-lit highway on a clear night, and it was a lot of freeway, so it must've just been one of those nights. We shook it off (even though we shouldn't have since we were going at least eighty-five miles an hour) and laid back down on the seat and picked back up where we left off, with my hands back in Rita's panties keeping her wet and ready for when we got back to the house.

I could finally feel us slow down a few minutes later as Chris likely got off the freeway, but he was still struggling to keep himself together since Stephanie was still sucking on his cock.

"I think this is the longest you've ever held out Chris, and I've been at it for at least ten minutes, I'm really gonna have to reward you when we get back to the house now," Stephanie said.

"Stop talking like that, it's making me harder to keep focus," Chris said struggling to talk. "Talk like what? How I'm gonna suck your…" "No stop it, were almost at the house, I just need to hold out a few more minutes…" "I don't want you to hold out anymore, I want you to cum right now.

You need to get it out now anyway if you plan to fuck me for a long time, so you might as well do it now." "Nope, it'll be that much better if I wait, then once I cum, it's over for you." "Mmmm fuck Chris! I like how you threaten my pussy like that!" "If you like that then you're gonna love the beating that comes after, I fucking guarantee it." Another few minutes passed and we finally pulled into Chris and Stephanie's driveway.

As soon as he shut the car off Stephanie was in his lap shoving her tongue down his throat, but I didn't get to see too much more because Rita was pulling me out of the car and dragging me to ours.

"Come on Randy, we don't have time to watch them go at it, we need to go now!" Rita said. "Why go all the way home when we have a perfectly good house right here?" Stephanie asked. It didn't take long for Rita to decide she had a point and was now dragging me to their front door behind them. Stephanie hopped in Chris' arms as he was opening the door and as soon as they made it inside they went straight for the couch, we on the other hand didn't make it that far, Rita literally pushed me on the floor and straddled me right there.

She was pulling my clothes off and throwing them over her head to who knows where until I was just in my boxers, then she pulled me up and walked me to the couch where she pushed me down on it, completely manhandling me since the moment we walked in the house, but at least I wasn't alone because Chris was in the exact same situation I was in, down to the boxers.

We sat there frozen in place as the girls undressed right in front of us, teasing us at the same time. "Dude, Stephanie's been hanging around Rita too much," Chris said. "Yeah sorry about that, when she gets horny she gets a little dominant." "Shit I'm not sorry, I fucking love this side of her, I can get used to this!" Stephanie straddled Chris at the same time Rita straddled me. "I feel like putting on a show Randy, I want them to see you fuck me in the ass as hard as you can," she whispered in my ear.

"I don't think they're ready for our level of nastiness, we should ease them in a little bit," I said as I started to unclasp her bra as she ground her panty clad pussy in my lap.

She kissed along my neck. "I want you… to fuck… the holy hell out of me… right in front of them. Show them why I want you all to myself." I got her bra undone and immediately sucked one into mouth. She cradled my head and smashed her pussy against me, I knew she wanted to fuck, and she wanted to fuck right now. She stood up and slid her panties down her legs and rubbed her juices around her pussy to lubricate it, even though she didn't need to as wet as she was.

I took my boxers off without getting off the couch, letting my cock spring fourth at attention, and she sat back down on me and took it all inside her in one quick motion. "FUCK! I been waiting all day for that," Rita said in Stephanie and Chris' direction. "Me too," Stephanie said as she pulled Chris' boxers off for him and kicked her own panties across the room.

"Now punish my pussy like you promised you would." Instead of letting her sit down on him like Rita did, Chris grabbed Stephanie and made her sit down on him, but he went slow until he bottomed out in her clean shaven pussy. "Oh yeah, that first fucking penetration… oh my god, fuck me Chris, fuck me!" Rita used the back of the couch to help ride me while Stephanie held on to Chris' shoulders. The room quickly filled with the smell of sex as we both fucked the shit out of our women.

I could hear Rita's ass clapping against my thighs over her moans as I lifted her off my cock and slammed her back down on it repeatedly while I watch her tits bounce around in my face. "You're clamping down on me already, I think you like being watched," I said.

"Or I'm horny as fuck and you finally plugged me after waiting all day for it, but I do kinda like that they're watching us, I wanna do a cartwheel or something, something that'll make them be like 'where the fuck did they learn that at?' or something like that." "We don't need to go that far, I think we're just FREAKY…ENOUGH…," I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist and thrust into her as hard as I could, making her flinch both times. "Yeah baby that's what I want, keep doing that, but go faster and harder, take this pussy." "Yeah Chris, take this pussy, it's yours isn't it?

show me you own it," Stephanie moaned. Rita stopped me from fucking her for a second so she could scoot us closer to Stephanie and Chris. I was trying to fight it because even though we were naked on the same couch, there's only so close two guys should be, but when I saw she was scooting over to get in range of Stephanie, I let it go. She grabbed the back of her head and one of her tits and smashed her lips to Stephanie's and she kissed her back without either of them breaking the rhythm we had as we were fucking them.

We stayed like that for a good while until Chris began to squirm under Stephanie, and she hopped off and jacked his cock off until he came on her chest, squirting a good amount all over her and then falling back into the couch. "See, you should have came in the car! Why did you have to cum so fast!" "Why is your pussy so good? Shit I can be mad too!" "You're not done, not by a long shot, I want this cock hard again right now!" "You know I don't need long, I I got the first one outta the way so it's on now!

What I wanna know is how you didn't cum yet Randy, it's been like twenty minutes!" "Because I got the marathon fucker riding me. We fuck so long and so often because of the stamina she has that I can go for a while without even needing that first cum." "You hear that Steph, they fuck all the time, something we need to do," Chris said.

"After today, we're gonna be fucking so much you're gonna have to hide from me just to get a break, we're gonna get stamina like them if it kills us," Steph replied.

"It just might, after a while it turns into her fucking me with me just lying there," I said. "That's when I really have my way with him and let him know who's boss," Rita said. "Really?" I said as I pulled her off me and let her plop down on the couch. I took one of the cushions off the couch and put it on the floor in front of us and had her put her knees on it doggystyle. "We both know who the boss is in this relationship." "And if that doesn't work, theres always reverse psychologyyyyyyyyyyy!" she shrieked as I pushed my cock back into her.

"Works every time." Stephanie was still working on getting Chris hard again while I was fucking Rita in front of them, and when she finally did she went to sit on him again he stopped her and did the same thing I did with Rita with the couch pillow and everything. "I told you I was gonna fuck the shit out of you…" Chris trailed off as he slid into Stephanie and made sure he smashed his hips against her each time he thrust into her.

"Yes! Just like that! Fuck the shit outta me Chris, fuck me until I beg you to stop!" "It's already a wrap for you, you're not gonna be able to move when I'm done…" The room quickly filled again with the sounds of Rita and Stephanie moaning in pleasure as we fucked them like there was no tomorrow. I took my hands off Rita's hips so I could see her ass do that clap wave thing every time I thrust into her.

She ran her hands through hair as she rested on her knees trying her best to hold back from cumming, but I knew if I kept up with the pace I had that there would be nothing she could do about it, and that's exactly what I planned on doing.

Watching her ass like that always made me speed up without me knowing it, but I'd quickly catch on when her moans got louder and she started to squeeze her pussy around me, then I'd grab her hips and slam home every time.

Even though the way we fucked our women was different, with me going fast and hard, and Chris going slow and hard, it still had the same effect on both girls as they both appeared to be right on the edge of cumming. "Don't stop Randy, don't fucking stop, I'm so close," Rita said. "Don't you fucking stop either Chris, I'll kill you if you cum right now!" Stephanie followed. "Not even close, you got at least another hour of me fucking the holy hell outta you," Chris said.

Just then Rita clenched her fists, looking for something to grab but there was nothing around except for the carpet her hands were on, so she dug into it as best she could and rode out her orgasm as I continued to plow into her relentlessly as she screamed my name.

sex desi nxxx c storys Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh my god! Randy!" she screamed as I grabbed her hips. I got a strange thrill when she came. I felt like the porn king of the world when I made her cum that good in front of an audience.

The way she quivered and tried to stay quiet by biting her lip only went to my head more as they saw how good of an orgasm I gave her. Stephanie didn't focus on Rita too much as her orgasm soon took hold of her just like Rita's, but Stephanie wasn't a screamer like Rita, she was a silent shaker. She became mute except for a few minor sounds than managed to slip out of her mouth and her whole body became like jello as she struggled to hold her own weight up as she was cumming.

"I fucking love watching her cum," Chris said. "She cums just like that one porn star Cytherea, I never stop fucking her until she does it at least once." "She looks like she's having a heart attack," I said as Stephanie dropped to her elbows. "That just means I'm fucking her right, none of that faking stuff here." "That was fucking sexy," Rita said as she popped back up on her hands. "You sexy fucking blonde, turn around this way, I wanna see your tits bounce when he fucks you." Though it took a while before she had any strength in her arms again, Stephanie eventually did turn around and face Rita, her tits swinging and clapping into each other as Chris fucked her from behind.

They put their lips close to each other and let the movement of us fucking them push their lips together as they made out with each other. "I don't hear none of that talking, don't have anything to say?" Chris asked.

"If you fuck up don't worry I'll make sure everyone in the neighborhood knows," Steph said. "That might not be a good idea since we're both fucking our sisters," I jumped in. "They don't need to know who you're fucking, all they'll hear is Chris isn't hitting it right, or that Randy's legs gave out, or that RANDY is tired, or that RANDY came too fast," Rita said.

"Well it's a good thing you don't have to worry about that." "After last night I don't know, we fucked for a long time, the pressure might get to you." She looked back at me over her shoulder with a smirk on her face and went back to kissing Stephanie.

They were both trying to mess with us, but Chris wasn't fazed at all, and neither was I, in fact I decided to one up her, since she decided to bring up pressure, I was gonna put her under some, but not the kind she was thinking of.

I let my cock fall out of her pussy and right when she was about to ask for it back I lubed it up and pushed it right into her ass. Not once during that entire marathon fucking we had over the last two days did I fuck her in the ass, so she was just a smidge tighter than normal, which worked out even better for me. Rita must've made some kind of face because Stephanie looked at her like she was rubbing alcohol on a cut or something, a concerned mother kind of look.

"What happened? Did you just get a cramp fucking?" Stephanie asked. "He just put it in my ass, I'm a little tighter than usual." "But you're still taking it without a fight, fuck her hard Randy, fuck her tight little ass!" "Oh believe me I am, she loves anal more than I do," I said. "You're like a porn star Rita, you do everything two raunchy blondes share a bbc interracial big tits do and you're younger than them, it's like you turn into a slut as soon as Randy sticks his cock into you." "When he fucks me this good every time we have sex I'll gladly be a slut for him.

Yeah just like that Randy, squeeze my ass cheeks together while you fuck the shit outta me!" I pounded her ass as Rita and Stephanie went back and forth with their dirty talk. At one point I thought they were gonna start up a normal conversation with each other with our cocks inside them they were so comfortable.

I reached under her to give her clit a little attention and felt her pussy still dripping just as it was before we started fucking, so I took a break from fucking and rolled her on her back so I could clean her up a little bit. My lips went immediately to her clit as I wanted her to keep on pace with the orgasm I knew was coming, and when she closed her legs around my head, I pried them back open and started eating her pussy.

"Fuck Randy! I'm already horny as fuck if you keep doing that I'm gonna squirt!" "That's what I want you to do, it's not like we have to clean up the mess anyway," I joked. "I heard that, I don't Rita juice on the couch pillow I be laying on," Chris said. "Then you better tell Randy to stop because it's about to happen…" Rita trailed off. "Yeah right Chris, if she came on that it'd be your new favorite pillow," Stephanie said.

He flipped her over on her back just as I did with Rita, but instead of going straight for eating her out, he fingered her while he sucked on her titties. She groaned in enjoyment of him sucking on her titties, but seeing what I was doing to Rita made her want the same thing, so little by little without saying a word she slowly pushed his head down to her pussy, and he finally took the hint and started eating her out.

"Yes, I forgot how good having my pussy get eaten felt," Stephanie moaned. "Chris doesn't go down on you? What? I could n-never go without that, it feels too fucking good, I love seeing his head between my legs OH GOD!" Rita groaned. "We always used to skip foreplay, but not anymore, not after this, oh my god Chris, keep doing that, yes!

Yes! Fuck! Right there! Fuck we're never skipping this again! Fuck!" Hearing all that going on next to me along with Rita and her squirming around as her orgasm approached was getting to me, and I wanted to put my cock back in her asap, so I went in for the kill, I pulled the hood back on her clit and sucked it into my mouth directly, not giving up until she reached the point of no return, which came just as soon as I expected.

"Fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Her legs flew open and little spurts on cum squirted out of her pussy, soaking through the pillow she was laying on while splashing me in the face. He legs were shaking out of control and she had her back arched as far as it could go as she rode through her orgasm.

I let her douse my face with her cum until she finally died down and I cleaned her all the way up. I rolled her exhausted body on the floor and flipped the pillow over and put her back on it face up and slid by cock back into her as easy as its ever gone in after she came and wasted no time going back to pounding her pussy. I was so caught up in Rita's orgasm I didn't even notice Stephanie and Chris weren't even near us, they took their cushion back to the couch and were fucking in the spoon position, and from the looks of it Stephanie was getting close to her orgasm.

Rita looked at her and Stephanie smiled back at her, then Rita looked and me and smiled. "Now she knows why I'll never let another man fuck me, why I didn't want you to fuck her, she saw how good you made me cum, what it's like every time we have sex." "Wouldn't that make her a little more curious?" "No with the way Chris is fucking her, she's not even thinking about you right now." "It's a win-win for everybody, she knows how Chris really feels and now you don't have to worry about my cock sliding into anyone but you." "Almost a win-win, we still have mom and Aunt Lisa to worry about." "Not for much longer, I got a handle on that, trust me." "I'd rather you have a handle on me, why did you slow down?

Keep fucking me!" I gave her what she asked for and went back to fucking her full speed, just the way she liked it.

Stephanie and Chris were back in doggystyle with Stephanie leaning over the edge of the couch biting her lip to keep from screaming. He was really giving it to her, not as hard as I do when I fuck Rita, but hard enough that she's enjoying the hell out of it and looking like she's gonna cum any second. I looked back down at Rita with her head cocked back and her eyes shut as my cock slid in and out of her pussy. She was stunning brunette sucks erect dick after giving amazing nuru massage to that point where her pussy was starting to clamp around my cock again, which for a brief second made it hard for me to thrust into her.

She was about to cum again right about at the same time I was, it was just a matter of who would cum first. It's a man's job to make sure the woman always cums first, but this time would prove to be a challenge. I had Rita squeezing me with her pussy, Stephanie and Chris screaming out behind me, the sight of Rita's full tits bouncing in front of me as she anticipated her next orgasm, all this was swirling around my head at once and it was getting to me.

"I'm about to cum again Randy, keep fucking me just like that," Rita said. "Me too, I don't know how much longer I can hold out," I replied as I kept fucking her. Her head shot up from the ground and she looked me right in the eyes. "Don't cum yet, once you cum I know you'll be done for a while, let me cum first." "You better do it fast because I don't know how long I can hold back," I gritted.

"Just keep doing that, I'll handle the rest, just don't cum yet!" She lifted off the pillow so she could fuck me back, and I knew immediately what she was doing. She was lifting up so my cock could poke her g-spot when I thrust into her, but by the frustration on her face I wasn't hitting it good enough to accelerate her orgasm, so I took over. I grabbed her legs and angled them down while I thrust up, giving me a better chance of hitting her g-spot, it took a few tries, but when she jumped unexpectedly I knew I hit it, so I stayed in that spot and let by body take over on auto pilot.

"Right there, keep hitting that spot right there, I'm about to cum!" "Me too! I can't hold back, you better cum before I do!" It was a race to see who came first. Usually there would be no problem making sure Rita came first, but like I said today was different, it might be that it's been over twelve hours since we last had sex or whatever, but it just felt different. I looked down at her and she was already staring at me, looking like she was about to pop at any moment, then she did.

"FUCK! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD!" She locked her hands around my wrists and squeezed as tight as she could as whatever energy she had left rushed out of her in a back-arching, toe-curling orgasm. She remained completely still as she let her third orgasm take her wherever it was it was taking her, and it couldn't have come a moment too soon.

Not long after she came I gave her three big thrusts and slammed into her one last time and came as deep as I could inside her. I forced my arms above her head without her releasing her death grip she had on me and pressed my body into hers as I came inside her. I don't think she had a clue what was going on because she looked like she was in a dream, but her body was still here because I could feel her still shaking and her grip on my wrists didn't ease up in the least.

She finished cumming before I did but I regained control of my body quicker than she did, her eyes finally opened up a couple minutes later and she let my wrists go and picked my head up off her chest to look at her. She kissed me soft on the lips and just stared at me, smiling without saying nothing.

For that brief moment I thought we were all along until Chris cleared his throat to let us know they were still in the room. We turned around and they were seated on the couch like they were watching a movie, staring at us. "Watching you two is like watching one of those TV porns, not the cheesy Cinemax ones that are all fake, the ones on Lifetime that have a story with it," Stephanie said. "And exactly how long were you watching us?" Rita asked. "Long enough to see that you two should be getting paid to have sex," Chris said.

"You were fucking the hell out of her too, it wasn't just us. We're all a bunch of pervs, watching each other have sex, what's wrong with us?" I said. "Hey man that's what friends are for. We can't really call ourselves friends if we don't watch each other have sex and let each other know what we thought about it," Chris said. "I don't know where you came up with that, but I'm too burned out to argue." "That's always a good thing, especially if the girl you were fucking had multiple orgasms, oh and sorry about the pillow, I know I soaked right through that one side," Rita said.

"It's ok, we can clean it, unless Chris tries to keep it for himself," Stephanie laughed. "Yep, that's exactly what I'm gonna do, put my face right in Rita's squirt pillow. If you keep saying stuff like that one of these days they'll eventually believe you." "Hey man what you do on your own time has nothing to do with us," I said. "No matter how creepy or gross it sounds, but hey that, you man, do you. Do you." "See what you did? Now I'm the creepy one in the group, thanks." "You were always the creepy one, now everyone just knows about it," Stephanie said.

"So are we gonna keep having a conversation while we're ass naked in your living room or are we gonna get up and put some clothes on? Just asking," Rita said. "I like the no clothes thing, but we don't need to give them all access looks at our perfect bodies, not unless they pay us first, then maybe." "That would be prostitution, which I am definitely not ok with," Chris said. "Nobody's talking about prostitution Chris, I was being all visionary and stuff, I should start charging you to look at me though, nobody gets to see all this goodness for free, right Rita?" "Randy can see as much of my goodness as he wants to, as long as he fucks me with his.

Sorry Steph, sex with him is way too important to chance it on anything," Rita said. "HA! YOU SEE? SEX BEFORE EVERYTHING, I TOLD YOU!" Chris screamed. "No don't do that, what happened to all that bros before hoes crap?" Stephanie asked. "Well first off I would never call my sister a hoe so that kills it right there, second, we're all laying naked in front of each other so that kills it again, and last, bros over hoes only applies when you're out with the guys trying to get a hookup, not in a relationship." "Yeah whatever, I know what you're trying to do, and I'm gonna call you on it.

Since we're in a full on official committed relationship now, you better take me out on dates, buy me flowers, rub my feet when they hurt, watch girly movies with me, all that good stuff." "Don't I already kinda do all that? I think I do almost everything you just said already." "Not the flowers or the massage, now you have to do it and be cutesy when you do it, you get to make me feel special and stuff.

I love being I girl, sometimes." "So I take it we scratched the whole putting on clothes thing?" I asked. "At least until it cools down, somebody open a window, it's hot and smells like sex," Rita said. Stephanie opened the side windows and turned on the ceiling fan and plopped right back down on Chris.

When it eventually cooled down she covered them with a blanket and we put the pillow back on the couch and did the same. "What do you think our parents are doing right now?" I asked. "If they have a casino dad's definitely at the craps table and moms at the slots, they don't gamble much but when it's there they take advantage of it every time," Chris said. "Mom and Aunt Lisa are probably sunbathing on the deck right now in the smallest bikinis possible, pissing off wives as their husbands walk past," Rita said.

"And dad's nowhere to be found because he's at the buffet," I added. "You think they're gonna do that hall pass thing? Where you get to sleep with someone else for the weekend and not get in trouble, like that what happens in Vegas thing?" Stephanie asked. "Not a freaking chance. Mom would never go for that. She'd drag him outta the casino by his ear kicking and screaming before she agreed to anything like that." "It is special circumstances though, she might have an open mind, you never know." "If she did, she'd have to be falling down drunk.

Mom is the responsible one, but then again it is a once in a lifetime cruise, so maybe, they could be picking someone up right now." "All dad has to do is suggest it and moms all for it," Rita said. "No convincing necessary." "Yeah I'd be surprised if they DIDN'T hook up with another couple, you know how much of a freak mom is, once she gets all liquored up it's even worse, Aunt Lisa too," I said.

"Oooooh, maybe they'll get dad really, really drunk, way past white girl wasted, even past frat party wasted and have a threesome with him, he'd be too drunk to remember and if it did start coming back to him all they have to do is deny it, you were drunk and you're arguing against two women, it's not like he'd be able to win anyway." "Our parents contrast in such completely different ways, we're over her talking about maybe on a long shot it'll happen and you're explaining how it's gonna happen.

I can just imagine how it was growing up with all that," Stephanie said. "They weren't as good at hiding it as they thought. They calmed down a lot as we got older and dad got his real estate job, but before that they were just straight up freaks," Rita said. "This cruise might start them back up, then all you gotta do is tell your dad about you and Randy and then you'll be able to share everyone, get the whole family involved," Chris said.

"Noooooooo, we're not just gonna up and tell him, we have to plan that out. We don't know how he's gonna react, we got lucky with mom and Aunt Lisa, women are more understanding, men are unpredictable, dad especially when he's hit with something he didn't see coming, we don't know which way he'll go with it, we gotta tell him carefully," I said.

"Are you gonna tell Jim? You think he'll overreact?" Rita asked. "I don't know, I mean it's not every day you find out your kids are fucking, it is frowned upon so I don't expect him to be all happy-go-lucky about it, but he is rational and stuff, so he won't come out with the 'I'm gonna kill you' attitude right off rip," Chris said.

"Yeah but he's never dealt with anything this serious though. His kids are having sex, not fighting over the TV or who gets to use the computer," Stephanie said.

"Why would we fight over the TV or the computer? We both have our own and we pretty much watch the same stuff anyway so that wouldn't even apply there." "I was just using that as an example genius, that's little stuff compared to this." "Well if we have anything going for us its we have our mothers on our side, they can always calm them down if it gets too hectic.

Wait why are we only focused on the negative? For all we know they won't care, our dad especially, grandma ran through Woodstock naked and drugged out of her mind, he's seen some crazy stuff in his life." "How do you know grandma ran naked through Woodstock?" "I found a picture book in the attic.

I went through the whole thing before I found out I was looking at my own grandma. I confronted her and she told me all about it, carefully." "Why didn't you ever tell me?" "Yeah, guess what Steph?

I looked through a whole photo album of grandmas naked pictures! Yeah that's a conversation I wanna have, plus I forgot about it until just now." "Yeah whatever, I'm not gonna stress about it, it's not like we're telling him now anyway.

For all we know they could be sleep in their cabin," I said not even believing my own words. "Yeah ok, I'll believe that when I stop wanting sex all the time," Rita laughed. "So what now? Do we turn on a movie or something?" I asked. "You can if you want to, but in a little bit we're going right back at it," Stephanie said. "That's how it starts. Soon you'll be fucking every chance you get, like us." "Shit I hope so, the more we have sex the closer I get to the big A," Chris said.

"Still trying to get anal? You need to master pussy first before you can even attempt anal with me, you got a long way to go before that day comes," Stephanie said. "Oh really? You don't think I mastered it yet?" Chris asked as he slid his hand under the blanket and started playing with Stephanie. "I counted two orgasms that said otherwise." "Ugh, jump that number from two to ten then we'll talk, oh yeah, right there." "Soooooooo round two?

Right here on the couch with us?" Rita asked. "Yep, we're gonna take a page outta your book and fuck for absolutely no reason, you gonna join back in or are you gonna watch that movie you were talking about?" "Actually we're gonna get back to the house, our bed is calling us and I feel like I can sleep for a month with as much action as I've seen in the last few days," I said.

We got up to look for our clothes and they just acted like we weren't even in the room. It was weird that we were all so comfortable seeing each other naked and stuff, but at the same time it was reassuring, how many friends can do that and not have it come between them? We finally found all of our stuff and started getting dressed, but by now Stephanie was riding Chris on the couch and it was hard to concentrate on anything when you hear skin clapping and big tits kate screams while fucked hardcore coming from three feet away from you.

We perved for a second, which didn't bother them in the slightest, they just smiled and kept at it, then we headed for the door. "Are you guys even gonna stop to get up and lock the door?" I joked. "Eventually, just make sure it's closed, we'll make our way over there soon," Chris said. "You guys are nuts, but I approve. See you tomorrow, if you ever stop fucking," Rita laughed. "Yeah, see you, tomorrow. Call us, before, you come over," Stephanie said moaning each word.

We closed the door and headed to the car laughing to ourselves knowing that we act just like they do, but it was funny seeing someone else do it. We drove off and checked our phones to see if maybe mom or dad or Aunt Lisa tried to call us, but we only had a couple text messages from Ashley who was trying to get in contact with us over the last two hours, but she figured out we were "occupied" and sent a text letting us know she knew what we were doing.

the drive home was quiet and relaxing, Rita didn't try anything sexual, she just rubbed my chest for a little bit then lay her head on my shoulder and held on to my free arm.

We didn't need to say anything, there was no traffic on the street really and almost all the stores except the 24/7 places were closed, it was a smooth drive home, which prompted Rita to turn the radio to the R&B station as we finished the drive home. I could feel her breathing against my arm and knew she was content when she let out that sigh that she does when she feels like she's in the best place in the world at that moment, and it always made me feel good knowing I was part of the reason she felt good, like I was doing my job not as her brother, but as her boyfriend.

We pulled into our driveway sometime later and walked into the house arm in arm, either forgetting that we were back in our own neighborhood and around people we knew or we just didn't care, either way, it was nice. Since we left with a clean house we went straight up to our room and started getting undressed, rest was gonna be very welcomed for us tonight. "Hey, why don't we go sleep naked in mom and dad's bed, since they're gone," Rita said.

"Naked? Won't we have to change the sheets?" "Not if we don't do anything, and if we do so what, the sex smell won't last forever." I nodded in agreement with her as we undressed in our room and headed to mom and dad's just as naked as the day we were born. Rita turned on the bedside lamp and I closed the door and pulled back the big blanket and climbed in. the bed was cold but that was expected, and it was a welcomed feeling as it made us move closer to each other.

Rita leaned over and cut off the bedside lamp and melded her soft, warm, naked body to mine as we lay in our parents bed. "This is nice," Rita said as she put her cold feet on me, making me jump. "Aaahhhhh! Why are all women's feet always so freaking cold!" "Women? What other women are you cuddling up with? Tell me right now!" "You know what I mean. They're like two blocks of ice, get em off me!" "Nope, that's what you're for, to give me all your body heat, now lay there and accept me." "I will not accept you, not for…" She dropped her hand to my junk sunny leon fucking by boy xxx born gripped it like she was about to squeeze it in her hands.

"Ok, I'll accept you a little bit." "That's more like it. I forgot what mom and dad's bed was like, it's fucking huge." "We haven't slept in it in so long, I forgot how big it was, it was even bigger back then." "When we move out on our own, we should get a big bed like this." "Oh you mean you don't wanna get separate rooms?" I joked.

redhead girl plays with her big tits if you know what's good for you, I still have the family jewels in my death grip." "I'm just messing around, but yeah, we could get a bed like this. We can get a lot of our own stuff, our own house, our own car, our own money…" "Our own family…" I'll admit that caught me a little off guard, but in a good way.

We've never talked about having kids before, but it's something I thought about on and off for a few months now. "You think we could? What if we have a kid and he's born with a defect?" "That's only if there's years upon years of inbreeding, we're the only ones in our family blonde teen fitness and hd cumshot tits dolly little is in need of some tutoring and much have sex, well mom and Aunt Lisa don't count. And what makes you think it'll be a boy?" "What man doesn't want a boy?

I'd want a little girl too though, so I could spoil her." "Like you spoil me? I don't think you'll have the time to spoil both of us." "I will if I do that same stuff with both of you, two birds with one stone." "I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking about it, I was a little worried." "Really? When are we not thinking the same thing, we think the same even when we're sleep." "Yeah. I can't wait until we start our own life, but I'll miss this one too." "Me too, it'll be weird not coming out of our room and seeing mom and dad, but that's life, we have to grow up sometime, plus, you know mom would kill us if we made her a grandmother before she turned forty, I can hear it now." "That's why birth control is my best friend." "And anal is mine," I joked.

She couldn't help but laugh. "Asshole. Lucky for you I like it too. Alright enough of that talking stuff, come here, I wants to cuddles up with my manz in this big ass fluffy bed." She cuddled into me and now I was more relaxed than tired, still tired yes, but I could lay there for a little while.

I grabbed the TV remote from off the night stand next to the bed and turned it on, I could tell mom was in here last because it was left on one of those cooking channels. I flipped through the channels and before I could find anything worth watching Rita grabbed the remote from me and went straight to Lifetime to some cheesy over the top romance movie Lifetime is usually good for. "Right here, this will either make us horny or make us tired," Rita said.

"I like the way you think, win-win. That's why I keep you around," I joked. "Your balls are still within squeezing distance…" "Ok ok you win. I give. You're the queen. Let's watch this crappy movie and see where it goes." "That's more like it, I knew you'd see things my way." Rita's phone beeped and she checked it to see a picture from Stephanie and Chris, they took a selfie while fucking doggystyle but the picture only shows them from the neck down and it had the caption "2 hours and counting!" across where Stephanie's tits were.

We took in the irony that we were in their spot not too long ago and even months later we haven't wavered from each other, well except for that one incident, but if we could get past that and come out on top, then everything from here on out should be a piece of cake. I held onto her thinking that, and she squeezed my hand letting me know she was thinking the same thing.

We had one obstacle left, and good or bad, I knew we'd face it together, the way it was always supposed to be.